Appendix VIII
Command and Staff

1st Marine Division
Commanding General MajGen William H. Rupertus
Asst. Div. Commander BrigGen Lemuel C. Shepherd, Jr. (To 11 April)
BrigGen Oliver P. Smith
Chief of Staff Col Amer L. Sims (To 3 February)
Col Oliver P. Smith (To 29 February)
Col John T. Selden
D-1 Maj Elmer W. Myers
D-2 LtCol Edmund J. Buckley (To 23 February) LtCol Harold D. Harris
D-3 Col Edwin A. Pollock (To 30 January)
LtCol William K. Enright
D-4 Col William S. Fellers

Assistant Division Commander Group (To February)
Asst. Div. Commander BrigGen Lemuel C. Shepherd, Jr.
Chief of Staff Col Herman H. Hanneken
ADC-2 Capt Gene E. Gregg
ADC-3 Maj John S. Day
ADC-4 Capt Robert T. Crawford

Division Headquarters Battalion
Commanding Officer LtCol Frank R. Worthington
Executive Officer LtCol Asa J. Smith

1st Amphibian Tractor Battalion
Commanding Officer Maj Francis H. Cooper
Executive Officer Capt Albert F. Reutlinger
Bn-3 Capt Albert F. Reutlinger (To 1 March)
Capt John I. Fitzgerald, Jr.

1st Medical Battalion
Commanding Officer Cdr Everett B. Keck, (MC) (To 27 February)
Cdr Stanley P. Wallin, (MC) (To 18 April)
Cdr Emil E. Napp, (MC)

1st Motor Transport Battalion
Commanding Officer Maj Kimber H. Boyer
Executive Officer Capt James A. Delaney, Jr. (To 3 April)
Capt Joseph L. Harrington
Bn-3 Capt Joseph L. Harrington (To 16 January)
Capt Howard E. Wertman (To 8 April)
1stLt Walter M. Greenspan

1st Service Battalion
Commanding Officer LtCol Edward F. Doyle
Executive Officer Capt James G. Triebel

1st Special Weapons Battalion
Commanding Officer Maj Raymond G. Davis (To 5 April)
Maj John P. Leonard, Jr.
Executive Officer Maj John P. Leonard, Jr.
Bn-3 Capt Frederick H. Scantling (To 13 February)
Capt Joe P. Beatty (To 1 April)
Capt Edward J. Cunningham (To 9 April)
1stLt Robert G. Main

1st Tank Battalion
Commanding Officer LtCol Charles G. Meints (To 15 April)
Maj Donald J. Robinson


Executive Officer Maj Rowland L. Hall1 (To 14 January)
Maj Donald J. Robinson (To 14 April)
Capt Michael J. DeSandis
Bn-3 Maj Rowland L. Hall (From 15 January to 19 March)
Capt Michael J. DeSandis

1st Marines (CT B)
Commanding Officer Col William J. Whaling (To 28 February)
Col Lewis B. Puller
Executive Officer LtCol Harold D. Harris (To 23 February)
LtCol John E. Weber (To 20 March)
LtCol Walker A. Reaves (From 8 April)
R-1 1stLt James K. Young (To 22 January)
1stLt James D. Currie (To 6 March)
1stLt Frank C. Shephard
R-2 Capt George P. Hunt (To 6 January)
Capt James W. Horton
R-3 Maj Martin F. Rockmore (To 6 January)
Capt John N. Rentz (To 20 January)
Capt Arthur W. Larson (To 13 April)
Maj Bernard T. Kelly
R-4 Maj Francis T. Eagan

1st Bn, 1st Marines (BLT 11)
Commanding Officer LtCol Walker A. Reaves (To 7 April)
Maj Raymond G. Davis
Executive Officer Maj Louis E. Hudgins, Jr.
Bn-3 Capt Robert K. McClelland (To 21 February)
Capt James M. Rogers

2nd Bn, 1st Marines (BLT 21)
Commanding Officer LtCol James M Masters, Sr. (To 9 February)
Maj Charles H. Brush, Jr. (To 11 April)
LtCol William W. Stickney
Executive Officer Maj Charles H. Brush, Jr. (To 9 February)
Capt Roy W. Wallace, Jr. (To 11 April)
Maj Charles H. Brush, Jr.
Bn-3 Capt Arthur W. Larson (To 20 January)
Capt John J. Jachym

3d Bn, 1st Marines (BLT 31)
Commanding Officer LtCol Joseph F. Hankins
Executive Officer Maj William McNulty
Bn-3 Capt George B. Gierhart (To 21 February)
1stLt James A. Junkin

5th Marines (CT A)
Commanding Officer Col John T. Selden (To 29 February)
Col Oliver P. Smith (To 11 April)
LtCol Henry W. Buse, Jr.
Executive Officer LtCol William K. Enright (To 5 January)
LtCol Lewis W. Walt (To 8 January)
Maj Harry S. Connor (To 12 January)
LtCol Lewis W. Walt (To 31 January)
LtCol Odell M. Conoley (From 9 February to 20 February)
LtCol Henry W. Buse, Jr. (To 11 April)
Maj Harry S. Connor
R-1 Capt Alan F. Dill
R-2 Capt Henry J. Adams, Jr. (To 31 March)
Maj Walter S. McIlhenny (To 10 April)
Capt Levi T. Burcham
R-3 Maj Gordon D. Gayle (To 5 January)
Maj Harry S. Connor
R-4 Capt William L. Williams

1st Bn, 5th Marines (BLT 15)
Commanding Officer Maj William H. Barba
Executive Officer Maj Harry S. Connor (To 5 January)
Maj Harold T. A. Richmond
Bn-3 Capt Walter S. McIlhenny (To 17 January)
Capt Maurice Raphael

2nd Bn, 5th Marines (BLT 25)
Commanding Officer LtCol Lewis W. Walt (To 5 January)
Maj Gordon D. Gayle
Executive Officer Maj Charles R. Baker
Bn-3 Capt Walter H. Cuenin (To 31 January)


  Capt Edward W Bryan

3d Bn, 5th Marines (BLT 35)
Commanding Officer LtCol David S. McDougal (To 7 January)
Maj Joseph S. Skoczylas (7 January only)
Col Lewis B. Puller (7-8 January)
LtCol Lewis W. Walt2 (To 12 January)
LtCol Harold O. Deakin (To 10 April)
Maj Walter S. McIlhenny
Executive Officer Maj Joseph S. Skoczylas (To 7 January)
Maj Robert H. Dillard (To 31 March)
Maj Clyde A. Brooks (From 11 April)
Bn-3 Capt George W. Smith (To 22 January)
Capt Erskine W. Wells

7th Marines (CT C)
Commanding Officer Col Julian N. Frisbie (To 20 February)
Col Herman H. Hanneken
Executive Officer LtCol Lewis B. Puller (To 23 February)
LtCol John E. Weber (From 21 March)
R-1 1stLt Frank C. Sheppard (To 6 March)
CWO Frank R. Shaw (To 31 March)
Capt Robert A. Scherr
R-2 1stLt Francis T. Farrell
R-3 Maj Victor H. Streit
R-4 Capt Marion S. Reed

1st Bn, 7th Marines (BLT 17)
Commanding Officer LtCol John E. Weber (To 6 March)
Maj Waite W. Worden (To 11 April)
LtCol Harold O. Deakin
Executive Officer Maj Waite W. Worden (To 6 March)
Maj Lloyd W. Martin (To 11 April)
Maj Waite W. Worden
Bn-3 Capt Preston S. Parish

2nd Bn, 7th Marines (BLT 27)
Commanding Officer LtCol Odell M. Conoley (To 7 February)
Maj Charles S. Nichols, Jr., (To 14 February)
LtCol John W. Scott, Jr.
Executive Officer Maj Charles S. Nichols, Jr. (To 7 February) (From 15 Feb to 17 March)
Maj Claude B. Cross
Bn-3 Capt Louis G. Ditta (To 31 January)
Capt William T. Watkins (To 23 February)
Capt George E. Sexton

3d Bn, 7th Marines (BLT 37)
Commanding Officer LtCol William R. Williams (To 3 January)
LtCol Lewis B. Puller (To 8 January)
LtCol Henry W. Buse, Jr. (To 20 February)
Maj William J. Piper, Jr.
Executive Officer Maj William J. Piper, Jr. (To 20 February)
Maj Hierome L. Opie, Jr.
Bn-3 Capt William J. King (To 3 January)
1stLt Robert B. Morton (To 31 March)
1stLt Hugh S. Tremaine

11th Marines (Artillery)
Commanding Officer Col Robert H. Pepper (To 31 January)
Col William H. Harrison
Executive Officer LtCol Robert B. Luckey (To 14 February)
LtCol Thomas B. Hughes
R-1 Capt Floyd C. Maner
R-2 Maj Daniel S. Pregnall (To 21 March)
Capt Richard W. Payne
R-3 Maj Louis A. Ennis (To 16 February)
Maj Elliott Wilson (From 22 February)
R-4 1stLt Gordon R. Dalglish

1st Bn, 11th Marines
Commanding Officer LtCol Lewis J. Fields
Executive Officer Maj Hoyt U. Bookhart, Jr.
Bn-3 Maj Elliott Wilson (To 21 February)
Maj John R. Chaisson


2d Bn, 11th Marines
Commanding Officer Maj Noah P. Wood, Jr.
Executive Officer Maj Fred T. Bishopp
Bn-3 Maj Archie D. Swift, Jr.

3d Bn, 11th Marines
Commanding Officer Maj Ernest P. Foley (To 2 February)
LtCol Forest C. Thompson (To 25 March)
LtCol Richard A. Evans
Executive Officer Maj Henry M. Wellman, Jr. (To 2 February)
Maj Ernest P. Foley (To 12 March)
Maj Henry M. Wellman, Jr. (To 21 March)
LtCol Richard A. Evans (To 25 March)
Maj Henry M. Wellman, Jr.
Bn-3 Capt Searle W. Gillespie (To 2 February)
Maj Henry M. Wellman, Jr. (To 12 March)
Capt Searle W. Gillespie (To 21 March)
Maj Daniel S. Pregnall

4th Bn, 11th Marines
Commanding Officer LtCol Thomas B. Hughes (To 16 February)
LtCol Louis A. Ennis
Executive Officer Maj Dale H. Heely (To 16 March)
Maj George E. Bowdoin
Bn-3 Capt Ivan L. Smith (To 10 January)
Maj George E. Bowdoin (To 16 March)
Capt Marshall Smith

5th Bn, 11th Marines
Commanding Officer LtCol Charles M. Nees
Executive Officer Maj James H. Moffatt, Jr.
Bn-3 Maj Samuel S. Wooster (To 9 February)
Maj William M. Miller (To 13 March)
Capt William J. Hannan

17th Marines (Engineer Reg't)
Commanding Officer Col Harold E. Rosecrans (To 18 February)
Col Francis I. Fenton
Executive Officer LtCol Robert G. Ballance (From 22 February)
R-1 Capt William I. Kent (To 31 January)
Capt Francis L. Cooper (To 30 March)
WO Paul Adams (To 19 April)
Capt Francis L. Cooper
R-2 Capt Albert N. Lange (To 21 February)
Capt Warren S. Sivertsen
R-3 Maj John P. McGuinness (To 21 February)
Maj Levi W. Smith, Jr.
R-4 Maj William A. Stiles

1st Bn, 17th Marines (Engineer)
Commanding Officer Maj Henry H. Crockett (To 4 March)
Maj John P. McGuinness
Executive Officer Maj Austin S. Igleheart, Jr. (To 21 February)
Maj John P. McGuinness (To 4 March)
Maj John H. Goodwin (To 17 April)
Capt Sidney Schulder
Bn-3 Capt Sidney Schulder (To 21 March)
Capt Jim M. Joyner (To 3 April)
Capt Sidney Schulder (To 17 April)
Capt Eugene T. Schoenfelder

2d Bn, 17th Marines (Pioneer)
Commanding Officer LtCol Robert G. Ballance (To 21 February)
Maj Austin S. Igleheart, Jr.
Executive Officer Maj Levi W. Smith, Jr. (To 21 February)
Capt Nathaniel Morgenthal
Bn-3 Capt Nathaniel Morgenthal (To 21 February)
Capt Franklin P. Walton (To 31 March)
1stLt John H. Heussner

3d Bn, 17th Marines (Seabees)
Commanding Officer Cdr Thomas A. Woods, (CEC) (To 31 January)
LtCdr James T. Redd, (CEC)
Executive Officer LtCdr James T. Redd, (CEC) (To 31 January)
Bn-3 Lt William W. Wickes (To 31 March)
Lt C. B. Farrell
Lt William W. Wickes


12th Defense Battalion
Commanding Officer Col William H. Harrison (To 31 January)
LtCol Merlyn D. Holmes
Executive Officer LtCol Merlyn D. Holmes (To 31 January)
LtCol Louis C. Reinberg
Bn-3 Maj Robert C. McGlashan (To 21 January)
Maj Harry F. Noyes, Jr. (To 31 January)
Maj Joseph R. Jacyno


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1. Maj Hall served also as Bn-3 as additional duty.

2. McDougal and Skoczylas were WIA on the same day; Puller took over command jointly with that of 3/7 pending arrival of Walt. See Chap VII.

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