1. Most details of the amphibious operations in which Admiral Turner commanded the amphibious forces are indexed either under the code name of the operation or under one of the common features of amphibious operations as listed in (3) below.

  2. The code-named operations and the general geographical location are as follows:
    CATCHPOLE (Eniwetok--Marshall Islands)
    CLEANSLATE (Russell Islands--Lower Solomons)
    DETACHMENT (Iwo Jima--Volcano Islands)
    FLINTLOCK (Kwajalein, Roi-Namur--Marshall Islands)
    FORAGER (Saipan, Guam, Tinian--Marianas)
    GALVANIC (Makin, Tarawa--Gilbert Islands)
    ICEBERG (Okinawa--Ryukyu Islands)
    TOENAILS (New Georgia--Central Solomons))
    WATCHTOWER (Guadalcanal, Tulagi--Lower Solomons)

  3. The following common aspects of an amphibious operation are listed by subject in the general index and, depending upon the happenstance of each operation, indexed in considerable detail for each of the code-named operations. Generally, this indexing is not repeated in the detailed index listing of each code-named operation.

    Air bombing
    Air raids (attacks/strikes)
    Air reconnaissance
    Bombardment, gun
    Carrier operations
    Close air support
    Close gunfire support
    Command organization
    Command problems
    Control of boat waves
    Forces available
    HOW Hour
          defensive efforts
    Landing beaches (condition/troubles)
    Landing operations
    Lessons Learned
    Line of Departure
    Logistic (-al) (-s)
    Operational firsts
    Operation plans
    Organization (Attack Force)
    Scheme of Maneuver
    Strategic considerations
  4. To locate an individual Army, Army Air (Corps) Force, or Marine Corps unit, look under the general heading of "Army," "Army Air (Corps) Force," or "Marine Corps," where these individual Service Units are gathered together. Naval units are listed under the appropriate alphabetical letter.


ABC-1 Staff agreements -- Air (Aerial) reconnaissance/GALVANIC


Air (Aerial) reconnaissance/TOENAILS -- Amphibians, Amphibious/exercise(s)


Amphibians, Amphibious/exercise(s) -- Amphibious Force Training Command


Amphibious Group Two, Fifth Amphibious Force -- Army, U.S./Air Force


Army, U.S./amphibious efforts -- Army units, Army (Air)/B-17s


Army units, Army (Air)/B-24s -- Astoria (CA-34)/ Lt.Cmdr Lopresti recalls


Astoria (CA-34)/misses Fleet Landing Exercise -- Barnett, Floyd S.


Barnstable (APA-93) -- Blandy, W.H.P./Reports on Iwo bombardment


Blaske, Floyd H. -- British/special relationship with


British/troops to United Kingdom -- Callaghan, George H.


Callaghan, William M. -- Chaliapin, Boris


Chamberlain, E.T., Jr. -- CINCLANT (Commander in Chief, Atlantic Fleet)


CINCPAC (Commander in Chief, Pacific Fleet) -- Close gunfire support/CATCHPOLE (Eniwetok)


Close gunfire support/FORAGER (Marianas) -- Command problems/CLEANSLATE (Russells)


Command problems/DETACHMENT (Iwo Jima) -- Commander Service Squadron, South Pacific Force


Commander Seventh Fleet -- COMSOPAC/TOENAILS




Crescent City (AP-340) (APA-21) -- Dean, Charles W.


Dean Frank H. -- DETACHMENT (Iwo Jima)/weather


Detroit (C-10) --- Dorton, Kenneth L.


Douglas, Archibald H. -- Ellice Islands/Patrol base


Ellice Islands/Service Squadron Ten home base -- Fiji/made secure


Fiji/place in SOPAC and POA -- Fletcher, William B.


Flight orders -- FLINTLOCK (Kwajalein)/South Attack Force


FLINTLOCK (Kwajalein)/Spruance, Raymond A. -- FLINTLOCK (Kwajalein)/smoke, use of


Forbes, Alexander C. -- GALVANIC (Gilberts)/Amphibious


GALVANIC (Gilberts)/Amphibious -- GALVANIC (Gilberts)/Japanese plans


GALVANIC (Gilberts)/Japanese plans -- Turner reorients logistic support


GALVANIC (Gilberts)/Turner requests -- Ghormley, Robert L./Operational orders for WATCHTOWER


Ghormley, Robert L./Operational Report for TOENAILS -- Guadalcanal-Tulagi Advanced Base


Guam -- Halsey, William F./takes command SOPACFOR


Halsey, William F./timetabale for Munda capture -- Hester, John H./command of Russell Island bases


Hester, John H./commands 1st Echelon Western Landing Force -- Hobart, HMS


Hobbs Victory -- Hunter, Lunnsford L.


Hupfel, Walter M. -- Ingersoll, Royal E./Commander Western Sea Frontier


Ingersoll, Royal E./commands Cruiser Division Six -- Japanese/capabilities/WATCHTOWER


Japanese/capabilities/TOENAILS -- Japanese/Mobile Fleet beaten off


Japanese/naval officers -- Japanese/Units, Japanese Navy/Ships/RO-48


Japanese/Units, Japanese Navy/Ships/RO-103 -- Joint Chiefs of Staff/approve


Joint Chiefs of Staff/ask ... -- Kahoolawe Island, Hawaii


Kakuda, Kakuji, IJN -- King, Ernest J./desires advance base in Ellice Islands


King, Ernest J./desired naval command for PESTILENCE -- Kinkaid, Thomas C./comments on


Kinkaid, Thomas C./conference at Pearl -- Landing beaches/FLINTLOCK


Landing beaches/FORAGER -- Landing Craft, Infantry (LCI)/LCI(G)-455


Landing Craft, Infantry (LCI)/LCI-456 -- Landing Craft, Tank (LCT)/LCT-349


Landing Craft, Tank (LCT)/LCI-351 -- Landing Ship, Medium (LCM)/LSM-242


Landing Ship, Medium (LCM)/LSM-260 -- Landing Ship, Tank (LST)/LST-360


Landing Ship, Tank (LST)/LST-461 -- Leyte Island landings


Libby, Ruthven E. -- Logistics/war instructions requirement


Logistics/WW II Pacific Amphibious Operations -- Maher, James E.


Mahoney, John J. -- Marine Corps/units/Divisions/Second


Marine Corps/units/Divisions/Second -- Marshall, George/urges 1942 invasion of Europe


Marshall Islands -- McGoldrick, Joseph A.


McGovern, John B. -- Mine Squadron Two


Mines, minesweepers, minelaying -- Motor torpedo base


Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Two -- Naval/aviation/early completion of aircraft carriers


Naval/aviation/early flights -- Naval/War Plans


Naval/War Plans -- New Hebrides/Japanese occupation


New Hebrides/place in SOPAC -- Nimitz, Chester W./informs Admiral King


Nimitz, Chester W./informs Admiral King -- Noyes, Leigh/Turner write to


nuclear energy -- Ozawa, Jisaburo


PAB 4 -- Personnel, amphibious/most important ingredient of success


Personnel, amphibious/problems -- Postgraduate instruction


Postlewaite, Charles W. -- Purvis Bay, Florida Island


Quigley, William M. -- Reifsnider, Lawrence F./fights all during WW II


Reifsnider, Lawrence F./handles Guadalcanal Freight Line -- RKT, his opinions ...


RKT, his opinions ... -- RKT, his opinions ...


RKT, his opinions ... -- RKT, opinions on, by ...


RKT, opinions on, by ... -- Sandoval (APA -194)


Sands (APD-13) -- Secretary of the Navy/Daniels/receives spitballs


Secretary of the Navy/Daniels/signs letter -- Shoshone (AKA-65)


Showers, H.A. -- Solomon Islands/offensive operations


Solomon Islands/step by step advance thru -- Spruance, Raymond A./shipmate of RKT


Spruance, Raymond A./visits Kelly Turner -- Submarines/conduct reconnaissance


Submarines/early completion of -- Task Force/#32


Task Force/#33 -- Thompson, Alan


Thompson. Albert C. -- TOENAILS (New Georgia)/Wickham Occupation Unit


Tojo Shrine -- Turner, Richmond K./accepts responsibility for Tarawa


Turner, Richmond K./advises at League of Nations -- Turner, Richmond K./comments on


Turner, Richmond K./comments on -- Turner, Richmond K./fitness reports


Turner, Richmond K./fitness reports -- Turner, Richmond K./recommended for WW I DSM


Turner, Richmond K./recommends ... -- Underwater Demolition Teams


Underway fueling -- Walker, Philip A.


Wallace, Bruce, H. -- WATCHTOWER/Navy's war


WATCHTOWER/noon fuel reports -- Western Landing Force, TOENAILS


Western Sea Frontier -- Woods, Louis E.


Woodson, Charles P. -- Zuikaku, HIJMS (carrier)


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