The research and writing of "Herringbone Cloak--GI Dagger" yielded much documentary material which has never been published or even alluded to in secondary sources. My original intent was to include this type of material in the appendices. Once I began to uncover new sources, however, it became apparent that simply duplicating every interesting letter, memorandum, citation or mission report would result in a 1000-page paper. Consequently, I have limited the "exhibits" to those items which are themselves of singular importance, or which can serve as exemplars. Since the initial chapter regarding the "Donovan Affair" is of particular importance to the story, I have included most of the previously classified material relating to that period of Marine Corps history. Nearly all of the footnoted documents are in my possession and the interested reader is welcome to contact me should he desire a copy.

Major Robert E. Mattingly, USMC
12006 Skipjack Court
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