United States Naval Administration in World War II

Office of Naval Intelligence


Table of Contents

Part I ONI Policy 1882-1939 1
Part II Organizational Development 1935-1943 33
Part III Services Group (Administrative Branch) 103
Part IV Counter-Intelligence (B Branch) 148
Part V Intelligence Group -- Foreign Intelligence (F Branch) 498
Part VI Intelligence Group -- Operational Intelligence (O Branch) 824
Part VII Intelligence Group -- Special Activities (Z Branch) 849
Part VIII Intelligence Branch -- Washington Document Center (WDC) 894
Part IX Intelligence Group -- Navy Department Representative of NavTechMisEu (R Branch) 900
Part X Publications and Distribution (P Branch) and Fleet Intelligence (C Branch) 905
Part XI Civil Censorship (D Branch) 1074
Part XII Naval Records and Library (E Branch) 1136
Part XIII Air Intelligence (V Branch) 1203
Part XIV Special Warfare (W Branch) 1335
Part XV Planning (X Branch) 1393
Part XVI Joint Activities 1426
Supplement Appendices to various parts of History.
(In separate volumes)

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Transcribed and formatted by Patrick Clancey, HyperWar Foundation