List of Commanding Officers

The following is a list of commanding officers of the principal vessels which were engaged in logistic work under Commander Service Force Pacific. Numerous tugs and other small craft did routine service in a very satisfactory manner. The names of their commanding officers however are not included. Patrol Craft (PC's, SC's, PCE's, etc.) are not listed here. They were under the administrative command of the Service Force Pacific and were detailed form time to time to operations connected with the fleet. In those protective duties they were very valuable.

Many sources were searched in compiling this listing and every effort made to have it as accurate as possible.

As I have never seen a citation to page numbers in this appendix, and to make life easier in formatting the information below, I have elected to omit the page breaks and numbers.
In addition, RAdm Carter's treatment of hull symbols and numbers has been slightly altered to make the links to the individual ship information pages easier to click on.--HyperWar

Floating Drydocks (Large)
ABSD-1   Capt A.R. Mack
Capt R.C. Parker
ABSD-2   Comdr J.J. Rochefort
Comdr W.R. Lawrence
ABSD-3   Comdr A.B. Kerr
ABSD-4   Comdr A.L. Karns
ABSD-6   Comdr G.B. Wait
ABSD-7   Capt E.F. Robinson
Destroyer Tenders
AD-3 Dobbin Capt H.N. Williams
Capt S.Y. Cutler
Capt J.T. Warren
AD-4 Whitney Comdr N.M. Pigman
Comdr C. Campbell
Capt G.B. Parks
Capt C.D. Seain
Comdr K.H. Nonweiler
AD-9 Black Hawk Comdr G.L. Harriss
Comdr E.H. McMenemy
Comdr C.J. Marshall
AD-14 Dixie Capt G.H. Bahm
Capt R.H. Hillenkoetter
Capt G.H. Lyttle
Capt A.L. Hutson
AD-15 Prairie Capt O.A. Kneeland
Capt F.S. Gibson
AD-16 Cascade Capt S.B. Ogden
Capt H.K. Gates
AD-17 Piedmont Comdr M.D. MacGregor
Comdr F.L. Robbins
AD-18 Sierra Capt P.B. Koonce
Capt E.R. Runquist
AD-19 Yosemite Capt G.C. Towner
AD-20 Hamul Comdr C.C. Hoffner
AD-21 Markab Capt L.B. Farrell
Capt A.L. Prosser
AD-34 Alcor Comdr J.W. Millard
Ammunition Ships
AE-1 Pyro Capt N. Vylacil
Capt R.L. Boller
Comdr A.B. Dickie
Comdr S.J. Reiffel
AE-2 Nitro Capt F. Trimble
AE-3 Lassen Capt S. Mills
Capt D.R.Osborn, Jr.
Capt K.W. Palmer
Comdr J.E. Wade
AE-4 Mount Baker Comdr F.D. Hamblin
Comdr E.B. Perry
AE-5 Rainier Capt W.W. Meek
Comdr R.B. Miller
Comdr F.S. Conner
AE-6 Shasta Comdr F.A. Smith
Comdr W.L. Ware
LtComdr W.H. St. George
AE-8 Mauna Loa Comdr G.D. Martin
LtComdr K.L. Rawson
AE-9 Mazama Comdr P.V.R. Harris
AE-10 Sangay Capt W.D. Ryan
LtComdr H.C. Taylor
AE-11 Mount Hood Comdr H.A. Turner
AE-12 Wrangell Capt H.C. Todd
AE-13 Akutan Comdr R.C. Brown
AE-14 Firedrake Comdr A. Elb
AE-15 Vesuvius LtComdr F.J. George
Stores Ships
AF-1 Bridge Comdr E.B. Jackson, Jr.
Comdr E.P. Sherman
LtComdr R.R. Stevens
Comdr T.N. Saul
Lt O.G. Wickre
AF-7 Arctic Comdr C.E. Olsen
Comdr L.B. Stuart
LtComdr C.R. Frasier
LtComdr A.A. Fischer
LtComdr L.O. Peterson
AF-8 Boreas Comdr R.K. Davis
Comdr E.E. Burgess
Comdr C.E. Taylor
LtComdr B.G> Dennis
AF-9 Yukon Comdr E.R. Runquist
Comdr A.L. McMullan
AF-10 Aldebaran Comdr R.W. Abbot
Capt J.L. Wyatt
Comdr E.E. Burgess
Comdr S.L.M. Cole
AF-11 Polaris Comdr H.J. Olsen
Comdr J.A. Stansbury
AF-14 Uranus LtComdr E.J. Hackett
Lt S.H. Presper
Lt A.F. Anderson
AF-15 Talamanca Capt N.W. Bard
Comdr R.C. Moureau
LtComdr R.L. Howland
AF-16 Pastores Comdr H.J. Olsen
Comdr J.D. Matheny
AF-18 Calamares LtComdr D.R. Phoebus
LtComdr L.F. Kengle
LtComdr A.R. Myers
AF-19 Roamer Comdr M.B. De Leshe
LtComdr R.P. Oates
AF-23 Cygnus LtComdr W.W. Williamson
LtComdr J.T. Baldwin
AF-24 Delphinus Lt O.M. Mikkelson
Lt E.H.F. Buckner
LtComdr G.L. Armstrong
LtComdr C.R. Armbrust
AF-25 Taurus LtComdr E.T. Collins
LtComdr J.M. Gallagher
LtComdr A.M. Drake
AF-26 Octans LtComdr O.J. Stein
Comdr E.H. Doolin
LtComdr C.T. Fitzgerald
AF-28 Hyades Comdr M.C. Wheyland
LtComdr F.B. Doherty
AF-29 Graffias LtComdr B.P. Caraher
Comdr E.H. Doolin
AF-30 Adria LtComdr L.W. Borst
Lt C.R. Paul
AF-32 Corduba Lt A.G. Wood, Jr.
AF-33 Karin Lt R.C. Mallon
AF-34 Kerstin Lt H.C. Prichard
AF-35 Latona LtComdr N.W. Landis
AF-36 Lioba LtComdr J.L. Boisdore
Lt W.H. Talley
AF-37 Malabar Lt. C.S. Rogers
AF-38 Merapi Lt W.W. Wood
AF-39 Palisana Lt R. Weber
AF-43 Gordonia Lt I.V. Chapman, Jr.
AF-44 Laurentia Lt J. Janus
AF-45 Lucidor Lt E.L. Lavoy
Floating Drydocks
AFD-3   Lt(jg) C.N. Griswold
AFD-9   Lt(jg) R.Burns
AFD-13   Capt G.H. Lyttle
AFD-14   Lt(jg) E.L. Jackson
AFD-15   Carp O.L. Kleckner
Ens E.M. Smith
Lt(jg) R.H. Keidel
ChCarp K.N. Burchfield
ChBosn R.H. Eckholdt
AFD-17   ChCarp I.H. Kissinger
AFD-18   Ens R.N. Bates
AFD-19   Lt(jg) H.F. Heaton
AFD-20   Carp R.E. Crow
AFD-21   Lt C.H. Leonard
AFD-25   Ens H.L. Berube
Lt(jg) L. Barger
AFD-26   Lt(jg) F.V. Watson
AFD-27   Lt M.W. Rosen
AFD-28   Lt(jg) C.D. Moore
AFD-29   Lt(jg) R.I. Fowler
Floating Drydocks
AFDL-7   Lt H.S. Kellam
AFDL-22   Lt H.B. Kinnison
AFDL-23   Lt C.W. Robbins
AFDL-32   Lt H.W. Teague
Miscellaneous Auxiliaries
AG-12 Goldstar Comdr D.M. MacKey
Comdr J.U. Lademan, Jr.
LtComdr T.J. Shultz
Comdr H. Rawle
AG-31 Argonne Capt W.H. Roberts
Capt H.A. Houser
Comdr T.H. Escott
AG-32 Sumner Comdr I.W. Truitt
LtComdr I.M. Johnson
Comdr T.C. Brownell
Lt D.C. Nutt
AG-33 Kaula LtComdr B.L. Rutt
LtComdr W.A. Kanakanoi
LtComdr E.L. McManus
LtComdr E. Hassel
Lt D.L. Lindhout
AG-41 Panay Lt C.M. Sturgeon
AG-42 Camanga Lt F.A. Muller
LtComdr J.W. Baldwin
AG-44 Malanao LtComdr J.P. Gately
CtComdr H.L. Liberg
Lt N.W. Littlefield
AG-45 Taganak LtComdr V.H.S.G. Holm
Lt G.H. Fallesen
LtComdr E.G. True
AG-46 Tuluran LtComdr F. Isbell
Lt A.B. Giles
AG-49 Anacapa Comdr A.M. Wright
LtComdr W.C. Ball
Lt D.A. Campbell
Lt R.R. Ford
AG-50 Kopara LtComdr J.S. Kapuscinski
Lt M.F. Root
Lt(jg) C.H. Childress
AG-68 Basilan Comdr L.A. Parks
AG-69 Burias Lt W.M. Aye
AG-70 Zaniah LtComdr Henry Mayfield
AG-71 Baham Comdr F.D. Hurd
Surveying Ships
AGS-1 Pathfinder Capt B.H. Thomas
LtComdr F.L. DuBois
AGS-2 Hydrographer Comdr W.N. Scaife
Comdr W.N. Gibson
AGS-3 Oceanographer Comdr M.W. Graybill
AGS-4 Bowditch Capt J.H. Seyfried
Comdr H.C. Behner
AGS-5 Sumner Comdr I.W. Truitt
LtComdr I.M. Johnson
Comdr T.C. Brownell
Lt D.C. Nutt
Hospital Ships
AH-1 Relief Capt P.M. Moncy
Comdr J.B. Bliss
Comdr J.C. Sever
AH-5 Solace Capt B. Perlman
Comdr C.L. Waters
Comdr E.B. Peterson
AH-8 Mercy Capt T.A. Eisling
AH-9 Bountiful LtComdr G.L. Burns
LtComdr P.W. Mallard
AH-10 Samaritan Comdr C.W. Scribner
Comdr W.A. McCreery
LtComdr A.E. Uber
AH-12 Haven Capt T.T. Patterson
AH-13 Benevolence Comdr C.C. Laws
AH-14 Tranquility Capt M.D. Mullen
AH-15 Consolation Comdr P.S. Tambling
Capt P.G. Beck
AH-16 Repose Capt W.O. Britton
Cargo Ships
AK-14 Regulus Comdr J.H Doyle
Comdr E.Kirby-Smith, Jr.
LtComdr H.B. Johansen
AK-15 Sirius Comdr F.A. Rhoads
Comdr H.G.R. Johnson
LtComdr V.F. Lucas
AK-16 Spica Comdr J.W. Long
LtComdr F.M. Kiley
Lt F.R. Brooks
AK-17 Vega LtComdr W.B. Dell
LtComdr F.C. Rice
LtComdr V.C. Branan
LtComdr D.O.l Burling
AK-22 Fomalhaut Comdr H.C. Flanagan
Comdr P.L.F. Weaver
Comdr C.A. Printup
Capt R.V. Mullany
AK-41 Hercules Comdr W.H. Turnquist
AK-42 Mercury LtComdr G.W. Graber
LtComdr N.D. Salmon
AK-51 Aries LtComdr W.H. Barckmann
AK-70 Crater LtComdr H.H. Hansen
LtComdr J.W. Baldwin
LtComdr E.L. Evey
LtComdr L.W. Borst
AK-71 Adhara Capt W.W. Ball
LtComdr A.W. Callaway
AK-72 Aludra LtComdr D.W. Collins
AK-73 Arided LtComdr J.B. Blain
LtComdr A. Elb
LtComdr J.J. Hughes
AK-74 Carina LtComdr J.I. MacPherson
LtComdr B. Koerner
AK-75 Cassiopeia Comdr W.E. Carlson
LtComdr R.J. Brooke
AK-76 Celeno LtComdr N.E. Lanphere
LtComdr H.H. Breed
LtComdr J.P. Gately
LtComdr A.S. Haines, Jr.
AK-77 Cetus LtComdr N.T. Gansa
LtComdr E.J. Grey
Lt C.B. Johnson
AK-78 Deimos Comdr W.L. Sorenson
AK-79 Draco LtComdr E.L. Evey
LtComdr R.M. Drysdale, Jr.
AK-80 Enceladus Lt M.M. Coombs, USCG
Lt W.A. Greene, LSCG
Lt L.R. Freeman, USCG
LtComdr V.A. Johnson, USCG
Lt B.R. Mess, USCG
AK-82 Hydra Lt E.R. McCotter, USCG
Lt E.A. McCammond, USCG
AK-91 Cor Caroli Comdr O.C.B. Wev, USCG
LtComdr F.E. Morton, USCG
LtComdr J.A. Lewis, USCG
AK-94 Mintaka Comdr L.S. Burgess, USCG
LtComdr W.C. Hart, USCG
LtComdr M.L. Johnson, USCG
AK-95 Murzim LtComdr J.E. King, USCG
LtComdr D.S. Walton, USCG
LtComdr A. DeZeeuw, USGC
AK-96 Sterope LtComdr J.B. Krestensen, USCG
LtComdr L.P. Toolin, USCG
LtComdr F.T. Scheidell, USCG
AK-97 Serpens LtComdr M.J. Johnson
AK-98 Auriga LtComdr J.G. Hart
Comdr W.L. Travis
AK-105 Naos LtComdr N.E. Wilcox
Lt P.O. Bornander
LtComdr A.M. Alcott
AK-106 Caelum LtComdr E. Johnson
LtComdr J.J. Dineen
AK-108 Rotanin LtComdr E. Johnson
LtComdr J.J. Dineen
AK-110 Alkes Comdr W.H. Wight
LtComdr C.L. Wickman
AK-111 Giansar Comdr G.J. King
AK-112 Grumium LtComdr F.W. Dutton
LtComdr B.J. Parylak
AK-113 Rutilicus LtComdr H.O. Matthiesen
AK-114 Alkaid Comdr E.G. Gummer
LtComdr AS.O. Johansen
AK-115 Crux Comdr C.R. Beyer
LtComdr P.H. Paulsen
LtComdr A.L. Steele
AK-116 Alderamin Comdr E. Fluhr
LtComdr A.J. Oxley
LtComdr H.F. Gumper
AK-117 Zaurak LtComdr J.S. Kapuscinski
AK-118 Shaula LtComdr E.B. Waters
AK-119 Matar LtComdr E.E. Smith
Lt H.A. Weston
AK-121 Sabik LtComdr H.Coman
Lt F. Grime, Jr.
LtComdr H. Ryder
AK-123 Menkar LtComdr N.P. Thomsen, USCG
LtComdr J.B. Krestensen USCG
AK-124 Azimech LtComdr E.P. Gaither
AK-125 Lesuth LtComdr B.H. Bassett
Lt R.C. Gilkerson
AK-126 Megrez Comdr J.E. Dow
AK-127 Alnitah Comdr E.J. Youngjohns
AK-128 Leonis LtComdr A.J. Barkowsky
AK-129 Phobos LtComdr E.R. Winckler
AK-136 Ara LtComdr W.B. Hudgins
Lt W.H. Jacobs
AK-137 Ascella LtComdr A. Kusebauch
Lt J.B. Blee
AK-138 Cheleb LtComdr M.S. Clark
Lt A.E. McKimmey
AK-139 Pavo LtComdr M.W. Verran
AK-140 Situla LtComdr D.F. Anderegg
LtComdr L.H. Higenbotham
AK-156 Alamosa LtComdr K.C. Ingraham
LtComdr G. Zimmerman
LtComdr W.C. Ball
Lt F.M. Hillman
AK-158 Amador Lt F.W. Beyer
Lt G.W. Hodges, Jr.
AK-160 Autauga LtComdr G.L. Eastman
Lt(jg) Rininger
AK-162 Beltrami Lt G.W. Rahill
Lt D.J. Woodard
Lt J.R. Lyden
AK-164 Brevard Lt P.J. Wild
AK-166 Cabell Lt E.J. McCluskey
AK-169 Chatham LtComdr N.C. Harrison, Jr.
AK-170 Chicot LtComdr L.F. Marshall
AK-183 Glacier Lt C.L. Hitchcock
AK-185 Gwinnett Lt H.K. Golway
AK-186 Habersham LtComdr M.A. MacPhee
AK-197 Muscatine Lt W.F. Heyer
AK-210 Screven Lt I. Stein
Lt J.P. Marzano
AK-221 Kenmore LtComdr O.H. Pitts
AK-222 Livingston Comdr L.J. Alexanderson
LtComdr F.W. Dutton
LtComdr R.F. Menge
AK-223 De Grasse LtComdr F.W. Schultz
AK-224 Prince Georges LtComdr W.J. Lane
LtComdr L.O. Hess
AK-225 Allegan LtComdr J.S. Hulings, Jr.
AK-226 Appanoose LtComdr V.H.S.G. Holm
AK-227 Boulder Victory LtComdr F.E. Church
AK-228 Provo Victory LtComdr J.E. Johansen
AK-229 Las Vegas Victory LtComdr W.F. Lally
AK-230 Manderson Victory LtComdr J. Larsen
AK-231 Bedford Victory LtComdr D.A. Durrant
AK-232 Mayfield Victory LtComdr N.H. Olsen
AK-233 Newcastle Victory LtComdr J.T. Edwards
AK-234 Bucyrus Victory LtComdr F.A. Geissert
AK-235 Red Oak Victory LtComdr J.S. Sayers
AK-236 Lakewood Victory LtComdr E.H. Petrelius
General Stores-Issue Ships
AKS-1 Castor Comdr H.B. Herty
Capt F.C. Huntoon
AKS-3 Antares Comdr H.J. Bellingham
LtComdr E.P. Skilfield
LtComdr J.E. Kendall
LtComdr N.T. Gansa
AKS-6 Kochab LtComdr R.E. King
AKS-7 Luna LtComdr J.A.F. Knowlton, II
AKS-8 Talita Comdr H. Hanley
Comdr E.F. Cochrane
Comdr W.V. Simmons
AKS-9 Volans LtComdr S. Perie
LtComdr M. Scudder
AKS-10 Cybele LtComdr H.J. Church, Jr.
AKS-11 Gratia Lt W. Joneli
AKS-12 Hecuba Comdr N.H. Castle
AKS-13 Hesperia LtComdr W.G. Dutton
Cargo Ship and Aircraft Transport
AKV-1 Kittyhawk Comdr E.C. Rogers
Capt E.E. Duvall
Comdr J.W. Windle
LtComdr N.I. Lee, Jr.
AKV-2 Hammondsport Comdr P.R. Glutting
Comdr C.J. Ballreich
LtComdr H. Ryder
LtComdr B.C. Modin
AO-1 Kanawha Comdr K.S. Reed
Comdr J.G. Cross
LtComdr B.N. Bock
AO-3 Cuyama Capt P.R. Coloney
LtComdr E.W. Glines
LtComdr C.R. West
AO-4 Brazos Comdr T.J. Kelly
Comdr R.P. Glass
LtComdr R.S. Hanson
Comdr J.M. Field
LtComdr G.A. Haussler, Jr.
AO-6 Pecos Comdr E.P. Abernethy
AO-12 Ramapo Comdr H.A. Carlisle
Comdr A.J. Homann
LtComdr W.H. Fogarty
LtComdr J.H. Bale
AO-13 Trinity Comdr W. Hibbs
Comdr W.W. Angerer
LtComdr G.E.Nold
Comdr W.M. Darlington
AO-18 Rapidan LtComdr H.L. Hassell
AO-19 Salinas LtComdr W.E. Reed
LtComdr C.A. Brodine
AO-20 Sepulga Comdr V.B. Tate
Comdr A.C. Larsen
LtComdr J.W. Home
Lt G.S. Hayward
LtComdr Angell Johnson
AO-21 Tippecanoe Comdr A. Macondray
Comdr R.O. Myers
Comdr F.E. Vensel, Jr.
Comdr G.D. Arntz
LtComdr H.R. Banister
AO-22 Cimarron Capt R.M. Ihrig
Capt J.P. Cady
LtComdr J. Clague
Comdr A.H. Kooistra
Comdr H.G. Schnaars, Jr.
AO-23 Neosho Comdr J.S. Phillips
AO-24 Platte Capt R.H. Henkle
Comdr H. Keeler, Jr.
Comdr C.H. Sigel
Comdr F.S. Gibson
Comdr L.M. Fabian
AO-25 Sabine Comdr H.L. Maples
Comdr W.F. Riggs, Jr.
Capt A.F.Junker
LtComdr H.C. von Weien
AO-26 Salamonie Capt L.J. Johns
Comdr J.A. Holbrook
AO-27 Kaskaskia Capt W.L. Taylor
Capt J.T. Acuff
LtComdr W.F. Pattern
Lt T.D. Arthur
AO-32 Guadalupe Comdr H.R. Thurber
Comdr H.A. Anderson
LtComdr C.A. Boddy
Comdr R.N. Gardner
AO-34 Chicopee LtComdr C.O. Peak
Comdr B.F. Brandt
LtComdr T.M. Lehland
Capt G. Bannerman
AO-35 Housatonic Comdr P.L. Mather
LtComdr J.R. Ducat
AO-37 Merrimack Capt W.E. Hilbert
Capt V.Bailey
AO-39 Kankakee Capt W.H. Mays
Comdr A.M. Harvey
Capt E.V. Raines
LtComdr W.G. Frundt
AO-40 Lackawanna Capt A.L. Toney
Comdr A.J. Homann
LtComdr E.N. Eriksen
AO-42 Monongahela Capt T.M. Dell, Jr.
Comdr F.J. Ilsemann
AO-43 Tappahannock Capt A.O.R. Bergensen
Comdr C.A. Swafford
Comdr H. Corman
AO-44 Patuxent Comdr B. Davis
Comdr F.J. Firth
LtComdr F.P. Ferrell
LtComdr K.R. Hall
LtComdrm E.C. Hagen
AO-47 Neches Capt C.D. Emory
LtComdr H.G. Hansen
AO-48 Neosho Capt F.L. Worden
Comdr D.G. McMillan
LtComdr F.P. Parkinson
AO-49 Suamico Capt R.E. Butterfield
Comdr A.S. Johnson
LtComdr N.C. Bishopp
AO-50 Tallulah Comdr J.B. Goode
LtComdr W.F. Huckaby
AO-51 Ashtabula Comdr L.J. Jodave
LtComdr W. Barnett
LtComdr M.K. Reece
AO-52 Cacapon LtComdr G. Eyth
Comdr G.D. Arntz
AO-53 Caliente Comdr H.J. Schroeder
LtComdr A.E. Stiff
LtComdr F.N. Lang
Comdr G.L. Eastman
AO-54 Chikaskia LtComdr L.J. Hasse
LtComdrm G. Zimmerman
LtComdr G.G. Boyd
AO-56 Aucilla LtComdr C.L. Cover, Jr.
AO-57 Marias Comdr J.G. Olsen
AO-58 Manatee Comdr J.B. Smyth
AO-59 Mississinewa Comdr P.G. Beck
AO-60 Nantahala Capt P.M. Gunnell
Comdr A.C. Larsen
AO-61 Severn LtComdr O. Rees
AO-62 Taluga LtComdr H.M. Mikkelsen
AO-63 Chipola Comdr E.G. Genthner
AO-64 Tolovana Comdr C.G. Long
AO-65 Pecos Comdr P.M. Gunnell
LtComdr G.W. Renegar
Comdr H.G.R. Johnson
AO-66 Atascosa Comdr M.H. Bassett
Comdr H.L. de Rivera
AO-67 Cache Comdr P. Andersen
Comdr M.C. Thompson
LtComdr C.R. Cosgrove
AO-68 Chiwasa Comdr A.F. Block
AO-69 Enoree Comdr B.F. Brandt
LtComdr E.L. Jurewicz
AO-70 Escalante Capt W.I. Stevens
AO-71 Neshanic Capt A.C. Allen
AO-72 Niobrara Comdr J.W. Marts, Jr.
Comdr R.C. Spaulding
AO-73 Millicoma Comdr G.E. Ely
LtComdr J.W. Home
AO-74 Saranac Comdr J.G. Cross
Comdr H.R. Parker
LtComdr C.G. Strom
AO-75 Saugatuck Comdr H.B. Edgar
Comdr F.S. Kirk
LtComdr J.F. Ardagh
LtComdr R.P. Le Viness
AO-76 Schuylkill Capt F.A. Hardesty
Comdr J.B. McVey
AO-77 Cossatot LtComdr C.H. Glenwright
AO-78 Chepachet Comdr H.R. Adams
LtComdr H.K. Wallace
AO-79 Cowanesque Comdr L.S. McKenzie
LtComdr E.A. Turpin
AO-80 Escambia LtComdr J.M. Paulsson
LtComdr R. Goorgian
AO-81 Kennebago Comdr B.N. Bock
LtComdr C.W. Brockway
AO-82 Cahaba Comdr E.H. Danesi
AO-83 Mascoma Comdr C.C. Eden
LtComdr J.F. Wickham
LtComdr H.P. Timmers
AO-84 Oklawaha Comdr W.L. Sorenson
LtComdr R.C. Foyt
AO-85 Pamanset Comdr D.J. Houle
LtComdr C. Gjedsted
AO-86 Ponaganset Comdr J.R. Sanford,Jr.
AO-87 Sebec LtComdr H.M. Elder
AO-88 Tomahawk Capt B.W. Cloud
Comdr W.L. Eagleton
AO-93 Soubarissen Comdr W.H. Fogarty
AO-94 Anacostia LtComdr T.H. Hoffman
AO-95 Caney Comdr R.S. Hanson
AO-96 Tamalpais LtComdr A.J. Church
Gasoline Tankers
AOG-1 Patapsco LtComdr A.J. Church
LtComdr J.H. Bale
Lt M.L. Miles
LtComdr F.L. Lee
AOG-2 Kern Comdr L. Williams
LtComdr A.G. Popkin
Lt G.B. Johnson
Lt(jg) R.G. Molin
AOG-3 Rio Grande LtComdr D. Dillon, Jr.
Lt T.P. Lawton
Lt(jg) N.S. Cooper
AOG-4 Wabash Lt J.F. Ardagh
Lt G.E. Verge
AOG-5 Susquehana LtComdr H.V. Bamberg
Lt A.F. Anderson
Lt J.C. Brown
AOG-6 Agawam Lt J.W. Foster
AOG-8 Genesee Lt C.R. Heath
AOG-9 Kishwaukee Lt J.V. Scott
Lt F.M. Hillman
AOG-10 Namasket LtComdr G.G. Boyd
Lt C.R. Hampton
Lt F.L. Dandrew
AOG-11 Tombigbee Lt A.O. Askland
AOG-17 Mettawee Lt(jg) B.R. Everson
Lt J.F. Shine
AOG-18 Pasquotank Lt A.R. Norris
AOG-19 Sakatonchee Lt F.C. Steinmetz
AOG-21 Sequatchie Lt B.W. Richelt
AOG-22 Wautauga Lt R.E. McAllister
AOG-23 Ammonusuc Lt(jg) L.F. Baker
AOG-24 Sheepscot Lt G.A. Wagner, USCG
AOG-25 Calamus Lt W. Hord
Lt G.R. Robinson, USCGR
AOG-27 Escatawpa Lt H.T. Nottage, USCG
Lt(jg) J.L. White, Jr., USCG
AOG-29 Hiwassee Lt R. Rawcliffe, USCG
AOG-31 Kanawha Lt G.T. Frost, USCGR
AOG-32 Narraguagus Lt R.F. Elder
AOG-33 Ochlockonee Lt A.W. Walker, USCG
AOG-34 Oconee Lt J.T. Collins, USCG
AOG-36 Ontonagon Lt R.S. Logan, USCG
AOG-37 Yahara Lt F.E. Hilton
AOG-38 Ponchatoula Lt W.G. Peyton
AOG-39 Quastinet Lt L.A. Snider
AOG-40 Sacandaga Lt S.K. Miller
Lt E.W.Heister
AOG-41 Tetonkaha Lt P.J. Hall
AOG-46 Waupaca Lt W.G. Brown
AOG-48 Chehalis Lt E.G. Rifenburgh
AOG-51 Maquoketa Lt L.R. Stahl
AOG-61 Sakonnet LtComdr R.P. LeViness
Lt F.W. Ayers
AOG-62 Conemaugh Lt W.A. Jump, Jr.
Hotel Barges
APL-2   Lt A.F. Legare
APL-10 Casa Marina Lt D.S. Sykes
Lt H.L. Wright
APL-11 New Yorker Lt R.S. Myers
APL-12 Biltmore Lt L.R. Brandt
APL-13   Lt R.H. Wallace
APL-14 Ritz Carlton Lt H.E. Reice
APL-15   Lt T. Morrison
Lt J.B. Kerr
Lt J.G. Schaffer
APL-18 Astor Lt J.A. Davies
Lt W.E. Lee
APL-20   Lt W.H. Plympton
APL-21   Lt M.H. Powell
APL-23   Lt A.S. Powell
APL-27   Lt W.E. Pinnegar
APL-28   Lt J.K. Baillie, Jr.
APL-29   Lt R.W. Minear
APL-30   Lt W.R. Stead
APL-31   Lt J.D. Petree
APL-32 Statler Lt E.W. Shuntill
APL-33   Lt J.F. Hazen
APL-41 Waldorf Astoria Lt M.T. O'Ferrall
APL-42   Lt M.A. Campbell
APL-43   Lt R.H. Keehn
APL-47   Lt O.C. Gordon
Repair Ships
AR-1 Medusa Capt A.E. Schrader
Comdr J.F.P. Miller
Capt P.E. Kuter
Comdr R.R. Ransom
AR-3 Prometheus Capt R.P. Briscoe
Comdr L.T. Young
Comdr C.C. Laws
Comdr H.E. Barden
AR-4 Vestal Capt C. Young
Comdr W.T. Singer
Capt J.B. Goode
Comdr N.W. Gambling
Capt H.J. Pohl
AR-5 Vulcan Comdr R.S. Caldwell
AR-6 Ajax Comdr J.L. Brown
Comdr G.C. Weldin
Comdr E.M. Grimsley
AR-7 Hector Comdr J.W. Long
Comdr R.P:. Noisat
AR-9 Delta Comdr C.F. Swanson
AR-11 Rigel Capt R. Dudley
Capt J.G. Huntoon
Comdr V.M. Davis
AR-12 Briareus Comdr J.F. Warris
Comdr C.T. Corbin
Comdr C. Wilkes
AR-19 Xanthus Comdr S.G. Nichols
AR-20 Laertes Comdr L.H. Hawkinson
AR-21 Dionysus Comdr S.D. Simpson
Battle Damage Repair Ships
ARB-1 Aristaeus LtComdr R.M.G. Swany
Comdr J.K. Killen
ARB-2 Oceanus LtComdr W.B. Studley
Lt T.P. Lawton
Lt D. Fluss
ARB-3 Phaon Lt G.F. Watson
LtComdr A.T. Ostrander
Lt C.L. Hustead
ARB-4 Zeus Lt W.C. Groves
ARB-6 Nestor Comdr F.W. Parsons
LtComdr S.N. Davis
ARB-7 Sarpedon Lt W.H. Farrar
ARB-9 Ulysses Lt J.L. Johnstone
Heavy Hull Repair Ship
ARH-1 Jason Capt A.O.R. Bergesen
Comdr E.F. Beck
Floating Drydocks
ARD-1   Comdr A.L. Karns
Comdr T. Shine
Comdr C.S. Williams
ARD-2   Comdr R.C. Parker
Comdr R.R. Hayes
ARD-5   Comdr C.S. Williams
Comdr T.W. Sheridan
Comdr H. Frericks
LtComdr M.B. Crossman
ARD-6   Comdr J.H. Wiley
LtComdr H.L. Carpentar
LtComdr S.W. Hanns
ARD-8   Comdr C.A. Rancich
Lt K.B. Diffenbach
ARD-11   Comdr W. Hartenstein
Comdr A.T. Swanson
ARD-12   Comdr A.T. Swanson
ARD-13   LtComdr W.L. Travis
ARD-14   LtComdr P.E. Troup
ARD-15   LtComdr W.E. Keller
ARD-16   LtComdr G.T. January
ARD-17   LtComdr A. Andersen
ARD-18   LtComdr J.L. Jacobson
LtComdr T. Wollcott
ARD-19   LtComdr A.P. Moffat
ARD-21   LtComdr J.G. Bevelander
ARD-22   LtComdr L.H. DeSanty
ARD-23   LtComdr N.H. Geisenhoff
ARD-24   Comdr L. Sederholt
ARD-25   Comdr T.F. Gorman
Comdr O. Knudsen
ARD-26   LtComdr I.B. Smith
Lt I. Roswell
ARD-27   LtComdr F.J. Silvernail
ARD-28   Comdr W. Hartenstein
ARD-29   Lt H. Phillips
ARD-30   LtComdr C.J. Dyer
Internal-Combustion-Engine Repair Ships
ARG-1 Oglala LtComdr H.K. Bradford
LtComdr A. Nelson
ARG-2 Luzon Comdr E.R. Runquist
Capt W.B. Tucker
ARG-3 Mindanao Comdr G.B. Evans
Comdr J.A. Ivaldi
ARG-4 Tutuila Comdr G.T. Boldizsar
Comdr A.R. Ridgely
ARG-5 Oahu Comdr C. Lovelace
Comdr A.M. Loker
ARG-6 Cebu Comdr G.W. Stott
Comdr D.B. Candler
ARG-9 Mona Island Comdr K.F. Horne
Comdr D.T. Baskett
ARG-10 Palawan Comdr P. Andersen
Salvage Ships
ARS-6 Escape Lt W.T. Williams
ARS-7 Grapple Lt R. Fisher
Lt R.K. Thurman
Lt J.N. Smith
ARS-8 Preserver LtComdr A.T. Ostrander
Lt L.B. Frank
Lt A.W. Anderson
Lt C.J. Boyers
ARS-9 Shackle Lt C.G. Jenkins, Jr.
Lt J.F. Marshman
Lt R.M. Van Horne
ARS-13 Anchor Lt R.M. Brunner
Lt(jg) G.E. Joyal
Lt J.L. Hill
ARS-14 Protector LtComdr M.E. McFarland
Lt A.T. Pickett
Lt J.J. O'Donnell, Jr.
ARS-15 Extractor Lt L.C. Oaks
Lt(jg) H.M. Babcock
ARS-16 Extricate Lt J.H. Ferguson
ARS-19 Cable LtComdr H. Pond
ARS-22 Current LtComdr J.B. Duffy, Jr.
Lt R.W. Swift, Jr.
ARS-23 Deliver Lt A.W. Anderson
ARS-25 Safeguard Lt J.F. Simmons
ARS-26 Seize Lt H.B. Conrad
ARS-28 Valve Lt W.D. Mooney
Lt J.L. Walker
ARS-29 Vent Lt H.H. Bothell
Lt A./C. Boncutter
ARS-33 Clamp LtComdr L.H. Curtis
LtComdr S.D. Frey
ARS-34 Gear Lt J.F. Simmons
Lt R.L. Morrissey
Lt J.T. Moritz
ARS-35 Weight Lt F.J. Leamond
Lt A.V. Hagstrom
ARS-38 Bolster Lt W.F. Lewis
Ocean Tugs--Fleet
ATF-64 Navajo Comdr H.B. McLean
Comdr J.A. Ouellet
Lt(jg) F. Rigley
ATF-65 Seminole LtComdr W.G. Fewel
ATF-67 Apache Lt C.S. Horner
Lt A.L. Larson
ATF-68 Arapaho Lt C.B. Lee
Lt A.H. Gunn
ATF-73 Menominee LtComdr E.C. Generaux, Jr.
Lt J.A. Young, Jr.
ATF-74 Pawnee LtComdr F.J. George
Lt F.C. Dilworth
Lt J.S. Lees
Lt H.C. Cramer
ATF-75 Sioux Lt B.B. JohnsonLt O.L. Crandall
ATF-76 Ute Lt W.F. Lewis
Lt O.L. Krick
LtV.P. Musto
ATF-81 Bannock Lt J.M. Geortner
ATF-83 Chickasaw Lt J.F. King
Lt(jg) G.W. McClead
Lt L.C. Olson
ATF-84 Cree Lt D.B. Howard
ATF-85 Lipan Lt F.W. Beyer
Lt N.R. Terpenning
ATF-86 Mataco Lt W.G. Baker
Lt(jg) C.O. Hall
Lt A.B. Billig
ATF-88 Narragansett Lt W.K. Gillett
ATF-92 Tawasa Lt F.C. Clark
Lt R.K. Thurman
Lt H.E. Knox
Lt L.C. Oaks
ATF-93 Tekesta Lt J.O. Strickland
Lt J.D. Hutts
ATF-94 Yuma Lt W.R.J. Hayes
ATF-95 Zuni Lt R.E. Chance
Lt J.S. Malayter
Lt R.R. Williams
ATF-96 Abnaki Lt D. Wally
ATF-98 Arikara Lt J. Aitken
Lt C.N. Jensen
ATF-100 Chowanoc Lt R.F. Snipes
ATF-101 Cocopa LtComdr J.C. Hutcheson
ATF-103 Hitchiti Lt H.A. Guthrie
ATF-104 Jicarilla LtComdr W.B. Coats
ATF-105 Moctobi Lt T. Brashear
ATF-106 Molala Lt R.L. Ward
ATF-107 Munsee LtComdr J.F. Pingley
Lt C.H. Silvia, Jr.
ATF-108 Pakana Lt W.E. White
ATF-109 Potawatomi Lt C.H. Stedman
ATF-111 Sarsi Lt H.J. Perry, Jr.
Lt J.C. Blakeney
ATF-112 Serrano Lt G.E. Cook
ATF-114 Tawakoni LtComdr C.L. Foushee
ATF-115 Tenino Lt F.L. Van Camp
ATF-116 Tolowa LtComdr E.G. Sheasby
ATF-117 Wateree Lt G.E. Perry
ATF-118 Wenatchee Lt W.C. Beatie, Jr.
ATF-148 Achomawi Lt R.H. Teter
ATF-149 Atakapa Lt G.I. Nelson
Lt E.C. Doty
Lt E.A. McCammond
ATF-150 Avoyel LtComdr W.R. Brown
ATF-151 Chawasha LtComdr H.K. Smith
ATF-152 Cahuilla Lt A.C. Schoelpple
ATF-153 Chilula Lt(jg) O.L. Guinn
Ocean Tugs, Old
ATO-12 Sonoma LtComdr J.A. Oueller
Lt J.F. Pingley
Lt(jg) G.I. Nelson
Lt W.R. Wurzler
ATO-13 Ontario Lt R.C. Schulke
Lt H.F. Gordon
Lt H.H. Branyon
ATO-28 Sunnadin LtComdr N.B. Hopkins
Lt J.A. Smith
Lt J.D. Howell, Jr.
ATO-29 Mahopac Lt F.R. Davis
Lt C.A. Leonard
Lt A.G. Willestoft
Lt(jg) H.G. Labo
Lt(jg) D.S. McLeod
ATO-33 Pinola Lt A.A. Griese
Lt H.E. Kiser
Lt Z.T. Helm
ATO-38 Keosanqua LtComdr P.M. Boltz
Lt N.G. Neault
Lt(jg) F.J. Donovan
Lt I.M. Kidd
ATO-131 Bobolink Lt J.L. Foley
Ens F.G. Reed
Lt H.L. Sigleer
Lt E.L. A. Rau
Lt(jg) E.L. Givins
ATO-134 Grebe LtComdr E.D. McEathron
Lt H.S. Bogan
Ens W.L. Sloan
Lt C.M. Lewis
ATO-135 Kingfisher LtComdr C.B> Schiano
Lt(jg) R.L. Ward
Lt(jg) A.B. Billig
Lt(jg) J.T. Moritz
Ens D.C. Enyeart
Lt(jg) W.W. Collins
Lt(jg) H.A. Brown
ATO-139 Rail LtComdr F.W. Beard
Lt(jg) L.C. Oaks
Lt(jg) H.K. Smith
Lt(jg) T.P. Pierce
Lt(jg) E.D. White
Lt D.F. Allen
ATO-140 Robin LtComdr D.G. Greenlee, Jr.
Lt J.J. Branson
Lt(jg) E.C. Avery
LtComdr A.J. Roy
ATO-142 Tern Lt(jg) H.J. Perry, Jr.
Lt(jg) G.F. Carey
Lt(jg) W.E. Hummel
ATO-143 Turkey LtComdr T.F. Fowler
Lt S.B. Neff
Lt R.J. Melchor
Lt(jg) R.A. Botsford
Lt J.M.C. Tighe
ATO-144 Vireo LtComdr F.J. Ilsemann
Lt J.C. Legg
Lt(jg) C.H. Stedman
Lt(jg) P.R. Ekberg
Lt(jg) S.O. Northrop
Lt(jg) M.E. Seymour
Lt B.J. Barber
Ocean Tugs, Rescue
ATR-9   Lt L.H. Reybine
Lt F.K. Davis
ATR-10   Lt R.P. Griffing, Jr.
Lt P.E. Pellusch
ATR-11   Lt S.M. Meyer
Lt R.H. Matheson
ATR-12   Lt(jg) B.F. Gettula
ATR-13   Lt(jg) G.N. Hammond
Lt(jg) J.A. Milliken
ATR-16   Lt D.R. Luckham
ATR-26   Lt(jg) J.H. Kelly
LtComdr I.B. Smith
Lt H.R. Macletchie
ATR-27   Lt(jg) C.E. Kemmerer
Lt(jg)L.L. Reynolds
Lt(jg) M.A. Carr
ATR-28   Lt W. Swanson
ATR-33   Lt(jg) E.R. Weaver
ATR-34   Lt(jg) A. Zito
ATR-35   Lt(jg) L.C. Gunn
Lt(jg) E.A. Penland
Lt(jg) G.C. Battle
ATR-36   Lt R.D. Raikes
Lt(jg) L.R. Vacovsky
ATR-38   Lt P.W. Dodson
ATR-39   LtComdr A.W. Wilde
Lt J.J. Phillips
ATR-40   Lt(jg) P.A. Tyndall
Lt A.J. Roberts
ATR-44   Lt M.L. Wright
ATR-45   Lt J.L. Hostinsky
ATR-46   Lt R.K. Thurman
ATR-47   Lt H.L. Lane
ATR-50   Lt(jg) A.B. Billig
Lt A.P. Woronick
Lt(jg) G.W. Kingston
ATR-51   Lt(jg) A.L. Larson
Lt L.C. Gunn
Lt G.W. Becker
Lt J.W. Jenkins
ATR-52   Lt C.A. Miller
ATR-53   Lt B.M. Stevenson
ATR-58   Lt G.B. Barry
ATR-59   Lt F.H. Matthews
Lt J.M. Wysolmerski
ATR-62   Lt J.M. Brown, Jr.
Lt E.E. Leseur
ATR-63   Lt R.W. Coffey
Lt C. Richards
ATR-65   Lt H.A. Preston
Lt J.R. Strong
ATR-66   Lt(jg) B.J. Begue
ATR-69   Lt W.F. Reinkin
ATR-70   Lt W.L. Sloan
Lt T.B. Taylor
ATR-71   Lt(jg) J.B. Walker
ATR-72   Lt(jg) C.B. Hiner
Lt P.V. Evans
ATR-73   Lt(jg) E.L. Givins
Lt(jg) R.J. Melchor
ATR-75   Lt E.A. McCammond
Lt(jg) L.J. Hanan
ATR-76   Lt D.J. Myers
ATR-77   Lt W.A. Jewett
ATR-78   Lt(jg) J.A. Macdonald
ATR-79   Lt D.J. McMillan
ATR-80   Lt J.P. Dubrule
Lt J.W. Foster
Lt T.D. Shihadeh, Jr.
ATR-81   Lt M.P. Smith
ATR-83   Lt M.T. Dalby
Lt D.J. Coughlin
ATR-84   Lt R.R. Williams
Lt(jg) M.J. Schwartz
Distilling Ships
AW-3 Pasig Comdr W.G. Fewel
LtComdr C.M. Williams
AW-4 Abatan LtComdr E.N. Eriksen
Lt J.D. Gaboury
Destroyer Mine Sweeper
DMS-3 Boggs Comdr H.R. Prince
LtComdr W.K. Chisholm
LtComdr R.L.R. Johnson
DMS-14 Zane LtComdr W.T. Powell, Jr.
LtComdr R.H. Thomas
Lt L.C. McFarland
DMS-16 Trever LtComdr M. Adams, Jr.
Lt A.S. Brengle
Unclassified Vessels
IX-71 Kailua Lt N.H. Castle
Lt C.A. Markham
Lt C.R. Bower
IX-91 Palomas Lt J. McCarty
IX-94 Ronaki Lt(jg) R.C. McGrath
IX-95 Echo Lt(jg) M.C. Riddle
IX-100 Racer Lt W.J. Barnes
IX-102 Majaba LtComdr M. Shaw
Lt F.J. George
ChMach R.C. Andrews
Mach D.S. Lee
IX-103 E.A. Poe Comdr W.F. Ives
LtComdr J.F. Kennedy
LtComdr A.B. Beattie
IX-104 P.H. Burnett Lt D. Ross
Lt H.N. Olsen
Lt E.F. Cutler
IX-107 Zebra Lt J.E. Kendall
IX-109 Antelope Lt L.G. Elsell
Lt J. Loughlin
Lt(jg) P.G. Rick
IX-110 Ocelot Lt M.S. Samuels
LtComdr J.M. Hartfield
IX-111 Armadillo LtComdr M.R. Meyer
Lt J.B. Hewgley
IX-112 Beagle LtComdr R.E. Rev, Jr.
IX-113 Camel Lt D. Dunham, Jr.
Lt M.J. Parsons
IX-114 Caribou Lt A.J. Nail
Lt R.A. Davies
Lt J.B. Humphrey
Lt H.G. Owens
IX-115 Elk LtComdr W.T. Stannard
Lt R.H. Weeks
IX-116 Gazelle Lt J.P. Marshall
Lt J.B. Koeller
IX-117 Gemsbok Comdr A.H. Kooistra
Lt E.W. Smith
Lt J.J. Moriarty
IX-118 Giraffe LtComdr F.F. Daly
LtComdr H.E. Thayer
IX-119 Ibex LtComdr J.L. Frazer
IX-120 Jaguar LtComdr T.F. Marvin
Lt A.H. Branson
IX-121 Kangaroo Lt G.D. Lawson
IX-124 Moose Lt G.E. Spencer
IX-127 Raccoon Lt M.E. Vallario
Lt J.F. Moore
IX-129 Whippet LtComdr R. Parmenter
Lt F.F. Mullins, Jr.
Lt C.R. Stuntz
IX-131 Abarenda Lt B.F. Langland, USCG
LtComdr D.H. Williams, USCG
IX-133 Antona Lt J.P. Marshall
Lt J.J. Karugas
IX-135 Arethusa Lt W.J. Tross
Lt R.L. Battington
IX-137 Celtic LtComdr J.S. Loring
Lt A.E. Michaelsen
IX-138 Malvern Lt H.C. Pollock
IX-139 Octorara LtComdr A.G. Munro
IX-140 Quiros Lt E.A. Gray
Lt(jg) V.E> Harris
Lt D. Baker
IX-141 Manileno Comdr E.L. McManus
LtComdr W.S. Ginn
IX-142 Signal Lt W.J. Tross
IX-143 Silver Cloud LtComdr H.R. Will
IX-146 Fortune LtComdr K.H. Carlson
IX-149 Trefoil Lt N. King
IX-150 Quartz LtComdr P.M. Runyon
Lt W.J. Sharp, Jr.
IX-151 Silica Lt J.D. Neal
Lt O.A. Seavey
IX-152 Carmita Lt C.E. Burch, Jr.
IX-153 Asphalt LtComdr M.K. Reece
Comdr G.M. Street
IX-154 Bauxite Lt A.R. Robertson
IX-156 City of Dalhart LtComdr C.M. Lokey
LtComdr F. de S. Gorman
IX-157 Orvetta Comdr G.L. Armstrong
LtComdr F. de S. Gorman
IX-158 Limestone Lt W.T. Bresnahan
IX-159 Feldspar Lt F. Harris
Lt(jg) R.K. Sherwood
IX-160 Marl Lt E.A. Mooney
Ens R.O. Buck
IX-161 Barite Lt H.B. Stiehl
IX-162 Lignite Lt F.E. Lucier
IX-163 Cinnabar Lt W.E. Loughborough
IX-164 Corundum Lt F. Brinton, Jr.
LtComdr W.H. Thompson
IX-189 Marmora Lt G.R. Olsen
IX-190 Nausett Lt J.O. Karlberg
Lt J. McCormick
IX-191 Vandalia Lt R.P. Morrison
IX-192 Flambeau Lt R.S. Green
IX-193 Meredosia Lt T.E. Doey
IX-198 Cohassett Lt G.R.Oglesby
Lt M.J. Wakefield
Lt D.J. Crawford
IX-204 Allioth LtComdr H.L. Sigleer
IX-210 Sea Foam Lt W.W. Beck
IX-218 Guardoqui Lt H.L. Tysinger
IX-222 Pegasus Lt A.E. Jackson, Jr.
Lt A.B. Melcher
Repair Barges
YR-23   Mach A.E. Balog
YR-46   Mach J.H. Brenchick
YR-49   Lt(jg) R.S. Nelson
YR-50   Lt(jg) E.A. Sicard
YR-61   ChMach W. Vannatter
YR-67   ChMach G.C. Macham
YR-69   Mach T.R. Rice


Representative types of vessels and small craft engaged in logistic support activities under Commander Service Force Pacific

ABSD Advanced Base Sectional Dock #1 (Battleship California inside)
ABSD Advanced Base Sectional Dock #1 (Battleship California inside)

AD Destroyer Tender (USS Prairie AD-15)
AD Destroyer Tender (USS Prairie AD-15)

AE Ammunition Ship (USS Shasta AE-6)
AE Ammunition Ship (USS Shasta AE-6)

AF Provisions Storeship (USS Bridge AF-1)
AF Provisions Storeship (USS Bridge AF-1)

AFDL Mobile FLoating Drydock Large (Under tow) 1900 tons
AFDL Mobile FLoating Drydock Large (Under tow) 1900 tons

AFD Mobile Floating Drydock (AFD-5) 1000 tons
AFD Mobile Floating Drydock (AFD-5) 1000 tons

AGS Surveying Ship (USS Bowditch AGS-4)
AGS Surveying Ship (USS Bowditch AGS-4)

AH Hospital Ship (USS Bountiful AH-9)
AH Hospital Ship (USS Bountiful AH-9)

AK Cargo Ship (USS Fomalhaut AK-22)
AK Cargo Ship (USS Fomalhaut AK-22)

AKS Stores Issue Ship (USS Kochab AKS-6)
AKS Stores Issue Ship (USS Kochab AKS-6)

AKV Aircraft Transport (USS Kitty Hawk AKV-1)
AKV Aircraft Transport (USS Kitty Hawk AKV-1)

AN Net Tender
AN Net Tender

AO Fleet Oiler (USS Housatonic AO-35)
AO Fleet Oiler (USS Housatonic AO-35)

AOG Gasoline Tanker (USS Patapsco AOG-1)
AOG Gasoline Tanker (USS Patapsco AOG-1)

APL Barracks Ship (Hotel Barge APL-18)
APL Barracks Ship (Hotel Barge APL-18

AR Repair Ship (USS Vestal AR-4 alongside damaged battleship
AR Repair Ship (USS Vestal AR-4 alongside damaged battleship)

AR Repair Ship (USS Ajax AR-6)
AR Repair Ship (USS Ajax AR-6)

ARB Repair Ship, Battle Damage (USS Midas ARB-5)
ARB Repair Ship, Battle Damage (USS Midas ARB-5)

ARD Floating Drydock (3500 tons) (USS ARD-23)
ARD Floating Drydock (3500 tons) (USS ARD-23)

ARG Repair Ship, Internal Combustion Engine (USS Mindanao ARG-3)
ARG Repair Ship, Internal Combustion Engine (USS Mindanao ARG-3)

ARH Heavy Hull Repair ship (USS Jason ARH-1 alongside carrier Hancock)
ARH Heavy Hull Repair Ship (USS Jason ARH-1 alongside carrier Hancock)

ARS Salvage Vessel (USS Current ARS-22)
ARS Salvage Vessel (USS Current ARSD-22)

ATF Ocean Tug, Fleet (USS Apache ATF-67)
ATF Ocean Tug, Fleet (USS Apache ATF-67)

ATO Ocean Tug, Old (ATO-24 with target in tow)
ATO Ocean Tug, Old (ATO-24 with target in tow)

ATR Ocean Tug, Rescue (USS ATR-21)
ATR Ocean Tug, Rescue (USS ATR-21)

AW Distilling Ship (USS Abatan AW-4)
AW Distilling Ship (USS Abatan AW-4)

YF Covered Lighters (YF-696 used for ammunition storage)
YF Covered Lighters (JF-696 used for ammunition storage)

YF Yard Freight Barge (YF-512 used for stowage and issued of fleet freight)
YF Yard Freight Barge ( YF-512 used for stowage and issue of fleet freight)

YG Garbage Lighter (YG-30)
YG Garbage Lighter ( YG-30)

YO Fuel Oil Barge (YO-29 carried Diesel oil) YOG (gasoline) same as YO's)
YO Fuel Oil Barge (YO-29 carried Diesel oil) YOG (gasoline) same as YO's

YR Floating Workshop (YR-49)
YR Floating Workshop (YR-49)

YSD Seaplane Wrecking Derrick (YSD-36 'The Marianne')
YSD Seaplane Wrecking Derrick (YSD-36 "The Marianne")

YSR Sludge Removal Barge
YSR Sludge Removal Barge

YTB Harbor Tug, Big (YTB-372)
YTB Harbor Tug, Big (YTB-372)

YTM Harbor Tug, Medium (With freight barge alongside)
YTM Harbor Tug, Medium (With freight barge alongside)

YW Water Barge (YW-90 in floating drydock)
YW Water Barge (YW-90 in floating drydock)

IX A Concrete Stores Ship Making Issues to Small Craft Alongside
IX A Concrete Stores Ship Making Issues to Small Craft Alongside

Twin Engine 'Sea Mule'--Not Too Reliable--(Note cordage at time of acute shortage)
Twin Engine "Sea Mule"--Not Too Reliable--(Note cordage at time of acute shortage)

Pontoon (Floating) Landing for Liberty Parties with LCM Alongside--(LCM and LCVP in background)
Pontoon (Floating) Landing for Liberty Parties with LCM Alongside--(LCM and LCVP in background)

A 100-Ton Pontoon Cargo Barge, Outboard Driven
A 100-Ton Pontoon Cargo Barge, Outboard Driven


Glossary of Abbreviations

See also the HyperWar Glossary for a more complete listing.

Antiaircraft common [ammunition]
American-British-Dutch-Australian Command (1942)
American-British-Dutch-Australian Naval Operational Command (1942)
Advanced base sectional dock. Made up of 7 (825 feet), 9 (844 feet), or 10 (927 feet) sections; lift capacity, 7 section, 55,000 tons; 9 section, 81,000 tons; 10 section, 90,000 tons. Suitable for docking BB's, CVB's, and CV's. Docked heavy ships at Manus, Guam, and in Leyte Gulf.
Auxiliary mine layer
Am airfield assembly designed to construct, operate, and maintain an advanced landplane and seaplane base and provide facilities for operations.
Auxiliary aircraft carrier or tender.
Destroyer tender. The largest of this class were the 530 footers (18,000 tons), of the Dixie class. Destroyer tenders took destroyers and escorts alongside serving their needs with repair work, stores, provisions, ammunition, and torpedoes. In addition, some saw service as service-division and service-squadron flagships.
Degaussing vessel.
Ammunition ship. About 450 long, and 60 feet beam. Cargo (ammunition) capacity of almost 7,000 tons.
Provisions stores ship. Has large refrigerated spaces. Supplied fresh and frozen provisions. Aldebaran, Hyades, Graffias, Polaris, the largest of the AF types, had over 5,000-ton cargo capacity. Brought highly prized fresh and frozen provisions to advanced logistic support anchorages.
Mobile floating drydock. One-piece, steel. Length 200 feet. Nominal lift capacity of 1,000 tons. Suitable for docking YN's (net tenders) and AM's (large minesweepers). Used at logistic support anchorages.
Mobile floating drydock. One-piece, steel. Nominal lift capacity, 1,900 tons. Length over all 288 feet. Capable of docking DE, ATR, and AMS.
Miscellaneous auxiliaries.
Combined operations communications headquarters ship. In Pacific, most frequently used as flagships of amphibious force or group commanders.


Lighthouse tender.
Motor torpedo boat tender.
Surveying ship. These were converted from other types; equipped to conduct a harbor survey and to print the finished chart, complete with accurately placed reference points, shoreline, aids to navigation, depths of water, current data, shoals and other hazards, and anchorage circles. The work of this class was of much value, especially to enable use by our forces of a harbor promptly after seizure.
Hospital ships. Bearing such peaceful names is Repose, Solace, etc. These non-combatant vessels were, according to Hague and Geneva COnventions, exempt from attack. Painted white and brightly lighted at night they traveled alone. A floating hospital, they evacuated sick and wounded Army, Navy, and Marine personnel from combat areas.
Aircraft, Southwest Pacific Force.
Cargo ships. These were converted merchantmen of various types from about 7,000 to 14,000-ton displacement and 4,000 to 5,000-ton cargo capacity (some as high as 7,000 tons). Speeds for most were about 11.5 to 12.5 knots, some faster. Among the AK's were the ships of the Liberty and Victory classes.
Cargo vessel, attack. All of this class Maritime Commission built. Over 400 feet long with a speed of about 17 knots, these were important units of amphibious forces
General stores issue ships. Except for Castor and Pollux, each of which had speed of about 16 knots, the AKS types had speeds of about 12 knots. Each had total cargo capacity of about 9,000 tons. These were active in making issues at advanced anchorages and returning to rear areas or U.S. for replenishment of cargo.
Cargo ships and aircraft ferries., Kittyhawk and Hammondsport (formerly APV-1 and APV-2, respectively). These were ex-Sea Train Lines ships and carried airplanes (in ready-to-fly status), engines, and parts from the United States, principally to Hawaii, Noumea, and the Hebrides.
Large mine sweeper.
Coastal mine sweeper.
Aviation machinist's mamte.
Auxiliary motor mine sweeper.
Net layers. These were the valuable "horned-toads" which laid and maintained antisubmarine nets protecting harbors and fleet anchorages.
Oilers. These were the important elements in the Navy's "lifeline" in the Pacific--the hard working, dependable fleet oilers and station tankers. Though specializing in fuel oil, Diesel oil, and gasoline, some of these later carried some ammunition, provisions, bottled gas, mail, stores, spare parts, and personnel for delivery to fast carrier task groups at sea. Some AO's were converted to carry water.


Gasoline tankers. Very useful size for harbor fueling. These were about 220 to 320 feet in length, the largest carrying over 800,000 gallons of gasoline and some fuel oil.
Armor piercing [ammunition].
Transport, attack.
Barracks ships, self-propelled. Two of this type at Iwo Jima were converted LST's used as mother ships for landing boats and their crews, providing water, provisions, fuel, berthing, and messing; also accommodated 14 bed patients.
Coastal transport.
High-speed troop transport. These were, for the most part, converted destroyer escorts; some were the old 1,100-ton flush-deck destroyers, the long-lived and revered "four-pipers," some of which had been commissioned as early as 1917.
Transport fitted for evacuation of the wounded.
Barracks ships (hotel barges). These were non-self-propelled house boats 260 feet long with a 40-foot beam. The ships data, U.S. naval vessels, lists accommodations for 5 officers and 66 enlisted men with troop capacity of 583 enlisted. These seagoing barracks were invaluable for housing personnel, especially stevedores (construction battalion specialists) engaged in handling ammunition and other cargo at Eniwetok, Ulithi, and Leyte. Each barracks ship was nicknamed for some famous hotel such as the "New Yorker," "Biltmore," "Astor," and "Waldorf." To name one, the "Casa Marina" (APL-10),built at Nashville, Tennessee, was floated down the Mississippi and commissioned at New Orleans. She was towed to Ulithi via Pearl Harbor. Surviving typhoon winds, she was towed from Ulithi to Shanghai, where she housed the boat-pool personnel for Service Division 101.
Army post office.
Transport, submarine.
Repair ships. Of the repair ships, the Vulcan (AR-5), AJax (AR-6), and Hector (AR-7) were similar in design to the Dixie- class destroyer tenders and were equipped with splendid machine ships and foundries, enabling them to make repairs to delicate equipment (including optical) as well as heavy equipment. For their particular type of work, repair ships in advanced logistic support anchorages were practically floating navy yards.
Repair ships, battle damage. There were 12 of these converted from LST's.


Floating drydocks. These, some 485 feet and some 491 feet long, had a lift capacity of 3,500 tons and could accommodate destroyers, submarines, and landing ships (tank). They were the bulwark of repair forces of service organizations in logistic support anchorages in the accomplishment of repair where docking was required.
Repair ships, internal combustion engine. There were 13 ARG's, 12 of which were Liberty ships converted for repair duties. Gasoline and Diesel engines for planes and vessels were repaired in ARG's.
Heavy-hull repair ships. The Jason, of the same design as Vulcan class of repair ship, was the only ARH. She made a substantial contribution to Pacific war effort. At Ulithi she repaired and sent back to the battle line six major ships that had suffered serious damage from Kamikaze attacks--4 carriers and 2 battleships.
Repair ship, landing craft.
Salvage vessels. A little over 200 feet in length and about 40 feet beam, mostly twin-screw Diesel-electric machinery, these vessels performed valuable service in towing and rescue service in the Pacific.
Aircraft engine overhaul and structural repair ship.
Submarine tender.
Submarine rescue vessel.
Ocean tugs, auxiliary.
Atoll commander.
Ocean tugs, fleet. This was the almost indispensable type to have at hand at logistic anchorages or in reserve support of invasions. They performed noteworthy service in the towing of three damaged cruisers back from the "shadow of Formosa." This class had American Indian tribal names, Diesel-electric propulsion, one screw.
Ocean tug, old.
Ocean tug, rescue.
Seaplane tender (large).
High-speed seaplane tender (converted DD).
Aviation supply ship.
Seaplane tender (small).
Distilling ships. Two of this class were Liberty tankers and two others, the Pasig (AW-3) and Abatan (AW-4), were large oilers (523 feet long) adapted to carry water and with distillers to make it. These were valuable to furnishing water to shore stations and to ships without distilling apparatus.
Forty-two gallons of fuel oil--50 gallons of gasoline.
Battleship division.
Battle force.


Battleship squadron.
Battleships, Battle Force, Pacific Fleet.
Japanese Navy medium bomber (twin engine--Mitsubishi).
Bunker fuel oil.
Unidentified aircraft.
As prefix means one of the bureaus of the Navy Department.
Bureau of Supplies and Accounts.
Bureau of Ships.
Heavy cruiser.
Commander Allied Naval Forces, Southwest Pacific Area.
Carrier air group.
Carrier divisions.
Carrier aircraft service unit.
Large cruiser. Alaska (CB-1) and Guam (CB-2), commissioned in 1944, reached the Pacific near end of war.
Commander destroyer squadron.
Central Pacific Area.
Central Pacific Force.
Coast Guard.
Coast Guard cutter.
Combat information center.
Commander in chief.
Commander in Chief, Allied Forces.
Commander in Chief, U.S. Army Forces in the Pacific.
Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet and Pacific Ocean Areas.
Light cruiser.
Light cruiser, antiaircraft.
Mine layer.
Coastal mine layer.
Chief machinist's mate.
Chief of Naval Operations.
Commanding officer.
Commander. Example: ComDesRon (Commander Destroyer Squadron)
Commander in Chief, United States Fleet (formerly CinCUS).


Commander Service Force Pacific Subordinate Command.
Commander service squadron.
Cruisers, battle force.
Cruiser division.
Commander task force.
Commander task group.
Commander task unit.
An advanced base unit consisting of all the personnel and material necessary for the establishment of a medium-sized advanced fuel and supply base.
Aircraft carrier.
Large aircraft carrier.
Aircraft carrier, escort.
Aircraft carrier, transport (unofficial definition).
Small aircraft carrier.
Deputy chief of naval operations.
Destroyers, battle force.
Destroyer escort.
Destroyers, Pacific Fleet.
Destroyer squadron.
Light mine layer (high speed)
Amphibious truck.
Seaplane used for rescue work.
Japanese Navy patrol bomber (four engine, Kawanishi).
Escort division [sic, usually "CORTDIV"]
Estimated time of arrival.
Estimated time of departure.
Fleet flagship.
Small freighter.
"Hellcat," single-engine Navy fighter (VF) manufactured by Grumman.
Flash Red
Warning signal. Enemy aircraft in near vicinity.
Fleet post office.
Greenwich Civil Time.
General purpose (bomb).
Group Pacific (small advanced base component.)
General stores.
High capacity (refers to shell explosives).


Japanese Navy medium bomber (twin engine--Nakajima)
See F6F.
Hour set for attack or other operations to begin (on D-day).
His Majesty's Australian Ship.
H-Minus 1, 2, etc.
1, 2, etc. hours before hour of attack.
H-Plus 1, 2, etc.
1, 2, etc., hours after hour of attack.
High explosives.
High-velocity aircraft rocket.
Hydrographic Office.
Identification, friend or foe (radar signals).
Island Commander.
Unclassified vessels. In this class of miscellaneous types fell the useful station tankers with animal names Armadillo, Beagle, Camel, Caribou, Elk, etc., which saw service at Majuro, Eniwetok, Leyte Gulf, and other logistic support anchorages. Among the IX's were the concrete stores ships Asphalt, Bauxite, Carmita, Corundum, etc., known affectionately as the "crockery" fleet. In this category is the Ocelot (IX-110) (ex-Yomachichi), a barracks ship, used as a flagship by Commander Service Squadron Ten.
Joint Chiefs of Staff (JS-GB). [sic: JCS was US only; CCS, the Combined Chiefs of Staff, included the JCS and the British Imperial General Staff.]
Joint air-surface antisubmarine action.
Joint Intelligence Center, Pacific Ocean Areas.
Japanese Navy torpedo bomber (single engine, Aichi)
JURY Steering Rig
A contrivance to supply a means of steering a ship temporarily replacing or assisting the regular rudder or steering gear.
Name given to Japanese suicide pilots; "Kami" meaning "divine," "kaze" meaning "wind." The use of the word "Kamikaze" stems from an event, in 1281, during the second Mongol invasion of Japan. The Mongols embarked a huge force in two large fleets, one Korean and one Chinese. After almost 2 months of fighting, on land and sea, a terrific storm destroyed a large portion of the invading armada, and the remainder departed with serious losses. In World War II the Japanese hoped that the Kamikaze pilots would stop the United States Fleet just as the "divine wind" had turned back the invader in ancient days.
Japanese Navy high-level or torpedo bomber (single engine, Nakajima).
Killed in action.
See OS2U.
Latitude (north or south).
LC or L/C
Landing craft.
Landing craft, control (slightly larger than an LCVP).


Lieutenant Commander.
Landing craft, infantry (large).
Landing craft, infantry (rocket).
Landing craft, infantry (gunboat). ["Elsie Item Gunboat"]
Landing craft, mechanized. This type has twin-screw Diesel propulsion, a 50-foot all-metal hull with ramp. It was one of the most useful of the landing craft for logistic work, as it was suitable for handling bombs, ammunition, and other heavy stores (about 30 tons). In rough-water conditions within logistic support anchorages, the LCM withstood hard usage much better than the more lightly constructed LCVP, and the LCM likewise had greater capacity for handling liberty parties holding 120- men, three times that of an LCVP.
Landing craft, mechanized (mark III).
Landing craft, personnel.
Landing craft, personnel (large).
Landing craft, personnel (ramp).
Landing craft, support (small).
Landing craft, tank. About 110 feet long. Used for landing tanks or trucks. In size is between the LST and LCM classes. Service organizations found this class very useful in handling shells, powder, bombs, and other heavy and bulky stores.
Landing craft, vehicle. Similar to LCVP.
Landing craft, vehicle, personnel. ["Higgins boats"] This is a 36-foot single screw (Diesel) landing craft of plywood construction. Boat pools of service organizations contained LCVP's along with LCM's. Though not as rugged as LCM's, the LCVP served a very useful purpose in handling small amounts of stores, up to about 5 tons of cargo, and about 36 persons.
A large advanced base unit consisting of all the personnel and material necessary for the establishment of a major all-purpose naval base. It is made up of a large number of functional components which enable the base to perform voyage repairs and minor battle-damage repairs to a major portion of a fleet.
Long-range radio aid to navigation.
Landing ship, dock. These ships, over 450 feet long, accompanied amphibious forces on invasions, carrying LCM's and smaller craft. After the war, they were used for transporting craft of boat pools to anchorages in occupied areas.
Landing ship, medium.
Landing ship, tank. ["Large, slow target"] Over 320 feet long, these ocean-going ships with a large tank deck, low doors, and ramp served in many acpacities. Some were converted into repair ships (see ARB), some were used for floating post-office work, while others were used to transport repatriated Japanese families (1,000 persons--men, women, and children) from Chinese ports back to their homeland. Perhaps the most unique use of LST's was in China, where six were equipped with individual stalls for horses of [the] Chinese Army for transportation to Manchuria.


Landing ship, vehicle.
Lieutenant General.
Lieutenant (junior grade).
Landing vehicle, tracked. [LVT(A)--Landing vehicle, tracked (armored). The successor to the unarmored "amtrac".]
Major General.
Marine Corps.
Marshalls-Gilberts Area.
Mine squadron.
Motor gasoline.
Motor Machinist's Mate.
Motor torpedo boat. [PT]
Motor torpedo boat squadron.
Naval advanced base unit.
Naval air station.
Naval Air Transportation Service.
Naval base.
Naval forces.
Naval station.
Netherlands East Indies. [Indonesia]
Single engine,heavy Japanese fighter (Mitsubishi).
Naval operating base.
North Pacific Area; North Pacific Force.
Northwestern Sea Frontier.
Naval supply depot.
Naval Transportation Service.
Old battleship.
Officer messenger mail.
Officer of the deck.
Operating Plan.
"Kingfisher," single-engine Navy scout-observation (VSO) landplane and seaplane, manufactured by Vought-Sikorsky.
Officer in tactical command.
Old submarine. [Also, Office of Strategic Service, predecessor to the CIA]
Pacific Fleet.


Patrol squadron.
Mariner, twin-engine Navy patrol bomber (Martin).
Twin-engine U.S. Navy patrol bomber (VPB).
Patrol vessel, submarine chaser (173 foot).
180-foot patrol craft escort vessel.
180-foot patrol craft escort vessel, rescue.
136-foot submarine chaser.
Pearl Harbor, T.H.
Motor gunboat.
Amphibous Forces, Pacific Fleet.
Amphibious Forces, Pacific Fleet.
Philippine Sea Frontier.
Advanced or distant radar guard ship.
Pacific Ocean Area. [Nimitz' command]
River gunboat.
Motor torpedo boat. [Same as MTB]
Presidential Unit Citation.
Public works.
Coastal yacht.
RAdio Detection And Ranging.
Rear Admiral.
Royal Australian Navy.
Regimental Combat Team. [Reinforced infantry regiment]
Refrigeration. [Refridgerated stores issue ship]
Ready for sea.
A suffix meaning squadron (MinRon--mine squadron).
Japanese Army medium bomber (twin engine, Mitsubishi).
Air search radar (shipborne).
Bureau of Supplies and Accounts.
Semiarmor piercing. [ammunition]
Scout bomber (Douglas).
"Hell Diver," single-engine Navy scout bomber.
110-foot submarine chaser.
Supply Corps. [Example: "LtComdr John Doe, USN(SC)"]
Supreme Commander Allied Powers (Japan).
Construction Battalion. [C-B]


Sea frontier.
Secretary of the Navy.
Service Force South Pacific Subordinate Command.
Service Squadron South Pacific.
Service squadron.
Service division.
Service force.
Service squadron.
Service Force, Southwest Pacific Fleet.
A general term (unofficial) applied to smaller vessels of the subchaser and patrol-boat classes and the like. [The wooden-hulled ships]
SOund Navigation And Ranging.
Senior officer present afloat.
Senior officer present afloat (administrative).
South Pacific Area and Force (later, South Pacific Command).
Spare parts distribution center.
Ship's stores and commissary stores.
Submarine base.
Submarine division.
Submarines, Pacific.
Southwest Pacific Area. [MacArthur's command]
Task flotilla.
Single-engine U.S. Navy torpedo bomber.
Voice radio--very high frequency, medium power. Used for ships' tactical maneuvering. ["Talk Between Ships"]
"Avenger" single-engine Navy torpedo bomber.
Task Force (numeral designation. Example: TF 30, Commander Third Fleet (Admiral Halsey).
Task Group (numeral designation. Example: TG 30.9, CSR Ten (Commodore Carter)).
Task Unit (numeral designation. Example: TU 30.9.1, CSR Ten Rep. (Captain Ogden)).
Unless otherwise noted, the local civil time of the place concerned is used instead of the a.m. or p.m. designation. Example: 0835 instead of 8:35 a.m. or 2035 instead of 8:35 p.m. (the 2035 (p.m.) time designation being obtained by adding 12 hours to the clock-face time.) [A failure in editing the manuscript? Clearly, Commodore Carter uses "a.m." and "p.m." throughout this history]


Transports, Amphibious Force, Pacific Fleet.
Transport Squadron.
Underwater Demolition Team. [Predecessor of the Navy SEALs]
United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration.
U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey.
U.S. Coast Guard Reserve
U.S. Marine Corps.
U.S. Navy.
U.S. Naval Reserve.
United States Ship (naval vessel).
Utility squadron.
Vice Admiral.
Japanese Navy dive bomber (single engine, Aichi).
Bombing plane, U.S. Navy.
Fighter plane, U.S. Navy.
Torpedo plane, U.S. Navy.
Scout plane, U.S. Navy.
War Shipping Administration.
Merchant ammunition ship.
Merchant cargo ship.
Merchant coastal cargo ship (small).
Merchant transport.
Merchant coastal transport (small).
Auxiliary seaplane tender.
District auxiliary miscellaneous ship.
Open lighter.
Open cargo lighter.
Floating derrick.
Degaussing vessel. At the San Pedro Bay (Leyte Gulf) anchorage, one of this class, the YDG-6, was available for magnetic-compass adjustment and also for compensation of degaussing-compass corrector coils. The YDG-6 was also equipped to inspect and make minor repairs on the degaussing systems of all ships and to calibrate the degaussing coils of vessels of YM's and comparable sizes.
Covered lighters. These are of various tonnages. The ones in Service Squadron Ten in San Pedro Bay (Leyte Gulf), for instance, were of the 500-, 1,500-, and 2,000-ton variety; used for storage and issue of following stores: Ammunition, torpedoes, freight, medical stores, steel stock, internal-combustion-engine spares, hull and machinery spares, motion-picture-projector spares, fog-generator spares, maintenance stores, etc.


Floating drydock.
Garbage lighters. These were of different sizes, but the ones assigned Service Division 101 at Leyte were Diesel driven, 118 feet long, 27 feet beam, and had a standard displacement of about 350 tons.
Motor mine sweeper.
Net tender.
Gate vessel.
Net tender (tug class).
Fuel-oil barges. These were of different sizes and capacities, some holding 10,000 barrels of fuel, some 6,000 to 7,000 barrels; some were self-propelled, some non-self-propelled. Some of these assigned Service Squadron Ten held fuel oil, certain YO's carried Diesel, certain ones carried aviation gas; some held a combined cargo such as aviation gasoline and Diesel oil, fuel oil and Diesel oil, motor gas and lubricating oil, and certain ones had a cargo of water. The YO's made material contribution in logistic services at advanced anchorages.
Gasoline barges. About the same as YO's, but especially with cargoes of Diesel, aviation gas, and motor gasoline.
Gasoline barges (large).
District patrol vessel. ["Yippies"]
Floating workshops. These are 150 feet long with a 34-foot beam, non-self-propelled. Thirteen of these were assigned Service Squadron Ten at one time. They did useful service for boat-pool repair, torpedo repair, and small-craft repair.
Floating workshop, drydock (hull).
Floating workshop, drydock (machinery).
Stevedore barges.
Seaplane wrecking derrick. One hundred and four feet long with a 31-foot beam, these derricks with a rated lifting capacity of 10 tons are useful in accomplishing many different tasks at logistic support anchorages.
Sludge-removal barge.
Harbor tug.
Harbor tugs, big. These tugs, 100 feet in length, with a 25-foot beam, are rated as having 800 to 1,200 horsepower.
Harbor tugs, little. Rated at from 200 to 300 horsepower, they are for the most part about 66 feet long and have a beam of about 17 feet.
Harbor tugs, medium. Over 90 feet long with a beam of about 20 feet, they are rated as having around 500 horsepower.

* The above three types of harbor tugs had many and varied towing assignments at logistic support anchorages, being employed practically on "around the clock" schedule.


Water barges. (Water barges with a rated capacity of 200,000 to 300,000 gallons were valuable service units at advanced anchorages. Some were self-propelled, some non-self-propelled.)
Japanese Navy fighter plane (single engine, Mitsubishi) (called "ZERO" early in the war.)


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