Partial Checklist
World War II Histories
and Historical Reports
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U.S. Naval History Division

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The purpose of this annotated checklist is to facilitate research by officials and scholars in one of the groups of special information resources held by the Naval History Division, and to supplement the generalized descriptions of such holdings that are contained in the publication U.S. Naval History Sources in the Washington Area and Suggested Research Subjects. The current project was undertaken jointly by staff members of this Division and by a number of Naval Reservists who had brief tours of active duty for training with our organization.

The histories and historical reports described in this catalogue relate primarily to the operations and administration of naval commands during the World War II era. In addition, some histories from other services or agencies are included, and in a few cases coverage is provided of pre-World War II and post-war events. Although limited numbers of privately prepared accounts are included, the material was predominantly official in origin. For the most part, these documents were originally security-classified, but all documents are now declassified. The majority of the accounts are in typescript or mimeographed form, although a few entries refer to printed editions that originally were circulated within the Navy as classified publications.

Unless otherwise indicated, all documents are located in the World War II Command File of the Naval History Division's Operational Archives. A small number of entries (identified in the citations as "Admin. Hist. Appen.") are part of the separate collection of documentation forwarded as appendices to the administrative histories of major World War II commands.

[NOTE: The collection has since been transferred to the custody of the National Archives in College Park, MD. They form part of Record Group 38 and should be requested as "World War II Command File No. #" --HyperWar]


The specific location of the histories in these files is indicated in each citation.

It should be emphasized that this catalogue is not a complete list of all of the unpublished or limited-circulation histories relating to the World War II era that are include in Naval History Division collections. Among our additional holdings is a group of some 350 bound volumes in the Navy Department Library representing the administrative histories of major World War II commands. In addition, the Operational Archives has a large group of aviation-unit histories, and the Division's Ship History Branch has an extensive collection of World War II ship histories.

The following Naval Reserve personnel undertook the basic work on this checklist: LT Charles C. Chadbourn, III; LT Dan Cromack; LCDR Alexander S. Daley; LT Danny M. Dixon; CDR Wallace S. Hutcheon; LCDR Lawrence J. Korb; LT Joseph C. Kudless; TM1 (SS) Robert L. Lookabill; LT Christopher A. Peterson; LT Michael E. Phelps; LT Michael R. Rudy; LT Roderick S. Speer; LTJG Jeffrey P. Sweetland; and CE2 Philip B. Wortman. Their efforts were supported and supplemented by the following staff members of this Division: LCDR Richard W. MacKay, USN, Mr. Edward J. Marolda, Miss Mary M. Wonders, and Mrs. Jeanette A. Koontz. The overall project was directed by Dr. Dean C. Allard and Mrs. Kathleen M. Lloyd of the Operational Archives.

All of the items appearing in this checklist are available for use in the Naval History Division. Arrangements also can be made to purchase photocopies of official histories. [sic--see above NOTE regarding the National Archives.] When microfilm copies of the documents are already on hand, these films are available for circulation within the inter-library loan system.


Individual desiring to inquire about loans or photocopying are invited to correspond with the Operational Archives.

Vice Admiral, USN (Ret.)
Director of Naval History


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