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For reasons of security, the deed for which a man receives a decoration often cannot be fully described either in this section or in the actual citation which he receives. There may accordingly be reports here which do not tell the whole story.



Sixth-four vessels and units of the Navy and Marine Corps have been awarded the Presidential Unit Citation through 21 June 1945. Submarines head the list by types, 19 of them having received the award; one submarine, USS Guardfish, won the PUC twice. Thirteen awards have gone to destroyers, seven to patrol squadrons, three to cruisers and three to landing craft.

PRESIDENTIAL UNIT CITATION ribbon is shown (left). The burgee pennant design (right) for units cited is drawn to scale. Colors are same in both.

Following is the complete list:

Ship or Unit Type Date of Action
USS Alchiba AKA Aug-Dec 1942
USS Atlanta Cruiser 12-13 Nov 1942
USS Barb Submarine (no dates announced)
USS Bernadou Destroyer 8 Nov 1942
Bombing Squadron 104   15 Aug 1943 - 19 March 1944
Bombing Squadron 109   31 Dec 1943 - 14 Aug 1944
USS Bowfin Submarine 2d war patrol
USS Buchanan Destroyer 17 July 1942
USS Cole Destroyer 8 Nov 1942
USS Dallas Destroyer 10 Nov 1942
USS England Destroyer Escort 19-31 May 1944
USS Enterprise Carrier 7 Dec 1941 - 15 Nov 1942
1st Marine Division (Reinforced)   7 Aug 1942 - 9 Dec 1942
4th Marine Division   30 Jan - 11 Feb 1944
USS Greenling Submarine 3 war patrols, May-Dec 1942
USS Guardfish Submarine 2 war patrols, May-Dec 1942
2d PUC for 8th war patrol (no dates announced)
USS Gudgeon Submarine First 8 war patrols, 7 Dec 1941 - 25 April 1943 (dates for patrols not announced)
USS Haddock Submarine 2d, 5th, 6th and 7th war patrols
USS Harder Submarine First 5 war patrols
USS Houston Cruiser 7 Dec 1941 - 28 Feb 1942
USS Laffey Destroyer 15 Sept - 13 Nov 1942
USS LCI(L) 1 Landing Craft Assault on Sicily, July 1943
USS LCT(5) 30 Landing Craft 6 June 1944
USS LCT 540 Landing Craft 6 June 1944
USS McFarland Seaplane Tender 20 June - 16 Oct 1942
Marine Aircraft Group 22   June 1942
USS Maury Destroyer 1 Feb 1942 - 6 Aug 1943
Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron 12 (includes 4 members of Combat Photographic Unit 3)   October 1943 - March 1944
Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron 21   October 1943 - March 1944
USS Nautilus Submarine 3 war patrols
Navy Combat Demolition Unit Force "O"   6 June 1944: Invasion of Normandy
USS Nicholas Destroyer July 1943
USS O'Bannon Destroyer 7 Oct. 1942 - 7 Oct 1943
USS Parche Submarine (no dates announced)
Patrol Squadron 11   15 Sept 1943 - 1 Feb 1944
Patrol Squadron 22   8 Dec 1941 - 3 March 1942
Patrol Squadron 33   1 Sept - 4 Oct 1944
Patrol Squadron 34   15 Sept 1943 - 1 Feb 1944
Patrol Squadron 52   15 Sept 1943 - 1 Feb 1944
Patrol Squadron 101   8 Dec 1941 - 3 March 1942
Patrol Squadron 102   8 Dec 1941 - 3 March 1942
USS Radford Destroyer July 1943
USS Rasher Submarine First 5 war patrols (no dates announced)
USS Sailfish Submarine 10th war patrol
USS Salmon Submarine (no dates announced)
USS Sandlance Submarine 1st war patrol
USS San Francisco Cruiser 11-12 Oct and 13 Nov 1942
USS Seahorse Submarine (no dates announced)
2nd Marine Division (Reinforced): Division Headquarters Special Troops (including Co. "C", 1st Corps Medium Tank Btn.)
Service Troops
2nd, 6th, 8th, 10th and 18th Marine Regiments
18th U. S. Naval Construction Battalion
  20 to 24 Nov 1943: Seizure and occupation of Tarawa
USS Silversides Submarine 4th, 5th, 7th and 10th war patrols
Six Anti-Submarine Task Groups which cooperated with the USS Bogue as Flagship   T. G. USS Bogue, Lea, Green, Belknap, Osmond Ingram, George E. Badger and VC-9

T. G. - USS Bogue, Osmond Ingram, George E. Badger, Clemson and VC-9

T. G. - USS Bogue, Osmond Ingram, George E. Badger, Clemson, Dupont and VC-9

T. G. - USS Bogue, Haverfield, Swenning, Willis, Hobson, Janssen and VC-95

T. G. USS Bogue, Haverfield, Swenning, Willis, Jansen, F. M. Robinson and VC-69

T. G. - USS Bogue, Haverfield, Swenning, Willis, Jensen, Wilhoite and VC-42

USS Smith Destroyer 26 Oct 1942
USS Tang Submarine 1st, 2d and 3d war patrols (no dates announced)
Task Unit 21.14
    USS Card
    USS Barry
    USS Borie
    USS Goff
    VC Squadrons 1 and 9

Carrier Escort
27 July to 26 Oct 1943
Torpedo Squadron 8 (USS Hornet)   4 June 1042 (Air Battle of Midway)
USS Trigger Submarine 5th, 6th and 7th war patrols
USS Trout Submarine (no dates announced)
USS Wahoo Submarine 11 Jan - 7 March 1943
Wake Detachment
   1st Defense Battalion
   Marine Fighting Squadron 211 of Aircraft Group 21
   All Army and Navy personnel present
  8 to 22 Dec. 1941
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Skipper and 11 Others Receive Navy Crosses


Standing on the scarred flight deck of the carrier they saved when a Jap bomb touched off explosions and fires that made her doom seem certain, 232 officers and men of the USS Franklin were recently rewarded for their courageous efforts. In two ceremonies at the New York Navy Yard, where the ship is being repaired, presentations of 12 Navy Crosses, 20 Silver Star Medals and 92 Bronze Star Medals were made. The remainder of the awards included Purple Hearts and Letters of Commendation.

Among those to receive the Navy Cross was the Franklin's skipper, Capt. Leslie E. Gehres, USN, Coronado, Calif., who, when the plane attacked on 19 March, displayed outstanding resourcefulness in directing the measure which eventually brought the fires under control and got power back on his ship, thus enabling her to be withdrawn from a position close to the Japanese coast. Comdr. Joe Taylor, USN, Long Beach, Calif., the executive officer, was awarded a gold star in lieu of a third Navy Cross for his part in leading and participating in the jettisoning of heated live ammunition and bombs. He also took charge of towing operations which resulted in getting the ship underway.

Others who received the Navy Cross were:

Comdr. Henry H. Hale, USN, Hollywood, Calif., the air officer, took charge of firefighting and damage control parties on the flight deck and hangar deck. The navigator, Comdr. Stephen Jurika, USN, Parris Island, S. C., under conditions that made the loss of the ship seem inevitable, remained steadfast and, with great calm and cool courage, continued to navigate the ship. Comdr. Francis K. Smith, USN, Minneapolis, Minn., senior medical officer, established an emergency sick bay and personally treated the wounded in the face of constant explosions, raging fires and enemy air attacks.

Below decks, chief engineer Lt. Comdr. Thomas J. Greene, USN, Omaha, Neb., kept power on the ship until forced by suffocating smoke to abandon engineering and boiler room spaces. Later, under further enemy air attacks, he penetrated smoke-filled compartments, and by his inspiring leadership, succeeded in restoring power and enabling the ship to get underway. Lt. William S. Ellis, USN, Boone, N. C., led others into smoke and fire-gutted spaces below decks and succeeded in keeping certain auxiliary power plants in operation so that the ship was able to get underway.

Lt. Comdr. William R. McKinney, USN, San Francisco, Calif., gunnery officer; Lt. Comdr. Robert B. Downer, USNR, Coral Gables, Fla., first lieutenant, and Gunner Thomas M. Stoops, USN, Deshler, Neb., organized firefighting and damage control parties, jettisoning hot ammunition and bombs. Lt. Comdr. McKinney reorganized gun crews and rapidly replaced a number of batteries which drove off at least one close and dangerous attacking plane.

Lt. Comdr. Walter H. Kreamer, USN, Black Mountain, N. C., the communications officer, established an emergency radio receiver and transmitter on the flight deck when communications were completely disrupted. With great courage, he personally operated the radio equipment and continued to transmit and receive vital messages while exposed to flying fragments of exploding bombs and rockets and enemy strafing.

The aviation ordnance officer, Lt. Comdr. George L. P. Stone, USNR, Beverly Hills, Calif., directed a disposal party which jettisoned a large number of high caliber bombs and rockets, some of which were extricated from amidst the wreckage of burning aircraft and were so heated and damaged it was impossible to defuse them.

A list of the men who received Silver Star Medals and Bronze Star Medals follows:

ABBOTT, Gilbert P., QM3c, USNR, Cooperstown, N. Y.
BERGER, David, Lt. Comdr., USNR, Philadelphia, Pa.
COSTA, Laurentino E., MM3c, USNR, Taunton, Mass.
DAMS, Holbrook R., QM3c, USNR, Cape Cod, Mass.
GATLIN, Grimes W., Lt., (ChC) USNR, Dallas, Tex.
GRAHAM, Stanley S., Lt.(jg), USNR, New York,. N. Y.
GREEN, William E. Jr. Mach., USN, Fresno, Calif.
GUDBRAHDSEN, James H., MM1c, USNR, Boston, Mass.
HAMEL, William H., EM3c, USN, Clyde, Kans.
MACOMBER, Walter E., Mach., USN, Sedro-Wooley, Wash.
MAYER, Norman C., SIC, USNR, Chicago, Ill.
MCCRARY, Robert D., Ens., USN, Coronado, Calif.
MILLER, Charles E., SF1c, USN, Albany, N. Y.
NEWLAND, Walter M., 1st Lt., USMCR, Nashville, Tenn.
RODGERS, Earnest B., Lt., USNR, Knoxville, Tenn.
STONE, Harold S., CRT, USNR, San Francisco, Calif.
SWANSON, Ernest A., Lt.(jg), USNR, Sioux City, Iowa.
TIARA, Joseph B., Lt.(jg), USN, Union City, N. J.
WASSMAN, Edward H. R., Lt.(jg), USNR, New Rochelle, N. Y.
WHITE, Bill J., Lt.(jg), USNR, Earle, Ark.

Gold star in lieu of second award:
EDDINS, Lewis R., Ch. Carp., USN, Charlottesville, Va.
PHILLIPS, Elmer C., Ch. Elec., USN, Tulsa, Okla.
TAPPEN, Melvin M., Lt., USNR, Chulkatuck, Va.
THAYER, Robert M., Lt.(jg), USNR, Cresco, Iowa.
First award:
AIZPURU, Joe, Lt.(jg), USNR, Tampa, Fla.
ALBRECHT, William R., SIC, USNR, Morristown, N. J.
ALBRITTON, Jesse M. Jr., Lt., USNR, Arlington, Va.
ALMEIDA, Arthur S., AOM3c, USNR, Bristol, R. I.
BARNABY, Donald R. E., Lt.(jg), USNR, Skowhegan, Maine.
BARR, John B., Lt., USNR, Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich.


Official U. S. Navy photograph
Awards made on Franklin by Vice Admiral Aubrey W. Fitch as DCNO (Air.)

-- 56 --

BARRY, Ralph, WT1c, USN, Hastings, Neb.
BOWMAN, Alex E., Y3c, USNR, Altoona, Pa.
BOWMAN, Marvin K., Lt.(jg), USN, Buckley, Wash.
BOYD, Robert L., S1c, USNR, Nocone, Tex.
BRUNDIGE, Maurice M., Lt. ( jg), USNR, Granger, Tex.
BRUMFIELD, James I., WT1C, USNR, Gallipolis, Ohio.
BROWING, William L., SM3c, USNR, Takoma Park, Md.
BROWN, Paul W., S2c, USNR, Fort Worth, Tex.
CANNEY, Frank C., Lt., USNR, Norfolk, Va.
CARTWRIGHT, John E., GM3c, USNR, Paragould, Ark.
CHARNSTROM, Lloyd E., Pfc, USMCR, Montevideo, Minn.
CHASE, Frank T. Jr., S2c, USNR, Seabrook, N. H.
CHENEY, George W. Jr., Lt., USNR, Washington, D. C.
CLOSE, Hugh W. Jr., Lt.(jg), USNR, Lansdowne, Pa.
COLLINS, Arthur L., Flc, USNR, Tulsa, Okla.
DAVIS, Lewis F., Lt. Comdr., USNR, Jonesboro, Ark.
DURR, Charles G., Lt., USNR, Bellingham, Wash.
ELLIOTT, Herbert T. Jr., Maj., USMC, Pueblo, Colo.
FELLOWS, Clyde H. Jr., Lt., USNR, Seattle, Wash.
FINKENSTEDT, Charles L., SSML3c, USN, Cressent Springs, Ky.
FOWLER, Alvin L., CPC, USN, Lewiston, Pa.
FOWLER, William J. Jr., AOM1c, USN, Baltimore, Md.
Fox, Elmer L., Lt., USN, Hayward, Calif.
FRIEDMAN, Herman S., SF2c, USNR, Bronx, N. Y.
GEIER, Philip O. Jr., Lt., USNR, Cincinnati, Ohio.
GUGLIELMO, William, S1C, USNR, Garfield, N. J.
HALE, Roy G., Gunner, USN, Los Angeles, Calif.
HART, Stephen C., SM3c, USNR, Wetherefield, Conn.
HATCHER, Walter S., Ch. Gunner, USN, San Francisco, Calif.
HELSEL, Wilson K., Lt.(jg), USNR, Los Angeles, Calif.
HIZER, DeVon M., Lt. Comdr., USN, Kewanna, Ind.
HOGGE, Wilton G., F1c, USNR, Newport News, Va.
HOLSTROM, Edward, MM2c, USNR, Biwabik, Minn.
HOPKINS, Joseph P., F1c, USNR, Bronx, N. Y.
HOTTINGER, Eugene J., S1C, USNR, Chicago, Ill.
HUNTINGTON, Theodore T., Lt., USNR, Minneapolis, Minn.
JACOSS, Charles W. Jr., S1c, uSNR, Coolsemme, N. C.
JORTBERG, Richard E., Ens., USN, Portland, Maine.
KIDWELL, Irving L., Y2c, USNR, Washington, D. C.
KISSWELL, Lynn M., AOM2c, USNR, Springfield, Ohio.
KLEIBER, Bernard, WT2c, USNR, Manitowoc, Wis.
KLIMKIEWICZ, Wallace L., Pvt., USMC, Jersey City, N. J.
LABIANCO, Joseph, S2c, North Bergen, N. J.
LEBLANC, Harold, CPC, USN, Abbeville, La.
LEFF, Marvin G., Lt.(jg), USNR, Los Angeles, Calif.
LIGHTFOOT, Frederick S., Ens., USNR, New York, N. Y.
LINDBERG, John H., EM2c, USNR, Chicago, Ill.
LOCKE, Robert Jr., SF1c, USNR, Stockport, Ohio.
MACALLISTER, William M., EM1c, USNR, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
MARSHALL, Guy S., Ens., USN, Long Beach, Calif.
MCCAFFREY, John W., WT1c, USN, Parkersburg, W. Va.
MCCLELLAN, William A., Ens., USNR, Washington, D. C.
MONKUS, Frank, SF1c, USNR, Chicago, Ill.
MOZDZIAK, Henry J., S1c, USNR, Buffalo, N. Y.
NARDELLI, Walter, Lt. (jg), USNR, Waltham, Mass.
NOBLE, Charles M., BM1c, USN, Columbus, Ohio.
NOTT, William J., MM2c, USNR, Groton, Conn.
ODOM, James P., MM1c, usNR, Wainesboro, Miss.
OLIVER, Audrey L., S1C, USNR, Ossining, N. Y.
ORENDORFF, Carl S., ACOM, USNR, Nutter Fort, W. Va.
OXLEY, Robert W., GM3c, USNR, Johnsonburg, Pa.
REYNOLDS, William W., AerM3c, USN, Kansas City, Mo.
RICKS, Benjamin M., S1c, USNR, Ashland, Oreg.
RITZ, George B., Lt.(jg), USN, Long Beach, Calif.
ROBERTSON, Frederick S. Jr., Lt., USN, Finchville, Ky.
SHEPARD, John W. Jr., CPC, USN, Cambridge, Ohio.
SKORICH, John, lst Lt., USMC, Marble, Minn.
SMITH, John F., F1c, USNR, Medford, Mass.
STREICH, Hans A., WT3c, USNR, Madison, Wis.
TAMMEAID, Niloai, BM2c, USN, Astoria, N. Y.
TAYLOR, Everett J., Lt.(jg), USNR, Downington, Pa.
TUCKER, Charles V., Cox., USNR, Pierport, S. D.
TUREK, Charles B., Lt., usNR, La Jolla, Calif.
TURNER, James W., WT1c, USNR, Greensburg, Ind.
VALLONI, Thomas J., CEM, USN, San Jose, Calif.
VAUGHAN, James A. Jr., Lt., USNR, Minneapolis, Minn.
WEST, James W. Jr., Lt. Comdr., USNR, New York, N. Y.
WELLMAN, Frederick E., MM2c, USN, Michigantown, Ind.
WHITAKER, John D., Lt. Comdr., USNR, G1encoe, Ill.
WILLIAMS, Wilfred J., Y3c, USN, Belle Fourche, S. D.
WILSON, Dorris W., S1c, USNR, Stephens, Ark.
WINEMAN, Robert J., Lt.(jg), USNR, Braintree, Mass.


Official U. S. Marine Corps photograph
MEDALS OF HONOR were awarded by President Truman at White House last month to three marines and a soldier, left to right in front row above: Maj. Everett P. Pope, USMC; Pfc. Gino J. Merli, of Army; Pfc. Luther Skaggs Jr., USMCR; 1st Lt. Carlton R. Rouh, USMCR. Shown with them are members of their families and, just behind the medal winners, General of the Army George C. Marshall, the President, Gen. A. A. Vandegrift, Marine Commandant, and Secretary of the Navy Forrestal. The little girl standing in front of the President is 7-year-old Floreffe Graham, niece of Lt. Rouh. Citations of the three marines are reported in an article on the next page.


-- 57 --

Medals of Honor Awarded to Four Marines For Extraordinary Heroism Against Japs


Three marines who risked their lives to defend their comrades against suicidal Jap attacks and a fourth who died to prevent the explosion of a hand grenade from killing his men have been awarded Congressional Medals of Honor.

Maj. Everett P. Pope, USMC, Wollaston, Mass.; 1st Lt. Carlton R. Rouh, USMCR, Lindenwold, N. J., and Pfc. Luther Skaggs Jr., USMCR, Brownsville, Ky., were presented with their medals at the White House by President Truman last month. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence K. Bausell, Washington, D. C., received the Medal of Honor awarded posthumously to their son, Corp. Lewis K. Bausell, USMC, from Secretary Forrestal.

While serving as commanding officer of Co. C, 1st Btn., 1st Marines, 1st Marine Division on Peleliu, 20 Sept. 1944, Maj. (then Capt.) Pope led his company in an assault on a steep coral hill. Subjected to cannon fire which caused heavy casualties, he rallied his men and gallantly led them to the summit. Forced to deploy his men thinly, and with his machine guns out of action, insufficient water and ammunition, he remained on the exposed hill with 12 men and one wounded officer, determined to hold through the night. Attacked continuously with grenades, machine guns and rifles from three sides, twice subjected to suicidal charges during the night, he and his valiant men fiercely beat back the enemy, using rocks when their supply of ammunition dwindled. He maintained his lines with his eight remaining men until daylight brought more deadly fire and he was ordered to withdraw.

On 15 September on Peleliu, Lt. Rouh, who was serving with the 1st Btn., 5th Marines, 1st Marine Division, entered an enemy pillbox before permitting his men to use it for a mortar observation post. Upon entering he was severely wounded by Jap rifle fire from within. Assisted to a less exposed area by two marines, he was further endangered by an enemy grenade which was thrown into their midst. Quick to act in spite of his weakened condition, he lurched to a crouching position, thrust the men aside, and took the full blast of the explosion himself.

Pfc. Skaggs, a squad leader with a mortar section of the 3d Division on the Asan-Adelup beachhead, Guam, on 21-22 July 1944, assumed command when the section leader became a casualty and led his men 200 yards through intense fire to deliver coverage for the assault on a strategic cliff. Valiantly defending this position through the night, he was critically wounded when a Jap grenade lodged in his foxhole and shattered the lower part of his leg. He quickly applied a tourniquet and, propped up in his foxhole, gallantly returned the enemy's fire with his rifle and hand grenades for eight hours. Later he crawled unassisted to the rear to continue the fight until the Japs had been annihilated.

Corp. Bausell

Within a few hours of Lt. Rouh's exploit, Corp. Bausell, who served in the same battalion, led his squad in a charge against an enemy pillbox which was covering a vital sector of the beach. As the first to reach the emplacement, h e immediately fired his automatic into the aperture as the rest of his men closed in on the enemy. When a Jap grenade was hurled into their midst, he threw himself on the deadly weapon, taking the full blast of the explosion and sacrificing his life to save his men.


Gold star in lieu of fourth award:

* GALLAHER, Antone R., Comdr., USN, Washington, D. C.: As commanding officer of a submarine in Japanese waters he was aggressive and determined, boldly launching a series of brilliantly planned and executed attacks which resulted in the sinking of a number of Japanese vessels and the damaging of others. A superb seaman, cool and courageous in carrying the fight to the enemy at every opportunity, he inspired his gallant officers and men to heroic efforts in the successful fulfillment of a vital and hazardous mission.

Comdr. Gallaher

Gold star in lieu of third award:

* MITSCHER, Marc A., Vice Admiral, USN, Hillsboro, Wis.: As commander of a fast carrier task force from January to May 1945 he led it in a series of relentless attacks against the enemy in support of our amphibious operations at Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Four times he led his force deep into enemy waters close to the shores of Japan. Twice he struck airfields and installations in the Tokyo area; twice he struck airfields in the Kyushu area, on one occasion also heavily attacking enemy combatant vessels in the Inland Sea. On another occasion when an enemy task force consisting of the battleship Yamato, a light cruiser and nine destroyers sortied from the Inland Sea and threatened our forces, he immediately turned north to intercept the enemy, and on 7 April, in a brilliant attack with carrier aircraft southwest of Kyushu, sank the Yamato, the light cruiser and four. destroyers. When not engaged in these attacks in the vicinity of the Japanese homeland, his force operated continuously in direct support of our forces at amphibious objectives. Throughout a long and exhausting campaign, under almost daily attack by enemy aircraft, he maintained an indomitable spirit of the offensive, never missing an opportunity to meet with his entire available combat strength any threat to our amphibious operations. Forces under his command inflicted great damage on the enemy and maintained control of the sea and air from the Marianas to the shores of Japan. His heroic personal example was an inspiration to the officers and men of his command and combined with his skillful and aggressive leadership assured the success of the operations.

* SHELBY, Edward E., Comdr., USN, Groton, Conn.: As commanding officer of a submarine during a war patrol, he successfully launched well-planned attacks which resulted in sinking enemy vessels totaling nearly 25,000 tons. His conduct throughout was an inspiration to his officers and men.

Gold star in lieu of second award:

* BANKER, Donald F., Lt. Comdr., USN, Duluth, Minn. (missing in action) : As commanding officer of a bombing squadron attached to the USS Lexington during an offensive action in Manila Harbor on 5 Nov. 1944, he gallantly led his flight in a vigorous, intensive attack against Jap fleet units. In bold defiance of the enemy's fierce aerial opposition, he plunged through withering antiaircraft fire to press home his attack. Accurately releasing his bomb load at perilously low altitude, he succeeded in scoring a direct hit on an enemy heavy cruiser which contributed materially to her destruction before his plane was shot down as he pulled out of his dive. His superb airmanship, indomitable fighting spirit and extreme courage in the face of tremendous odds during this and numerous other brilliantly executed strikes were essential factors in the extensive and costly damage inflicted on hostile shipping, shore installations and aircraft in the Pacific area.

* MELVIN, Donald J., Lt. Comdr., USNR, Falls Church, Va.: As commander of a torpedo squadron attached to an aircraft carrier during the Battle for Leyte Gulf, he was a daring and skilled airman, dauntless and aggressive in combat. He boldly led his squadron in two vigorous torpedo attacks, braving intense and accurate antiaircraft fire to strike at the enemy and score several damaging hits against major Jap ships. His forceful leadership, personal courage and gallant devotion to the completion of each hazardous mission were essential factors in the success achieved by his squadron.

-- 58 --

Photographs not available of Elec. Lewis R. Baker, USN; Capt. Clarence E. Ekstrom, USN; Lt. John R. Gorman, USN; Lt. (jg) Ira G. Loverin, USNR; John A. Messer Jr., PhM1c, USN, and Mach. Marley O. Polk, USN.


First award:

* BAKER, Lewis R., Electrician, USN, Champaign, Ill.: While serving in the steering motor room on board the USS Lexington when a hostile torpedo severely damaged that ship, crippled the steering mechanism and filled his compartment with noxious gas, he worked tirelessly and with unwavering determination to adjust the rudder. Despite injuries and the lack of adequate equipment, and fully aware that the hatch above his section was covered with water and escape cut off, he steadfastly continued his efforts until the rudder was finally brought to amidships. His great personal valor in the face of grave peril and his devotion to duty were an inspiration to his shipmates.

* EKSTROM, Clarence E., Capt., USN, Seattle, Wash.: As commanding officer of an escort carrier in a battle with major units of the Japanese fleet he handled his ship at all times in a highly expert and seamanlike manner. By his courage, skill in combat, and determination, he gave encouragement to his officers and men and to his air personnel in a manner that caused his action to be largely instrumental in the defeat of a large Jap task force.

-- 59 --

* GORMAN, John R., Lt., USN, Summerville, S.C.: While aboard the USS Lexington during rescue operations after the torpedoing of his ship by Japanese forces, he worked desperately despite freon gas which filled the access trunk, continuing attacks and rising water, to free four enlisted men trapped below decks by the explosion. Fully realizing the constant threat from bulkheads in imminent danger of collapsing, he remained at this station, pumping from the access trunk until he finally succeeded in rescuing the four trapped crew members. By his unfaltering devotion to duty and great personal valor, he undoubtedly saved the lives of his men.

* GRANTHAM, Elonzo B. Jr., Comdr., USN, Norfolk, Va.: As commanding officer of the USS Robinson during the Battle of Surigao Strait, he skillfully placed his ship in an advantageous striking position despite extremely hazardous conditions. Launching his torpedoes with precise timing in a sudden, coordinated attack, he surprised the enemy and rendered him vulnerable to the smashing blows of our heavy naval units. Subsequently retiring without damage from the furious engagement which resulted in the sinking of two Jap battleships and three destroyers before effective return fire could be brought to bear against our task force, Comdr. Grantham contributed materially to the decisive defeat of the aggressive enemy force.

* GUTOWSKI, Thomas M., PhM3c, USNR, Northampton, Mass. (posthumously): While serving with the 1st Platoon, Co. A, 1st Btn, 29th Marines at Saipan on 15 June 1944, he and his company were pinned down by fierce, concentrated enemy artillery fire during an advance deep into enemy territory. When several members of the forward platoon were wounded by bursting shellfire, he boldly faced the withering barrage to go to the aid of the marines. While ministering coolly and efficiently to his fallen comrades he was himself seriously wounded by shrapnel from an exploding shell. Disregarding his own intense pain, he steadfastly refused to be evacuated and continued his valiant service until he succumbed to his wounds. His daring aggressiveness, exceptional fortitude and self-sacrificing efforts contributed to the saving of many lives.

* KEIGHLEY, William H., Lt. Comdr., USNR, Huntington Park, Calif.: As pilot of a torpedo plane attached to the USS Kalinin Bay during the Battle for Leyte Gulf he unhesitatingly plunged on an enemy disposition, scoring three direct hits on an enemy cruiser. He repeatedly defied the terrific concentration of enemy fire from guns of all calibers to make hold torpedo runs; then, with his torpedoes expended, he relentlessly strafed the ships, gallantly drawing their fire to his own plane and diverting it from friendly torpedo planes. A superb airman, he contributed essentially to the extensive damage inflicted on the enemy and aided materially in saving his own force from disaster.

* LECAPTAIN, Bernhard, PhM2c, USNR, Glen Flora, Wis. (posthumously): While attached to the 2d Btn, 9th Marines, 3d Marine Division during the battle for Fonte Hill, Guam on 25 July 1944, he repeatedly risked his life to minister to men wounded in battle. He unhesitatingly ran through heavy machinegun fire 75 yards to a wounded marine and then carefully used the scant cover of a small parapet to protect the marine. He himself remained exposed while administering first aid. Continuing his daring and gallant service, he dragged another casualty to a nearby ravine to provide comparative safety during medical treatment. A few minutes later he braved the intense barrage to rescue another wounded man who lay in the fire lane. Although severely wounded by rifle fire while caring for his patient, LeCaptain calmly continued his task. He attempted to rise from his kneeling position only to collapse from extreme loss of blood and succumb before assistance could reach him.

* LOVERIN, Ira G., Lt. (jg), USNR, Dinuba, Calif.: As a pilot attached to an escort carrier in the Southwest Pacific Area on 25 Oct. 1944 he participated in the first strike of the day on an enemy task force. He executed bold attacks in the face of intense fire in a desperate attempt to render aid to our own vessels which were being shelled by the enemy ships. Although he knew that his small guns could do little damage to the armor of the large enemy ships, he made his runs with courage and audacity.

* MARONTATE, William P., Lt., USMCR, Seattle, Wash. (posthumously): While attached to Marine Aircraft Group 14 in combat in the Solomon Islands area from 9 Oct. 1942 to 15 Jan. 1943, he led his four-plane division in his first tour of duty with such skill that 56 enemy aircraft were destroyed. He personally accounted for 9 hostile aircraft. On 5 January, while leading a section of fighter planes as protection for a task force, he gallantly fought off enemy aircraft which were attacking our vessels and brought down two Jap dive-bombers and one Zero. While escorting a striking force of dive-bombers on 15 January in an attack against enemy shipping off New Georgia Island, he succeeded in destroying at least one enemy aircraft before he was shot down by Jap fighters.

* MESSER, John A. Jr., PhM1c, USN, Picher, Okla. (posthumously): While serving with a Marine artillery battalion on Saipan, 7 July 1944, when hostile forces overran an artillery position and inflicted heavy casualties, he unhesitatingly volunteered to penetrate the Jap lines to bring out the wounded. Although three of his four men were wounded as he led them across an open field under intense sniper and mortar fire, he courageously continued moving forward and evacuated eight men. Subsequently, with utter disregard for his own personal safety, he made two more trips into this hazardous area, recovering numerous other casualties, but was mortally wounded by Jap sniper fire before completing his third mission.

Admiral Ruddock Wins 5 Medals for Pacific Service

Two Navy Crosses and three Legion of Merit awards have been presented to Rear Admiral Theodore D. Ruddock Jr., USN, Annapolis, Md., for extraordinary heroism and meritorious conduct during the Marianas and Philippine campaigns and as CO of the USS Massachusetts.

Admiral Ruddock's first Navy Cross was awarded for his heroic action as commander of a battleship division during the Battle of Surigao Strait. With his division placed in the strategic T-formation, he directed shattering broadsides against a formidable column of Jap warships.

Before they could return effective fire, two battleships and three destroyers were annihilated.

Admiral Ruddock

Later, while commanding a task group during the assault on Mindoro, he won his second Navy Cross. He held his battleships, escort carriers, cruisers and destroyers to an undeviating course through the dangerous waters of the Mindanao and Sulu seas and within easy striking distance of about 600 hostile aircraft. Fighting off savage aerial onslaughts, he directed a continuous, accurate bombardment of coastal defenses, providing effective protection for our ground forces throughout the landing operations.

His services in directing bombardments of Tinian and Leyte earned for him his first and third Legion of Merit. As commander of a fire support group he continued to direct a devastating bombardment of the Sunharon section of Tinian despite heavy damage to his flagship and his own painful wounds. At Leyte, as commander of a battleship division he assisted in the invasion plans and provided continuous, heavy bombardment of the enemy's positions.

As commanding officer of the USS Massachusetts from 27 Sept. 1943 to 8 April 1944, he participated in numerous campaigns throughout long and arduous operations. By his skill and courage under repeated and vigorous night and day aerial attacks, he aided in holding the damage to the forces of which the Massachusetts was a unit to a minimum. For his direction of this command, Admiral Ruddock was awarded a gold star in lieu of a second Legion of Merit.

-- 60 --

Hoist (NTC, San Diego)
"Quick! Rush back and restrict all the qualified swimmers to the starboard side of the ship!"

* POLK, Marley 0., Machinist, USN, Tacoma, Wash. (posthumously): While attached to the USS Johnston during the Battle off Samar when she was hit by terrific salvos from enemy gun batteries, he courageously volunteered to go below and close the overboard discharge valve from the main condenser in an effort to check the flooding of that compartment. Swimming through dangerous, debris-laden waters, he reached the valve and was in the act of closing it when additional hits in the engine room caused his death. Polk's initiative, resolute determination and unwavering devotion to duty were in keeping with the highest traditions of the naval service.

* PORRAS, Charles V. Jr., PhM3c, USNR, Los Angeles, Calif. (posthumously): While serving with an assault platoon of Company L, 3d Btn., 1st Marines, 1st Marine Division during action at Peleliu on 22 Sept. 1944 when one marine was killed and two others seriously wounded during an attempt to evacuate casualties in a reconnaissance patrol, he unhesitatingly proceeded far in front of his own lines to aid his helpless comrades. Courageously advancing alone under a withering barrage from Jap machine guns, he succeeded in treating and carrying back, unaided, four of the wounded men before he himself was fatally struck down by a burst of enemy fire.

* REED, Alan, Lt., USNR, Wyncote, Pa. (posthumously): While serving aboard the USS Birmingham when the USS Princeton was attacked and her crew ordered to abandon ship during the Battle for Leyte Gulf, he volunteered to lead a fire-fighting crew to the stricken vessel. Despite the constant danger from further imminent detonations and enemy aerial attack, he fearlessly boarded the Princeton in the face of raging flames. Directing his men with skill and superb courage, he succeeded in extinguishing a number of fires before he was recalled to his own ship as a large group of enemy aircraft again approached his task force and contact with an enemy submarine was reported. When the Birmingham subsequently returned alongside the Princeton, he continued his valiant efforts until he was mortally wounded during a sudden violent explosion in the magazine section of the crippled vessel.

* RISING, William S. 3d, Lt.(jg), USNR, Brooklyn, N. Y.: In a battle against major units of the Japanese fleet off Cape Engano, Luzon, on 25 Oct. 1944, he scored one of eight direct hits which sank a Chitose-class carrier. Undaunted in the face of relentless, devastating antiaircraft fire, he rendered gallant service during the bitterly fought engagement in which all carriers, a light cruiser and a destroyer of the enemy's task force were sunk and heavy bomb and torpedo damage inflicted on battleships and other important naval units.

* ROBERTS, John S., Capt., USN, Danville, Ky.: As commanding officer of a warship in action against major units of the Jap fleet during the Battle of Surigao Strait he skillfully maneuvered his vessel into advantageous striking position. With cruiser units deployed in a flanking maneuver as tactically disposed destroyer units initiated a series of deadly torpedo attacks against a formidable column of Jap battleships, cruisers and destroyers advancing under cover of darkness, he directed his powerful gun batteries with precise timing in a sudden, coordinated attack. Delivering a smashing naval bombardment, he surprised the enemy and put him to rout. Subsequently retiring from the furious engagement which resulted in the sinking of two Jap battleships and three destroyers, Capt. Roberts' forceful leadership, brilliant professional ability and indomitable determination in the face of tremendous odds, contributed essentially to the decisive defeat of an aggressive enemy force.

* SHIELS, Hugh A., Lt., USNR, Santa Barbara, Calif.: With bold determination and utter disregard for his personal safety, he drove home an aerial attack on a major ship of the enemy. The strike in which he participated resulted in serious damage to the ship.

* SIMMONS, Clyde A., Sgt., USMC, Gary, Ind.: While serving with a Marine infantry battalion on Saipan on 17 June 1944 when the front lines were attacked by enemy tanks before dawn, Sgt. Simmons led his bazooka section to assist the troops being attacked. With extremely cool courage he brought his men through the darkness over open fields to contact the enemy, although subjected to intense fire all along the route. Soon after engaging the Jap tanks, one of his men was severely wounded. Seeing three enemy tanks approaching simultaneously, Simmons manned the wounded marine's weapon and scored hits on all three vehicles. During this outstanding display of accuracy and speed, he exposed himself continuously to intense enemy machine-gun, 37-mm. and 75-mm. fire. His courageous conduct assisted materially in repulsing the Japs on this occasion.

* SPRUANCE, Raymond A., Admiral, USN, Indianapolis, Ind.: While Commander, 5th, Fleet, from January to May 1945, he prepared for and commanded the operations for the capture of Iwo Jima and positions in the Ryukyus, including the covering operations by Pacific Fleet forces in connection therewith. Carrier units of his force penetrated deep into the waters of the enemy homeland and Nansei Shoto, inflicting severe damage upon enemy aircraft, shore installations and shipping. As the officer in command of the operations for the capture of Iwo Jima and Ryukyu positions, including Okinawa, his forces met and overcame desperate enemy resistance. His outstanding professional ability and sound judgment were extremely valuable factors in the seizing of important military objectives with a minimum loss of lives and material to our forces. His initiative, leadership and fighting spirit assured the success of our operations and prepared the way for further strikes against the enemy.

4 More Medals Awarded To Comdr. McCampbell

Comdr. David McCampbell, USN, Norfolk, Va., the Navy's top air ace and holder of the Congressional Medal of Honor, was awarded a second Navy Cross, a Silver Star Medal, a third Distinguished Flying Cross and an Air Medal for his aerial exploits in the Philippines during ceremonies at NAAS Oceana, Va., last month.

His coolness, quick thinking and outstanding leadership resulted in the sinking of a Jap aircraft carrier, a light cruiser and two destroyers, the heavy damaging of a large and a small carrier and two destroyers, and the damaging of a battleship in action off Luzon. His outstanding performance which kept our own losses to a minimum won for him a gold star in lieu of a second Navy Cross.

  Official U. S. Navy photograph  
  Comdr. McCampbell receives one of his four new medals from Commodore Gordon Rowe, USN, at Quonset, R. I.

The Silver Star Medal was awarded for his fighter plane attack in the Central Philippines when he destroyed enemy planes in aerial combat and caused serious damage to a merchant ship. As leader of a fighter sweep in the same area he destroyed three enemy planes in the air and two more on the ground. For this action he won a gold star in lieu of a third Distinguished Flying Cross. He was awarded the Air Medal for meritorious acts as pilot of a carrier-based fighter plane in action against enemy land bases and shipping throughout the Central Pacific from 19 May to 24 Sept. 1944.

-- 61 --


Gold star in lieu of second award:

Admiral Blandy  
* BLANDY, William H. P., Rear Admiral, USN, Washington, D. C.: As the commander of an amphibious task group prior to and during the seizure of Peleliu and Angaur and the occupation of Ulithi Atoll from July to September 1944, he was a brilliant organizer, exercising meticulous care and foresight in the formulation of plans for these aggressive missions. He operated his command efficiently and with forceful determination, accomplishing the capture of Angaur on 17 September with minimum loss of life and, within three days, clearing the island of all but a small group of Jap defenders. When a change in strategy made the capture of Ulithi more urgent, Rear Admiral Blandy effectively revised his original plans and, by his outstanding professional skill arid distinguished leadership, achieved his objective on 23 September, making available a fleet base of vital importance to the success of future naval operations.


First award:

Admiral Calhoun  
* CALHOUN, William L., Vice Admiral, USN, Coronado, Calif.: As Commander Base Force and Commander Service Force, Pacific Fleet, from December 1939 to February 1945, he was charged with logistic support of the Pacific Fleet and naval shore-based establishments in the Pacific Ocean Area. He applied keen intelligence and resourceful initiative to the complexities of his assignment and, working with tireless energy, planned and organized a greatly enlarged service of supply which enabled him to provide personnel, provisions, fuel and ammunition for all fleet operations. An extremely able administrator, he also planned the requirements for each proposed new base and, in addition, acted for the Commander in Chief, Pacific Fleet, in supervising matters relating to the maintenance of ships of the fleet. By his keen foresight, decisive judgment and tenacious determination in the fulfillment of an urgent mission, he contributed essentially to the efficiency of combined operations and to the success of our war effort in the Pacific Area.


Admiral Royal  
* ROYAL, Forrest B., Rear Admiral, USN, Arlington, Va.: As commander of an amphibious task group during the preparation for and throughout our assault operations against the enemy-held islands of Leyte and Luzon from July 1944 to January 1945, he was a resourceful tactician and brilliant leader. He displayed exceptional ability in organizing and training the forces under his command into a smoothly functioning unit and in formulating plans for the invasions, working tirelessly and with meticulous attention to the most minute details incident to our landing operations. A master of amphibious warfare, deeply imbued with the spirit of combat, he maintained his force at the peak of battle efficiency, contributing immeasurably to the successful accomplishment of the missions assigned to his command, with minimum loss in personnel and material. His outstanding professional skill, daring aggressiveness and valiant devotion to duty throughout were essential factors in the success of our sustained drive toward a fanatic, determined enemy. The award was made prior to Admiral Royal's death aboard his flagship in June.


Commodore Simard  
* SIMARD, Cyril T., Commodore (then Capt.), USN, La Mesa, Calif.: As commanding officer of NAS, Midway Island, in action against enemy Japanese forces during the period 3-7 June 1942, the forces under his command successfully repulsed repeated enemy aerial attacks and carried out efficiently executed scouting operations in the area of action, thereby contributing materially to the decisive defeat of the enemy in the Battle of Midway.





Gold star in lieu of second award:

* FURLONG, William R., Rear Admiral, USN, Washington, D. C.: Commandant of the Navy Yard, Pearl Harbor, 27 Dec. 1941-24 May 1945.

* RICHARDSON, Clifford G., Capt., USN, Norfolk, Va.: Commander of a transport group, central and southwest Pacific waters, 15 Sept.-23 Oct. 1944.

* TUFTS, David A., Lt. Comdr., USNR, West Medford, Mass.: CO of the USS Inch, 3 July 1944.

First award:

* CARTER, Jesse H., Capt., USN, Texarkana, Ark.: Commander of a destroyer squadron, and commander, screen of a task group, Iwo Jima, Chichi Jima, Hachijo Jima, and Jap mainland, 10 Feb.-21 March 1945.

* CROSSE, Charles W., Rear Admiral, USN (Ret), San Francisco, Calif.: Commander, Subordinate Command, Service Force, Pacific Fleet, 2 June 1941-2 Dec. 1944.

* GARDNER, Matthias B., Rear Admiral, USN, State College, Pa.: CO of a fast carrier, western Pacific.

* GREENMAN, William G., Capt., USN, Watertown, N. Y.: Head of the advance base planning section, CincPac and CincPoa, 17 Sept.-31 Dec. 1943.

* HALL, Norman B., Commodore, USCG, Chevy Chase, Md.: Chief of the port security division of the Coast Guard, Washington, D. C., June 1942 to December 1944.

* JoHANSEN, John M., Lt.(jg), USN, Houston, Tex.: Aboard a warship, Philippines.

* MOORE, Frederick T., Lt. Comdr., USN, Brighton, Mass.: CO of an air group, Pacific area, 15 March-28 Nov. 1944.

* MURPHY, Vincent R., Rear Admiral (then Capt.), USN, Norfolk, Va.: War plans officer, staff of CincPoa, 1 April-2 July 1942.

* PACE, Leo L., Capt., USN, Guide Rock, Neb.: Commander of a submarine division, Pacific war area.

* PEAVEY, William B., Lt., USNR, Southold, N. Y.: CO of the USS SC 690, Anzio, 15 Feb. 1944.

* PERRY, John, Capt., USN, Greenville, S. C.: CO of the USS Belleau Wood, Marianas, Battle of the Philippine Sea.

* RICHARDSON, Alvin F., Comdr., USN, Ackerman, Miss.: CO of the USS Gatling, Palau and Philippine invasions, air strikes against the Philippines and Formosa.

* RICHARDSON, Clifford G., Capt., USN, Norfolk, Va.: Commander of a transport group, Tinian, 24-28 July 1944.

* ROBERTS, Ralph H., Capt., USN, Tuscola, Ill.: CO of a warship, Pacific war area, 12 Oct. 1943-3 Jan. 1945.

* SALLADA, Harold B., Rear Admiral, USN, Cincinnati, Ohio: Commander, support aircraft, Kwajalein Atoll, January and February 1944.

* TUFTS, David A., Lt. Comdr., USNR, West Medford, Mass.: CO of the USS Inch, 11-12 June 1944.

WHERE used in the listings of medal winners in this section, dates refer to the day or period of the particular performance for which the award was made and do not necessarily cover the whole period of service in the duty indicated.



Gold star in lieu of second award:

* BRYANT, James S., Lt., USNR, Los Angeles, Calif.: Assistant approach officer in a submarine.

* GOSSETT, Roy A., CQM, USN, Santa Ana, Calif.: Aboard a submarine, Southwest Pacific Area.

* KNOX, Stuart C., Lt., (MC) USNR, Los Angeles, Calif.: Landings at Empress Augusta Bay, 1 Nov. 1943.

First award:

* ADAMS, Cecil L., PhM3c, USNR, Yancey, Ky. (posthumously): 2d Marine Div., Saipan, 19, 25 June 1944.

-- 62 --

* BACHMAN, William R., MoMM2c, USN, Harrisburg, Pa.: Aboard a sub.

* BESSE, William E., Pfc., USMC, Danville, Ill.: Marine rifle company, Peleliu, 27 Sept. 1944.

* BURNHAM, Daniel J., PhM3c, USNR, Springfield, Mass.: Eniwetok Atoll, 18 Feb. 1944.

* CARLISLE, Charles S., BM2c, USNR, New Orleans, La.: Gun captain, USS Wadsworth, Bougainville, 1 Nov. 1943.

* CLEARY, Frederick, PhM2c, USNR, Danvers, Mass. (posthumously): 5th Amphibious Corps, Saipan, 21 June 1944.

* DAVIS, Clifford M., HA1c, USNR, Stanton, Ala. (posthumously): 1st Marine Div., Peleliu, 1 Oct. 1944.

* ENSMAN, James F., Pfc., USMC, Toledo, Ohio: Artillery regimental wire team, Saipan, 15 June 1944.

* FISHER, Lewis S. Jr., PhM3c, USNR, Huntington, W. Va. (posthumously): 1st Marine Div., Peleliu, 22 Sept. 1944.

* FLANAGAN, Henry J., Lt.(jg), USN, San Diego, Calif. (missing in action): Officer of the desk aboard a sub.

* FRANK, Howard P., Lt.(jg), USNR, Oberlin, Ohio (posthumously): Aboard ship.

* GARDNER, Charles L., HA1c, USNR, Louisville, Ky. (posthumously): 2d Marine Div., Saipan, 27 June 1944.

* GILMAN, John E. Jr., Lt., USNR, New York, N. Y.: Aboard ship.

*HARDY, Robert J., Comdr. (then Lt. Comdr.), USN, Sea Cliff, N. Y.: CO of destroyer, Palaus, 30 March-1 April 1944; Battle of Philippine Sea; Guam, 20 July 1944.

* JACOBSEN, Benjamin F., PhM2c., USN, Sacramento, Calif. (posthumously): 3d Marine Div., Guam, 21 July 1944.

* JOHNSON, Roy H., PhM2c, USN, Hill City, Minn.: Marine infantry battalion, Saipan, 18 June 1944.

*JONES, Sidney W., CQM, USN, Seattle, Wash. (missing in action): Aboard a submarine.

* KREISLER, Wilbur J., Pvt., USMC, Irvington, N. J.: Demolition team, Peleliu, 15 Sept. 1944.

* LOCKLEAR, Melvin L., CCS, USN, Oklahoma City, Okla. (posthumously): USS LST 531, England, 28 April 1944.

* LONGBERRY, James T., HA1c, USNR, Youngstown, Ohio (posthumously): 7th Marines, Peleliu, 17 Sept., 4 Oct. 1944.

* MINER, John O., Comdr., USN, Kirkwood, Mo.: CO of a destroyer, Pacific, 15 June to 27 Nov. 1944.

* NELLIGAN, John J., PhM3c, USNR, Williamsett, Mass. (posthumously): Marine battalion, Guam, 28 July 1944.

* NIZZARDI, William E., PhM3c, USNR, Blissfield, Mich. (posthumously): 4th Marine Div., Saipan and Tinian, 15 June-23 July 1944.

* PASELER, William T., Lt.(jg), USN, North Bergen, N. J.: Aboard ship.

* PRAUCHT, Benet A., Corp., USMC, Rogers, Minn.: Marine rifle company, Saipan, 27 June 1944.

* SIMON, Bernard G., Pfc., USMCR, New York, N. Y.: Marine infantry battalion, Peleliu, 17 Sept. 1944.

* SOWELL, Don R., PhM2c, USNR, Normangee, Tex. (posthumously): 2d Marine Div., Saipan, 18 June 1944.

* SPRY, Philip A., Pfc., USMC, Munith, Mich.: Marine artillery battalion, Saipan, 7 July 1944.

* STEVENSON, William A., Comdr., USN, Eugene, Ore.: CO of a submarine.

* THORNBURG, Harold B., Lt., (MC) USN, Rochester, Ind. (posthumously): Observer in a torpedo plane, Halmahera, 21 Sept. 1944.

* TISDALE, Ryland D., Comdr., USN (Ret), Sherman Oaks, Calif. (posthumously): Corregidor, 1 May 1942.

* VERKULLEN, Ronald W., PhM2c, USN, Stanley, Wis. (posthumously): 2d Marine Div., Saipan, 28 June 1944.



Gold star in lieu of second award:

* DRIESSEN, William F., Lt.(jg), USNR, St. Charles, Ill.: Torpedo bomber pilot.

First award:

* BOGERT, Robert W., AMM3c, USN, East Rutherford, N. J. (missing in action): Turret gunner, torpedo plane, Sibuyan area, Battle for Leyte Gulf.

* ERICKSON, Lyle A., Ens., USNR, Salt Lake City, Utah (posthumously): Fighter pilot, USS Princeton, Philippines, 21 Sept. 1944.

* FOSHEE, Joseph L., AMM2c, USNR, Lufkin, Tex.: Gunner of a carrier-based torpedo plane.

* GORDON, Glen E., Ens., USNR, McCracken, Kans. (missing in action): Fighter pilot, Camranh Bay, 12 Jan. 1945.

* HORNBEAK, Leslie S., Ens., USNR, Springfield, Mo. (missing in action): Bomber pilot, USS Enterprise, Philippines, 18 Oct. 1944.

* JENNINGS, E. F. Kahle, Lt., USNR, Bristol, Va.: Liberator pilot, Pacific, 26 June 1944.

* MARTIN, George C., Lt.(jg), USNR, Parkersburg, W. Va. (missing in action): Fighter pilot, Philippines, 14 Nov. 1944.

* MASTERSON, Robert J., Lt.(jg), USNR, Rochester, N. Y.: Pilot, Southwest Pacific Area.

* MCCARTHY, James P., Lt.(jg), USNR, Chicago, Ill.: Pilot, Philippines, 24 Oct. 1944.

* REDMON, Clarence Jr., Lt.(jg), USNR, Marshall, N. C.: Navigator, bombardier of a patrol plane, Solomons, Bismarck Archipelago area.

* RISING, William S. 3d, Lt.(jg), USNR, Brooklyn, N. Y.: Dive-bomber pilot, Luzon, 5 Nov. 1944.

* ROCKEFELLER, Frederic L., 1st Lt., USMCR, Greenwich, Conn.: Pilot, Philippines.

* SOUTHARD, Paul E. Jr., Lt.(jg) , USNR, Fairfield, Conn. (missing in action): Torpedo bomber pilot, USS Essex, Battle for Leyte Gulf.



First award:

* ANTHONOPOULAs, Norman J. H., Corp., USMC, St. Louis, Mo.: Marine infantry btn., Saipan, 23 June 1944.

* BENTON, DeWitt S. Jr., QM2c, USN, Monroe, La.: Aboard USS LCT 125, Salerno.

* BRAUN, Alois J., PhM3c, USNR, Milwaukee, Wis. (posthumously): Pearl Harbor, 21 May 1944.

* BREWER, Charles E., CMM, USN, Danielsville, Ga. (posthumously): USS Corry, Normandy invasion.

* CLARK, Reese C., GMlc, USN, Peru, Ind.: Marianas Islands, 19 June 1944.

* CREGGER, James L., SF1c, USN, Sattville, Va.: USS Kimberly, 19 June 1943.

* CUMBY, Carl E., BM2c, USN, Atlanta, Ga.: USS LCI (L) 209, 26 Jan. 1944.

* ESCHELMAN, Walter G., BM1c, USN, Leechburg, Pa. (posthumously): USS Leary, Atlantic area, 24 Dec. 1943.

* GABB, Henry J. Jr., SIC, USNR, Oshkosh, Wis.: Philippines, 24 Oct. 1944.

* GREEN, Theodore R., Ens. (then PhM2c), USNR, Fresno, Calif.: LST, Vella Lavella, 1 Oct. 1943.

* JOHNSTON, Donald L., AOM2c, USNR, Denver, Colo.: Philippines.

* JONES, William L., PhM2c, USNR, Bakersfield, Calif.: LST, Vella Lavella, 1 Oct. 1943.

* LANE, Tyras G. Jr., SM2c, USNR, Corbin, Ky.: DE, Atlantic area, 18 Oct. 1944.

* MARCOUX, Albert T., MoMM3c, USNR, Bridgeport, Conn.: DE, Atlantic area, 18 Oct. 1944.

* MATHISEN, Gilbert N., PhM2c, USNR, Milltown, N. J. (posthumously): Pearl Harbor, 21 May 1944.

* MEIKLE, Robert A., AMM1c, USN, Pismo Beach, Calif.: NAAF, Charlestown, R. I., 16 Feb. 1944.

* ROBBINS, Harry E. Jr., PhM3c, USN, New City, N. Y. (posthumously): 2d Marine Div., Saipan, 15 June 1944.

* ROGGE, Richard A., CGM, USNR, Madison, Wis.: Narragansett Bay, R. I., 2 Jan. 1945.

* ROZZANO, Samuel F., PhM3c, USNR, Syracuse, N. Y.: LST 496, Normandy.

* SABELLO, Cyril A., S1c, USNR, Guttenberg, N. J. (posthumously): PT 353, New Britain, 27 March 1944.

* SACK, Joseph F., PhM3c, USN, Leechburg, Pa.: LST 496, Normandy invasion.

* SCHULER, Edwin F., Lt., USNR, Floral Park, N. Y. (posthumously): USS Eversole, Battle for Leyte Gulf.

* SCHULTZ, Joseph L, PhM3c, USN, Huntington, W. Va.: LST 49G, Normandy invasion.

* SENTER, Sidney, Pharm., USNR, Los Angeles, Calif.: LCI (L) 32, Anzio Nettuno, 26 Jan. 1944.

* SIMPSON, Richard C., Lt., USNR, Los Angeles, Calif.: PT 163 and 168, New Guinea, 17 May 1944.

* STITT, Mason L., Ens., USN, Corpus Christi, Tex.: Kwajalein, Sept. 1944.


Gold star in lieu of fourth award:

* DYER, Walter L., Capt., USN, Rumford, Maine: In command of a group of destroyers, Leyte, 1-2 Dec. 1944.

Gold star in lieu of second award:

* SOUTH, Jerry C., Comdr., USN, Norfolk, Va.: Chief of staff to the commander of a gunfire support group, invasion of southern France.

-- 63 --


First award:

* ALLEN, Charles, Capt., USN, Bethlehem, Pa.: Commander of a transport division, Saipan, June 1944.

* AMICO, Guy J., Pfc., USMC, Chicago, Ill.: Marine infantry battalion, Saipan, 1 July 1944.

* BONTEMPO, Emil L., SC3c, USNR, Summit, N. J.: USS LCT 452, invasion of southern France.

* BOWERS, Thomas K., Comdr., USN, Annapolis, Md.: Gunnery officer aboard warship, Batle of Surigao Strait.

* CABLE, Clinton G., CBM, USN, Tacoma, Wash.: Crew member of a vessel, Southwest Pacific Area.

* CARROLL, Frank M., Lt., USNR, Chicago, Ill.: Service in the ETO, 1 May - 15 July 1944.

* CARTWRIGHT, Philip W., Lt., USNR, Palo Alto, Calif.: In charge of mail liaison, CincPac, September 1942 to May 1945.

* CHRISTENSON, Robert V., SF1C, USNR, St. Paul, Minn. (posthumously): Member of an underwater demolition unit, Guam, 14 June 1944.

* CLOWER, John W., Sgt., USMC, Godfrey, Ill.: Chief of a survey team of an artillery battalion, Guam, 21 July, 12 Aug. 1944.

* DALE, Clifton K., CEM, USN, Poquonock Bridge, Conn.: Aboard a submarine.

* DALTON, Thomas W. Jr., Lt.(jg), USNR, Buffalo, N. Y.: Boat captain and section leader of a division of boats in the Southwest Pacific.

* FIORITA, Frank E., SF3c, USNR, Hartford, Conn. (posthumously): Aboard USS Princeton, Battle for Leyte Gulf.

* GARRETT, Kenneth E., GM3c, USNR, Watsonville, Calif.: Vicinity of Philippine Islands, 24 Oct. 1944.

* GIBBS, Wallace M., Corp., USMC, New Albany, Ind.: Marine infantry battalion, Peleliu, 15 Sept. 1944.

* GILLHAM, Ingram B. Jr., PhM1c, USNR, Olla, La.: Landing operations at Empress Augusta Bay, 1 Nov. 1943.

* GUEST, Fredrick H., CBM, USN, Norfolk, Va.: Aboard USS LST 171, Leyte, 20 Oct. 1944.

* HARGAN, Lester D., Lt.(jg), USNR, Ann Arbor, Mich.: CO of the Armed Guard aboard the SS Adoniram Judson, Philippines, 22-31 Oct. 1944.

* HICKEY, Edward J. Jr., Lt. Comdr., USNR, Bethesda, Md.: Member of the staff of the Commander, 7th Amphibious Force, Pacific Area, July 1943-February 1945.

* HICKMAN, Norman G., Lt., USNR, New York, N. Y.: CO of a PT boat in the Elba landing.

* HOLLINGSWORTH, J. C. L., 1st Lt., USMC, Franklin, Ohio: Platoon leader of an assault company of infantry, Peleliu, 15 Sept. - 10 Oct. 1944.

* HOUSE, Charles F., Capt., (SC) USN, Newtonville, Mass.: Supply officer on staff of the commander of a service squadron, October 1942 to December 1944.

* JONES, Sidney W., CQM, USN, Seattle, Wash. (missing in action): Crew member of a submarine.

* KENNEDY, Francis W., PhM2c, USNR, Danville, Ill.: Marine battalion, Empress Augusta Bay area, 13 Nov. 1943.

* MACIDYN, Frank J., BM2c, USN, New York, N. Y. (posthumously): Gun captain of an AA battery.


Hoist (NTC, San Diego)
"If you forget our anniversary again, I'll get a 48-hour pass and go home to mother!"


* MALEY, Paul L., CRM, USN, Redlands, Calif.: Crew member of a sub.

* MARTIN, John J., Lt., USNR, Hamden, Conn.: Diving officer of a sub.

* McCORNOCK, Samuel A., Comdr., USN, Iron River, Mich.: CO of the USS Reid, Biak, 2 June 1944.

* McEWEN, Glenn O., CCM, USNR, Spokane, Wash.: Member of the 40th CB, Admiralty. Islands.

* MOSSMAN, Clifford W., SM1C, USNR, Philmont, N. Y. (posthumously): Aboard USS LCI(G) 365, Guam, 21 July 1944.

* MURPHY, Vincent R., Rear Admiral, USN, Norfolk, Va.: CO of the USS Alabama.

* NICHTER, George A., HA1c, USNR, Brooklyn, N. Y. (posthumously): Marine division, Saipan and Tinian, 15 June - 9 July, 24 July - 1 Aug. 1944.

* PETERSON, Abbot, Comdr., (ChC) USNR, Berkeley, Calif.: Aboard the USS Birmingham, 24 Oct. 1944.

* PHARES, Jesse L., Capt. (then Comdr.), USN, Chevy Chase, Md.: Executive officer of the USS Augusta, Normandy invasion.

* PIRIE, Robert B., Capt., USN, Coronado, Calif.: Chief of staff and operations officer for commander of an air support group, Marianas, 14 June - 1 Aug. 1944.

* PROCTOR, Westley J., CPhM, USN, Corpus Christi, Tex.: Landings on Empress Augusta Bay, 1 Nov. 1943.

* RATZA, Leon V., Corp., USMC, Millington, Mich.: Squad leader, Saipan, 24 June 1944.

* REINHEIMER, Harold R., PhM2c, USNR, Chicago, Ill, (posthumously): Co. B, 1st Btn., 29th Marines, Saipan, 18 June 1944.

* REYNOLDS, Earl R., Ptr3C, USNR, Pittsburgh, Pa. (posthumously): Aboard USS Princeton, Battle for Leyte Gulf.

* RICHARDSON, Alvin F., Comdr., USN, Ackerman, Miss.: CO of the USS Gatling, Battle for Leyte Gulf.

* ROBINSON, James W., PhM2c, USNR, Tulsa, Okla. (posthumously): Marine artillery battalion, Saipan; 20-21 June 1944.

* RUNDELL, Harry L., PhM2c, USN, Flint, Mich.: Marine rifle company, Cape Torokina area, 19 Nov. 1943.

* SAXTON, William A. Jr., AM3c, USN, Philadelphia, Pa. (posthumously): Aboard USS Princeton, Battle for Leyte Gulf.

* SIMPSON, William M., Lt., USNR, Winston-Salem, N. C.: Controlling spotter of USS Phoenix, Battle of Surigao Strait.

* SMITH, Alvah P., EM1c, USNR, Bay St. Louis, Miss.: Crew member aboard a submarine.

* STRONG, Hope Jr., Lt., USN, Winter Park, Fla.: Gunnery officer of a close-in fire-support ship, Tinian, 24 July 1944.

* SUNDERLIN, Rollo C., CMoMM, USN, Boston, Mass.: Aboard ship, Southwest Pacific Area.

* TENNANT, John R., Lt.(jg), USNR, Madison, Wis.: PT-boat captain in the Southwest Pacific Area.

* TERRY, James F., Corp., USMC, Danville, Ill.: Marine rifle company, Peleliu, 16-20 Sept. 1944.

* THOMAS, Ivor R., Lt., USNR, Hayward, Calif.: Based on an escort carrier, Southwest Pacific Area.

* THOMSON, Lowell D., PhM2c, USNR, Riverton, Utah: Aboard an aircraft carrier, Philippines, 24 Oct. 1944.

* TIPTON, James H., PhM2c, USNR, Ripon, Calif.: Marine battalion, Empress Augusta Bay area, 13 Nov. 1943.

* TODD, Donald F., HA1c, USNR, Chester, Ill. (posthumously): Hospital corpsman, beach evacuation unit, Tinian, 24 July 1944.

* TOWNSEND, Marshall O., SoM1c, USCG, Fresno, Calif.: Sound operator aboard a warship.

* TUCKER, Frank A., Cox., USCGR, Taunton, Mass.: Coxswain of a landing boat, Kwajalein, Guam, Peleliu, Leyte, 31 Jan - 20 Oct. 1944.

* VAUGHN, Vie J., Ens., USNR, Niantic, Conn.: CEM aboard a submarine.

* VERNON, Albert B., Lt.(jg) , USCGR, Philadelphia, Pa.: CO of a Coast Guard cutter, invasion of Normandy.

* WAIDELICH, Keith E., QM1c, USN, Jackson, Mich.: Helmsman aboard a submarine.

* WALLACE, Joseph C., PhM3c, USN, Seattle, Wash.: Aircraft carrier, Philippines, 24 Oct. 1944.

* WAYMAN, Keith, CPhM, USN, Albany, Mo.: Attached to the 3d Marine Division, Bougainville and Guam campaigns.

* WEBB, Donald R., HA1c, USNR, Birmingham, Mich. (posthumously): Hospital corpsman, beach evacuation unit, Tinian, 24 July 1944.

* WEEKLY, Leland S., CTM, USN, Lynwood, Calif. (missing in action) : CTM in charge of the forward torpedo room aboard a submarine.

* WEIDNER, Albert G., SF2c, USNR, Maywood, Ill. (posthumously): Saipan invasion, 14 June 1944.

* WHITE, James M., GM1c, USN, Springhill, La. (missing in action) : Gun captain aboard a submarine.

* WHITNEY, John P., Capt., USN, Cedartown, Ga.: CO of a ship, 14 June - 4 Aug. 1944.

* WILLIAMS, Billy D., HA1c, USNR, Baton Rouge, La. (posthumously): Beach evacuation unit, 4th Marine Div., Tinian, 24 July 1944.

* WOOD, Bernard B., Ens., USCG, East Boston, Mass.: CO of a Coast Guard cutter, invasion of Normandy.


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