ALUSNA  -   U.S. Naval Attache
ALUSLO  -   U.S. Naval Liaison Officer
ALUSNOB  -   U.S. Naval Observer
AMCON  -   American Consul
AS  -   U.S. to West African Ports
AT  -   U.S. to U.K. (Military)
BAD  -   British Admiralty Delegation
BAMS  -   Broadcast to Allied Merchant Ships
BC  -   U.S. East Coast to Society Islands
BT  -   Bahia to Trinidad
BUSRA  -   British-United States Routing Agreement
BX  -   Boston to Halifax
C  -   Confidential dispatch
C&R  -   Convoy and Routing Section, Headquarters of the Commander in Chief, United States Fleet and Commander, Tenth Fleet
CINCMED  -   Commander in Chief, Mediterranean
CINCLANT  -   Commander in Chief, United States Atlantic Fleet
CINCPAC  -   Commander in Chief, United States Pacific Fleet
CNO  -   Chief of Naval Operations
ComEastSeaFron  -   Commander, Eastern Sea Frontier
ComFourthFleet  -   Commander, Fourth Fleet
CominCh  -   Commander in Chief, United States Fleet (Headquarters)
ComNavEu  -   Commander, U.S. Naval Forces in Europe
ComNavNaw  -   Commander, U.S. Naval Forces, Northwest African Waters
ComPaSeaFron  -   Commander, Panama Sea Frontier
ComSoLant  -   Commander, South Atlantic Force
ComTenthFlt (C&R)  -   Commander, Teth Fleet, Convoy and Routing Section
ComWesSeaFron  -   Commander, Western Sea Frontier
CSA  -   Consular Shipping Adviser
CU  -   New York to Netherlands West Indies
CU  -   New York to U.K.
EASTOMP  -   Eastern Ocean Meeting Point
GAT  -   Guantanamo to Aruba and Trinidad
GK  -   Guantanamo to Key West
GM  -   Galveston to Mississippi River
GN  -   Guantanamo to New York
GP  -   Galveston to Pilottown
GS  -   Greenland to St. Johns, N.F., (or Sydney)
GZ  -   Guantanamo to Panama Canal Zone
HHX  -   Halifax Joiner to HX Convoy
HK  -   Galveston to Key West
HOMP  -   Halifax Ocean Meeting Point
HX  -   New York to U.K.
HXF  -   New York to Liverpool, Fast
HXM  -   New York to Liverpool, Medium
HXS  -   New York to Liverpool, Slow
ICOMP  -   Iceland Ocean Meeting Point
JT  -   Rio de Janiero to Trinidad
KG  -   Key West to Guantanamo
KH  -   Key West to Galveston
KM  -   U.K. to Mediterranean
KN  -   Key West to New York (also Key West to Norfolk)
KS  -   Norfolk to Key West
LW  -   U.S. East Coast to South West Pacific (Lone Wolf)
MERCO  -   Merchant Control System


MG  -   Mississippi River to Galveston
MK  -   Mediterranean to U.K.
NA  -   Canada to U.K.
NG  -   New York to Guantanamo
NK  -   New York to Key West
NMCS  -   Naval Member Canadian Joint Staff
NSHQ  -   Naval Service Headquarters (Canadian)
NTS  -   Naval Transportation Service
OCT  -   Office of Chief of Transportation (U.S. Army)
ON  -   Liverpool to New York, Fast
ONF  -   Liverpool to New York, Fast
ONI  -   Office of Naval Intelligence
ONM  -   Liverpool to New York, Medium
ONS  -   Liverpool to New York, Slow
OP  -   Naval Operations
OT  -   Aruba or Curacao to Northwest Africa
OT  -   Curacao to Trinidad
OT  -   New York to Netherlands West Indies
PD  -   Port Director
PG  -   Pilottown to Galveston
S  -   Secret Dispatch
SC  -   Halifax Slow to U.K.
SG  -   Sydney or St. Johns, N.F. to Greenland
SOMP  -   Sydney Ocean Meeting Point
TA  -   U.K. to U.S. (Military)
TAG  -   Trinidad to Aruba to Guantanamo
TAW  -   Trinidad to Aruba to Key West
TB  -   Trinidad to Bahia
TCU  -   New York to U.K. (Troop)
TJ  -   Trinidad to Rio de Janiero
TM  -   Trinidad to Gibraltar
TMF  -   Trinidad to Gibraltar, Fast
TO  -   Netherlands West Indies to New York
TO  -   Northwest Africa to Aruba or Curacao
TO  -   Trinidad to Curacao
TU  -   U.K. to U.S.A. (Troop)
UC  -   U.K. to New York
UCT  -   U.K. to New York (Troop)
UG  -   U.S. to Mediterranean
UGF  -   U.S. to Mediterranean, Fast
UGS  -   U.S. to Mediterranean, Slow
USNR  -   United States Naval Reserve
UT  -   U.S.A. to U.K. (Troop)
VE  -   Victory in Europe (8 May 1945)
VESCA  -   Vessels and Cargo (Communication System)
WAT  -   Key West to Aruba to Trinidad
WESTCOMP  -   Western Ocean Meeting Point
WHX  -   St. Johns, N.F., joiner to HX
WS  -   U.K. to Middle East to India
WSA  -   War Shipping Administration
WSC  -   Wabana joiner to SC
XB  -   Halifax to Boston
ZG  -   Canal Zone to Guantanamo


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