Herringbone Cloak--GI Dagger: Marines of the OSS

Major Robert E. Mattingly, USMC
Marine Corps Command and Staff College
10 May 1979

Table of Contents

Preface vi
I "The Worst Slap in the Face" 1
II "One of a Kind, Unique" 22
III "For Excellent Personal Reasons" 40
IV "A Pungent Collection" 48
V "Zdravo, Purvi Americanec" 65
VI "Did You Play Football in College?" 80
VII "I'm Going to Blow This Bridge and I'll Do the Same to You If Necessary" 95
VIII "Exigencies of the Situation" 105
IX "Who Knew Not Fear" 114
X "First Jed to Kill a Boche" 132
XI "How the Hell Did a Marine Get Here?" 147
XII "One Marine ... Eleven Hundred Germans" 162
XIII "Man, You Must Be Lost or Something" 183
Epilogue 200
End Notes 202
Appendices (Introduction 233
A A Brief Biography of William J. Donovan 234
B Documentary Exhibits 236
C Examples of Reports Declassified by Central Intelligence Agency and provided to Author 280
Annotated Bibliography 302
Reprise: Marines of the OSS 313


The Commando Proponents--Evans Carlson and James Roosevelt shortly before the Makin Island Raid 18
Over There--William A. Eddy as a Captain in France, 1918 23
Certificate to Accompany Award of the Order of the White Eagle with Swords to Captain Walter R. Mansfield, USMCR for service in Yugoslavia 78
Actor turned OSS Marine--Private Sterling Hayden as a Marine Boot, Parris Island 84
UNION II--the surviving members of Major Peter Ortiz' second mission behind the lines in France 119
Hero of the Haute Savoie--Major Ortiz receiving his second Navy Cross from Colonel Harry "the Horse" Liversedge 130
Codename KANSUL--Lieutenant Colonel Horace Fuller before the statue of Foch during ceremonies marking the liberation of Tarbes, France 145
For Valor--Certificate to Accompany Award of the Silver Medal of Valor by the Italian Government to 1st Lieutenant George Hearn, USMCR 172
The 'almost' Marine Brigadier--William J. Donovan in later years on an inspection tour of Marine aviation units in Korea 234

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