United States Naval Administration in World War II

History of the Eighth Naval District



First Draft Narrative
Prepared by the Historical Section,
Eighth Naval District


Table of Contents

Chapter   Page
I. Description of the Eighth Naval District. 1
II. Historical Development. 17
III. District Headquarters and Staff. 46
IV. Administrative Relationships. 67
V. Operational Organization. 82
VI. Assistant Commandant (Logistics). 109
VII. District Intelligence Officer. 115
VIII. District Communication Officer. 153
IX. Port Director, Naval Transportation Service, Eighth Naval District. 162
X. District War Plans Officer. 173
XI. District Security Officer. 177
XII. District Legal Officer. 182
XIII. District Public Information Officer. 196
XIV. District Public Works Officer. 203
XV. District Medical Officer. 208
XVI. District Supply, Accounting, and Disbursing Officers. 216
XVII. District Redistribution Officer. 227
XVIII. District Domestic Transportation Officer. 231
XIX. Assistant Chief of Staff for Personnel. 238
XX. Director of Distribution. 241
XXI. Director of Welfare 251
XXII. Director of Discipline. 260
XXIII. Director of Training. 267
XXIV. Director of Women's Reserve. 279
XXV. Liaison Officer for Negro Personnel. 282
XXVI. District Chaplain. 284
XXVII. District Director of Civilian Personnel. 286
XXVIII. District War Bonds Officer. 311
XXIX. District Command Voting Supervisor. 314
XXX. District Ordnance Officer 317
XXXI. Commander, Naval Air Bases, Eighth Naval District 319
XXXII. Commanding Officer, Commissioning Details, USN, Gulf Area. 322
XXXIII. Industrial Manager, USN, Eighth Naval District. 330


In the preparation of this history the help and advice of many officers was invaluable. Especially the authors wish to acknowledge the contribution of the following officers:

Commander G.D. Cooper, USN, War Plans Officer, Eighth Naval District, who supplied numerous facts and contributed wise and helpful advice throughout all stages of preparation of the history.

Commander Fred R. Maxwell, Jr., USNR, Historical Officer, U.S. Naval Air Training Bases, Pensacola, Florida.

Lieutenant, E.A. Hummel, USNR, District Historical Officer, Sixth Naval District.

Lieutenant J.A. Reynolds, USNR, Historical Officer, Gulf Sea Frontier.

Lieutenant Joseph McLean, USNR, Navy Department.

Commanding Officer, U.S. Naval Training Center, Gulfport, Mississippi.

Commanding Officer, U.S. Naval Repair Base, New Orleans (Algiers), Louisiana.

And all heads of departments and divisions in the Eighth Naval District who cooperated so wholeheartedly in the preparation of this history.


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