Appendix III: Designations of U.S. Naval Aircraft

Model designation        
(Navy) (Army) Class Manufacturer U.S. name British name
BD A-20 Bomber Douglas Havoc Boston III, Havoc
XBTC    ditto Curtiss    
F2A   Fighter Brewster Buffalo Buffalo
F3A    ditto  ditto Corsair Corsair
F4F    ditto Grumman Wildcat Martlet
F6F    ditto  ditto Hellcat Hellcat
F7F    ditto  ditto    
FG    ditto Goodyear Corsair Corsair
FM    ditto Eastern Aircraft Wildcat Martlet V
F4U    ditto Chance-Vaught Corsair Corsair
GB C-43 Transport Beech Traveler  
GH    ditto Howard    
GK C-61  ditto Fairchild Forwarder  
HE L-4 Ambulance Piper Grasshopper  
J2F OA-12 Utility Grumman Duck  
J4F    ditto  ditto Widgeon  
JRB C-45 Utility, multi-engine Beech Voyager  
JRC-1 C78  ditto Cessna    
JRF OA-9  ditto Grumman   Goose I.
XJRM-1    ditto Martin Mars  
JRS    ditto Vought-Sikorsky    
JRS2    ditto  ditto Excalibur  
JRY-1   Utility (cargo), multi-engine Consolidated    
NE O-59 Trainer, primary Piper Grasshopper  
NH   Trainer, advanced Howard    
NP   Trainer, primary Spartan    
NR PT-21  ditto Ryan Recruit  
N2S PT-17  ditto Stearman (Boeing) Caydet  
N2T    ditto Timm Tutor  
N3N    ditto Naval Aircraft Factory    
OS2N   Observation scout  ditto Kingfisher  
OS2U    ditto Vought-Sikorsky  ditto Kingfisher
XPBB   Patrol bomber, 2-engine, boat Boeing Sea Ranger  
PB2B    ditto  ditto Catalina Catalina
PBJ B-25 Patrol bomber, 2-engine, landplane North American Mitchell  
PBM   Patrol bomber, 2-engine, boat Martin Mariner Mariner
PBN    ditto Naval Aircraft Factory Catalina  
PBO A-29 Patrol bomber, 2-engine, landplane Lockheed Hudson Hudson III
PBV   Patrol bomber, 2-engine, boat Vickers Catalina Catalina
PBY-5 OA-10  ditto Consolidated  ditto  ditto
P4Y    ditto  ditto  ditto  
PB2Y-3   Patrol bomber, 4-engine, boat  ditto Coronado Coronado
PB4Y B-24 Patrol bomber, 4-engine, landplane  ditto Liberator Liberator
PV B-34 Patrol bomber, 2-engine, landplane Vega Ventura Ventura
R5C C-46 Transport, multi-engine Curtiss Commando  
R4D-1,5 C-47, 47A  ditto Douglas Skytrain  
R4D-2,4 C-49, 49A  ditto  ditto    
R4D-3 C-53  ditto  ditto Skytrooper  
R5D C-54  ditto  ditto Skymaster  
R50 C-60  ditto Lockheed Lodestar Lodestar
RB-1 C-93 Transport (cargo), multi-engine Budd    
SB2A A-34 Scout bomber Brewster Buccaneer Bermuda
SBC 77-A  ditto Curtiss Helldiver  
SB2C A-24  ditto Douglas Dauntless  
SBD    ditto Douglas    
SB2D    ditto  ditto    
SBF A-25  ditto Fairchild Helldiver  
SBN    ditto Naval Aircraft Factory    
SB2U    ditto Vought-Sikorsky Vindicator Chesapeake
SBW A-25  ditto Canadian Car & Foundry Helldiver Helldiver
SC-1   Scout observation Curtiss    
SNB-1 AT-11 Trainer, advanced Beech Kansas  
SNB-2 AT-7  ditto  ditto Navigator  
SNC    ditto Curtiss Falcon  
SNJ AT-6  ditto North American Texan Harvard I, II
SNV BT-13, 15  ditto Vultree Valiant  
SOC   Scout observation Curtiss Seagull  
SO3C    ditto  ditto  ditto Seamew
TBD   Torpedo bomber Douglas Devastator  
TBF    ditto Grumman Avenger Tarpon
TBM    ditto Eastern Aircraft  ditto  ditto
TBV    ditto Vultree    


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Transcribed and formatted by Patrick Clancey, HyperWar Foundation