1. No person holding ay position of profit or trust under the United States shall, without the consent of Congress accept any present, emolument, office, or title of any kind whatever from any king, or prince, of a foreign state. (See United States Constitution, art. 1, sec. 9, cl. 8)
  2. Any present decoration, or other thing, including citation, which shall be conferred or presented by any foreign government to any officer or enlisted man of the United States, civil, naval or military, shall be tendered through the Department of State, and not to the individual in person, but such present, decoration, or other thing shall not be delivered by the Department of State unless so authorized by act of Congress. (See sec. 3, act of 31 January 1881.)
  3. When the bestowal of a foreign decoration is made under such circumstances that its refusal would prove embarrassing to the power conferring it, the individual may accept it. He should, at the same time, inform the donor that he is accepting it subject to the approval of Congress, and forward the decoration and diploma or other thing to the Chief of Naval Personnel for further transmittal to the Department of State. He should not obligate him self or the United States in any way.

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