Adak Harbor, oil painting, by William F. Draper. In the harbor a Liberty ship lies at dock while Army Air Forces fighter planes practice maneuvers in the sky. Dwarfed by snow-clad mountains, Navy ships are at anchor in the background.

United States Navy
Combat Narrative

The Aleutians Campaign
June 1942--August 1943


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Forward to the NHC Edition



Introduction (pages: 1-4)

The Attack on Dutch Harbor, June 1942 (pages: 4-17)

Enemy Occupation of Attu and Kiska (pages: 17-20)

"Strong Attrition"--Kiska Bombarded (pages: 20-26)

Occupation of Adak, 30 August 1942 (pages: 26-28)

From Adak to Amchitka, September 1942--January 1943 (pages: 28-30)

Occupation of Amchitka, 12 January 1943 (page: 31)

First Bombardment of Attu, 18 February 1943 (pages: 32-33)

Destruction of Enemy Ammunition Ship, 19 February 1943 (pages: 33-35)

The Battle of the Komandorskis, 26 March 1943 (pages: 35-75)

Second Bombardment of Attu, 26 April 1943 (pages: 76-77)

The Invasion of Attu, May 1943 (pages: 78-116)

Softening up Kiska (pages: 117-122)

The Invasion of Kiska, 15 August 1943 (pages: 123-128)

Appendix A: Task Organization for the Assault on Kiska (pages: 129-130)

Appendix B: Symbols of U.S. Navy Ships (pages: 131-132)

Appendix C: List of Published Combat Narratives (pages: 133)

Charts and Illustrations

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The Aleutians Campaign, June 1942-August 1943.

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