The Bluejackets' Manual
United States Navy

Tenth Edition


United States Naval Institute
Annapolis, Maryland


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Front Matter
  Introduction; Foreword to Ninth Edition (Revised); Foreword to Tenth Edition; National Anthem; List of color plates.
Part 1.--For the Recruit
Chapter 1.--The Navy as a Career 3
  Your naval career; Leader of men; General education; You enter the naval training station; Receiving unit; Pertinent advice.
Chapter 2.--Clothing 9
  Drawing clothing; Regulations for marking clothing; Prescribed outfit; Regulation clothing; Special advice about clothing; Folding clothes; Stowing clothes; Bag inspection; Stopping clothes on line.
Chapter 3.--General Information 16
  Hammocks; Cleanliness; Field day; Inspection; Medical service; Ship's service; Important points; Government insurance; Library; Deposits of money for safekeeping or saving; Friends; Gambling; Profanity; Moral turpitude; Athletics and recreation; Mast for requests; Captain's mast; Seeing the captain and executive officer; Officers at training station; Officers aboard ship.
Chapter 4.--Rules and Regulations 27
  Rules of discipline; Respect for authority; Good behavior; The two-fold nature of duty in the Navy; Refusal to obey; Result of misconduct; Neglect of duty; Deliberate violation of orders or regulations; Punishments in the Navy.
Chapter 5.--Rules and Regulations--Continued 33
  Unauthorized absence; Desertion; Fraudulent enlistment; Fines; Summary; Theft; Articles for the government of the Navy; Redress of wrongs; Fighting and disturbances; Rules regarding salutes.
Chapter 6.--School of the Recruit 41
  Position of attention; Salute with the hand; The rests; Eyes right or left; Facings; Steps and marching; To face in marching; To change step.
Chapter 7.--Manual of Arms 48
Chapter 8.--School of the Squad 59
Chapter 9.--School of the Platoon 65
Chapter 10.--Boats under Oars 74
  Tables of commands; Explanation of commands.
Chapter 11.--To pull an Oar; Nomenclature
  Positions; Nomenclature; Notes on handling boats under oars.
Knots and Splices 94
  Knots; Long and short splices.
The Compass 99
  Description; Relative bearings.
Visual Signaling 103
  Semaphore; Semaphore alphabet; Procedure signs; Calls.
How to Swim 107
  The requirements; The strokes; Treading water; Conclusion.
What the Navy Offers 119
  Service schools; General requirements for en try to service schools; Appointment of enlisted men to Naval Academy; Promotion to warrant rank; Promotion to commissioned rank; Pay grades; The future the Navy has to offer; Conclusion.
Reporting for Duty aboard Ship 125
  General instructions.
Part 2.--Subjects All Enlisted Men Should Know--A to N
Chapter 18.--A--Discipline and Duty 131
  Twofold nature of duty in the Navy; The importance of accurate knowledge; Discipline; The nature of an order and of a command; Security of information.
Chapter 19.--B--What the Service Offers 135
  General; Liberty; Leave; Shore duty; Re-enlistments; Permanent appointments for chief petty officers; The ship as a training school; Advancement in rating; Appointments to petty officer ratings; Retirement; Medals and rewards; Citizenship; Examining boards and examinations.
Chapter 20.--C--Enlistments, Discharges, Courts-martial 146
  First enlistments; Extension of enlistments; Re-enlistments; Discharges; Proficiency in rating and conduct; Advantage of honorable discharge; Transportation after discharge; Service records; Overstaying liberty; Desertion; Naval courts-martial; Punishments by the commanding officer.
Chapter 21.--D--Pay and Accounts 159
  Pay grades; Extra allowances; Accounts; Payments of money; Loss of pay due to breaking liberty; Example of chief petty officers' pay; Time not served and time lost due to misconduct; General information on stores titles; Ships' allotments.
Chapter 22.--E--Navy Customs, Naval Organization 165
  Rules regarding salutes; Rules of saluting officers; National anthem; National flag; Quarter-deck and gangways; The Navy and its relation to the government; The President; The Secretary of the Navy; Bureaus and offices; The commander in chief of a fleet; Rank; Corps devices; Exercise of authority.
Chapter 23.--F--General Characteristics of Ships 175
  General; Hull; Armor; Drainage system; Ventilation system; Watertightness; Nomenclature of decks; Bulkheads; Peak tanks; Questions and answers.
Chapter 24.--G-- General Features of Ships of the Navy 188
  Type classification; Features of different types of ships.
Chapter 25.--H--Events in the Daily Routine 201
  Daily routine in port; Daily routine at sea; Notes on routine; Messes; Watches and divisions; Scrubbing and cleaning; Smoking hours; Lucky bag; Ship's orders; Miscellaneous information.
Chapter 26.--I--Aim and Object of All General Drills 215
  General; Water-tight integrity; Details of drills; Fire drill; Collision drill; Abandon ship drill; Fire and rescue drill; Plane crash and salvage; Battle drill; General quarters; Fueling ship.
Chapter 27.--J--Regulations in Regard to Uniform and Clothing 235
  Regulations for marking clothing; Prescribed outfit; Uniform of the day; Side arms, leggings, etc.; Pins and jewelry; The hair and beard; Geneva-cross and shore patrol brassards; Custody of clothing, arms, and accouterments; Regulation clothing; Rain clothing; Laws affecting the uniform; Neckerchiefs; Care of clothes; Requisitions for clothing; Fresh water.
Chapter 28.--K--Personal Hygiene and First Aid 245
  Personal hygiene; Elementary first aid; Wounds in general; Hemorrhage or bleeding; Application of first-aid dressings; Sprains, dislocations, and fractures; Methods of carrying the wounded; Use of regular and improvised stretchers; Other injuries.
Chapter 29.--L--Painting and the Preparation of Surfaces Therefor 286
  Paints in general; Application of paint; Bottom paints; Brushes and how to care for them; Preparation of surfaces to be painted; A few don'ts; Poisonous effect produced by paints.
Chapter 30.--M--Swimming; Life Saving; Life Buoys 295
  Life-saving methods; Artificial respiration; Life buoys.
Chapter 31.--N--Athletics 307
  Athletics on board ship.
Part 3.--Rudimentary Seamanship and Gunnery
Chapter 32.--Boats 313
  Classes and types; Terms used with boats; Boat gear carried; Boat chest; Medical emergency box; Cooking utensils; Provisions; Fire-fighting equipment; Stowage of boats; Boat salutes; Duties of a boat keeper, salutes required; Lifeboats.
Chapter 33.--Sails and Sailing 339
  Boat sails; Rigs of sailing ships; Rig of sail boats; Rigging; Definitions; Principles of sailing; Bending and sheeting sails; Trim; Tacking; Wearing; General precautionary notes; Rules of the road; Preparations prior to sailing; Boats under sail (drills); Sailing races, general rules.
Chapter 34.--Marlinespike Seamanship 381
  General; Rope; Fiber rope; Uncoiling Manila rope; Small cordage; Size of fiber rope; Care of fiber rope; Care of the fiber rigging; Knotting; Miscellaneous methods of securing; Splicing; Seizing; Worming, parceling, and serving; Palm and needle; Sennit; Turk's-head; Coxcombing; Pointing ropes and hawsers; Power-boat trimmings.
Chapter 35.--Duties of Seaman Watches, Under Way and at Anchor 405
  Masthead and deck lookouts; Life-buoy lookouts; Special lookouts; Engine-order telegraph; Breakdown and man-overboard signal watch; Speed-cone watch; Night-speed-indicator watch; Flag-speed-indicator watch; Fog-whistle and fog-bell watch; Fog-buoy or towing-spar watch; Duties of the various messengers; General duties of a sentry; General duties of an orderly; Side boys; Sweepers; Side cleaners; Jack-o'-the-dust; Anchor watch; The watch at sea.
Chapter 36.--Deck Seamanship 424
  Sea terms; Preparing for port; Getting under way; Rigging gangways and booms; Heaving a line; Mooring a ship with lines; Mooring to a buoy; Fenders; Boat lines and their uses; Coiling down rope; Forward hold; Tarring down; Awnings.
Chapter 37.--Ground Tackle 442
  Definition; Types of anchors; Anchors carried on ships; Anchors--General; Anchor cables; Shackles; Swivels; Cable markings; Billboard stowage of anchors; Fouled anchors; Care of ground tackle; Mooring with anchors.
Chapter 38.--Steering and Sounding 457
  The rudder; Types of steering gear; Steering orders; Instructions for good steering; Compasses; Logs; Sounding.
Chapter 39.--Electricity 474
  Nature of electricity; Electrical apparatus.
Chapter 40.--Carrying the Automatic Rifle and Submachine Gun 482
  Rules governing carrying of the automatic rifle; Rules governing carrying of the submachine gun.
Chapter 41.--Cart Drill 485
Chapter 42.--Small Arms 490
  The United States magazine rifle, model of 1903; The pistol; The object of sighting, position, and aiming drills and of gallery practice, general principles of individual range firing; Safety precautions.
Chapter 43.--Elementary Gunnery 511
  Gunnery training; Guns; Primers; Fuzes; Powder; Projectiles; Summary; Magazines and shell rooms; Safety precautions for all hands.
Chapter 44.--Navy Signal Systems 531
Part 4.--Advanced Seamanship and Gunnery
Chapter 45.--Advanced Seamanship and Gunnery 539
  Power boats; Aviation seamanship; Abbreviated rules for boat coxswains; Safety precautions--Gasoline-driven power boats; Other boats--Handling and uses; Rules of the road; Tides; Buoys; Storm warning signals.
Chapter 46.--A Section, a Watch at Sea, C. & R. Soundings 588
Chapter 47.--Marlinespike Seamanship 597
  Wire rope.
Chapter 48.--Deck Seamanship 617
Chapter 49.--Instructing, Messes, Precedence 631
Chapter 50.--Ground Tackle 636
  Handling anchors and chain; Mooring ship.
Chapter 51.--Small Arms; Details of Individual and Collective Firing 646
Chapter 52.--Signals, Boat and Ship 651
Part 5.--Physical Drills
Chapter 53.--Physical Drills without Arms 663
  General; Starting positions of the arms; Starting positions of the legs; Starting positions of the trunk; Miscellaneous starting positions; Combined starting positions of the arms and legs; Leg exercises carried out from the starting positions; Arm exercises carried out from the starting positions; Neck exercises carried out from the starting positions; Trunk exercises carried out from the starting positions.
Chapter 54.--Physical Drills with Arms 681
Part 6.--Landing Force
Chapter 55.--Equipment Carried by Each Man: Haversack, Pack, Rations; Assembling the Equipment 691
  Landing force; Light marching order; Heavy marching order; The infantry pack.
Chapter 56.--Extended Order 706
  Exercises; Combat principles of the rifle squad and platoon; Combat signals.
Part 7.--Miscellaneous
Chapter 57.--Miscellaneous 731
  Submarine service; Naval reserve; Navy training courses; Duties of a petty officer; Disposition of effects of deserters, deceased men and men going on leave.
Chapter 58.--Gas-Protective Apparatus 744
  War-time gas attack; Gas-mask drills; Upkeep of gas masks; Gases encountered in peace-time operations; Asphyxia; Artificial respiration; Protective apparatus; Gas masks for submarines.
Chapter 59.--The Use of Boatswain's Call 773
  History; Piping and passing the word.

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