The Battle of:
Savo Island

9 August 1942

Navy Department
Office of Naval Intelligence

Combat Narrative


The Battle of the Eastern Solomons oil, by John Hamilton. If the American naval forces and in particular the carriers could be destroyed, then Guadalcanal would fall. At the Battle of the Eastern Solomons, Japanese aircraft tried to sink USS Enterprise, seen here with her escort of cruisers and destroyers.


Forward to the NHC Edition iii
Preface v
Foreword vi
Introduction 1
Disposition of our forces, night of 8 August 2
Warnings 4
Attack on our Southern Group 5
The Northern Group 12
XRAY Transports 35
Our destroyers 37
End of the Canberra 38
End of the Astoria 40
The day of 9 August 43
Observations 44
Charts and Illustrations
Disposition of Screening Force, Battle of Savo Island [Chart] x
View of Savo Island xi
Removing Canberra personnel 13
Canberra burning 14
Chicago with damaged bow 14
Attack on South Cruiser Force [Chart] 15
Attack on North Cruiser Force [Chart] 16

Transcribed and formatted by Jerry Holden for the HyperWar Foundation