Enemy ships believed sunk:13

1 CV, Ryujo By Saratoga attack group.
1 CL or DD By Army B-17's.
3 DD's One probably sunk by Marine attack group; one by Saratoga attack group (torpedo); one by Marine attack group.


2 SS's One by Enterprise plane; one by Grayson, Patterson and Monssen.
1 AP By Marine attack group.

Enemy ships believed damaged:

1 CV Possibly hit by Army B-17's.
1 BB, Mutsu One 1,000-pound bomb hit by Saratoga attack group.
2 CA's One hit by Saratoga attack group (torpedo); one hit by at least one 1,000-pound bomb by Marine attack group.
1 CL Torpedo hit by Saratoga attack group.

Enemy aircraft believed destroyed:

Approximately 2 carrier groups plus 21 land or carrier based planes downed by Marine planes, a total of about 90 aircraft.

Own ships damaged:

1 CV, Enterprise.

Own plane lasses:

A total of about 20 aircraft. Of 17 carrier planes involved, 7 were shot down or otherwise lost in combat; 7 were lost through water landing, the crews being saved; and 3 were expended because of severe damage. The remaining 3 planes were Marine fighters shot down defending Guadalcanal.


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13 Subsequent information made the following minimum enemy losses seem certain: 1 CV (Ryujo), 1 DD, 1 AP.

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