Change No. 9 Joint Action of the Army and the Navy, 1935

J.B. No. 346 (Serial 752)

Washington, August 18, 1942.

The following changes in Joint Action of the Army and the Navy 1935, have been approved by the Secretary of War and by the Secretary of the Navy and should be made in all copies of this publication.

Add the following new pages:

Page Nos. Subject matter
Ip-Iq Promulgation of Change No. 9.

Remove and destroy the pages listed below and substitute the reprinted pages containing changes as indicated:

Old page Nos. Changes on reprinted pages
II-IIa C.J.A. 9--List of effective pages (revised August 18, 1942).
132a-132bb Paragraph 133, subparagraph added.

The office of The Adjutant General, War Department, and the Registered Publication, Navy Department, require no report of this change.

Brigadier General, United States Army,


[B L A N K]


List of Effective Pages

(Revised August 18, 1942)

Subject matter Change in
Page Nos.
Title page Original No number
Navy letter of promulgation of November 15, 1935 (Navy copies only) " 0-00*
Promulgation of Change No. 1, July 22, 1936 1*** I-Ia
Promulgation of Change No. 2, November 30, 1938 2 Ib-Ic
Promulgation of Change No. 3, June 28, 1940 3 Id-Ie
Promulgation of Change No. 4, January 25, 1941 4 If-Ig
Promulgation of Change No. 5, July 14, 1941 5 Ih-Ii
Promulgation of Change No. 6, January 28, 1942 6 Ij-Ik
Promulgation of Change No. 7, March 31, 1942 7 Il-Im
Promulgation of Change No. 8, June 2, 1942 8 In-Io
Promulgation of Change No. 9, August 18, 1942 9 Ip-Iq
List of effective pages 9 II-IIa
Joint letter of promulgation of September 11, 1935 Original III-IV**
Contents 2 V-VI
Contents, Part I 2 VII
Contents, Part I, continued Original VIII
Chapter I " 1-2
Chapter I, continued 1 3-4**
Chapter II 2 5-6
Chapter III 2 11
Chapter III, continued Original 12
Chapter III, continued 7 13-16
Chapter IV " 17
Chapter IV, continued 2 18
Chapter IV, continued Original 19-20**
Contents, Part II " 21-22**
Contents, Chapter V " 23-26
Chapter V 6 27-32
Chapter V, continued Original 33-37
Chapter V, continued 6 38-42
Chapter V, continued 2 43-44
Chapter V, continued Original 45 to 47
Chapter V, continued 2 48
Chapter V, continued Original 49-50
Chapter V, continued 7 51-52
Chapter V, continued Original 53-54
Chapter V, continued 6 55-57
Chapter V, continued Original 58-60
Chapter V, continued 6 61

* Should be so numbered in ink in Navy copies only.
** Original blank pages IV, 4, 16, 20, and 22 should be so numbered in ink.
*** Navy copies "2."


Subject matter Change in
Page Nos.
Chapter V, continued Original 62-64
Chapter V, continued 6 65-67
Chapter V, continued 2 68
Contents, Chapter VI 2 69
Contents, Chapter VI, continued Original 70 to 72
Chapter VI " 73 to 76
Chapter VI, continued 2 77 to 80
Chapter VI, continued Original 81-82
Chapter VI, continued 2 83-84
Chapter VI, continued Original 85-86
Chapter VI, continued 2 87
Chapter VI, continued Original 88 to 90
Chapter VI, continued 2 91
Chapter VI, continued Original 92 to 97
Chapter VI, continued 2 98
Chapter VI, continued Original 99-100
Chapter VI, continued 2 101
Chapter VI, continued Original 102
Chapter VI, continued 2 103-104
Chapter VI, continued Original 105
Chapter VI, continued 2 106-107
Chapter VI, continued Original 108 to 110
Chapter VI, continued 6 111-112
Contents, Chapter VII Original 113-114**
Chapter VII Original 115 to 126**
Contents, Chapter VIII Original 127-128**
Chapter VIII 6 129-130
Chapter VIII, continued 8 131-132
Chapter VIII, continued 9 132a-132b
Chapter VIII, continued 7 132b
Chapter VIII, continued Original 133
Chapter VIII, continued 2 134
Chapter VIII, continued Original 135-136**
Chapter IX 5 137-138
Chapter IX, continued 4 139-140d
Chapter IX, continued 7 141-144a
Chapter IX, continued 3 145-158
Chapter IX, continued 8 159-162a
Chapter IX, continued 3 163-164
Chart of Organization for Coastal Frontier Defense Original No number
Diagram No. I, Coastal Frontier. Joint Radio and Wire Communications 3 No number
Diagram No. II, Joint Overseas Expedition--Landing Phase. Typical Communication Circuits for One Beach 3 No number

** Original blank pages 114, 126, 128 and 136 should be so numbered in ink.


Chapter VIII
Agencies for Effecting Coordination

    A representative of the Maritime Commission, selected by the chairman thereof, will be added to the executive committee of the Army and Navy Munitions Board when questions concerning coordination between the Army, Navy, and Maritime Commission in procurement matters are under consideration.

  1. The board is authorized and directed to--

    1. Assure the necessary coordination in the procurement war plans of the two services, and in all plans, studies, and appendices thereto intended to facilitate the Government's efforts in war to promote orderly mobilization of industry.

    2. Form and direct the activities of such joint committees as may be necessary to consider, investigate, and make recommendations concerning pertinent subjects falling within the purview of the board's responsibilities.

    3. Translate currently the joint requirements of the Army and Navy, as they may be changed, or affected by changes, from time to time; analyze, calculate,and reduce such joint requirements to terms of raw materials, productive capacity and equipment, and plan in cooperation with the appropriate civilian agencies to meet these requirements.

    4. Ascertain and foresee the existence and probable extent of shortages and bottlenecks in all fields affecting procurement and production of military items, and, in cooperation with the appropriate civilian agencies, formulate and recommend measures to met and overcome all such threatened difficulties.

    5. Keep informed on, follow closely at every point, and wherever appropriate, participate in the actions, proceedings, and plans of the various civilian defense agencies with whose activities it is concerned, with a view to keeping the military services informed and to advocating the interests of the Army and Navy at all levels throughout these agencies.

    6. Furnish the senior representatives of the Army and Navy on the important civilian or governmental agencies with such information as will permit the evaluation of the plans and programs under consideration as to their effect upon the program of the military services.

    7. Perform such other functions and duties related to the foregoing as may be assigned to it from time to time by the Chairman of the War Production Board.

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