Appendix VII
Task Organization

Northern Troops and Landing Force--Lieutenant General H. M. Smith.

Corps Troops

Headquarters and Service Battalion, V Amphibious Corps (less detachments).
Signal Battalion, V Amphibious Corps (less detachments).
Motor Transport Company, V Amphibious Corps (less detachments).
Headquarters, Provisional Engineer Group, V Amphibious Corps.
Headquarters, Provisional LVT Group, V Amphibious Corps.
7th Field Depot (less detachments) (Reinforced).
Medical Battalion, V Amphibious Corps.
31st Field Hospital (Army).
2d Provisional Portable Surgical Hospital (Army).
3d Provisional Portable Surgical Hospital (Army).
Air Warning Squadron #5 (less detachments).
Detachment, 680th Air Warning Company (Army).
Detachment, 726th Air Warning Company (Army).
Detachment, 763d Air Warning Company (Army).
Detachment, Company C, 101st Signal Battalion (Army).
Mobile Communication Unit Central Pacific (Army).
Amphibious Reconnaissance Battalion, V Amphibious Corps (less Company A).

  1. 1st Battalion, 2d Marines (Reinforced)--Lieutenant Colonel Kyle.
    1st Battalion, 2d Marines (Reinforced).
    Company A, Amphibious Reconnaissance Battalion, V Amphibious Corps.

  2. 2d Marine Division (Reinforced)--Major General Watson.
    2d Marine Division (less 1st Battalion, 2d Marines).
    1st Battalion, 29th Marines.
    2d Armored Amphibian Battalion.
    2d Amphibian Tractor Battalion.
    5th Amphibian Tractor Battalion.
    715th Amphibian Tractor Battalion (Army).
    2d Joint Assault Signal Company.
    18th Naval Construction Battalion.
    1st Amphibian Truck Company.
    Detachment, 7th Field Depot.
    3d Platoon, 604th Quartermaster Graves Registration Company (Army).
    Detachment, Air Warning Squadron #5.
    2d Provisional Rocket Detachment.
    2d 155mm Artillery Battalion (Howitzer), Corps Artillery, V Amphibious Corps.

  3. 4th Marine Division (Reinforced)--Major General Schmidt.
    4th Marine Division.
    708th Amphibian Tank Battalion (Army).
    10th Amphibian Tractor Battalion (less Company A) Attached: Company C, 11th Amphibian Tractor Battalion.
    773d Amphibian Tractor Battalion (Army).
    534th Amphibian Tractor Battalion (Army).
    1st Joint Assault Signal Company.


    121st Naval Construction Battalion.
    2d Amphibian Truck Company.
    Detachment, 7th Field Depot.
    311th Port Company (Army).
    539th Port Company (Army).
    Detachment, Air Warning Squadron #5.
    4th 105mm Artillery Battalion (Howitzer), Corps Artillery, V Amphibious Corps.
    1st Provisional Rocket Detachment.

  1. Corps Artillery--Brigadier General Harper, USA.

    XXIV Corps Artillery

    Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, XXIV Corps Artillery.
    1st Provisional Gun Group (155mm Gun) (Army).
    1st Provisional Gun Battalion.
    32d Coast Artillery Gun Battalion.
    225th Field Artillery Howitzer Group (155mm Howitzer) (Army).
    145th Field Artillery Battalion.
    225th Field Artillery Battalion.
    447th Amphibian Truck Company (Army).

  2. Antiaircraft Artillery--Colonel Barager, USA (from Garrison Forces).
    864th Automatic Weapons, Antiaircraft Battalion (less detachments) (Army).
    Battery A, 751st Antiaircraft Battalion (Army).
    Battery B, 751st Antiaircraft Battalion (Army).

  3. Saipan Garrison Forces--Major General Jarman, USA.
    Army Defense Troops.
    Army Service Troops.
    Other units as assigned.

  4. Tinian Garrison Forces--Major General Underhill.
    17th Marine Antiaircraft Battalion.
    18th Marine Antiaircraft Battalion.
    Other units as assigned.

  5. 27th Infantry Division (Reinforced)1--Major General Ralph Smith.
    Hq, 27th Infantry Division.
    Hq, Special Troops.
    Hq Company.
    MP Platoon.
    27th Division Band.
    27th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop.
    727th Ordnance LM Company.
    27th QM Company.
    27th Signal Company.
    105th Infantry Regiment.
    106th Infantry Regiment.
    165th Infantry Regiment.
    Hq, 27th Division Artillery.
    104th Field Artillery Battalion.
    105th Field Artillery Battalion.
    106th Field Artillery Battalion.
    249th Field Artillery Battalion.
    102d Engineer Battalion.
    102d Medical Battalion.
    98th Portable Surgical Hospital.
    38th Field Hospital.
    295th JASCO.
    762d Tank Battalion.
    766th Tank Battalion.
    1165th Engineer Group Hq.
    34th Engineer Battalion.
    152d Engineer Battalion.
    1341st Engineer Battalion.
    94th Bomb Disposal Squad.
    95th Bomb Disposal Squad.
    88th Chemical Battalion.
    604th QM Graves Registration Company.
    Detachment, 534th Amphibian Tractor Battalion.


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1. The 27th Infantry Division, initially in Expeditionary Troops reserve, was released to Northern Troops and Landing Force control on 16 June 1944.

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