The Battle of
the Eastern Solomons

23--25 August 1942

Navy Department
Office of Naval Intelligence

Combat Narrative


The Battle of the Eastern Solomons oil, by John Hamilton. If the American naval forces and in particular the carriers could be destroyed, then Guadalcanal would fall. At the Battle of the Eastern Solomons, Japanese aircraft tried to sink USS Enterprise, seen here with her escort of cruisers and destroyers.


Forward to the NHC Edition iii
Preface v
Foreword vi
Introduction 49
Disposition of our forces 50
  Task Force FOX 51
  Task Force KING 51
Events of the 23rd 52
Events of the 24th 53
  Air Search and Patrol 54
  The Saratoga Attack Group 56
  Guadalcanal Attacked 58
  The Second Attack Group 59
  Air Combat Patrol 61
  Air Attack on the Enterprise Force 64
  The Retirement 69
Guadalcanal Bombarded 70
Events of the 25th 70
Summary of events 71
Conclusions 72
Appendix I: Victories credited to fighter pilots defending the fleet, 24 August. 77
Appendix II: Designations of United States naval ships and aircraft. 78
Charts and Illustrations
Chart: Battle of the Eastern Solomons. 47
Illustrations: Enterprise and screen maneuvering. 48
  Japanese bomber crashes into sea. 48
  Enterprise after second bomb hit. 73
  The battle above the Enterprise. 74
  Second bomb hit on Enterprise. 75
  Third bomb hit on Enterprise. 75
  Fighting fire on Enterprise. 76

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