Glossary of Abbreviations

Abbreviation Name
ADM Admiral
Admin. Hist. Appen. Administrative History Appendices Collection (Operational Archives, Naval History Division)
AFHQ Allied Force Headquarters
AGC Amphibious Force Flagship
AKA Attack Cargo Ship
APA Attack Transport
APD High Speed Transport
AR Repair Ship
Arch. Archipelago
ASW Antisubmarine Warfare
ATB Amphibious Training Base
AVP Small Seaplane Tender
BB Battleship
BUAER Bureau of Aeronautics
BUSANDA Bureau of Supplies and Accounts
CA Heavy Cruiser
CAPT Captain
CASU Carrier Aircraft Service Unit
CB Large Cruiser
CBMU Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit
CDR Commander (rank)
CE 2 Construction Electrician, Second Class
CEC Civil Engineering Corps
CIC Combat Information Center
CINCPAC Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet
CINCPAC/POA Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet and Pacific Ocean Areas
CL Light Cruiser
CNO Chief of Naval Operations
COL Colonel
COM Commander (position)
COMNAVNAW Commander U.S. Naval Forces Northwest African Waters
COMO Commodore
CPO Chief Petty Officer
CTF Commander Task Force
CV Aircraft Carrier
CVE Aircraft Carrier, Escort
DCNO Deputy Chief of Naval Operations
DD Destroyer
DIV. Division
ENS Ensign
FGN Federal German Navy
FRUPAC Fleet Radio Unit, Pacific
FY Fiscal Year
GROPAC Group Pacific
HC Hospital Corps
I.J.N. Imperial Japanese Navy
Is. Island
IX Unclassified Miscellaneous Ship
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
LCDR Lieutenant Commander
LCI Landing Craft, Infantry
LCS(L)(3) Landing Craft, Support (Large) (Mark III)
LSM Landing Ship, Medium
LST Landing Ship, Tank
LT Lieutenant
LTA Lighter-than-Air Craft
LTCOL Lieutenant Colonel
LTJG Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
MC Medical Corps
MGSN Major General
MTB Motor Torpedo Boat
NAAS Naval Auxiliary Air Station
ND Naval District
N.O.B. Naval Operating Base
NROTC Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps
NTS Naval Training School
OEG Operations Evaluation Group
ONI Office of Naval Intelligence
PBY Twin-Engine Navy Patrol-bomber
PhM1 Pharmacist's Mate, First Class
PT Motor Torpedo Boat
RADM Rear Admiral
RN Royal Navy
SC Supply Corps
SERVRON SOPAC Service Squadron, South Pacific Force
SHAEF Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force
SOLANT South Atlantic Command
SOPAC South Pacific Area and Forces
SPATU South Pacific Aircraft Train­ing Unit
S.S. Steamship (Merchant Ship)
SS Submarine
SUBRON Submarine Squadron
SUSNLO Senior United States Naval Liaison Officer
TM1(SS) Torpedoman First Class, Submarines
UDT Underwater Demolition Team
U.S. United States
USA United States Army
USAF United States Air Force
USFET United States Forces, European Theater
USMC United States Marine Corps
USMCWR United States Marine Corps Women's Reserve
USN United States Navy
USNTS United States Naval Training School
U.S.S. United States Ship (Naval)
VADM Vice Admiral
VCS Cruiser-Scouting Squadron
V-J Day Victory over Japan (14 August 1945)
VMB Marine Medium and Heavy Patrol Bomber Squadron
VMF Marine Fighter Squadron
VMSB Marine Scout Bombing Squadron
VS Navy Shore-based Scouting Squadron
VT fuse Variable Time Fuse
WAVES Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service (Women's Reserve)
WR Women's Reserve
Y3c(T) Yeoman, Third Class, Temporary Active Reserve


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