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Appendix VIII: Command Staff, Marine Detachment, Wake

Senior Marine officer present______________________ Maj. James P.S. Devereux
Commanding Officer Maj. James P.S. Devereux
Executive Officer Maj. George H. Potter
Munitions Officer Marine Gunner John Hamas
Ordnance Officer Marine Gunner Harold C. Borth
Medical Officer Lt. (jg) Gustave M. Kahn, USN
5-Inch Artillery Group
Commanding Officer Maj. George H. Potter
Commanding Officer, Battery A First Lt. Clarence A. Barninger
Commanding Officer, Battery B First Lt. Woodrow M. Kessler
Commanding Officer, Battery L Second Lt. John A. McAlister
3-Inch Antiaircraft Group
Commanding Officer Capt. Bryghte D. Godbold
Commanding Officer, Battery D Capt. Bryghte D. Godbold
Commanding Officer, Battery E First Lt. William W. Lewis
Commanding Officer, Battery F (prov.) Marine Gunner Clarence B. McKinstry
Separate Batteries
Commanding Officer, Battery G Capt. Wesley McC. Platt
Commanding Officer, Battery H Second Lt. Robert M. Hanna
Commanding Officer, Battery I Second Lt. Arthur A. Poindexter
Marine Fighting Squadron 211 (VMF-211)
Commanding Officer Maj. Paul A. Putnam
Executive Officer Capt. Henry T. Elrod
Flight Officer Capt. Frank C. Tharin
Communications Officer Maj. Walter L.J. Bayler,[1]
Second Lt. David D. Kliewer
Gunnery Officer Capt. Herbert C. Freuler
Engineering Officer Second Lt. John F. Kinney


[1] Temporarily attached from staff, Marine Air Group 21, until 21 December 1941, when detached, and relieved by Second Lieutenant Kliewer.

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