Chapter 3: Enemy Land Forces

Intelligence received up to July 30th indicated that the enemy had 1,850 men in the Tulagi area. These consisted of 1 battalion reinforced (750 men), 1 antiaircraft battalion reinforced (600 men), and naval and air personnel (500 men). The bulk of these forces was concentrated in the islands of Tulagi, Gavutu, Tanambogo, Makambo and along the southern shore of Florida Island. Installations were believed to consist of a radio station on Makambo, a seaplane base at Gavutu, and fuel dumps on several of the islands. There were evidences of heavy antiaircraft gun emplacements on Tulagi, Gavutu, and Tanambogo, and also 2 to 4 coast defense guns on Tulagi and one each on Gavutu and on Bungana. Dugouts were reported on the southeast coast of Tulagi and on Tanambogo.

On Guadalcanal the enemy was believed to have 5,275 troops divided as follows: 1 regiment reinforced (2,300 men), 1 antiaircraft regiment (500 men), 1 heavy machine-gun battalion (325 men), 2 engineer units (1,050 men), air personnel and service squadrons (200 men), and a labor unit (900). The major part of these troops was believed to be concentrated between Kukum, just west of Lunga Point, and the mouth of the Tenaru River, with a small garrison at Tetere and other small detachments elsewhere. Installations consisted of docks at Kukum and Lunga Point,


and stores, motor transport, and a radio station at Lunga. The airfield southeast of Lunga was believed to have been completed, with another at Tetere and possibly a third at Tenaru under construction. Artillery was believed to be confined to 8 heavy antiaircraft guns between Kukum and the Lunga River, 4 on the hill in the rear of Kukum, and a few light guns at other points.


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