Ships of the U.S. Navy, 1940-1945

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My aim is to eventually have a separate page for each ship, which includes the specifications, history, and one or more photographs. In the meantime, if you don't find a photo here, check out the sites below. Additional sites for specific types and specific ships are listed on the individual pages.

Veterans, Reunions, Shipmates, etc.

U.S. Navy & Coast Guard Losses, 1940-1945

U.S. Navy & Coast Guard Vessels, 1940-1945
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The links from alphabetical list are horribly out of date, as I create individual pages for each ship. However, it may still be useful in finding the correct name, type and hull number for any ship. The list will be re-created as soon as the individual pages are complete.
To make this list as accessible as possbile to users with partial information, I have endeavored to list ships by variations of their names: "General Robert E. Lee", "Robert E. Lee, General", and "Lee, General Robert E." -- Good Luck! and Good Hunting!

U.S. Navy & Coast Guard Vessels
by Type (Class, and Name)

Type: Designation: Naming:
Aircraft Carriers: ----- -----
--Fleet Aircraft Carriers, Large CVB Famous battles, President
--Fleet Aircraft Carriers CV Famous old ships of USN, famous battles
--Light Aircraft Carriers CVL Famous old ships of USN, famous battles
--Escort Carriers CVE Sounds, bays & battles of WW II; nicknamed "Jeep" carriers
Battleships BB States of the Union
Cruisers: ----- -----
--Large Cruisers CB Territories & insular possessions
--Heavy Cruisers CA Cities & towns
--Light Cruisers CL Cities & towns
Destroyers: ----- -----
--Destroyers DD Distinguished officers & enlisted men of USN & USMC
--Destroyer Escorts DE Distinguished officers & enlisted men of USN & USMC
Submarines SS Fish and other marine creatures
Minecraft: ----- -----
--Minelayers & Coastal Minelayers CM Old monitors of USN
--Light Minelayers DM Old monitors of USN
--Auxiliary Minelayers ACM Obstructions
--Minesweepers AM Birds or abstract qualities, word of action, etc.
--Coastal Minesweepers AMc Birds or abstract qualities, word of action, etc.
--Fast Minesweepers DMS Birds or abstract qualities, word of action, etc.
--Motor Minesweepers YMS (none)
Patrol Craft: ----- -----
--Gunboats PG Cities & towns
--Converted Yachts PG Precious & semi-precious stones, general words
--Frigates PF Cities & towns
--River Gunboats PR Islands
--Smaller Converted Yachts PY Precious & semi-precious stones, general words
--Coastal Yachts PYc Precious & semi-precious stones, general words
--Escort Patrol Craft PCE (none)
--Eagle Boats PE (none)
--Patrol Craft, Sweepers PCS (none)
--Motor Gunboats PGM (none)
Submarine Chasers: ----- -----
--Submarine Chasers (Steel Hull) PC (none)
--Submarine Chasers (Wooden Hull) SC (none)
Motor Torpedo Boats: ----- -----
--Motor Torpedo Boats PT (none)
--Motor Boat Submarine Chasers PTC (none)
Auxiliaries: ----- -----
--Crane Ship AB "Crane Ship No. 1"
--Advanced Base Section Dock ABSD (n/a)
--Advanced Base Dock ABD (n/a)
--Destroyer Tenders AD Geographical areas of the US
--Ammunition Ships AE Volcanoes, or explosive-related
--Provision Store Ships AF Stars
--Auxiliary Floating Dock AFD  
--Large Auxiliary Floating Dock (non-self-propelled) AFDB  
--Small Auxiliary Floating Dock (non-self-propelled) AFDL  
--Medium Auxiliary Floating Dock (non-self-propelled) AFDM  
--Miscellaneous Auxiliaries AG (unknown)
--Amphibious Force Command Ships AGC Mountains
--MTB Tenders AGP Mythological tenders
--Surveying Ships AGS Distinguished marine surveyors
Hospital Ships AH Peaceful or comforting words
Cargo Ships: ----- -----
--Cargo Ships AK Stars, or counties of the US
--Attack Cargo Ships AKA Counties of the US
--Net Cargo Ships AKN Stars, or counties of the US
--General Stores Issue Ships AKS Stars?
--Cargo Ships and Aircraft Ferries AKV Places associated with history of aviation
Net-Laying Ships AN Trees or old USN monitors
Oilers & Tankers: ----- -----
--Oilers AO American rivers with Indian names
--Gaoline Tankers AOG American rivers with Indian names
Transports: ----- -----
--Transports AP Presidents; Signers of Declaration of Independence; distinguished generals & admirals; famous women; historic places
--Attack Transports APA Counties of the US
--Self-Propelled Barracks Ships APB (none)
--Coastal Transports APc (none)
--High-Speed Transports APD (Retained original DD/DE name)
--Evacuation Transports APH Surgeons General of the USN
--Barracks Ships APL None; unofficially: famous hotels
--Mechanized Artillery Transport APM "Lakehurst" (only 1)
--Transport Submarine APS "Argonaut" (only 1)
--Aircraft Ferries APV Places associated with history of aviation
Repair Ships: ----- -----
--Repair Ships AR Mythological figures
--Battle-Damage Repair Ships ARB Mythological figures
--Auxiliary Repair Dock (Concrete) ARDC (n/a)
--Internal Combustion Engine Repair Ships ARG Islands
--Heavy Hull Repair Ships ARH Mythological figures
--Landing Craft Repair Ships ARL Mythological figures
--Salvage Vessels ARS Terms associated with marine salvage
--Salvage Craft Tenders ARS(T) ?
--Aircraft Repair Ships (Aircraft) ARV(A) ?
--Aircraft Repair Ships (Engine) ARV(E) ?
Submarine Tenders & Rescue Vessels: ----- -----
--Submarine Tenders AS Submarine pioneers & mythological characters
--Submarine Rescue Vessels ASR Birds
Tugboats: ----- -----
--Auxiliary Tugs ATA Indian Tribes
--Fleet Ocean Tugs ATF Indian Tribes
--Old Ocean Tugs ATO Indian Tribes
--Rescue Tugs ATR (none)
Seaplane Tenders & Aviation Supply Ships: ----- -----
--Seaplane Tenders AV Aviation pioneers, bays, sounds & straits
--Catapult Lighter AVC (none)
--Seaplane Tenders (Destroyers) AVD ?
--Small Seaplane Tenders AVP Birds,
--Aviations Supply Ships AVS (none)
Distilling Ships AW (none)
Unclassified Vessels IX Various...
Landing Ships & Craft: ----- -----
--Landing Ships, Vehicle LSV Old Monitors of USN (Converted Minecraft & Net Tenders)
--Landing Ships, Dock LSD Homes of famous Americans, famous spots
--Landing Ships, Tank LST (none)
--Landing Ships, Medium LSM (none)
--Landing Ships, Medium (Rocket) LSM(R) (none; later, American rivers with non-Indian names)
--Landing Craft, Flotilla Flagships LC(FF) (none)
--Landing Craft, Flak LCF (none)
--Landing Craft, Infantry (Gunboat) LCI(G) (none)
--Landing Craft, Infantry (Large) LCI(L) (none)
--Landing Craft, Infantry (Mortar) LCI(M) (none)
--Landing Craft, Infantry (Rocket) LCI(R) (none)
--Landing Craft, Support (Large) LCS(L) (none)
--Landing Craft, Tank LCT (none)
Small Landing Craft: ----- -----
--Landing Craft, Control LCC (none)
--Landing Craft, Mechanized LCM (none)
--Landing Craft, Personnel (Large) LCP(L) (none)
--Landing Craft, Personnel (Ramp) LCP(R) (none)
--Landing Craft, Rubber (Large) LCR(L) (none)
--Landing Craft, Rubber (Small) LCR(S) (none)
--Landing Craft, Support (S) LSC(S) (none)
--Landing Craft, Vehicle LCV (none)
--Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel LCVP (none)
--Landing Vehicle, Tracked LVT (none)
--Landing Vehicle, Tracked (Armored) LVT(A) (none)
--Landing Vehicle, Wheeled (Mark) LVW (none)
--Amphibious Trucks DUKW (none)
Yard and District Craft ----- (none)
Coast Guard Cutters: ----- -----
--Cruising Cutters WPG ?
--Weather Patrol Ships WIX ?
--Weather Patrol Cutters WPC ?
--Icebreakers WAG Winds
Maritime Commission Types ----- -----

Sources & Methods

To date, the primary sources for this material have included:

Where the sources have been in conflict I have attempted to cross-check them for internal consistency; when no obvious clarification has been found, I have deferred to United States Naval Vessels: The Official United States Navy Reference Manual as the authority.

Various sources present conflicting numbers for ships' dimensions. Given my ignorance of the sources of these differences, I have not attempted to reconcile them. Differences also exist regarding ships' complements and armament. I assume these reflect changing circumstances at different times during the war; in general, I have gone with the higher numbers, or end-of-the-war status.

This work is "Under Construction": I will continue to consult additional reference material, refining and adding to the information presented. Corrections, additions, and suggestions are welcome at any time!

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