HyperWar: Navy Filing Manual, 1941 (Index)



S78-1AA projectile bursts, ammunition.
S85-1 AA recording camera, photography.
EN9-148 A. O. Smith Corp., Milwaukee, Wis., navy coat inspector.
DD132 Aaron Ward (stricken).
DD483 Aaron Ward (new).
A5-9 Abandon ship drills, ship and aircraft.
S34-2 Abandon ship lockers.
P7 Abandonment (domestic relations).
A16-3 Abandonment (war).
L11-3 Abandonment (material).
AC13 Abarenda (ex-AG14) (stricken).
DD184 Abbot (stricken).
DD629 Abbot (new).
DD193 Abel P. Upshur (stricken).
EW27-5 Aberdeen Proving Ground (Army).
H1-16 Aberrations and silent areas, hydrographic.
P20-1 Ability, performance.
DD526 Abner Read.
S75-2 Above-water torpedo tubes.
AVP23 Absecon.
P15 Absence and attendance.
P17-1 Absence, authority to act for another in.
A17-11 Absence, of president, senior member, duties (courts-martial).
P13-8 Absence without and over leave.
P18 Absentees.
F13-11 Absorbers, shock.
N1-13 Abstract of titles, land.
L6-2 Abstract of vouchers.
L10-7 Abstracts and commercial traffic accounts (accounting).
EF1 Abyssinia.
ED Academy of Sciences, National.
S51-3 Accelerators, boiler.
F31-1 Accelerometer.
AMc36 Accentor.
L4-1 Acceptable list of firms.
P14-2 Acceptance of appointment.
L4-2 Acceptance of bids (purchasing).
L6-1 Acceptance of deliveries.
F8 Acceptance trials.
F10-2 Access doors, Nacelle.
S16-6 Access, special.
S11-7 Access trunk.
S26-5 Accessories, foundations and stowage (mooring).
F34-4 Accessories, lavatories, sanitation.
F21-2 Accessories and parts, engine.
S79 Accessories, and spares, field and machine guns, small arms (ship).
S91-1 Accessory overhaul shops.
P6-2 Accidental death.
P18-1 Accidents, absence on account of.
L11-1 Accidents, casualties, and salvages.
S73-1 Accidents and errors broadside guns.
S74-1 Accidents and errors in machining forcings, antiaircraft guns.
S72-4 Accidents and errors, turret-gun forgings.
P2 Accidents, personnel.
L20-1 Accommodations, travel.
A17-15 Accomplice, an (courts-martial).
L11 Accountability and custody of material.
ON13 Accounting officers ashore.
L10 Accounts and accounting.
ES13 Accounts, Bureau of, State Department.
EA16 Accounts and Disbursements, Bureau of, Department of Agriculture.
EJ7 Accounts, Division of, Department of Justice.
A5-7 Accounts, engineering performances.
S79-4 Accoutrement lockers, landing force.
P18-1 Accrued leave.
N5-25 Accumulator and air flask shops.
S49 Accumulators, air compressor.
N8-2 Accumulators, air flasks, torpedo, laboratories for.
A17-14 Accused (courts-martial).
F38-1 Acetate, finish.
N26-4 Acetylene distribution.
N23-5 Acetylene and oxyacetylene plants (generating plants, not structures).
N7-5 Acetylene and oxyacetylene plants (structures).
P10-3 Acey-ducey.
N23-2 Acid plants, nitric (generating plants, not structures).
N7-2 Acid plants, nitric, structures.
N6-57 Acid shed.
F44-2 Acids and chemicals, photography.
S85 Acids and chemicals, photographic.
AMc61 Acme.
S76-1 Acoustic, mines.
S81-9 Acoustic mine sweeping.
N19-15 Acoustics, buildings.
P1-4 Acquisition of citizenship.
LS-3 Acquisition, procurement by.
A17-7 Acquittals, Government personnel to Federal authorities.
A17-7 Acquitted, men by civil authorities.
PG-1 Action, casualties.
A2 Action, Executive.
L8-2 Action taken on requisitions.
A17-5 Actions, law and justice.
YT112 Active.
P14-2 Active appointments.
P16-3 Active duty.
A8-5 Activities, foreign.
P9-1 Activities, political.
ND17 Activities on the Potomac and Severn Rivers.
A16-3 Activities, warfare.
L11-1 Acts of God.
P15 Acts, heroic or distinguished.
L10-5 Acts of July 11, 1919, and April 21, 1922, relief from.
A18-2 Acts and resolutions, legislation.
L10-3 Actual cost and estimated (accounting).
S81-8 Acuity tester, fire control.
S71-8 Acuity, (optical) range taker, testers.
AT63 Acushnet.
AMc62 Adamant.
AP38 Adams, President.
S78-1 Adamsite ammunition adapters.
873-3 Adapters, sight, broadside guns.
S72 Adapters, turret guns, sights.
P3-2 Addicts, drug.
S32-9 Adding machines.
N36-4 Adding machines.
P16 Additional duty and employees.
P17-1 Additional numbers (rank, precedence).
P1-2 Address, home and change of.
A6-4 Addresses, mail.
P7 Addresses and names of relatives (domestic relations).
A15-2 Addresses (speeches).
EF13-6 Aden (British).
P9-1 Adherence or leanings, political.
L2-1 Adherence to specifications, (logistic).
L6-2 Ad interim payments.
S71-8 Adjusters, range-finders.
S47 Adjusting and ballast pumps (submarine).
S29-1 Adjusting or equilibrium.
S72-6 Adjusting rings, turret guns.
S48-1 Adjusting tanks.
L4-3 Adjustments under contracts (purchasing).
P16-3 Adjutant and assistant adjutant, detail of (assignment and detail).
EW9 Adjutant General, Army.
KS2 Adjutant and inspector, assistant, San Francisco, Calif., Marine Corps.
KS1 Adjutant and inspector, Marine Corps.
S29-11 Admeasurement, certificate of.
A Administration group.
HY Administration, emergency organization.
N3 Administration structures.
L10 Administrative examination and analysis of accounts and expenses for (accounting).
S2 Administrative expense.
S32-1 Administrative and fleet offices.
OF Administrative officers afloat.
ON Administrative officers ashore.
A2-2 Administrative pamphlets.
LO Administrative service (civilian).
YFB2 Admiral Glass (stricken).
OL1 Admirals.
P16-3 Admiral's aides.
JE1 Admiral's mess.
S32-1 Admiral's office.
A17-3 Admiralty law.
P16-3 Admission to and discharge from hospitals.
P14-2 Admission, examination for (appointment).
A17-15 Admissions, Law, Justice.
P13-9 Admonition, letters of, punishment.
AM52 Adroit.
YT28 Advance (stricken).
AMc63 Advance (new).
YX Advance base lighters.
KA Advance bases, marine.
L6-2 Advance of money to contractors.
L16-4 Advance pay.
L6-2 Advance payment.
FF13-17 Advanced carrier training group, Atlantic Fleet.
FF12-17 Advanced earner training group, Pacific Fleet.
A5-1 Advanced practices, gun exercise.
L4-3 Advances of materials (purchasing).
AM53 Advent.
P13-2 Adventurers and imposters.
L3 Advertising.
P11-1 Advisers, educational.
EK Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, National.
EN1-19 Advisory council, Secretary of the Navy.
H2-16 Aerial beacons.
A16-3 Aerial bombing and gas, warfare.
S85 Aerial and ground photography.
N39-2 Aerial ladders, miscellaneous equipment, etc., landing field.
F44-3 Aerial photographs.
L21-4 Aerial shipments.
F41-10 Aerial, targets- fixed and moving.
S75-1 Aerial torpedoes.
L20-1 Aerial transportation (personnel).
A16 Aerial warfare- gas, bombing, spraying of liquids.
H4-4 Aerographs.
NV Aerographers, aviation.
N10-6 Aerographic huts.
N10-10 Aerological building.
S87 Aerological equipment.
H4-8 Aerological forms.
OV3 Aerological officers.
S32-6 Aerological, powder, engineers, etc., laboratories and testing rooms.
H4 Aerology, meteorology and equipment.
NC107 Aeronautical engineering naval training schools (officers).
EC17 Aeronautics, Assistant Secretary for, Department of Commerce.
EN11 Aeronautics, Bureau of.
EU Aeronautics Commission, Civil Authority.
HK Aeronautics, National Advisory Committee for.
P8-3 Affairs, social.
P7 Affections, alienation of.
A17-15 Affidavits, court-martial.
P9-1 Affiliations, political.
AMc112 Affray.
P13-2 Affray (misconduct and discipline).
P13-2 Affront against sentinel or noncommissioned officer of a guard.
EF2 Afghanistan.
QG1-1 Africa..
L10-2 Afloat, supply accounting, method of.
S75-1 After bodies, torpedo.
PYc4 Agate.
P1-3 Age and birth.
P19-2 Age in grade, retirement.
P14 Age limit, appointment.
L4-2 Agencies (purchasing).
L15 Agencies, selling.
L4.-2 Agents for bidding (purchasing).
L12-2 Agents, fiscal, investments.
A17-6 Agents, legal matters.
A8-4 Agents, Secret Service.
AMc64 Aggressor
AMc111 Agile.
L4-3 Agreements (contracts).
A14-7 Agreements, international; awards; protocols.
EA Agriculture, Department of.
YX5 Ahdeek (stricken).
P16-3 Aides, admirals'.
P13-8 Aiding or enticing other to desert.
N20 Aids, navigational, and moorings (structures only).
F32-3 Aileron control.
P11-2 Ailerons.
S86 Aiming apparatus, instruction.
EN2-2 Air, Assistant Secretary of Navy for.
S49-3 Air banks.
NA Air bases, naval.
S48-23 Air chambers, piping.
S51-3 Air cocks, boiler.
JC11 Air, compressed.
S41 Air compressor cylinders, main propelling machinery.
S49 Air compressors.
S38-3 Air conditioning.
N10-8 Air conditioning and humidifying plants.
NA3-3 Air detail, Annapolis, Md.
F24-4 Air distributor and starter.
S61 Air ducts and air washers, generator cooling systems.
S28-2 Air ducts, piping, etc.
S46-4 Air ejectors, evacuators and occulators.
S75-3 Air and electric hoists in torpedo room.
S48-9 Air escapes (vents) and sounding tube, piping.
S75-1 Air flask forgings, torpedo.
N5-25 Air flasks and accumulator shops.
N8-2 Air flasks and accumulators, torpedo, laboratories for.
S38-1 Air flow meters, ventilating, testing.
FE14 Air forces.
S87 Air gauges.
FG Air groups.
N5-67 Air hose shop.
S41 Air intakes and headers, main propelling machinery.
S65-5 Air lock indicators.
S38-1 Air louvres.
A6-4 Air mail.
EP7 Air Mail Service, Post Office Department.
F39-3 Air, marking for piping.
S24-9 Air motor (ship control).
H3-10 Air navigation, obstructions to.
F28-2 Air, piping condensers.
S49 Air plant compressed.
P2-4 Air pollution (preventive medicine).
S87 Air-pressure gauges.
S46 Air pumps, condensing.
S47 Air pumps, evaporator.
S38-1 Air purifiers.
S77-2 Air purifiers, gas and smoke warfare.
S55-4 Air registers and shutters, fuel oil.
S56-3 Air removers, feed water.
H1-23 Air routes.
F18-5 Air scoops.
F25-2 Air scoops, temperature control.
S72-3 Air seals, gunport, turret.
A21 Air Services (administration).
EW18 Air Service, Army, Chief of.
L21-1 Air shipments.
F31 Air-speed instruments.
S41 Air starting apparatus, main propelling machinery.
N39 Air-station equipment.
NA Air stations, naval.
S75-1 Air sustained gyros, torpedo.
N26-1 Air systems, shore.
F31-4 Air-temperature thermometer.
S29-8 Air-testing pump.
S11-5 Air-tight, bulkheads structural.
S16-3 Air-tight doors.
S75-2 Air, water gauges, torpedo.
A5-14 Aircraft and balloon races.
FF2-3 Aircraft, Battle Force, U.S. Fleet (obsolete).
FF12-5 Aircraft, Battle Force, Pacific Fleet.
CV Aircraft carriers.
L11-1 Aircraft, damage done by.
A4-3 Aircraft employment, operations, commissioning.
N5 Aircraft-engine and erecting shop.
F2 Aircraft, expense administration.
NP11 Aircraft factory, Philadelphia, Pa.
F34 Aircraft furnishings.
VV Aircraft, general.
VB-VT Aircraft, heavier-than-air.
ZK-ZZ Aircraft, lighter-than-air.
F Aircraft material group.
A4 Aircraft, operations of vessels or aircraft.
F41 Aircraft Ordnance.
A5-1 Aircraft practices.
ARV Aircraft repair ships.
FF12-9 Aircraft, Scouting Force, Pacific Fleet.
L8-4 Aircraft, servicing of, on flights.
F48 Aircraft, special equipment.
FV Aircraft squadrons.
FF13-2 Aircraft squadrons, Atlantic Fleet, (Obsolete, see FV.)
FF2-3 Aircraft squadrons, Battle Fleet. (Obsolete, see FV.)
FF3-4 Aircraft squadrons, Scouting Fleet. (Obsolete, see FV.)
N39 Aircraft station equipment.
H1-18 Aircraft surveys.
AV Aircraft tender, heavier-than-air.
AZ Aircraft tenders, lighter-than-air.
S75-1 Aircraft torpedoes.
APV Aircraft transports.
NE16 Aircraft trial courses.
S16-6 Airlocks.
N10-2 Airplane, aviation structure.
S24-11 Airplane control station.
N8-10 Airplane engine laboratories.
S17-1 Airplane handling crane and gear.
S83 Airplane handling and stowage on ships.
F39 Airplane, insignia and marking.
S71-3 Airplane periscopes.
N6-2 Airplane storehouses.
L11-8 Airplanes, commercial, care and storage of.
S12-3 Airports and air port scoops.
P10-4 Airs, musical and patriotic.
N10-1 Airships hangars.
S84 Airship, kite and balloon handling and stowage.
ZN Airships, nonrigid.
ZR Airships, rigid.
AC14 Ajax (ex-AG 15) (stricken)
AR6 Ajax (new)
EN11-11 Akron, Ohio, inspector of naval aircraft.
YT130 Ala.
BB60 Alabama.
EG2 Alabama.
EN9-32 Alabama D. D, & S.B. Co., Mobile, Alabama, Navy cost inspector.
KP51 Alameda, Calif., marine barracks.
NA27 Alameda, Calif., naval air station.
EN9-70 Alameda, Calif., Navy cost inspector, General Engineering & D.D. Co.
EN25-10 Alameda, Calif., supervisor of shipbuilding, Pacific Coast Engineering Co.
LE1-6 Alameda, Calif., U.S. Maritime Service Training Station.
S65 Alarm systems, audible signal systems (interior-communication apparatus).
N28-5 Alarm systems, military.
A6-1 Alasiatic messages.
CB1 Alaska.
EG3 Alaska.
EI24 Alaskan Engineering Commission.
EI27 Alaskan railroads.
HH Alaskan Road Commissioners.
A6-1 Alatl messages.
SS218 Albacore.
EF3 Albania.
CL23 Albany (stricken).
CA72 Albany (new).
NL5 Albany, N.Y., recruiting station.
AM71 Albatross.
AV5 Albermarle.
AK23 Alchiba.
JJ7-7 Alcohol, fuel.
P13-2 Alcohol, illegal possession, selling, smuggling, etc.
S30-5 Alcohol (bulk) storage.
S87 Alcohol-testing hydrometers.
L14-2 Alcohol, withdrawing from bond.
P13-2 Alcoholic liquor, use of.
AG34 Alcor.
AK24 Alcyone.
AF10 Aldebaran.
DD211 Alden.
APL1 Alexander, Edmund P..
EN6-19 Alexandria, Va., inspector of ordnance.
KP1 Alexandria, Va., marine post.
NP2 Alexandria, Va., Washington, D.C. Navy Yard, naval torpedo station.
EF28-4 Algeria (French).
EN9-118 Algiers, New Orleans, La., navy cost inspector, Todd-Johnson D.D. Co.
NM20 Algiers, New Orleans, La., navy receiving station.
LE3-2 Algiers, New Orleans, La., U.S. Maritime Commission Cadet Schools.
AK25 Algorab.
AT34 Algorma.
AK26 Alhena.
P1 Alias, alien.
S71-8 Alidade, fire control.
S24-7 Alidades.
A8-5 Alien enemies.
HB Alien Property Custodian.
P7 Alienation of affection.
P14 Aliens, employment and enlistment of.
S75-2 Alignment of torpedo tubes.
P7 Alimony.
YT174 Allaquippa.
AT19 Allegheny.
DD66 Allen.
AP30 Allen, Henry T.
N4-10 Alley, bowling.
S43-2 Alleys, shaft.
A14-7 Alliances; allies, international.
EE9 Allocations board and supply priorities.
A16-1 Allocations for national defense.
P16-1 Allotment of personnel.
L1 Allotments, estimates and appropriations.
L16-6 Allotments of pay.
A5 Allowance, ammunition gunnery exercise; engineering performance.
P10-2 Allowances for entertainment, enlisted men.
L16 Allowances, money, ration, subsistence and other.
L7 Allowances, stock.
L20-5 Allowances, travel.
L1-2 Allowances to vessels, money, quarterly.
YT170 Alloway.
AS-7 Allowed speed, engineering performance.
AK27 Almaack.
A10-5 Almanacs and calendars (except nautical).
A6-1 Alnav messages, Alnavsta messages.
YN2 Alol.
A6-1 Alpac messages.
NR59 Alpena, Mich., radio traffic station.
AD11 Altair.
F2-3 Alteration expense.
L9-3 Alterations, repairs and overhaul (care and preservation).
L12-1 Altered, destroyed, or canceled checks.
P14-2 Alternate appointments (personnel).
S61 Alternators, turbo.
F31-1 Altimeter.
F21-3 Altitude adjustment control levers, engine.
F41-8 Altitude, high- and low, bomb sights.
IX5 Alton (stricken).
JJ46-6 Aluminum and alloys.
S71-8 Aluminum castings.
F18-6 Aluminum foil.
NK9 Amagansett, N.Y., radio traffic station.
NX12 Amagansett, N.Y., radio direction finder station.
A3-1 Amalgamation (organization and management).
QV4 Amateur radio stations.
ES18 Ambassadors, Department of State.
PYc6 Amber.
SS219 Amberjack.
P1-6 Ambition (habits and character).
YH Ambulance boats.
VH Ambulance plane.
N33-3 Ambulances.
NO-1 Ambulant wards.
A16-3 Ambush (war).
A6-6 Amendments, records.
IX41 America.
GK American Bureau of Shipping.
L21-1 American bottoms, shipment in.
EN7-28 American Car & Foundry Co., Wilmington, Del., superintending constructor.
EN25-5 American Car & Foundry Co., Wilmington, Del., supervisor of shipbuilding.
KP146 American Embassy, London, England, marine detachment.
EB3 American Ethnology, Bureau of.
AP35 American Legion.
EN9-179 American Locomotive Co., Dunkirk, N.Y., navy cost inspector.
EN9-106 American Locomotive Works, Chicago Heights, Ill., Navy cost inspector.
HJ American National Red Cross.
EN9-100 American Oerlikon Gazda Co., Providence, R.I., navy cost inspector.
EN6-38 American Oerlikon Gazda Co., Providence, R.I., inspector of ordnance.
EN9-166 American Pulley Co., Philadelphia, Pa., navy cost inspector.
EN25-21 American S.B. Co., Cleveland, Ohio, supervisor of shipbuilding.
EN25-27 American S.B. Co., Lorraine, Ohio, supervisor of shipbuilding.
EN9-174 American Tool Works Co;, Cincinnati, Ohio, navy cost inspector.
EN9-138 Amertop Corp., Chicago, Ill., navy cost inspector.
PYc3 Amethyst.
DD35 Ammen (stricken).
DD527 Ammen (new).
F36-12 Ammeters.
S69 Ammeters.
JC4 Ammonia.
S59-1 Ammonia ice machine.
S78-1 Ammonium picrate ammunition.
A5-1 Ammunition allowance, gunnery exercises.
S72-10 Ammunition cars, turret.
NT1 Ammunition depots.
S86-3 Ammunition, dummy.
S78 Ammunition, handling and storage (except turrets).
S72-10 Ammunition hoists, supply, cars, turret.
YF Ammunition lighters.
F41 Ammunition, ordnance.
AE Ammunition ships.
S76-2 Ammunition, Y gun, depth charges.
A14-7 Amnesty, political relations, international.
L10-6 Amortization.
FE25 Amphibian force (vessels).
F13-11 Amphibian, shock absorbers.
KP142 Amphibian Tractor Detachment, Dunedin, Fla., Marine Corps.
F42-1 Amplifier, radio (aircraft).
CL59 Amsterdam.
N4-8 Amusement and recreational buildings.
NP15 Anacostia, D.C., aircraft radio laboratory.
NA6 Anacostia, D.C., naval air station.
NA44 Anacostia, D.C., Naval Reserve Aviation base.
NC30 Anacostia, D.C. Pigeon Training School.
NR30 Anacostia, D.C. radio traffic station.
NX18 Anacostia, D.C. radio direction-finder station.
L5-1 Analyses, materials.
A5-7 Analyses of performance, engineering performance.
L10-6 Analysis and adjustment of charges and prices (accounting).
P9-2 Anarchists, Anarchy.
P4-5 Anatomy.
S65-4 Anchor gongs and pulls.
F36-10 Anchor lights.
S64--5 Anchor lights, electric.
S26 Anchor, mooring and appliances.
N6-17 Anchor storehouse.
H2-1 Anchorage, arrangements for.
H1-1 Anchorages and harbors.
N16-7 Anchorages, floating dry docks.
F45-1 Anchors.
S26 Anchors, appliances, telegraph.
S81-1 Anchors and lines, buoy, mine channel marking.
S76-1 Anchors, mine.
N20-6 Anchors for moorings.
H2-1 Anchors, mooring, navigation.
N20-12 Anchors, nets, chains, etc. for submarine defense.
EF13-12 Andaman Islands.
DD411 Anderson.
EF28-1 Andorra (French).
PYc11 Andradite.
H4-4 Anemographs and anemometers.
S65-4 Anemometer indicator system.
S24-7 Anemometers, masthead.
S38-1 Anemometers, ventilating.
S24-7 Aneroid, manometers.
P3-2 Anesthetics.
A5-9 Angle of fall, projectile; angle file data.
S71-8 Angle-fire corrector, fire-control.
F32-5 Angle of incidence wing form control.
S71-4 Angle, (torpedo) salver.
SS240 Angler.
S11-6 Angles, stringer, deck.
S73-2 Angles of train and elevation broadside mounts.
EF13-37 Anglo-Egyptian Sudan.
EF30 Anhalt.
N8-13 Animal house, hospital laboratories.
EA9 Animal Industry, Bureau of, Department of Agriculture.
S30-1 Animal pens.
P13--2 Animals, mistreatment of.
QI Animals other than domestic.
EF28-3 Annam.
IX1 Annapolis (ex-PG10) (stricken).
NC105 Annapolis, Md., aviation radio school.
NC82 Annapolis, Md., Diesel School (EES).
NP10 Annapolis, Md., engineering experiment station.
KP2 Annapolis, Md., marine post.
NR24 Annapolis, Md., Naval Academy radio traffic station.
NA33 Annapolis, Md., naval air detail.
NH7 Annapolis, Md., Naval Hospital.
NC55 Annapolis, Md., Naval Institute.
NC4 Annapolis, Md., postgraduate school.
NR23 Annapolis, Md., radio station.
EN25-33 Annapolis, Md., supervisor of shipbuilding, Annapolis Yacht Yard.
NC2 Annapolis, Md., United States Naval Academy.
EN25-33 Annapolis Yacht Yard, Annapolis, Md., supervisor of shipbuilding.
YN50 Annawan.
S78-1 Annealing cartridge case ammunition.
A14-7 Annexation of territory.
A15-2 Anniversaries (not legal holidays).
P14-2 Announcement of appointment.
A7-1 Announcements, publicity.
AM84 Annoy.
L13 Annual bonds and guaranties (insurance and bonding).
H4-11 Annual report data, aerological.
A9-1 Annual reports.
L8-2 Annual supply requisitions.
L13-2 Annuities.
P19-6 Annulment of contract (personnel).
A17-5 Annulments, law and justice.
N28-4 Annunciator systems.
S65-4 Annunciators. (See bells.)
F38-3 Anodic finishing process.
A6-4 Anonymous mail.
AS21 Antaeus.
QG4 Antarctic regions.
AKS3 Antares (ex-AG10).
P14-2 Antedating appointments.
S75-1 Antenna, aerial torpedo.
S67 Antenna systems, radio.
S76-1 Antennae, mine.
F42-1 Antennae, radio.
S67 Antennae, radio.
DM12 Anthony (stricken).
DD515 Anthony (new).
S71-3 Antiaircraft battery control.
S78-1 Antiaircraft fuses, projectiles, ammunition.
S74 Antiaircraft guns.
JJ40-7 Antiattrition metals.
S75-1 Anticticular run device, torpedo.
F38-2 Antifouling paints.
JJ4Q-7 Antifriction metals.
F23-1 Anti-icing devices on propeller.
F45-2 Anti-icing equipment.
KP152 Antigua, Leeward Islands, marine detachments.
NA73 Antigua, Leeward Islands, naval air station.
NH41 Antigua, naval dispensary.
S29-4 Antirolling tanks.
S24-9 Antiscopes.
P2-3 Antitoxins.
S92 Anvils.
AT67 Apache.
S71-8 Apparatus, appliances, fire control.
S93 Apparatus, breathing, rescue, fire.
S94 Apparatus, diving and submarine rescue.
N6-21 Apparatus, electrical, storehouse for.
S86 Apparatus, instruction and practice.
P3-2 Apparatus, remedial for smoke and gas treatment.
S24-7 Apparatus and sounding machine.
S65-7 Apparatus, spaces, interior-communication.
N32 Apparatus, weighing and testing (including structures).
P13-10 Appeals from punishment.
A17-5 Appeals, Law and Justice.
P1-5 Appearance (physical description).
A17-4 Appellate courts.
S71-8 Appliances and apparatus, fire control.
S27 Appliances and cargo handling.
F36-5 Appliances, lighting.
S25 Appliances and towing.
S62-2 Appliances and wiring for switchboards and power leads.
F14-4 Applicants for enlistment, rejection of (appointment).
S63 Application, electric power.
P14-1 Application for appointment.
L13-2 Applicants for insurance.
A13-2 Applications for patents.
P14-2 Appointees, black list of.
P14 Appointment.
EC3 Appointment division, Department of Commerce.
EN1-12 Appointment division, Navy Department.
ES15 Appointments, bureau of, State Department.
L11-2 Appraisals.
L11 Appreciation, depreciation and disposition.
P13 Apprehension and delivery of deserters and stragglers.
ML12 Apprentice, Marine Corps.
N4-9 Apprentice school building.
P14-4 Apprentices, enlistment of.
L8-2 Appropriation, changes on requisitions.
JL Appropriation, purchase account material (A. P. A.).
L1 Appropriations, estimates, and allotments.
L8-2 Approval in advance of requisitions.
L4-2 Approval on bids prior to awards (purchasing).
P16-4 Approval of orders (to personnel).
L4-3 Approval of purchase orders.
PYc7 Aquamarine.
YFB14 Aquidneck.
AK47 Aquila.
EF4 Arabia.
PY7 Aramis (stricken).
AT14 Arapaho (stricken).
YT121 Arapaho (stricken).
AT68 Arapaho (new).
S71-8 Arbitrary deflection transmitters.
A14-4 Arbitration, international relations.
S76-2 Arbors, depth charge.
S67 Arc telegraph systems (radio).
S92 Arc-welding outfits.
S51 Arch, cheek, and dead plates, boiler.
GL1 Architect, United States Capitol.
NC109 Architecture naval training schools (officers).
QO2-2 Archives building.
Afl-6 Archives, records.
S72-7 Arcs: arc slides, turret-gun sights.
S73-2 Arcs and arc slides, broadside mounts.
AF7 Arctic.
QG3 Arctic regions.
AK18 Arcturus.
F1-2 Area calculations design.
EN9-13 Area coordinator, Army Corps.
Nl-1 Areas, grounds.
AO7 Arethusa (stricken).
KP135 Argentia, Newfoundland, Marine Detachment.
NA69 Argentia, Newfoundland, naval air station.
NB36 Argentia, Newfoundland, naval dispensary.
NB32 Argentia, Newfoundland, naval operating base.
NB98 Argentia, Newfoundland, section base.
EF5 Argentine Republic.
YX6 Argo (stricken).
SM1 Argonaut (ex-SS166).
AG31 Argonne (ex-AS10; ex-AP4).
A17-14 Argument, courts-martial.
PY14 Argus.
BB39 Arizona.
EG4 Arizona.
BB33 Arkansas.
EG1 Arkansas.
HW Arlington Memorial Amphitheater Commission.
NR26 Arlington, Va., radio traffic station.
EN6-25 Arma Engineering Co., Brooklyn, N.Y., inspector of ordnance.
A14-7 Armaments, limitation of.
F21-1 Armature, magneto, engine.
S61 Armatures, dynamos.
A14-6 Armed forces, passage of through foreign territory.
P16-5 Armed guards.
EF6 Armenia.
A14-1 Arming of merchant vessels.
A16-2 Arming of merchant vessels, war.
F41-7 Arming and safety devices.
A16-3 Armistice (war).
S13 Armor.
S11 Armor, guns, shelf turrets, foundations (ordnance).
F41-13 Armor and protective materials.
S78-1 Armor-piercing projectiles, ammunition.
N12-1 Armories.
N12-1 Armory and drill halls.
S79-4 Armory, small arms.
F41-11 Arms and equipment, small.
F21-1 Arms, rocker, engine.
S79 Arms, small and equipment field and machine guns.
QA Army.
A21-3 Array Air Service.
P1-7 Army deserters.
A17-12 Army jurisdiction to try person in Navy (courts-martial).
EW14 Army Medical Library and Museum.
EY Army and Navy Board (Joint).
P17-1 Army and Navy officers, precedence of command.
EW12 Army, Quartermaster General.
P17-3 Army Register.
A2-6 Army Regulations.
P16-3 Army and riot duty.
EW28 Army schools.
OS Army ships.
AK44 Aroostock (ex-CM3).
A17-14 Arraignment for trial in joinder (courts-martial).
S88-1 Arrangement, damage eontrol books.
S33-1 Arrangement and joiner plans, general.
S72-1 Arrangement plan, general turrets.
S30-1 Arrangements, special storage or stowage.
P13-2 Arrest, escape, etc., particular offense (misconduct and discipline).
A17-13 Arrest, procedure before trial, court-martial.
F13-5 Arresting equipment.
S83-3 Arresting gear, airplane.
F15-14 Arresting and launching airplanes aboard lighter-than-aircraft.
N10-13 Arresting platform.
P13-10 Arrests.
L9-3 Arrival conference reports.
P16-3 Arrival and departure of individuals, reports of (assignment and detail).
L21-5 Arrival of shipments, reports of.
A4-3 Arrivals, ship and aircraft.
EW27 Arsenals, Army.
P13-5 Arson.
A2-1 Articles for government of navy, war.
S30-3 Articles, miscellaneous inflammable, storage of.
L4-2 Articles, proprietary, methods of purchase of.
MA Artificer branch, enlisted.
N4-9 Artificers' school building.
P4-3 Artificial eyes and limbs.
S24-7 Artificial horizon.
P5-2 Artificial teeth.
LA Artisan (civil establishment).
QE Arts and Sciences.
F49-4 Asbestos and extra clothing.
EN9-159 Asbestos Iimited, Inc., Millington, Morris County, N.J. navy cost inspector.
P2-3 Asbestos, prophylaxis.
EF13-17 Ascension Islands.
S68 Asdics, (sound-signaling under water).
YN2 Ash.
S18-2 Ash and coal canvas chutes.
S54 Ash and coal handling and stowage.
YA Ash lighters.
EFI3-32 Ashanti.
JR1 Ashes.
PG21 Asheville.
L10-1 Ashore, method of accounting.
S51-2 Ashpit doors and ashpans.
QG1-2 Asia.
FF6 Asiatic Fleet.
NN3 Asiatic shore stations.
NC62 Asiatic station "Black Hawk" machinists' mates' school.
YFB1 Asp (stricken).
S14-2 Asphaltum, dock.
P3-1 Asphyxiation.
P9-2 Assassination.
P13 Assault.
P0-2 Assemblies, unlawful.
N5 Assembly (mine, plant; foundations for turrets.
P13-2 Assembly, unlawful (misconduct and discipline).
AMc65 Assertive.
L14 Assessments, taxes, duties and dues.
L10-5 Assets, property investment (account).
P6-6 Assignment of cemetery plots.
S28-2 Assignments and change of name and number of ship.
P16 Assignment and detail.
L9-3 Assignment for overhaul.
A13-3 Assignment of patents.
L16-1 Assignment of pay.
A4-3 Assignments and details, ship and aircraft.
P15 Assistance, emergency (citations).
OF20 Assistant engineer officer afloat.
OF19 Assistant fire-control officer afloat.
EC Assistant Secretary of Commerce.
EL2 Assistant Secretary of Labor.
EN2 Assistant Secretary of Navy.
EN2-2 Assistant Secretary of Navy for Air.
EW2 Assistant Secretary of War.
LD Assistant Superintendent Service.
PS-2 Associations (social relations).
P9-1 Associations, political.
P1-1 Assumed names.
S71-8 Astigmatizers, range-finder.
CA34 Astoria.
NB10 Astoria, Oreg., naval submarine and destroyer base.
NB75 Astoria, Oreg., radio traffic station.
NB50 Astoria, Oreg., section base.
NA28 Astoria, Oreg., Tongue Point, naval air station.
H5 Astronomy group.
A14-3 Asylum, rights of.
N9 Asylum structures.
S87 Asynchronizer.
N4-10 Athletic buildings.
N1-7 Athletic fields.
S32-9 Athletic gear, clothes, instrument and key lockers.
N6-47 Athletic storehouse.
P10-1 Athletics and athletic outfits.
S13-3 Athwartship armor.
CL51 Atlanta.
KS6 Atlanta, Ga., assistant paymaster, Marine Corps.
EN24-10 Atlanta, Ga., inspection naval material, southern area.
NA60 Atlanta, Ga., naval reserve aviation base.
NL12 Atlanta, Ga., recruiting station.
EN9-123 Atlantic Basin Iron Works, Brooklyn, N.Y., navy cost inspector.
FF13 Atlantic Fleet.
NG1 Atlantic, northern, naval coastal frontier forces.
QH Atlantic Ocean.
NG2 Atlantic, southern, naval coastal frontier forces.
A6-2 Atmospheric disturbance (static).
S55-4 Atomizers, fuel-oil burners.
S47 Attached pumps.
EN3-11 Attaches, naval.
F16-3 Attachment (duty).
S86-3 Attachment, excaiiber and subcaliber.
S73 Attachments, broadside guns.
F19 Attachments, cover.
S72-4 Attachments, gun director gear, elevating, turrets.
S92 Attachments for machine tools.
F11-1 Attachments for surface control loads, wing.
N19-18 Attack, conditioning against, gas defensive structures.
S71-4 Attack course finders, submarine, depth charge.
EE7 Attack force.
S86-1 Attack teacher.
P11-1 Attainment and graduation certificates, etc.
P13-8 Attempted desertion.
P18 Attendance and absence.
P11-1 Attendance at school.
A17 Attendance, below quorum; of witnesses (courts-martial).
N1-1 Attendants' and servants' quarters.
P7 Attitude towards offspring (domestic relations).
EJ1 Attorney General.
A17 Attorneys, law and justice.
EN9-93 Atwood and Morrill Co., Salem, Mass., navy cost inspector.
L11-4 Auctions.
S65-4 Audible signal systems.
L10-5 Auditing accounts.
N4-8 Auditorium.
CA31 Augusta.
AM57 Auk.
DD258 Aulick (stricken).
DD569 Aulick (new).
H4-1 Aurora australis and borealis.
DD294 Ausburn, Charles (stricken).
DD570 Ausburn, Charles (new).
QG1-3 Australasia.
EF13-45 Australia.
EF7 Austria.
P17-1 Authority to act for an individual in his absence.
L3 Authority for advertising.
P14-2 Authority to appoint, request for.
A17-20 Authority to convene, court, law and justice.
P18-1 Authority to grant leave.
P13-2 Authority, offenses against, conduct.
A3-1 Authority, organizations.
A10-1 Authority for printing and binding.
L4-2 Authority to purchase.
L6-2 Authorization for payments, disbursing.
P13-1 Authorized liberty (misconduct and discipline).
A10-1 Authors and authorship.
S71-8 Auto break, keys, firing.
S65-5 Autographic recorders (telautographs, etc.).
S22 Automatic and Adjustable stops on ship-control gear.
S73-1 Automatic attachments, broadside guns.
S51-5 Automatic and hand stokers, boilers.
EN9-109 Automatic Machine Screw Co., Los Angeles, Calif., navy cost inspector.
F31-1 Automatic pilot.
N27-9 Automatic sprinkler system, shore.
S22 Automatic steering gear control, gyro.
S72-2 Automatic stops, turrets.
S49-3 Automatic valves, air compressor.
N1-15 Automobile parking spaces.
L20-1 Automobiles, hire of.
N33-1 Automobiles, passenger.
P6-2 Autopsy.
S11-12 Auxiliaries under construction and repair, foundations.
S29-1 Auxiliary calibration.
S46-2 Auxiliary condensers.
S50 Auxiliary engines.

S47 Auxiliary feed pumps.
S64-3 Auxiliary lighting and appliances, except batteries.
S23 Auxiliary machinery.
F37 Auxiliary machinery, pressure system.
S48 Auxiliary and main feed water piping.
MZ Auxiliary men, naval.
AA-AZ Auxiliary ships.
S71-1 Auxiliary target-bearing transmitters, fire control.
S41 Auxiliary valves, exhaust and inlet, main propelling machinery.
A5-7 Availability cruises engineering performance.
L9-3 Availability for work.
AMc66 Avenge.
S87 Averaging instruments.
A21 Aviation.
P16-3 Aviation assignment.
NA Aviation bases, Naval Reserve.
MV Aviation branch, enlisted.
JJ55-1 Aviation clothing.
EN9-144 Aviation Corp. (Rpublic Aircraft Products Division), Detroit, Mich., navy cost inspector.
KV Aviation detachments, marines.
P14-4 Aviation duty, enlistment for.
NC108 Aviation engines, naval training schools (officers).
N6-2 Aviation equipment, storehouses for.
KV8 Aviation Marine Detachment, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
NC70 Aviation mechanics and metalsmith school, Pensacola, Fla.
N4-9 Aviation mechanics' school building.
QR5 Aviation Naval Reserve.
NC97 Aviation naval training schools (enlisted men).
S24-11 Aviation observation station.
OV Aviators, officers.
OF29 Aviation officers.
NC64 Aviation Ordnance Men's School, Hampton Roads, Va.
NC89 Aviation Ordnance School, San Diego, Calif.
A2-13 Aviation safety laws and rules.
N6-2 Aviation storehouse.
N10 Aviation structures.
NC81 Aviation Trade School, Jacksonville, Fla.
AVP4 Avocet (ex-AM19).
F1-4 Award of bid.
P15 Award, decorations of.
A14-7 Awards, international.
A5-9 Awards, Marjorie Sterrett Battleship Fund.
L4-2 Awards, schedules, proposals and bids (purchasing).
S12-2 Awning, hull fittings, stanchions.
N19-14 Awnings, building.
S18-2 Awnings, canvas.
F13-2 Axle, landing gear, body group.
DD47 Aylwin (stricken).
DD355 Aylwin (new).
EF6 Azerbaijan.
S71-1 Azimuth indicator, fire-control main battery.
S24 Azimuths, circles (not periscopes) instruments.


S78-1 B class projectiles, ammunition.
S83-3 B gear, airplane.
DD128 Babbitt.
JJ46-7 Babbitt metal.
N5-65 Babbitt shop.
EN9-95 Babcock and Wilcox Co., Beaver Falls, Pa., navy cost inspector.
DD470 Bache.
P7 Bachelors.
P24 Back-fire mechanism, starters.
L16-4 Back pay.
S13-4 Back plates, armor.
S86-3 Backing out, drill shell, castings.
S72-11 Backing-out spars, projectile, turret.
S11-1 Backing plates (side armor).
S72-1 Backing plates, turret.
S8-2 Backing trials.
S82-1 Backs, strong, boat stowage and handling.
S37-2 Bacteria incubators.
P3-4 Bacteriology.
P19-1 Bad-conduct discharge.
L6-2 Bad debts.
EF30 Baden.
DD126 Badger.
AVD3 Badger, George E. (ex-DD196).
P15 Badges.
S51 Baffle plates, gas, boiler, water, circulation.
S75-1 Baffle plates, torpedo.
S72-10 Baffle, powder hoist speed gear plates, turret guns.
F21-1 Bafflers, pressure.
S46-5 Baffles, condenser.
S58-1 Baffles, evaporator.
S41-1 Baffles, oil, turbines.
N5-42 Bag factory.
S33-6 Bag rails.
NG-41 Bag storehouses.
AT21 Bagaduce.
F34 -6 Baggage compartments, stowage.
F49-4 Baggage, crow.
L20-6 Baggage and dunnage (travel).
KH24-1 Bagino, T.H., recreation health camp.
DD185 Bagley (now Doran).
DD386 Bagley (new).
F15-11 Bags, ballast, water system (airship).
S32-9 Bags, boxes, mail.
F17-1 Bags, buffer, car.
S75-1 Bags, burster, ignition and powder, ammunition.
S18-2 Bags, canvas.
S54-3 Bags, coal.
F13-6 Bags, flotation gear.
S33-6 Bags, hammock.
S30-1 Bags, lucky.
F34-1 Bags, personal equipment.
S73-1 Bags and rests, broadside guns.
F15-12 Bags, sand-ballast system.
EF13-44 Bahamas, West Indies.
EF13-7 Bahrein Islands.
YO54 Bailer.
DD269 Bailey (stricken).
DD492 Bailey (new).
P15 Bailey medals.
NH26 Bainbridge Island, Wash., navy recreation center.
NR107 Bainbridge Island, Wash., naval radio traffic station.
DD246 Bainbridge.
NC74-7 Bainbridge Island, Wash., Port Blakely, radio naval training school.
MC Bakers, commissary.
NC74 Bakers, cooks, communications, radio, signal, yeomen and storekeepers, naval training schools.
S24 Bakery and bake ovens.
A5-10 Bakery and cooking, competition.
N4-4 Bakery, shore.
F32 Balance springs, control system.
S61 Balancers, generators.
F11-2 Balances, ailerons.
L1-1 Balances, appropriations.
F12 Balances, elevators, rudders, tail group.
L1-2 Balances, unexpended, appropriations and allotments.
S73-2 Balancing gears, broadside guns.
S87 Balancing machines.
N32-3 Balancing machines and plate rocks, research testing apparatus ashore.
F23-1 Balancing machines, propeller (aircraft).
NB69 Balboa, C.Z., advance base depot.
KP128 Balboa, C.Z., ammunition depot, Marino Detachment.
NT1-15 Balboa, C.Z., naval ammunition depot.
NH31 Balboa, C.Z., naval dispensary.
NT4-32 Balboa, C.Z., naval net depot.
NB4 Balboa, C.Z., naval operating base.
NS12 Balboa, C.Z., naval station.
NT40-40 Balboa, C.Z., navy supply depot, N.O.B.
NB62 Balboa, C.Z., section base.
NR62 Balboa, (Darien) (Summit, C.Z.) (Farfan), radio-traffic station.
DD50 Balch (stricken).
DD363 Balch (new).
DD624 Baldwin.
NP4 Baldwin, Long Island, N.Y., naval ordnance plant.
S73-2 Ball bearings, broadside guns.
S72-6 Ball bearings, deck lugs, turret guns.
AVD10 Ballard (es-DD267).
S29-1 Ballast.
F48-1 Ballast, beaching gear.
S88-4 Ballast compensating system, water, damage control.
S65-5 Ballast indicators.
S47 Ballast, pumps, submarines.
F15 Ballast system, sand, water.
S48-1 Ballast tank.
A5-9 Ballistic exercises and diagrams, drills.
S74-1 Ballistics, antiaircraft guns.
S73-1 Ballistics, broadside guns.
S72-4 Ballistics, turret guns.
F18-3 Ballonets.
S84 Balloon, airship, and kite handling and stowage.
N10-1 Balloon hangers.
F39 Balloon, insignia and marking.
A5-14 Balloon races, aircraft and.
ZK Balloons, kite.
H2-18 Balls, time.
CM Baltimore (stricken).
CA68 Baltimore (new).
EN22-7 Baltimore, Md., branch hydrographic office.
EN11-20 Baltimore, Md., inspector naval aircraft.
EN9-34 Baltimore, Md., navy cost inspector, Maryland D.D. Co.
EN9-86 Baltimore, Md., navy cost inspector, Rustless Iron & Steel Works.
NR22 Baltimore, Md., radio-traffic station.
NL6 Baltimore, Md., recruiting station.
EN11-30 Baltimore, Md., resident inspector of naval catapults.
EF13-12 Baluchistan.
YT104 Banaag.
DD256 Bancroft (stricken).
DD598 Bancroft (new).
S32-7 Band room (office equipment).
S30-1 Band room (storerooms).
S91-2 Band saws.
N4-8 Band stand.
F42-1 Banding, electrical, radio.
MY21 Bandmaster.
S79-4 Bandoliers, small arms.
KB Bands, Marine.
S78-1 Bands, projectile, ammunition.
QD Bands and orchestras.
S78-1 Bands, shrapnel, ammunition.
S28-4 Bands, smokepipes.
F31-1 Bank indicator.
A17-5 Bankruptcy proceedings.
S49-3 Banks, air compressor.
L12-1 Banks, banking, checks, and drafts.
H1-10 Banks, shoals, rocks, and reefs (hydrography).
SS220 Barb.
EF13-44 Barbados.
QW5 Barbary States, War with.
N4-11 Barber shop.
NA70 Barber's Point, Oahu, T.H., naval air station.
S36-2 Barber-shop equipment.
ENS-29 Barberton, Ohio, and Bayonne, N.J., inspector of machinery (works of Babcock and Wilcox).
AMc38 Barbet.
S13-4 Barbette, turret, and armor.
S72-1 Barbettes.
APP Barge, troop, class A.
APT Barge, troop, class B.
YOG Barges, gasoline.
YB Barges, general.
YHB Barges, house.
S82-5 Barges, motor (boats).
YO Barges, oil.
YOS Barges, oil stowage.
YPK Barges, pontoon stowage.
YV Barges, seaplane.
YSR Barges, sludge removal.
YS Barges, stevedoring.
YTT Barges, torpedo-testing.
YW Barges, water.
NR1 Bar Harbor, Maine, radio-traffic station.
NX1 Bar Harbor, Maine, radio direction-finder station.
NB44 Bar Harbor, Maine, section base.
S11-4 Bar Keels.
S70-1 Barium nitrate for illuminating projectiles, signal.
DD213 Barker.
AVP10 Barnegat.
AG27 Barnes, Robert L. (es-AO14).
YT29 Barnett (stricken)
AP11 Barnett (new).
DD149 Barney.
N13-3 Barns (transportation structures).
F31 Barograph and barometers.
S24-7 Barometers.
H4-4 Barometers, meteorology and aerology.
APL Barrack ships.
N4 Barracks and barracoones.
N9-1 Barracks, quarantine.
SS163 Barracuda.
ZMQ Barrage balloon squadrons, marine.
ZM Barrage balloons.
A16-3 Barrage (war).
F41-1 Barrels, machine guns.
S75-2 Barrels, torpedo tubes.
NE1 Barren Island, Chesapeake Bay trial course.
S83-3 Barricade, emergency, airplane.
P13-12 Barrier crash provision.
DD248 Barry.
S20-5 Bars, anchor.
F32-1 Bars, foot, rudder control.
S51-2 Bars, grate, boiler, pricker and slice.
P15 Bars and medals, good conduct.
S73-2 Bars, shoulder, mounts, broadside guns.
S72-5 Bars, shoulder, mounts, turret gun slides.
S26-5 Bars and stowage, anchor.
EN9-105 Barth Stamping & Machine Works, Cleveland, Ohio, navy cost inspector.
DD599 Barton.
A5-9 Base course (drills).
PF12-12 Base force, Pacific Fleet.
FF5 Base force. United States Fleet.
P10-1 Baseball.
N1-7 Baseball fields.
NB Bases, naval.
S78-1 Bases, projectile, ammunition.
SS241 Bashaw.
N15-7 Basins, marine, slips (water-front structures).
S33-6 Basins, wash.
N8-5 Basin and tank models, and experimental water channels.
P10-1 Basketball.
S48-23 Basket and box strainers, pipe fittings.
S54-3 Baskets, coal.
S34-2 Baskets, dishwasher.
F17-3 Baskets, observation.
S55-2 Baskets and strainers, fuel oil.
S45-1 Baskets, strainers, lubricating oil.
S51-3 Baskets, zinc and hangars, boilers.
SS164 Bass.
P13-7 Bastardy (vice, personnel).
EF13-25 Basutoland (British).
AK4 Bath (stricken).
AMc-37 Bateleur.
EN8-31 Bath, Maine, inspector of machinery.
EN6-39 Bath Maine, inspector of ordnance, Bath Iron Works Corporation.
EN9-38 Bath, Maine, navy cost inspector, Bath Iron Worts.
EN7-15 Bath, Maine, superintending constructor.
EN25-6 Bath, Maine, supervisor of shipbuilding, Bath Iron Works.
S37-1 Bath, sick bay.
P3-2 Baths treatment.
S37-2 Bathtubs, lavatories, sinks, medical.
S36-1 Bathtubs.
F18-2 Battens, nose, nonrigid gas envelopes.
S73-3 Battens, sight checking, broadside guns.
S72-7 Battens, sight checking, turret guns.
S62 Batteries (electric power distribution).
F36 Batteries, flashlights.
S64-4 Batteries, flashlight.
S76 Batteries, mine firing.
F42-1 Batteries, radio.
S67 Batteries, radio.
N6-22 Batteries, storage, storehouse for.
F21-1 Battery coil system engine.
S71 Battery commander, telescopes, control system.
S11-6 Battery deck.
A5-9 Battery drills, ships and aircraft.
F24-1 Battery electric, starter.
S41-3 Battery ignition, motorboat engines.
S67 Battery lockers (radio).
S62 Battery sealing compound, compartments, submarine batteries.
N5-56 Battery (storage) shop.
S65-5 Battery voltage indicator.
S91-1 Battery workshop.
S16-2 Battle cover, hatch (metal).
CC Battle cruisers.
S37-1 Battle dressing station.
A5-8 Battle efficiency competition.
FF2 Battle fleet (obsolete).
FE1 Battle force.
FF12-1 Battle force, Pacific Fleet.
FF2 Battle force, United States Fleet (obsolete).
S64 Battle lighting (wiring, appliances, fixtures).
S71 Battle order, gun, torpedo, fire control.
A5-1 Battle practices (antiaircraft), gun exercises.
P16-3 Battle stations (assignment and detail).
S24-4 Battle station or secondary control.
S71-8 Battle tracers.
A16-3 Battles, (warfare operations).
FB1 Battleship divisions.
FF13-4 Battleships, Atlantic Fleet.
FF12-2 Battleships, battle force, Pacific Fleet.
BB Battleships.
EN9-91 Bausche & Lomb Optical Co., navy cost inspector, Rochester, N.Y.
EF30 Bavaria.
S12-4 Baxter, Lewis, deck socket, bolts.
EN8-36 Bay City, Mich., inspector of machinery.
EN9-53 Bay City, Mich., navy cost inspector, Defoe Boat & Motor Works.
EN25-3 Bay City, Mich., supervisor of shipbuilding, Defoe Boat & Motor Works.
N9-3 Bay, sick, shore.
YNG19 Bay Spring (ex-AT60).
EN8-29 Bayonne, N.J., and Barberton, Ohio, inspector of machinery (works of Babcock and Wilcox).
NT4-33 Bayonne, N.J., naval net depot.
NT4-22 Bayonne, N.J., naval supply depot.
EN9-161 Bayonne, N.J., navy cost inspector, Electric Boat Co.
EN25-2 Bayonne, N.J., supervisor of shipbuilding, Electric Boat Company.
A5-9 Bayonet drills, ships and aircraft.
S79-4 Bayonets.
QX5 Bayous, coves, inlets.
QX2 Bays and gulfs.
F48-1 Beaching gear.
N10-2 Beaches, landing, and runways for airplanes.
H2 Beacons, navigation and navigational aids.
N20-2 Beacons and ranges, structures.
DD40 Beale (stricken).
DD471 Beale (new).
S11-9 Beam stanchions, deck.
N32-5 Beam scales.
S12-5 Beamclamps.
F12 Beams, tail group.
F11 Beams, wing group.
AG29 Bear.
S71-8 Bearing finders.
F29-1 Bearing reamers.
S71-8 Bearing transmitters, fire control.
F22-1 Bearings.
S43 Bearings.
S73-2 Bearings, ball, broadside mounts.
S53 Bearings, blowers.
F41-8 Bearings, bomb sights.
S41 Bearings, main propelling.
32-3 Bearings, pulleys, aileron control.
A6-2 Bearings, radio compass.
S42 Bearings, reduction gear, shafting.
S22 Bearings, rudder.
S53 Bearings, shaft, blower.
F12-1 Bearings, stabilizer adjustment.
F32-4 Bearings, stabilizer control.
S72 Bearings, turret guns.
F11-1 Bearings, wing.
DD640 Beatty.
AK6 Beaufort (stricken).
AS5 Beaver.
EN9-95 Beaver Falls, Pa., navy cost inspector, Babcock & Wilcox Co.
EF13-25 Bechuanaland Protectorate (British).
S33-6 Bedding, linen (except hammocks).
S41 Bedplates, Diesel engine, main propelling.
S26-5 Beds, anchor.
N37 Beds, chairs, tables, etc., household.
N35 Beds, chairs, tables, etc., nonhousehold.
N25-3 Beds, filter, shore.
S33-6 Bedsteads.
EF9-1 Belgian Congo.
EF9 Belgium.
AVD8 Belknap (ex-DD251).
DD95 Bell (stricken).
DD587 Bell (new).
A12-1 Bell book, engineer's.
AP34 Bell, Franklin J.
AK20 Bellatrix.
NT1-6 Bellevue, D.C. magazine.
NP14 Bellevue, D.C. naval experimental and research laboratory.
NC34 Bellevue, D.C. radio material school.
A16-2 Belligerents; combatants; policies of, in conduct of war.
S92 Bellows.
S94 Bells, diving.
S65-4 Bells, interior communication.
S24-8 Bells, watch and fog; hangers for.
N28-10 Bells and whistles, shore.
EN8-37 Beloit, Wis., inspector of machinery, Fairbanks Morse Co.
S13-2 Belt armor.
S79-3 Belt-filling machines, machine guns.
S11-3 Belt frames.
S91-2 Belting, workshop.
S79-3 Belts, ammunition, machine guns, cartridge, waist.
F41-5 Belts, machine gun.
F49-5 Belts, safety.
S28 Bench mark.
N1-1 Bench marks, shore.
S34-2 Benches and bench stowage.
S85 Benches, cabinets, and tables, photography.
S33-6 Benches, crew's rest and recreation.
S34-2 Benches, mess.
S92 Benches, work, rammers.
N5-4 Bending shops.
S92 Bending slabs.
L22-3 Beneficial suggestions, money rewards for.
A13 Beneficial suggestions, patents, and inventions.
P7 Beneficiaries, domestic relations.
L13-2 Beneficiaries, insurance and bonding.
DD49 Benham (stricken).
DD397 Benham (new).
DD473 Bennett.
DD421 Benson.
YFB3 Berceau.
H3-5 Bergs, ice.
NT1-8 Berkeley Co., Charleston, S.C., naval ammunition depot.
KP143 Bermuda, marine barracks, naval operating base.
NA65 Bermuda, naval air station.
NH37 Bermuda, naval dispensary.
NB28 Bermuda, naval operating base.
EF13-38 Bermudas (British).
DD153 Bernadou.
H1-1 Berthing facilities, anchorage and harbors.
L24 Berthing facilities.
S4 Berthing (overhaul).
S33 Berthing and living.
F4-1 Berthing and shed expenses.
LB-1 Berthing of ships for safety.
DD421 Benson.
AK28 Betelgeuse.
EN11-21 Bethpage, Long Island, N.Y. (formerly Farmingdale, N.Y.,) inspector of naval aircraft.
NX17 Bethany Beach, Del., radio-direction finder station.
EN8-16 Bethlehem, Pa., inspector of engineering material.
EN24-6 Bethlehem, Pa., inspector of naval material.
EN9-43 Bethlehem, Pa., navy cost inspector, Bethlehem Steel Co.
EN9-27 Bethlehem Steel Co., Quincy (Boston), Mass., navy cost inspector.
EN25-7 Bethlehem Steel Co., Quincy, Mass., supervisor of shipbuilding.
EN9-28 Bethlehem Steel Co., San Francisco, Calif., navy cost inspector.
EN25-17 Bethlehem Steel Co. (Union Plant), San Francisco, Calif., supervisor of shipbuilding.
EN9-41 Bethlehem Steel Co., San Pedro, Calif., navy cost inspector.
EN25-24 Bethlehem Steel Co., San Pedro, Calif., supervisor of shipbuilding.
EN25-16 Bethlehem Steel Co., Staten Island, N.Y., supervisor of shipbuilding.
S75-1 Bevel and steering gear, torpedoes.
JJ56-5 Beverages, alcoholic and nonalcoholic.
EF10 Bhutan.
N33-9 Bicycles.
F1-4 Bid, award of, design.
DD151 Biddle.
AP15 Biddle, William P.
L4-2 Bids, proposals, schedules, and awards.
P13-7 Bigamy.
S11 Bilge keels, walls.
S47 Bilge pumps.
S48-1 Bilge suctions.
S26-5 Billboards, anchor.
P16-3 Billets, station (assignment and detail.)
P10-3 Billiards (amusement and recreation.)
L10-6 Billing of average rates (accounting).
L21-4 Billing (freight and cargo) shipments.
DD293 Billingsley (stricken).
L1-1 Bills, appropriation.
L6 Bills, disbursements.
L23 Bills of exchange.
P2-1 Bills of health.
L21-4 Bills of lading (Government and commercial).
L11 Bills rendered by private concerns, bills of sale.
A18-1 Bills, Senate, House.
CL80 Biloxi.
N36-8 Binding and printing machinery and equipment, shore.
A10-1 Binding and printing (publications).
S24-7 Binnacles, complete, and metal covers.
P49-7 Binoculars (aircraft).
F31-1 Binoculars, aircraft instruments.
S71-8 Binoculars, fire control.
S24-7 Binoculars and spyglasses (navigational).
S54-1 Bins, coal.
S36-4 Bins, garbage.
S78-3 Bins, powder.
S92 Bins, scrap metal.
N6-16 Bins and yards, scrap.
P1-7 Biography.
EI35 Biological survey, bureau of, Department of Interior.
YN3 BIRCH (now Boxwood).
NX45 Bird Island, Calif., radio direction-finder station.
QI Birds.
EN9-87 Birdsboro, Pa., navy cost inspector, Birdsboro Steel Foundry & Mach. Co.
CL2 Birmingham (stricken).
CL62 Birmingham new).
EN9-75 Birmingham, Ala., navy cost inspector, Ingalls S.B. Co.
NL13 Birmingham, Ala., recruiting station.
P1-3 Birth, date, certificate, place of.
AVP11 Biscayne.
NB61 Bishop Point, Oahu, T.H., section base.
AM36 Bittern.
S12-1 Bitts and foundations, mooring.
F39-2 Bituminous, paint.
S19-1 Bituminous paint, and similar solutions, enamels, and cement.
S70-3 Black ball (signal).
SS221 Blackfish.
AD9 Black Hawk.
P14-2 Black list of appointees.
S78-1 Black powder, ammunition.
S72-3 Blacking wedges, turret fittings.
P8-1 Blacklisting.
P13-3 Blackmail.
N5-12 Blacksmith shops (shop structures).
ME Blacksmiths.
L91 Blacksmiths' shops and lockers.
S41 Blade-clearance gauges, turbine.
S44 Blades, propeller.
S41 Blading, main propelling machinery, turbine.
DD150 Blakeley.
F49-3 Blankets, fire extinguishing.
A3-3 Blanks and forms (organization and management).
P19 Blanks, honorable discharge.
JJ59-9 Blasting materials.
F38-3 Blasting, sand, finish.
S73-1 Blasts, broadside guns.
S74-1 Blasts, effect of antiaircraft guns.
S72-4 Blasts, turret gun.
EN6-46 Blaw-Knox Co., Martins Ferry, Ohio, inspector of ordnance.
EN9-99 Blaw-Knox Co., Martins Ferry, Ohio, navy cost inspector.
N4-10 Bleachers.
S41-1 Bleeder pipes and valves, turbine.
S48-1 Bleeder plugs, piping.
F31-2 Blind flying instruments.
S71-8 Blinders for optical instruments.
F36-9 Blinker lights.
S64-5 Blinker lights, electric.
S11-10 Blisters and bulges, structural.
S68 Blisters for sound-signaling device under water.
H4-9 Blizzards.
NE5 Block Island, R.I., trial course.
N5-47 Block shop.
FE11 Blockade force.
A14-1 Blockaded ports
A16-3 Blockades; bombardments; sieges (warfare operations).
N16-8 Blocking, dry-dock.
S18-1 Blocks.
F11-2 Blocks, aileron.
S41-1 Blocks and collars, adjusting, turbine.
F21-1 Blocks, distributor, magneto, engine.
F12 Blocks, elevator, fin, tail group.
S18-1 Blocks and falls (except boat).
S81-2 Blocks, fittings, ropes, and chains, rigging, paravanes.
P13 Blocks, hull, nacelle, landing gear (body group).
S34-2 Blocks, meat, messing.
P12-4 Blocks, rudder.
F45-2 Blocks, sheaves, fair-leads, mooring, hauling, handling.
N31-10 Blocks, triplex; hoists; pulleys, etc.
S92 Blocks and trolley, chain hoists.
S12-1 Blocks, tumbling.
F11-1 Blocks, wing.
P2-5 Blood circulation, physical examination.
P3 Blood, diseases of, and transfusions.
S18-2 Bloomers, gun, canvas.
S74-1 Blowbacks, antiaircraft guns.
S73-1 Blowbacks, broadside guns.
S72-4 Blowbacks, turret guns.
S55-4 Blower burners, fuel oil.
S65-5 Blower, turbo, signal system.
P37-2 Blowers, auxiliary pressure system.
S53 Blowers, forced draft, rooms.
S51-3 Blowers, soot, boiler.
S38-1 Blowers, ventilating.
S55-4 Blowing-out apparatus, fuel-oil burners.
S92 Blowtorch, oil.
DD387 Blue.
AM72 Bluebird.
P17-3 Blue Book.
SS222 Bluefish.
SS242 Bluegill.
AMc23 Blue Jay.
S70-1 Blue lights and flares, sight-signaling.
N36 Blueprint machines, paper, shore.
L2-2 Blueprints, drawings, plans (specifications).
EN28-1 Board on Changes, Bureau of Ships.
A17-25 Board, composition of the, Board of Investigation.
EN21 Board of examination of dental officers.
EN20 Board for examination of medical officers.
EN7-3 Board on hull changes.
EN3 Board of Inspection and Survey, merchant vessels, Navy.
F3-1 Board of Inspection and Survey, reports of, planning.
P8-2 Board of Inspection and Survey, trials by.
P34-6 Board, instrument.
A17-25 Board of Investigation, record of proceedings.
EN8-24 Board on machinery changes.
S41-4 Board, main terminal, electric drive.
EN16 Board of medical examiners.
LM Board of survey, appraisal and sale.
A16-3 Boarding ships, war.
S32-9 Boards, bulletin.
S88-2 Boards, casualty.
F31-3 Boards, chart.
S71-8 Boards, deflection, plotting, and sighting fire-control.
S14-1 Boards, dumping.
A17 Boards, examining, selection, and others.
S24-7 Boards, fixed and portable, chart, pneumercators.
S70-2 Boards, flags, sight-signaling.
S87 Boards, gauge.
EN7-3 Boards on hull changes.
S86 Boards, instruction and practice apparatus.
QB Boards, miscellaneous.
S41-4 Boards, switch and control, electric drive.
92 Boards, tool and gear.
S32-9 Boards, uniform, office equipment.
S17-1 Boat, booms and fittings, gear and cranes complete.
A5-9 Boat drills, gun practices.
S12-5 Boat guards.
A4-4 Boat guards (operations of ships and aircraft).
S79-1 Boat guns.
A6-3 Boat hails, signals.
S65-4 Boat-hour gongs.
N15-9 Boat overhands.
N5-54 Boat shop.
N6-18 Boat storehouses.
S82 Boats.
P13-5 Boats, vehicles and other articles, unauthorized use of.
OW Boatswains.
S18-1 Boatswain's chair and locker.
M5 Boatswain's mate.
AM20 Bobolink.
S78-1 Bodies, projectile illuminating, ammunition.
F41-6 Body, bombs.
F13 Body group.
F14-2 Body, main.
F19-2 Body, main, outer cover.
S5 Body plan.
EN9-149 Boeing Aircraft Co., Renton, Wash., navy cost inspector.
EN9-150 Boeing Aircraft Co., Seattle, Wash., navy cost inspector.
DMS3 Boggs (ex-AG10; ex-DD136).
S76-1 Bogies, mine.
EN9-145 Bohn Aluminum & Brass Corp., Detroit, Mich., navy cost inspector.
S48 Boiler blower piping, feed-water.
S65-7 Boiler-control station, emergency.
S56 Boiler feed-water equipment.
S51-3 Boiler gauges, water and steam.
N23-7 Boiler plants.
N7-7 Boiler plants, structures.
N6-62 Boiler shop.
ME Boilermakers, enlisted.
S34-2 Boilers, coffee.
F34-3 Boilers, kettles, and galley.
S51 Boilers and rooms.
CL47 Boise.
AMc67 Bold.
H4-3 Bolides, meteorites, meteoroids, meteors.
EF11 Bolivia.
N16-10 Bollards, drydock.
N20-5 Bollards, mooring.
P9-2 Bolshevism.
S73-2 Bolt holes in deck, broadside guns.
N8-39 Bolt storehouses.
S29-10 Bolting and riveting.
S43-1 Bolts, coupling, shafting.
S72-3 Bolts and cups, holding down, turrets.
F21-2 Bolts, foundation, engine.
S74-1 Bolts, holding down, antiaircraft guns.
S41-6 Bolts, holding down, engines.
S42 Bolts, holding down, reduction gear.
S75-2 Bolts, holding down, torpedo.
S12-4 Bolts, hull fittings.
S44 Bolts and nuts, propeller.
S75-2 Bolts, stop and mechanism torpedo tubes and launching gear.
S78-2 Bomb carriers, ammunition handling.
A5-5 Bomb exercises.
F48-3 Bomb hoists and loading platforms.
S81 Bomb, mine, torpedo, and splinter protection (other than structural).
F41-7 Bomb racks and sights.
NC72 Bomb Sight Aviation School, Pearl Harbor, T.H.
S78-3 Bomb stowage.
N6-82 Bomb stowage and shell house (magazines).
NC71 Bomb target school, San Diego, Calif.
S76-2 Bomb throwers, depth charge.
A16-3 Bombardments; blockades; sieges, warfare operations.
A16-3 Bombing, aerial, gas warfare.
N10-9 Bombing buildings, aviation structures
VB Bombing planes.
N4-9 Bombing school building.
F41-10 Bombing, training.
F13-1 Bombing window, hull.
N12-7 Bombproof shelters.
S75-1 Bombs for net cutters, torpedo.
F41 Bombs, ordnance.
S70-1 Bombs, smoke (sight-signaling).
S79-4 Bombs, stick, landing force.
S76-1 Bombs, towing.
L21-2 Bond-aided rates (freight and cargo).
L20-5 Bond-aided rates (personnel).
L13 Bonding, bureaus, guaranties.
EN1-21 Bonds, defense saving, office of.
L12-2 Bonds, liberty-loan.
SS223 Bonefish.
CV10 Bon Homme Richard.
FG10 Bon Homme Richard air group.
SS165 Bonita.
S5 Bon Jean curves.
EN9-165 Bonney-Floyd Co., Columbus, Ohio, navy cost inspector.
L4-3 Bonus oontracts.
L16-9 Bonuses (allowances, money, to personnel).
S32-9 Bookcases.
S33-6 Bookcases, except office.
L10-5 Bookkeeping.
S29-2 Booklet of inclining experiment.
L7-1 Books, allowances.
L12-1 Books, check, deposit.
S88-1 Books, damage control.
L19 Books, professional, and other personal property.
A8-3 Books, signal.
F13-1 Booms, gull.
S81 Booms, mine, torpedo, bomb, and splinter protection (other than structural).
S17 Booms, towers, cranes, derricks, masts and spars, jib.
F24-6 Booster, starter magneto.
S76-1 Booster cases, mine and depth charges.
S78-1 Booster charges and containers, ammunition.
S47 Booster, fuel-oil pumps.
S41-4 Booster units, electric drive.
N3-2 Booths, police.
S67 Booths, radio apparatus.
S71-8 Booths, soundproof, fire control appliances and apparatus.
S65-7 Booths, soundproof, interior communication.
P13-2 Bootlegging and bootleggers.
F48-2 Boots, rubber, wings and tail surfaces, ant'-icing.
AP8 Boreas.
S74-1 Bore and bores, antiaircraft guns.
S74 Bore-lapping head, antiaircraft guns.
S72-4 Bore-lapping head, searchers, turret guns.
S71-8 Bore-sight, telescopes.
S75-2 Bore, sights torpedo tubes and launching gear.
S73-3 Bores and marks, sight, broadside guns.
S87 Borescopes.
DD215 Borie.
S91-2 Boring machines.
S92 Boring machine cylinder outfit.
N1-5 Borings, test of soil.
P1-4 Born, native.
EF13-8 Borneo (British).
L18 Borrowing or loaning money, indebtedness.
S35 Bosom press.
CA69 Boston (new).
IX2 Boston (now Despatch).
EN9-14 Boston, Mass., area coordinator, First Army Corps.
EN22-2 Boston, Mass., branch hydrographic office.
EN8-12 Boston, Mass., inspector of engineering material.
EN24-1 Boston, Mass., inspector of naval material.
NB41 Boston, Mass., Lockwood Basin, section base.
KP3 Boston, Mass., marine post.
NT4-18 Boston, Mass., naval net depot.
NM6 Boston, Mass., naval receiving ship.
EN9-6 Boston, Mass., navy cost inspector.
EN9-27 Boston (Quincy), Mass., navy cost inspector, Bethlehem Steel Co.
EN9-121 Boston, Mass., navy cost inspector, Hartford Electric Steel Corp.
NC5 Boston, Mass., Navy Supply Corps School, graduate school of business administration, Harvard University (formerly Naval Finance and Supply School, Philadelphia, Pa., and Naval Supply Corps School of Application, Washington, D.C.)
NY2 Boston, Mass., Navy Yard.
NB4 Boston, Mass., radio station.
KP4 Boston, Mass., receiving ship (marine detachment).
NL1 Boston, Mass., recruiting station.
LE1-1 Boston, Mass., U.S. Maritime Service training station, Gallups Island.
GM Botanic gardens.
S37-2 Bottle and glass racks (in sick bay).
H1-9 Bottle papers.
S78-3 Bottles, powder.
F34-3 Bottles, vacuum, furnishings.
S51-3 Bottom blow including piping and valves, boiler.
S11-1 Bottom and side plating.
S18-2 Bottoms, bunk, canvas.
S7 Bottoms, underwater, inspection of.
A14-7 Boundaries, international.
HM Boundary Commission, United States and Canada.
HN Boundary Commission, United States and Mexico.
N39-1 Boundary lights, landing field.
N3-4 Boundary limitation.
N1-1 Bounds and metes (survey).
L16-9 Bounties (allowances, money).
S78-1 Bourreret projectile, ammunition.
F14-1 Bow cap.
S11-8 Bow cap.
S75-2 Bow cap and shutters, torpedo tubes.
F19-1 Bow, cover, outer.
S11-3 Bow framing.
S12-5 Bow and stern, ornaments.
AO30 Bowditch. .
IX50 Bowdoin.
NC111-1 Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine, radio engineering naval training school (officers).
NC74-5 Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine, naval reserve radio school (Obsolete, see NC111-1).
P10-1 Bowling (recreation).
N4-10 Bowling alley (structure).
F11-2 Bows, tip, aileron and wing.
F12-2 Bows, tip, elevator, fin, rudder, stabilizer.
S17-2 Bowsprits (ship).
S48-23 Box and basket strainers, pipe fittings.
N30-3 Boxcars.
S94 Box, faking (for throwing lines).
N3 Box, sentinel, police.
S24-7 Box, triple chronometer.
YX7 Boxer (stricken).
QW10 Boxer Rebellion.
F41-5 Boxes, ammunition and ejection.
S78-3 Boxes, ammunition, stowage.
L21-3 Boxes, cases, crates, etc., packing.
S24-7 Boxes, chronometer and transporting cases.
S34-2 Boxes, coal, galley, ships.
S59 Boxes, cold storage and ice making.
S62-2 Boxes, connecting and junction, electric distribution.
S45-2 Boxes, distributing, lubrication.
S71-8 Boxes, fire-control apparatus.
F36-2 Boxes, junction.
S64-5 Boxes, signal light.
S85 Boxes, light, for film marking, photography.
N28-9 Boxes, mail, chore.
F26-2 Boxes, oil radiator.
L21-3 Boxes, packing.
S72-3 Boxes, periscope, turrets fittings.
S73-1 Boxes, screw, broadside guns.
S77-1 Boxes, smoke, warfare apparatus.
S37-2 Boxes, first-aid, medical.
F36-3 Boxes, storage-battery.
S92 Boxes, waste and oil.
S62-2 Boxes, wiring appliances (electric power distribution).
S48-23 Boxes and zinc for fittings.
P10-1 Boxing.
YN3 Boxwood (ex-Birch).
P8-1 Boycotts.
DD544 Boyd.
DD600 Boyle.
S51-1 Braces, boiler.
F13 Braces, hull and landing gear.
S75-2 Braces and pedestals, torpedo tube and launching gear.
F16-1 Bracing, wire, fins.
F21-1 Bracket assembly, oil feed bearing, oil pump system.
S38-1 Bracket fans, desk and ceiling.
S11-3 Bracket frames and bulkhead.
S73-2 Brackets, broadside mounts.
F24-1 Brackets, electric starter.
S76-2 Brackets, mechanical control, mine.
S54-3 Brackets and pulleys, coal and ash handling.
S71 Brackets, range and deflection transmitters, and telescopic.
S41-6 Brackets and stiffeners, main propelling machinery.
S91-2 Brackets, structural, foundations and stiffeners.
S43-2 Brackets, struts and stern, bearings.
S72-1 Brackets, turret.
DD545 Bradford.
L4-1 Bradstreet and Dun reports.
DD630 Braine.
F22-1 Brake, engine transmission.
S87 Brake and hydraulic dynamometers.
F21-8 Brake, water, engine testing.
F48-1 Brakes, beaching gear.
F13-2 Brakes and brake wheels, landing gear, controls.
S73-2 Brakes, broadside mounts.
S72-10 Brakes, shell-hoist, electric motors, turret guns.
S22 Brakes, steering gear.
AMc39 Brambling.
DD197 Branch (stricken).
AM24 Brant.
JS2 Brass, scrap.
JJ46-8 Brass, metals.
S41-2 Brasses, crank and wristpin, engine.
EF12 Brazil.
F7 Brazing.
S29-6 Brazing.
S92 Brazing outfits.
AO4 Brazos.
P7 Breach of promise.
S34 Bread room, boxes, steam proofers.
P13-9 Bread and water diet for punishment.
A5-7 Break-downs, engineering performance.
S11-6 Breakwaters.
N15-11 Breakwaters, shore.
F21-1 Breaker points, battery coil system engine.
S76-1 Breakers, mine circuit.
F36-2 Breakers, power distribution circuit.
F34-4 Breakers, water, sanitation.
SS243 Bream.
S11-4 Breast hooks.
S64-2 Breast lights.
S79-3 Breast plates, machine guns.
S41-3 Breathers and carburetors, motor boat engines.
F49-1 Breathing apparatus, oxygen.
S93 Breathing apparatus, rescue, fire.
DD283 Breck.
DD148 Breckinridge.
S75-2 Breech door and locking gear, torpedo tube.
S74-1 Breech mechanism, antiaircraft guns.
S79-2 Breech mechanism, field guns.
F41-1 Breech mechanism, machine gun.
S72-4 Breech mechanism, turret guns.
S73-1 Breech mechanisms, broadside guns.
DM18 Breese (ex-DD122).
EF30 Bremen (Germany).
NT4-29 Bremerton, Washington, naval net depot.
P17-1 Brevet rank.
EN9-96 Brewster Aeronautical Corp., Long Island City, N.Y., Navy cost inspector.
IX3 Briarcliff (stricken).
P13-3 Bribery.
L4-3 Bribery, contracts.
N6-28 Brick storehouses.
JJ59-4 Bricks.
AF1 Bridge.
S71-4 Bridge, control of torpedo fire, directors.
SS2 Bridge gauges and special tools.
AD10 Bridgeport (ex-AR2).
EN9-113 Bridgeport Brass Co., Bridgeport, Conn., navy cost inspector.
EN8-3 Bridgeport, Conn., inspector of machinery.
EN6-3 Bridgeport, Conn., inspector of ordnance.
EN9-113 Bridgeport, Conn., navy cost inspector, Bridgeport Brass Co.
EN9-169 Bridgeport, Conn., navy cost inspector, Jenkins Bros.
S24-6 Bridges.
S11-16 Bridges, bridge decks, etc., structural work above communication platform.
S89 Bridges, testing, electric trip.
N15-15 Bridges, transfer (tide).
N14-1 Bridges and viaducts.
N4-15 Brig (detention house).
OA2 Brigadier General (Marine Corps).
S25 Bridles, towing.
S47 Brine pumps, refrigerating and evaporator.
S59 Brine system, pumps, refrigerating system.
DD453 Bristol.
EN9-137 Bristol & Martin, Inc., New York, N.Y., navy cost inspector.
EN11-19 Bristol, Pa., inspector naval aircraft.
KP147 British Guiana, marine detachment.
NH42 British Guiana, naval dispensary.
AM58 Broadbill.
A6-2 Broadcasting, radio.
QV5 Broadcasting stations, commercial.
S71-2 Broadside battery fire control, director firing.
S73 Broadside guns and mounts.
A12-2 Brochures, souvenir.
H3-3 Broken parts of vessels etc., obstructing navigation.
JJ46-8 Bronze (metals).
CL40 Brooklyn.
EN4-2 Brooklyn, N.Y., inspector of navigational material.
EN6-25 Brooklyn, N.Y., inspector of ordnance, Arma Engineering Co.
EN6-7 Brooklyn, N.Y., inspector of ordnance, E. W. Bliss Co.
EN6-8 Brooklyn, N.Y., inspector of ordnance, Sperry Gyroscope Co.
NP20 Brooklyn, N.Y., naval clothing factory.
NH4 Brooklyn, N.Y., naval hospital.
NT4-2 Brooklyn, N.Y., naval medical supply depot.
NA24 Brooklyn, N.Y., Naval Reserve aviation base.
EN9-123 Brooklyn, N.Y., navy cost inspector, Atlantic Basin Iron Works.
EN9-163 Brooklyn, N.Y., navy cost inspector, Robins D.D. & Repair Co.
EN9-160 Brooklyn, N.Y., navy cost inspector, Sullivan D.D. & Repair Co.
NM21 Brooklyn, So., N.Y. (Old Armory) (Lend-Lease) navy receiving station.
NP19 Brooklyn, N. Y., officers' uniform shop.
NL7 Brooklyn, N.Y., recruiting station.
NT4-1 Brooklyn, N.Y. supply depot.
DD232 Brooks.
QX6 Brooks, rivers, and creeks.
DD210 Broome.
S36-5 Brooms, sweeping.
N4-7 Brotherhood, Lutheran, building.
DD546 Brown.
S78-1 Brown powder, ammunition.
YP3234 Browning, Ellen (stricken).
DD518 Brownson.
NR51 Brownsville, Tex., radio station.
N15-16 Brows, dump, water-front structure.
EF13-8 Brunei.
DD329 Bruce (stricken).
EF30 Brunswick, Germany.
NC74-8 Brunswick, Maine, Bowdoin College, radio school. (Obsolete, see NC111-1.)
NC111-1 Brunswick, Maine, Bowdoin College, radio engineering naval training school (officers).
S62 Brushes, carbon, motor.
S36-5 Brushes, scrubbing.
P38-3 Brushing.
F41-8 Bubbles, bomb sights.
DD131 Buchanan (stricken).
DD484 Buchanan (new).
DD420 Buck.
S78-2 Buckets, ammunition handling.
S27 Buckets, clamshell.
S54-3 Buckets, coal and ash.
S77-1 Buckets and cowls, ventilating, gas and smoke warfare.
F15-11 Buckets, discharge, water ballast system.
S34-2 Buckets, drain, commissary.
S76-1 Buckets, gyro, torpedo.
S93 Buckets and stands, fire-fighting.
S36-1 Buckets, wash, toilet.
YN8 Buckeye (ex-Cottonwood).
S12-1 Bucklers, chain and hawse.
S72-3 Bucklers, port, turret.
YN9 Buckthorn (ex-Dogwood).
L1-1 Budget, appropriations.
ET6 Budget bureau.
EN9-19 Budget Bureau, Navy detail, Washington, D.C.
EN1-1 Budget Office, Navy Department.
AD5 Buffalo (stricken).
CL99 Buffalo (new).
EN22-5 Buffalo, N.Y., branch hydrographic office.
EN11-8 Buffalo, N.Y., inspector of naval aircraft, Consolidated Aircraft Co.
NR11 Buffalo, N.Y., radio-traffic station.
NL8 Buffalo, N.Y., recruiting station.
EN9-89 Buffalo, N.Y., Sterling Engine Co., navy cost inspector.
N33-15 Buffaloes, water.
S76-1 Buffer, hydraulic.
S73-2 Buffers, broadside mounts.
S72-3 Buffers, bumpers, and positive stops, turret fittings.
S75-3 Buffers, torpedo.
A6-3 Bugle calls.
MY Bugler and buglemaster.
F8-1 Builders' trials.
S8-1 Builders' trials.
L12-1 Building associations.
L2-5 Building codes.
P2-3 Building, expense.
N19-17 Building material.
JJ59 Building materials, shore.
A1 Building programs, public works.
N18-1 Building ways.
N3 Buildings, administration.
N34 Buildings and grounds, construction and maintenance.
N9 Buildings, hospital, asylum, medical, and sanitation.
N4-5 Buildings for preparation of food, issue of small stores, personnel structures.
QO Buildings, public, Federal.
N11 Buildings, radio.
N5 Buildings, shop structures.
N6 Buildings, storage structures.
S33-6 Built-in-furniture, except office and medical.
S11 Built-in-tanks, hull structural.
EF14 Bulgaria.
S11-10 Bulges and blisters, structural.
S11-5 Bulkhead.
S13-3 Bulkhead armor.
S48-23 Bulkhead and deck stuffing boxes, pipe fittings.
F13 Bulkhead, gull, body group.
S43-2 Bulkhead, stuffing boxes, shafting.
N15-12 Bulkheads, shore.
S75-1 Bulkheads, torpedo group.
S72-1 Bulkheads, turret.
S12-1 Bull nose.
YO46 Bull Wheel.
F49-4 Bullet proof vests.
P4-1 Bullet wound.
S32-9 Bulletin boards.
A7-1 Bulletins and circulars, publicity.
AM66 Bullfinch.
JJ46-13 Bullion, precious metals.
L21-2 Bullion, shipment of.
DD222 Bulmer.
S11-1 Bulwarks.
L18 Bumboating.
S72-3 Bumpers, buffers, and positive stops, turret fittings.
S18-2 Bunk bottoms, canvas.
N4-2 Bunkhouses.
S93 Bunker, steam fire extinguishers.
CV17 Bunker Hill.
FG17 Bunker Hill air group.
S64-4 Bunker lanterns, electric.
S29-1 Bunkers, calibration or capacity.
S54^1 Bunkers, coal.
AMc7 Bunting.
S81-1 Buoy lines and anchors, mine channel marking.
S29-1 Buoyancy.
S66-5 Buoyancy indicators.
S48-1 Buoyancy tank.
H3-1 Buoys adrift.
S26-5 Buoys, anchor.
N20-3 Buoys, channel, mooring, and range.
S76 Buoys, depth charge and mine.
H2-3 Buoys and dolphins, channel, mooring, range and rack.
S12-5 Buoys, life.
S65-5 Buoys, marker, submarine.
S26-5 Buoys, moorings and appliances.
S75-3 Buoys, torpedo.
A17-15 Burden of proof; issues; degree of proof.
OO Bureau chiefs and assistant chiefs.
A2-11 Bureau orders (executive action).
L4-3 Bureau orders (purchasing).
EN28 Bureau of ships.
A7-1 Bureau of supplies and accounts, publicity.
L13-1 Bureaus, bonding.
EN Bureaus of Navy Department.
P13-5 Burglary.
P6 Burials.
S55-4 Burners, fuel-oil.
DD299 Burnes, John Francis (stricken).
DM11 Burns (stricken).
DD588 Burns (new).
P4-1 Burns, treatment of.
KP140 Burns City, Ind., marine barracks.
NT1-18 Burns City, Ind., naval ammunition depot.
DD29 Burrows (stricken).
AP6 Burrows, William Ward.
NB40 Burrwood, La., section base.
S78-1 Burster bags, ammunition charges.
P41-6 Bursting charge, bombs.
L20-1 Bus lines.
S62-1 Busbars, switchboards.
DD166 Bush (stricken).
DD52B Bush (new).
AS15 Bushnell (new).
AS2 Bushnell (now AG32, Sumner).
S72-6 Bushings, trunnion, turret guns.
A3-2 Business methods and procedure (organization and management).
N4-4 Butcher shop (structure).
S34-1 Butcher shop.
DD636 Butler.
YN4 Butternut.
P15 Buttons, honorable discharge.
N12-2 Butts and ranges, rifle.
S65-4 Buzzers, interior communication.
A3-2 Bylaws, constitution and (organization and management).
S41 Bypass valves, main propelling machinery.
EN9-157 By-Products Steel Corp., Coatesville, Pa., navy cost inspector.


S68 C, K, and MV tubes, parts and spares (sound-signaling).
YX8 C.T.B. No. 6 (ex-Morris) (stricken).
F11-1 Cabane struts, wing.
S32 Cabinets.
S36-2 Cabinets, barber shop.
S33-6 Cabinets, china and silver.
S35 Cabinets, drying, laundry.
S37-2 Cabinets, filing, instrument, medical.
S85 Cabinets, photography.
S67 Cabinets, receiving, in booths (radio).
S85 Cabinets, tables, benches, photography.
S33-2 Cabins, dining, officers.
S26-5 Cable cutter, anchor.
S81-5 Cable-cutting devices.
F14 Cable and fittings, axial, structure.
A6 Cable service and addresses (communications).
QS3 Cable ships, Army.
N28-8 Cable systems.
S76-1 Cable winding machines, mine firing, wrecking.
F32-3 Cables, aileron-control.
S26-3 Cables, anchor.
S54-3 Cables, coal and ash handling.
F22-2 Cables, control, transmission.
F17-2 Cables and fittings, car-suspension.
F41 Cables, ordnance.
N20-7 Cables, piloting (leader systems).
F45 Cables, ropes and lines, handling-mooring-towing.
CV16 Cabot.
FG16 Cabot air group.
NT2-6 Cabras, Guam, fuel depot.
L20-1 Cabs, carriages, motors, etc., hire of.
SS170 Cachalot.
F38-3 Cadmium finish.
AC16 Caesar (stricken).
N4-5 Cafeteria.
S17-2 Ca^e, masts and fittings.
YT135 Cahokia.
EF13-44 Caicos Island.
S91-3 Caissons and cofferdams, repair.
N16-3 Caissons, dry dock.
S34-2 Cake machines.
L11-1 Calamities.
S29-7 Calculations and curve, strength.
F1-5 Calculations and tests, strength, design.
DD69 Caldwell (stricken).
DD605 Caldwell (new).
A10-5 Calendars and almanacs (except nautical).
S75-1 Calibrating sprays and springs, torpedo.
S73-1 Calibration, broadside guns.
S29-1 Calibration or capacity of tanks and bunkers.
F31-5 Calibration equipment.
S72-4 Calibration, turret guns.
A6-2 Calibrations, radio.
F31 Calibrators.
BB44 California
EG5 California.
NE11 California City Point, Calif., trial course.
EW15 California Debris Commission, War Department.
EN1-4 California petroleum reserves, inspector's office.
IX34 California State (stricken).
YFB21 Calistoga.
S11-1 Calking, outside plating.
IX39 Call (now Seattle).
S65-4 Call-bell systems.
A6-3 Call letters.
A17-4 Calls, court.
P14-1 Calls for volunteers.
S87 Calorimeters.
AG35 Calypso.
F21-1 Cam and hub, engine.
F21-1 Cam-shaft and valve-operating assembly.
S41-3 Cams, shafting, motorboat and Diesel engines.
S73-3 Cams, sight, broadside guns.
S72-7 Cams, sight, turret guns.
KP5 Camaguey, Cuba, marine post.
KP6 Camaguey headquarters marine detachment.
S11-6 Camber, deck.
EF28-3 Cambodia.
NC111-2 Cambridge, Mass., radio engineering naval training school, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Officers).
IX42 Camden (ex-AS6).
EN8-6 Camden, N.J., inspector of machinery.
EN6-13 Camden, N.J., inspector of ordnance.
EN9-58 Camden, N.J., navy cost inspector, Camden Forge Co.
EN9-44 Camden, N.J., navy cost inspector, New York S.B. Corporation.
EN9-129 Camden, N.J., Navy cost inspector, Radio Corp. of America.
EN25-9 Camden, N.J., supervisor of shipbuilding, New York S.B. Corporation.
EN25-39 Camden, N.J., supervisor of shipbuilding, R. T. C. Ship Building Corporation.
N15-5 Camels and dolphins, landing (waterfront structures).
S82-19 Camels and pontoons (other than salvage).
F41-10 Camera gun and films.
F1-2 Camera obscura, design.
S85 Cameras.
F44-2 Cameras, motion picture and still, photography.
EF13-29 Cameroon (British).
EF25-5 Cameroon (French).
YFB683 Camia.
A16-3 Camouflage (warfare operations).
F39-5 Camouflage.
S19-7 Camouflage.
KP144 Camp Elliott, Calif., marine barracks.
KP125 Camp Rapidan, Va., marine camp.
P15 Campaign badges.
A16-3 Campaigns, expeditions, warfare operations.
P9-1 Campaigns, political.
N9-7 Can storage buildings.
S59-4 Cans, ice making.
S73-3 Cans, sights, broadside guns.
S92 Cans, trash, waste and oil.
NT4-7 Canacao, P.I., medical supply depot.
NH19 Canacao, P.I. Naval Hospital.
EF13-39 Canada.
L14-2 Canal tolls.
QX7 Canals.
H1-12 Canals and rivers.
AMc25 Canary.
YN38 Canasatego.
L12-1 Canceled, altered, or destroyed checks.
P14-2 Cancellation of appointment.
L4-3 Cancellation of contracts (purchasing).
P19-1 Cancellation of enlistments, discharge.
P16-4 Cancellation of orders.
L8-2 Cancellation of requisitions.
L20-2 Cancellation of transportation.
L10-6 Cancellations, cost-plus contracts, cost inspections (accounting) .
A10-3 Cancellations and withdrawals (publications).
P3-1 Cancers and tumors.
P14 Candidates for appointment.
F41-16 Candles, smoke.
N5-48 Cane fender shop.
S18-1 Cane, wood, cork, fenders, rope (portable).
S77-1 Canisters and fuses, gas and smoke warfare.
YT187 Canonicus.
S71-2 Canopies, broadside director tower.
AS© Canopus.
S24-6 Canopy, bridge.
S12-2 Canopy frames.
S11-3 Cant frames.
S30-1 Canteen.
N4-6 Canteen commissary building.
S79-4 Canteens, landing-force equipment.
JF Canteens.
NP27 Canton, Ohio, Naval ordnance plant.
EN9-59 Canton, N.J., navy cost inspector, Westinghouse E. & M. Co.
S18 Canvas, awnings and rigging.
S14-3 Canvas, deck.
S72-6 Cap squares, turret guns.
S29-1 Capacity or calibration of tanks and bunkers.
L24 Capacity and output of manufacturing establishments.
NE3 Cape Ann, Mass., trial course.
NX2 Cape Elizabeth, Maine, radio direction-finder station.
EF13-27 Cape of Good Hope.
KP123 Cape Haitien, Haiti, marine post.
NX22 Cape Hatteras, N.C., radio direction-finder station.
NR36 Cape Hatteras, N.C., radio traffic station.
NX16 Cape Henlopen, Del., radio direction-finder station.
NX58 Cape Hinchinbrook, Alaska, radio direction-finder station.
NX23 Cape Lookout, N. C., radio direction-finder station.
NR65 Cape Mala, C.Z., radio traffic station.
NA5 Cape May, N.J., naval air station.
NX13 Cape May, N.J., radio direction-finder station.
NR20 Cape May, N.J., radio traffic station.
NB39 Cape May, N.J., section base.
AK13 Capella.
GL Capitol, United States. J.
DD550 Capps.
F14-1 Caps, bow.
F27-1 Caps, filler, fuel tanks.
S71-8 Caps, focusing and telescopic.
S78-1 Caps, fuse, primer, projectile, ammunition.
S44 Caps, propeller.
N16-9 Capstans, dry dock.
N20-4 Capstans, mooring.
S20 Capstans and winches.
S71-8 Captain target designation system, fire control.
ON5 Captain of the yard.
OL4 Captains.
OA6 Captains, Marine Corps.
JE2 Captains' mess.
S32-1 Captain's office.
S24-7 Captains' reading glass.
A16-3 Capture (war).
P6-1 Captured in action, reports of.
A12-1 Captured records.
YCP Car floats.
L20-1 Car lines, elevated.
L21-4 Car orders, situations, shipments and seals.
F17 Car structure and suspension.
F45-3 Car, taxying, moor.
AMc40 Caracara.
S63-5 Carbon brushes, motor.
JC6 Carbon dioxide.
S59-1 Carbon dioxide ice machine.
S51-3 Carbon dioxide recorder for boilers.
F34-6 Carbon dioxide and tetrachloride.
S66 Carbons, searchlight.
F31-1 Carburetor thermometers.
S41-3 Carburetors and breathers, motorboat engines.
F21-1 Carburetors, engine.
S32-9 Card cabinets.
S88-2 Card holders, damage control.
S32-9 Card index, filling, stationery, cabinets.
P1-5 Cards, outline finger and identification.
P10-3 Cards, playing.
S77-1 Cardboard cartridges and chemicals, gas and smoke warfare.
N6-25 Cardboard and paper, storage of.
NP21 Carderock, Md., David W, Taylor model basin.
AM6 Cardinal (stricken).
AM67 Cardinal (new).
L9 Care and preservation.
P13-4 Careless handling of firearms.
S17-1 Cargo booms and fittings.
S27 Cargo hatch davit and crane and gear complete, handling and appliances.
S14-1 Cargo holds, tank top coverings in.
L21-4 Cargo lists and reports.
S16-2 Cargo, ports.
AK Cargo ships.
L13-2 Cargo, ships and personnel, insuring.
S30-1 Cargo spaces.
S47 Cargo and wrecking pumps.
L21-4 Cargoes, methods of shipment.
AT78 Carib.
NG5 Caribbean naval coastal frontier forces.
EN6-32 Carl Worden, New York, N.Y., inspector of ordnance.
S11-6 Cartings.
DD493 Carmick.
GI Carnegie Institute.
EN9-67 Carnegie Illinois Steel Corp., Mingo Junction, Ohio navy cost inspector.
EK9-69 Carnegie Illinois Steel Corp., Munhall, Pa., navy cost inspector.
EN9-36 Carnegie Illinois Steel Corp., South Charleston, W. Va., navy cost inspector.
PY19 Carnelian.
N5-46 Carpenter shop (structure).
S91-1 Carpenter shop.
OW Carpenters, chief (warrant).
MA Carpenters' mate.
S33-6 Carpets.
N37-1 Carpets and rugs, household.
N38-1 Carpets and rugs, nonhousehold.
AT35 Carrabassett.
S74-2 Carriage antiaircraft gun mounts.
S73-2 Carriage, broadside mounts.
N13-4 Carriage houses (transportation structures).
L20-1 Carriages, cabs, motors, etc., hire of.
S79-3 Carriages, machine guns, field guns.
F45-5 Carriages, rails, trolleys and docking.
FB2 Carrier divisions (vessels).
F34-6 Carrier, message.
F42-4 Carrier pigeons.
CV Carriers, aircraft.
S78-2 Carriers, bomb, ammunition handling.
L21-1 Carriers, freight.
S72-10 Carriers, projectile, turret.
L6-2 Carrying charges.
S72-10 Cars ammunition, turret.
N30 Cars, rolling stock.
L21-5 Cars, shortage, congestion, wrecking, switching, etc.
JN13-5 Cart and wagon sheds.
N33-6 Carts.
N34-12 Carts, sprinkling.
EN8-35 Carteret, N.J., inspector of machinery.
S78-3 Cartons, smokeless-powder samples.
S78 Cartridge boxes, cases, machine gun, tank, ammunition, handling and stowage.
N5-72 Cartridge-case shop.
F24-7 Cartridge starters.
S79-4 Cartridge and waist belts.
S77-1 Cartridges and chemicals, gas and smoke warfare.
S86-3 Cartridges, drill and dummy.
S70-1 Cartridges, Verys' signals.
AD18 Cascade.
AVP12 Casco.
NT4-39 Casco Bay, Portland, Maine, navy supply pier.
DD285 i>Case (stricken).
DD370 Case (now).
S24-7 Case and psychrometer.
N5-72 Case, cartridge shop.
S78-1 Case shot, projectiles, ammunition.
S13-2 Casement armor.
S76 Cases, booster, mine and depth charge.
L21-3 Cases, boxes, crates, etc., packing.
S78-1 Cases, cartridge, ammunition.
N38-5 Cases, display, refrigerators and ice boxes.
S37-2 Cases, toilet, for sick bay.
L12-1 Cash.
L6-2 Cash advances.
S53 Casing fan, blower.
S51-2 Casing and furnace fittings, boilers.
S42 Casing, housing and frames, reduction gear.
S41 Casing and steam chests, flywheels, Diesel engine, turbines.
YO47 Casinghead.
S11-5 Casings, flameproof.
S12-5 Casings, pipe (ship).
S42 Casings, reduction gear.
S43-1 Casings, shafting.
P6-4 Caskets, burial.
DD43 Cassin (stricken).
DD372 Cassin (new).
S71-8 Castings, aluminum.
S86-3 Castings, backing out, drill shell.
S73 Castings, broadside guns.
S48-23 Castings and connections, bulkhead and deck, plumbing.
F16 Castings, fins and rudder.
S11-8 Castings, hull, structural.
S75-1 Castings, torpedo.
S72-6 Castings, turret guns.
AKS1 Castor.
YFB621 Castro (stricken).
P6-1 Casualties and death.
A5 Casualties, engineering and gunnery performances.
L11 Casualties and salvage.
S88-2 Casualty boards.
N2-3 Cat walks (highway's).
L7-2 Catalogue, Federal and standard stock.
L4-1 Catalogues of firms (purchasing).
YN5 Catalpa.
F13-4 Catapulting, provision for.
S83-2 Catapults and gear (ship).
AT68 Catawba (now Arapaho).
YT32 Catawba (new).
AM68 Catbird.
N2-2 Catch basins, street.
AK45 Catherine (now AP41, Stratford).
AP15 Catlin (stricken).
CM6 Catskill.
NX55 Cattle Point, Wash., radio direction-finder station.
A14-5 Causes of war.
F20-1 Caustic soda, inflation.
P13-9 Caution, letters of.
SS244 Cavalla.
EW4 Cavalry, chief of.
A17-5 Caveat, law and justice.
NT1-12 Cavite, P.I., ammunition depot.
NC61 Cavite, P.I., fleet radio school.
KP7 Cavite, P.I., marine post.
NT3-3 Cavite, P.I., mine base.
NT7-4 Cavite, P.I., motion-picture exchange.
NF3 Cavite, P.I., naval prison.
NM15 Cavite, P.I., naval receiving ship.
NB15 Cavite, P.I., naval submarine base.
NYU Cavite, P.I., Navy Yard (ex-NS10).
NR94 Cavite, P.I., radio traffic station.
NA76 Cavite, P.I., Sangley Point, naval air station.
NT5-13 Cavite, P.I., torpedo depot.
NR12 Cayey, P.R., radio station.
EF13-44 Caymen Islands.
YT12 Cayuga (stricken).
S71-8 Cease firing gongs, fire-control.
NA29-1 Cecil Field, Jacksonville, Fla., naval auxiliary base field.
S38-1 Ceiling fans, bracket and desk.
S39-1 Ceiling or interior sheathing.
N39-1 Ceiling projector lights, air station.
S39-2 Ceilings, cork backed and painted.
N19-2 Ceilings, floors, and walls, buildings.
A15-2 Celebrations.
S48-1 Cellar-drainer pumps.
F18-6 Cellophane.
JJ59-3 Cement.
S14-2 Cement, deck.
F18-6 Cement gas-cell fabric.
N34-16 Cement guns, shore.
F19 Cement, main body, stern and bow cover.
S19 Cement paint, protection and filling.
N6-20 Cement storehouses.
P6-6 Cemeteries.
A7 Censorship and publicity.
P13-9 Censure, letters of.
EC8 Census, Bureau of, Department of Commerce.
A9-10 Census statistics.
F1-5 Center of gravity, final design.
S73-1 Center of gravity, guns and mounts, broadside guns.
S72-4 Center of gravity, guns and mounts, turret guns.
S78-1 Center of gravity, projectile ammunition.
YX17 Center, Robert (stricken).
F11-1 Center section panels, wing.
S72-3 Centering pins, turrets.
S11-4 Centerline keelson.
NP29 Centerline, Mich., naval ordnance plant.
EN9-116 Centerline, Mich., navy cost inspector, Hudson Motor Car Co.
S75-2 Centerline torpedo tubes.
NP26 Centerville, Minn., naval ordnance plant.
QG2-4 Central America or Central American republics.
KR Central Division, Marine recruiting corps.
KT1 Central Division, Marine Reserve detachment.
EN9-22 Central sales board, Washington, D.C.
S65-7 Central station, interior communication.
NL44 Central and west central divisions, Navy recruiting inspectors.
H7 Central time.
A3-1 Centralization.
F21-1 Centrifugal, supercharger.
ES22 Ceremonials, officer in charge of, State Department.
A15 Ceremonies and honors.
F6-2 Ceremonies, launching.
S6-2 Ceremonies, launching.
P12-2 Ceremonies, religious.
A15-1 Ceremony, visits of.
SS225 Cero.
S29-11 Certificate of admeasurement.
P1-3 Certificate, birth.
P19-1 Certificate, of discharge, and in lieu of lost discharge.
P11-1 Certificates of attainment, graduation, school, etc.
L6-2 Certificates on dealers bills.
P6-2 Certificates, death.
L12-1 Certificates of deposit and checks.
P14-2 Certificates of eligibles.
L13-2 Certificates, insurance.
S29-11 Certificates, tonnage.
P20-2 Certificates of war service, personnel.
P14-2 Certification for appointments.
L10-6 Certification of cost charges (cost-plus contracts).
P6-5 Certification, memorial.
P15 Certifications of merit, for wounds.
L6-2 Certified bills.
AG-5 Certified copies, correspondence.
A14-7 Cessions, territory and others.
EF13-9 Ceylon (British).
AMc41 Chachalaca.
AM81 Chaffinch.
S14-4 Chafing plates, deck.
S12-5 Chafing strips for boat falls.
S78-2 Chain, ammunition handling.
S26-3 Chain, anchor.
P17-1 Chain of command.
S92 Chain falls and hoists.
S12-1 Chain pipes and bucklers.
N5-22 Chain shop.
N5-8 Chain storehouse.
S26 Chains, anchor, controllers, lockers, stoppers, tierer, mooring.
S81-2 Chains, blocks, fittings, and ropes, rigging, paravanes.
N20-12 Chains, buoys, anchors, nets, etc., for submarine defense.
S18-1 Chair, boatswain's.
S36-2 Chairs, barber.
S33-6 Chairs, cushions and hammocks.
S37 Chairs, dental, medical.
F34 Chairs, desk and table.
S32-9 Chairs, office.
N37-4 Chairs, tables, beds, etc., household.
N38-4 Chairs, tables, beds, etc., nonhousehold.
YT126 Challenge (ex-AT59).
P13-4 Challenge, fighting (misconduct and discipline).
A17-11 Challenge of members (court-martial).
S94 Chamber, recompression, salvage.
S48-23 Chambers, air, piping.
S73-1 Chambers, broadside guns.
S51-1 Chambers, combustion, boilers.
S72 Chambers, expansion, turret gun slides.
N4-9 Chambers, gas, fire-rescue training.
DD104 Champlin (stricken).
DD601 Champlin (new).
AV10 Chandeleur.
DMS9 Chandler (ex-DD206).
A6-4 Change of address, mail, ships and aircraft.
F40-1 Change in designation.
P1 Change, name and address (personnel).
P16 Change of orders and stations (assignment and details).
S28-1 Changes in designation and nomenclature.
S1-6 Changes from design of shipbuilding.
F4-1 Changes of service, work, air, light, electricity, etc.
F1-3 Changes in specifications.
L2-1 Changes in specifications.
EF13-3 Channel Islands (British).
S81-1 Channel marking, mine, buoy lines and anchors.
N20-3 Channel, mooring, and range buoys.
H1-2 Channels (reports of dredging).
QX4 Channels (narrows), straits and sounds.
N8-5 Channels, water, experimental and model tanks and basins.
ASR7 Chanticleer (new).
AMc60 Chanticleer (now YF318).
N4-7 Chapels.
N4-7 Chaplain's building.
S32-1 Chaplain's office.
EW8 Chaplains, Chief of, War Department.
P19-1 Character of discharge.
A17-15 Character evidence, court-martial.
P1-6 Character and habits.
S1-1 Characteristics, chief.
P1-5 Characteristics, physical.
JJ4-8 Charcoal.
F36-12 Charge and discharge indicators.
S78-1 Charges, booster, burster, ignition, powder, saluting ammunition.
L6-2 Charges, carrying, disbursing.
L10-3 Charges, cost-plus contrasts, fixed, industrial accounting.
S86-3 Charges and depth-charges, dummy and drill.
S75-2 Charges, impulse torpedo tube.
L21-2 Charges and rates, storage on shipment.
S4 Charges, service, in connection with work (air, light, electricity, water).
A17-13 Charges and specifications; for trial in joinder, court martial.
S76-3 Charges, wrecking.
S62-1 Charging station, storage battery.
P8-2 Charitable associations and institutions.
DD294 Charles Ausburn (stricken).
DD570 Charles Ausburn (new).
DD428 Charles P. Hughes.
CA19 Charleston (stricken).
PG51 Charleston (new).
EN25-37 Charleston S.B. & D.D. Co., Charleston, S.C., supervisor of shipbuilding.
NB70 Charleston, S.C., advance base depot.
NT1-8 Charleston (Berkeley Co.), S.C., ammunition depot.
EN9-83 Charleston, S.C., navy cost inspector, Charleston S.B. & D.D. Co.
EN25-37 Charleston, S.C., supervisor of shipbuilding, Charleston S.B. & D.D. Co.
KP8 Charleston, S.C. marine post.
NA52 Charleston, S.C., naval air station.
NH5 Charleston, S.C., naval hospital.
NT4-17 Charleston, S.C., naval net depot.
NM11 Charleston, S.C., naval receiving ship.
NY7 Charleston, S.C., Navy Yard.
NC74-2 Charleston, S.C., radio school.
NR37 Charleston, S.C., radio traffic station.
NB24 Charleston, S.C., section base.
NT5-6 Charleston, S.C., torpedo depot.
CA12 Charlotte (stricken).
DD581 Charrette.
S24 Chart boards, pilot house, lockers.
S37-2 Chart holders, clinical.
S24-6 Charthouse bridge or platform.
F31 Charts, chart boards.
H1-5 Charts and hydrographic publications, portfolios.
A3-1 Charts, organization.
P1-5 Charts and records, identification.
H1-25 Chartered positions, hydrographic.
L4-3 Charters.
DD323 Chase (stricken).
PC Chasers, submarine.
F13-2 Chassis, land.
AP31 Chateau Thierry.
NA1 Chatham, Mass., naval air station.
NX6 Chatham, Mass., radio direction-finder station.
NR5 Chatham, Mass., radio station.
CL18 Chattanooga (stricken).
AMc16 Chatterer.
AP5 Chaumont.
DD296 Chauncey (stricken).
P13-2 Cheating (conduct, offenses against authority).
S79-2 Check and drag ropes, field guns.
S88-2 Check-off list, compartment, damage control.
S51 Check plates and valves, boiler.
S71-4 Check-sight, torpedo tube, telescopes.
F18-5 Check valves, air scoops.
F26-3 Check valves, oil temperature control.
L12-1 Cheeks and drafts, banks and banking.
S78-1 Checks, gas, projectile ammunition.
L16 Checks, pay.
P13-3 Checks, worthless.
L6-1 Checkages, receipts and deliveries.
L6-9 Checkages of allowances.
P10-3 Checkers (games).
P18-2 Checking time (hours of labor).
SB1-2 Cheek, arch and dead plates, boiler.
YT175 Chekilli.
KP9 Chelsea, Mass., marine post.
NH2 Chelsea, Mass., naval hospital.
NR103 Cheltenham, Md., naval radio traffic station.
S93 Chemical fire extinguishers.
N8-11 Chemical laboratories.
P2-3 Chemical sterilization, prevention of disease.
A16-3 Chemical warfare.
S77-1 Chemical-warfare agents.
EW21 Chemical Warfare Service, Chief of, War Department.
S85 Chemicals and acids, photographic.
F44-2 Chemicals and acids, photographic.
S77-1 Chemicals and cartridges, gas and smoke warfare.
P3-4 Chemistry.
EA1.2 Chemistry and Soils, Bureau of, Department of Agriculture.
AT18 Chemung (stricken).
YT124 Chemung (stricken).
AO30 Chemung (new).
AO31 Chenango.
IX52 Chengho.
DD637 Cherardi.
AT66 Cherokee.
P10-3 Chess.
P2-5 Chest measurement, physical examination.
CL1 Chester (stricken).
CA27 Chester (new).
EN9-54 Chester, Pa., navy cost inspector, Sun Shipbuilding Co.
S41 Chests, casing, steam, value turbines.
S48-23 Chests and connections, sea, fittings.
S30-3 Chests, deck.
S73-2 Chests, division, broadside guns.
S72-3 Chests, gun, turret.
S46-5 Chests, water condenser.
YN6 Chestnut.
DD451 Chevalier.
DD106 Chew.
JJ56-4 Chewing tobacco.
ASR3 Chewink (ex-AM39).
IX4 Cheyenne (ex-BM10) (stricken).
CL86 Cheyenne (new).
CA29 Chicago.
EN9-106 Chicago Heights, Ill., navy cost inspector, American Locomotive Works.
EN22-14 Chicago, Ill., branch hydrographic office.
NA18 Chicago, Ill., Glenview, naval reserve aviation base.
EN8-20 Chicago, Ill., inspector of engineering material.
EN24-9 Chicago, Ill., inspector naval material.
EN6-20 Chicago, Ill., inspector of ordnance.
EN9-138 Chicago, Ill., navy cost inspector, Amertorp Corp.
NL21 Chicago, Ill., recruiting station.
EN25-20 Chicago, Ill., supervisor of shipbuilding, Henry C. Grebe & Co., branch of Manitowoc S.B. & D.D. Co., Manitowoc, Wis.
NC74-3 Chicago, Ill., signal school.
AM59 Chickadee.
EN9-37 Chickasaw, Ala., navy cost inspector, Gulf Shipbuilding Corporation.
EN25-26 Chickasaw, Ala., supervisor of shipbuilding, Gulf Shipbuilding Corporation.
EN1-5 Chief Clerk, Navy Department.
ET6-1 Chief Coordinator, Budget Bureau.
JE6 Chief petty officers' mess.
S33-3 Chief petty officers' messroom.
N4-1 Chief petty officers' quarters.
OF28 Chief of staff (afloat).
OO Chiefs of bureaus and assistants.
P8-1 Child labor.
AVD1 Childs (ex-DD241; ex-AVP14).
P7 Children.
A17-15 Children, court-martial.
A14-3 Children, treatment of.
P13-6 Children and women, traffic in, white slavery.
EL7 Children's Bureau, Department of Labor.
P3-1 Children's diseases.
EP15 Chile.
S13-1 Chill armor.
AMc42 Chimango.
N7-9 Chimneys, stacks, and flues, power plants.
EF16 China.
S33-6 China cabinets.
EN9-4 China, navy purchasing and disbursing office.
AVP24 Chincoteague.
QW15 Chinese Expedition.
YN12 Chinquapin.
AT69 Chippewa.
P3-3 Chiropody.
S92 Chisels.
JC5 Chloride.
N25-4 Chlorinators, shore.
S82-1 Chocks, boat.
S12-1 Chocks and foundations, mooring.
S55-1 Chocks for oiling at sea (ship).
S81-2 Chocks, paravanes, (ship).
YT114 Choctaw (stricken).
AT70 Choctaw (new).
EN9-114 Choctaw Boat Works, Inc., Mobile, Ala., navy cost inspector.
NR69 Chollas Heights, Calif., radio station.
YT36 Choptank.
S8-2 Christening (ship).
YT106 Christine (stricken).
A6-4 Christinas boxes, mailing of.
P18 Christmas holiday.
EF13-13 Christmas Island (British).
F38-3 Chromium finish.
A12-1 Chronicles.
S87 Chronographs for measuring velocities.
S24-7 Chronometer box, triple.
F31-3 Chronometers.
EN6-40 Chrysler Corp., Detroit, Mich., inspector of ordnance.
S21 Chucks and sockets, drill.
EN11-23 Chula Vista (San Diego), Calif., resident inspector of naval aircraft.
N4-7 Churches.
S54-2 Chutes, ash, built-in, portable and metal, ash handling.
S18-2 Chutes, ash and coal, canvas.
F41-5 Chutes, machine gun.
S72-10 Chutes, powder, turret.
S36-4 Chutes, slop.
EN9-49 Cicero, Ill., navy cost inspector, Danby Mach. Specialists, Inc.
JJ56-4 Cigarettes and cigars.
AO22 Cimarron.
YN7 Cinchona.
CL6 Cincinnati.
EN8-19 Cincinnati, Ohio, inspector of engineering material.
EN24-8 Cincinnati, Ohio, inspector naval material.
EN9-174 Cincinnati, Ohio, navy cost inspector, American Tool Works Co.
EN9-79 Cincinnati, Ohio, navy cost inspector, King Machine & Tool Co.
NL22 Cincinnati, Ohio, recruiting station.
A6-3 Cipher codes and letters.
N36-10 Ciphering and deciphering machines (coding and decoding).
S24-7 Circles, azimuth, dip.
S73-2 Circles, deck, broadside mounts.
S79-1 Circles and mounts, boat guns.
F36-2 Circuit breakers.
S76-1 Circuit breakers, firing mine and closers.
S62-2 Circuit breakers, electric distribution.
GR Circuit Court of Appeals of the United States.
GX1 Circuit courts, State.
S28-3 Circuit marking.
F39-3 Circuit marking, electric.
S71-4 Circuits, firing, torpedo.
S28-3 Circuits, marking for, paintings and tagging.
A2-11 Circular letters, departmental.
L4-2 Circular of requirements (purchasing).
L3 Circulars, advertising.
A7-1 Circulars, bulletins, and publicity.
N23-5 Circulating loops.
S24-9 Circulating machine, dry air motor (periscope navigational).
S47 Circulating pumps, condenser.
S58 Circulating pumps, distilling condenser.
S65-4 Circulating water, low-pressure alarm system.
P2-5 Circulation, blood.
S51-3 Circulators, boiler.
P3-1 Circulatory system, diseases of.
A17-15 Circumstantial, direct evidence, court martial.
N25-2 Cisterns and wells, shore.
P15 Citations, medals, commendations.
EW26 Citizens' military training camps.
EN26 Citizens' naval training camp, inspectors.
A14-3 Citizens' protection, foreign countries.
P1-4 Citizenship and race.
A10-4 City directories.
EM City governments.
NR101 City of Panama, radio traffic station.
EU Civil Aeronautics Authority.
P19 Civil court sentence, discharge for.
A17-4 Civil courts, judicial powers, functions.
EN1-7 Civil disbursing officer, Navy Department.
P14 Civil employment, application for, age limit for.
OE Civil Engineer Corps, commissioned and assistant.
LL Civil establishment and personnel.
A17 Civil jurisdictions, special, law and justice, penal codes and revised statutes.
LA-LV Civil personnel.
P16-3 Civil personnel and officers, outside employment.
A17 Civil process, service of, on Navy personnel.
GO Civil Service Commission.
QW7 Civil War.
QD5 Civilian bands.
JJ55-1 Civilian clothing for discharged prisoners.
N4-1 Civilian employees' quarters.
L16-7 Civilian employees occupying Government quarters.
EE8 Civilian defense, office of.
LL Civilian groups.
P13-2 Civilian inhabitants, ill treatment of, misconduct by.
A17-15 Civilian witnesses, attendance of, court martial.
A16-2 Civilized warfare, methods of.
A13-4 Claims (patents).
L11 Claims, appreciation, depreciation and disposition.
L6-2 Claims and compensations.
P13-3 Claims, false (misconduct and discipline).
L11 Claims of property damage, of and by the Government departments.
L20-3 Claims, travel.
S12-5 Clamps, beam.
S75-2 Clamps, torpedo tubes.
S27 Clamshell buckets.
YP185 Clarinda (stricken).
DD361 Clark.
S78-1 Class B projectiles, ammunition.
F40-1 Class, designations.
L82 Class requisitions.
P20-2 Class standing.
S28-1 Class or type of ship, change in (conversion).
L21 Classification, freight and cargo rates, shipments.
L21-3 Classification, freight, shipments.
A5-9 Classification of guns.
L10-3 Classification of naval stores and group classification (accounting).
P17-2 Classification of personnel.
EP5 Classification, Post Office Department.
L20-5 Classification for rate-making purposes (personnel travel).
L2-1 Classification, specification.
DD140 Claxton (stricken).
DD571 Claxton (new).
S92 Cleaners, tube, staves, expanders, tools.
L9-1 Cleaning.
S71-8 Cleaning apparatus.
F35 Cleaning compounds, painting.
S72-3 Cleaning devices, gun, turrets.
S36-5 Cleaning equipment.
N40 Cleaning equipment and fuel-oil tanks, shore.
S16-6 Cleaning and painting stages.
S19-4 Cleaning, pickling, etc.
S91-1 Cleaning room, airplane engines.
S26 Clear hawse davits and pendants.
S41-1 Clearance gauges, turbine.
L21-4 Clearance papers.
H3-9 Clearance of structures over navigable waters.
A4-3 Clearances, ship and aircraft.
N6-46 Clearinghouse, stores.
S18-1 Clearing lines.
S82-1 Cleats, boat.
S12-1 Cleats and foundations, mooring.
S75-3 Cleats, torpedo handling.
P13-10 Clemency.
A17 Clemency board and reviewing authority, courts martial.
AVD4 Clemson (ex-DD186).
A17-11 Clerical assistance, reporter, interpreter; courts martial.
LO Clerical service.
CL21 Cleveland (stricken).
CL55 Cleveland (new).
EN22-15 Cleveland, Ohio, branch hydrographic office.
EN8-38 Cleveland, Ohio, inspector of machinery, General Motors Corporation.
EN11-12 Cleveland, Ohio, inspector of naval aircraft.
EN24-15 Cleveland, Ohio, inspector of naval material.
EN9-105 Cleveland, Ohio, navy cost inspector, Barth Stamping & Machine Works.
NR61 Cleveland, Ohio, radio traffic station.
NL38 Cleveland, Ohio, recruiting station.
EN25-21 Cleveland, Ohio, supervisor of shipbuilding, American S.B. Co.
H4-10 Climatology, weather averages and statistics.
F31-1 Climb indicator, rate of.
S79-4 Climbing irons.
S37-2 Clinical chart holders.
P11-1 Clinics, educational.
S29-3 Clinometer, telescopic.
S24-7 Clinometers.
NC103 Clinton, Ontario, Canada, U.S. Naval detachment, No. 31, radio school.
A7-1 Clippings, press, publicity, ships and aircraft.
S72-3 Clips and bolts, holding-down, turrets.
S73-2 Clips, holding-down, broadside guns.
F31-1 Clocks.
S71 Clocks, fire-control.
S24-7 Clocks, navigating.
S71-8 Clocks, range and time of flight.
N36-3 Clocks, shore.
S24-7 Clocks and watches.
A14 Closed ports, closing navigation (foreign policy).
S34-2 Closet, warming.
S36-1 Closets.
A17-14 Closing argument, courts martial.
A4-2 Closing of shore stations, ships and aircraft.
F43-1 Cloth, silk and substitutes, parachute.
F14 Cloth taping, structure.
S85 Clothes and chemical lockers, photography.
S33-6 Clothes hangers and lockers.
S32-9 Clothes, instrument, key, and athletic-gear lockers.
S18-1 Clotheslines.
F49-4 Clothing, crew, asbestos.
NP20 Clothing factory, Brooklyn, N.Y.
N5-40 Clothing factory and repair shops.
S77-2 Clothing, gas protective.
P2-3 Clothing, infected (preventive medicine).
EN9-20 Clothing inspector.
N6-50 Clothing storehouse.
JJ55 Clothing, uniforms, outfits, and small stores.
LG Clothing worker's service.
S18-2 Cloths, weather canvas.
P8-2 Clubs (associations).
P10-1 Clubs, gunning and guns (athletics).
N4-8 Clubhouse.
F21-1 Clutch band, impeller.
S65-5 Clutch indicators.
S22 Clutch, magnetic, steering and diving, submarine.
S43-1 Clutch, propeller shaft, shifting gear, submarine.
S41-6 Clutches, engines.
F22-1 Clutches, engine transmission.
S73-2 Clutches, friction, broadside mounts.
S72-9 Clutches, friction, gun-elevating, turret gun.
JJ7-1 Coal.
S18-2 Coal and ash canvas chutes.
S54 Coal and ash handling and stowage.
S54-1 Coal, bins and bunkers.
S34-2 Coal box, galley.
N30-5 Coal cars.
NT2 Coal depots.
S51-5 Coal firing apparatus.
N15-1 Coal piers.
NZ6 Coal reserves (reservations).
N6-36 Coal sheds.
L9-6 Coal storage, subaqueous.
S17-1 Coaling booms, towers and fittings.
S54-1 Coaling, chutes, screens, stays, trunks.
N24-1 Coaling plants.
F13-1 Coaming, hull.
S11-6 Coamings, deck.
S73-2 Coamings, gun-port, broadside mounts.
EW6 Coast Artillery Chief of.
IX6 Coast Battleship No. 4 (ex-BB4; stricken).
EC11 Coast and Geodetic Survey, Department of Commerce.
QS12 Coast and Geodetic Survey ships.
ET14 Coast Guard.
QS13 Coast Guard ships.
A17-11 Coast Guard personnel, qualifications as members of court-martial.
FE19 Coastal force.
NG Coastal frontier forces, naval.
AMc Coastal mine sweepers.
S19-6 Coating, fuel oil, etc.
EN9-157 Coatesville, Pa., navy cost inspector, By-Products Steel Corp.
A12-4 Coats of arms.
N4-12 Cobbler's shop.
SS245 Cobia.
AMc5 Cockatoo.
YN47 Cockenoe.
F13-1 Cockpit enclosures, fuselage.
F49-9 Cockpit and engine covers.
S41 Cocks, drain, main propelling machinery.
S51-3 Cocks, drain, test, boiler.
F27-2 Cocks, fuel.
S87 Cocks, gauge.
S48-24 Cocks, valves.
NA59 Cocoa and Banana River, Fla., naval air station.
KP10 Coco Solo, C.Z., marine post.
NT1-16 Coco Solo, C.Z., naval ammunition depot.
NA10 Coco Solo, C.Z., naval air station.
NH29 Coco Solo, C.Z., naval dispensary.
NT4-27 Coco Solo, C.Z., naval net depot.
MB 13 Coco Solo, C.Z., naval submarine base.
NX45 Coco Solo, C.Z., radio direction-finder station.
NR64 Coco Solo, C.Z., radio traffic station.
NT5-11 Coco Solo, C.Z., torpedo depot.
EF28-3 Cochin-China.
EF13-13 Cocos Islands (British).
SS224 Cod.
A6-1 Code messages, signals.
A17-2 Codes, legal and codifications.
N36-10 Coding and decoding machines (ciphering and deciphering).
S34-2 Coffee boilers and urns.
S11 Cofferdams and bulkheads.
S91-3 Cofferdams and caissons, repair.
N16-10 Cofferdams.
P6-4 Coffins.
DD326 Coghlan (stricken).
DD606 Coghlan (new).
A3-1 Cognizance (organization and management).
P13-7 Cohabitation.
S58-3 Coil drain heaters, distilling.
F21-1 Coil system, battery, engine.
S58 Coils, coil drain and tubes, distilling.
S43-2 Coils, cooling, bearing.
S59-4 Coils, cooling, brine system, refrigerating plant.
S49-3 Coils, cooling and intercooler, air compressor.
S71-1 Coils, delay, turret, fire control.
S58 Coils, distilling condensers and evaporators.
F35-2 Coils, exhaust gas and hot water heating.
S55-3 Coils, heating, fuel oil tanks.
F21-1 Coils, magneto engine.
F26-3 Coils, oil heaters and coolers.
S38-2 Coils, steam, heating.
S75-1 Coils, torpedo.
QF Coins, money.
S71-8 Coincidence range finders.
JJ7-2 Coke.
N6-35 Coke sheds.
S75-1 Cold shots, torpedo.
S59-4 Cold-storage boxes, refrigerating.
N25-8 Cold-storage plants.
F24-5 Cold-weather starting, primer.
DD155 Cole.
APD2 Colhoun (ex-DD85).
S35 Collar shaper.
S41-1 Collars and blocks, adjusting, turbines.
N28-9 Collection boxes, mail.
L6-2 Collections, disbursing.
F21-2 Collector rings, exhaust manifold, stocks or engine.
EN11-37 College Point, Long Island, N.Y., inspector of naval aircraft.
EN9-94 College Point, N.Y., navy cost inspector, Edo Aircraft Corporation.
NC1 Colleges and schools other than naval.
AC Colliers.
S71-8 Collimators, telescope and binocular, fire control.
S65-4 Collision alarm system.
S71-4 Collision course indicator, torpedo control.
A5-9 Collision drills.
S75-3 Collision heads, torpedo stowage.
S18-2 Collision mats.
L11-1 Collisions of vessels, motor vehicles.
EF17 Colombia.
NR63 Colon (Gatun), C.Z., radio traffic station.
NX65 Colon, C.Z., radio direction-finder station.
OA3 Colonels, Marine Corps.
BB45 Colorado.
EG6 Colorado.
F3-1 Color blindness.
A15-1 Colors, dipping and display of.
F38-2 Colors, insignia, paint.
CL56 Columbia.
AN5 Columbia Heights (ex-CMc6) (now Keokuk).
GA Columbia Institution for the Deaf.
CA74 Columbus.
EN9-165 Columbus, Ohio, navy cost inspector, Bonney-Floyd Co.
S41 Columns and tie rods, Diesel and motorboat engines.
AMc69 Combat.
A16 Combatants, belligerents, policies of, in conduct of war.
A16-3 Combined air operations, warfare operations.
S87 Combustible gas indicator.
N6-67 Combustibles, storehouse.
S51 Combustion chamber, boiler and recorder.
S75-1 Combustion and full flasks, torpedo.
F21-4 Combustion turbines, internal.
AH3 Comfort (stricken).
N4-14 Comfort station.
L16-5 Command, compensation for, Naval Reserve pay.
P17 Command by staff officers, succession to.
ON2 Commandant.
KS4 Commandant's headquarters, Marine Corps.
L8-3 Commandeering supplies and services.
OF Commander in chief and commanding officer.
OL5 Commanders.
ON3 Commanding officers, ashore.
P15 Commendations, citations, medals, recommendations for.
EC Commerce, Department of.
A14-1 Commerce discriminations, intercourse.
A21-5 Commercial air service.
P8-2 Commercial associations.
EC7-1 Commercial attaches, Department of Commerce.
A5-3 Commercial codes.
A14-1 Commercial discriminations, foreign.
N16 Commercial drydocks, United States and foreign.
L24 Commercial facilities and resources.
P10-2 Commercial films and motion-picture shows.
QM Commercial firms, enterprises, manufacturers, etc.
EN25-23 Commercial Iron Works, Portland, Oreg., supervisor of shipbuilding.
L11-8 Commercial planes, storage and care of, at Government yards and stations.
A7-1 Commercial press and radio, publicity.
QV5 Commercial radio broadcasting stations.
L10-7 Commercial radio and wire traffic accounts (accounting).
L20-1 Commercial ships, transportation on.
A6-3 Commercial signaling, code.
MC Commissary branch, enlisted.
N4-6 Commissary building.
S34 Commissary equipment and space.
N5-55 Commissary storehouse.
JJ56-3 Commissary stores.
L11-4 Commissary stores and naval station, sales at.
S34-2 Commissary tubs, messing.
A17-10 Commission, military.
H1 Commission on navy yards and naval stations.
A17-6 Commissioner of deeds, legal.
GH Commissioners, District of Columbia.
L7-2 Commissioning allowance.
A4-1 Commissioning ships and aircraft.
F8-3 Commissioning trials.
S8-3 Commissioning trials.
P14-5 Commissions (appointments).
QC Commissions and missions.
A9-9 Commissions, reports of proceedings of boards and.
QB Committees, miscellaneous.
P8-1 Committees, shop.
IX7 Commodore (stricken).
A17-1 Common law, constitutional, international, and statutes.
P7 Common-law wife.
S78-1 Common projectiles, ammunition.
P2-2 Communicable diseases.
S65 Communication apparatus, interior.
A5-11 Communication competition, prizes for proficiency in.
EN3-2 Communication division, Office of Naval Operations.
A6-2 Communication instructions, violations, radio.
QR6 Communication, Naval Reserve.
S32-4 Communication office.
S11-16 Communication platform, bridges, bridge decks, etc., structural work above.
S67 Communication stations, radio.
S62-1 Communication switchboards, interior.
N28 Communication systems, shore.
A6 Communications.
NC74 Communications, radio, signal, yeomen, storekeepers, cooks and bakers, naval training schools.
A20 Communications, unclassifiable.
P13-6 Community, group or locality, moral conditions of.
L16 Commutation of pay and quarters.
P13-10 Commutation of sentences.
S61 Commutators, dynamos.
L13-1 Companies, bonding.
KC Companies, marine.
L10-6 Comparative cost data, cost inspection.
S16-1 Compartment and access plans and general correspondence.
S29-1 Compartment, buoyancy.
S88-2 Compartment check-off list, damage control.
F34-6 Compartments, baggage.
S11-2 Compartments, double bottom.
S55-1 Compartments, fuel-oil.
S15 Compartments, gasoline.
S22 Compartments, steering-gear.
S62-4 Compartments and tanks, battery.
S29-8 Compartments, tests of.
F31-3 Compass.
S24-7 Compass, gyro, master and magnetic.
S67 Compass houses, radio systems.
F36-8 Compass lights, interior.
A6-2 Compass, operations, radio.
S71-8 Compass repeaters, relay transmitters, fire control.
S24-7 Compass, ship control.
N6-7 Compass storehouse.
S29-1 Compensating (WRT and WRM).
S88-4 Compensating system, water ballast, damage control.
S48-1 Compensating tanks.
EN14 Compensation board.
L16-5 Compensation for command, Naval Reserve.
S29-1 Compensation curve.
L6-2 Compensations and claims, payment.
S71-1 Compensators, director fire-control, turret.
S68 Compensators, parts and spares, Y tube, under water signaling.
L4-2 Competition, between bidders, waiving of, purchasing.
P10-1 Competitions, athletic.
A5 Competitions, exercises and practices.
A5-9 Competitive drills, ships and aircraft.
P15 Competitive medals for workers.
P6-3 Complaints of condition of remains (death).
P8-5 Complaints, protests, petitions and remonstrances (social relations).
A6 Complaints, radio traffic, land wire service (communications).
L4-2 Complaints regarding proposals (purchasing).
L21-5 Complaints regarding shipments.
P3-1 Complaints of treatment in hospitals.
P16-1 Complements, ship and shore.
S24-7 Complete and metal covers, binnacles.
L9-3 Completion dates, alterations, repairs, and overhaul (care and preservation).
L4-3 Completion dates, contracts.
L8-2 Completion of requisitions.
L6-2 Completion of ship building, degree of.
A17-11 Composition of courts, courts-martial.
S14-2 Composition and proprietary, deck coverings.
S62-4> Compound, battery-sealing, submarines.
S56-5 Compound, boiler, feed-water.
F38 Compound, finish.
S19-8 Compound, oil and water stop.
S49 Compressed-air plant.
JC11 Compressed air.
P24-4 Compression, air starter.
F21-3 Compression relief gear, engine.
F12 Compression struts, and rudders, tail group.
F11 Compression struts, wing group.
S41-5 Compressor cylinders, air, Diesel.
S49 Compressors.
N34-20 Compressors, air portable, shore.
S26-5 Compressors, chain.
S72-5 Compressors, counter re-coil, springs, turret guns.
N23 Compressors and plants, hydrogen and helium.
S73-2 Compressors, spring, broadside mounts.
ET3 Comptroller of the Currency.
EP10 Comptroller, Post Office Department.
P19-2 Compulsory retirement.
P18-1 Computation of leave.
F31-3 Computer, drift and navigational.
S71-8 Computers, fire control.
A5-9 Computing, scores, gunnery exercises.
YFB15 Conanicut.
P13 Concealment of weapons.
A3-1 Concentration (organization).
S71-1 Concentration indicator system, turret.
P10-4 Concerts and music.
A14-7 Concessions, international.
EL4 Conciliation, division of, Department of Labor.
CL10 Concord.
A17-12 Concurrent jurisdiction, courts-martial.
N1-13 Condemnation of land.
N6-45 Condemned stores, storage for.
S47 Condensate pumps.
S87 Condensation meter.
S58-2 Condenser, distilling.
F28-1 Condensers.
S59-2 Condensers, ice machine.
S46 Condensers, rooms, parts.
S34-2 Condiment trays.
L24 Condition of plants.
N19-18 Conditioning against attack, gas defensive structures.
A5-7 Conditions, engineering performances.
P13-6 Conditions, moral, of a group, community or a locality.
P9-1 Conditions, political.
P8-1 Conditions, trade (social relations).
P6-7 Condolences.
AMc14 Condor.
P19-1 Conduct, bad (discharge).
P15 Conduct, distinguished.
P13-2 Conduct, prejudicial to order and discipline, scandalous.
S18-1 Conductors, lighting.
F36-2 Conduits.
S62-2 Conduits, electric.
S76-2 Conduits, mechanical control, mine and depth charges.
S72-1 Cone plate, turret.
L9-3 Conference reports, arrival and departure.
A3-2 Conferences, administrative, organization and management.
A19 Conferences, congresses, and conventions (other than political).
A17-15 Confessions, competence of evidence, courts-martial.
S32-9 Confidential safes and lockers.
A7 Confidential and secret matters, handling of.
P13-9 Confinement (punishment).
A17-13 Confinement before trial, courts-martial.
P14-5 Confirmations of commissions.
L8-3 Confiscation of materials.
A14-2 Confiscation of property.
A9-9 Confiscations, property rights involved in war.
L11-1 Conflagrations.
AM85 Conflict.
P17-1 Conflict of authority.
P16-4 Conflicting orders.
L21-5 Congestion affecting shipments.
EF28-5 Congo, French.
P15 Congratulations, letters of.
GJ Congress of the United States.
A19 Congresses, conventions, and conferences (nonpolitical).
L18 Congressional action and investigation.
A18 Congressional action, legislation and.
GJ9 Congressional Directory.
GJ3 Congressional Library.
P15 Congressional medals.
GJ9 Congressional Record.
BB18 Connecticut (stricken).
EG7 Connecticut.
S41 Connecting rods, motorboat and Diesel engines.
S52-2 Connection boxes, electric.
F12-1 Connections and bearings, stabilizer adjustment.
S48-23 Connections and castings, bulkhead and deck, piping.
F25 Connections, cooling system.
S46-5 Connections, exhaust and shell.
S51-3 Connections, feed-water sampling, boiler.
F27 Connections, fuel system.
F11-2 Connections, interaileron.
F26 Connections, lubricating system.
F28-2 Connections, piping condenser.
F21 Connections, propelling machinery.
DD72 Conner (stricken).
DD582 Conner (new).
S24 Conning bridge, tower.
S13-5 Conning tower, fire control, and armor.
S71-8 Conning tower, periscope boxes.
AMc70 Conqueror.
AMc71 Conquest.
L12-1 Conscience fund.
P13-2 Conscientious objectors (misconduct and discipline).
P14-6 Conscription.
EN11-8 Consolidated Aircraft Co., Buffalo, N.Y., inspector naval aircraft.
EN6-170 Consolidated Aircraft Corp., San Diego, Calif., navy cost inspector.
EN6-44 Consolidated Steel Corp., Ltd. of Calif., Los Angeles, Calif., inspector of ordnance.
EN9-81 Consolidated Steel Corp., Ltd. of Calif., Los Angeles, Calif., navy cost inspector.
EN25-19 Consolidated Steel Corp., Ltd. of Calif., Orange, Tex., supervisor of shipbuilding.
A3-1 Consolidation (organization)
L4-2 Consolidation of purchases.
P9-2 Conspiracies.
P13-3 Conspiracies involving money or money values.
NT2-2 Constable Hook, N.J., fuel depot.
QL Constabulary.
AM86 Constant.
NT4-5 Constantinople, Turkey, supply depot.
CC2 Constellation (stricken).
IX20 Constellation (old).
IX21 Constitution (old).
CC5 Constitution (stricken).
A3-2 Constitution and bylaws, organization and management.
A12-3 Constitution of United States.
A17-1 Constitutional laws, common, international, and statutes.
L10-3 Construction charges, new (accounting).
N34 Construction and maintenance equipment, buildings and grounds.
L8-3 Construction or manufacture, procurement by.
ON8 Construction officer.
L4-3 Construction period (purchasing).
S7 Construction processes.
S11-12 Construction and repair of auxiliaries.
EN7 Construction and Repair, Bureau of (obsolete).
S31-2 Construction and repair spares.
L4-3 Constructional period.
L16-4 Constructive service pay.
P17-1 Constructive service rank.
A17-3 Consular courts.
E5 Consular Service, Bureau of, Department of State.
EN13 Consulting Board, Naval.
A5-7 Consumption, fuel, engineering performances.
L11-3 Consumption of material.
S71-1 Contact clock, turret.
P2-2 Contagious diseases.
S37-1 Contagious ward.
N9-1 Contagious (isolation) wards and cubicles.
S30-3 Containers.
S78 Containers, ammunition.
P48-2 Containers for anti-icing fluid.
S85-1 Containers and counters, film, photography.
F44-2 Containers and counters, film, photography.
F44-2 Containers and films, photography.
JC2 Containers, gas, general.
F43-1 Containers, parachutes.
F26-1 Containers, portable, oil tank.
F25-4 Containers, radiator water, cooling system.
S37-2 Containers, sterilized dressings.
P17-1 Contemporaries.
P13-2 Contempt of court, disobedience, and disrespect.
QG5 Continental limits of countries.
P16-3 Continental limits of United States, duty beyond.
EN9-29 Continental Steel Co., Orange, Tex., navy cost inspector.
L1-2 Contingent allotments.
L4-3 Contingent fees, contract.
N9-1 Continued-treatment wards.
P14-4 Continuous service.
P20-2 Continuous-service certificate.
AT36 Contocook (stricken).
A14-1 Contraband of war.
P19-6 Contract, annulment of (personnel). .
F1-4 Contract requirements (aircraft).
L21-3 Contract shipments.
L10-6 Contracts, cost plus, cost-inspection, cancellations (accounting).
L4-3 Contracts, forms and orders (purchasing).
L4-1 Contractors, business standing, defaulting.
F8-2 Contractors, trials by.
L22-1 Contributions (gifts).
P9-1 Contributions, political.
S88 Control, damage, officer station.
S71 Control of fire.
S86-2 Control of fire, instructions apparatus.
FE4 Control force.
S41 Control gear, main propelling machinery.
S72-9 Control gear, elevating motor, turret guns.
F28-5 Control-mechanism condensers.
S26-1 Control, motor, mooring machinery.
S29-4 Control, motor, stabilizers.
S24 Control rooms and stations on submarines, airplanes.
S22 Control, steering gear, automatic.
F11-1 Control, surface, wing.
F32 Control system, aileron.
S65-5 Control telegraphs, oil burners.
F25-2 Control, temperature.
F22-2 Control, transmission.
S76-1 Controlled mines.
S72-10 Controllers, ammunition-hoist, turret guns.
S26-5 Controllers, chain.
S71-1 Controllers, gun director, turret.
S76-2 Controls, depth charge.
F21-3 Controls, engine.
F41-2 Controls, machine gun.
S72-2 Controls, motor and power panel, switches, turrets.
F23-1 Controls, propeller.
S66 Controls, searchlight.
F13 Controls, water rudder, body group.
A14-5 Controversies and disputes, international.
P17-1 Controversy as to precedence.
N9-1 Convalescent wards.
P19-1 Convenience of Government discharge.
A19 Conventions (nonpolitical).
P16-3 Conventions, officers attending (assignment and detail).
P9-1 Conventions, political.
DD291 Converse (stricken).
DD509 Converse (new).
S28-1 Conversion, change in type or class of ship.
F2-3 Conversion, expense.
L13-2 Conversion of insurance.
PY Converted yachts.
S71 Converters, range and revolution, fire control.
L21-1 Conveyance facilities, shipment.
S78-2 Conveyors, ammunition-handling.
P8-1 Convict labor, complaints of use of.
A17-7 Convicted, men, by civil authorities.
A17-17 Convictions, previous, court-martial.
P13-10 Convicts.
PE16 Convoy force.
A14-1 Convoying of merchant or passenger vessels.
DD70 Conway (stricken).
DD507 Conway (new).
DD508 Cony.
DD58 Conyngham (stricken).
DD371 Conyngham (new).
MB Cook, officers'.
NC44 Cooks and bakers naval training schools.
MC Cooks, ship.
S34-2 Cookers, tireless, and utensils.
A5-10 Cooking competition, and bakery.
N4-9 Cooking school building.
F34-3 Cooking utensils.
N26-6 Coolers and fountains, water, shore.
S59-2 Coolers, ice-machine.
F26-3 Coolers, lubricating oil.
S45-1 Coolers, oil lubrication.
S36-3 Coolers, water.
S43-2 Cooling coils, bearing.
S49-3 Cooling coils and intercoolers, air compressor.
N23-9 Cooling and spray ponds.
F25 Cooling system.
S41 Cooling system, main propelling machinery.
S61 Cooling system, generator, including air washers and air ducts.
N23-10 Cooling towers.
A3-2 Cooperation and coordination (management).
L18 Cooperative stores.
EE5 Coordinator of information, Executive department.
EN1-22 Coordinator of research and development.
EN1-13 Coordinator of shipbuilding.
ET6 Coordinator for traffic, Budget Bureau.
AVP25 Coos Bay.
NB56 Coos Bay, Oreg., section base.
EN9-74 Cootesville, Pa., navy cost inspector, Lukens Steel Co.
P2-3 Cooties, extinction of.
L4-3 Copies of contracts.
A6-6 Copies of records.
JJ46-2 Copper.
F38-3 Copper finish.
JS3 Copper, scrap.
S19-3 Copper, tin, nickel, silver, etc.
ME Coppersmith, enlisted.
S91-1 Coppersmith and pipe shops.
N5-61 Coppersmith shop.
A10-1 Copyrights, copyright royalties.
PY15 Coral.
F19 Cord, lacing, covers.
F15-2 Cord netting, auxiliary corridors.
P13-11 Cord shock absorbers.
F43-1 Cords, silk, parachute.
F15-9 Cordage gas-pressure netting.
N6-5 Cordage and rope storages.
S78-1 Cordite powder, ammunition.
NR82 Cordova, Alaska, radio traffic station.
NB78 Cordova, Alaska, section base.
F25-1 Core, cooling system.
F26-2 Core, oil radiator.
N5-20 Core ovens.
S19-1 Cork and cement, painting.
SS9-1 Cork insulation.
S78-1 Cork plugs, ammunition.
EF28-7 Cormoro Islands (French).
AM40 Cormorant.
A15-2 Coronations.
ML7 Corporal, Marine Corps.
P6-3 Corpses.
P3-1 Corpulency and obesity.
KF148 Corpus Christi, Tex., marine barracks.
NA47 Corpus Christi, Tex., naval air station.
NH32 Corpus Christi, Tex., naval hospital.
NB43 Corpus Christi, Tex., section base.
N4-9 Corps, hospital, school building.
L6-2 Corrected public bills.
P13-9 Correction, punishment (misconduct and discipline).
A7-3 Corrections of confidential publications.
A10-1 Corrections, publications.
L8-2 Corrections of requisitions.
S71-8 Corrector, erosion, illumination, fire control.
S72-7 Corrector, turret roller path, turret-gun sights.
A6-5 Correspondence.
P11-1 Correspondence courses.
EP6 Correspondence division, Post Office Department.
P7 Correspondents, divorce eases.
A7-1 Correspondents, press.
F15-2 Corridors, auxiliary.
S11-5 Corrugated bulkheads.
DD334 Corry (stricken).
DD463 Corry (new).
SS226 Corvina.
LP Cost-accounting service (personnel).
F2 Cost, expense.
L10-6 Cost inspection, cost-plus contracts (accounting).
L13-2 Cost-plus contract (insurance).
L14-1 Cost-plus contract taxes.
L4-3 Cost-plus contracts and adjustments under.
EF18 Costa Rica (British).
F2-3 Costs, administration.
AMc43 Cotinga.
S33-6 Cots.
N6-73 Cotton, storehouse.
YN8 Cottonwood (now Buckeye).
ASR8 Coucal.
A17 Council for accused, courts-martial.
EZ Council of National Defense.
A16-3 Councils of war.
S11-8 Counter castings.
S37-2 Counter, dispensary, with foundations, supports and brackets.
S88-4 Counter flooding, damage control.
S32-9 Counter, stamp table.
S72-5 Countercoil system, rods and springs, turret gun slides.
P13-3 Counterfeiting.
S81-1 Countermining.
S72-10 Counters, ammunition, turret.
S85-1 Counters and containers, film, photography.
S71-5 Counters, mine-control.
S47 Counters, pump.
S65-5 Counters, revolution indicator systems, shaft, mechanical and electric.
EM Counties.
GX County courts.
IX34 County, Henry.
S43-1 Coupling bolts, shafting.
S41 Couplings, engines and turbine.
S93 Couplings, fire-hose.
S43 Couplings, flange and sleeve, shafting, nuts and keys.
S42 Couplings, flexible.
S41 Couplings, main propelling machinery.
S93 Couplings and reducers, Are hose.
S43 Couplings, shafting and bearing.
P1-6 Courageous.
AMc72 Courier.
P16-3 Courier, detail of.
A6-4 Courier service.
AMc44 Courlan.
S71-8 Course detectors, indicators, projectors, protractors, fire-control appliances.
S24 Course; detector periscope recorder.
S65-5 Course telegraphs, visible signal systems.
AMc32 Courser.
N1-7 Courses, golf.
P11-1 Courses of instruction, correspondence, law.
N20-11 Courses, trial and speed, structures.
A6-6 Court calls for records.
A17-4 Court calendars.
A17-11 Court composition, court-martial.
A2-9 Court-martial orders.
A17-11 Court-martial; organization of, summary, procedure.
A6-6 Court, production of records in.
GT Court of Claims of the United States.
GU Court of Customs Appeals of the United States.
GQ Court, United States Supreme.
GX1 Courts, circuit and superior trial.
A17 Courts, civil and inquiry.
N1-7 Courts, handball, tennis, etc.
GZ Courts, police.
GV Courts, State Supreme.
GX Courts, State and county.
A15-1 Courtesies, official.
S74-2 Cover plates, antiaircraft gun mounts.
S73-2 Cover plates, broadside mounts.
YF Covered lighters.
F11 Covering, aileron, wing, flaps.
F13 Covering and cowling, body.
F10-2 Covering and cowling, nacelle.
F12 Covering, elevator, tail group.
F15-3 Covering, gas pressure netting, climbing shafts.
S91-1 Covering, wing, and fuselage repair shops.
F17-1 Coverings, car.
S14-1 Coverings, tank top.
S13 Covers, armor protection.
S18-2 Covers, canvas, other than gun.
S33-6 Covers for chairs, cushions and hammocks.
S72-6 Covers, and cover plates, turret guns.
S12-3 Covers, deadlight and hawse pipe.
S76-2 Covers, depth charge.
F49-9 Covers, engine and cockpit.
S79-3 Covers, feed, machine guns.
S78-1 Covers, fuse, ammunition.
S18-2 Covers, gun, canvas.
F13 Covers, handhole, hull, landing gear.
F19 Covers, outer.
S13 Covers, peepholes, sightholes, conning tower.
S72-7 Covers, sight, turret-gun.
S73 Covers, sights, mounts, broadside guns.
S52 Covers, smoke pipe.
S33-6 Covers, upholstery.
QX5 Coves, bayous, inlets.
P1-6 Cowardice.
DD167 Cowell (stricken).
DD547 Cowell (new).
DD632 Cowie.
F13-1 Cowling and covering, body.
F10-2 Cowling and covering, nacelle.
S77-2 Cowls and buckets, ventilating, gas and smoke warfare.
F35-1 Cowls, ventilating.
S38-1 Cowls, ventilating, and covers.
P2-3 Cowpox vaccination.
MS6 Coxswain.
S82-1 Cradles, boat (ship).
P8-1 Craft and trade restriction, social relations.
EN25-28 Cramps S.B. Co., Philadelphia, Pa., supervisor of shipbuilding.
EK6-16 Cramps S.B. Co., Philadelphia, Pa., inspector of ordnance.
EN9-42 Cramps S.B. Co., Philadelphia, Pa., navy cost inspector.
DD109 Crane.
S27 Crane and gear complete, and cargo hatch davit.
N32-6 Crane scales.
N13-6 Crane sheds.
AB Crane ships.
S83-1 Crane, interior traveling, airplane handling.
S26-5 Cranes, anchor.
S17 Cranes, derricks, masts, spars and towers.
S26-5 Cranes and gear complete, anchor davits and.
S78-3 Cranes and gear, bomb racks.
S91-2 Cranes, jib, and trolley tracks for handling material in workshops.
S75-3 Cranes, torpedo.
N31 Cranes, weight handling.
S41-2 Crank brasses, engine.
F27-3 Crank, hand pumps.
F24-6 Crank, hand, starter magneto.
A6-4 Crank mail.
S41 Crank shaft, main propelling machinery.
F22-1 Crank shafts, engine.
F24 Crank, starters.
F21-1 Crankcase, engine.
S41-3 Crankcase ventilation, engine.
F22-2 Cranks, control, transmission.
EN9-115 Cranston, R.I., navy cost inspector, Standard Machinery Co.
L21-3 Crates, boxes, cases, etc., packing.
DD70 Craven (now Conway) (stricken).
DD382 Craven (new).
P1-1 Credentials.
L16-4 Creditable record pay.
L6-2 Credits, payments.
QX6 Creeks, brooks and rivers.
P6-3 Cremation.
N9-7 Crematories.
AP40 Crescent City.
F49-4 Crew equipment.
P11-2 Crew libraries (educational system).
P15-4 Crew's and officers' quarters and water closet.
S33-4 Crew's quarters.
S36-1 Crew's or seamen's head.
S4 Cribbing.
P13-1 Crimes and criminals.
P1-7 Criminal records.
S78-1 Crimping machine, cartridge case, ammunition.
P4-4 Cripples, reconstruction of.
P3-2 Cripples, treatment of.
NB42 Cristobal, C.Z., section base.
A2-15 Criticisms, decisions, precedents and opinions (executive action).
SS246 Croaker.
DD164 Crosby.
AMc9 Crossbill.
S72-9 Cross-connecting gears, gun elevating, turret guns.
S22 Cross head, rudder, yoke or quadrant.
S41 Cross heads, main propelling machinery.
S71-8 Cross lines, telescope.
AMc20 Crow.
YO48 Crowblock.
S24-2 Crow's nest, etc., look-out stations.
S11-8 Crown, deck.
DD134 Crowninshield (stricken).
EN9-65 Crucible Iron & Steel Co., Harrison, N.J., navy cost inspector.
S91-2 Crucibles.
JJ7-12 Crude oil.
P13-2 Cruelty to subordinates (misconduct and discipline).
CA-CL Cruisers.
FB3 Cruiser divisions (vessels).
CC Cruisers, battle.
FF2-6 Cruisers, Battle Force.
CF Cruisers with flying deck.
CA Cruisers, heavy.
CB Cruisers, large.
CL Cruisers, light.
FF3-2 Cruisers, Scouting Force.
FF13-8 Cruisers, Scouting Force, Battle Force, Pacific Fleet.
A5-7 Cruises, availability, engineering performance.
A4-3 Cruises and cruising reports, ship and aircraft.
AB-7 Cruising radius, engineering performance.
S41-1 Cruising turbines.
ARS2 Crusader.
N34-10 Crushers, stone.
S37-2 Crutches, medical equipment.
A6-3 Cryptograms, codes and signals.
S71-8 Crystals, lens, fire-control.
EF19 Cuba.
QW11 Cuban intervention, second.
N9-1 Cubicles and wards, contagious (isolation).
NX5 Culebra, P.R., direction-finder station.
NS5 Culebra, P.R., naval station.
N1-4 Culverts.
IX8 Cumberland.
DD44 Cummings (stricken).
DD365 Cummings (new).
S65-5 Cummings, logs (speed indicators).
P18-1 Cumulative leave.
KP9 Cunningham Field, Cherry Point, (New River), N.C., marine aviation (adjunct to marine training center, Jacksonville, N.C).
S34-2 Cup racks.
S71-8 Cups, grease.
S73-2 Cups, grease, broadside guns.
S43-2 Cups, lubrication.
S78-1 Cups, mouth, ammunition.
S75-2 Cups, oil and grease, torpedo.
S45-2 Cups, wipers and piping, lubricating equipment.
EF48-3 Curacao.
AM8 Curlew (stricken).
AM69 Curlew (new).
L23 Currency, foreign.
ES12 Current information, division of, State Department.
H1-9 Currents, ocean, Gulf, Japanese, Equatorial, etc.
P11-1 Curriculum.
AV7 Currituck.
S93 Curtain, water, fire fighting.
S18-2 Curtains, gunport and side, canvas.
S33-6 Curtains and rods.
EN9-124 Curtis-Wright Corp., Port Columbus, Ohio, navy cost inspector.
AV4 Curtiss.
S29-1 Curve, compensation and displacement.
S75 Curved fire mechanism, torpedo.
A5-9 Curved fire speed data, drills.
S1-2 Curves, Bon Jean.
S73-1 Curves, erosion, broadside guns.
S72-4 Curves, erosion, turret guns.
A5-7 Curves, horsepower, fuel and speed, engineering performance.
S29-7 Curves, strength of hull.
DD55 Cushing (stricken).
DD376 Cushing (new).
P34-1 Cushions.
S33-6 Cushions, living and berthing, transoms.
L12-1 Custody of checks.
A7-3 Custody of confidential publications.
L11-2 Custody receipts.
L14-1 Custom taxes.
ET17 Customs and customhouses.
A2-7 Customs regulations.
A17-9 Customs, and usages, naval law.
S79-4 Cutlasses.
F36-2 Cut-outs, electric power.
S62-2 Cut-outs, individual, electric power distribution.
S26-5 Cutter, anchor cable.
S92 Cutters, milling machine.
S75-1 Cutters, net, torpedo.
S82-12 Cutters, racing.
S81-5 Cutting devices, mine, cable and net.
N28-8 Cutting and laying cables.
S34-2 Cutting tables, meat, messing.
SS171 Cuttlefish.
AG26 Cuyahoga (stricken).
AO3 Cuyama.
YFB4 Cyane (stricken).
N33-4 Cycles, motor.
S92 Cylinder, boring machine.
N6-37 Cylinder storehouses.
F31-1 Cylinder thermometer, engine.
S41-5 Cylinders, air compressor.
P13-6 Cylinders, CO2 flotation gear.
F21-1 Cylinders, engine.
S77-1 Cylinders, gas, smoke and gas warfare.
S22 Cylinders and rams, rudder.
S74-1 Cylinders, recoil, antiaircraft guns.
S73-2 Cylinders, recoil, mounts, broadside guns.
S72-5 Cylinders, recoil, slide, turret gun slides.
EF13-10 Cyprus (British).
EF36-4 Cyrenaica (Italy).
EF20 Czechoslovakia.


IX44 DCH-1 (ex-Walker; ex-DD163).
SS247 Dace.
DD187 Dahlgren.
KP129 Dahlgren, Va., ammunition depot, marine detachment.
NC92 Dahlgren, Va., bomb sight and S. B. A. E. Class "C" school.
NA7 Dahlgren, Va., naval air detail.
NP9 Dahlgren, Va., naval proving ground.
NR32 Dahlgren, Va., radio traffic station.
EF28-13 Dahomey (French).
A9-7 Daily reports.
EA30 Dairy industry, Bureau of, Department of Agriculture.
DD290 Dale (stricken).
DD353 Dale (new).
DD199 Dallas.
NA61 Dallas, Tex., Naval Reserve aviation base.
NL15 Dallas, Tex., recruiting station.
EN11-33 Dallas, Tex., resident inspector of naval aircraft.
DD519 Daly
S88 Damage control.
A5-15 Damage control practice.
P13-5 Damage or destruction other than by fire.
L21-5 Damage in transit (shipments).
L11 Damages, estimates of, for, and against government departments.
S51-3 Dampers and regulators, boiler.
S52 Dampers, uptake.
S38-1 Dampers, ventilating, watertight shutters.
N25-1 Dams, water.
EN9-49 Danby Mach. Specialists, Inc., Cicero, Ill., navy cost inspector.
P10-2 Dancing and entertainment.
A6-3 Danger signaling.
EF21 Danzig.
YFB684 Dapdap.
NR62 Darien, C.Z., radio station.
AM87 Daring.
S85 Darkrooms, printing rooms, mounting rooms and equipment (photography).
YFB308 Dart (stricken).
SS227 Darter.
AM88 Dash.
L4-2 Data, bidders.
L10-6 Data, comparative cost, accounting.
S28-5 Data plates, historical.
A9 Data, statistics and books, public works.
S8-8 Data, tactical.
S29-11 Data, tonnage.
P1-3 Date of birth.
P19-1 Date and place of discharge.
P14-4 Date and place of enlistment.
L9-3 Dates of completion, alterations (care and preservation).
NR100 David, Republic of Panama, radio traffic station.
DD551 David W. Taylor.
NP21 David W, Taylor model basin, Carderock, Md.
DD65 Davis (stricken).
DD395 Davis (new).
S78-1 Davis gun projectiles, ammunition.
DD618 Davison.
S27 Davit, cargo hatch, crane and gear complete.
S16-4 Davit ladders.
S78-2 Davits, ammunition handling.
S54-1 Davits and derricks, coaling, portable.
S82-1 Davits and fittings, boats.
S12-5 Davits and fittings steps.
S76-1 Davits, mine.
S26-5 Davits, moorings and appliances, clear hawse.
S81 Davits, paravanes, gear and splinter protection (other than structural).
A6-1 Day letters.
EN9-111 Day & Zimmerman, Inc., Philadelphia, Pa., navy cost inspector.
H7 Daylight saving time.
CL78 Dayton.
EN11-10 Dayton, Ohio, inspector of naval aircraft.
EN11-3 Dayton, Ohio, McCook Field, central division, general inspector naval aircraft.
S51-2 Dead cheek and arch plates, boiler.
S28-6 Dead flatmarks.
EP6 Dead Letter Division, Post Office Department.
A6-4 Dead letters.
S24-7 Dead reckoning tracer equipment.
S71-8 Dead reckoning tracers, fire control appliances and apparatus.
PY-3 Dead, recovery of.
S12-3 Deadlights, ventilating, covers.
P14-2 Deaf mutes, employment of.
L6-2 Dealer's bills, certificates on.
L4-1 Dealers, regular.
NC78 Dearborn, Mich., Ford Motor Co., naval service school.
P13-9 Death, punishment.
P6 Deaths and casualties.
L4-1 Debarment of bidders.
L13-1 Debarment of bonding and surety companies.
P14-2 Debarment from employment.
L6-2 Debts, bad.
DD341 Decatur.
N36-10 Deciphering and ciphering machine (coding and decoding).
A17-4 Decisions, court.
A2-15 Decisions, opinions, criticisms, and precedents; interpretations of and requests for.
L4-3 Decisions and rulings under contracts.
S12 Deck, bolt and lights.
S73-2 Deck circles, broadside mounts.
S36-5 Deck cleaning, gear and lockers.
S54-1 Deck-coaling type truck.
S48-23 Deck connections, piping.
A17-22 Deck court.
S14 Deck coverings and treads, chafing plates.
A12-1 Deck and engineering logs.
S76-2 Deck fittings, hydraulic controls, depth charges.
S83-1 Deck handling gear, airplane.
S64-4 Deck lanterns, electric.
S72-6 Deck lugs, turret guns.
S32-5 Deck office.
S51-3 Deck operating gear for boiler valves.
S13-6 Deck plates.
S30-3 Deck, storerooms and stowage.
S48-23 Deck stuffing and bulkhead boxes, pipe fittings.
F14-2 Deck trolley attachments, main body.
S75-2 Deck trucks for handling torpedoes.
S11-6 Decks, platforms, flats and holds.
S11 Deckhouse structures, and stanchions.
P14-2 Declaration of appointees.
A12-3 Declaration of Independence.
A14-6 Declaration of war.
L21-4 Declarations (shipment).
P14-2 Declination of appointees.
N30-10 Decoding and coding machines (ciphering and deciphering).
S94 Decompression stages.
S73-1 Decoppering broadside guns.
S72-4 Decoppering, turret guns.
P15 Decorations, award of.
A16-3 Decoys (war).
P16-1 Decrease in force.
L8-2 Decrease and increase in requisitions.
A17-4 Decrees, court.
A2 Decrees, Executive action.
L16-4 Deductions, pay and retirement.
L4-3 Deeds.
EN11-34 Deep River, Conn., resident inspector naval aircraft.
H1-17 Deep-sea soundings.
NX4 Deer Island, Mass., radio direction-finder station.
L4-3 Defaulting contractors, purchases because of.
S78-1 Defective ammunition.
A13-1 Defective armor, spalls.
L5-1 Defective material and workmanship.
N12-8 Defense, harbor, military control structures.
NC110 Defense, local, naval training schools (officers and enlisted men).
N20-12 Defense against submarines, nets, chains, buoys, anchors. etc.
A16-1 Defense, national.
EN1-21 Defense Saving Bonds, Navy Office of.
S71-2 Defense, torpedo, fire-control stations.
N20-12 Defenses against submarines.
N12-3 Defenses, shore.
S77-2 Defensive equipment, gas and smoke warfare.
A16-3 Defensive sea areas.
N19-18 Defensive structures, gas, conditioning against attack.
L6-2 Deferred payment, disbursing.
N25-6 Deferrization plants, shore.
AMc73 Defiance.
P20-1 Deficiency.
L1-1 Deficiency estimates.
P14-2 Deficient on examination for appointment.
P3-1 Deficient, mentally.
P1-5 Deficient, physically.
L10-4 Deficits in accounting.
A3-1 Definition of authority (organization and management).
S71-8 Deflection boards, eliminators and keepers, fire-control.
S73-3 Deflection, sight, broadside guns.
S72-7 Deflection, sight, turret gun.
S86-3 Deflection teachers.
S38-1 Deflectors, ventilating.
EN9-53 Defoe Boat & Motor Works, Bay City, Mich., navy cost inspector.
EN25-3 Defoe Boat & Motor Works, Bay City, Mich., supervisor of shipbuilding.
S81-8 Degaussing.
L6-3 Degree of completion on shipbuilding.
A17-15 Degree of proof, issues, burden of (courts-martial).
P11-1 Degrees (scholarship).
DD469 DeHaven.
L9-1 Dehydrating.
N5-24 Dehydrating plant.
F23-1 De-icing equipment.
EN9-172 DeLaval Steam Turbine Co., Trenton, N.J., navy cost inspector.
EG8 Delaware.
BB28 Delaware (stricken).
YT111 Delaware (S.P. 467) (stricken).
NE2 Delaware breakwater trial course.
S71-1 Delay coils, turret.
S76-1 Delay devices, mine.
F41-6 Delay fuses, bomb.
A17-14 Delay, reports of, trial procedure, courts-martial.
L21-5 Delays (shipments).
L6 Delays in deliveries, payments.
A3-1 Delegation of authority (organization and management).
L10-5 Delinquencies in accounting.
P13-1 Delinquencies and delinquents.
L21-5 Deliveries, delays in (shipments).
L6 Deliveries, payments and receipts.
P13 Delivery and apprehension of deserters and stragglers.
F1-4 Delivery of contract.
A17-7 Delivery of Government personnel to Federal or civil authorities.
L5-1 Delivery, inspections of material before and after.
L4-3 Delivery, orders for, contract.
DD261 Delphy (stricken).
AK29 Delta.
AMc74 Demand.
P3-10 Demerits.
P19-4 Demobilization.
A16-3 Demobilization of ships, aircraft, and troops.
L11-4 Demobilization of stores.
F41-6 Demolition, bombs.
A14-5 Demonstration of force (foreign affairs).
A15-2 Demonstrations (ceremonies).
P9-1 Demonstrations, political.
P12-1 Demonstrations, religious.
P17-2 Demotion.
L21-2 Demurrage.
AD12 Denebola.
EF22 Denmark.
S59-1 Dense-air ice machine.
DD116 Dent.
OD Dental Corps.
S37 Dental office, laboratory, instrument, and chairs.
N9-2 Dental offices.
ON18 Dental officer, ashore.
EN21 Dental officers, board for examination of.
OD Dental surgeon and assistant.
MY29 Dental technician.
P5 Dentistry, prosthetic.
CL16 Denver (stricken).
CL58 Denver (new).
EN9-108 Denver, Colo., navy cost inspector, Wright Engineering Supply Co.
NL27 Denver, Colo., recruiting station.
EA Department of Agriculture.
EC Department of Commerce.
EC188 Department of Commerce, radio division.
EI Department of the Interior.
EJ Department of Justice.
EL Department of Labor.
EN Department of the Navy.
KS3 Department of Pacific, staff office of Marine Corps.
EP Department of Post Office.
ES Department of State.
ET Department of the Treasury.
EW Department of War.
LL1 Departmental civil personnel.
A2-11 Departmental orders, circulars.
L11-4 Departments, Government, sales to other.
L9-3 Departure conference reports.
A4-3 Departures, ship and aircraft.
P1-6 Dependability.
EG Dependencies, States and Territories.
P19-1 Dependent relative, discharge on account of.
P7 Dependents.
L20-4 Dependents, transportation of.
P9-2 Deportation or exile (political relations).
A17-15 Depositions, court-martial.
L12 Deposits and depositories, investments.
S74-1 Deposits in bores, antiaircraft guns.
S73-1 Deposits in bores, broadside guns.
S72-4 Deposits in bores, turret guns.
NT Depots, naval.
L11-3 Depreciation of material.
P9-2 Depredations (political disturbances).
S73-2 Depression rails, broadside mounts.
P13-8 Deprivation of liberty (misconduct and discipline).
S71-5 Depth charge attack board, and control.
SS6-3 Depth-charge, gun and mine crew instruction apparatus.
S65-4 Depth-charge indicators.
S71 Depth charge and mine battery control.
S76 Depth charges, handling, stowage, primers.
S68 Depth finders, sonic.
S24-7 Depth gages.
S75 Depth-setting mechanism and devices.
A5-2 Depth settings; torpedo exercises.
P16-3 Deputy or disbursing officer, designation as (assignment and detail).
H3-2 Derelicts (vessels adrift out of control).
YSD Derrick, seaplane, wrecking.
S54-1 Derricks and davits, coaling.
YD Derricks, floating.
N31 Derricks, floating and land.
S17 Derricks, masts, spars, towers, cranes, booms.
P1-5 Description, physical.
P1-7 Deserters, Army.
P19-1 Deserters discharge.
P16-5 Deserters, guards for.
P13-8 Desertion and deserters.
S19-7 Design of camouflage.
F1 Design, preliminary data.
L2-1 Design, specifications.
S1 Design of vessel.
P16-3 Designation as disbursing officer or deputy.
F40-1 Designations.
N21 Designations, shore establishments.
S71 Designators, fire-control appliances and apparatus.
S32-9 Desk.
S37-2 Desk, chairs, etc., medical.
S38-1 Desk fan.
F34-2 Desks and chairs, office.
N36-5 Desks, office furniture.
CL17 Des Moines (stricken).
CA75 Des Moines (new).
NL28 Des Moines, Iowa, recruiting station.
IX2 Despatch (ex-Boston).
PY8 Despatch (stricken).
A6-1 Despatches and agencies.
AM89 Despite.
L22-1 Destitute, relief of.
L12-1 Destroyed, altered or canceled checks.
A6-4 Destroyed mail.
FF7-1 Destroyer detachment, European forces (obsolete).
FB4 Destroyer divisions (vessels).
FD4 Destroyer flotillas (vessels).
DL Destroyer leader.
FC4 Destroyer squadrons (vessels).
FF8-3 Destroyer squadrons, Asiatic Fleet (obsolete, see FC4).
ON19 Destroyer stores officer, ashore.
AD Destroyer tender.
PF11-1 Destroyer training detachment, U.S, Fleet.
DD-DM Destroyers and light mine layers.
FF13-6 Destroyers, Atlantic Fleet.
FF12-4 Destroyers, Battle Force, Pacific Fleet.
FF2-2 Destroyers, Battle Force, squadrons (obsolete, see FC4).
FF3-3 Destroyers, Scouting Force, squadrons (obsolete, see FC4).
P13-5 Destruction or damage other than by fire (misconduct and discipline).
P2-3 Destruction of effects, prevention of disease.
NX64 Destruction Island, Wash., radio direction-finder station.
L11-3 Destruction of material.
A6-6 Destruction of records.
P16-3 Detached for or from service with Army (assignment and detail).
A16-3 Detached service, military operations (war)
FJ Detachment ships.
OF3 Detachment commander.
P16 Detail, assignment and.
A15-2 Detail of vessels for ceremonies.
A4-3 Details, ship and aircraft.
AMc75 Detector.
S24-9 Detector, course, periscope.
S87 Detectors, gas and hydrogen.
S65-4 Detectors, hydrogen (electric).
QL Detectives.
N4-15 Detention buildings.
S33-5 Detention and prison cells (Brig.).
L10-3 Determination cost (.accounting).
S71-1 Determination, range (fire-control).
S78 Detonator fuses, boxes long delay ammunition.
S76 Detonators, mine depth and wrecking charges.
N6-66 Detonators, storehouse.
S75 Detonators, torpedo.
NX35 Detour Point, Mich., radio direction-finder station.
CL8 Detroit.
EN22-23 Detroit, Michigan, branch hydrographic office.
EN11-13 Detroit (Muskegon), Mich., inspector of naval aircraft.
EN24-14 Detroit, Mich., inspector of naval material.
EN6-31 Detroit, Mich., inspector of ordnance, Vickers, Inc.
EN6-40 Detroit, Mich., inspector of ordnance, Chrysler Corporation.
EN6-35 Detroit, Mich., inspector of ordnance, General Motors Corporation.
NA10 Detroit, Mich., Grosse He, Naval Reserve aviation base.
EN9-144 Detroit, Mich., navy cost inspector, Aviation Corp., (Republic Aircraft Products Division).
EN9-145 Detroit, Mich., navy cost inspector, Bolm Aluminum & Brass Corp.
EN9-143 Detroit, Mich., navy cost inspector, Ex-Cell-O Corp.
EN9-142 Detroit, Mich., navy cost inspector, Federal-Mogul Corp.
EN9-107 Detroit, Mich., navy cost inspector Graham-Page Motor Co.
EN9-62 Detroit, Mich., navy cost inspector Hudson Motor Car Co.
EN9-122 Detroit, Mich., navy cost inspector, Lyon, Inc.
EN9-139 Detroit, Mich., navy cost inspector, Vickers, Inc.
NE60 Detroit, Mich., radio traffic station.
NL23 Detroit, Mich., recruiting station.
EN7-26 Detroit, Mich., superintending constructor; Fisher Boat Works.
EN25-15 Detroit, Mich., supervisor of shipbuilding, Fisher Boat Works.
AMc45 Develin.
F44-2 Developing and printing, photography.
S85 Developing and printing, photography.
EN1-22 Development and research, coordinator of.
A1-1 Developments, administrative.
F13-8 Device for landing on airships.
F48-2 Device, steering beaching gear.
S83 Devices, airplane handling and stowage on ships.
S81 Devices, cutting mine, cable, and net protection.
N36-4 Devices, labor-saving, typewriters and adding machines, etc.
F41-9 Devices for launching torpedoes.
A13-7 Devices, new patents.
S78-2 Devices, painting and stabilizing, ammunition handling.
L9-7 Devices, safety (care and preservation).
S16-4 Devices, safety (elevator).
S51-5 Devil claws.
DD349 Dewey
P3-5 Diagnosis and prognosis.
S13-3 Diagonal armor.
S29-2 Diagram, draft.
A5-9 Diagrams, ballistic exercises and, drills.
S88-1 Diagrams, damage control books.
L2-2 Diagrams, specifications.
S71-8 Dials, gun director, concentration directorscope.
S73-3 Dials, sight, broadside guns.
S72-7 Dials, sight, turret guns.
S78-1 Diaphragms, projectile, ammunition.
S41-1 Diaphragms, turbine.
A12-1 Diaries, war.
DD157 Dickerson
AP26 Dickman, Joseph T.
F5-1 Dies.
S92 Dies.
S5 Dies and jigs.
N6-42 Dies, storehouse.
KC106 Diesel, engineering naval training school (officers).
NC112 Diesel, naval training school (enlisted men).
S61 Diesel engine driven generators.
JJ7-4 Diesel oil.
N24-4 Diesel oil storage plants.
S57 Diesel oil stowage and equipment.
NC82 Diesel School (E. E. S.), Annapolis, Md.
NC80 Diesel School, Naval Operating Base, Norfolk, Hampton Roads, Va.
NC67 Diesel School, New London, Conn.
NC69 Diesel School, San Diego, Calif.
S50-2 Diesels, auxiliary engines.
S34-1 Diet kitchen.
P3-2 Dietetics.
S72-2 Differential gears, turret.
S53 Diffusers, glower.
L1-1 Digest of appropriations.
N15-13 Dikes, water-front structures.
YT113 Diligent (stricken)
S5 Dimensions, mold loft.
S82-15 Dinghies.
S33-2 Dining cabins, officer.
N4-5 Dining room.
P8-3 Dinners (social relations).
S24-7 Dip circle.
S26-4 Dip rope, anchor.
S18-1 Dip ropes, collision mat.
P2-3 Diphtheria antitoxin.
P11-1 Diplomas.
A14-5 Diplomatic missions and relations, internation, doctrines of state.
ES17 Diplomatic Service, Bureau of, State Department.
A15-1 Dipping of colors.
AM90 Direct.
L4-2 Direct bidding, purchasing.
A17-15 Direct and circumstantial evidence, courts martial.
S71-4 Directing stations, torpedo.
NX Direction-finder stations.
S67 Direction-finders, radio.
P31-1 Directional gyro.
S71-1 Director fire-control, compensators.
S86-2 Director firing teachers, instructions.
S72-4 Director gear attachments, turret guns.
S73-1 Director gear attachments, broadside guns.
A5-1 Director practices, short-range.
A10-4 Directories, city and port.
A6-1 Directories, telephone (communication).
S71-1 Directors, gun (directorscopes).
P41 Directors system, bomb sights, torpedoes.
S71-1 Directorscopes, directors, guns.
P16-6 Directory, Navy.
N6-2 Dirigible storehouses.
P19-1 Disability, discharge.
P2-5 Disability, mental and physical.
P14-2 Disabled, employment of.
L10-5 Disallowance, suspension (accounting).
P19-5 Disappearance (personnel).
L11-1 Disappearance of vessels and aircraft.
L8-2 Disapproval of requisitions.
P4-1 Disassembly and transportations, cost of.
A17-6 Disbarments; legal matters.
ET20 Disbursement Division, Treasury Department.
L6-2 Disbursing.
EN1-7 Disbursing clerk, Navy Department.
ES14 Disbursing clerk, State Department.
EN9-24 Disbursing Office, Navy, San Pedro, Calif.
OP17-1 Disbursing officer (of ship).
PN12 Disbursing officer ashore.
P16-3 Disbursing officer or deputy, detail as.
O5 Disbursing officers, commissioned.
KS5 Disbursing officers, Marine Corps.
EN9-1 Disbursing offices, general.
P16-3 Discharge from and admission to hospitals.
P13 Discharge, dishonorable, and punishment.
L16-9 Discharge ($60) gratuity.
F36-12 Discharge indicators, charge and.
F16-12 Discharge, sand ballast system.
L20-5 Discharge, travel allowance on and extension of enlistment.
N23-8 Discharge tunnels and wells.
P19 Discharges, personnel.
S79-4 Discharges, riflle for lights and grenades.
L20-1 Discharging and embarking passengers (travel).
P13-9 Disciplinary measures (misconduct and discipline).
P13-1 Discipline and misconduct.
H1-15 Discolored, sea water.
L7-2 Discontinuance of standard stock.
L6-2 Discounts.
L12-1 Discounts, bank.
ARS3 Discoverer.
L10-4 Discrepancies and irregularities in accounting.
L11 Discrepancies and irregularities in custody of material.
A14-1 Discrimination, foreign commerce.
P5 Discriminations, labor, against uniforms.
P2 Diseases.
P3-1 Diseases and injuries.
P5-1 Diseases, tooth and gum.
P13-10 Dishonorable discharge (prisoners and convicts).
P19-1 Dishonorable discharge (separation) (personnel).
S34-2 Dishwashing machines and baskets.
N9-5 Disinfecting, fumigating and sterilizing buildings.
S37-2 Disinfecting, medical.
S36-5 Disinfecting of vessel.
P6-3 Disinfection of dead by ice.
P2-3 Disinfection, prevention of disease.
S35 Disinfector, laundry.
S87 Disk meter.
P13-11 Disks, rubber, shock absorbers.
P19-1 Dismissal.
P13-9 Dismissal, punishment.
S72-3 Dismounting gear, gun, trolley tracks, etc., turret.
S73-1 Dismounting gear, trolleys, tracks, etc., broadside guns.
P13-2 Disobedience to, disrespect and contempt of court.
P13-2 Disorderly conduct.
A6-1 Dispatches, messages.
N9-3 Dispensaries (structures).
NH Dispensaries, general.
S37-1 Dispensary.
EN19 Dispensary, naval, Navy Building.
S29-1 Displacement, stability and weights.
S87 Displaceometer.
N38-5 Display cases, refrigerators, ice boxes, nonhousehold.
A15-1 Display and dipping of flags and colors.
N9-7 Disposal plants.
L11 Disposition, appreciation and depreciation.
P1-6 Disposition (character).
L19 Disposition and inventory of personal effects.
P6-3 Disposition of remains (death).
S78-1 Disposition of remnants of smokeless powder, reworking and sale of, ammunition.
LS-2 Disposition of requisitions.
A14-5 Disputes, controversies, international.
P17-2 Disqualification for promotion.
P14-2 Disqualifications for appointment.
P9-3 Disqualifications to vote.
P14-2 Disrating.
P13 Disrespect to flag, to noncommissioned officer, contempt of court and disobedience.
S78-1 Distance pieces, ammunition.
L20-5 Distance tables.
H1-4 Distances, hydrography.
S47 Distiller condenser, circulating pumps.
F34-4 Distillers, furnishings.
S58 Distilling plant.
N25-7 Distilling plants.
AW Distilling ships.
P15 Distinguished acts, commendations, citations, etc.
F39-2 Distinguishing marks.
S28-4 Distinguishing plates, marks.
L11-1 Distress, ships in.
A6-3 Distress signaling.
S47 Distributing fuel-oil pumps.
N26 Distributing systems, shore.
S62-2 Distribution boxes, electric and not electric.
S45-2 Distribution boxes, lubrication.
L21-4 Distribution and cargo lists.
F36-2 Distribution, electric power.
L10-6 Distribution, overhead, cost inspection (accounting).
L7-2 Distribution points, standard stock.
F1-2 Distribution, pressure, design.
A10-3 Distribution (publications).
A3-1 Distribution, strength and (organizations).
P16-2 Distribution and strength, personnel.
F24-4 Distributor, air.
F21-1 Distributor, battery coil systems engine, magneto engine, blocks.
EJ17 District attorneys.
G5 District courts of the United States.
EG9 District of Columbia.
GH District of Columbia Commissioners.
YA-YY District craft.
A3-2 District orders (management).
YP District patrol ships.
YT District tugs.
ND Districts, naval.
A6-2 Disturbances, atmospheric (static).
P9-2 Disturbances, political.
N9-1 Disturbed wards.
N1-4 Ditches.
S33-6 Ditty boxes and racks.
ARS5 Diver.
A4-3 Diversion, ship and aircraft.
L21-5 Diverting shipments.
MY27 Divery, enlisted.
L3-2 Dividends, insurance.
F49-7 Dividers.
P12-2 Divine services.
S65-4 Diving alarm, rudder indicators systems.
S94 Diving apparatus, bells, wrecking gear.
S22 Diving and rudder.
S12-5 Diving plane guard.
S22 Diving, rudder, gear and spare parts, steering.
N4-9 Diving school building.
A3-1 Division of administrative unit (organization and management).
S73-2 Division chests, broadside mounts.
L4-3 Division of contract price.
A5-1 Division force or section practices, gun exercise.
EN1-12 Division of personnel supervision and management, Department of Navy.
LE2 Division of training, U.S. Maritime Commission.
FB Divisions (vessels).
P7 Divorce.
AD14 Dixie.
AD3 Dobbin.
A3-7 Dock regulations (executive action).
S8-7 Dock trials.
A17-4 Dockets; judicial powers.
F6-3 Docking.
L11 Docking, including routine docking work (transfers, loans and work).
F45-5 Docking carriages, rails and trolleys, devices.
L14-2 Docking charges.
N6-10 Docking gear storehouse.
S11-4 Docking keels.
L9-3 Docking and overhaul schedules.
S65-5 Docking telegraphs, electric.
N15-1 Docks and piers.
S37-1 Doctor's office.
A14 Doctrines of State, foreign affairs, foreign policy.
YN9 Dogwood (now Buckthorn).
SS169 Dolphin.
H2-3 Dolphins and buoys, channel, mooring, range and rack, location.
N15 Dolphins and camels, shore, landing.
F36-8 Dome lights, interior.
N33-19 Domestic livestock, fowls, pets, etc.
L24 Domestic production.
P7 Domestic relations.
AMc76 Dominant.
EW19 Dominican customs receivership, War Department.
BF63 Dominican Government.
P10-3 Dominoes (games).
YN39 Donacona.
L22-1 Donations to individuals and organizations.
F10-2 Doors, access, nacelle.
N19-8 Doors.
S16-3 Doors, airtight, joiner and others.
S65-5 Doors, electric indicator system, watertight.
S93 Doors, lire.
S58-1 Doors and frames, evaporator.
F13-1 Doors and windows, body, nacelle.
F11 Doors and windows, inspection, aileron, wing.
F12 Doors and windows, tail group.
S72 Doors, turret.
S52 Doors, uptake.
F38-1 Dope-finish and solvent, proof and paint.
F19 Dope, main body, stern and bow cover.
NS-37 Dope shop (structures).
S91-1 Dope shop.
SS248 Dorado.
DD185 Doran (ex-Bagley; stricken).
DD634 Doran (new).
S82 Dories, motor and pulling, boats.
N4-3 Dormitories and hotel buildings.
DMS1 Dorsey (ex-DD117).
S78-1 Double-band projectiles, ammunition.
S11-2 Double-bottom compartments (other than reserve).
S48-1 Double bottom flooding.
S74-1 Double-purpose guns, antiaircraft.
S71-1 Double turret train indicators (fire control).
S11-1 Doubling plates for outside plating.
S34-2 Dough-mixing machines, troughs.
EN9-146 Douglas Aircraft, Inc., Santa Monica, Calif., navy cost inspector.
IX30 Dover (ex-PG8; ex-Wilmington).
NT1-3 Dover, N.J., Lake Denmark, ammunition depot.
KP11 Dover, N.J., marine post.
N19-13 Down spouts, buildings.
DD43 Downes (stricken).
DD375 Downes (new).
DD280 Doyen (stricken).
AP2 Doyen (ex-Heywood).
DD494 Doyle
S6-2 Draft and data, launching.
P13-2 Draft dodgers and slackers.
P14-6 Draft of employees for military service, exemption rules for.
S29-2 Draft and trim, diagram.
F39-3 Draft marks and gauges.
S28 Draft marks and gauges, internal.
S51-3 Draft regulators.
S3-2 Drafting and estimates for job order.
S71-8 Drafting machines, fire-control.
F3-2 Drafting, planning.
L2-2 Drafting-room forms, specifications.
N36-12 Drafting-room supplies, instruments, tracing and Van Dyke cloth and paper, blueprint, shore.
LQ Drafting service.
L12-1 Drafts and checks, banks and banking.
S79-2 Drag and check ropes, field guns.
F45-1 Drag ropes, mooring-hauling-handling.
F12 Drag wires, tailgroup.
S34-2 Drain buckets.
S51-3 Drain cocks, boiler.
S41 Drain cocks, engine.
S58 Drain coils and tubes, distilling.
F13-3 Drain plugs, landing gear.
S45-4 Drain tanks, oil.
N1-4 Drainage (grounds).
S88-4 Drainage of counter flooding valves, damage control.
S48 Drainage and pumping system.
S65-4 Drainage tank signals.
S72-3 Drainage system, turret.
S48 Drains, machinery and system.
N26-7 Drains, sewerage.
S75-2 Drains, torpedo tube.
EN25-32 Dravo Corp., Neville Island, Pittsburgh, Pa., supervisor of shipbuilding.
S92 Drawers (portable tools).
S34-2 Drawers, commissary.
S37-2 Drawers, for drugs, etc.
S32-9 Drawers, office, shelves, racks and hooks.
S24-7 Drawing boards and instruments.
L2-2 Drawings, blueprints, plans.
F1-2 Drawings, lay-outs and design.
L2-6 Drayage and hauling.
F1-2 Drayage rates and shipment.
DD23 Drayton (stricken).
DD366 Drayton (new).
YNg21 Dreadnaught (ex-YT34).
N34-1 Dredges (construction equipment).
YM Dredges.
N22 Dredging.
S34-2 Dressers and shelves, messing.
A15-1 Dressing ship (honors and ceremonies).
F34-5 Dressings, medical.
S37 Dressings, stations, medical.
F31-3 Drift computer, indicator and sight.
S65 Drifter sets, K tube, sound signaling under water.
S76-1 Drifting mines.
S86-3 Drill cartridges, crew instruction apparatus.
S92 Drill chucks and sockets, electric tools.
N1-8 Drill fields and parade grounds.
N12-1 Drill halls and armories.
L18-5 Drill pay, Naval Reserve.
S91-2 Drill presses.
YO61 Driller.
A6-2 Drilling, tracking and, radio.
A5 Drills, aircraft.
N34-11 Drills, ground equipment.
S36-3 Drinking fountain and drip pan.
S92 Drip pans (portable tools).
F37-2 Drive, auxiliary pressure system.
F21-1 Drive, starter, engine.
F41-2 Drive unit, machine gun.
F32-4 Driver, stabilizer controls.
N34-2 Drivers, pile, floating and land.
S73-2 Drives, friction, broadside mounts.
S61 Driving units and generators.
F45-1 Drogues, mooring.
F41-9 Drogues, torpedo.
S73-1 Droop of guns, broadside.
S72-4 Droop of guns, turret.
P19-6 Dropped from the service.
L11-1 Droughts, damage by.
P6-2 Drowning.
P3-1 Drug addictions.
P13-2 Drugs and narcotics, unlawful possession of, addicts.
SS228 Drum.
ML5 Drum major, Marine Corps.
SB1-1 Drums, boiler.
S85 Drums, drying, photography.
S15 Drums, gasoline.
N24-3 Drums, gasoline.
S51-1 Drums, mud, steam and water boiler.
S77-1 Drums, phosphorus gas and smoke warfare.
S73-3 Drums, sight, broadside guns.
S72-7 Drums, sight, turret guns.
S30-3 Drums, storage.
ML9 Drummer, Marine Crops.
P13-2 Drunkenness.
S62-3 Dry-cell batteries, electric distribution.
F36-3 Dry-cell storage batteries.
S35 Dry cleaning outfits.
N16 Drydocks, foreign and domestic.
S51-3 Dry pipes, boiler.
S35 Dryers, tumblers and cabinets, room conveyors, laundry.
S85 Dryers and washers, print, drying drums, photography.
S71-8 Drying apparatus for optical instruments, fire control.
N5-33 Drying building.
PG17 Dubuque (ex-AG6; ex-IX9).
S11-4 Duct keels.
P3-1 Ductless glands, diseases of.
P37-2 Ducts, auxiliary pressure system.
F35-1 Ducts, ventilating.
S38-1 Ducts, ventilating.
P13-4 Duels.
CL87 Duluth.
EN22-12 Duluth, Minn., branch hydrographic office.
NR56 Duluth, Minn., radio traffic station.
S16-5 Dumb-waiters.
S86-3 Dummy ammunition, depth-charges, instructions, practice apparatus.
S41 Dummy pistons, cylinders and packing, turbine.
S75-2 Dummy torpedoes for testing tubes.
N15-16 Dump brows.
N30-4 Dump cars.
P27-1 Dump valves, fuel tanks.
S14-1 Dumping boards.
DD46 Duncan (stricken).
DD485 Duncan.
KP142 Dunedin, Fla., amphibian tractor detachment, Marine Corps.
EN9-179 Dunkirk, N.Y., navy cost inspector, American Locomotive Co.
DD384 Dunlap.
L20-6 Dunnage and baggage (travel).
L4-1 Dunn and Bradstreet reports.
P14-2 Duplicate appointments.
L12-1 Duplicate checks.
DD152 Du Pont.
JJ46-6 Duraluminum.
EN9-175 Durham Mfg., Co., Muncie, Ind., navy cost inspector.
P2-3 Dust protectors (preventive medicine).
S19-6 Dust, zinc.
EF48-1 Dutch East Indies.
EF48-2 Dutch Guiana.
NR85 Dutch Harbor, Alaska, radio traffic station.
KP134 Dutch Harbor, Alaska, marine detachment.
NA50 Dutch Harbor, Alaska (Unalaska) naval air station.
NB58 Dutch Harbor, Alaska, section base.
EF48-2 Dutch West Indies.
A14-1 Duties (foreign affairs).
P16-3 Duties, assignment of.
A3-1 Duties and functions, powers (organization and management) .
A17-11 Duties of personnel (courts-martial).
L14 Duties, taxes, assessments, and dues.
P18-1 Duty, absence from.
P6-2 Duty, death in line of.
P13-2 Duty, disobedience of orders, absence from station.
ON17 Duty officer, ashore.
DD84 Dyer (stricken).
S70-1 Dyes, spotting projectile.
A17-15 Dying declarations, competence of evidence, courts-martial.
AM91 Dynamic.
S87 Dynamic balancing machines.
JJ59-9 Dynamite (blasting).
S46-3 Dynamo condensers.
S48-10 Dynamo exhaust and steam piping.
S61 Dynamo rooms.
S11-7 Dynamo-room trunk.
F21-8 Dynamometer electric cradle.
S75-1 Dynamometer, testing, torpedo.
S69 Dynamometers, electrical instruments.
S87 Dynamometers, hydraulic and brake.
S69 Dynamotors.
DD572 Dyson.


A5-7 "E" Navy, exercises, practices and competitions.
EN6-7 E. W. Bliss Co., Brooklyn, N.Y., inspector of ordnance.
YP64 Eagle.
NX33 Eagle Harbor, Mich., radio direction-finder station.
NR55 Eagle Harbor, Mich., radio traffic station.
P3-1 Ear diseases.
P2-3 Ear and eye protectors, prevention of disease.
DD635 Earle.
P18-2 Early closing (hours of labor).
N20-9 Earth formations for navigational aids.
H2-12 Earth formations, structures, trees, navigational aids.
H1-5 Earthquakes (seismic disturbances).
N1 Earthwork (grounds).
EF13-18 East Africa, British.
NN1 East coast shore stations.
NC73 East Coast Sound School, Key West, Fla.
NA49 East Greenwich, R.I., naval air station.
NT2-1 East Lamoine, Maine, fuel depot.
EN11-2 Eastern District, N.Y., general inspector naval aircraft.
KR2 Eastern division, Marine recruiting corps.
KT2 Eastern division, Marine Reserve detachment.
ES23 Eastern European affairs, divisions of State Department.
QG1 Eastern Hemisphere.
NL42 Eastern and northeastern divisions, navy recruiting inspectors.
H7 Eastern time.
DD510 Eaton.
DD430 Eberle.
YN10 Ebony.
S68 Echo sounding.
H1-16 Echoes, sound and sound waves.
A5-7 Economy, engineering performance.
A3-2 Economy, organization and management.
EF23 Ecuador.
S73-2 Edges, knife, mounts, broadside guns.
S22-5 Edges, knife, turret gun slides.
F19 Edges, lacing cover.
F11 Edges, leading and trailing wing group.
F12 Edges, leading and trailing, tail group.
EW27-1 Edgewood arsenal (Army).
NC56 Edgewood arsenal, naval unit.
F13 Edgings and rubbing strips, body group.
DD439 Edison.
YF214 Edith (stricken).
A10-1 Editing publication.
APL1 Edmund B. Alexander.
EN9-94 Edo Aircraft Corp., College Point, N.Y. navy cost inspector.
DD219 Edsall.
E16 Education, Bureau of.
P11 Educational advisers, systems and instructors.
DD265 Edwards (stricken).
DD619 Edwards (new).
DD216 Edwards, John D.
AM92 Effect.
S1-2 Effective horsepower curves.
L19 Effects, personal.
A5-8 Efficiency, battle competition.
EO Efficiency, Bureau of.
P20 Efficiency and reports.
P13-2 Effort to weaken authority of superior.
AMc24 Egret.
EF24 Egypt.
EF13-37 Egypt, British.
AM17 Eider.
P18-2 Eight-hour labor law.
ND8 Eighth naval district.
F41-5 Ejection boxes, machine gun.
S54-2 Ejector, ash.
S70-1 Ejector recognition sets, submarine (sight-signaling).
S46-4 Ejectors, air condensing.
S48-1 Ejectors, bilge.
S79 Ejectors. machine guns and rifle.
EN11-14 El Segundo (Santa Monica), Calif., inspector of naval air­craft.
PG38 Elcano.
YN15 Elder (ex-Juniper).
P9-3 Elections, political.
AK21 Electra.
EN9-161 Electric Boat Co., Bayonne, N.J., navy cost inspector.
EN25-2 Electric Boat Co., Bayonne, N.J., supervisor of shipbuilding.
EN9-26 Electric Boat Co., Groton, Conn., navy cost inspector.
EN25-8 Electric Boat Co., Groton, Conn., supervisor of ship­building.
F21-8 Electric cradle dynamometer.
S92 Electric drills.
S41 Electric drives and heaters, Diesel and turbine, propelling.
N36-2 Electric fans.
S26-1 Electric gypsy (windlass).
S38-2 Electric heaters, air.
F35-2 Electric heaters, ventilation.
F36 Electric lighting.
S64 Electric lighting.
S72-10 Electric motors, brakes, turret guns.
S24 Electric navigational instruments.
S60 Electric plant, general.
S63 Electric power application.
S62 Electric power distribution.
S61 Electric power generators, except electric drive.
S34-2 Electric refrigerator, commissary.
S91 Electric repair station and workshops general.
F24-1 Electric starter, direct geared or inertia.
N23-7 Electric substations, generating plants.
N7-8 Electric substations, power, pumping, and gas generating plant structures.
N26-5 Electric systems, shore.
S75 Electric torpedoes and torpedo hoists.
N33-15 Electric trucks.
F37-1 Electric winches, mooring.
S65-4 Electric whistle operators.
N6-21 Electrical apparatus, storehouse for
S1-7 Electrical appliances, record of.
F36-12 Electrical instruments.
S69 Electrical instruments, except fire control and interior communication system.
N8-7 Electrical laboratories.
S75 Electrical and mechanical gyros, torpedo.
NC90 Electrical, naval training schools (enlisted men),
N4-9 Electrical school building.
N5-57 Electrical shop.
OW Electricians, warrant officers.
MA Electricians' mates artificer branch.
S70-1 Electrochemical horns.
EN8-39 Electro-Motive Corp., LaGrange, Ill., inspector of machinery.
P3-3 Electrotherapy.
N9-2 Electrotherapy building.
A5-2 Elementary torpedo practices.
L20-1 Elevated car lines.
S72-9 Elevating gear and machinery, turret guns.
S75-2 Elevating gear, torpedo tubes.
S74-2 Elevating and training gear, antiaircraft guns.
S73-2 Elevating and training gear and attachments, broadside guns.
S72-9 Elevation, increase of, turret guns.
S71-1 Elevation receivers and indicators, main battery (fire control).
F32-2 Elevator controls,
F12-2 Elevators.
S16-5 Elevators.
S75-3 Elevators and elevating machinery, torpedo handling.
N31-13 Elevators, shore.
ND11 Eleventh naval district.
A6-7 Eligibility, engineering performance.
P14-2 Eligibility for appointment.
P16-3 Eligibility for detail.
P1-4 Eligible naturalization.
S71-8 Eliminating devices, deflection,
P19-6 Eliminations (personnel).
NA81 Elizabeth City, N.C., naval air station.
EM9-98 Elkton, Md., navy cost inspector, Triumph Explosives, Inc.
YP3234 Ellen Browning (stricken).
DD398 Ellet.
AP13 Elliot George F.
DMS4 Elliott (ex-DD146).
DD154 Ellis.
DD454 Ellyson.
S73-1 Elongation and twist of gun liners, broadside guns.
S72-4 Elongation and twist of gun liners, turret guns.
P7 Elopement.
P13-8 Elopement of applicants for enlistment.
P6-3 Embalming.
A14-1 Embargo, contraband, commercial intercourse.
L21-3 Embargoes, shipment. '
L20-1 Embarking and discharging passengers (travel).
ES18 Embassies.
P13 Embezzlement.
A12-4 Emblems.
S73-2 Embrasures, broadside mounts.
PYc1 Emerald.
HY Emergency Administration Organizations.
S83-3 Emergency barricade, airplane.
S24-6 Emergency bridge or platform.
S65 Emergency communication apparatus.
S37-1 Emergency dressing station.
P34-6 Emergency equipment.
L16 Emergency expenses, subsistence, and money allowances.
EX Emergency Fleet Corporation.
L1-1 Emergency funds, appropriations.
EE7 Emergency Management, Office of,
F49-8 Emergency propulsion sails.
L4-3 Emergency purchases,
L7-1 Emergency rations, allowances of.
P1-4 Emigration,
DD457 Emmons.
NX49 Empire, Ore., radio direction-finder station.
IX38 Empire State (stricken).
N12-3 Emplacements (military structures).
P16 Employees, additional, list of, loan of.
HC Employees' Compensation Commission, United States,
N4-1 Employees' quarters, civilian,
P17-1 Employees, rerating of.
P14-2 Employment and appointment.
P2-4 Employment, sanitation of place of.
EL10 Employment service, Department of Labor,
A4-3 Employment, ship and aircraft.
F38-2 Enamels.
S19-1 Enamels, cement, bituminous and similar solutions.
A15-2 Encampments, ceremonies.
F13-1 Enclosures, cockpit, fuselage.
A16-3 Encounters.
DD495 Endicott.
N6-63 Ends, ignition, storehouse for.
AMc77 Endurance.
A5-7 Endurance runs, engineering performance.
S8-2 Endurance trials.
AS-5 Enemies, alien.
S71-8 Enemy bearing and movement, solvers.
A14-2 Enemy property rights, involved in war.
A16-3 Enemy territory, warfare operations.
AMc78 Energy.
A17-2 Enforcement of laws.
AM93 Engage.
A16-3 Engagements, guerrilla warfare.
F24 Engaging mechanism, starters.
S26-1 Engine, anchor.
F49-9 Engine and cockpit covers.
F31-1 Engine cylinder thermometer and gauge unit.
S65 Engine gongs, telegraph interior communications.
F48-3 Engine hoist, maintenance platform.
S87 Engine indicators.
N8-10 Engine laboratories.
F13-1 Engine mounting, body, nacelle.
N4-9 Engine (gas) school building.
F10 Engine section and nacelle group.
N5-34 Engine shops.
N10-5 Engine-testing structures, aviation.
S91 Engine-overhaul and test shop.
F29-1 Engine-overhaul stands.
ME Engine-room force.
F21 Engines and accessories, main propelling machinery.
S50 Engines, auxiliary.
N27 Engines and engine houses, fire, shore.
S41 Engines, main propelling machinery.
S22 Engines, steering.
F32 Engines, steering, elevator control, rudder.
S75-1 Engines, steering, torpedo.
S25 Engines, towing and appliances.
EW15 Engineer office, War Department.
OF13 Engineer officer (of ship).
S32-1 Engineer officer's office.
A12-1 Engineers' bell book, engineering and deck logs,
EW15 Engineers, Chief of, Army.
EN8 Engineering, Bureau of (obsolete; now Inspector of Machinery).
AS-7 Engineering competitions and performances.
NP16 Engineering experiment station, Annapolis, Md.
EP9 Engineering and research division, Post Office Department.
N6-23 Engineering storehouses.
ME Engineman, first- and second-class.
EF13-1 England (Great Britain).
N36-13 Engraving and lithographing machines and equipment, plates, etc.
ET11 Engraving and Printing, Bureau of.
S91-2 Engraving machines.
A10-1 Engravings, publications.
l16-6 Enlisted men, allotments of pay by.
P1O-2 Enlisted men, allowances for entertainment.
P16-4 Enlisted men, special details of.
N4 Enlisted men's quarters and barracks,
MA-MY Enlisted personnel.
MR Enlisted personnel, retired,
P14 Enlist (appointment).
P19-1 Enlistment, cancelation of.
P13-2 Enlistment, fraudulent.
P1-5 Enlistment and promotion, physical requirements for.
OL Ensigns (officers).
CV6 Enterprise.
FG6 Enterprise air group.
EN9-176 Enterprise Engine & Foundry Co., San Francisco, Calif., navy cost inspector.
QM Enterprises.
L18 Enterprises, financial, interests in nongovernmental.
P10 Entertainment, allowances for, enlisted men.
P13-8 Enticing and aiding others to desert.
EA14 Entomology, Bureau of, Department of Agriculture.
NS15 Entrance control posts, harbor.
PJ4-2 Entrance into service.
S79-4 Entrenching tools.
L14-2 Entry of goods.
A4-3 Entry, ship and aircraft.
F18 Envelope and gas cells.
P2-2 Epidemics.
P3-1 Epilepsy.
S48-1 Equalizing system.
S29-1 Equilibrium or adjusting.
S48-1 Equilibrium tanks.
S87 Equipment, aerological.
N39 Equipment, aircraft station.
F41-11 Equipment and arms, small.
S36-2 Equipment, barber shop and cleaning,
N40 Equipment, cleaning, and fuel oil tanks, shore.
S88-2 Equipment, damage control.
S85 Equipment, darkrooms, printing rooms and mounting rooms, photography.
S24-7 Equipment, dead reckoning tracer.
F34-6 Equipment, emergency,
S93 Equipment, fire and rescue-party.
S34-2 Equipment, galley.
S15 Equipment and gasoline stowage.
F31-3 Equipment, navigation instruments and.
S32 Equipment, office.
S91 Equipment and shops, ship upkeep.
S79 Equipment and small arms, field and machine guns.
L5-2 Equipment, special, for testing material.
N6 Equipment, storage structures for.
TC36 Equipment and supplies, office, shore.
EP9 Equipment and supplies, Post Office Department.
F44-2 Equipment and supplies, photography.
F29-1 Equipment and toots.
S92 Equipment and tools, portable,
A5-7 Equivalents, fuel, engineering performance.
DD631 Erben.
N5 Erecting shops (structure).
N1-10 Erecting spaces.
F1 Erection specifications, instructions.
DD56 Ericsson (stricken).
DD440 Ericsson (new).
PG50 Erie.
EN6-11 Erie, Pa., inspector of ordnance.
EN9-8 Erie, Pa., navy cost inspector.
EN9-68 Erie, Pa., navy cost inspector, Erie Forge Co.
EN9-77 Erie, Pa., navy cost inspector, General Electric Co.
EF36-2 Eritrea (Italian).
S74-1 Erosion, antiaircraft guns.
S73-1 Erosion, broadside guns,
S71-8 Erosion corrector, fire control,
S73-1 Erosion and erosion curves, broadside guns.
L4-2 Errors in bids (purchasing).
S72-4 Errors, turret-gun forgings.
ARS6 Escape.
S16-6 Escape lock.
P13 Escape of prisoners.
N4-9 Escape training tanks, submarine.
S48-10 Escape and vapor pipes, other than galley.
FE10 Escort force.
A15-1 Escorts (honors and ceremonies).
P6-4 Escorts, funeral.
A8-5 Espionage.
P11-3 Essavs, theses, lectures, poems (educational system).
IX10 Essex (stricken).
CV9 Essex (new).
FG9 Essex air group.
A4-2 Establishment of shore stations.
N21 Establishments, shore, designations.
YX9 Estelle.
L10-3 Estimate of value or cost (accounting).
S29-1 Estimated weights.
L1 Estimates, appropriations and allotments.
L4-2 Eslimates based on prevailing market prices (purchasing).
L11 Estimates of damage, claims of property damage.
F3 Estimates, planning.
L24 Estimates of resources,
S3-1 Estimates on inspection reports.
LB Estimating service (personnel).
EF25 Estonia,
A17 Ethics, legal (law and justice).
S59-1 Ethyl-chloride ice machine.
P3-4 Etiology.
A15-1 Etiquette, naval.
YN11 Eucalyptus.
NA64 Eureka, Calif., naval air station.
NX47 Eureka, Calif., radio direction-finder station.
NR73 Eureka, Calif., radio traffic station.
NB35 Eureka, Calif., section base.
OG1-4 Europe.
QW19 European disturbances,
FF7 European forces, naval.
A16-3 Evacuation, war.
S46-4 Evacuators, air, condensing.
DD78 Evans (stricken).
DD562 Evans (new).
L11-3 Evaporation of material.
S47 Evaporator, feed and brine pumps.
S11-7 Evaporator room, trunk.
S58 Evaporators.
P13-2 Evasion of military or naval service,
S71-8 "Evershcd" designators, fire control.
EN21 Examination of dental officers, board for
P17-2 Examination, exemption from, for promotion.
EN20 Examination of medical officers, board for
A6-6 Examination of records.
S37-2 Examination tables, medical.
P14-2 Examinations for appointments, announcement of
P11-1 Examinations as to mental development and progress in schools.
P2-5 Examinations, physical.
A17 Examining Board, Marine, medical, proceedings of.
EN17 Examining Board, naval.
S37-1 Examining room (medical).
S86-3 Excaliber attachment, guns.
N1-3 Excavating (grounds).
AM94 Excel.
EN9-103 Excel Foundry & Machine Co., navy cost inspector, New York, N.Y., and Lebanon, N. J.
EN9-143 Ex-CelI-O Corp., Detroit, Mich., navy cost inspector.
N6-44 Excelsior storehouses.
P14-2 Excepted positions, appointments to.
L20-6 Excess baggage.
L11-3 Excess stock of material.
L23 Exchange, foreign currency.
N4-6 Exchange, post, buildings.
NT7 Exchanges, motion-picture.
A10-3 Exchanges, publications.
S69 Excitation meters (ship).
S41-4 Exciter units, electric drive.
S61 Exciters, dynamo.
P1-4 Exclusion of races.
YP5 Ex-Coast Guard Cutter 102.
P16-3 Excuses from duty,
P14-2 Executive appointments.
L16-9 Executive bonuses.
EE Executive departments.
OF11 Executive officer.
ON6 Executive officer ashore,
A2 Executive orders, Presidential, and Executive (non-Presidential).
S32-1 Executive's office.
L6-1 Exemption from deliveries.
P14-6 Exemptions from military service.
P17-1 Exercise of authority, rank.
S75 Exercise heads, torpedo, and storage of.
AS-9 Exercises and diagrams, ballistic, drills.
P2-4 Exercises, physical.
F21-2 Exhaust muffler, manifold, stocks, collector rings, engine.
F28-2 Exhaust, piping condensers.
S48 Exhaust and steam piping, main turbine.
S46-5 Exhaust and shell connection, condensers,
F15-5 Exhaust trunks, hoods and hull supports.
S41 Exhaust valves, auxiliary and inlet, main propelling machinery.
S75-1 Exhaust valves, torpedo.
N4-8 Exhibit hall.
A5-9 Exhibition drills.
EA6 Exhibits, Department of Agriculture.
P11-3 Exhibits, exhibitions, exposition, fairs and museums,
P9-2 Exile or deportation (political relations).
S87 Exograph.
S75-1 Exothermic torpedoes.
S11-5 Expanded metal, bulkheads and screens, wire mesh.
N23-6 Expanders, compressors and plants, helium.
S75-2 Expanders, torpedo tubes.
S92 Expanders tube cleaners and wrenches.
S73-2 Expansion chamber, broadside mounts.
S72-5 Expansion chambers (slide) and process (radial) turret guns.
S11-1 Expansion, shell.
S48-23 Expansion and slip joints, piping.
F25-1 Expansion tanks, and header, water-cooling system,
P1-4 Expatriation, citizenship.
L6-1 Expediting deliveries.
L21-5 Expediting shipments.
L8-2 Expedition of requisitions.
P16-3 Expeditionary duty.
A16-3 Expeditions, campaigns, warfare operations.
A11 Expeditions, scientific, observations, explorations.
S54-2 Expeller, ash.
L10-5 Expenditure records and accounts.
L1 Expenditures under allotments and appropriations, state­ments of,
F2-3 Expenses, administration.
S2 Expenses, administrative.
F4-1 Expenses, berthing and shed.
P6-4 Expenses, burial and funeral.
A17 Expenses, court-martial.
L16-9 Expenses of individuals on special detail.
P3-2 Expenses, medical.
NP16 Experiment engineering station, Annapolis, Md.
S29-3 Experiment, inclining.
EN6-26 Experimental ammunition unit, Washington Navy Yard.
S76 Experimental depth charges, mine.
FF12-11 Experimental division, Pacific Fleet (obsolete, see FBU),
FB11 Experimental divisions (vessels),
S74-1 Experimental firing, antiaircraft guns.
S73-1 Experimental firing, broadside guns.
S72-4 Experimental firing, turret guns.
N8 Experimental and laboratory structures.
NP14 Experimental and research laboratory, Bellevue, D.C.
EA28 Experimental Stations, Office of Department of Agriculture.
L5-2 Experimental tests.
P19-1 Expiration of term of enlistment, discharge.
F41-6 Exploders, bombs.
S75-1 Exploders, torpedo.
AM95 Exploit.
A16-3 Explorations, war.
L11-1 Explosions.
S81-1 Explosive scissors, mine protection.
L21-3 Explosives, regulations on shipment of,
L14-2 Export tariff.
P11-3 Expositions, fairs, museums, exhibits and exhibitions,
L21 Express, shipment by,
N33-17 Express systems, shop.
S49-5 Expulsion systems, air compressor.
S76 Extender mechanism, depth charge and mine.
L6-1 Extension of delivery date.
P14-4 Extension of enlistment.
EA29 Extension service, Department of Agriculture.
S81-2 Extension, stem, paravane.
L4-3 Extensions, contract.
F42 Exterior communication.
P2-3 Extermination of inects, roaehes, rodents and vermin (preventive medicine.).
S51-3 External and internal fittings, boiler.
P2-3 Extinction of fleas, cooties, etc, (preventive medicine).
S93 Extinguishers, fire, chemicals, portable and stationary.
N27-2 Extinguishers, fire.
P13-3 Extortion.
P13-9 Extra duty, punishment.
S35 Extractor, laundry.
S56-2 Extractors, grease, feed water.
S73-1 Extractors, projectile, broadside guns.
S72-4 Extractors, projectile, turret guns.
L10-3 Extraordinary repairs, industrial accounting.
AMc79 Exultant.
P3-1 Eye diseases.
P2-3 Eye and ear protectors, prevention of disease.
S71-8 Eye guards, fire-control.
S78-2 Eyebolts, projectile, ammunition handling,
P2-3 Eyeglasses and eye protectors.
P4-3 Eyes, artificial.
S12-2 Eyes, hull fittings.
S75-2 Eyes, securing-pad, torpedo tubes and launching gear.


P18 Fabric, gas cells, ballonets.
F15-1 Fabric and lacing, reinforcement of propellers.
F17-1 Fabric and other covering, car structure.
F38 Fabric, painting and fireproofing, finish.
F1-3 Fabrication specifications.
F49-4 Face masks.
S13-4 Face plates.
L21 Facilities for conveyance, shipping and receiving.
L24 Facilities and resources.
NP Factories, naval.
N5 Factories, shop structures.
A5-7 Factors, engineering performances.
P17-2 Failure on examination.
L6-1 Failure in making deliveries.
EN8-37 Fairbanks Morse Co., Beloit, Wis., inspector of machinery.
DD93 Fairfax (stricken).
S11-1 Fairing plates.
F10-1 Fairings, engine mount.
FI3 Fairings, fuselage, body and landing gear.
S12-5 Fair-leads.
F45-2 Fair-leads, blocks, sheaves, mooring, hauling, towing.
S81-2 Fair-leads, paravanes.
F32 Fair-leads, pylongs, sheaves, and fittings, control system.
P11-1 Fair-leads for surface control loads, wing.
P11 Fairs, museums, exhibits, exhibitions and expositions.
S11 Fair-water castings, shell plating,
S24 Fair-water, periscope and conning tower,
S43-2 Fair-water sleeves.
YFB5 Faithful (stricken).
P20-1 Faithful performance.
S94 Faking box for throwing lines.
ASR2 Falcon (ex-AM28).
EN9-126 Falb Corp., Milwaukee, Wis., Navy cost inspector.
EF13-40 Falkland Islands (British).
A5-9 Fall of shot observations; angle of.
KP150 Fallbrook, San Diego, Calif., marine barracks.
NT1-20 Fallbrook, San Diego, Calif., naval ammunition depot.
S18-1 Falls, blocks, and other tackle, rope for, wire, hemp, and manila.
S82-1 Falls, boat.
S02 Falls, chain.
P13 False claims, muster, pretense, falsehoods.
KB80 False Pass, Alaska, section base.
P3-2 Families, medical treatment of.
L16-6 Family allotments.
P7 Family, members of (domestic relations).
P3-1 Famine.
S53 Fan and casing blowers.
F21-8 Fan, engine testing.
DD37 Fanning (stricken).
DD385 Fanning (new).
S38-1 Fans, desk, bracket, ventilating, and ceiling.
N36-2 Fans, electric
S77-1 Fans and gear, gas and smoke warfare.
F35-1 Fans, ventilating.
ES3 Far Eastern affairs, division of, State Department.
DD332 Farenholt (stricken)
DD491 Farenholt (new).
NR62 Farfan (Balboa, Darien), C.Z., naval radio-traffic stations.
CLS5 Fargo.
DD496 Farley (now McCook).
EN11-21 Farmingdale, N, Y., Inspector of naval aircraft.
DD304 Farquhar (stricken).
DD300 Farragut (stricken).
DD348 Farragut (new).
NX43 Farralone Island, Calif., radio direction-finder station.
EN9-125 Farrand Optical Co., New York, N.Y., navy cost inspector.
S51-4 Fastenings, boiler.
P7 Fathers.
S68 Fathometers, sonic.
P19-1 Favor, discharge by.
IX45 Favorite (ex-YX10).
P1-6 Fear (habits and character).
AMc80 Fearless.
HF Federal Board for Vocational Education.
GG12 Federal Coordinator of Transportation.
ET10 Federal Farm Loan Bureau.
EA25 Federal Horticultural Board, Department of Agriculture.
A17-2 Federal laws, ordinances.
EN9-142 Federal-Mogul Corp., Detroit, Mich., navy cost inspector.
EJ15 Federal penitentiary, Atlanta, Ga.
EJ16 Federal penitentiary, Leavenworth, Kans.
EJ19 Federal penitentiary, NcNeill Island, Wash.
HQ Federal Power Commission.
QO Federal public buildings.
ET6-6 Federal Purchasing Board and Procurement Division, Treasury Department.
EC16 Federal Radio Commission.
ET6-3 Federal Real Estate Board, Budget Bureau.
P17-3 Federal Register.
EQ Federal Reserve Board.
EN25-12 Federal S.B. & D.D. Co., Kearny, N.J., supervisor of shipbuilding.
L7-2 Federal standard stock catalogue.
ER Federal Trade Commission.
S79-3 Feed covers, machine guns.
S58 Feed heaters and pump, evaporator.
S47 Feed pumps.
S51 Feed regulator and valves, water sampling connection, boiler.
S65-5 Feed signal and telegraph system, fireroom.
F41-1 Feeding mechanism, machine gun.
S92 Feelers, micrometer.
L4-3 Fees, contingent under contract.
A17-15 Fees, courts-martial.
L14-2 Fees, dues, and assessments.
AP18 Feland.
P13-1 Felonies (misconduct and discipline).
NA9-1 Felton Farm, Fla., naval air station.
P3-1 Female diseases.
P14-2 Females, employment of.
N3-4 Fences.
P10-1 Fencing, athletics.
N5-48 Fender, cane shop.
S18-1 Fenders, portable, rope, cane, wood, cork.
S11-4 Fenders, side,fixed.
F20-1 Ferrosilicoti, inflation.
S46-5 Ferrules, condenser.
YFB Ferry boats and launches.
P2 Fever (medicine).
AM96 Fidelity.
L13-1 Fidelity bonds.
EW5 Field Artillery, Chief of.
A5-6 Field, boat gun, small-arm exercises.
LL2 Field civil personnel.
N4-10 Field house.
S79 Field and machine guns, small-arms and equipment.
A5-1 Field messages.
P16-3 Field service.
P10-1 Field sports and track sports.
N1-7 Fields, athletic, drill and landing.
AM97 Fierce.
ND5 Fifth naval district.
EN9-133 Fifth naval district, supervisory cost inspector.
ND15 Fifteenth naval district.
NC100 Fighter director schools.
P13-4 Fighting (offense).
S93 Fighting, fire.
M27-10 Fighting, fire, hose.
VF Fighting planes.
S75-1 Figure run device, torpedo.
S28-4 Figures, letters, identification, ship's name.
EF13-46 Fiji Islands (British).
F34-2 File cases.
A6-6 File records and index systems.
S32-9 Filing cases.
N36-1 Filing equipment.
S76-1 Filler, mine.
S78-1 Filler, projectile, ammunition.
JJ52-7 Fillers (paint).
S77-1 Fillers, for projectiles, gas and smoke warfare.
N1-3 Filling (grounds).
S19-1 Filling, cement (for watercourses, etc.).
N5-78 Filling, mine.
S22 Filling, rudder.
S85 Film, photographic.
F41-10 Films, camera gun.
F44- 2 Films and containers, photography.
A7-4 Films and motion pictures, publicity.
S37-2 Films and X-ray machines, medical.
N25-5 Filter beds, filters, filtration plants.
F27-2 Filter, strainers and fuel piping.
S56 Filters, feed water and tanks, material.
S55-2 Filters, fuel-oil.
S77-2 Filters, gas and smoke warfare.
S45-1 Filters, oil, lubrication.
S71-8 Filters, ray, fire-control.
S15 Filters and separators, gasoline.
F8-4 Final acceptance trials.
S8-4 Final acceptance trials.
F1-5 Final design.
P19-1 Final marks for discharge.
FW13 Finance, Chief of Army.
EP5 Finance division, Post Office Department.
OF27 Finance office (afloat).
L18 Financial dealings (individuals).
L10-5 Financial report.
P1-6 Financial responsibility.
SS230 Finback.
AM9 Finch.
S71 Finders, submarine attack, bearing, monocular, fire control.
A17-16 Findings of courts.
HT Fine Arts Commission.
P1-5 Fingerprints.
F38 Finish.
F1-3 Finish specifications.
S29-1 Finished weights returned.
EF26 Finland.
F12-3 Fins.
F16 Fins and rudders.
YN12 Fir (now Chinquapin).
S65-4 Fire alarm systems.
N27-1 Fire alarm systems.
S47 Fire and bilge pumps.
S13-5 Fire control armor.
P16-5 Fire control details.
S71-1 Fire control distribution, main battery.
S86-2 Fire control instruction apparatus.
NP17 Fire control laboratory, Washington, D.C.
M5 Fire control man.
S91-1 Fire control repair shops.
SB2 Fire control switchboard.
AMc33 Firecrest.
A5-9 Fire distribution, gunnery exercises, drills.
S93 Fire doors (ship).
F34-6 Fire extinguishers.
S39-1 Fire felt insulation.
S93 Fire fighting, extinguishers, and apparatus.
L13-2 Fire insurance.
KR5 Fire Island, N.Y., radio-traffic station.
NX11 Fire Island, N.Y., radio-direction station.
S48-3 Fire mains, sprinkling and flooding system, piping.
LB-1 Fire protection of ships at yards.
N27 Fire protection.
N25-1 Fire protection, storage of water for.
S47 Fire pumps.
A5-9 Fire and rescue drills, and curved fire speed data (ships and aircraft).
P13-4 Firearms, careless handling of.
N4-9 Fire rescue gas chambers, training in
L11-1 Fires.
S34-2 Fireless cookers.
ME Fireman, enlisted.
F38-5 Fireproofing.
S65 Fireroom signals.
S11-7 Fireroom trunk.
S5L-4 Firerooms.
F10 Firewall, engine mount and nacelle.
S71 Firing attachments, mine indicators, keys, turret guns.
S76 Firing batteries, eahles, circuits, and devices, mine.
S73 Firing, broadside guns, trials, and locks.
S86-2 Firing director teachers, instructions.
S78-1 Firing, premature, ammunition.
A5-6 Firing regulations, small arms.
S74-1 Firing trials, antiaircraft guns.
S72-4 Firing trials and locks, turret guns.
S75-2 Firing valves and mechanism, torpedo tubes.
AM98 Firm.
QM Firms, commercial.
L4-1 Firms, purchasing.
L13-1 Firms selling to Navy, annual guaranties.
KA1 First advance base, marines.
P3-2 First aid.
L7-1 First commissioning of ship's outfits.
OF12 First lieutenant of ship.
OA7 First lieutenants, Marine Corps.
S32-1 First lieutenant's office.
F34-5 First-aid kits.
ND1 First naval district.
EN9-130 First naval district, supervisory cost inspector.
L12-2 Fiscal agents.
QI Fish.
H1-6 Fish banks, nets, stakes, etc.
QS14 Fish Commission ships.
H1-6 Fish nets, location.
EN25-15 Fisher Boat Works, Detroit, Mich., supervisor of shipbuilding.
ET34 Fisheries, Bureau of, Department of the Interior.
NZ3 Fishery reservations.
DD462 Fitch.
P20-2 Fitness records, personnel.
S9I-2 Fitter's and plumber's lockers.
N5-68 Fitters, pipe shop.
A4-1 Fitting out aircraft, ships and yards.
N15-1 Fitting out piers.
N31-2 Fitting-out and shipbuilding cranes.
FI4 Fittings and axial cable, structure.
S53 Fittings, blower.
S82-1 Fittings, boats.
F13 Fittings, body, landing gear, catapulting.
S51 Fittings, boiler.
F45-2 Fittings, cables, lines, and ropes, mooring-hauling, handling.
FI7 Fittings, car.
S46-5 Fittings, condensers.
S56-4 Fittings and connections, feed water tanks.
F22-1 Fittings, control transmission.
F25 Fittings, cooling system.
S12 Fittings and davits, rail, rirlge, and awning stanchions.
S76-2 Fittings, depth, hydraulic control, depth charge.
S41-4 Fittings, electric drive.
F15 Fittings, exhaust trunks and propeller, hull.
F11 Fittings, external, internal, aileron, wing.
F32 Fittings, fairleads, pylons, sheaves, control system.
F12-3 Fittings, internal, external fin, tail group.
F16 Fittings, fins and rudder.
S24-8 Fittings and foundations, navigational.
F27 Fittings, fuel system.
F18 Fittings, gas cells.
S83-1 Fittings for handling airplanes, interior traveling crane trolleys, and track.
F26 Fittings, lubrication system.
F35-1 Fittings, ventilation.
S16 Fittings, operating gear, and gaskets for armor doors and hatches.
F28-2 Fittings, piping condensers.
SS1-2 Fittings, ropes, chains, blocks, rigging, paravanes.
F21-3 Fittings, teach rods, connections, and engine.
S17 Fittings, towers, cranes, derricks, masts and spars.
F48-2 Fittings and tubing, anti-icing.
S72-3 Fittings, turret.
F33-1 Fittings, voice tubes, leads, I.C.
EF27 Fiume.
S78-1 Fixed ammunition.
S71-4 Fixed angle control instruments, torpedo control and above water torpedo tubes.
L10-3 Fixed charges, industrial accounting.
F21-8 Fixed, engine test.
F34-6 Fixed equipment.
F41 Fixed gun sights, mounts, and targets.
S12-3 Fixed lights.
S24-8 Fixed and portable chart boards.
H2-5 Fixing positions, (including computations and formulae) navigation.
F5-1 Fixtures.
F34-4 Fixtures, fresh-water storage sanitation.
F36-5 Fixtures, lighting.
P13-2 Flag, disrespect to.
N6-52 Flag loft.
AO-3 Flag signaling code.
A16-3 Flag of truce.
N12-4 Flagpoles.
S70-2 Flags, sight-signaling.
P6-4 Flags for covering caskets.
A12-2 Flags, historical.
F14-3 Flagstaff, stern.
S17-2 Flagstaff's, sockets and fittings.
S51-2 Flame retarders, boiler:
S78-2 Flame seals, ammunition handling.
S77-1 Flame throwers, gas and smoke warfare.
S31-5 Flameproof and protection casings.
S72-10 Flameproof and powder flaps, turret guns.
NS14 Flamenco Island, C.Z., harbor control station.
AMc22 Flamingo (stricken).
AM32 Flamingo (new).
S29-6 Flanging.
S48-23 Flanges, piping.
S72-10 Flaps, flameproof and powder, turret.
N39-1 Flares, landing field.
F41 Flares, ordnance, parachute.
S70-1 Flares, signals, flare-up lights, and blue lights, pyrotechnics
F36-11 Flares, wing tip, landing lights, parachute.
SS249 Flasher.
S78-1 Flashless powder, ammunition.
F36-6 Flashlights and batteries (aircraft).
S64-4 Flashlights and batteries.
S55-5 Flash-point tester, fuel oil.
JJ55-1 Flashproof clothing.
S92 Flasks, portable tools.
S49-3 Flasks, air.
N5-25 Flasks, air and accumulator shops.
N8-2 Flasks, air and accumulators, torpedo, laboratories for.
S75-1 Flasks, combustion torpedo and fuel.
N30-2 Flatcars.
S28-6 Flat mark, dead, designating.
S78-1 Flat-nose, nonricochet projectiles, ammunition.
S32-9 Flat-top, typewriter, and standing desks.
S11-6 Flats, holds, platforms, and decks, hull.
S16-4 Flats, walking.
S92 Flatters.
P2-3 Fleas, extinction of.
S32-1 Fleet and administration offices.
FF13 Fleet, Atlantic.
FF5 Fleet base force (obsolete).
NB25 Fleet Base, Long Beach, Calif.
NB18 Fleet base, training, San Clemente, Calif.
OF2 Fleet commander.
FF11-1 Fleet destroyer training detachment, U.S. Fleet (obsolete).
NC102 Fleet machine gun school, Puuloa (Pearl Harbor), T.H.
KA Fleet Marine Force.
A14-5 Fleet, missions, international.
FF12 Fleet, Pacific.
NC91 Fleet paraehute material school, Pearl Harbor, T.H.
A2-5 Fleet regulations, and shore establishment.
QR1 Fleet Reserves.
S5 Fleet Submarine (ex-SF).
FF11 Fleet training detachment, U.S. Fleet (obsolete)
EN3-7 Fleet training division, Navy.
FE6 Fleet transportation force.
AT Fleet tugs (ocean-going).
FA-FZ Fleets, ships.
DD445 Fletcher.
F41-4 Flexible machine gun mounts.
S71-8 Flexible shafting, fire control.
AM70 Flicker.
SS250 Flier.
P16-4 Flight orders and pay.
F1-5 Flight performance tests, final design.
P20-2 Flight records (personnel).
OV1 Flight surgeons.
F31-4 Flight test instruments.
S78-1 Flight, time of, projectiles, ammunition.
A4-3 Flights, aircraft.
CL64 Flint
F41 Float lights (aircraft ordnance).
F36-7 Float lights, electric power and lighting.
S70-1 Float lights, sight signaling apparatus.
F13-3 Float retracting mechanism, landing gear.
S76-1 Float sets, mine.
N31-9 Floating cranes and derricks.
ARD Floating drydocks.
N34-2 Floating and land pile drivers.
YCF Floats, car.
N16-6 Floats, landing.
F13 Floats, landing gear.
L15 Floating debt.
YD Floating derricks.
N16-5 Floating drydocks.
S76 Floating mines.
YR Floating workshops.
S8S-4 Flooding, counter, damage control.
S48-3 Flooding and sprinkling system, fire mains, piping.
N39-1 Floodlights, landing field.
H4-9 Floods.
L11-1 Floods, damage by.
F34-6 Floor covering.
S16-6 Floor plates and supports.
S36-5 Floor waxing machines.
F34-6 Flooring.
F13-1 Flooring, hull.
S11-3 Floors.
N19-2 Floors, ceilings, walls (buildings).
BB30 Florida (stricken).
EG10 Florida.
ASR9 Florikan
F13-6 Flotation gear.
F4S-1 Flotation tanks, beaching gear.
OF2 Flotilla commanders.
FD Flotillas (vessels).
H3-3 Flotsam and jetsam.
SS251 Flounder.
A15-1 Flourishes and ruffles.
S87 Flow meter.
F31-1 Flow meter, fuel.
NA24 Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn, N.Y., Naval Reserve aviation base.
N7-9 Flues, chimneys and stacks.
F48-2 Fluid, containers and propellers, anti-icing.
S47 Flushing pumps.
S48-7 Flushing system, salt water.
DD289 Flusser (stricken).
DD368 Flusser (new).
S24-6 Flying bridge.
S11-6 Flying deck.
CF Flying deck cruisers (obsolete).
SS229 Flying Fish.
F49-4 Flying suits.
F22-1 Flywheel, separate.
S41 Flywheels and casings, main propelling machinery.
N27-8 Foam fire protection.
S71-8 Focusing-and telescopic caps, fire control.
A6-3 Fog code.
H4-9 Fog dispersal, and reports.
H3-4 Fog and smoke, obstructing navigation.
S24-8 Fog horns, portable and mechanical.
S4S-25 Fog horns, installed, sirens, whistles.
H2-16 Fog signal stations.
A6-3 Fog signaling (communications).
EN25-14 Fogal Boat Works, Miami, Fla., supervisor of shipbuilding.
S71 Follow-the-pointer systems, fire and torpedo control.
NX24 Folly Island, S.C., radio direction-finder station.
AK22 Fomalhaut.
N4 Food, buildings for, preparation, and serving of.
S34 Food service.
N6-56 Food storehouse.
S37-2 Food trays for patients.
F32-1 Foot bars, rudder control.
S16-6 Foot rails, turret and smokestack.
P10-1 Football.
N1-7 Football fields.
DD169 Foote (stricken).
DD511 Foote (new).
P6-6 Footstones, grave markers.
A5-1 Force, division, or section practices, gun exercise.
DD228 Ford, John D.
NC78 Ford Motor Co., Dearborn, Mich., naval service school.
S11-6 Forecastle deck.
AM99 Force.
OF4 Force commander.
S53 Forced-draft blowers.
S45-1 Forced lubrication.
FE Forces.
A16-3 Forces combined, operation, war.
P16-1 Forces, increase and decrease of.
H4-7 Forecasts and advices, weather service.
A8-5 Foreign activities.
A14 Foreign affairs, policies, doctrines of state.
ES26 Foreign Agriculture Service, Department of State.
QD6 Foreign bands and orchestras.
L21-1 Foreign bottoms, shipment in.
P13-7 Foreign commerce, offenses against.
L23 Foreign currency.
P15 Foreign decorations.
ES25 Foreign and Domestic Commerce, Department of State.
N16 Foreign drydocks, government and commercial.
L4-1 Foreign firms.
EF Foreign governments and countries.
QS15 Foreign governments, ships belonging to.
L11 Foreign governments, sales, transfers, loans to.
A8-2 Foreign information.
L12-2 Foreign investments.
P11-5 Foreign languages.
A6-4 Foreign mail.
EP7 Foreign mails, Post Office Department.
A8-2 Foreign military information.
OQ Foreign officers other than attaches.
L24 Foreign production.
L4-3 Foreign purchases.
QV3 Foreign radio stations.
P16-3 Foreign service.
ES24 Foreign service administration, State Department.
A4 Foreign ships or aircraft to U.S. ports, visits of.
NE15 Foreign trial courses.
QW16 Foreign wars.
P1-4 Foreigners.
AS-5 Foreigners, activities of.
NZ4 Forest reservations.
EA11 Forest Service, Department of Agriculture.
N5-7 Forge shops.
P13-3 Forgery.
S91-2 Forges.
S73-1 Forging, broadside guns.
S92 Forging, dies.
S11-8 Forging, hull structural.
S72-4 Forging, turret guns.
S74-1 Forgings, antiaircraft guns.
S73-1 Forgings, broadside guns.
S75-1 Forgings, torpedo.
S76-2 Forks, safety, depth charge.
N20-9 Formations, earth, for navigational aids.
A16-3 Formations, war.
H4-8 Forms, aerological.
A3-3 Forms and blanks (organization and management).
L4-3 Forms, contract.
L2-2 Forms, drafting room.
S86-4 Forms of instruction apparatus, general.
FS-1 Forms, special.
S5 Forms, special mold.
EF37-2 Formosa (Japan).
DD461 Forrest.
ND14 Fourteenth naval district.
NT1-4 Fort Lafayette, N.Y., magazine.
KP12 Fort Lafayette, N.Y., marine post.
KP13 Fort Lyon, Calif., marine post.
NT1-5 Fort Miffln, Pa., ammunition depot.
KP14 Fort Mifflin, Pa., marine post.
NT4-20 Fort Mifflin, Pa., naval net depot.
LE3-1 Fort Schuyler, N.Y., Maritime Commission Cadet School.
NS13 Fort Sherman, C.Z., harbor control station.
NX50 Fort Stevens, Oreg., radio direction-finder station.
NP24 Fort Trumbull, New London, Conn., underwater sound laboratory.
EN9-180 Fort Wayne, Ind., navy cost inspector, Wayne Pump Co.
NP13 Fort Worth, Tex., helium production plant.
AMc81 Fortitude.
N12-3 Forts.
P7 Foster parents.
NX5 Fourth Cliff, Mass., radio direction-finder station.
S49-3 Foundation for air compressors, tanks and flasks.
F21-2 Foundation bolts, engine.
S36-3 Foundations, scuttle butts.
S47 Foundations and stiffeners, pumps.
S37-2 Foundation, supports, brackets, medical (ship).
S11 Foundations (see also groups under which foundation serves).
S26-5 Foundations, accessories and stowage, mooring.
S12-1 Foundations and bitts, chocks, and cleats.
F13-1 Foundations, body.
S24 Foundations and fittings, conning tower, navigational.
F36-1 Foundations, generator.
S71-8 Foundations, instrument.
S41-6 Foundations, main propelling machinery.
S81-1 Foundations, mine protection.
F15 Foundations, ordnance, mooring and handling.
S66 Foundations, platforms, and towers (searchlights).
S93 Foundations and racks, fire fighting.
S46-5 Foundations, saddle plates, and stiffeners, condensers.
S51-4 Foundations, spaces and saddles, boilers.
S29-4 Foundations for stabilizing devices and gear.
S61 Foundations and stiffeners, generators.
S43-2 Foundations and stiffeners, bearings.
S53 Foundations and stiffeners, blowers.
S73-2 Foundations and stiffeners, broadside guns.
S54-3 Foundations and stiffeners, coal and ash handling.
S74-1 Foundations and stiffeners, gear, antiaircraft guns.
S45-4 Foundations and stiffeners, lubricating equipment.
S42 Foundations and stiffeners, reduction gear.
S91-2 Foundations, stiffeners, and structural brackets.
S25 Foundations and stiffeners for towing engines and gear.
S72-1 Foundations and structures, turrets.
S85 Foundations, support and stiffeners, photography.
S52 Foundations and supports for smoke-pipe.
S75-2 Foundations, torpedo tube and launching gear.
N5-21 Foundations for turret assembly (structures).
N5-6 Foundries and sand-blasting shops (shop structures).
S91-1 Foundries.
P2-3 Foundry leggings.
L10-3 Foundry, Title Z stores and others (accounting).
S37-2 Fountain, dental.
S36-3 Fountain, drinking and drip pan.
N26-6 Fountains and coolers, water.
ND4 Fourth naval district.
EN9-132 Fourth naval district, supervisory cost inspector.
N33-19 Fowls, pets, domestic livestock, etc.
DD234 Fox.
S22 Frame, rudder.
S11-3 Frames.
S12-2 Frames, canopy.
S58-1 Frames and doors, evaporators.
S42 Frames, housing and casing, reduction gear.
F13 Frames, hull and landing gear.
F15 Framing.
F14 Framing, bow, main bodyf stern.
F17-1 Framing, car structure.
F16-1 Framing, fins and rudder.
S11-4 Framing, longitudinal.
EF28 France.
P9-2 Franchises and freedom (political relations).
DD497 Frankford.
EW27-2 Frankford Arsenal (Army).
CV13 Franklin.
FG13 Franklin air group.
A6-4 Franking mail.
DD554 Franks.
P8-2 Fraternal associations.
P13 Fraudulent enlistment, and receipts.
P19-1 Frazier enlistment, discharge.
DD607 Frazier.
CA8 Frederick (stricken).
L14-2 Free entry.
F41-3 Free gun sights, machine gun.
S29-2 Freeboard.
EI23 Freedman's Hospital.
IX43 Freedom.
P9-2 Freedom and franchises (political relations).
A7-1 Freedom of speech and of press.
S24-6 Freeing ports, bridge.
S11-1 Freeing ports, outside plating.
S28-5 Free-lease vessels, war-service plates on.
S34-2 Freezers, ice cream.
L21 Freight carriers, express, rates, shipments.
N13-9 Freight sheds.
QW2 French naval war.
NT2-1 Frenchman's Bay, Maine, fuel depot.
N26-6 Fresh water, distribution, shore.
S36-3 Fresh water, potable, stowage.
S58 Fresh-water pump, distiller.
F34-4 Fresh-water storage and fixtures, sanitation.
S48-4 Fresh-water systems, other than feed water.
N23-7 Frequency changer houses (generating plants).
N7-8 Frequency changer houses, (gas generating plant structures).
S69 Frequency meters, electrical instruments.
S72-9 Friction, clutches, gun elevating.
EN9-171 Friode. V.M., Inc., New Orleans, La., navy cost inspector.
AMc27 Frigate Bird.
NG Frontier forces, naval coastal.
N6-56 Fruit storehouse.
JJ7 Fuel (general).
A5-7 Fuel accounts, engineering performance.
S75-1 Fuel and combustion flasks, torpedoes.
A5-7 Fuel consumption and equivalents, engineering performance.
NT2 Fuel depots.
S75-3 Fuel filling attachments, torpedo.
F31-1 Fuel flowmeter.
F39-3 Fuel, marking for piping.
JJ7-3 Fuel oil.
S19-6 Fuel-oil coatings.
N15-1 Fuel-oil piers.
F31-1 Fuel-oil quantity gage.
N4-9 Fuel-oil school building.
S55 Fuel-oil storage and equipment burners.
S6S-4 Fuel-oil tank indicators, electric.
N40 Fuel oil tanks and cleaning equipment.
S93 Fuel-oil tanks, fire fighting apparatus, steam fire extinguishers.
F31-1 Fuel and oil pressure gauges.
S55-1 Fuel oil tanks, pneumercators on.
N24 Fuel plants.
F21-1 Fuel pumps, fuel-oil engine.
F27 Fuel system, tanks (aircraft).
S41 Fuel system, main propelling machinery.
S75-1 Fuel and water valves, torpedo.
DD474 Fullam.
DD297 Fuller (stricken).
AP14 Fuller (new).
S92 Fullers, tools, and equipment.
AMc46 Fulmar.
ASH Fulton (new).
PG49 Fulton (ex-AS1; stricken)
S8-2 Full-power trials.
A5-7 Full-power trials, engineering performance.
N9-5 Fumigating buildings, and sterilizing.
P2-3 Fumigation.
S36-5 Fumigation of vessel.
L8-3 Fund requests, naval supply account.
L18 Fund, sinking.
L11 Funds, transfer of.
L1-1 Funds, working, and appropriation.
P6-4 Funerals and funeral expenses.
S77-1 Funnels, smoke, gas and smoke warfare.
P18-1 Furlough.
S51 Furnaces, fittings and casing, boilers.
S91-2 Furnaces, workshop.
F34-1 Furnishings, living quarters.
S33-6 Furniture, (exeept office and medical).
N37 Furniture, household.
S19-1 Furniture, locker, painting of, joiner work, etc.
N38 Furniture, nonhousehold.
N36-5 Furniture, office, desks, etc.
F15-4 Furniture, quarters.
S39-1 Furring pieces, insulation.
S78-3 Fuse boxes and wrenches, ammunition.
N5-32 Fuse and primer houses (shop structure).
N6-65 Fuse and primer storehouses.
F13-1 Fuselage, body.
S91-1 Fuselage and wing covering repair shops.
S78-1 Fuses, ammunition, handling and stowage.
F41-6 Fuses, bomb.
S62-2 Fuses, electric distribution.
F36-2 Fuses, electric power.
S76-1 Fuses, mine.


SS252 Gabian.
S17-2 Gafl's, masts and spars.
H4-9 Gales.
N4-9 Gallery, shooting.
S34-1 Galley.
N4-4 Galley building.
S34 Galley, range, oil, coal burning and electric, tools and oil tank.
F34-3 Galley ranges, messing equipment.
LE1-1 Gallups Island, Boston, Mass., maritime service training station.
F38-3 Galvanizing.
S19-2 Galvanizing.
N5-69 Galvanizing plant.
S69 Galvanometers.
CL19 Galveston (stricken).
CL93 Galveston (new).
EN22-11 Galveston, Tex., hydrographic office.
EN9-30 Galveston, Tex., navy cost inspector, Todd Galveston D.D. Co.
NX62 Galveston, Tex., radio direction-finder station.
NR50 Galveston, Tex., radio-traffie station.
NB90 Galveston, Tex., section base.
EF13-30 Gambia (British).
DM15 Gamble (ex-DD123).
P13-3 Gambling.
SS6-5 Game outfits, war.
P10-1 Games, Olympic.
A16-3 Games, war.
F14r-1 Gangplanks, bow.
L9-1 Gangs, (care and preservation).
N15-5 Gangways, landing.
S16-4 Gangways.
AVP8 Gannet (ex-AM41).
DD608 Gansevoort.
SS206 Gar.
N13-1 Garages.
JK Garbage.
S36-4 Garbage.
N9-7 Garbage-disposal plants.
YG Garbage Lighters.
N6-52 Garbage storehouse.
EN11-4 Garden City, Long Island, N.Y., inspector of naval aircraft.
N1-2 Gardens.
L16-4 Garnishment of pay.
P16-1 Garrisons.
A16-3 Gas, aerial, bombing and warfare.
S73-1 Gas check, and ejecting system.
S72-4 Gas checks and pad, turret guns.
S78-1 Gas checks, projectile, ammunition.
S77 Gas-cloud apparatus, gas and smoke warfare.
S59-1 Gas containers, ice machine.
S92 Gas-cutting outfits.
A5-9 Gas defense drills, ships and aircraft.
N19-18 Gas defensive structures.
S65-4 Gas-detector indicators, electric.
S87 Gas detectors.
S49-2 Gas ejector air compressors.
F35-1 Gas-engine-driven generators.
N4-9 Gas-engine school building, and gas chambers, fire rescue.
F24-2 Gas engine starter.
S41-3 Gas engines, motor boat.
F18 Gas envelopes (nonrigid).
N7 Gas-generating, power and pumping plant (structures).
F20 Gas, inflation.
F49-2 Gas masks.
JJ17-13 Gas, natural, etc. (fuel).
F15 Gas-pressure netting, hull.
P3-2 Gas and smoke, remedial apparatus and treatment.
F41-12 Gas and smoke warfare apparatus.
N26-4 Gas systems and stowage on shore.
F32-6 Gas valves, control.
A16-3 Gas warfare, aerial.
P4-1 Gas wounds (surgery).
JC Gases and gas containers.
S93 Gases, inert, fire-extinguishing.
S16-7 Gaskets, operating gear, fittings.
JJ7-6 Gasoline.
YOG Gasoline barges.
S15 Gasoline compartments, stowage and equipment.
S41-3 Gasoline engines, motorboat.
F38-2 Gasoline proof paint.
S47 Gasoline pumps.
L14-1 Gasoline, state taxes.
N24-3 Gasoline storage plants.
N6-33 Gasoline storehouses.
AOG Gasoline tankers, auxiliaries.
N33-10 Gasoline wagons.
N3-4 Gates, house.
N23-5 Gates, sluice, generating plants.
SS212 Gato.
NE63 Gatun, C.Z. (Colon), naval radio-traffic station.
N36-11 Gauge and tide-predicting machines.
F51-1 Gauge unit, engine.
YO55 Gauger.
S87 Gauges.
S75-2 Gauges, air and water, torpedo tubes.
S78-3 Gauges, ammunition.
S43-1 Gauges, bearing, bridge shafting.
S41-1 Gauges, blade clearance, turbine.
S73 Gauges, broadside guns.
S24-7 Gauges, depth.
P39-3 Gauges and draft marks.
S51-3 Gauges, external and internal fittings, boiler.
S56-4 Gauges, feed-water tanks.
S45-4 Gauges, float, lubricating oil.
S55-5 Gauges, fuel-oil.
F31-1 Gauges, fuel and oil pressure.
S15 Gauges, gasoline.
S28-6 Gauges, internal draft, and draft marks.
S72-4 Gauges, turret guns.
S38-1 Gauges, ventilation-testing.
P49-4 Gauntlets and gloves.
S83 Gear, airplane-handling and stowage.
F48-1 Gear, beaching.
S86-2 Gear and boards, spotting, fire-control instructions.
F21 Gear, compression-relief, engine-propelling.
S27 Gear and cranes complete, and cargo hatch davit.
S17-1 Gear and cranes complete.
S78 Gear, cranes and racks, bomb.
S51-3 Gear, deck-operating, for boiler valves.
S22 Gear, diving-rudder, and spare parts.
S94 Gear, diving and wrecking.
N6-10 Gear, docking, storehouse for.
S25 Gear and engines, foundations and stiffeners for.
S26-1 Gear, hydraulic speed, mooring-machinery.
S41 Gear, internal-combustion engines, main propelling machinery.
P34-3 Gear, messing, galley.
S76-1 Gear, mine-laying.
F13 Gear, operating, amphibian landing and retrieving.
F15 Gear, operating, ballast system, hull.
S53 Gear, operating, deck and flreroom, blower.
P24 Gear, operating, starter magneto.
F25-2 Gear, operating, temperature control.
S42 Gear, reduction, main propelling.
F17-2 Gear, release, car-suspension.
S82-1 Gear, releasing.
S72 Gear, securing, turret guns.
S29-4 Gear and stabilizing devices.
S92 Gear and tool boards.
S43-1 Gear, turning, shafting, shifting and propeller-clutch.
F27-4 Gearing, power pumps.
F32 Gearing, reduction, control-system.
F22 Gearing and shafting, engine to propeller.
S73 Gears and drives, broadside mounts and guns.
FI3 Gears, flotation and landing.
S21 Gears, hydraulic speed.
S81-1 Gears, mine, torpedo, bomb-and-splinter-protection (other than structural).
F24-3 Gears, reduction, hand starters.
S43 Gears, shafting and bearing.
S71-8 Gears, synchronizing, gun-control.
S75 Gears, torpedo.
P1 Genealogy and identification.
S16-1 General access correspondence and compartment and access plan.
GF General Accounting Office.
L10-5 General accounts, reports, returns, (accounting).
AG5 General Alava (stricken).
S65 General announcing systems, alarm gongs.
EN15 General Board.
F1-1 General Board requirements.
EN9-77 General Electric Co., Erie, Pa., navy cost inspector.
EN9-141 General Electric Co., Pittsfield, Mass., navy cost inspector.
EN9-5I General Electric Co., Schenectady, N.Y., navy cost inspector. '
S91-1 General electric repair stations and workshops.
F21-1 General electric supercharger.
EN9-70 General Eng. & D.D. Co., Alameda, Calif., navy cost inspector.
S1-7 General information booklets.
EN8-25 General inspector of machinery.
EN11 General inspector of naval aircraft.
EN25-1 General inspector, supervisor of shipbuilding.
EN9-12 General inspector, supply corps.
EI2 General Land Office.
S64-1 General lighting (wiring and wiring appliances).
EN9-73 General Mach. Corp., Hamilton, Ohio, navy cost inspector.
S34-1 General mess (commissary spaces).
JJ56-2 General mess (provisions and stores).
EN9-84 General Mills, Inc., Minneapolis, Minn., navy cost inspector.
EN8-38 General Motors Corp., Cleveland, Ohio, inspector of machinery.
EN6-37 General Motors Corp., Pontiac, Mich., inspector of ordnance.
EN9-88 General Motors Corp., Pontiac, Mich., navy cost inspector.
A2-9 General orders.
EN27 General staff of the Navy.
EW3 General staff, War Department.
N6-75 General stockrooms.
ET16 General supply committee.
P4-1 Genera] surgery.
VJ General utility plane.
N23 Generating plants.
S41-4 Generating sets, electric drive.
S65-5 Generator, main, shaft indicators.
P42-1 Generator mounts, radio.
S61 Generators, electric power (except electric drive).
F21-1 Generators, engine.
F41 Generators, impulse.
S69 Generators, magneto, testing set.
S41 Generators, main propelling machinery.
S41-3 Generators, motorboat engines.
S63-3 Generators, motor, and similar apparatus.
S72-2 Generators, motor, turret machinery.
F36 Generators, similar apparatus, motor.
AT55 Genesee.
P3-1 Genitourinary (nonvenereal) diseases.
HR Geographic Board, United States.
QX Geographic divisions, water.
H1 Geographic names and positions.
EI7 Geological survey.
EI14 Geological survey, Alaska mineral resources.
EI8 Geological survey, executive division.
EI9 Geological survey, geologic branch.
EI12 Geological survey land classification.
EI13 Geological survey mineral resources.
EI11 Geological survey topographic.
EI10 Geological survey water resources.
AVD3 George E. Badger (ex-DD196).
AP13 George F. Elliott.
NA75 Georgetown, British Guiana, naval air station.
EF6 Georgia.
EGH Georgia (U.S.)
EF30 Germany.
YT119 Geronimo.
AE7 Gibbins, Henry.
EN9-25 Gibbs and Cox, New York, N.Y., navy cost inspector.
EF13-4 Gibraltar.
AK36 Gibson, William R.
L22 Gifts.
DD609 Gillespie.
AVD12 Gillis (ex-DD260).
DD233 Gilmer.
S17-1 Gin pole.
S11-6 Girders, deck.
S72-1 Girders, gun, turret and roof.
F14-2 Girders, main body.
S44 Gland, rings and joint, propellers.
S71-5 Glands, fire control appliances.
S41-1 Glands and packing, turbine.
S46-5 Glands, tubes, condensers.
S37-2 Glass and bottle racks (in sick bay).
S34-2 Glass racks.
N6-29 Glass storehouses.
S71-8 Glasses, fire control.
S87 Glasses, gauge.
F40-7 Glasses, reading.
F41-3 Glasses, spotting, machine-gun sights.
S34-2 Glassware.
DD423 Gleaves.
DD620 Glennon.
NA18 Gienview, Chicago, Ill., naval reserve aviation base.
VL Gliders.
S75-1 Gliding torpedoes.
EN9-158 Globe-Union, Inc., Milwaukee, Wis., navy cost inspector.
P2-3 Gloves, asbestos (preventive medicine).
F49-4 Gloves.
S92 Glue, kettles.
DD247 Goff.
F49-4 Goggles.
EP13-31 Gold Coast.
JJ46-14 Gold (metals).
AG12 Gold Star.
F18-6 Goldbeater's skin.
AM78 Goldcrest (stricken).
AM80 Goldcrest (new).
AM77 Goldfinch.
AVD5 Goldsborough (ex-DD188).
P10-1 Golf.
N1-7 Golf courses.
YX20 Goliah.
N30-7 Gondolas.
S71-8 Gongs, cease firing, fire control.
S65-4 Gongs, interior-communication.
P15 Good-conduct medals and bars.
P13-10 Good-conduct, reductions of sentence.
P19-1 Good-of-serviee discharge.
S38-1 Goosenecks, ventilating.
IX11 Gopher (stricken).
AM79 Goshawk (ex-AMc4).
S7S-1 Governing gear, torpedo.
A2-1 Government, articles on Navy (executive action).
QD4 Government bands other than Navy.
L21-1 Government conveyance, shipment by.
L11-4 Government department sales.
N16-12 Government drydocks, foreign.
GA-HZ Government establishments, independent, etc.
A1-2 Government policies.
GP Government Printing Office.
QV1 Government radio stations other than Navy.
L20-1 Government ships, transportation on.
AMc82 Governor.
S49-3 Governors, air.
S41 Governors, main propelling machinery.
S48-23 Governors, piping.
S16-4 Grab rails.
S12-5 Grab rods.
B72-3 Grabs, turret.
AM73 Grackle.
N1-3 Grading (grounds).
P17-1 Grading and regrading, promotion and demotion.
P11-1 Graduation certificates.
P17-1 Graduation list.
S72-7 Graduation, sight, turret gun.
P13-3 Graft.
EN9-107 Graham-Paige Motor Co., Detroit, Mich., navy cost inspector.
EA23 Grain future trading act, administration of, Department of Agriculture.
YX11 Grampus (stricken).
SS207 Grampus (new).
QG Grand divisions of land.
QH Grand divisions, water.
NR47 Grand Island, La., radio-traffic station.
NX36 Grand Marais, Mich., radio direction-finder station.
N4-10 Grand stands.
JJ59-5 Granite.
AP29 Grant, U.S.
N1-13 Grants, land.
S71-1 Graphic range plotter, fire control.
S71-4 Graphs, torpedo control.
F45 Grapnels and anchors, handling, mooring, hauling.
S26-5 Grapnels, chain.
ARS7 Grapple.
N1-2 Grass.
S51-2 Grate bars, boiler.
S93 Grate, bunker, steam fire extinguishers, with piping and valves.
S16-4 Gratings.
S18-1 Gratings, rope.
N2-2 Gratings, street.
S14-1 Gratings, wood.
L16-9 Gratuities (pay).
P14-2 Gratuitous service.
L13-2 Gratuity, after death (insurance and bonding).
N1-6 Gravel pits.
JJ59-6 Gravel, sand, building material.
N6-32 Gravel storehouses.
P6-6 Graves and markers.
N16-1 Graving dry docks, and pumps for.
S73-1 Gravity, center of, guns and mounts, broadside guns.
S72-4 Gravity, center of, guns and mounts, turret guns.
S78-1 Gravity, center of, projectile ammunition.
F1-5 Gravity determination, center of, design.
S45-2 Gravity lubricating piping.
S55-1 Gravity, service and settling, tanks, fuel oil stowage and equipmet.
H1-15 Gravity, specific, sea water and constituents.
F27-1 Gravity tanks, or fixed service, fuel tanks.
SS208 Grayback.
SS209 Grayling.
DD435 Grayson.
S73-2 Grease cups, broadside guns.
S71-8 Grease cups, fire control.
S56-2 Grease extractors, feed water.
S45-4 Grease guns.
S75-2 Grease and oil cups, torpedo.
QW4 Great Britain, War 1812.
NA72 Great Exemino Island, Bahama Islands, naval air station.
NC8 Great Lakes, Ill., aviation mechanics' school.
KP15 Great Lakes, Ill., marine post.
NH13 Great Lakes, Ill., naval hospital.
EN9-63 Great Lakes, Ill., Navy cost inspector.
NC31 Great Lakes, Ill., radio school.
NR52 Great Lakes, Ill., radio-traffic station.
NM3 Great Lakes, Ill., training station.
NE8 Great Lakes, Ill., trial course.
QX9 Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Deep Waterway.
AM43 Grebe.
EF31 Greece.
AVD13 Greene (ex-DD266).
N1-2 Greenhouses, nursery building.
EF22-2 Greenland.
ASR10 Greenlet.
SS213 Greenling.
H7 Greenwich time.
DD145 Greer.
APD3 Gregory (ex-DD82).
S78-1 Grenades, hand and rifle.
S79-4 Grenades and lights, rifle discharges for.
SS210 Grenadier.
DD92 Gridley (stricken).
DD380 Gridley (new).
S76-1 Grids, mine.
AS 13 Griffin.
S34-2 Grinders, meat.
S91-2 Grinders (ship).
S76-1 Grips, wire-rope, mines.
S78-1 Grommets, projectile ammunition.
AMcI9 Grosbeak.
S29-1 Gross tonnage.
NA19 Grosse lie, Detroit, Mich., naval reserve aviation base.
EN25-8 Groton, Conn., Electric Boat Co., supervisor of shipbuilding.
EN8-5 Groton, Conn., inspector of machinery.
EN6-4 Groton, Conn., inspector of ordnance.
EN9-26 Groton, Conn., Navy cost inspector, Electric Boat Co.
EN25-8 Groton, Conn., supervisor of shipbuilding, Electric Boat Co.
S85 Ground and aerial photography.
F31-3 Ground speed indicator.
L11 Groundings, casualties and salvage.
N34 Grounds and buildings, construction amd maintenance.
N19 Grounds, general.
N1 Grounds, polo.
L10-3 Group classification (accounting).
P13-6 Group, community or locality, moral condition of.
P3-1 Group diseases.
SS214 Grouper.
AMc12 Grouse.
SS215 Growler.
SS216 Grunion.
AQ32 Guadalupe.
EF28-19 Gaudaloupe (French Colony).
CB2 Guam.
PR3 Guam (now Wake; ex-PG43).
EG54 Guam.
NH18-1 Guam leper colony.
NA42 Guam naval air base.
KP17 Guam, Marianas Islands, headquarters detachment.
KP16 Guam, Marianas Islands, marine post.
NH18 Guam, Marianas Islands, naval hospital.
NS8 Guam, Marianas Islands, naval station.
NX60 Guam, Marianas Islands, radio direction-finder station.
NR93 Guam, Marianas Islands, radio-traffic station.
KH5 Guam, marine post exchange.
NU1 Guam, radar station.
KV3 Guam (Suma) aviation detachment, marine.
KV8 Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, aviation marine detachment.
KP18 Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, marine post.
NM16 Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, marine receiving barracks.
NA56 Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, naval air station.
NH23 Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, naval hospital.
NT1-21 Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, naval magazine.
NT4-12 Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, naval net depot, Hospital Cay.
NB37 Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, naval operating base.
NS4 Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, naval station.
NU7 Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, radar station.
NR13 Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, radio-traffic station.
NM16 Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, receiving barracks.
NB53 Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, section base.
NE14 Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, trial course.
A13-4 Guarantees (patents).
L13 Guaranties and bonds.
L4-2 Guaranties on proposals (purchasing).
L11 Guaranties for safe return, general (appreciation, depreciation and disposition).
F1-4 Guaranty, contract.
L6-1 Guaranty period.
L4-2 Guaranty, requests of return by bidders (purchasing).
A6-4 Guard for mail.
A5-9 Guard mounting exercise (drills).
L9-2 Guard service (military and civil).
SS217 Guardfish.
N4-15 Guardhouse.
P7 Guardians.
P13-8 Guards for apprehended deserters and stragglers other than military.
P16 Guards, armed (assignment and detail).
A4-4 Guards, boats, medical.
S71-8 Guards, eye, fire control.
A15-1 Guards of honor.
S12 Guards, hull fittings.
EF32 Guatemala.
S82U Gudgeon.
A16-3 Guerrilla warfare.
DD472 Guest.
EF13-41 Guiana, British.
EF48-2 Guiana, Dutch.
EF28-19 Guiana, French.
AMc83 Guide.
L20-1 Guide books.
L21-7 Guide, naval shipping.
A6-4 Guide, postal.
S54-2 Guides, ash-hoist.
S41-2 Guides, crosshead, steam engine, and slippers.
S78-2 Guides, handling ammunition.
S73-1 Guides, primer, broadside gun.
S72-4 Guides, primer, turret gun.
S75-2 Guides, torpedo tubes.
S70-2 Guidons.
EF28-11 Guinea, French.
EN9-37 Gulf S.B. Corp., Chickasaw, Ala., navy cost inspector.
EN25-26 Gulf S.B. Corpoiation, Chickasaw, Ala., supervisor of shipbuilding.
QX2 Gulfs and bays.
H3-7 Gulfweed and seaweed, obstructing navigation.
AM74 Gull.
P5-1 Gum diseases.
YN13 Gum-Tree.
S80 Gun batteries, general.
S18-2 Gun bloomers, covers, canvas.
SQ2 Gun-boring outfit.
F21-1 Gun-control gears and mechanisms, engine.
S78-1 Gun-cotton ammunition and primer, Davis Gun, projectiles.
A5-1 Gun exercises, ships and aircraft.
NP7 Gun factory, Washington, D.C.
S8-2 Gun-firing tests, trials.
S11-14 Gun foundations (ordnance).
S72-1 Gun girders, turrets.
S64 Gun lights.
N6-64 Gun mounts, storehouse.
P16-5 Gun pointers, trainers, and screws, detail.
N12 Gun sheds and platforms.
N5 Gun shops.
PG Gunboats.
PR Gunboats, river.
SS253 Gunnel.
OW Gunners (warrant).
M5 Gunners' mates.
S79-3 Gunner's pouches, machine guns.
F41-10 Gunnery.
A5 Gunnery exercises, practices and competitions, ships and aircraft.
OF14 Gunnery officer (of ship).
S32-1 Gunnery officers, office.
S85 Gunnery photography.
P20-2 Gunnery records of enlisted men.
N4-9 Gunnery school building.
ML4 Gunnery sergeant, marine corps.
QU Gunnery training ship.
S72-3 Gunport air seals, turret.
S18-2 Gunport canvas curtains.
S73-2 Gunport coamings, plates, shutters, sill plates, wing plates, broadside mounts.
S74 Guns, antiaircraft.
F41-10 Guns, camera.
N34-16 Guns, cement, shore.
A5-9 Guns, classification of.
S86-3 Guns, drill, dummy, excaliber and subcaliber.
S71 Guns, fire-control.
S45-4 Guns, grease, lubricating.
P10-1 Guns and gunning clubs (athletics).
S94 Guns, line-throwing.
  Guns, machine. (See Machine guns.)
S79 Guns, machine and field, small aims and equipment.
S73 Guns and mounts.
S80 Guns, reiining of, general.
S72 Guns, turret.
SS254 Gurnard.
N19-13 Gutters, buildings.
N2-2 Gutters, street.
S52 Guys and connections, smoke pipes.
DD71 Gwin (stricken).
DD433 Gwin (new).
N4-10 Gymnasium.
P10-1 Gymnastics.
P3-3 Gynecology.
S26-1 Gypsy, mooring and appliances.
S22 Gyro automatic steering-gear control and pilot.
P31-1 Gyro, directional.
S65-5 Gyro telegraph.
S71 Gyro transmitters, torpedo and fire-control.
S91-1 Gyrocompass, repair shop.
N4-9 Gyrocompass school building.
S24-7 Gyrocompass.
N5-53 Gyrocompass shop.
N6-7 Gyrocompass storage.
S75 Gyros, mechanism and equipment, torpedoes.
S71-8 Gyroscopes and gyrometers, fire-control.
S78-1 Gyroscopic projectiles, ammunition.


SS29 H-2 (stricken).
SS30 H-3 (stricken).
SS147 H-4 (stricken).
SS148 H-5 (stricken).
SS149 H-6 (stricken).
SS150 H-7 (stricken).
SS151 H-8 (stricken).
SS152 H-9 (stricken).
A17-5 Habeas corpus proceedings, law and justice.
P1-6 Habits and character.
P3-1 Habits, smoking (medicine).
S91-2 Hacksaws, power.
YN20 Hackberry (ex-Maple).
SS255 Haddo.
SS231 Haddock.
DD555 Haggard.
DD556 Hailey.
S39-1 Hair-felt insulation.
EP33 Haiti.
SS256 Hake.
DD133 Hale (stricken).
DD642 Hale (new).
S5 Half breadth plan molds.
AVP26 Half Moon.
DD480 Halford.
SS232 Halibut.
DD583 Hall.
DD584 Halligan.
N12-1 Halls, armory and drill.
N4-5 Halls, personnel structures.
S18-1 Halyards rigging.
DD455 Hambleton.
EF30 Hamburg (Germany).
DMS18 Hamilton. (ex-DD141).
EN6-41 Hamilton, Ohio, inspector of ordnance, Herring-Hall-Marvin Safe Co.
EN9-73 Hamilton, Ohio, Navy cost inspector, General Mach. Corporation.
EN9-104 Hamilton, Ohio, Navy cost inspector, Herring-Hall-Marvin Safe Co.
EN9-173 Hamilton, Ohio, navy cost inspector, Hoovers-Owens-Rentschler Co.
DD307 Hamilton, Paul (stricken).
DDB90 Hamilton, Paul (new).
DD412 Hammann.
S92 Hammers (portable tools).
N34-18 Hammers, steam.
F34-1 Hammocks.
S33-6 Hammocks, living and berthing.
APV2 Hammondsport.
EN11-9 Hammondsport, N.Y., inspector of naval aircraft.
  Hampton Roads, Va. (See Norfolk, Va,)
AD20 Hamul (ex-AK30).
CV14 Hancock (new).
IX12 Hancock (ex-AP3) (stricken).
FG14 Hancock air group.
S51-5 Hand and automatic stokers, boilers (ship).
S47 Hand, fuel-oil pumps.
S41-6 Hand gear, power and turning, engine.
S33-6 Hand and leg irons.
S92 Hand and loose tools.
N34-21 Hand and portable tools, welding outfits, ground maintenance.
S47 Hand pumps.
F27-3 Hand pumps, fuel systems.
S78-1 Hand and rifle grenades, ammunition.
F24 Hand starter and crank.
S22 Hand steering gear.
JJ41 Hand tools.
N34-21 Hand tools, ground maintenance.
N33-11 Hand trucks.
S72-2 Hand turning gear, turret.
F37-1 Hand winches, mooring.
P10-1 Handball, athletics.
N1-7 Handball courts.
P13-10 Handcuffing of prisoners.
F13-1 Handhole covers, body group.
S51-1 Handholes, manholes, and plates, boiler.
S73-1 Handling breech-plug mechanisms, broadside guns.
S72-3 Handling breech plugs, mechanism, turrets.
S27 Handling cargo appliances.
A7-3 Handling of confidential publications.
L4-3 Handling contracts (purchasing).
A6-5 Handling correspondence.
P13-4 Handling of firearms, careless.
F15-7 Handling foundations, mooring.
S41-6 Handling and lifting gear, engine.
S76-3 Handling, loading and stowage of torpedoes.
S91-2 Handling material in workshops, trolley tracks and jib cranes for.
F45 Handling, mooring and towing gear.
S78-3 Handling room, ammunition.
S72-1 Handling room, turret.
S83 Handling and stowage of airplanes on ships.
S84 Handling and stowage, airship, kite, and balloon.
S78 Handling and stowage of ammunition (except turret).
S82-1 Handling and stowage of boats.
N31 Handling, weight.
S16-4 Handrails.
S47 Handy-billy pumps.
A5-9 Hang fires, gunnery exercises.
S11-6 Hangar deck.
S83-1 Hangars, stowage, hoisting gear, airplane.
S76-2 Hangers, hydraulic control, depth charges.
S62-2 Hangers and insulators, electric distribution.
S48-23 Hangers, piping.
S91-2 Hangers, pulleys, shafting, and belting, workshops.
S24-8 Hangers for ship's bells, watch and fog.
S48-23 Hangers and supports, pipe.
S51-3 Hangers, zinc and zinc basket, boilers.
AK32 Hannay, John R. R.R.
AG1 Hannibal.
DD183 Harraden (stricken).
DD585 Harraden (new).
QS18 Harbor boats, privately owned.
N12-8 Harbor defense, military control, structures.
NS15 Harbor entrance control posts.
EN9-35 Harbor Island, Seattle, Wash., navy cost inspector, Todd Seattle D.D. Co.
A2-7 Harbor regulations (executive action).
YT Harbor tugs.
H1-1 Harbors and anchorages.
QX8 Harbors, geographic divisions, water.
P13-9 Hard labor, punishment.
SS257 Harder.
DD91 Harding (stricken).
DD625 Harding (new).
F7 Hardness tester.
S12-4 Hardware, hull.
N6-30 Hardware storehouses.
F43-2 Harness, parachute.
AP8 Harris.
DD573 Harrison.
EN6-14 Harrison, N.J., inspector of ordnance.
EN9-65 Harrison, N.J., navy cost inspector, Crucible Iron and Steel Co.
EN9-128 Harrison, N.J., navy cost inspector, Worthington Pump & Machine Corp.
EN11-31 Harrison, N.J., resident inspector of naval catapults.
AP17 Harry Lee.
DM8 Hart (stricken).
IX13 Hartford.
EN8-15 Hartford, Conn., inspector of engineering material.
EN11-6 Hartford, Conn., inspector of naval aircraft.
EN24-2 Hartford, Conn., inspector of naval material.
EN9-151 Hartford, Conn., navy cost inspector, Maxim Silencer Co.
EN9-121 Hartford Electric Steel Corp., Boston, Mass., navy cost inspector.
P13-4 Hasty shooting (misconduct and discipline).
S27 Hatch davit, crane, and gear complete, cargo.
F15-6 Hatches, access.
F32-6 Hatches, control.
S65-5 Hatches, electric indicator system.
S16 Hatches, manholes, scuttles, watertight and non-watertight doors, gratings and ladders.
S11-7 Hatches, special partitions, inclosures, and trunks, hull, structural.
S72-1 Hatches, turret.
F35-1 Hatches, ventilating.
DD231 Hatfield.
L21-6 Hauling and drayage (shipments).
S7 Hauling out of dock.
L21-6 Hauling, shipments.
S79-4 Haversacks.
CB3 Haawaii.
EG12 Hawaii.
EN22-21 Hawaii, T.H., hydrographic office.
NG7 Hawaiian naval coastal frontier forces.
IX14 Hawk (stricken).
APV1 Hawk, Kitty.
S26-4 Hawse pendants, clear, reel.
S25 Hawser, towing (wire and manila rope).
NT1-13 Hawthorne, Nev., ammunition depot.
KP126 Hawthorne, Nev., marine guard.
KH11 Hawthorne, Nev., marine post exchange.
AP39 Hayes, President.
YN24 Hazel (ex-Poplar).
DD107 Hazelwood (stricken).
DD531 Hazelwood (new).
P13-4 Hazing.
S36-1 Head, crew's or seamen's.
S26-1 Head, gypsy (windlass gypsies).
F13-1 Head rest, fuselage.
S65-3 Head sets, voice tube.
S51-1 Head, shell and tube sheets, boiler.
S79-4 Head nets, landing force.
F25-1 Header and expansion tanks, water cooling system.
S41 Header, induction, main propelling machinery.
KP6 Headquarters, detachment, marine post, Camaguey, Cuba.
KP17 Headquarters detachment, marine post, Guam, Marianas Islands.
KS4 Headquarters, Marine Corps.
S58 Heads, distilling plant, condenser.
S75-1 Heads, war torpedo.
P6-6 Headstones, regulation.
P2-1 Health, bills of.
P3-5 Health records.
A18-1 Hearings on, bills, legislation.
A17-15 Hearsay, competence of evidence, courts martial.
N33-16 Hearses.
S73-1 Heat cracks, broadside guns.
S72-4 Heat cracks, turret gun forgings.
L16-7 Heat and light allowance.
F7 Heat treatment.
F21-1 Heaters and hot spots, hot air, carburetor.
F26-3 Heaters, lubricating oil.
S36-1 Heaters, water; valves and cocks.
AMc6 Heath Hen.
F35 Heating apparatus and accessories.
S55-3 Heating coils in tanks, fuel-oil.
S75-2 Heating jackets, torpedo tubes.
N26-3 Heating piping, shore.
N23-7 Heating plants, generating.
N7-7 Heating plants, structures.
YHT Heating scows.
S38 Heating and ventilation.
VA-VZ Heavier-than-air aircraft.
AV Heavier-than-air aircraft tenders.
S26-4 Heaving lines.
CA Heavy cruisers.
AR7 Hector.
AM100 Heed.
YT141 Heekon.
S24-7 Heeling indicators.
DD532 Heerman.
S29-1 Height, metacentric.
P2-5 Height, physical examination.
S17-2 Heights, masthead.
P7 Heirs.
PG9 Helena.
CL50 Helena (new).
YP2230 Helenita (stricken).
A6-3 Heliograph signaling.
JC7 Helium
N26-4 Helium distribution.
F20-2 Helium, inflation.
F39-3 Helium, marking for piping.
NP13 Helium plant, Forth Worth, Tex.
N23-6 Helium plants, compressors, and expanders.
N7-6 Helium plants, structures.
NZ10 Helium reserves.
N30-6 Helium tank cars.
N33-21 Helium tank trucks.
N11-6 Helix building, radio.
DD388 Helm.
F49-4 Helmets.
YP181 Helori (stricken).
LA Helpers, civil establishment.
N6-24 Hemp storehouses.
S18-1 Hemp, wire and manila, rope and rigging.
API Henderson.
DD39 Henley (stricken).
DD391 Henley (new).
DD553 Henley, John D..
AE7 Henry Gibbins.
AP30 Henry T. Allen.
DD278 Henshaw (stricken).
AM101 Herald.
DD160 Herbert.
YT13 Hercules (stricken).
AK41 Hercules (new).
YX12 Hermes (stricken).
DD198 Herndon (stricken).
DD638 Herndon (new).
AMc84 Heroic.
P15 Heroic or distinguished acts.
AVP2 Heron (ex-AM10).
YX13 Herreshoff 308 (stricken).
YP2840 Herreshoff 323 (stricken).
SS233 Herring.
EN6-41 Herring-Hall-Marvin Safe Co., Hamilton, Ohio, inspector of ordnance.
EN9-104 Herring-Hall-Marvin Safe Co., Hamilton, Ohio, navy cost inspector.
EF30 Hesse.
AP2 Heywood (now Doyen).
AP12 Heywood.
EN25-13 Higgins Industries, Inc., New Orleans, La., supervisor of shipbuilding.
EN7-25 Higgins Industries, Inc., New Orleans, La., superintending constructor.
F41-8 High altitude, bomb sights.
S78-1 High-explosive projectiles, ammunition.
S81-1 High speed mine sweeping.
IX48 Highland Light.
QT Highspeed targets.
N2 Highways.
DD427 Hilary P. Jones.
NR91 Hilo, Hawaii, radio-traffic station.
S17-2 Hinged masts and fittings.
NT1-1 Hingham, Mass., ammunition depot.
KP20 Hingham, Mass., marine post.
P8-2 Historical associations.
A12 Historical matters, flags, tablets and paintings.
EN3-12 Historical section, Navy.
P1-7 History, individual.
A12-1 History, ship's machinery, and war.
A5-9 Hits (gunnery exercise).
DD610 Hobby.
EN9-162 Hoboken, N.J., navy cost inspector, Tietjen & Land D.D. Co.
DD464 Hobson.
P10-1 Hockey.
SS258 Hoe.
DD533 Hoel.
S51-5 Hoes, boiler furnace.
LE1-3 Hoffman Island, New York, U.S. Maritime Service train­ing station.
NX20 Hog Island, Va., radio direction-finder station.
YT146 Hoga.
DMS6 Hogan (ex-DD178).
S29-9 Hogging (ship).
S72 Hoist trunks and switches, ammunition, turret guns.
S83-1 Hoisting gear, stowage, airplane.
F45-4 Hoisting slings, H. A.
S24-9 Hoisting winch, periscope.
S78-2 Hoists, ammunition handling.
S92 Hoists, chain.
F48-3 Hoists, engine, propeller, bomb.
N31-10 Hoists, pulleys, triplex blocks, etc., shore.
S75-3 Hoists, torpedo, air and electric, in torpedo rooms.
F33-1 Holders, air message pads and I. C.
S88-2 Holders, card, damage control.
S37-2 Holders, clinical.
S71-8 Holders, telescope.
S74-1 Holding-down bolts, antiaircraft guns.
S72-3 Holding-down bolts and clips, turrets.
S75-2 Holding-down bolts, torpedo.
S73-2 Holding-down clips, broadside guns.
S11-6 Holds, flats, platforms and decks.
L16-4 Holiday pay.
P18-2 Holidays, work, overtime and greetings.
AS3 Holland.
YN14 Holly.
S75-1 Holmes' lights, torpedo.
S79-4 Holsters, pistol.
P1-2 Home.
HY Home for disabled volunteer soldiers.
EA32 Home economics, Bureau of, Department of Agriculture.
A4-3 Home port (ships and aircraft).
L9-3 Home yards, assignment of.
P3-3 Homeopathy.
L22-3 Homestead rights.
P13-4 Homicide.
S13-1 Homogeneous armor.
EF34 Honduras.
EF13-42 Honduras, British.
P20-1 Honest performance.
EF13-11 Hong Kong.
CL48 Honolulu.
NR90 Honolulu, T.H. (Wahiawa, T.H.), radio-traffic station.
P15 Honor roll medal.
P11-1 Honor rolls, school.
P19-1 Honorable discharge blanks.
P15 Honorable discharge buttons.
A15 Honors.
P6-4 Honors, escorts and pallbearers.
S18-2 Hoods, canvas.
813-4 Hoods and covers, sight, turret armor.
S72-1 Hoods, sight, turret.
S38-1 Hoods, ventilator.
F15 Hoods, water ballast system, hull.
S13-4 Hook, rangefinder.
F13 Hooks, arresting gear, body group, landing gear.
S11-4 Hooks, breast and stern.
S26-5 Hooks, buoy and pelican, mooring.
S34-2 Hooks, commissary.
S32-9 Hooks, drawers, shelves, and racks, office.
S33-6 Hooks, hammock.
S37-2 Hooks, irrigator.
S73-1 Hoops, broadside gun.
S72-4 Hoops, turret gun.
EN9-173 Hoovers Owens-Rentschler Co., Hamilton, Ohio, navy cost inspector.
DD181 Hopewell (stricken).
DMS13 Hopkins (ex-DD249).
YN33 Hopocan.
S54-2 Hoppers, ash.
F15-12 Hoppers, sand ballast system.
S71-8 Horizometers, fire-control.
S24-7 Horizon, artificial.
S24-8 Horn, fog (portable and mechanical).
AMc13 Hornbill.
CV8 Hornet.
FG8 Hornet air group.
Fll-2 Horns, control, aileron.
F12 Horns, control, elevator and rudder.
S76-1 Horns, electrochemical, mine.
S48-25 Horns, fog installed.
N33-13 Horses.
A5-7 Horsepower, fuel consumption, and speed-curves, engine­ering performance.
EN9-181 Hosdreg & Co., Huntington, Ind., navy cost inspector.
N5-67 Hose (air) shops.
N27-10 Hose, fire fighting, shore.
S93 Hose and fittings, fire.
S55-1 Hose, fuel oil.
S15 Hose, gasoline.
N27-5 Hose-reel houses.
S75-1 Hose, torpedo.
S38-1 Hose, ventilating.
S36-5 Hose, wash deck.
AT71 Hopi.
MY Hospital apprentices.
NT4-12 Hospital Cay, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, naval net depot.
N4-9 Hospital Corps school building.
NC79 Hospital Corps school, New York, N.Y.
N8-13 Hospital laboratories (animal house).
LH Hospital service (civilian).
AH Hospital ships.
N9 Hospital structures.
P16-3 Hospitals, admission and discharge from (assignment and detail).
P3-1 Hospitals, complaint of treatment.
NH Hospitals, naval.
NH22 Hospitals other than naval.
N4-7 Hostess house (Y.W.C.A. building ).
A16-3 Hostilities, suspension of.
A14-6 Hostilities, termination of.
F38-3 Hot oil dip.
F21-1 Hot spots, hot-air heaters, carburetor.
N26-3 Hot-water systems.
N4-3 Hotel buildings and dormitories.
L20-5 Hotel rates.
S47 Hotwell pumps.
S56-4 Hotwell tanks.
EN9-47 Houghton, Wash., navy cost inspector, Lake Washington Ship Yard.
EN25-22 Houghton, Wash., supervisor of shipbuilding, Lake Washington Ship Yard.
YHB House boats.
A18-1 House and Senate bills, resolutions, committee investiga­tions.
N3 House, watch.
L19 Household effects.
N37 Household furniture.
N27 Houses, fire engine and hose reel.
N7-8 Houses, frequency changer, motor generator, and trans­former, structures.
N23 Houses, generating plants (not including structures).
N4 Houses, personnel structures.
P13-6 Houses of prostitution.
N10-5 Houses, airplane engine testing structures.
N6 Houses, storage structures.
N13 Houses, transportation structures.
F24-4 Housing and brackets, starter.
L24 Housing employees (resources).
S42 Housing, frames and casing, reduction gear.
F24-6 Housing, starter magneto.
S26-5 Housing stoppers.
S24-9 Housing and turning gear.
S72-4 Housing, turret gun.
S41 Housings, main propelling machinery.
CA30 Houston.
NL40 Houston, Tex., recruiting station.
DMS11 Hovey (ex-DD208).
DMS7 Howard (ex-DD179).
EI21 Howard University.
S78-1 Howitzer ammunition.
S65-4 Howlers.
DD592 Howorth.
F21-1 Hub and cam, engine, propeller.
S44 Hub, propeller.
DD475 Hudson.
EN9-116 Hudson Motor Car Co., Centerline, Mich., navy cost inspector.
EN9-62 Hudson Motor Car Co., Detroit, Mich., navy cost inspector.
LE1-5 Hueneme, Calif., U.S. Maritime Service training station.
DD410 Hughes.
DD428 Hughes, Charles F.
AVD6 Hulbert (ex-DD342).
DD330 Hull (stricken).
DD350 Hull (new).
F13-1 Hull, aircraft.
S67 Hull casting, rat-tail and tube (radio).
EN7-3 Hull changes, board on.
S19-1 Hull fittings and machinery, painting, and ordnance outfit.
F13-3 Hull keel, landing gear.
S65-5 Hull openings, and revolution, indicator system.
S12-5 Hull, protectors (zinc and steel).
S11 Hull, strength of, structural.
F15 Hull structures.
AVP21 Humboldt.
S38-1 Humidifiers.
N10-8 Humidifying and air-conditioning plants.
AMc26 Humming Bird.
DD236 Humphreys.
EF35 Hungary.
DD194 Hunt (stricken).
AK38 Hunt, Irvin L.
AP27 Hunter Liggett.
NY9-1 Hunters Point, Calif., navy yard.
CA5 Huntington (stricken).
CL77 Huntington (new).
EN9-181 Huntington, Ind., navy cost inspector, Hosdreg & Co., Inc.
CA9 Huron (stricken).
H4-9 Hurricanes.
P7 Husbands.
DD476 Hutchins.
N10 Huts, aerographic and photographic, aviation structures.
N27-6 Hydrants, fire-shore.
S87 Hydraulic and brake dynamometers.
S76 Hydraulic buffer and control, mines and depth charges.
S22 Hydraulic cylinders and rams (for operating rudders).
S92 Hydraulic jacks.
N26-2 Hydraulic-power systems, shore.
S26-1 Hydraulic speed gear, mooring.
S72-2 Hydraulic speed gear, turret.
S21 Hydraulic speed gears.
F46 Hydraulic system.
H2-6 Hydraulics of passing vessels.
JC8 Hydrogen.
S65-4 Hydrogen detectors, electric.
S87 Hydrogen detectors, nonelectric.
N26-4 Hydrogen distribution.
P20-1 Hydrogen, inflation.
F39-3 Hydrogen, marking for piping.
N7-1 Hydrogen plant, structures.
N23-1 Hydrogen plants and compressors.
S87 Hydrograph.
EN22 Hydrographic offices, general.
H1-3 Hydrographic publications and charts.
LN Hydrographic service (civilian).
H Hydrography, meteorology, navigation and astronomy (major grouping).
H1 Hydrography, oceanography, and allied topics.
S51-3 Hydrokineter, boiler.
S87 Hydrometers, alcohol testing and general.
S69 Hydrometers.
S22 Hydroplane (rudder).
P3-3 Hydrotherapy.
N9-2 Hydrotherapy building.
P2-4 Hygiene.
ET13 Hygienic laboratory.
S38-1 Hygrodeiks, ventilating.
S24-7 Hygrometer.
YX14 Hyland, John F..


JH2 Ice.
N3S-5 Ice boxes, uonhousehold.
N37-5 Ice boxes, household.
S34-2 Ice chest and ice cooled refrigerator, commissary, messing.
S34-2 Ice-cream freezers.
N25-8 Ice-cream plants.
P6-3 Ice, disinfection of dead.
H4-9 Ice formations.
NG-53 Ice house.
H3-5 Ice, icebergs, and ice formations, obstructing navigation.
S59 Ice machines and plants.
JH Ice.
N25 Ice, water, plants.
H3-5 Icebergs.
EF22-1 Iceland.
BB42 Idaho.
AMc85 Ideal.
A13-7 Ideas, new, patents.
S28-4 Identification, figures, and letters, ship's name.
P1 Identification and genealogy.
L20-1 Identification labels and tags (travel).
F389 Identification or recognition lights.
L21-3 Identification of shipments.
S70-1 Identification signal, emergency, submarines.
S75-1 Igniters, torpedo.
S78-1 Ignition bags and charges, ammunition.
S77-1 Ignition devices, gas and smoke warfare.
N6-63 Ignition ends storehouse.
S41 Ignition systems, main propelling machinery.
F21-1 Ignition wiring, engine.
P13-2 Ill treatment of civilians.
L6-1 Illegal deliveries and receipts, payments.
L11-3 Illegal disposition of material.
L16-4 Illegal pay.
A16-2 Illegal warfare.
P13-5 Illicit traffic.
IX15 Illinois (ex-BB7: now Prairie State).
BB65 Illinois.
EG14 Illinois.
P19-1 Illiterates, discharge of.
S72-3 Illuminated indicators, shafting and gear, turrets.
N26-4 Illuminating-gas distribution.
S78-1 Illuminating projectiles, ammunition.
S64-6 Illuminating sets.
S71-5 Illumination of instruments, corrector, fire control.
S72-7 Illumination, sight, turret guns
S71-8 Illuminators, telescope.
A10-1 Illustrations, publications.
L2-1 Illustrations, specification.
OF26 Immediate superior in command (afloat).
S29-2 Immersion.
S75-1 Immersion gear, torpedo.
S72-3 Immersion tanks, turret.
P1-1 Immigration.
E16 Immigration, Bureau of, Department of Labor.
QS10 Immigration ships.
P13-7 Immoral practices, intent to assault.
S78-1 Impact fuses, water, ammunition.
F21-1 Impeller clutch band.
NX39 Imperial Beach, Calif., radio direction-finder station.
P13-2 Impersonating an officer and impostors.
L14-2 Import tariff.
S73-1 Impression takers, broadside gun.
S72-4 Impression takers, turret gun.
A14-3 Impressment, personal rights.
P13-9 Imprisonment, punishment.
L10-5 Improper supervision of accounts or supervision of accounts.
N1-2 Improvements to terrain.
F41 Impulse cables and generators, machine gun.
S75-2 Impulse charges, cases, and tanks, torpedo tubes.
S78-1 Impulse powder, torpedo, ammunition.
P16-3 Inactive duty.
P20-1 Inaptitude (performance).
P19-1 Inaptitude, discharge.
A15-2 Inaugurations.
YFB280 Inca.
P13-5 Incendiary.
F41-6 Incendiary, bomb.
S78-1 Incendiary projectiles and shrapnel, ammunition.
N9-7 Incinerator building.
S36-4 Incinerators, garbage.
S29-3 Inclining experiment.
F31-1 Inclinometer.
S71-8 Inclinometers, fire control.
S11-7 Inclosures, trunks and partitions.
L14-1 Income tax.
L17 Incomes.
P19-1 Incompetence, discharge.
L10-4 Incomplete accounting.
L8-2 Increase in requisitions.
S72-9 Increase of elevation, turret guns.
P16-1 Increase in force.
S37-2 Incubators, bacteriological.
L18 Indebtedness, loaning or borrowing money.
P13-7 Indecent behavior.
A14-7 Indemnities, reparations, international.
L13-1 Indemnity bonds.
P16-3 Independent duty.
A6-6 Index and file system.
S75-1 Index mechanism, torpedo.
SB6-4 Index and perforated plates, feed-water tanks.
ES20 Indexes and Archives, Bureau of, State Department.
EF13-12 India.
EF28-2 India, French.
EI3 Indian affairs.
EI22 Indian commissioners.
NT1-17 Indian Island, Wash., naval magazine.
NT4-37 Indian Island, Puget Sound, Wash., naval net depot.
QH4 Indian Ocean.
BB50 Indiana (stricken).
BB58 Indiana (new).
EG15 Indiana.
CA35 Indianapolis.
EN9-60 Indianapolis, Ind., navy cost inspector, Lukas, Harold Corporation.
NP28 Indianapolis, Ind., naval ordnance plant.
NL24 Indianapolis, Ind., recruiting station.
NO74-4 Indianapolis, Ind., U.S.N.R. radio school.
KP21 Indianhead, Md., marine post.
NP8 Indianhead, Md., naval powder factory.
NR25 Indianhead, Md., radio-traffic station.
S87 Indicating gauges.
S41-5 Indicator drive gear, Diesel engine.
S65 Indicators, audible signal systems (interior communication apparatus).
F36-12 Indicators, charge and discharge.
S87 Indicators, combustible gas, nonelectric and warp.
S72-3 Indicators, illuminated, shafting and gear, turret.
F31 Indicators, instruments and navigational control.
S71 Indicators, main and broadside batteries (fire control).
S69 Indicators, polarity.
S51-3 Indicators, smoke, boiler.
S81-1 Indicators, strain, mine protection.
A17-5 Indictments.
S62-2 Individual and oil switches (electric power distribution).
QM Individuals.
L22 Individuals and organisations, donations, rewards, gifts to.
P1 Individuals, photographs and history.
EF28-3 Indo-China, French.
NC98 Indoctrination naval training schools.
S41 Induction header, main propelling machinery.
P14-6 Induction into service.
F21-1 Induction system, engine.
L10-3 Industrial accounting.
EL11 Industrial housing and transportation, Bureau of, Department of Labor.
L24 Industrial inventories for war purposes.
ON4 Industrial manager.
QM Industries.
P20-1 Industrious, inefficiency.
AMc86 Industry.
P13-2 Inefficiency (misconduct and discipline).
L10-4 Inefficiency in accounting.
P13-2 Inert gases, fire-extinguishing.
L8-2 In-excess requisitions (also not in-excess requisitions).
EW7 Infantry, chief of.
P3-1 Infants' diseases.
P2-3 Infected clothing.
N9-1 Infirmaries.
S30-3 Inflamable articles, miscellaneous, stowage of.
F13-6 Inflation equipment, flotation-gear.
P20 Inflation gases.
A14-4 Influence of nations, international relations.
P17-2 Influence to secure promotion.
P15 Influence, use of in obtaining commendation.
L4-2 Informal bids (purchasing).
A8-4 Informants, volunteer, secret service.
A8-2 Information, abroad, collection of, intelligence, ships and aircraft.
N3-1 Information buildings.
EE5 Information, coordinator of.
EA4 Information, Director of, Department of Agriculture.
S1-7 Information, general booklets and records of electrical appliances.
F39-4 Information plates.
L8-2 Information regarding requisitions.
EN3-13 Information Section, Naval Intelligence.
A13-4 Infringements and interferences (patents).
EN9-75 Ingalls S.B. Co., Birmingham, Ala., navy cost inspector.
EN9-55 Ingalls S.B. Co., Pascagoula, Miss., navy cost inspector.
EN25-29 Ingalls S.B. Co., Pascagoula, Miss., supervisor of shipbuilding.
NR70 Inglewood, Calif., radio-traffic station.
DM9 Ingraham (stricken).
DD444 Ingraham (new).
AVD9 Ingram, Osmond (ex-DD255).
P13-2 Inhabitants, civilians, ill treatment of, misconduct by.
L14-1 Inheritance tax.
S41-5 Injection system, Diesel engine.
S47 In;ectors and jets, pumps.
A17-13 In;oinder, court-martial.
A17-5 Injunctions, law and justice.
P4-1 Injured, accidentally and wounded, treatment of.
P3-2 Injuries, treatment of.
P18-1 Injury, absence on account of.
P13-4 Injury, maiming (mayhem) (misconduct and discipline).
ON16 Injury, officer ashore.
EC20 In and and coastwise waterways service, War Department.
L21-1 Inland traffic.
S41 Inlet valves, auxiliary and inlet, main propelling machinery.
QX5 Inlets; bayous and coves.
S11 Inner bottom, plating and shells.
P2-3 Inoculation.
A17-27 Inquests.
P14 Inquiries, regarding enlistment and vacancies.
P3-1 Insanity and insane.
A17-14 Insanity, pleas of, trial procedure, courts-martial.
S38-1 Insect screens.
QI Insects.
P2 Insects, prevention, restriction, and transmission.
NN4 Inshore patrol.
S19-1 Inside structural painting.
F39-1 Insignia.
F38-2 Insignia colors, paint.
F1-3 Insignia specifications.
JJ55-3 Insignia on uniforms.
L10-5 Inspection, accounts.
N3-4 Inspection building.
EN3-6 Inspection division, Navy.
F12 Inspection doors and windows, tail group.
P16-3 Inspection duty.
F3-1 Inspection, material.
ON10 Inspection office, ashore.
F2-1 Inspection offices, cost of.
F11 Inspection plates, doors, windows, wing group.
P2-4 Inspection, sanitary.
LR Inspection service (civilian).
EN3-6 Inspection and Survey, Board of, Navy.
S3-1 Inspection and survey, board reports, and planning.
E8-2 Inspection and Survey Board, trials by.
LF Inspection and tests.
S7 Inspection, underwater bottoms.
A5-9 Inspections, gunnery preparedness, drills.
EN9-20 Inspector of clothing.
EW10 Inspector General, Army.
EN8-26 Inspector general of machinery.
EN6-1 Inspector of ordnance, general.
EN9-21 Inspector of provisions.
EN5 Inspectors of engineering material and machinery.
EN11-1 Inspectors of naval aircraft.
EN24 Inspectors of naval material.
EN1 Inspectors of naval petroleum reserves.
EN4-1 Inspectors of navigation material.
EN6-1 Inspectors of Ordnance.
EP5 Inspectors, post-office.
NL Inspectors of recruiting.
NC85 Inspector's school, Naval Gun Factory, Washington, D.C.
S48-23 Inspirator, piping.
L10-3 Installation charges (accounting).
F41-6 Instantaneous fuses, bomb.
P8-2 Institutions and associations, charitable (social relations).
P11-1 Instruction (educational system).
S86 Instruction and practice apparatus.
F44-2 Instructional films, photography.
L4-2 Instructions, bidders.
A6 Instructions, communication.
F1-5 Instructions, erection, design.
A8-1 Instructions, intelligence reports.
P12-2 Instructions, religious.
A5-9 Instructions, sealed, etc., gunnery exercises.
A2-12 Instructions, secret and special.
L21-3 Instructions to shippers.
A16-3 Instructions, tactical, warfare operations.
P16-3 Instructors, detail as.
P16-5 Instructors, detail of enlisted men as.
P11-1 Instructors, educational.
S32-9 Instrument, athletic gear, clothes, and key lockers.
F34-6 Instrument board.
F36 Instrument board lights, interior electric.
S91-1 Instrument repair shop.
S8S-2 Instruments, damage-control.
S37-2 Instruments, dental and surgical.
N36-13 Instruments, drafting, shore.
S24-7 Instruments, drawing and surveying.
S69 Instruments, electrical and switchboard.
F31-3 Instruments and equipment, navigational.
S71 Instruments, fire-control, and torpedo-control.
H4-4 Instruments, meteorological and aerological.
F10-4 Instruments, musical.
N6-7 Instruments, nautical, storehouse.
S24 Instruments and outfits, navigational.
F49-7 Instruments, portable.
N36-12 Instruments and supplies, drafting-room.
S71 Instruments, torpedo battery control.
P13-2 Insubordinations against superior.
EI33 Insular Affairs, Bureau of, Department of the Interior.
MI Insular force.
EG61 Insular possessions (United States).
F36-2 Insulating material.
S62-2 Insulating material, electric distribution.
S71-8 Insulating material, optical instruments, fire control.
S39 Insulation and lagging.
S41-4 Insulators, electric drive.
S62-2 Insulators and hangars, electric power distribution.
S18-1 Insulators, rigging.
S76-1 Insulators, strain, Mark IX mines.
L13 Insurance and bonding.
A6-4 Insuring mail.
P9-2 Insurrections.
F21-1 Intake pipes, manifold, induction system.
F24-7 Intake tube, cartridge starters.
S41-5 Intakes, air-compressor, Diesel.
F13 Integral tail and wing stubs and flotation gear.
S29 Integrity, weight and stability (seaworthiness).
EN3-10 Intelligence, Office of Naval.
ON22 Intelligence office, administrative officers, ashore.
A8 Intelligence, ships and aircraft.
N9-2 Intensive treatment building.
F11-2 Interaileron connections.
HP Inter-American High Commission, United States section.
A3-2 Interbureau orders (organization and management).
S49-3 Intercoolers and cooling coils, air compressor.
A14-1 Intercourse, commercial.
ET6-5 Interdepartmental Board of Contracts and Adjustments, Budget Bureau.
GB Interdepartmental Social Hygiene Board.
L12-1 Interest, bank and investment.
A6-2 Interference, radio (wave lengths).
A13-4 Interferences and infringements, patents.
P13-2 Interfering with a sentinel or a noncommissioned officer of a guard.
S39-1 Interior or csiling sheathing.
F33 Interior communication.
S65 Interior communication.
S62-1 Interior communication (switchboard).
EI Interior Department.
F38-2 Interior finish.
F36-8 Interior lights.
S83-1 Interior traveling crane, other airplane handling fittings.
P17-1 Intermediate rank.
P6-4 Interments.
S41-3 Internal-combustion engines, motorboat.
F21 Internal-combustion turbines and engines.
S28-6 Internal-draft gages.
S51-3 Internal and external fittings, boiler.
F21-1 Internal oil piping and connections, oil-pump system.
ET7 Internal Revenue Commissioner.
L14-1 Internal-revenue tax.
A14 International agreements, awards, protocols, property-rights (foreign affairs).
HM International Boundary Commission, United States and Canada.
HN International Boundary Commission, United States and Mexico.
A10-3 International exchanges, publications.
EB4 International Exchanges, Smithsonian.
H2-17 International ice patrol.
HL International Joint Commission.
A17-1 International law, common, constitutional; statutes.
A2-13 International rules and laws.
GC International Sanitary Bureau.
A6-3 International signal code.
A14 Internment of property, ships, machinery, etc., involved in war.
A2 Interpretations of opinions, criticism, and precedents (executive action).
A17-11 Interpreter, court martial proceedings.
N28-8 Interruption cables, shore.
GG Interstate Commerce Commission.
P13-7 Interstate commerce, offenses against.
A14-4 Intervention, international relations.
A7-1 Interviews, publicity.
P2-2 Intestinal transmission.
A3-2 Intrabureau orders (organization and management).
CV11 Intrepid.
FG11 Intrepid air group.
P1-7 Introductions, letters of.
A16-3 Invasion; surrender; warfare.
L11-3 Inventions causing losses.
EN1-9 Inventions Divisions, Navy Department.
A13 Inventions.
L11-2 Inventories, custody.
L24 Inventories, industrial, for war purposes.
L19 Inventory and disposition of personal effects.
L10-3 Inventory, plant, industrial accounting.
EJ3 Investigation, Bureau of.
A17 Investigations, boards of.
A18-3 Investigations, congressional.
A11 Investigations and researches.
L12 Investments and deposits.
P8-3 Invitations, social.
L11-2 Invoices, custody.
H4-5 Invoices, requisitions for aerological instruments.
YT107 Iona.
NT1-2 Iona Island, N.Y., ammunition depot.
KP22 Iona Island, N.Y., marine post.
BB53 Iowa (stricken).
BB61 Iowa (new).
EG16 Iowa.
EF55 Iran.
EF43 Iraq.
EF13-1 Ireland.
JJ46-1 Iron.
JS1 Iron scrap.
S35 Ironers and ironing table.
S79-4 Irons, climbing.
S12-2 Irons and guard rail.
S33-6 Irons, hand and leg.
P13-10 Irons, prisoners.
S92 Irons, soldering.
AT46 Iroquois (stricken).
P14-2 Irregular appointments.
A6-5 Irregularities, correspondence.
L10-4 Irregularities and discrepancies in accounting.
L16-4 Irregularities, pay.
A6-4 Irregularity in mail.
S37-2 Irrigator hook (medical).
AK3? Irvin L. Hunt.
EN9-64 Irving, Pa., navy cost inspector, National Forge & Ordnance Co.
AP36 Irwin.
PY10 Isabel.
DD284 Isherwood (stricken).
DD520 Isherwood (new).
H1-7 Islands, location of.
EF13-2 Isle of Man.
S37-1 Isolation ward.
N9-1 Isolation wards and cubicles.
DM3 Israel (stricken).
A13 Issue of patents, Government and non-Government personnel.
S34-1 Issue room, general mess.
A17-15 Issues, burden of proof, degree of proof, evidence, courts martial.
L8-2 Issues, requisitions.
N4-6 Issuing buildings, small stores.
S91-1 Issuing room, tools.
S30-1 Issuing-rooms, ships' store, storeroom, and store.
EF36 Italy.
A4-3 Itineraries, ship and aircraft.
AT37 Iuka.
EF2S-12 Ivory coast.
YT2 Iwana.
DD589 Izard.


AP34 J. Franklin Bell.
DD1S6 J. Fred Talbot.
YT137 J. M. Woodworth (stricken).
AMc47 Jacanar.
SS259 Jack.
S12-5 Jack rods and jack-rod eyes (other than awning).
S73-1 Jackets, broadside guns.
S72-4 Jackets, turret guns.
S92 Jacks, hand, hydraulic and screw.
AP37 Jackson, President.
NC81 Jacksonville, Pla., aviation trade school.
NA29-1 Jacksonville, Fla., "Cecil Field," naval auxiliary base field.
KP139 Jacksonville, Fla., marine barracks.
NA29 Jacksonville, Fla., naval air station.
NH30 Jacksonville, Fla., naval hospital.
NC75 Jacksonville, Fla., radio trade school.
NL14 Jacksonville, Fla., recruiting station.
NB47 Jacksonville, Fla., section base.
EN25-38 Jacksonville, Fla., supervisor of shipbuilding, Gibbs Gas Engine Co. branch of Savannah Machine & Foundry Co., Savannah, Ga.
KP130 Jacksonville, N.C. (New River), marine detachment, marine training center.
DD130 Jacob Jones.
S16-4 Jacob's ladders.
PY17 Jade.
EF13-44 Jamaica.
NH38 Jamaica, naval dispensary.
DD238 James K. Paulding (stricken).
DD245 James, Reuben.
YT45 James Wooley.
PG55 Jamestown.
A9-15 Jane's fighting ships.
EF37 Japan.
DD38 Jarvis (stricken).
DD393 Jarvis (new).
AR8 Jason (new).
AC12 Jason (ex-AV2) (stricken).
PYc13 Jasper.
F21-1 Jaw, starter, engine.
DD621 Jeffers.
EN25-35 Jeffersonville, Ind., supervisor of shipbuilding, Jeffersonville Boat & Machine Corporation.
DD42 Jenkins (stricken).
DD447 Jenkins (new).
EN9-169 Jenkins Bros., Bridgeport, Conn., navy cost inspector.
EN6-33 Jersey City, N.J., inspector of ordnance.
F13-4 Jet propulsion.
S47 Jets and injectors.
S17-2 Jib booms.
N31-3 Jib cranes.
S91-2 Jib cranes and trolley tracks for handling material in workshops.
F5-1 Jigs.
S5 Jigs and dies.
L10-3 Job order system.
DD216 John D. Edwards.
DD228 John D. Ford.
DD553 John D. Henley.
DD299 John Francis Burnes (stricken).
YX14 John F. Hylan.
AK32 John R. R. Hannay.
DD574 John Rodgers.
NU3 Johnson, radar station.
DD557 Johnston.
NA40 Johnston Island, naval air base.
S18-3 Joiner doors.
S33-1 Joiner plans, living and berthing.
N5-45 Joiner shop.
S19-1 Joiner work, painting.
EY Joint Army and Navy Board.
P17-1 Joint command of combined forces.
GJ4 Joint committee, Senate and House.
EN3-6 Joint Merchant Vessel Board.
S44 Joint, rings and gland, propellers.
A17-2 Joint Senate and House resolutions.
L16-3 Joint service pay bill act, June 10, 1922.
S48-23 Joints, expansion and slip, piping.
S75-1 Joints, joint rings, and screws, torpedoes.
S43-1 Joints, universal, shafting.
DD427 Jones, Hilary P.
DD130 Jones, Jacob.
DD230 Jones, Paul.
DD308 Jones, William (stricken).
AT26 Joseph T. Dickman.
EN9-76 Joshua Hendy Co., Sunnyvale, Calif., navy cost inspector.
EN6-45 Joshua Hendy Iron Works, Sunnyvale, Calif., inspector of ordnance.
DD41 Jouett (stricken).
DD396 Jouett (new).
P13-5 Joy-riding, unauthorized (misconduct and discipline).
EN9-156 Joyce Machine Co., Philadelphia, Pa., navy cost inspector.
EW11 Judge Advocate General, Army.
EN12 Judge Advocate General of the Navy.
A17-11 Judge Advocate Recorder.
A17-5 Judgments, law and justice.
A17-4 Judicial powers, functions, civil courts.
A17-4 Judiciary, powers, law and justice.
F10-1 Jujitsu.
S73-1 Jump of guns, broadside.
S72-4 Jump of guns, turret.
YT176 Junalaska.
P36-2 Junction boxes.
S62-2 Junction boxes, electric distribution.
CL52 Juneau.
NR81 Juneau, Alaska, radio-traffic station.
NB77 Juneau, Alaska, section base.
JE4 Junior officer's mess.
YN15 Juniper (now Elder).
AK43 Jupiter.
NX25 Jupiter, Pla., radio direction-finder station.
NR43 Jupiter Inlet, radio-traffic station.
A17 Jurisdiction, particular courts and boards, law and justice.
P18-1 Jury duty.
A17-5 Jury, law and justice, .
EJ Justice Department.
A17 Justice, law.
GZ Justices of peace.
GX4 Juvenile courts.


SS32 K-1 (stricken).
SS33 K-2 (stricken).
SS34 K-3 (stricken).
SS35 K-4 (stricken).
SS36 K-5 (stricken).
SS37 K-6 (stricken).
SS38 K-7 (stricken).
SS39 K-8 (stricken).
DD170 Kalk (stricken).
DD611 Kalk (new).
AT23 Kalmia.
AO1 Kanawha.
DD235 Kane.
NA37 Kaneohe Bay, T.H., naval air base.
BB21 Kansas (stricken).
EG17 Kansas.
NA25 Kansas City, Mo., naval reserve aviation base.
NL29 Kansas City, Mo., recruiting station.
N6-43 Kapok storehouse.
AO27 Kaskaskia.
YN48 Katlian.
AG33 Kaula.
AOIB Kaweah.
EN9-155 Kaydon Engineering Corp., Muskegon, Mich., navy cost inspector.
DD432 Kearny.
EN8-34 Kearny, N.J., inspector of machinery.
EN6-30 Kearny, N.J., inspector of ordnance.
EN25-12 Kearny, N.J., supervisor of shipbuilding, Federal S.B. & D.D. Co.
AB1 Kearsarge (ex-BB5).
CV12 Kearsarge.
FG12 Kearsarge air groups.
S11-4 Keel.
F13 Keel, hull.
P14 Keel, main body and walkway.
B68 Keel and skin type oscillators, parts and spares, sound signaling under water.
EF13-12 Keeling Islands.
F13 Keelson, hull.
S11-4 Keelsons, center line and side.
S71-8 Keepers, range and deflection, fire-control.
DD612 Kendrick.
DD306 Kennedy (stricken).
DD138 Kennison.
AP28 Kent.
BB66 Kentucky.
EGI8 Kentucky.
EF13-18 Kenya Colony and Protectorate.
AN5 Keokuk (ex-Columbia Heights).
AT38 Keosanqua.
JJ7-5 Kerosene.
N6-34 Kerosene storehouses.
S30-4 Kerosene stowage.
YN37 Keshena.
AMc5 Kestrel.
NR79 Ketchican, Alaska, radio traffic station.
NB81 Ketchican, Alaska, section base.
S35 Kettle or cooker, starch.
F34 Kettles, galley.
S92 Kettles, glue and pitch.
S34-2 Kettles, steam-jacketed.
EF37-5 Kewantung.
AT24 Kewaydin.
NC73 Key West, Fla., east coast sound school.
KP24 Key West, Fla., marine post.
NA48 Key West, Fla., naval air station.
NH11 Key West, Fla., naval hospital
NT1-22 Key West, Fla., naval magazine.
NB5 Key West, Fla., naval operating base.
NS2 Key West, Fla., naval station.
NB9 Key West, Fla., naval submarine base.
NR40 Key West, Fla., radio-traffic station.
NX27 Key West, Fla., radio direction-finder station.
NB71 Key West, Fla., section base.
NT5-7 Key West, Fla., torpedo depot.
S32-9 Keyboards and boxes, office.
S91-2 Key-cutting machines.
EN11-5 Keyport, N.J., inspector of naval aircraft.
NC96 Keyport, Wash., fleet torpedo school.
KP23 Keyport, Wash., marine post.
NP3 Keyport, Wash., Pacific coast torpedo station.
NR77 Keyport, Wash., radio-traffic station (Puget Sound).
S43-1 Keys, couplings, cross keys and collars, shaft and bearings.
S71-8 Keys, firing, fire-control.
F41-2 Keys, firing, machine gun controls.
S73-1 Keys, firing, mechanical, broadside guns.
S44 Keys, propeller.
S12-4 Keys, tags and locks.
EF37-6 Kiau-Chau (Japan).
DD319 Kidder (stricken).
AE4 Kiluaea.
NH24 Kilauea, T.H., naval health and recreation camp.
AMc21 Kildeer.
P6-1 Killed in action.
DD593 Killen.
N5-68 Kiln shop.
DD137 Kilty (ex-AG20).
DD80 Kimberly (stricken).
DD521 Kimberly (new).
P7 Kin, next of.
DD242 King.
EN9-79 King Machine & Tool Co., Cincinnati, Ohio, navy cost inspector.
S17-1 King posts.
AMc56 Kingbird.
SS234 Kingfish.
AM25 Kingfisher.
NB46 Kingston, Jamaica, naval base.
AT72 Kiowa.
N4-4 Kitchen.
L20-1 Kitchen car service.
S34 Kitchens and diet kitchens.
AM75 Kite.
S84 Kite, airship, balloon handling and stowage.
ZK Kite balloons.
S81-1 Kites and gear, water, mine protection.
QT Kites, target.
S92 Kits, repair.
F41-8 Kits, repair, bomb sights.
S71-8 Kits, repair, optical instruments, fire control.
AK2 Kittery (stricken).
APV1 Kitty Hawk.
F33-1 Klaxons, I.C.
NX51 Klipsan Beach, Wash., radio direction-finder station.
S75-1 Knife edges, balancing torpedo.
S73-2 Knife edges, broadside mounts.
S72-5 Knife edges, turret guns.
DD633 Knight.
N4-7 K. of C. Building.
S75-1 Knives, war head, torpedo.
NR84 Kodiak, Alaska, radio-traffic station.
NB57 Kodiak, Alaska, section base.
NB65 Kodiak, Alaska, submarine base.
NA34 Kodiak Island, Alaska, naval air station.
AT31 Koka (stricken).
YT151 Konoka.
EF37-1 Korea (Japan).
NT1-H Kuahua, T.H., (now Oahu), ammunition depot.
NCB8 Kuahua, T.H., mine craft, mine school.
NA12 Kuahua (Pearl Harbor), T.H., naval air station.
NT6-12 Kuahua, T.H., torpedo depot.
EF13-12 Kuria Muria Islands (British).
EF28-3 Kwang Chau Wan (French).


SS41 L-2 (stricken).
SS42 L-3 (stricken).
SS44 L-5 (stricken).
SS45 L-G (stricken).
SS46 L-7 (stricken).
SS48 L-8 (stricken).
SS49 L-9 (stricken).
SS51 L-11 (stricken).
S28-3 Labeling.
N19-1 Labeling buildings.
F39-4 Labeling, marking.
EL Labor, Department of.
QS11 Labor Department, ships.
P8-1 Labor and labor unions.
L10-3 Labor rolls, accounting.
S32-9 Labor-saving devices, office.
N36-4 Labor-saving devices, shore.
L8-3 Labor or services, orders for.
EL5 Labor statistics, bureau of, Department of Labor.
S37-1 Laboratories, dental and medical.
NP Laboratories, naval.
S32-6 Laboratories and testing rooms (powder, engineers, aerological, etc.).
N8 Laboratory and experimental structures.
L5-2 Laboratory tests.
LA Laborers, civil establishment.
N4-2 Laborers' quarters.
EF13-43 Labrador (British).
EF13-13 Labuan (British).
EF13-12 Laceadive Islands (British).
F19 Lacing edges and cords, cover.
F15-1 Lacing and fabric, reinforcement of propellers.
F38-2 Lacquers.
P10-1 Lacrosse.
N39-2 Ladders, aerial, landing field.
S16-4 Ladders, landing gratings, and hatch gratings.
P34-6 Ladders and portable platforms.
P7 Ladies, maiden, domestic relations.
S33-4 Ladies' retiring room.
S92 Ladles.
DD459 Laffey.
S12-4 Lag screws.
S39 Lagging and insulation.
OX3 Lagoons and lakes.
EN8-39 La Grange, HI., inspector of machinery, Electro-Motive Corp.
NT1-2 Lake Denmark, Dover, N.J., naval ammunition depot.
NB84 Lake Montauk Harbor, Long Island, N.Y., section base.
EW15 Lake Survey office, War Department.
EN9-45 Lake Union D.D. & Mach. Works, Seattle, Wash., navy cost inspector.
EN9-47 Lake Washington Ship Yard, Houghton, Wash., navy cost inspector.
EN25-22 Lake Washington Ship Yard, Houghton, Wash., supervisor of shipbuilding.
NC6 Lakehurst, N.J., aerographers' school.
NC54 Lakehurst, N.J., lighter-than-air school.
KP149 Lakehurst, N.J., marine barracks.
KP124 Lakehurst, N.J., marine post.
KH8 Lakehurst, N.J., marine poBt exchange.
NA4 Lakehurst, N.J., naval air station.
NC53 Lakehurst, N.J., parachute material school.
NX15 Lakehurst, N.J., radio direction-finder station.
NR21 Lakehurst, N.J., radio-traffic station.
QX3 Lakes and lagoons.
DMS2 Lamberton (ex-DD119; ex-AG21).
S30-1 Lamp room.
DD328 Lamson (stricken).
DD367 Lamson (new).
A16.-3 Land antiaircraft, warfare.
F13-2 Land chassis.
N31 Land cranes and derricks.
L21-1 Land shipments.
L20-5 Land-grant railroad rates.
L21-1 Land-grant railroads.
A6-1 Land-wire traffic, service, facilities, complaints on.
A16-3 Landing of armed forces.
N10-2 Landing beaches and runways for airplanes.
N39 Landing-field lights and flares and miscellaneous equipment.
S79 Landing, field and machine guns, small arms and equipment.
KV6 Landing field, St. Thomas, V.I.
N1-9 Landing fields.
S83-3 Landing gear, airplane.
P13 Landing gear, body group.
S16-4 Landing gratings, hatch gratings, and ladders.
F36-11 Landing lights.
N15-5 Landings.
N10-1 Landplane hangars.
N1 Lands, landscaping.
DD399 Lang.
AV3 Langley (ex-CV1).
P1-4 Language.
P13-7 Language, obscene.
P11-5 Languages, foreign.
DM6 Lansdale (stricken).
DD426 Lansdale (new).
DD486 Lansdowne.
F44-2 Lantern slides.
S85-1 Lantern slides.
S64-2 Lanterns, electric, and portable, battle.
S73-1 Lanyards, broadside guns.
S79-2 Lanyards, field guns.
EF28-3 Laos (French).
NE67 La Palma, Panama, radio-traffic station.
NB20 La Playa, Calif., naval target repair base.
SS260 Lapon.
S74-1 Lapping head, bore, antiaircraft guns.
AVP1 Lapwing (ex-AM1).
AO16 Laramie.
P13-5 Larceny.
YN18 Larch.
DD286 Lardner (stricken)
DD487 Lardner (new).
AM21 Lark.
S75-2 Lashings, torpedo tubes.
AE3 Lassen.
S73-1 Latches, broadside guns.
S74-1 Latches, salvo, antiaircraft guns.
S72-4 Latches, salvo, breech mechanism, turret guns.
S75-2 Latches, tripping, torpedo tubes.
F18-6 Latex, rubber.
S91-2 Lathes (ship).
QG2-5 Latin America or Latin American Countries.
ES7 Latin American affairs, division of, State Department.
H1-25 Latitude and longitude, hydrographic.
S24-7 Latitude and longitude indicator.
N4-14 Latrine.
F14-2 Lattices, main body.
EF38 Latvia.
DD263 Laub (stricken).
DD613 Laub (new).
YFB132 Launch 132.
YFB1048 Launch 1048 (stricken).
YFB1059 Launch 1059 (now Spray) (stricken).
YFB Launches, ferry.
S82-7 Launches, motor sailing, boats.
S6 Launching (ship).
F15-14 Launching airplanes from lighter-than-air-craft.
F41-9 Launching devices and reports, torpedoes.
S83-2 Launching devices, runways, gear, airplane.
F6 Launching, docking, and mooring.
S75-2 Launching gear and tubes, torpedo.
S76-1 Launching trucks, mine.
N18-2 Launching ways.
S35 Laundry and laundry machines.
N4-13 Laundry and washing buildings.
DD315 La Vallette (stricken).
DD448 La Vallette (new).
S36-1 Lavatories.
F34-4 Lavatories and accessories, sanitation.
S37-2 Lavatories, bathtubs, sinks, medical.
N4-14 Lavatory building.
P11-1 Law courses.
A17 Law and justice.
DD558 Laws.
A2 Laws, aviation (executive action).
ES21 Laws of Congress, editor, State Department.
A6-4 Laws and regulations, postal.
N34-13 Lawn mowers and mowing machines.
N1-2 Lawns, loam, sod, seeding and grass.
DD250 Lawrence.
N28-8 Laying and cutting cables, shore.
F5-1 Laying down in mold loft.
S5 Laying down in mold loft.
S76-1 Laying gear, mine.
S8-6 Laying up trials.
L9-3 Laying up work, alterations (care and preservation)
F1-2 Layout and drawings, design.
DD118 Lea.
SS2 Lead-burning outfits.
S24-7 Lead lines.
F38-3 Lead plating
S39-1 Lead and zinc sheathing.
MY Leader, Navy Band.
ML Leader of the band.
H2-7 Leader systems, location of.
N20-7 Leader systems (piloting cables).
F12 Leading edge, tail group.
F11 Leading edge, wing group.
F32 Leads, control system.
F33-1 Leads and fittings, I.C.
S24-7 Leads and lead lines.
F36-2 Leads, power.
S22 Leads, steering.
S24-8 Leadsman and sounding platforms.
YFB20 League Island.
NY4 League Island, Pa., navy yard.
A14-7 League of Nations.
S29-8 Leak stoppers.
A7-2 Leaks of confidential and secret matters.
P9-1 Leanings, political.
DD158 Leary.
L4-3 Lease and rentals, contracts (purchasing).
P18 Leave, attendance and absence.
EN9-103 Lebanon, N.J., navy cost inspector, Excel Foundry & Machine Co.
N4-8 Lecture hall.
P11-3 Lectures, poems, essays, theses (educational system).
L10-5 Ledgers, accounting.
AP17 Lee, Harry.
DD310 Lee, S. P. (stricken).
EF13-44 Leeward Islands (British).
KP152 Leeward Islands, Antigua, marine detachment.
S33-6 Leg and hand irons.
A17 Legal codes, ethics; instruments; proceedings.
P18-2 Legal holidays.
P1-2 Legal residence and change of.
P16-5 Legation guards.
ES18 Legations.
A10-1 Legends on publications.
P2-3 Leggings, foundry, preventive medicine.
A18 Legislation and congressional action.
L11 Legislative authority for payments, claims of property damage.
S17-1 Legs, shear.
N31-7 Legs, shear, shore.
A16-4 Lend-Lease Program.
SS5 Lens and lens mountings, photography.
S71-8 Lenses, fire control instruments.
F44-2 Lenses, photographic.
S64-5 Lenses, signal lights.
AF25 Leonard Wood.
P2-1 Leprosy.
YFB7 Leslie (stricken).
P13-9 Letters of admonition, punishment.
A2-11 Letters, circulars and multiple.
P15 Letters of commendation, congratulations.
S28-4 Letters, figures and identification, ship's name.
P1 Letters of identification and introduction.
A7-1 Letters, news, permission to publish.
A6 Letters, ships and aircraft, communications.
DD481 Leutze.
N15-14 Levees.
F21-3 Levers, altitude adjustment and spark control, engine.
S73-2 Levers, broadside mounts.
F22-2 Levers, control, transmission.
P32-4 Levers or wheel, stabilizer control.
P13-7 Lewd or indecent behaviour.
S12-4 Lewis, Baxter, deck socket bolts.
CV2 Lexington.
FG2 Lexington air group.
L1-1 Liabilities, appropriations.
L10-3 Liability accounts, industrial accounting.
L13-2 Liability acts and insurance.
P16-3 Liaison duty.
A3-2 Liaison (management).
EN3-8 Liaison section, Navy.
AMc87 Liberator.
EF39 Liberia.
AK35 Liberty.
P18 Liberty, attendance and absence.
S32-9 Liberty boards.
P13-9 Liberty, deprivation of, as punishment.
L12-2 Liberty-loan bonds.
GJ3-1 Librarian of Congress.
P11-2 Libraries.
EW14 Library, medical (Army).
N4-8 Library, building.
GJ3 Library of Congress.
EA18 Library, Department of Agriculture.
E115 Library, Department of Interior.
P11-2 Library methods, routine and publication (educational system).
EN3-12 Library, Navy.
A13 License under patents.
A2-14 Licenses, permits, and passes, executive action.
EF40 Liechtenstein.
L15 Liens (mortgages).
OA4 Lieutenant colonels, Marine Corps.
OL Lieutenants.
S74-1 Life of guns, antiaircraft.
S73-1 Life of guns, broadside.
S72-4 Life of guns, turret.
L13-2 Life insurance.
S18-1 Life nets.
S78-1 Life of powder, ammunition.
F49-6 Life preservers.
S33-6 Life preservers, belt and jacket, including stowage.
S12-2 Life rails, rail and awning stanchions.
P15 Life saving medals.
H2-19 Life saving stations, location of.
S82 Lifeboats and rafts, motor and pulling.
S65-5 Lifebuoy release, electrical.
B12-5 Lifebuoy, stowage.
S12-5 Lifting eye, lugs, pads, etc.
S17-1 Lifting gear.
S47 Lifting gear, pumps.
S62-4 Lifting gear, submarine batteries.
S41-6 Lifting and handling gear, engine.
N31-16 Lifting magnets.
S92 Lifting tongs.
AP27 Liggett, Hunter.
S13-1 Light armor.
S85 Light boxes for film marking, photography.
FF3-2 Light cruiser division, scouting fleet.
CL Light cruisers.
L16-7 Light and heat allowance.
H2-8 Light houses and light vessels (location and character).
DM Light mine layers.
S12-3 Light openings and airport scoops, excluding light.
A5-7 Light spread, engineering performance.
AG18 Light Target No. 1 (now Stoddert) (stricken).
AG19 Light Target No. 2 (ex-DD136; now DMS3, Boggs).
AG20 Light Target No. 3 (now DD137, Kilty).
YX Lighter, advance base.
ZK-ZZ Lighter-than-air aircraft.
AZ Lighter-than-air aircraft, tenders.
YE Lighters, ammunition.
YA Lighters, ash.
YF Lighters, covered.
YG Lighters, garbage.
YC Lighters, open.
QS9 Lighthouse ships.
ET19 Lighthouses, bureau of, Department of Treasury.
N20-1 Lighthouses and light vessels (structures).
H2-8 Lighthouses, location of.
S64 Lighting.
N39-1 Lighting, air station.
F36 Lighting, electric.
N10-9 Lighting, natural, of buildings.
S72-7 Lighting, sight, turret guns.
N26-5 Lighting, wiring, shore.
S18-1 Lightning conductors.
N19-11 Lightning protection, buildings.
H4-2 Lightning striking ship or compass.
N39-1 Lights, air station, landing field.
S12-3 Lights, deck and fixed.
S79-4 Lights and grenades, rifle discharges for.
AL Lightships (Navy).
N20-1 Lightvessels and lighthouses.
H2-8 Lightvessels, location of.
S11-6 Limber holes.
S79 Limbers, field and machine gun.
P4-3 Limbs, artificial.
N6-27 Lime storehouses.
L10-3 Limit of cost.
A14-7 Limitation of armaments.
N3-4 Limitation of boundaries.
P13-9 Limitation of punishment.
A17-11 Limitations of court functions before members are sworn (courts-martial).
QG5 Limits of countries.
A5-9 Limits of fire, gunnery exercises.
AMc48 Limpkin.
GE Lincoln Memorial Commission.
S28-6 Line mark, load.
OL Line officers.
S72-2 Line rings, turret machinery.
S43 Line shafts and bearings.
P17-1 Line titles.
P17-1 Lineal rank.
S33-6 Linen, bedding (except hammocks).
F34-1 Linen, living quarters.
F43-1 Linen tapes, parachute.
S41 Liners, cylinder, engine.
S73-1 Liners, gun, elongation and twist of, broadside guns.
S72 Liners and liner tracks, turrets.
S81-1 Lines and anchors, buoy, mine channel marking.
F45-2 Lines, cables and ropes, handling, mooring, hauling.
S18-1 Lines, clearing and clothes.
S71-8 Lines, cross, telescope.
S1-2 Lines of flow.
F39-3 Lines, level and load water.
S12-2 Lines, life.
F5-1 Lines and offsets, dies.
S5 Lines and offsets, molds.
F32 Lines, preventer, control.
S26-4 Lines, ropes, reels, moorings and appliances.
L21-2 Lines and routes, proposal for new transportation.
S94 Lines, throwing or shot, salvage.
S78-1 Line-throwing projectiles, ammunition.
NO77 Link training school, Pensacola, Fla.
AM76 Linnet.
S1-5 Linoleum, deck.
S19-6 Linseed oil, tallow, proprietary compound.
EF30 Lippe (Germany).
S87 Liquid meters and measuring devices.
S73-2 Liquid recoil, broadside mounts.
S72-5 Liquid recoil, turret gun slides.
L6-2 Liquidated damages, disbursing.
P13-2 Liquor, alcoholic, illegal possession of, selling, smuggling, etc.
JJ57 Liquor, whiskey, alcohol, medicinal.
S88-4 List and trim control.
L7-1 Lists, allowances.
L4-1 Lists of bidders and manufacturers.
A6 Lists, code, mailing, communications.
P17-1 Lists, graduation.
L21-4 Lists and reports, cargo (shipments).
P16 Lists (social), employees, officers of Navy and Marine Corps residing in District of Columbia.
N4-9 Listeners' school building.
A6-2 Listening-in radio.
DD336 Litchfield.
N36-13 Lithographing and engraving machines and equipment, plates, etc.
EF4I Lithuania.
A17-5 Litigation, law and justice.
APD4 Little (ex-DD79).
NB34 Little Creek, Va., section base.
CL92 Little Rock.
NL19 Little Rock, Ark., recruiting station.
YT14 Lively (stricken).
DD429 Livermore.
N33 Livestock and vehicles.
S33 Living and berthing equipment.
F34-1 Living quarters furnishings.
A9-12 Lloyd's register.
S29-1 Load condition.
S28-6 Load-line marks.
S19-1 Load water line, painting outside, except below, docking.
F39-3 Load water lines, draft.
L9-3 Load, work (care and preservation).
S74-4 Loading equipment, antiaircraft guns.
S73-4 Loading equipment, broadside guns.
S75-3 Loading equipment, torpedoes.
S86-3 Loading machines.
S72-10 Loading and transfer trays, turret guns.
L21-6 Loading and unloading shipments.
F32-4 Loads, stabilizer control.
P20-1 Loafing.
N1-2 Loam, sod, seeding, grass and lawns.
P16-3 Loan of employees.
L18 Loaning or borrowing money, indebtedness.
L11 Loans, transfers, and work.
P9-4 Lobbying.
NO110 Local defense, naval training schools (officers and enlisted >men).
L8-2 Local requisitions.
L24 Local resources.
P13-6 Locality, group or community, moral conditions of.
S75-3 Locating devices, torpedo.
S19-1 Locker, furniture and joiner work, painting.
N4-14 Locker and toilet buildings.
S79-4 Lockers, accoutrement, landing force.
S78-3 Lockers, ammunition.
S67 Lockers, battery (radio).
S18-1 Lockers, boatswain's.
S26-5 Lockers, ehain.
S24-8 Lockers, chart.
S85 Lockers, chemical and clothes, photography.
S36-5 Lockers, cleaning.
S34-2 Lockers, commissary equipment.
S69 Lockers, electric instruments.
S70-2 Lockers, flag.
F34 Lookers, furnishings.
S73-2 Lockers, gun gear, broadside mounts.
S75-3 Lockers, gyro, torpedo.
S33-6 Lockers, living and berthing.
S37-2 Lockers, medical.
F44-2 Lockers, photography.
S32-9 Lockers and safes, office equipment.
N36-14 Lockers and safes, shore.
S91 Lockers, shops.
S92 Lockers, tool.
S72-3 Locking devices, turret gun.
S75-2 Locking gear, torpedo tubes.
S12-4 Locks, keys, and tags.
S73 Locks and lockers, broadside guns.
NB41 Lockwood Basin, Boston, Mass., section base.
N30 Locomotives.
N31-4 Locomotive cranes.
N13-5 Lo eomotivo houses.
YN17 Locust.
N5-50 Lofts, flag, rigging and sail.
N28-7 Lofts, pigeon, shore.
L Logistics (major grouping).
A12-1 Logs, deck and engineering (historical).
S65-5 Logs (speed indicators), Forbes, Cummings.
S24-7 Logs, patent, taffrail and electric.
KP146 London, England, American Embassy, marine detachment.
DM812 Long (ex-DD209).
S65-6 Long arm indicator system.
NA16 Long Beach, Calif., naval reserve aviation base.
NH25-1 Long Beach Area and San Pedro, Calif., naval dispensary.
NB25 Long Beach, Calif., fleet base.
S78-1 Long delay, detonator fuses, ammunition.
AVG1 Long Island.
FG20 Long Island air group.
NC60 Long Island City, N.Y., Ford instrument school.
EN11-37 Long Island, N.Y. (College Point), inspector of naval aircraft.
EN11-24 Long Island, N.Y., inspector of naval aircraft.
EN6-9 Long Island City, N.Y., inspector of ordnance.
EN9-96 Long Island City, N.Y., navy cost inspector, Brewster Aeronautical Co.
AS-1 Long-range battle practice.
F13-1 Longerons.
L16-4 Longevity pay.
S24-7 Longitude and latitude indicator.
H1-25 Longitude, latitude, hydrographic.
F13 Longitudinals.
S11 Longitudinals.
DD559 Longshaw.
AMc10 Longspur.
S24-2 Lookout stations.
N23-8 Loops, circulating (other than piping).
P13-5 Loot and looting.
AMc49 Lorikeet.
EN25-27 Lorraine, Ohio, supervisor of shipbuilding, American S.B. Co.
ZR3 Los Angeles (stricken).
ENS-44 Los Angeles, Calif., inspector of ordnance, Consolidated Steel Corp. Ltd. of Calif.
EN9-109 Los Angeles, Calif., navy cost inspector, Automatic Machine Screw Co.
EN9-81 Los Angeles, Calif., navy cost inspector, Consolidated Steel Corporation.
NL33 Los Angeles, Calif., recruiting station.
NC74-5 Los Angeles, Calif., radio and signal school.
EN9-33 Los Angeles S.B. & D.D. Co., San Pedro, Calif., navy cost inspector.
EN6-42 Los Angeles S.B. & D.D. Co., San Pedro, Calif., inspector of ordnance.
EN25-25 Los Angeles S.B. & D.D. Co., San Pedro, Calif., supervisor of shipbuilding.
L20-6 Loss of baggage.
P1-4 Loss of citizenship.
A7-3 Loss of confidential publications.
L21-5 Loss and losses (shipment).
P17-2 Loss of numbers.
P13-9 Loss of numbers and pay, punishment.
L16-4 Loss of pay.
L19 Loss of property by individuals.
A4-1 Loss of status of ships and aircraft, official declaration of.
L11 Losses of material by inventions, unknown causes.
L6-2 Lost bills.
L12-1 Lost cheeks.
A6 Lost mail and records.
L19 Lost property.
P6-6 Lots, burial.
N28-10 Loud speakers, shore.
S65-2 Loud-speaking telephone systems.
BB19 Louisiana (stricken).
BB71 Louisiana (new).
EG19 Louisiana.
CA28 Louisville.
NP25 Louisville, Ky., naval ordnance plant.
EN9-61 Louisville, Ky., navy cost inspector, Westinghouse E. & M, Co.
NL25 Louisville, Ky., recruiting station.
S38-1 Louvres, air.
F41-8 Low altitude, bomb sights.
S65-4 Low-pressure alarm system, circulating water, communication.
S81-1 Low-speed mine sweeping.
S11-3 Lower skeg.
P1-6 Loyalty.
AMc88 Loyalty.
EF30 Lubeck (Germany).
S53 Lubricating apparatus, blowers.
S65-4 Lubricating-oil indicators (electric), and low pressure alarm system.
S47 Lubricating oil pumps.
N6-76 Lubricating-oil storehouse.
F26 Lubricating system.
S45 Lubrication.
S41 Lubrication system, main propelling machinery.
S72-5 Lubrication, turret-gun slides.
S49-3 Lubricators, air compressors.
DM4 Luce (stricken).
DD522 Luce (new).
S30-1 Lucky bags.
EN25-4 Luders Marine Construction Co., Stamford, Conn., supervisor of shipbuilding.
AK37 Ludington.
DM10 Ludlow (stricken).
DD438 Ludlow (new).
S72-6 Lugs, deck, turret-gun.
S12-5 Lugs, lifting.
EN9-60 Lukas, Harold, Corp., Indianapolis, Ind., navy cost inspector.
EN9-74 Lukens Steel Co., Coatesville, Pa., navy cost inspector.
N6-6 Lumber storehouse.
F38-2 Luminous radium paints.
P18-2 Lunch periods.
N 4-5 Lunchroom.
P8-3 Luncheons.
N4-7 Lutheran Brotherhood Building.
S78-1 Luting, fuse thread ammunition.
EF42 Luxemburg.
PR7 Luzon (ex-PG47).
AT56 Lykens (stricken).
P13-4 Lynching.
EN9-122 Lyon, Inc., Detroit, Mich., navy cost inspector.


S76-1 M devices, mine.
ASR11 Macaw.
DD331 Mac Donough (stricken).
DD351 Mac Donough (new).
S78-1 Machine, crimping, cartridge case, ammunition.
S79 Machine field guns.
S78-1 Machine gun cartridges, ammunition.
S73-1 Machine gun forgings, accidents and error, broadside guns.
P41 Machine gun ordnance.
N4-9 Machine gun school building.
S74-1 Machine guns, antiaircraft guns.
S91-1 Machine shops.
N5-18 Machine shops.
L10-3 Machine, statistical system, tool rates, industrial accounting.
JJ40 Machine tools, general.
P37 Machinery, auxiliary.
S23 Machinery, auxiliary.
EN8-24 Machinery, changes, board on.
S22 Machinery compartments, steering.
S72-9 Machinery and elevating gear, turret guns.
N36-8 Machinery and equipment, printing and binding, shore.
S11-13 Machinery, foundations (engineering).
S19-1 Machinery and hull fittings, painting and ordnance outfit.
S41 Machinery, main propelling.
S26-1 Machinery, mooring, hydraulic speed gear.
S40 Machinery plant, general.
A12-1 Machinery, ship's history of.
S16-4 Machinery spaces, gratings.
N6-19 Machinery storehouses.
N32-3 Machines, balancing, and plate racks, research testing apparatus, ashore.
S79-3 Machines, belt-filling, machine guns.
S71-8 Machines, drafting (plotting room).
S86-3 Machines, drill and loading.
S36-5 Machines, floor-waxing.
S87 Machines, instruments not covered in other groups.
S34-2 Machines, kitchen, cake, milk (messing).
S85-1 Machines, motion-picture and title-making, photography.
N34-13 Machines, mowing.
N36 Machines, office supplies and equipment.
S59 Machines, refrigerating.
S33-6 Machines, sewing.
S91 Machines, ship upkeep shops and equipment.
S76-1 Machines, taut wire, mines.
S92 Machines, tools and equipment, portable.
ME Machinists' mate.
MV Machinists' mates, aviation.
N4-9 Machinists mates' school building.
OW Machinists (warrant).
DD175 Mackenzie (stricken).
DD614 Mackenzie (new).
SS204 Mackerel.
AVP13 Mackinac.
NR58 Mackinao Island, Mich., radio, traffic station.
DD220 Macleish.
DD458 Macomb.
S48-23 Macomb strainers, pipe fittings.
ZRS5 Macon (stricken).
EN9-48 Macon, Ga., navy cost inspector, Reynolds Metal Co.
NP30 Macon, Ga., naval ordnance plant.
EF28-6 Madagascar (French).
DD168 Maddox (stricken).
DD622 Maddox (new).
DD425 Madison.
AK48 Maersk, Rita.
S48 Magazine flooding system, piping.
S64-2 Magazine lighting.
S78-3 Magazines, (ammunition).
N6-62 Magazines, shell and bomb storage.
A10 Magazines, ship and station publications, subscriptions.
NT1 Magazines.
YFB68 Magdalena.
A12-3 Magna Charta.
S22 Magnetic clutch, steering and diving, (submarine).
H1-8 Magnetic disturbances.
S76-1 Magnetic mines.
NE19 Magnetic proving ground, Solomon's Island, Md.
S24-7 Magnetic, ship control.
H2-21 Magnetic survey ranges.
H1 Magnetism and magnetic disturbances, hydrography.
S69 Magneto generator testing sets.
S41-3 Magneto, motor boat engine.
F24-6 Magneto, starter.
F21-1 Magnetos, engine.
N31-16 Magnets, lifting.
S71-8 Magnifying glasses, fire-control.
AMc2 Magpie.
DM7 Mahan (stricken).
DD364 Mahan (new).
YN36 Mahaska.
YN18 Mahogany.
AT29 Mahopac.
A6-4 Mail.
S32-9 Mail boxes and bags.
MX Mail clerks, navy.
N28-9 Mail collection boxes, shore.
EP9 Mail equipment shops, Post Office Department.
N36-15 Mail equipment, shore.
L21-3 Mailing lists, transportation.
P13-4 Maiming.
S48-2 Main and auxiliary feed water piping.
S71-1 Main battery fire control (turret).
F14-2 Main body.
FE23 Main body.
F19-2 Main body, outer cover.
S48 Main drain, piping.
S56-4 Main feed and filter tanks, feed-water.
S47 Main feed pumps.
S65-5 Main generator shaft indicator.
F21 Main propelling machinery.
S41 Main propelling machinery.
S66 Main searchlights.
S62-1 Main switchboards.
S41-4 Main terminal board, electric drive.
BB69 Maine.
EG20 Maine.
L9-3 Maintenance (care and preservation).
N34 Maintenance equipment, building and grounds.
F48-3 Maintenance engine platforms.
L10-4 Maintenance accounts (accounting).
P7 Maintenance, self (domestic relations).
N5-71 Maintenance shop.
KS4 Major General Commandant, marine corps headquarters.
OA Majors, marine corps.
P4-1 Major and minor operations.
P13-5 Making good time lost by absence.
EF13 Malay States (British).
EF13-9 Maldive Islands (British).
P13-1 Malicious acts (misconduct and discipline).
ASR4 Mallard (ex-AM44).
P3-2 Malpractice.
EF13 Malta (British).
P13-2 Maltreatment of subordinates.
S64-5 Man-overboard lights, electric.
A3 Management and organization.
ON4 Manager, industrial.
KV5 Managua, Nicaragua, aviation detachment, marine.
KP25 Managua, Nicaragua, marine post.
NE68 Managua, Nicaragua, radio-traffic station.
NX14 Manasquan, N.J., radio direction-finder station.
CL83 Manchester.
EF16 Manchuria.
A17-5 Mandamus (law and justice).
A14-4 Mandates, international relations.
S43-2 Mandrels, bearing.
S24-5 Maneuvering room on submarines.
A16-3 Maneuvers.
YN19 Mango.
S51-1 Manholes, handholes and plates, boiler.
S16 Manholes, scuttles, water-tight, aud non-water-tight doors and hatches.
N26-7 Manholes, sewer.
L21-4 Manifests (shipment)
A14-4 Manifests, international relations.
P21 Manifold, engine.
P31-1 Manifold pressure gage.
S49-3 Manifolds, air.
F18 Manifolds, air scoops, gas.
F32-6 Manifolds, control.
F26-4 Manifolds, oil piping.
S48-24 Manifolds, valve.
S18-1 Manilla, hemp, wire, and rope rigging.
S26-4 Manilla and wire, mooring and warping iines.
YT173 Manistee.
NR54 Manistique, Mich., radio-traffic station.
NX32 Manistique, Mich., radio direction-finder station.
EN25-20 Manitowoc, Wis., supervisor of shipbuilding, Manitowoc S.B. & D.D. Co., branch at Chicago, Ill., Henrv C. Grebe & Co.
EN9-39 Manitowoc, Wis., navy cost inspector, Manitowoc S.B. Co.
YN40 Mankato.
APD1 Manley (ex-DD74; ex-AG28).
P1-4 Manner of naturalization.
P20-1 Manner of performance.
A15-3 Manning the rail and yards.
S87 Manometers.
S24-7 Manometers, aneroid.
S38-1 Manometers, ventilating.
S16-4 Manropes, ladder.
DD594 Mansfield.
EN6-21 Mansfield, Ohio, inspector of ordnance.
P13-4 Manslaughter.
S72-1 Mantlet plates, turret.
A2-2 Manuals.
L8-3 Manufacture or construction, procurement by.
P15 Manufacture of medals.
QM Manufacturers.
L4-1 Manufacturers, list of (purchasing).
L24 Manufacturing establishments, capacity and output.
L8-3 Manufacturing orders and requests.
YFB16 Manuwai.
YN20 Maple (now Hackberry).
S85-2 Mapping photography.
F31-3 Maps.
HO Maps of the Federal Government, Board of.
AMc50 Marabout.
JJ59-5 Marble.
CL12 Marblehead.
A5-9 Marches, practice.
DD321 Marcus (strikken).
NT1-10 Mare Island, Caif., ammunition depot.
KP27 Mare Island, Calif., ammunition depot, marine post.
KP28 Mare Island, Calif., casual company, marine post.
NC15 Mare Island, Calif., fuel-oil school.
KP29 Mare Island, Calif., guard company No. 1, marine post.
KP30 Mare Island, Calif., guard company No. 2, marine post.
KP31 Mare Island, Calif., headquarters detachment, marine post.
KP26 Mare Island, Calif., marine post.
KH3 Mare Island, Calif., marine post exchange.
NT4-6 Mare Island, Calif., medical supply depot.
NT7-2 Mare Island, Calif., motion-picture stibexchange.
NH15 Mare Island, Calif., naval hospital.
NF4 Mare Island, Calif., naval prison.
KP32 Mare Island, Calif., naval prison, marine post.
KP33 Mare Island, Calif., naval prison detachment, marine post.
NY9 Mare Island, Calif., navy yard.
NM19 Mare Island, Calif., navy yard barracks.
N026 Mare Island, Calif., optical school.
NX67 Mare Island, Calif., radio direction-finder station.
NP71 Mare Island, Calif., radio-traffic station.
KP34 Mare Island, Calif., recruit company A, marine post.
KP36 Mare Island, Calif., recruit company B, marine post.
KP36 Mare Island, Calif., recruit company C, marine post.
KP37 Mare Island, Calif., recruit company D, marine post.
KP38 Mare Island, Calif., recruit receiving depot, marine post.
KP30 Mare Island, Calif., rifle range detachment, marine post.
KP40 Mare Island, Calif., sea school detachment, marine post.
NT5-8 Mare Island, Calif., and San Francisco, Calif., torpedo depot.
YN53 Marin (ex-Sparrow; ex-AMc31; ex-YT172).
KV Marine aircraft wings.
KV9 Marine detachment, aviation, New River, N.C.
KB Marine band, Washington, D.C.
ZMQ Marine barrage balloon squadrons.
N15-7 Marine basins.
KE Marine battalions.
KF Marine brigades.
KK Marine Corps.
A21-2 Marine Corps air service.
NT6 Marine Corps depots of supplies.
ML Marine Corps enlisted personnel.
P16-7 Marine Corps officers residing in District of Columbia, list of (social list).
OA Marine Corps officers.
KA-KW Marine Corps organizations.
KH Marine Corps post exchanges.
ML2 Marine Corps, quartermaster sergeant.
KW Marine Corps Reserves.
K5 Marine Corps staff.
A2-3 Marine Corps, uniform regulations (executive action).
KV Marine defense aircraft groups.
KP Marine detachments.
KD Marine details on ships.
EN7-14 Marino Engineering Corp., Philadelphia, Pa., superintending constructor.
A17 Marine examining, retiring, and selection boards.
L13-2 Marine insurance.
KP Marine posts and stations.
N17 Marine railways.
KG Marine regiments.
QS7 Maritime Commission vessels.
A17-3 Maritime law, admiralty, commercial.
LE Maritime Service, United States.
NT1-23 Marivcles, P.I., naval ammunition depot.
NT4-34 Mariveles, P.I., naval net depot.
NB63 Mariveles, P.I., section base.
A5-9 Marjorie Sterett battleship fund awards.
AD21 Markab (ex-AK31).
S65-5 Marker buoys, submarine.
S78-1 Marker projectiles, ammunition.
P6-6 Markers, grave.
L4-2 Market prices, estimates based on prevailing.
EA21 Markets and crop estimates, Bureau of, Department of Agriculture.
F39-4 Marking.
S28-3 Marking.
S85 Marking film, light boxes for, photography.
L21-3 Marking of shipments.
F1-3 Marking specifications and insignia, design.
S72-7 Marks, bars, sight, turret guns.
N1-1 Marks, bench.
S28 Marks, designating.
P39 Marks, distinguishing.
P10-1 Marks, final for discharge.
P20-2 Marks, quarterly.
P1-5 Marks, tattoo.
S83-2 Marks and types, catapults and gear, airplane.
A6-6 Marksmanship, field and boat guns, small arms.
SS205 Marlin.
P7 Married or single (domestic relations).
AC6 Mars (stricken).
EJ18 Marshals, United States.
NR74 Marshfield, Oreg., radio-traffic station.
A17-10 Martial law, military government.
EF28-21 Martinique.
EN6-46 Martins Ferry, Ohio, inspector of ordnance, Blaw-Knox Co.
EN9-99 Martins Ferry, Ohio, navy cost inspector, Blaw-Knox Co.
BB46 Maryland.
EG21 Maryland.
EN9-34 Maryland D.D. Co., Baltimore, Md., navy cost inspector.
S77-2 Masks and charges, gas.
F49 Masks, equipment.
DD191 Mason (stricken).
BB54 Massachusetts (stricken).
BBS9 Massachusetts (new).
EG22 Massachusetts.
NC111-2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass., radio engineering naval training school (officers).
P3-2 Massage.
YT15 Massasoit (stricken).
YT131 Massasoit (new).
F6-4 Mast, mooring.
S24-7 Masthead, anemometers.
S17-2 Masthead heights.
S64-5 Masthead lights, electric.
S28-4 Masthead shapes.
N10-4 Masts, mooring ashore.
S67 Masts, radio.
N11-5 Masts, radio, shore.
S17 Masts, spars, towers, cranes, and derricks.
MS2 Master at Arms, Chief.
S24-7 Master, compass, gyro.
S14-2 Mastic, deck.
AVP22 Matagorda.
AB-6 Matches, rifle.
JL Material, A. P. A.
L14-2 Material in bond.
N19-17 Material, building, general.
L8-2 Material, covered by requisitions, obtaining of.
L2-1 Material description, specifications.
L7-2 Material distribution.
EN3-3 Material division, Navy.
L24 Material handling resources.
S91-2 Material handling in workshops, trolley tracks and jib cranes for.
L5 Material inspections (includes material not under purchase).
F3-1 Material inspection and readiness.
S3-1 Material inspections and readiness.
S62-2 Material, insulating (electric power distribution).
JO Material, N. S. A.
F29-3 Material not otherwise classified.
F1-3 Material parts.
L4 Material purchasing.
A5-9 Material reports, gunnery exercises.
JN Material, reserve.
JP Material, reserve (other than Navy).
L11 Material, salvage of; surveys of.
N4-9 Material school building.
S Material of ships.
L21-4 Material shipped, reports of.
L2-4 Material standards.
F1-3 Material specifications.
L10-3 Material system of accounting, industrial.
F29 Material, tools and equipment.
L9-2 Material, transit, guard service.
JM Material, used.
JA-JZ Materials.
JJ59 Materials, building, shore.
N6-77 Materials, equipment, submarine vessel, storehouse for.
JR Materials, refuse, general.
N4-9 Mates' school buildings, machinists and pharmacists.
EN9-164 Mather Spring Co., Toledo, Ohio, navy cost inspector.
S33-6 Mats.
S27 Mats, cargo.
S18-2 Mats, rigging and canvas.
S14-3 Matting, deck.
AO17 Mattole.
N5-41 Mattress factory.
F34-1 Mattresses.
S33-6 Mattresses.
NA54 Maui, T.H., naval air station.
AO2 Maumee.
EF28-16 Mauritania (French).
EF13-19 Mauritius (British).
DM5 Maury (stricken).
DD401 Maury (new).
EN9-151 Maxim Silencer Co., Hartford, Conn., navy cost inspector.
PY1 Mayflower (stricken).
P13-4 Mayhem.
DD422 Mayo.
EF28-7 Mayotte (French).
NB88 Mayport, Fla., section base.
DD31 Mayport (stricken).
DD402 Mayport (new).
DD25 McCall (stricken).
DD400 McCall (new).
DD253 McCalla (stricken).
DD488 McCalla (new).
DD276 McCawley (stricken).
AP10 McCawley (new).
DD252 McCook (stricken).
DD496 McCook (ex-Farley).
EN11-3 McCook Field, Dayton, Ohio, central division, general inspection of naval aircraft.
DD534 McCord.
DD223 McCormick.
DD262 McDermut (stricken).
DD54 McDougal (stricken).
DD358 McDougal (new).
AVD14 McFarland (ex-DD237).
APD5 McKean (ex-DD90).
DD87 McKee (stricken).
DD575 McKee (new).
DD264 McLanahan (stricken).
DD615 McLanahan (new).
DD274 Meade (stricken).
DD602 Meade (new).
L20-2 Meal tickets.
L2-4 Measurement standards.
P13-9 Measures, disciplinary.
S87 Measuring devices.
S71-8 Measuring devices, range-finder.
S58-4 Measuring devices and tanks, distilling plant.
S55-5 Measuring meters, fuel oil equipment.
S34-2 Meat blocks, grinders and cutting tables, messing.
N6-56 Meat storage building.
S75 Mechanical and electrical gyros, torpedo.
S73-1 Mechanical firing attachments, keys, broadside guns.
P2-3 Mechanical means, prevention of disease.
S24-8 Mechanical fog horn.
LC Mechanical service, supervisory.
LA Mechanics, civil establishment.
N4-9 Mechanics' school buildings.
S79-1 Mechanism, breech, field guns.
P21-1 Mechanism, gun-control, engine.
EP30 Mecklenburg-Schwerin (Germany).
EF30 Mecklenburg-Strelitz (Germany).
P15 Medals, good conduct (citations).
A14-4 Mediation, international relations.
P9-2 Medical associations.
NH6 Medical Center, Washington, D.C.
OM Medical Corps.
NT4-8 Medical depot, Oakland, Calif.
F34-5 Medical equipment, aircraft.
EN16 Medical examiners, board of.
A17-29 Medical examining board; proceedings of.
A4-4 Medical guards.
ON14 Medical officer, ashore.
OP16 Medical officer (of ship).
EN20 Medical officers, board for examination of.
A17-15 Medical officers, court martial.
S32-1 Medical officer's office.
EW14 Medical school, Army.
NC43 Medical school, naval, Washington, D.C.
S37 Medical spaces and equipment (ship).
N9 Medical structure.
N6-40 Medical supplies storehouse.
P19-1 Medical survey discharge.
P3 Medical surveys and treatment.
P3 Medicine.
P2 Medicine, preventive.
EN10 Medicine and Surgery, Bureau of.
S31-6 Medicine and surgery spares.
F34-5 Medicines, dressings, and eases.
S37-2 Medicines and dressings.
QH3 Mediterranean Sea.
L3 Mediums, advertising.
AR1 Medusa.
A17-11 Meeting place; court-martial procedure.
F49-7 Megaphones.
S24-8 Megaphones.
S69 Meggers, electrical testing sets (ship).
AK34 Meigs.
AD2 Melville.
NT2-7 Melville, R.I., fuel depot.
DD335 Melvin (stricken).
A17-15 Member or judge advocate of the court, court-martial.
P7 Members of family.
P14-2 Members of family, appointment of.
GJ8 Members of House.
A17-11 Members, qualifications of (courts-martial).
GJ7 Members of Senate.
P8-2 Membership in associations and organizations.
A17-20 Membership changes in, courts martial.
A12-2 Mementos.
AMc89 Memorable.
A3-2 Memoranda, office.
HV Memorial Bridge Commission.
A15-2 Memorial services.
P6-5 Memorials.
CL13 Memphis.
P16-4 Men, orders to (assignment and detail).
AK39 Mendocino.
YN34 Menewa.
AT73 Menominee.
P11-1 Mental development and progress in schools, examination of.
P3-1 Mental diseases.
P2-5 Mental and physical condition.
A17-15 Mentally deficient, testimony of witnesses; court-martial.
YT108 Mercedes.
P13-5 Merchandise, commerce, offenses in connection with (offenses against property).
N6-9 Merchandise pier shed.
N15-1 Merchandise piers.
OT Merchant Marine Officers.
Q112 Merchant marine reserves.
QS1 Merchant ships.
A14-1 Merchant ships, arming, convoying.
EN3-0 Merchant ships board, Navy
L21-1 Merchant ships, shipment by.
F31-5 Mercurial barometer (aircraft).
AK42 Mercury.
AH4 Mercy (stricken).
DD165 Meredith (stricken).
DD434 Meredith (new).
P15 Merit, certification of.
A5-7 Merit engineering performance.
EN9-117 Merritt Chapman & Scott Corp., New York, N.Y., navy cost inspector.
DD322 Mervine (stricken).
DD489 Mervine (new).
MB Mess attendant, enlisted.
NC66 Mess attendant school (negro), Norfolk, Va.
P2-3 Mess gear, sterilization.
S34 Mess, general equipment and rooms.
N4-5 Mess halls (building).
JE Mess, officers'.
S33 Mess rooms.
F34-6 Message carrier.
F33-1 Message pads and holders, air, I.C.
A6 Messages.
A6-4 Messenger service.
S34 Messing (ship).
F34-3 Messing equipment.
MB Messman branch, enlisted.
S29-1 Metacentric height.'
YN51 Metacom.
S92 Metal bins, scrap.
S14-5 Metal covering.
S24-7 Metal covers and complete binnacles.
S11-5 Metal joiner bulkheads.
F38 Metal, painting and spraying, finish.
N5-5 Metal shops.
MV Metal smith, aviation.
ME23 Metal smith's chief.
N6-38 Metal storehouses.
S91-1 Metal, wire and welding shops.
S17-2 Metal masts and fittings.
S41-2 Metallic packing, main propelling machinery.
N8-12 Metallurgical Iaboratores.
JJ46 Metals, by composition.
J5 Metals, scrap.
DD595 Metcalf.
YN41 Meter.
H4 Meteorology.
H4-4 Meteorological instruments.
S24-7 Meteorological thermometers.
H4-3 Meteorolites, meteoroids, meteors.
S87 Meters (ship).
S38-1 Meters, air flow, ventilating testing.
S69 Meters, electrical.
S55-5 Meters, fuel-oil.
S15 Meters, gasoline.
S48-23 Meters, piping, other than fuel oil and feed water.
S58-4 Meters, water-distilling plant.
N1-1 Metes and bounds.
P1-7 Method, form of keeping personal records.
L21-3 Method of making shipments.
L10-6 Method, overhead account, cost inspection.
F45-3 Method, Rosendahl's, mooring devices.
L3 Methods, advertising.
P14-2 Methods of appointment.
A6-5 Methods, correspondence.
L20-1 Methods and instructions of transportation.
L8-2 Methods, issuing material.
P11-2 Methods, library (educational system).
L4-3 Methods, purchase of material for special purposes.
L10-5 Methods, reports of accounting on.
L21-4 Methods of shipment, freight and express, etc.
ES4 Mexican affairs, division of, State Department.
QW6 Mexican War.
EF44 Mexico.
DD279 Meyer (stricken).
CL89 Miami.
NA30 Miami, Fla., naval air station.
NA23 Miami, Fla., naval reserve aviation base.
NR42 Miami, Fla., radio-traffic station.
EN11-35 Miami, Fla., resident inspector of naval aircraft.
EN7-19 Miami, Fla., superintending constructor.
EN25-14 Miami, Fla., supervisor of shipbuilding, Fogal Boat Works.
CMc5 Miantonomah.
BB27 Michigan (stricken).
EG23 Michigan.
S92 Micrometers.
S68 Microphone tanks, parts and spares, (sound-signaling under water).
S11-11 Midship sections.
P14-4 Midshipman, enlistment and candidates for appointment as, age limits.
OLl Midshipmen.
EN9-57 Midvale Steel Works, navy cost inspector, Nicetown, Pa.
NA38 Midway Island, naval air base.
NB48 Midway Island, submarine base.
EG12-1 Midway Islands.
NU2 Midway, radar station.
YP6 Milan (ex-Skaneateles).
L20 Mileage.
N28-5 Military-alarm system shore.
P14 Military appointment, exemption from, preference for.
EW3-2 Military attaches.
N12-8 Military control structures, harbor defense.
A17-10 Military government, exercise by Navy, martial law.
ON1 Military governor.
A8-2 Military information, foreign.
S3-1 Military inspection.
EW3-1 Military intelligence, War Department.
P18-1 Military leave.
P13-2 Military service, evasion of (offenses against authority).
A16-1 Military observations, strength, foreign countries.
A2-6 Military post regulations (executive action).
L24 Military resources.
N12 Military structures.
A5-9 Military tournaments.
EW20 Militia Bureau, War Department.
A2-6 Militia regulations (executive action).
S34-2 Milk machine.
S39-1 Millboard sheathing.
DD535 Miller.
S91-2 Milling machines.
S92 Milling machines, cutters.
EN9-159 Millington, Morris County, N.J., navy cost inspector, Asbestos Limited, Inc.
CL5 Milwaukee.
EN8-21 Milwaukee, Wis., inspector of engineering material.
EN9-148 Milwaukee, Wis., navy cost inspector, A, 0, Smith Corp.
EN9-126 Milwaukee, Wis., navy cost inspector, Falk Corp.
EN9-158 Milwaukee, Wis., navy cost inspector, Globe-Union, Inc.
EN9-92 Milwaukee, Wis., navy cost inspector, Nordberg Manufacturing Co.
NR53 Milwaukee, Wis., radio-traffic station.
NL26 Milwaukee, Wis., recruiting station.
YN21 Mimosa.
PE5 Mindanao (ex-PG48).
N5-79 Mine assembling and felling plant.
S71-5 Mine battery and depth charge control.
EN6-27 Mine building, Washington yard.
S65-4 Mine control indicators, electric.
S81-5 Mine-cutting devices.
NT3 Mine depots, naval.
FF6-5 Mine detachment, Asiatic Fleet (obsolete).
FB6 Mine divisions (vessels).
A5-3 Mine exercises.
N8-1 Mine experimental laboratory.
S76-1 Mine-firing batteries.
FF12 Mine force (obsolete).
S86-3 Mine, gun and depth-charge crew-instruction apparatus.
CM Mine layers.
DM Mine layers, light.
S71-5 Mine laying fire control and timing devices.
FE17 Mine-laying force.
SM Mine-laying submarines.
QS4 Mine planters, Army.
NC10I Mine recovery school, navy yard, Washington, D.C.
FF4-2 Mine Squadron 1, control force (obsolete).
FFS-3 Mine Squadron 2, fleet base force (obsolete).
DM5 Mine sweepers.
AM Mine sweepers (auxiliary ships).
AMc Mine sweepers (coastal).
AMb Mine sweepers (harbor).
S81-1 Mine sweeping.
FE13 Mine sweeping force.
S81 Mine, torpedo, bomb and splinter protection (other than structural).
NC76 Mine warfare school, York town, Va.
EI32 Mines, Bureau of, Department of the Interior.
S76 Mines.
S86-3 Mines, dummy (ship).
S76-1 Mines, mine handling and mine stowage.
N6-61 Mines, storehouse for.
H3-6 Mines, surface or subsurface, explosive or nonexplosive, obstructing navigation.
FF2-5 Mineeraft, battle force (obsolete).
FF12-6 Mineeraft, battle force, Pacific Fleet.
NC68 Mineeraft and mine school, Kuahua, T.H.
NZ5 Mineral reserves.
SS26X Mingo.
EN9-67 Mingo Junction, Ohio, navy cost inspector, Carnegie Illinois Steel Corporation.
A16-3 Mining operations (war).
ES18 Ministers.
CA36 Minneapolis.
EN6-34 Minneapolis, Minn., inspector of ordnance, Northern Pump Co.
EN24-18 Minneapolis, Minn., inspector of naval material.
NA20 Minneapolis, Minn., naval reserve aviation base.
EN9-84 Minneapolis, Minn., navy cost inspector, General Mills, Inc.
NL30 Minneapolis, Minn., recruiting station.
BB22 Minnesota (stricken).
EG24 Minnesota.
F32-6 Minor controls.
P4-1 Minor and major operations.
P14-4 Minors, enlistment of.
P19-1 Minority discharge.
P14-4 Minority enlistments.
A9-9 Minority reports.
ET8 Mint, Director of.
EF28-22 Miquelon (French).
F34-6 Mirrors.
S33-6 Mirrors.
A13-4 Misappropriation of ideas (patents).
AG Miscellaneous auxiliaries.
F49 Miscellaneous equipment.
N39-2 Miscellaneous equipment, aerial ladders, etc., landing field.
S87 Miscellaneous gauges.
S12-4 Miscellaneous hardware (parts of hull).
QA-QZ Miscellaneous name titles.
VM Miscellaneous planes.
S92 Miscellaneous portable tools.
LF Miscellaneous service.
N5-74 Miscellaneous shop.
F14-3 Miscellaneous, stern.
S30 Miscellaneous stowage and storerooms.
P18-1 Misconduct, absence due to.
P13 Misconduct and discipline.
P13-1 Misdemeanor (misconduct and discipline).
A6-4 Misdirected mail.
S78-1 Misfires, ammunition.
P6-1 Missing in action.
L8-2 Missing requisitions.
QC Missions.
A14-5 Missions, diplomatic, fleet, international.
BB41 Mississippi.
EG25 Mississippi.
EW15 Mississippi River Commission, War Department.
CA13 Missoula (stricken).
BB63 Missouri (new).
EG26 Missouri.
P13 Mistreatment of prisoners and animals.
A17-15 Mitigation, court-martial.
P13-10 Mitigation of sentence (prisoners).
N34-7 Mixers, concrete.
AF12 Mizar.
CL63 Mobile.
EN9-32 Mobile, Ala., navy cost inspector, Alabama S.B. & D.D. Co.
EN9-114 Mobile, Ala., navy cost inspector, Choctaw Boat Works Inc.
NR48 Mobile, Ala., radio-traffic station.
NB72 Mobile, Ala., section base.
NH Mobile base hospitals.
P16-3 Mobilization duty.
A16-3 Mobilization of ships, troops, and aircraft.
L21-1 Mobilization of shipping facilities.
AVP27 Mobjack.
AMc28 Mocking Bird.
F1-5 Mock-up.
NP21 Model basin, Carderock, Md.
F40-1 Model, designations.
N8-5 Model tanks and basins.
P1-2 Models.
S1-2 Models.
S5 Models for laying off plating.
L2-3 Models, molds, specifications.
N6-12 Models, storehouse for (structures).
L9-3 Modernization (alterations, repairs, and overhaul).
L4-3 Modifications, contract.
L8-2 Modifications of requisition.
YT16 Modoc.
A14-7 Modus vivendi.
DD362 Moffett.
ATI5 Mohave (stricken).
YT17 Mohawk.
N5-17 Mold shops.
F5 Molds.
S5 Molds.
L2-3 Molds, patterns, specifications.
MB Molders, enlisted.
NA55 Molokai, T.H., naval air station.
A5-9 Moments of inertia, projectile.
EF45 Monaco.
IX17 Monadnock (ex-BM3) (stricken).
CMc4 Monadnock (new).
DD32 Monaghan (stricken).
DD354 Monaghan (new).
EN9-120 Monarch Machine Tool Co., Sidney, Ohio, navy cost inspector.
JJ46-10 Monel metal.
QF Money.
L16-9 Money allowances.
L6-2 Money to contractors, advance of.
L12-1 Money deposits for future payments (investments and deposits).
P13-3 Money or money value, offenses involving.
A6-4 Money orders, mail.
EP5 Money orders, Post Office Department.
L7-1 Money and pay allowances.
L6-9 Money, prize.
A6 Money prizes, engineering performance, and gunnery.
L22-3 Monev rewards for beneficial suggestions.
EF16 Mongolia.
YFB18 Moneghan.
AN Monitor.
S93 Monitors, fire (ship).
S73-1 Monoblock guns, radial expansion process.
PR2 Monocacy (ex-PG20) (stricken).
S71-5 Monocular finders.
N31-11 Monorail hoists.
A14-4 Monroe Doctrine.
EN24-16 Monroe, Mich., resident inspector of naval material.
H4-9 Monsoons.
DD436 Monssen.
BB51 Montana (stricken).
BB67 Montana (new).
EG27 Montana.
AN2 Montauk.
AT39 Montcalm.
NB74 Monterey, Calif., section base.
YT145 Montezuma.
DN17 Montgomery (ex-DD121).
A9-4 Monthly reports.
CL57 Montpelier.
N1 Monuments.
P6 Monuments, grave and memorial.
DD277 Moody (stricken).
PYc9 Moonstone.
PO-4 Mooring.
S86-1 Mooring boards, instruction.
S12-1 Mooring fittings.
F45 Mooring gear.
P15-7 Mooring and handling foundations.
F37-1 Mooring machinery.
S26-1 Mooring machinery.
N10-4 Mooring masts, ashore.
S17-2 Mooring masts and fittings.
F45-3 Mooring point.
F14-1 Mooring spindle and structures, bow.
S12-1 Mooring and towing fittings.
S2G Moorings and appliances.
N20 Moorings and navigational aid structures.
P8-2 Moral associations.
P13-6 Moral conditions of a group, community or locality.
P21 Morale.
N4-7 Morale building.
NR35 Morehead City, N. C, radio-traffic station.
NB85 Morehead City, N. C, section base.
EF46 Morocco.
DD271 Morris (stricken).
DD417 Morris (new).
YX8 Morris (C.T.B. No. 6-stricken).
EN9-31 Morris Ship Yard, Oakland, Calif., navy cost inspector.
DD560 Morrison.
NB54 Morro Bay, Calif., section base.
S79-4 Mortar and stokes projectiles.
S73-1 Mortars, broadside guns.
L15 Mortgages.
N9-6 Mortuary.
KP131 Moscow, U.S.S.R., ammunition depot, marine post.
S33-6 Mosquito net frames, cot.
F21-1 Moss, supercharger.
P7 Mothers.
NT7 Motion-picture exchanges.
P16-5 Motion-picture operator, detail as.
F44-1 Motion-picture, photography.
P10-2 Motion-picture shows and commercial films.
N6-74 Motion-picture storehouse.
S85-1 Motion pictures.
A7-4 Motion pictures and films, permission to make.
AM102 Motive.
S78-3 Motometers, powder-test ovens.
F24-4 Motor, air-starter.
S82 Motorboats.
N33-4 Motor cycles.
S83 Motor dories, lifeboats and sailing launches.
S24-9 Motor, dry-air, periscope.
F24-1 Motor, electric starter.
N23-7 Motor-generator houses.
N7-8 Motor-generator houses, structures.
S67 Motor generators, radio.
F36-4 Motor generators and similar apparatus.
S72-2 Motor generators, turret-turning.
ME Motor machinists' mates.
P27-4 Motor, power pumps.
S41-6 Motor rooms, electric-drive.
P3-1 Motor-system diseases.
N10-5 Motor-test houses.
FB8 Motor torpedo-boat divisions (vessels).
PC8 Motor torpedo-boat squadrons (vessels).
PF13 Motor torpedo squadrons, Atlantic Fleet. (Obsolete, see PC8.)
S25 Motor, towing.
F41-2 Motor, trigger, machine-gun.
L21-1 Motor truck, shipment by.
N33-2 Motor trucks.
YMT Motor tugs.
S72-2 Motor, turret-turning.
EP9 Motor-vehicle service, Post Office Department.
S82-9 Motor whaleboats.
L20-1 Motors, carriages, cabs, hire of.
S72-10 Motors and controls, turrets, ammunition hoists and elevating gear.
S63 Motors, electric power application.
S41 Motors, main propelling-machinery, ventilating apparatus.
S36-5 Motors and motor control, cleaning equipment.
S26-1 Motors and motor control, mooring machinery.
S29-4 Motors and motor control, stabilizers.
S22 Motors, rudder-control.
S25 Motors and spare parts, towing-ongine.
S72 Motors, turrets.
AP22 Mount Vernon.
S74-2 Mounts, antiaircraft guns.
S72-5 Mounts, bars, shoulder, slide-gun turrets.
S73-2 Mounts, broadside guns.
S79 Mounts and circles, boat and machine guns.
P42-1 Mounts, generator radio.
N6-64 Mounts, gun, storage sheds.
F41 Mounts, ordnance.
S71-8 Mounts, range-finder.
S77-1 Mounts, wood, gas and smoke warfare.
KT3 Mountain division, marine reserve detachment.
KR3 Mountain division, marine recruiting corps.
H7 Mountain time.
F13-1 Mounting, engine, body.
F10-2 Mounting, nacelle.
S85 Mounting rooms, dark and printing rooms, and equipment, photography.
S78-1 Mouth cups, ammunition.
A4-3 Movement orders, ship and aircraft.
P16-3 Movements of personnel.
A7-1 Movements of ships, daily bulletin.
A16-3 Movements, war.
S41-2 Moving parts, steam-engine.
A2-14 Moving pictures, permits to take, use of Government personnel.
N34-13 Mowing machines and lawn mowers.
S51-1 Mud drums, boiler.
YMD Mud scows.
F21-2 Muffler, exhaust, engine.
S41-3 Mufflers, motor-boat engines.
DD105 Mugford (stricken).
DD389 Mugford (new).
YN22 Mulberry.
N33-14 Mules.
DD325 Mullany (stricken).
D D525 Mullany (new).
S32-9 Multigraphs.
A2-11 Multiple letters.
S71-1 Multiple-turret indicator.
AP20 Munarco.
EN9-175 Muncie, Ind., navy cost inspector, Durham Mfg. Co.
EN9-69 Munhall, Pa., Carnegie Illinois Steel Corp., navy cost inspector.
EN7-24 Munhall, Pa., inspector of hull material.
EN6-12 Munhall, Pa., inspector of ordnance.
GX3 Municipal courts.
EM Municipal governments.
A17-2 Municipal laws and ordinances.
P13-4 Murder.
A17-12 Murder, jurisdiction over, court-martial.
DD603 Murphy.
DM2 Murray (stricken).
DD576 Murray (new).
P3-1 Muscles (motor system) diseases.
YT33 Muscotah (stricken).
N4-8 Museum building.
P11-4 Museums, exhibits, exhibitions, expositions, and fairs.
S73-1 Mushrooms, breeeh mechanism, broadside guns.
S72-4 Mushrooms, breeeh mechanism, turret guns.
P10-4 Music and concerts; musical instruments.
N4-9 Music school building.
MY Musicians.
SS262 Muskallunge.
EN11-13 Muskegon (Detroit), Mich., inspector of naval aircraft.
EN9-155 Muskegon, Mich., navy cost inspector, Kaydon Engineering Corp.
P19-4 Muster out.
P16-2 Muster rolls.
P14-4 Mustering in.
DD413 Mustin.
P13-2 Mutineers.
P13-2 Mutiny; mutinous assembly.
S73-1 Muzzles, broadside guns.
S72-4 Muzzles, turret guns.


SS53 N-1 (stricken).
SS54 N-2 (stricken).
SS55 N-3 (stricken).
F10-2 Nacelle.
P1-1 Name.
F40-1 Name, designations.
S28 Name, designations.
F39-4 Name plates.
QQ Name titles, miscellaneous.
P7 Names and addresses of relatives, domestic relations.
H1-26 Names, geographic.
YN46 Namontack.
IX15 Nantucket (ex-PG23) (stricken).
AT32 Napa.
S34-2 Napkins.
P13-2 Narcotics, use of drugs, addicts.
YT3 Narkeeta (stricken).
YT133 Narkeeta (new).
YFB1163 Narragansett.
SS167 Narwhal.
CL43 Nashville.
NL15 Nashville, Tenn., recruiting station.
EN25-34 Nashville, Tenn., supervisor of shipbuilding, Nashville Bridge Co.
EF13-27 Natal.
N4-10 Natatorium.
ED National Academy of Sciences.
A15-3 National airs.
ET5 National Bank Redemption Agency.
A16-1 National defense.
EE6 National defense, petroleum coordinator for.
EZ National Defense, Council of.
EE3 National Emergency Council.
EN9-64 National Forge & Ordnance Co., Irving, Pa., navy cost inspector.
EB2 National Gallery of Art.
P18-1 National Guard duty, absence for.
QZ National Guards (State).
HE National home for disabled volunteer soldiers.
NZ9 National, international and State reservation.
EB1 National Museum.
EI19 National Park Service.
EDI National Research Council.
L24 National resources.
HD National Screw Thread Commission.
EN9-153 National Supply Co., Springfield, Ohio, navy cost inspector.
EN9-110 National Supply Plant Corp., Torrance, Calif., navy cost inspector.
EJ21 National Training School for Boys.
EB5 National Zoological'Park.
P1-4 Nationality.
A14-4 Nations, influence of, international relations.
L24 Natural resources.
EL8 Naturalization, Bureau of, Department of Labor.
P1-4 Naturalization, eligibility for papers, etc.
EF13-48 Nauru (British).
YT35 Nausett (stricken).
N6V7 Nautical instruments, storehouse for.
QS16 Nautical school ships (State).
SS168 Nautilus.
S65-4 Nautophone.
AT52 Navajo (stricken).
AT64 Navajo (new).
NC2 Naval Academy.
P14-2 Naval Academy appointments, number of.
QD2 Naval Academy band.
NC2-1 Naval Academy dairy farm.
LK Naval Academy service (civilian).
NC2-2 Naval Academy, west coast.
A21-1 Naval air service.
NA Naval air stations.
F29-3 Naval aircraft factory standard parts.
EN11-26 Naval aircraft, general inspector of, western division.
NT1 Naval ammunition depots and magazines.
NC109 Naval architecture training school (officers).
PS-2 Naval associations.
EN3-11 Naval attaches.
NA29-1 Naval Auxiliary Base Field, Cecil Field, Jacksonville, Fla.
MZ Naval auxiliary men.
NB Naval bases.
L11-9 Naval bureaus, officers, and shore establishments, transfers, loans, and work, between.
NG Naval coastal frontier forces.
EN3-14 Naval communications, office of inspector general.
OC Naval constructor corps.
EN13 Naval consulting board.
NT Naval depots.
EN19 Naval dispensary, Navy Department.
NH25 Naval dispensaries Navy.
ND Naval districts.
EN3-4 Naval districts division.
EN17 Naval examining board.
NT2 Naval fuel and coal depots.
LF Naval home service (civilian).
NH Naval hospitals.
EN3-10 Naval intelligence office.
A17 Naval law and justice, and examining board.
P13-2 Naval or military service, evasion of.
OZ Naval militia officers.
A2-4 Naval militia regulations.
QZ Naval militias and National Guards, State.
NT3 Naval mine depots and bases.
NH27 Naval mobile base hospital No. 1.
NH34 Naval mobile base hospital No. 2.
NT4 Naval net depots.
EN23 Naval observatory.
H7 Naval Observatory, Washington.
NB Naval operating bases.
EN3 Naval Operations, Office of.
NP Naval ordnance plants.
NM Naval personnel depots.
P7 Naval personnel, servants of (domestic relations).
EN1 Naval petroleum and oil-shale reserve offices and inspectors.
NP Naval plants.
A16-1 Naval problems, military (not operations).
NR Naval radio-traffic stations.
NX Naval radio direction-finder stations.
NL Naval recruiting stations.
NZ2 Naval reservations (land).
QR Naval Reserve.
NA15 Naval Reserve air stations.
NA15 Naval Reserve aviation bases.
QS19 Naval Reserve boats.
P15 Naval Reserve buttons.
A2-4 Naval Reserve force regulations.
NC98 Naval Reserve officers' schools of indoctrination.
L16-5 Naval Reserve pay.
EN3-16 Naval Reserve policy section.
QV6 Naval Reserve radio stations.
QR Naval Reserves.
EN18 Naval Retiring Board.
NC Naval schools.
L21 Naval shipping guide and transportation service.
NN Naval shore establishments.
NF Naval and state prisons.
N5 Naval stations.
L11-3 Naval supply account, disposition of material under.
JO Naval supply account, material.
L8-2 Naval supply account requisitions.
NT4 Naval supply depots and stations.
NT5 Naval torpedo depots.
NE Naval trial courses.
NV Naval veterans' homes.
KP44 Naval war college, Newport, R.I., marine post.
EG58 Navassa Island.
NR14 Navassa Island, radio-traffic station.
H1-22 Navigable waters, pollution of.
S24 Navigating bridge or platform and sextants.
F36-10 Navigating lights.
EC12 Navigation, Bureau of, Department of Commerce.
EN4 Navigation, Bureau of, Navy.
F31-3 Navigation instruments and equipment.
H2 Navigation and navigational aids.
H3 Navigation, obstructions to.
OF15 Navigation officer (of ship).
S31-4 Navigation spares.
N20 Navigational aids and moorings (structures only).
F31 Navigational equipment.
S24 Navigational equipment.
A14-1 Navigations, diplomatic, commercial, closing of.
YT39 Navigator.
S32-1 Navigator's office.
QN Navy.
P17-1 Navy and Army officers, precedence of command.
F1-3 Navy and Army standard specifications.
QD Navy bands.
EN9 Navy cost inspectors.
P15 Navy cross.
EN Navy Department.
QO2-1 Navy Department Building.
S7 Navy, docking for (including other than Navy).
P16 Navy Directory, and lists of officers.
A5 Navy "E", performances.
A17 Navy law and justice.
A4-1 Navy list, striking off of ships and aircraft.
L4-3 Navy orders (purchasing).
P13-5 Navy personnel, theft by, of United States military property.
EN9 Navy purchasing and disbursing offices.
A7-1 Navy radio press.
NH26 Navy recreation center, Bainbridge Island, Wash.
NL0 Navy Recruiting Bureau.
P17-3 Navy Register.
A2 Navy regulations; uniform regulations, Navy and Marine Corps.
P8-2 Navy yard associations.
EN2-1 Navy yard division, Navy Department.
YPB8 Navy Yard (stricken).
A3-2 Navy yard orders, organization and management.
NY Navy yards.
H1 Navy yards and naval stations, commission.
YN55 Nawat.
NB67 Neah Bay, Wash., section base.
ES6 Near Eastern affairs, division of, State Department.
EG28 Nebraska.
AO5 Neches.
P13-2 Negligence on duty.
A14-5 Negotiations, international.
DD623 Nelson.
AO23 Neosho.
EF47 Nepal.
AC8 Neptune (stricken).
AS16 Neptune (new).
AC10 Nereus (stricken).
AS 17 Nereus (new).
YN49 Neswage.
S75-1 Net cutters, torpedo.
S81-5 Net-cutting devices.
AN Net-laying ships.
N6-13 Net storehouse.
S29-11 Net tonnage.
EP48 Netherlands.
S81 Nets, booms, and davits, mine, torpedo, bomb, and splinter protection (other than structural).
S27 Nets, cargo.
N20-12 Nets, chains, buoys, anchors, for submarine defense.
S18-1 Nets, life.
S79-4 Nets, sleeping and head, landing force.
F15 Netting, hull.
S12-2 Nettings, life lines.
S13-1 Neuman bands, armor.
P3-3 Neurology.
N9-1 Neuropsychiatric (psychopathic) wards.
A14-6 Neutrality.
S77-2 Neutralizing agents, gas and smoke warfare.
BB36 Nevada.
EG29 Nevada.
AP16 Neville.
EF28-23 New Caledonia (French).
S3-1 New Commanding Officer or division head, inspection.
NX53 New Dungenness, Wash., radio direction-finder station
EF13-47 New Guinea (British).
BB25 New Hampshire (stricken).
BB70 New Hampshire (new).
EG30 New Hampshire.
CL76 New Haven.
NL2 New Haven, Conn., recruiting station.
EF28-24 New Hebrides (French).
BB62 New Jersey.
EG31 New Jersey.
NC67 New London, Conn., Diesel engine school.
LE1-2 New London, Conn., Fort Trumbull, United States maritime service training station.
NP24 New London, Conn., Fort Trumbull, underwater sound laboratory.
KP41 New London, Conn., marine post.
NT3-1 New London, Conn., mine depot.
NT4-16 New London, Conn., naval net depot.
NB7 New London, Conn., naval submarine base.
NR99 New London, Conn., radio-traffic station.
NB23 New London, Conn., section base.
NC36 New London, Conn., sound school.
NC38 New London, Conn., submarine school.
NT5-1 New London. Conn., torpedo depot.
BB40 New Mexico.
EG32 New Mexico.
CL22 New Orleans (stricken).
CA32 New Orleans (new).
LE3-2 New Orleans, La., Algiers, United States Maritime Commission cadet school.
EN22-10 New Orleans, La., hydrographic office.
KP42 New Orleans, La., marine post.
KH10 New Orleans, La., marine post exchange.
NB17 New Orleans, La., naval operating base.
NA57 New Orleans, La., naval reserve aviation base.
NS3 New Orleans, La., naval station.
EN9-115 New Orleans (Algiers), La., Navy cost inspector, Todd-Johnson D.D. Co.
EN9-171 New Orleans, La., navy cost inspector, V. M. Friede, Inc.
NR46 New Orleans, La., radio-traffic station.
NM20 New Orleans (Algiers), La., navy receiving station.
NL20 New Orleans, La., recruiting station.
EN28-2 New Orleans, La., special representative of bureau of ships, Gulf area, headquarters.
EN7-25 New Orleans, La., superintending constructor, Higgins Industries, Inc.
EN25-13 New Orleans, La., supervisor of shipbuilding, Higgins Industries, Inc.
KV9 New River, N.C. (Cunningham Field, Cherry Point, N.C.), marine aviation, (Adjunct to marine training center, Jacksonville, N. C).
L6-1 New ships, outfitting period, deliveries.
EF13-45 New South Wales.
BB34 New York.
EG33 New York.
ENS-30 New York, central drafting office, inspector of machinery.
EN9-15 New York, N.Y., area coordinator, second army corps.
KP46 New York, N.Y., barracks detachment.
KP47 New York, N.Y., fleet supply base.
EN9-25 New York, N.Y., Gibbs and Cox, navy cost inspector.
KP48 New York, N.Y., guard detachment.
NC42 New York, N.Y., gyrocompass school.
NC79 New York, N.Y., hospital corps school.
EN22-4 New York, N.Y. hydrographic office.
EN8-13 New York, N.Y., inspector of engineering material.
EN7-22 New York, N.Y., inspector of bull material.
EN8-32 New York, N.Y., inspector of machinery, Gibbs and Cox.
EN11-15 New York, N.Y., inspector of naval aircraft (Loening).
EN24-4 New York, N.Y., inspector of naval material.
EN6-6 New York, N.Y., inspector of ordnance.
EN6-32 New York, N. Y., inspector of ordnance (Carl Worden).
EN6-24 New York, N.Y., inspector of powder.
KP45 New York, N.Y., marine post (Brooklyn).
NT7-1 New York, N.Y., motion-picture exchange.
NC21 New York, N.Y., motion picture operators' school.
NA68 New York, N.Y., naval air station.
KP49 New York, N.Y. (Brooklyn), naval hospital, marine detachment.
NH4 New York, N.Y. (Brooklyn), naval hospital.
NT4-19 New York, N.Y., naval net depot.
KP50 New York, N.Y., naval prison (marine detachment).
NM7 New York, N.Y., naval receiving ship.
EN9-137 New York, N.Y., navy cost inspector, Bristol & Martin, Inc.
EN9-25 New York, N.Y., navy cost inspector, Gibbs and Cox.
EN9-103 New York, N.Y., navy cost inspector, Excel Foundry & Machine Co.
EN9-125 New York, N.Y., navy cost inspector, Parrand Optical Co.
EN9-117 New York, N.Y., navy cost inspector, Merritt-Chapman & Scott Corp.
EN9-2 New York, N.Y., navy purchasing office and disbursing office.
NY3 New York, N.Y., navy yard.
NR7 New York, N.Y., radio-traffic station.
KP51 New York, N.Y., receiving ship (marine detachment).
NL10 New York, N.Y., recruiting station.
EN1-20 New York, N.Y., special assistant to the secretary of the navy (shipbuilding campaign).
EN25-11 New York, N. Y., various S.B. firms, supervisor of shipbuilding.
EN9-44 New York, S.B. Corp., Camden, N.J., navy cost inspector.
EN25-9 New York, S, B. Corp., Camden, N.J., supervisor of shipbuilding.
EP13-48 New Zealand (British).
CL100 Newark.
NL9 Newark, N.J., recruiting station.
EN9-85 Newark, N.J., navy cost inspector, Quimby Pump Co.
DD586 Newcomb.
EF13-43 Newfoundland.
IX19 Newport (ex-PG12) (stricken).
NC10 Newport, R.I., deep-sea diving school.
NT4-41 Newport, R.I., fleet supply depot.
KP43 Newport, R.I., marine post.
KH1 Newport, R.I., marine post exchange.
NA2 Newport, R.I., naval air detail.
NH3 Newport, R.I., naval hospital.
NT1-19 Newport (Rose Tsland), R.I., naval magazine.
NT4-21 Newport (Melville), R.I., naval net depot.
NB31 Newport, R.I., naval operating base.
NS1 Newport, R.I., naval station.
NP1 Newport, R.I., naval torpedo station.
NM1 Newport, R.I., naval training station.
KP44 Newport, R.I., naval war college, marine detachment.
NC3 Newport, R.I., naval war college.
EN9-23 Newport, R.I., navy purchasing office.
EN9-80 Newport, R.I., navy cost inspector, navy purchasing office.
NR6 Newport, R.I., radio-traffic station.
NB51 Newport, R.I., section base.
NC39 Newport, R.I., torpedoman's school.
AK3 Newport News (stricken).
EN8-10 Newport News, Va., inspector of machinery.
EN6-18 Newport News, Va., inspector of ordnance.
NT4-14 Newport News, Va., naval net depot.
EN9-56 Newport News, Va., navy cost inspector, Newport News S.B. & D.D. Co.
EN7-10 Newport News, Va., superintending constructor.
EN25-10 Newport News, Va., supervisor of shipbuilding, Newport News S.B. & D.D. Co.
H4-11 News, serological.
A7-1 News letters, permission to publish.
A10-2 Newspapers, subscription.
IX33 Newton.
P7 Next of kin.
PG52 Niagara (new).
PY9 Niagara (stricken).
DD424 Niblack.
EF49 Nicaragua.
QW14 Nicaraguan intervention.
EN9-57 Nicetown, Pa., navy cost inspector, Midvale Steel Works.
DD311 Nicholas (stricken).
DD449 Nicholas (new).
DD52 Nicholson (stricken).
DD442 Nicholson (new)
F38-3 Nickel finish.
JJ46 Nickel and nickel alloys.
S19-3 Nickel, silver, copper, tin.
EF13-12 Nicobar Islands (India).
DD616 Nields.
EF13-28 Nigeria (British).
A5-1 Night battle practice.
F31-2 Night flying instruments.
A6 Night letters; signaling, telegrams.
L16-4 Night-shift pay.
S70-1 Night signal sets, Very's.
AMc18 Nightingale.
YFB17 Nihoa.
EN9-178 Niles, Calif., navy cost inspector, Facine States Steel Corp.
EN9-134 Ninth Naval District, supervisory cost inspector.
S70-1 Nitrate, barium, for illuminating projectiles.
F38-1 Nitrate, finish.
N6-60 Nitrate storehouse.
N7-2 Nitric acid plants, structures.
N23-2 Nitric acid plants.
AE2 Nitro.
JC9 Nitrogen.
S93 Nitrogen, inert gases, Are fighting.
N23-3 Nitrogen plants.
N7-3 Nitrogen plants, structures.
JJ59-9 Nitroglycerine (blasting).
DD343 Noa.
YN54 Noka.
YT142 Nokomis (ex-PY6).
A17-13 Nolle prosequi.
F40-1 Nomenclature.
S28-2 Nomenclature.
P3-6 Nomenclature of diseases and injuries.
P14-2 Nominal reinstatement (appointment).
P14-5 Nominations for commissions.
S13-1 Noneemented armor.
A14-3 Noncombatants, rights of.
S87 Nonelectric hydrogen detectors and pyrometers.
S64-7 Nonelectric lights.
P1-4 Noneligible naturalization.
N38 Nonhousehold furniture.
L10-4 Nonindustrial, accounting.
N11-7 Nonmagnetic building, radio.
L16-6 Nonpayment of allotments of pay.
N26-6 Non-potable fresh water, distribution, shore.
S73-1 Nonrecoil guns, broadside guns.
S78-1 Nonricochet, flat-nose projectiles, ammunition.
ZN Nonrigid airships.
S14-4 Nonslipping and safety treads.
P7 Nonsupport (domestic relations).
P8-1 Nonunion labor.
S11-5 Non-water-tight, bulkheads, structural.
S16-3 Non-water-tight doors, hatches, manholes and scuttles.
EN9-92 Nordberg Manufacturing Co., Milwaukee, Wis., navy cost inspector.
NC9 Norfolk (Hampton Eoads), Va., artificers' school.
KS10 Norfolk (Hampton Roads), Va., assistant quartermaster, Marine Corps.
NC64 Norfolk (Hampton Roads), Va., aviation ordnancemen school.
NC50 Norfolk (Hampton Roads), Va., aviation training school.
NC9-1 Norfolk (Hampton Roads), Va., blacksmiths' school.
NC9-2 Norfolk (Hampton Roads), Va., boilermakers' school.
NC48 Norfolk (Hampton Roads), Va., buglers and buglemasters school.
NC9-3 Norfolk (Hampton Roads), Va., coppersmiths' school.
NC80 Norfolk (Hampton Roads), Va., Diesel school.
NC11 Norfolk (Hampton Roads), Va., electrical school.
NT2-10 Norfolk (Hampton Roads), Va., fuel depot.
NC20 Norfolk (Hampton Roads), Va., machinists' mates' school.
NT6-3 Norfolk (Hampton Roads), Va., Marine Corps supply depot.
KP19 Norfolk (Hampton Roads), Va., marine post.
NC22 Norfolk (Hampton Roads), Va., musicians' school.
NC24 Norfolk (Hampton Roads), Va., naval academy preparatory school.
NB2 Norfolk (Hampton Roads), Va., naval operating base.
NM10 Norfolk (Hampton Roads), Va., naval receiving station.
NB8 Norfolk (Hampton Roads), Va., naval submarine base.
NT4-3 Norfolk (Hampton Roads, Sewall's Point), Va., naval supply depot.
NM2 Norfolk (Hampton Roads), Va., naval training station.
NC32 Norfolk (Hampton Roads), Va., radio school.
NC46 Norfolk (Hampton Roads), Va., recruiters' school.
NC40 Norfolk (Hampton Roads), Va., stenographers' school.
NT4-3 Norfolk (Hampton Roads), Va., supply station.
NT5-3 Norfolk (Hampton Roads), Va., torpedo depot.
EN9-168 Norfolk S.B. & D.D. Company, Norfolk, Va., navy cost inspector.
KP53 Norfolk, Va., barracks detachment, marine post.
KP54 Norfolk, Va., guard detachment, marine post.
EN22-8 Norfolk, Va„ hydrographic office.
KP52 Norfolk, Va., marine poet.
NC66 Norfolk, Va., mess attendants (negro).
NA8 Norfolk, Va., naval air station.
NT2-12 Norfolk, Va., naval fuel annex, naval supply depot (Craney Island).
KP55 Norfolk, Va., naval hospital, marine detachment.
NH5 Norfolk, Va., naval hospital.
NX68 Norfolk, Va., naval radio direction-finder station.
EN9-9 Norfolk, Va., navy cost inspector.
EN9-168 Norfolk, Va., navy cost inspector, Norfolk S.B. & D.D. Co.
NY6 Norfolk, Va., navy yard.
NR33 Norfolk, Va., radio-traffic station.
KP56 Norfolk, Va., seagoing detachment, marine post.
P1-6 Normal habits and character.
NC74-1 Noroton, Conn., radio school.
QG2-1 North America.
EF15-8 North Borneo (British).
BB52 North Carolina (stricken).
BB55 North Carolina (new).
EG34 North Carolina.
BB29 North Dakota (stricken).
EG35 North Dakota.
NAl North Island (San Diego), Calif., naval air station.
NX25 North Island, S.C., radio direction-finder station.
NX8 North Truro, Mass., radio-compass station.
CA26 Northampton.
NG1 Northern Atlantic naval coastal frontier forces.
NG3 Northern Pacific naval coastal frontier forces.
EN6-34 Northern Pump Company, Minneapolis, Minn., inspector of ordnance.
EP13-33 Northern Territories.
EP13-45 Northern territory, Austrilia.
AV11 Norton Sound.
EF50 Norway.
EN11-36 Norwood, Ohio, resident inspector of naval aircraft.
F41-6 Nose bombs and fuses.
S12-1 Nose, bull.
A17-6 Notaries public, oaths, administration of.
L14-2 Notary-public fees.
S87 Notch meter.
A7-1 Notices, press, publicity, ships and aircraft.
YT18 Nottaway.
S93 Nozzles, fire hose spanners, and stowage, fire fighting.
S77-1 Nozzles, gas and smoke warfare.
S75-1 Nozzles, torpedo.
P13-2 Nuisance, committing of.
P14-2 Number of appointments to Naval Academy.
S28 Number, designating.
F40-1 Number, designations.
N19-1 Numbering and labeling buildings and grounds.
P17-1 Numbers, additional.
F39-3 Numbers, serial.
P1-1 Numbers, service and signal.
S28-4 Numerals, distinguishing ship's name.
OG Nurse Corps.
N1-2 Nurseries (greenhouses).
N4-1 Nurses' quarters.
P3-2 Nursing.
AM60 Nuthatch.
YN28 Nutmeg (ex-Sycamore).
S44 Nuts and bolts, propellers.
S43 Nuts and coupling, shafting, and bearing.
EF13-20 Nyasaland Protectorate (British).


SS62 O-1 (stricken).
SS63 O-2.
SS64 O-3.
SS65 O-4.
SS66 O-5.
SS67 O-6.
SS68 O-7.
SS69 O-8.
SS70 O-9.
SS71 O-10.
SS72 O-11 (stricken).
SS73 O-l2 (stricken).
SS74 O-l3 (stricken).
SS75 O-14 (stricken).
SS76 O-15 (stricken).
SS77 O-16 (stricken).
FRG Oahu. (ex-PG46).
KP127 Oahu, T.H., ammunition depot, marine detachment.
NA70 Oahu, T.H., Barber's Point, naval air station.
CL95 Oakland.
NB68 Oakland, Calif., advance base depot.
NT4-8 Oakland, Calif., medical depot.
NA21 Oakland, Calif., naval reserve aviation base.
NT4-28 Oakland, Calif., naval supply depot.
EN9-31 Oakland, Calif., navy cost inspector, Morris Ship Yard.
S30-3 Oar racks.
A17 Oaths, law and justice.
P14-2 Oaths of office.
DD177 O'Bannon (stricken).
DD450 O'Bannon (new).
DD51 O'Brien (stricken).
DD415 O'Brien (new).
P3-1 Obesity and corpulency, diseases and injury.
P13-2 Objectors, conscientious.
P13-7 Obscenity.
P12-3 Observance of Sabbath.
P17-3 Observation baskets.
FE15 Observation force.
VO Observation planes.
VSO Observation scouting planes.
H1 Observation spots; observation of whales, seals, etc., hydrography.
S24-11 Observation station, airplane.
N8-4 Observation tower.
N9-1 Observation wards.
A16-1 Observations, military, foreign countries.
A5-9 Observations and observers, gunnery exercises, ships and aircraft.
H4-7 Observations and reports, weather service.
A11 Observations, scientific, expeditions, explorations.
H4-6 Observatories and stations, storm-warning towers and signals, meteorological.
NS-3 Observatory, experimental and laboratory structures.
EN23 Observatory, naval.
H7 Observatory, Washington Naval.
AMc91 Observer.
OV2 Observers, aviation.
A5 Observers, engineering performances and gunnery exercises.
L11-3 Obsolescence and abandonment of property and material.
S7B-1 Obsolete torpedoes.
P3-3 Obstetrics.
H3 Obstructions to Navigation.
P15 Obtaining commendations by use of influence.
A9-8 Occasional reports.
S46-4 Occulators, air, condensing.
A16-3 Occupation (war).
P3-1 Occupational diseases.
H1-9 Ocean currents and routes.
AT Ocean-going tugs.
A6-4 Ocean mail service.
EF28-25 Oceania (French).
H1 Oceanography, hydrography, and allied topics.
F31-3 Octants.
P13-2 Offenders, failure to hold or apprehend.
A17-12 Offenses, juridsiction over, courts-martial.
P13 Offenses.
S77-1 Offensive equipment, gas and smoke warfare.
L4-1 Offers of services, planes, material, etc. (not individual).
N3-1 Office buildings.
S37-1 Office, dental and doctor.
S32-9 Office equipment and supplies.
F34-2 Office and house furnishings.
EN12 Office of the Judge Advocate General of the Navy.
A3-2 Office methods.
EN3-10 Office of naval intelligence.
P14-2 Office, oath of.
EE4 Office of Production Management.
N36 Office supplies and equipment.
OA-OZ Officer personnel.
ON Officers, administrative, ashore.
OF Officers, administrative or tactical, afloat.
L16-6 Officers, allotments of pay by.
P16 Officers attending conventions.
OV Officers, aviation.
N4 Officers' buildings, personnel structures.
OH Officers, Chaplain Corps.
OE Officers, Civil Engineers Corps.
OC Officers, Construction Corps.
F15-4 Officers' and crew's quarters and water closet.
OD Officers, Dental Corps.
OQ Officers, foreign, other than attaches.
OL Officers, line.
OA Officers, Marine Corps.
OM Officers, Medical Corps.
JE Officers' mess.
OZ Officers, naval militia.
S33-2 Officers' quarters.
OB Officers, Reserve Corps.
OR Officers, retired.
N9-1 Officers' sick quarters.
OK Officers, staff, general.
N6-S4 Officers' storehouse, supply.
O5 Officers, Supply Corps.
QR4 Officers' Training Corps, Naval Reserve.
A17-11 Officers of United States Naval Reserve Force or Coast Guard, members of (courts-martial).
OW Officers, warrant.
L11-9 Offices and bureaus, naval, and shore establishment; transfers, loans, and work between.
N9-2 Offices, dental.
S32 Offices and office equipment.
A6-5 Official channels, correspondence.
F5-1 Offsets, lines, and molds.
S5 Offsets, molds.
P7 Offspring, attitude towards.
EN11-7 Ogdensburg, N.Y.., inspector of naval aircraft.
CM4 Oglala.
BB68 Ohio.
EG36 Ohio.
S69 Ohmmeters.
S41-1 Oil baffles, turbines.
YO Oil barges.
YOS Oil barges, stowage.
S92 Oil blowtorch, waste cans and boxes.
S45-1 Oil coolers, filters, strainers, lubrication.
S57 Oil, diesel and equipment, stowage of.
N24 Oil, diesel, storage plants.
S41-3 Oil engines, motorboat.
F38 Oil, finish and preservation-coating.
JJ7 Oil, fuel.
N4-9 Oil (fuel), school building.
S75 Oil and grease cups, tracers, torpedo.
S62-2 Oil and individual switches, electric power distribution.
S11-5 Oil-light bulkheads.
F39-3 Oil, marking for piping.
N6 Oils and paints, storehouse for.
S65-5 Oil-pressure telegraphs and oil-burner control telegraphs.
N5-70 Oil-reclaiming plant.
NZ8 Oil reserves.
S30-1 Oil rooms, paint and paint mixing.
NZ7 Oil-shale reserves.
H1-15 Oil spots, oil to calm the seas.
F21-1 Oil systems, engine.
S34-2 Oil-tank, galley.
F26 Oil tank, radiator, and piping, coolers and heaters, lubrication.
N40 Oil tanks (fuel), and cleaning equipment.
F10-2 Oil tanks and coolers, supports for, nacelle.
F31-1 Oil thermometer, fuel and oil pressure gauges.
S19-8 Oil and water stop, compound.
AO Oilers (ships).
S71-8 Oiling devices, fire control appliances and apparatus.
S55-1 Oiling-at-sea, gear.
S11-5 Oiltight bulkheads.
YN42 Okisko.
BB37 Oklahoma.
EG37 Oklahoma.
CL91 Oklahoma City.
NL46 Oklahoma City, Okla., recruiting station.
NT2-13 Old< Orchard and Middle Points, Wash., naval fuel depot.
EF30 Oldenburg (Germany).
P13-11 Oleo, shock absorbers.
KP57 Olongapo, P.I., marine post.
NS11 Olongapo, P.I., naval station.
NR95 Olongapo, P. L, radio-traffic station.
NE17 Olongapo, P.I., trial course.
IX40 Olympia (ex-CL15).
P10-1 Olympic games.
CL4 Omaha.
NL31 Omaha, Nebr., recruiting station.
EF51 Oman.
YN35 Oneka.
AT13 Ontario.
PYc5 Onyx.
PYc8 Opal.
YC Open lighters.
A14-1 Open ports.
S73-3 Open sights, broadside guns.
A17-14 Opening, courts-martial.
A4-2 Opening of shore stations.
L4-2 Openings on bids, purchasing.
S12-3 Openings, light.
NB Operating bases.
N9-2 Operating building, hospital.
N11-1 Operating buildings, radio.
L10-3 Operating expenses, industrial accounting.
S18 Operating gear, access.
S53 Operating gear, deck and fireroom, blowers.
F13-9 Operating gear, landing amphibian.
F24-6 Operating gear, starter magneto.
F25-2 Operating gear, temperature control.
S48-24 Operating gear, valve.
S38-1 Operating gear for ventilators.
F41 Operating mechanism.
S41-6 Operating room, engine.
S37 Operating room, tables, surgical.
L10-4 Operation and maintenance accounts.
EN3 Operations, naval, office of.
L5-4 Operations and personnel, inspections of, shore establishments.
A6-2 Operations, radio-compass and radio.
A4 Operations of ships or aircraft.
P4-1 Operations (surgical).
A16-3 Operations, warfare.
A2-15 Opinions, decisions, criticisms, and precedents.
A10-1 Opinions and reviews (publications).
P13-2 Oppression of subordinates.
P3-3 Ophthalmology.
S71-8 Optical instruments, fire-control.
S91-1 Optical repair shop.
N5-35 Optical shop.
F41-3 Optical sight, machine-gun sights.
L4-3 Options, contract.
P3-3 Optometry.
AM103 Oracle.
P5-3 Oral surgery.
EF13-27 Orange Free State.
EN9-29 Orange, Tex., navy cost inspector, Continental Steel Co.
EN25-19 Orange, Tex., supervisor of shipbuilding, Consolidated Steel Corporation. Ltd. of Calif.
QD Orchestras.
L4-3 Orders and contracts, navy.
A3-2 Orders, district management, interbureau and intrabureau, navy yard.
A2 Orders, executive, departmental, general, and court-martial.
A4-3 Orders, movement and operations, ship or aircraft.
A7-1 Orders to officers, daily bulletin.
P16-1 Orders to personnel.
L9-7 Orders and precautions, safety.
P12-1 Orders, religious.
L21-3 Orders, shipment and oar.
A17-2 Ordinances, Federal laws.
A2-10 Ordinances and resolutions, executive action.
P19-1 Ordinary discharge.
F41 Ordnance.
EN6 Ordnance, Bureau of, Navy.
EW16 Ordnance, Chief of.
F15-8 Ordnance foundations.
NB64 Ordnance Island, Bermuda, submarine base.
MV Ordnance man, aviation.
S19-1 Ordnance outfit, painting, machinery and hull fittings.
NP Ordnance plants.
S31-3 Ordnance spares.
N6-59 Ordnance storehouse.
DD616 Ordronaux.
IX22 Oregon (ex-BB3).
EG38 Oregon.
A17-11 Organization; legal constitution of, court-martial.
A3 Organization and management.
P8-2 Organizations, associations and membership therein.
L22-1 Organizations and individuals, donations to.
P12-1 Organizations, religious.
QR7 Organized Reserve.
A17-13 Original copy, disposition of trial in joinder, court-martial.
L8-2 Original requisitions.
AM7 Oriole.
AC11 Orion (stricken).
AS18 Orion (new).
CV18 Oriskany.
FG18 Oriskany air group.
AP24 Orizaba.
S12-5 Ornaments, bow and stern.
P7 Orphans.
S51-5 Orsat apparatus, boiler'furnace.
P3 Orthoepy and orthopedics.
ASR5 Ortolan (ex-AM45).
AN3 Osage.
DD295 Osborne (stricken).
AT47 Osceola (stricken).
YT129 Osceola (new).
S76-1 Oscillating mines.
S68 Oscillators, under-water sound.
S69 Oscillograph, electrical.
AVD9 Osmund Ingram (ex-DD255).
AM56 Osprey.
P3-3 Osteopathy.
AMc51 Ostrich.
YFB663 Otter (stricken).
KP58 Otter Cliffs, Maine, marine post.
AS20 Otus.
S12-6 Outboard fittings and outboard profile, general.
N4-18 Outbuildings for quarters.
S32-9 Outfit and printing machinery.
L7-1 Outfits, allowance of.
P10-1 Outfits, athletic.
JJ55-2 Outfits, (first enlistment).
S82-2 Outfits and fittings, boats.
S24-10 Outfits and instruments, syrveying.
S78-3 Outfits, testing, ammunition.
S92 Outfits, tools and equipment, portable.
S86-5 Outfits, war-game.
N34-21 Outfits, welding, hand and portable tools., ground maintenance, shore.
L6-1 Outfitting period, new ships.
FE22 Out guards.
P10-2 Outings (amusement and recreation).
S87 Outlets, oxygen.
P1-5 Outline finger cards.
L24 Output and capacity of manufacturing establishments.
F13-1 Outrigger, hull.
S12-5 Outriggers.
F14-1 Outriggers, mooring spindle, bow.
P16-3 Outside employment.
S19-1 Outside painting except that below load water line when in connection with docking.
S11-1 Outside plating.
L10-5 Outstanding accounts.
S34-2 Ovens, bake.
N5-20 Ovens, core, shop structures.
S78-3 Ovens, powder-testing.
F25-4 Overflow tanks, cooling radiators.
N15-9 Overhangs, boat.
L9-3 Overhaul, alterations and repairs, assignments, periods, and schedules, care and preservation.
S91-1 Overhaul shops.
L10-3 Overhead, industrial accounting.
L6-2 Overpayments and receipts therefor, disbursing.
L21-1 Overseas, transport service, naval.
A14-5 Overt acts.
L16-4 Overtime pay.
P18-2 Overtime, Sundays, and Holidays (hours of labor).
DD239 Overton.
DD536 Owen.
AM2 Owl.
P19-1 Own convenience discharge.
F38-3 Oxidizing.
S19-5 Oxidizing.
N23-5 Oxyacetylene and acetylene plants.
N7-5 Oxyacetylene and acetylene plants, structures.
S92 Oxyacetylene welding outfit.
JC10 Oxygen.
F49-1 Oxygen apparatus, regulators and tanks.
N26-4 Oxygen distribution.
S87 Oxygen outlets.
N23-4 Oxygen plants.
N7-4 Oxygen plants, structures.
S38-1 Oxygen systems, ventilation.
AVP25 Oyster Bay.
CM7 Ozark.


EN25-40 Pacific Coast Eng. Co., Alameda, Calif., supervisor of ship-building.
KS3 Pacific department, Marine Corps.
FF12 Pacific Fleet.
EF13-60 Pacific Islands (British).
EF37-7 Pacific Islands (Japanese).
NG3 Pacific, northern, naval coastal frontier forces.
QH Pacific Ocean.
NG4 Pacific, southern, naval coastal frontier forces.
EN9-178 Pacific States Steel Corp., Niles, Calif., navy cost inspector.
H7 Pacific time.
EA22 Packers and Stockyards Administration, Department of Agriculture (obsolete).
S41 Packing, rod and piston, metallic, steam engine.
L21-3 Packing for shipment, cases, boxes, crates, etc.
S12-4 Pad eyes, ring and eye, bolts.
SS263 Paddle.
S73-1 Pads, and gas-checks, broadside guns.
F33-1 Pads and holders, air messages.
S12-5 Pads, lifting.
S11-1 Pads, stiffening.
PG18 Paducah (ex-AG7; ex-IX23).
NT4-35 Pago Pago, Tutuila, Samoa, naval net depot.
S28-4 Paint bands.
N6-1 Paint and oil storehouse.
S30-1 Paint and paint mixing rooms.
JJ52-6 Paint removers.
N5-60 Paint shop.
N34-17 Paint sprayers, shore.
MA Painters, enlisted.
F38-2 Painting.
S16-6 Painting and cleaning stages.
S78-2 Painting devices, ammunition handling.
A5-9 Painting of shell for gunnery exercises.
S19-1 Painting.
A12-2 Paintings, historical.
JJS2 Paints and varnishes.
EF52 Palestine.
S12-6 Palisades.
P6-4 Pallbearers, honors and escorts.
YN23 Palm.
DMS6 Palmer (ex-DD161).
NA41 Palmyra Island; naval air base.
NU4 Palmyra, radar station.
PE1 Palos (stricken).
PG16 Palos (new).
PG39 Pampanga.
A2-2 Pamphlets, administrative.
GN Pan American Union.
S36-2 Pan, drip, and drinking fountain.
S34-2 Pan racks.
S72-1 Pan, turret.
F41 Pans, ammunition machine-gun.
S43-2 Pans, drip, lubrication.
S92 Pans, drip, portable tool.
EF53 Panama.
HG Panama Canal.
QS20 Panama Canal boats.
EG57 Panama, Canal Zone.
EN22-18 Panama, Canal Zone, hydrographic office.
NR101 Panama City, Canal Zone, radio-traffic station.
NG6 Panama naval coastal frontier forces.
NR66 Panama radio-traffic station, Puerto O'Baldio.
PR5 Panay (ex-PG45).
P11-1 Panels, center section, wing.
F15 Panels, cordage and wire netting.
F19 Panels, fabric covering.
S72-2 Panels, motor-control, turret-turning.
S62-1 Panels, not used in motor-driving specific apparatus.
F18-2 Panels, rip, nonrigid gas envelopes.
S62-1 Panels, switch.
S73-3 Panoramic sights, broadside guns.
S34-1 Pantries.
N6-25 Paper and cardboard storehouses.
S85 Paper, developing and printing, photography.
F44-2 Paper, photographic.
S78-2 Paper, powder heat test.
N38-12 Paper, tracing, blueprint, and Van Dyke paper and clotli.
P15-5 Papers, enlistment.
A10-6 Papers (magazines), ship and shore station.
P1-4 Papers, naturalization.
L21-4 Papers, shipper's clearance.
A12-3 Papers, State.
EF13-49 Papua (British).
F41-15 Parachute flares.
NC84 Parachute school, San Diego, Calif.
F43 Parachutes and harness.
S78-1 Parachutes, illuminating projectiles, ammunition.
N1-8 Parade grounds.
A15-2 Parades.
EF54 Paraguay.
S71-1 Parallax, range transmitters, fire control.
F48-7 Parallel rulers.
S24-7 Parallel rulers.
S72-4 Paralleling and tramming, turret guns.
S73-1 Parallelism, broadside guns.
AMc92 Paramount.
S81-2 Paravanes and gears.
A6-4 Parcel post, mail.
L21-1 Parcel post, shipment by.
EJ5 Pardons, attorney in charge of.
P7 Parents.
P14-4 Parent's consent to enlistment.
SS264 Pargo.
DD45 Parker (stricken).
DD604 Parker (new).
F38-3 Parkerissing.
F13-2 Parking brakes, landing gear.
N1-15 Parking spaces, automobile.
N1-2 Parks.
H5 Parkway Commission, Rock Creek and Potomac.
L20 Parlor car rates and service, travel.
AMc34 Parrakeet.
KP60 Parris Island, S.C., Battalion A (recruit).
KP61 Parris Island, S.C., Battalion B (recruit).
KP62 Parris Island, S.C., Battalion C (recruit).
KP63 Parris Island, S.C, Battalion D (recruit).
KP64 Parris Island, S.C., field music detachment.
KV7 Parris Island, S.C., flying field.
KP65 Parris Island, S.C., headquarters detachment.
KP66 Parris Island, S.C., headquarters detachment, main.
KP67 Parris Island, S.C.., headquarters detachment, receiving station.
KP68 Parris Island, S.C., headquarters detachment, training station.
KP59 Parris Island, S.C., Marine post.
KP69 Parris Island, S.C., mess detachment (main).
NH10 Parris Island, S.C., naval hospital.
KP70 Parris Island, S.C., naval prison, marine post.
NP2 Parris Island, S.C, naval prison.
KP71 Parris Island, S.C., naval prison detachment.
KP72 Parris Island, S.C., post staff.
NR39 Parris Island, S.C., radio-traffic station.
KP73 Parris Island, S.C., rifle-range detachment.
KP74 Parris Island, S.C., school detachment.
KP75 Parris Island, S.C., supply company.
DD218 Parrott.
L6 Partial deliveries and payments.
A17 Particular courts and boards.
P9-1 Parties, political.
S11-7 Partitions, inclosures and trunks.
AM16 Partridge.
S68 Parts, C, K, MV, tubes and spares (sound signaling).
S91-1 Parts cleaning room, engine, aviation.
F21-2 Parts engine accessories.
F1-3 Parts, material, design.
S31 Parts, spare.
S94 Parts, spare, salvage.
F13 Parts, standard, body group.
F10-2 Parts, standard, nacelle.
P12 Parts, standard, tail group.
F11 Parts, standard, wing group.
F29-3 Parts, stock material.
CL65 Pasadena.
EN9-55 Pascagoula, Miss., navy cost inspector, Ingalls S.B. Co.
EN26-29 Pascagoula, Miss., supervisor of shipbuilding, Ingalls S.B. Co.
A4-3 Passage (movement) (ships and aircraft).
A14-6 Passage of armed forces.
A2-14 Passage, permits for, civilians', and contractors' representatives to witness trials and tests of naval and aircraft vessels.
N2-3 Passage platforms (highways).
S11-7 Passages, pipe and wiring.
N33-1 Passenger automobiles.
L20 Passengers, embarking and discharging, lists and rates.
A2-14 Passes, permits, and licenses.
L20-1 Passes (travel).
S78-2 Passing scuttle, ammunition handling.
ES8 Passport Control Division, State Department.
L20-1 Passports.
P1-7 Past history records.
AT10 Patapsco (stricken).
AOG1 Patapsco (new).
F18-2 Patches, nonrigid gas envelopes.
EC14 Patent Office, Department of Commerce.
S24-7 Patent, taffrail, electric, and logs.
A13 Patents.
N1-13 Patents and grants, land.
EN11-18 Paterson, N.J., inspector of naval aircraft.
S72-1 Path alignment, roller, turrets.
P3-4 Pathology.
S17-1 Patients on board ship, lifting gear for taking.
AO9 Patoka (ex-AV6).
YT69 Patriot (ex-YT127).
P10-4 Patriotic airs, music.
P8-2 Patriotic associations.
P9-1 Patriotic rallies.
VPB Patrol bombing planes.
FE15 Patrol force.
ON20 Patrol officer ashore.
VP Patrol planes.
PC-PYc Patrol vessels.
PG Patrol vessels, gunboats.
FP Patrol wings.
A5-9 Pattern, salvo, gunnery exercises.
N5-43 Pattern shop.
MA Patternmaker, enlisted.
F5-1 Patterns, aircraft.
S5 Patterns, ship.
L2-3 Patterns, molds, specifications.
S71-1 Patterns, salvo, fire-control.
N6-14 Patterns, storehouse for.
S91-1 Patternshop.
DD36 Patterson (stricken).
DD392 Patterson (new).
AT11 Patuxent (stricken)
DD307 Paul Hamilton (stricken).
DD590 Paul Hamilton (new).
DD230 Paul Jones.
DD22 Paulding (stricken).
DD238 Paulding, James K. (stricken).
N2-1 Pavements.
AT74 Pawnee
EN9-72 Paueatuck, Conn., navy cost inspector, United Aircraft Corporation.
YT7 Pawtucket
OW Pay clerks (warrant).
OA11 Pay clerks, marine corps.
L7-1 Pay and money allowances.
P13-9 Pay or numbers, loss of, punishment.
L16 Pay, money allowance.
L10 Payable accounts (accounting).
L6-2 Payable bills.
KS5 Paymaster, marine corps.
O5 Paymasters, officers.
L23 Payment of exchange.
L6 Payments, receipts, and deliveries.
A3-1 Peace basis, organization.
A14-6 Peace at end of war.
AM46 Peacock (stricken)
S29-1 Peak.
S48-1 Peak tank.
NC72 Pearl Harbor, T.H., bomb site aviation school.
NC102 Pearl Harbor (Puuloa), T.H., fleet machine gun school.
NC91 Pearl Harbor, T.H., fleet parachute material school.
NC95 Pearl Harbor, T.H., fleet torpedo school.
NT2-11 Pearl Harbor, T.H., fuel depot.
KP76 Pearl Harbor, T.H., marine post.
KH6 Pearl Harbor, T.H., marine post exchange.
NA12 Pearl Harbor (Kuahua), T.H., naval air station.
NH17 Pearl Harbor, T.H., naval hospital.
NT4-13 Pearl Harbor, T.H. (Bishop Point), naval net depot.
NT4-30 Pearl Harbor, T.H., naval medical supply depot.
NB3 Pearl Harbor, T.H., naval operating base.
NM14 Pearl Harbor, T.H., naval receiving station.
NB14 Pearl Harbor, T.H., naval submarine base.
NY10 Pearl Harbor, T.H., navy yard.
NT4-9 Pearl Harbor, T.H., supply depot.
DD226 Peary.
AO6 Pecos.
P1-6 Peculiarities, temperamental (habits and character).
HX Pecuniary Claims Arbitration Commission.
F27-3 Pedals, hand pumps.
F32-1 Pedals, rudder control.
S75-2 Pedestals and braces, torpedo tube and launching gear.
P3-3 Pediatrics.
S13 Peep holes, armor protection.
S73-3 Peep sights, broadside guns.
AMc93 Peerless.
KP75 Peiping, China, headquarters detachment.
KP77 Peiping, China, marine post.
NX61 Peiping, China, radio direction-finder station.
NR98 Peiping, China, radio-traffic station.
AS14 Pelias.
AVP6 Pelican (ex-AM27).
S26-5 Pelican hooks.
S24-7 Peloruses and stand.
YT6 Penacook.
L4-3 Penalties, contracts and orders.
A17-5 Penalties, law and justice.
L6-2 Penalties, payments.
A6-4 Penalty envelopes.
S26-4 Pendants, clear hawse.
S75-1 Pendulum, torpedo.
S13-2 Penetration of armor.
AM33 Penguin.
EN9-52 Pennsylvania Forge Company, Tacony, Pa., navy cost inspector.
BB38 Pennsylvania.
EG39 Pennsylvania.
YT42 Penobscot.
S30-1 Pens, animal.
AG13 Pensacola (stricken).
CA24 Pensacola (new).
NC7 Pensacola, Fla., aircraft radio school.
NC70 Pensacola, Fla., aviation mechanic's and metalsmith's school.
NC49 Pensacola, Fla., aviation training school.
NC77 Pensacola, Fla., link training school.
KP79 Pensacola, Fla., marine post.
NA9 Pensacola, Fla. (Corry Field), naval air station.
NH12 Pensacola, Fla., naval hospital.
NC29 Pensacola, Fla., photographic school.
NX29 Pensacola, Fla., radio direction-finder station.
NR45 Pensacola, Fla., radio-traffic station.
NT5-5 Pensacola, Fla., torpedo depot.
L6-9 Pension fund.
L16-9 Pensions, and applications for.
E14 Pensions, Bureau of, (Interior Department).
S78-1 Pentaerythritoltetranitrate tuluol, ammunition.
YT8 Pentucket (stricken).
P8-1 Peonage.
NL39 Peoria, Ill., recruiting station.
YN31 Pepperwood (ex-Walnut).
SS176 Perch.
DD298 Percival (stricken).
DD452 Percival (new).
S56-4 Perforated and index plates, feed-water tanks.
F1-2 Performance calculations, design.
P20-1 Performance of duty.
S71-4 Performance-recorder instrument, torpedo control.
F1-5 Performance tests, flight, design.
A5-7 Performances, engineering.
EF13-6 Perin (British).
P14-4 Period of enlistment.
A10-2 Periodicals, subscriptions.
S72-3 Periscope boxes, turret.
S24-9 Periscopes.
S71 Periscopes, antiaircraft battery and fire control.
P13-2 Perjury, false testimony.
DD26 Perkins (stricken).
DD377 Perkins (new).
P14-2 Permanent appointments.
F36-3 Permanent storage batteries.
S62-3 Permanent storage batteries (electric power distribution).
P1-1 Permission to change name.
P18-1 Permission to leave United States.
A7 Permission to publish; to make motion pictures, and photographs.
P14-4 Permission to reenlist.
SS178 Permit.
A17-6 Permits, disbarments, of attorneys.
A2-14 Permits, licenses, and passes.
L20-1 Permits (travel).
DMS17 Perry (ex-DD340).
P13-3 Person, offenses against.
L19 Personal effects; property and professional books.
F34-1 Personal equipment and bags, furnishings.
P2-4 Personal hygiene.
A6-4 Personal mail.
P1-7 Personal records.
A14-3 Personal rights, noncombatants.
P Personnel (group).
EA27 Personnel and Administration, Department of Agriculture.
EH Personnel Classification Board.
NM Personnel depots, Navy.
EN1-12 Personnel Division, supervision and management.
OO Personnel, officer.
L5-3 Personnel and operations, shore establishment, inspection of.
P16 Personnel, orders to, allotment of (assignment and detail).
P20-2 Personnel records.
L13-2 Personnel, ships and cargo, insuring.
N4 Personnel structures.
P11-1 Personnel, training of (educational system).
P13-7 Personnel, vice (misconduct and discipline).
A8-5 Persons unfriendly.
P8-5 Petitions (social relations).
EF56 Peru.
P13-7 Perversion, sexual.
EF37-3 Pescadores.
P3-1 Pestilence.
SS265 Peto.
JJ7-11 Petroleum.
EE6 Petroleum Coordinator for National Defense.
NZ8 Petroleum Reserves.
N33-19 Pets.
S33-3 Petty officer's quarters, chief.
MY Pharmacist's mate.
N4-9 Pharmacists mate's school building.
OW Pharmacists (warrant).
P3-2 Pharmacy.
AM61 Pheasant.
DD360 Phelps.
IX24 Philadelphia (stricken).
CL41 Philadelphia (new).
EN9-167 Philadelphia Non-Perrous Fdry., Inc., Philadelphia, Pa., navy cost inspector.
EN9-16 Philadelphia, Pa., area coordinator, Third Army Corps.
KS7 Philadelphia, Pa., assistant paymasters, Maiine Corps.
NC55 Philadelphia, Pa., aviation instrument Bchool.
NC16 Philadelphia, Pa., fuel oil school.
KP81 Philadelphia, Pa., guard company No. 1.
KP82 Philadelphia, Pa., guard company No. 2.
KP83 Philadelphia, Pa., headquarters' detachment.
EN22-6 Philadelphia, Pa., hydrographic office.
EN8-17 Philadelphia, Pa., inspector of engineering material.
EN7-23 Philadelphia, Pa., inspector of hull material.
EN8-9 Philadelphia, Pa., inspector of machinery.
EN8-28 Philadelphia, Pa., inspector of machinery, marine engineering corps.
EN24-5 Philadelphia, Pa., inspector of naval material.
EN6-16 Philadelphia, Pa., inspector of ordnance, Cramp Co.
EN6-28 Philadelphia, Pa., inspector of ordnance, Marine Engineering Corporation.
EN6-15 Philadelphia, Pa., inspector of ordnance, Midvale Steel Co.
NT6-1 Philadelphia, Pa., Marine Corps supply depot.
KP80 Philadelphia, Pa., marine post.
NP11 Philadelphia, Pa., naval aircraft factory.
NP18 Philadelphia, Pa., naval boiler and turbine laboratory.
NC5 Philadelphia, Pa., naval finance and supply school (now navy supply school, gruadate school of business administration, Harvard University, Boston, Mass.).
NH5 Philadelphia, Pa., naval hospital.
NM8 Philadelphia, Pa., naval receiving station.
NA46 Philadelphia, Pa., naval reserve aviation base, navy yard.
NVI Philadelphia, Pa., naval veterans' home.
EN9-7 Philadelphia, Pa., navy cost inspector.
EN9-166 Philadelphia, Pa., navy cost inspector, American Pulley Co.
EN9-42 Philadelphia, Pa., navy cost inspector, Cramps Ship Yard.
EN9-111 Philadelphia, Pa., navy cost inspector, Day & Zimmerman, Inc.
EN9-156 Philadelphia, Pa., navy cost inspector, Joyce Machine Co.
EN9-167 Philadelphia, Pa., navy cost inspector, Philadelphia Non-Ferrous Fdry., Inc.
NY4 Philadelphia, Pa., navy yard.
NR19 Philadelphia, Pa., radio-traffic station.
KP84 Philadelphia, Pa., receiving station.
KR7 Philadelphia, Pa., recruiting bureau, marines.
NL11 Philadelphia, Pa., recruiting station.
EN11-32 Philadelphia, Pa., resident inspector of naval aircraft.
EN7-9 Philadelphia, Pa., superintending constructor.
EN7-14 Philadelphia, Pa., superintending constructor, Marine Engineering Corporation.
EN25-25 Philadelphia, Pa., supervisor of shipbuilding, Cramps S.B. Co.
NT5-2 Philadelphia, Pa., torpedo depot.
NA35 Philadelphia, Pa., training base, naval aircraft factory.
DD76 Philip (stricken).
DD498 Philip (new).
QW9 Philippine insurrection.
NG8 Philippine Island naval coastal frontier forces.
CB4 Philippines.
EG52 Philippine Islands.
AMc57 Phoebe.
CL46 Phoenix.
S77-1 Phosphorus and watertight drums, gas and smoke warfare.
F1-2 Photo elastic stress analysis.
MY Photographer, aviation.
N10-7 Photographic huts.
N8-8 Photographic laboratories.
P44-2 Photographic supplies.
S85-3 Photographs.
F44-3 Photographs, aerial.
F1 Photographs, contract, final design.
P1-5 Photographs of individuals.
P1-3 Photographs, identification.
P13-7 Photographs, obscene.
A7-5 Photographs, permission to take.
S85 Photography.
F44 Photography and equipment.
S87 Photometers.
P1 Physical descriptions and habits.
P2 Physical examinations, condition, and exercises.
N4-10 Physical instruction and athletic buildings.
P1-2 Physical residence.
P19-1 Physically unfit discharge.
A17-15 Physician (civilian), testimony of (court-martial).
H6 Physics.
P2-4 Physiology.
P3-3 Physiotherapy.
EW27-3 Picatinny Arsenal (Army).
SS177 Pickerel.
FE21 Pickets.
F38-3 Pickling, finish processes.
S19-4 Pickling, cleaning, preparation processes.
N5-15 Pickling plant and vats.
S78-1 Picrate, ammonium, ammunition.
A7-4 Pictures, motion, permission to make.
N6-74 Pictures, motion, storehouse.
A2-14 Pictures, moving and still, permits to take.
S78-1 Pieces, distance, ammunition.
L10 Piecework, accounting for, cost inspection.
N6-9 Pier shed, merchandise.
N15-1 Piers and docks.
EW27-8 Pig Point Ordnance Depot (Nansemond, Va.) (Army).
NT1-14 Pig Point, Va. (Nansemond) reserve ammunition depot.
ASR6 Pigeon (ox-AM47).
A5-12 Pigeon competition, training.
N28-7 Pigeon lofts.
A6-7 Pigeon service.
F42-4 Pigeons and equipment.
F38-1 Pigmented, finish.
SS173 Pike.
S11-5 Pilaster bulkheads.
YPD Pile drivers.
N34-2 Pile drivers, floating and land.
N15-17 Piles and piling, water front structures.
N19-6 Piles and piling (not water front).
N1-5 Piles and pits, test.
N6-6 Piles, storehouse for.
S11-9 Pillars, hull structural.
S33-6 Pillows (kapok, feather and hair).
DD227 Pillsbury.
AM104 Pilot.
F31-1 Pilot, automatic.
H4-4 Pilot balloons.
S24-3 Pilot and chart house.
L14-2 Pilotage.
S24-6 Piloting bridge or platform.
N20-7 Piloting cables.
MV1 Pilots, aviation.
S12-2 Pin, rails.
AV12 Pine Island.
NE18 Piney Point, Md., trial course.
S42 Pinions, gear wheels, reduction gear, main propelling machinery.
S72-3 Pinions, turret-turning.
AT33 Pinola.
S72-3 Pins, centering, turret.
S41 Pins, wrist, main propelling machinery.
AMc17 Pintail.
F16 Pintles, fins and rudders.
AM105 Pioneer.
S12-1 Pipe covers, hawse.
S91-2 Pipe cutting and threading machines, coppersmith shops.
N5-58 Pipe-fitter's shop.
S48-23 Pipe fittings.
S28-3 Pipe marking.
S11-7 Pipe passages, tunnels, and trunks, hull structural.
S91-1 Pipe shop.
S51 Pipes, boiler.
S12 Pipes, casing around (removable) chain or hawse.
F15-11 Pipes, filling, water-ballast system and fittings.
S34-2 Pipes, galley.
S48 Piping.
S49 Piping, air.
S28-3 Piping, air ducts.
F24 Piping, air starter and primer.
F28-2 Piping, condenser.
S46 Piping, condensing.
F25 Piping, cooling system,
S58 Piping, distiller.
S55 Piping, fuel oil.
S48 Piping, general.
F27 Piping, hand and power pumps, fuel.
S76-2 Piping and hangers, hydraulic control, depth charge.
S39-2 Piping, lagging, marking for.
F26-4 Piping, lubricating oil.
F25-3 Piping, metallic and nonmetallic water piping,
F21-1 Piping, oil, engine.
F26-4 Piping, oil, lubricating system,
S41-2 Piping, receiver, engines.
S59 Piping, refrigeration system,
S38-2 Piping, steam heating.
S22 Piping, steering.
N6-11 Piping and tubes, storehouse for.
S22 Piping and valves.
S93 Piping, valves, steam fire extinguishers.
S45 Piping, wipers and cups, lubricating equipment,
AMc1 Pipit.
P9-2 Piracy, political disturbance.
P13-5 Pirates and piracy.
AT49 Piscataqua (stricken).
F41 Pistols and ammunition, Very's.
S76-2 Pistols, depth charge.
S79-4 Pistols and holsters, small arms.
S75-1 Pistols, torpedo,
S70-1 Pistols, Very's signal.
S73-2 Pistons, broadside mounts.
F21-1 Pistons, engine.
S41 Pistons, rods and rings, main propelling machinery.
S75-1 Pistons, torpedo.
S72-5 Pistons, turret-gun slides,
N6-26 Pitch storehouses.
S92 Pitch and glue kettles.
S29-5 Pitch and roll recorder.
S44 Pitch-measuring device.
S29-5 Pitching.
S65-5 Pitometer.
F31-1 Pitot static tube.
S38-1 Pitot tubes, ventilating testing.
N5-9 Pits, shrinkage.
N1 Pits, tests of soil.
CA4 Pittsburgh (stricken).
CA70 Pittsburgh (new).
EN25-32 Pittsburgh, Pa., Neville Island, supervisor of shipbuilding, Dravo Corp.
EN8-18 Pittsburgh, Pa., inspector of engineering material.
EN8-7 Pittsburgh, Pa., inspector of machinery.
EN24-7 Pittsburgh, Pa., inspector of naval material.
EN9-46 Pittsburgh, Pa., navy cost inspector, Westinghouse Co.
NL41 Pittsburgh, Pa., recruiting station.
EN9-141 Pittsfield, Mass., navy cost inspector, General Electric Co.
S75 Pivots, gyro, torpedo tubes and launching gear.
P19-1 Place and date of discharge
P14-4 Place of enlistment.
P2-1 Plague.
EN9-127 Plainfield, N.J., navy cost inspector, Walter Scott & Co., Inc.
S72-1 Plan, general arrangement, turrets.
S91-2 Planers and shapers.
VA-VZ Planes.
F49-7 Planimeters.
S24-7 Planimeters.
S14-1 Planking, deck.
F13 Planking, hull and landing gear.
S11-1 Planking and plating, hull, structural.
F14-1 Planks, gang, bow.
F3 Planning.
LB Planning and estimating service.
S3 Planning and inspection.
S88-1 Plans, damage control books.
S1 Plans, design of ship.
L2-2 Plans, drawings, blueprints, specifications.
S33-1 Plans, general arrangement and joiner.
S5 Plans, half breadth, sheer and body.
A1 Plans, projects, policies.
S49 Plant, compressed air.
L10 Plant increase, inventory (accounting).
EA10 Plant Industry, Bureau of, Department of Agriculture.
S40 Plant, machinery, general.
L8-3 Plant orders.
EA33 Plant quarantine and control administration, Department of Agriculture.
S59 Plant, refrigerating.
N24 Plants, fuel, shore.
L24 Plants, general condition of, facilities.
N23 Plants, generating (not including structures).
L9-2 Plants and material, guarding of.
NP Plants, naval.
N7 Plants, power, pumping and gas-generating structure.
N5 Plants, shop structures.
N1-2 Plants, shrubbery, trees.
N25 Plants, water, ice and refrigerating.
S14-2 Plaster, deck
JJB9-8 Plaster substitutes.
F34-6 Plastics, synthetic.
S34-2 Plate racks, commissary equipment.
S16 Plates, access.
S13 Plates, armor, deck, turret and barbette.
S72-1 Plates, backing, turrets.
S51 Plates, baffle, gas, boilers.
S75-1 Plates, baffle, torpedo.
S79-3 Plates, breast, machine gun.
S14-4 Plates, chafing, deck.
S28 Plates, designating, distinguishing and war service.
S73-2 Plates, gun port, broadside mounts.
S56-4 Plates, index, perforated, feed-water tank.
F39-3 Plates, information and name.
P11-1 Plates, inspection, wing.
N36-13 Plates, lithographing and engraving machine equipment.
S51-1 Plates, manhole, handhole, boiler.
S56-4 Plates, perforated, feed-water tank,
F44-2 Plates, photographic.
S85-2 Plates, photography.
A10-1 Plates, printing.
S41 Plates, splash, main propelling machinery.
S46-5 Plates, supporting, tube sheets, condenser,
N10-13 Platform, arresting,
N32-4 Platform scales.
F15-3 Platforms, climbing shafts.
S11 Platforms, fiat, hold, deck, and structural.
S73-2 Platforms, gun, broadside mount.
N12-3 Platforms, gun, shore.
F48-3 Platforms and hoists, special.
F34-6 Platforms and ladders, portable.
S24 Platforms, ship control.
S66 Platforms, towers, and foundations, searchlight.
S72-1 Platforms, turret.
S16-6 Platforms, working.
F13 Plating, fuselage, hull, and landing gear.
F38-3 Plating and lead plating, finish.
S5 Plating, models for laying off.
F17-4 Plating, outside, car structures
S11 Plating and planking (outside) hull, structural.
N5-8 Plating and polishing shops.
S19-3 Plating preservative coatings.
S22 Plating, rudder.
JJ46-16 Platinum.
AO24 Platte.
P10-3 Playing cards.
A17-14 Plea in bar of trial, trial procedure, courts-martial.
AK46 Pleiades.
S28-6 Plimsoll marks.
P6-6 Plots, cemetery, assignment of.
P9-2 Plots, political relations.
S71 Plotter and plotting, fire control.
F31-3 Plotting board.
S71 Plotting instruments, fire control.
AMc3 Plover.
N34 Plows.
AMc94 Pluck.
S48 Plugs, bleeder, piping and drain.
S78-1 Plugs, cork and projectile, ammunition.
F13-3 Plugs, drain, landing gear.
S55-4 Plugs, fuel-oil burners.
S62-2 Plugs and receptacles, watertight (electric-power distribution),
F21-1 Plugs, spark, engine.
S41-3 Plugs, spark, motorboat engine.
S55-4 Plugs and tips, atomizer, fuel oil.
S91 Plumber's and fitter's lockers and shops.
S48-8 Plumbing drains.
N5-59 Plumbing shop.
S76-1 Plummets, anchor, mine and spools.
SS179 Plunger.
S73-2 Plungers, broadside mounts.
S78-1 Plungers, fuse ammunition.
S72-5 Plungers, turret gun slides.
DD431 Plunkett.
S49-2 Pneumatic service air compressors.
N26-1 Pneumatic systems.
S92 Pneumatic tools.
S65-6 Pneumatic tube systems.
N28-3 Pneumatic tube systems.
S24-7 Pneumercators, draft.
S87 Pneumercators, general.
S55-1 Pneumercators, fuel-oil tanks.
S45-4 Pneumercators, for lubricating oil.
S11-2 Pockets, inner bottom.
AV9 Pocomoke.
P11-3 Poems, essays, theses, lectures (educational system).
SS266 Pogy.
NX42 Point Arguello, Calif., radio direction-finder station.
NX40 Point Permin, Calif., radio direction-finder station.
NX41 Point Hueneme, Calif., radio direction-finder station.
KP85 Point Isabel, Tex., marine post,
NR51 Point Isabel, Tex., radio-traffic station,
NB16 Point Loma, Calif., naval target repair base.
NR69 Point Loma, Calif., radio station.
NX38 Point Loma, Calif., radio direction-finder station.
NX44 Point Montara, Calif., radio direction-finder station.
F45-3 Point, mooring.
NX46 Point Reyes, Calif., radio direction-finder station.
NX63 Point St. George, Calif., radio direction-finder station.
NE12 Point Vincent, Calif., trial course.
S75-2 Pointer seats and trainers, torpedo tubes.
S72-3 Pointer and trainer seats, turrets.
F21-1 Points, breaker, main propelling machinery.
L7-2 Points, distribution, for standard stocks,
S78-1 Points, projectile ammunition.
P3-4 Poisons and poisoning.
EF57 Poland.
AF11 Polaris.
S69 Polarity indicators.
S17-1 Pole, gin.
N12-4 Poles, flag.
F45-2 Poles, send-off, mooring, handling, and towing gear.
N3-2 Police building or stations.
QZ Police courts and justices of peace.
Q1 Police and detective, shore patrol.
P18-1 Police duty, absence for.
A2 Police regulations (executive action).
A14 Policies, foreign.
L13-2 Policies, insurance.
A1 Policies, plans, projects,
EN3-8 Policy and liaison section, Naval Reserve.
H4-11 Policy, plans, and programs, aerological,
S85 Polishers, photography.
F3S-3 Polishing.
N5-8 Polishing and plating shops.
ES11 Political and economic information division, State Department.
P9 Political relations.
A14-7 Political relations, amnesty, international.
L14-7 Poll tax.
S5180 Pollack.
P2-4 Pollution of air.
H1-22 Pollution of navigable waters.
AKS2 Pollux.
P10-1 Polo, athletics.
N1-7 Polo grounds.
P13-7 Polygamy.
S5181 Pompano.
AF5 Pompey (stricken).
SS267 Pompon.
S79-4 Ponchos.
N23-9 Ponds, cooling and spray.
EN6-37 Pontiac, Mich., inspector or ordnance, General Motors Corporation.
EN9-88 Pontiac, Mich., navy cost inspector, General Motors Corporation.
N14-4 Pontoon bridges.
YPK Pontoon stowage barges.
S82-19 Pontoons and camels (other than salvage).
YSP Pontoons, submarine lifting.
P10-3 Pool, amusement games.
N4 Pools and tanks, swimming.
S11-6 Poop deck.
DD225 Pope.
YN24 Poplar (now Hazel).
S6-2 Poppets, launching,
A9-10 Population statistics.
YFB2047 Porpoise (stricken).
SS172 Porpoise (new).
NB75 Port Althrop, Alaska, section |base.
NX54 Port Angeles, Wash., radio direction-finder station.
NB55 Port Angeles, Wash., section base.
NB76 Port Armstrong, Alaska, section base.
EN9-154 Port Arthur, Tex., navy cost inspector, Texasteel Mfg. Co.
NR49 Port Arthur, Tex., radio-traffic station.
KV2 Port au Prince, Haiti, aviation detachment, marine.
KP122 Port au Prince, Haiti, marine post.
NR16 Port au Prince, Haiti, radio-traffic station.
NC74-7 Port Blakely, Bainbridge Island, Wash., radio naval training school.
EN11-29 Port Columbus, Ohio, inspector of naval aircraft.
EN9-124 Port Columbus, Ohio, navy cost inspector, Curtiss-Wright Corp.
A10-4 Port directories.
L14-2 Port dues.
NB89 Port Everglades (Port Lauderdale), Fla., section base.
L24 Port facilities, domestic and foreign.
A4-3 Port, home and ship movements.
NE6 Port Jefferson, R.I., trial course.
NB89 Port Lauderdale (Port Everglades), Fla., section base.
S13-4 Port plates.
S72-3 Port screens, turret.
KP145 Port of Spain, Trinidad, marine detachment.
NT4-36 Port Townsend, Wash., naval net depot,
NB60 Port Townsend, Wash., section base.
N34-20 Portable air compressors,
S69 Portable ammeters.
S24-8 Portable chart boards, ship control.
S64 Portable and electric lanterns, lights.
S93 Portable fire extinguishers.
S33-6 Portable furniture and lookers (except office and medical).
N34-21 Portable and hand tools, welding outfits, ground maintenance.
F49-7 Portable instruments,
F36-6 Portable lights.
S64-4 Portable lights, electric.
S16-2 Portable plates.
F34-6 Portable platforms and ladders.
S32-9 Portable pulpit.
S62-3 Portable storage batteries, electric power distribution.
S92 Portable tools and equipment.
DD59 Porter (stricken).
DD356 Porter (new).
DD579 Porter, Wm. B.
AM106 Portent.
H1-21 Portfolios, chart, hydrography.
CA33 Portland.
KP138 Portland Bight, Jamaica, British West Indies, marine post.
NA71 Portland Bight, Jamaica, naval air station.
EN22-3 Portland, Maine, hydrographic office.
NT4-39 Portland (Casco Bay), Maine, navy supply pier.
NR2 Portland, Maine, radio-traffic station.
NB45 Portland, Maine, section base.
EN22-16 Portland, Oreg., hydrographic office.
EN9-50 Portland, Oreg., navy cost inspector, Willamette Iron & Steel Corporation.
NL34 Portland, Oreg., recruiting station,
EN25-23 Portland, Oreg., supervisor of shipbuilding, Commercial Iron Works.
EN25-30 Portland, Oreg., supervisor of shipbuilding, Willamette Iron & Steel Corporation.
S16-2 Ports, cargo.
A14-1 Ports, closed, open and blockaded,
S11-1 Ports, freeing, outside plating.
KP87 Portsmouth, N.H., marine barracks detachment.
KP88 Portsmouth, N.H., marine guard company.
KP86 Portsmouth, N.H., marine post.
KH9 Portsmouth, N.H., marine post exchange.
NH1 Portsmouth, N.H., naval hospital.
NT4-31 Portsmouth, N.H., naval net depot.
NP1 Portsmouth, N.H., naval prison.
KP89 Portsmouth, N.H., naval prison, marine detachment.
NY Portsmouth, N.H., navy yard.
NR3 Portsmouth, N.H., radio-traffic station.
NC119 Portsmouth, Va., hospital corps school.
NC28 Portsmouth, Va., pharmacist's mates school.
EF58 Portugal.
H2-5 Position, fixing of.
H1 Positions, geographic, hydrography.
AMc95 Positive.
P13-2 Possession of concealed weapons, particular offense.
KB2 Post bands, Marine.
N4-6 Post exchange,
KH Post exchanges, Marine Corps.
S32-2 Post office.
N3-3 Post Office Building.
EP Post Office Department.
F8-5 Post repair trials.
S8-5 Post repair trials.
A21-4 Postal air service.
A6-4 Postal Guide, supplement and service.
EP8 Postal savings, Post Office Department,
P13-7 Postal service, offenses against.
L21-1 Postal shipments.
L3 Posters, advertising.
P14-4 Posters, enlistment.
NC4 Postgraduate school, Annapolis, Md.
BP1 Postmaster General.
P14-4 Postmasters' reward for enlistment of applicants (appointments).
P32-2 Posts, elevator control.
NS15 Posts, haTbor entrance control.
S17-4 Posts, king.
KP Posts and stations, Marine.
N26-6 Potable fresh water, distribution.
S36-3 Potable water, stowage of.
S34 Potato peelers and room.
AG25 Potomac (ex-AT50) (stricken).
S76-1 Pots, dash, mine-anchor, mines.
S75-1 Pots, oil and torch, torpedo.
S51-3 Pots, salinometer, boilers.
S58-4 Pots, salinometer, distilling plant.
S48-24 Pots, salinometers, valves.
S82 Pots, solder.
DD538 Potter, Stephen.
A6-4 Pouch service, mail.
S79-3 Pouches, gunner's machine gun.
S92 Pouring shank.
S78 Powder, ammunition, boxes, tanks.
S72-10 Powder-car latches, turret guns, chutes.
S86-3 Powder charges, dummy and drill.
S32-6 Powder engineers, aerological, laboratories and testing rooms.
NP8 Powder factory, Indian Head, Md,
N6-58 Powder house.
S72-10 Powder-passing scuttles, turret guns.
S78 Powder-tank trucks, handling and stowage of ammunition.
S73-4 Powder trays, broadside guns,
AMc96 Power.
L10-3 Power, accounting for,
L13-1 Power of attorney (insurance and bonding).
HQ Power Commission, Federal.
F36 Power, electric.
S63 Power, electric, application.
S62 Power, electric, distribution.
S69 Power factor meter,
YX15 Power Float 24 (stricken).
YSR2 Power Float 25 (ex-YX16).
S61 Power generators, electric, except electric drive.
F36-2 Power leads, electric power.
S41-4 Power leads, gear, electric drive, hand and turning.
S62-2 Power leads, wiring and appliances for switchboards.
S72-2 Power panels and motor controls, turrets.
N23-7 Power plants, generating.
N7-7 Power plants, structures.
S75-1 Power plants, torpedo.
N7 Power, pumping and gas-generating-plant structures.
F27-4 Power pumps, fuel systems.
N26 Power systems, electric, hydraulic and piping.
A6-2 Power, transmission, radio.
N26 Power wiring and piping.
A3-1 Powers, duties and functions (organization and management) .
A17 Powers, particular courts and boards, law and justice.
YT128 Powhatan.
NX21 Poyners Hill, N. C., radio direction-finder station.
A17-6 Practice before departments, attorney.
P14-4 Practice cruise, enlistment for.
SS6 Practice and instruction apparatus.
S88-3 Practice instruction and reports of practices, damage control,
A5 Practices, competitions, exercises.
AD5 Prairie (stricken).
AD15 Prairie (new).
IX15 Prairie State (ex-BB7; ex-Illinois).
P2-1 Pratique, quarantinable disease.
DM20 Preble (ex-DD345).
A2-13 Precautions, safety (executive action).
L9-7 Precautions and orders, safety devices.
P17 Precedence, rank and promotion.
L9-3 Precedence of work.
A2-15 Precedents, decisions, opinions, and criticisms (executive action).
A17 Precept, board.of investigation, courts-martial procedure.
P16-3 Precepts, assignment and detail.
S91-2 Precision lathes, cabinet type.
JJ46-13 Precious metals (bullion).
A5-9 Predicted scores, gunnery exercises, ships.
S75-1 Preheaters, torpedo.
F8-2 Preliminary acceptance trials.
S8-2 Preliminary acceptance trials.
F1-2 Preliminary design.
S78-1 Premature firing ammunition.
L13-2 Premiums, insurance and bonding.
SS210 Prenadier.
S78-1 Preparation of ammunition, instructions for.
S4 Preparation for building or overhaul.
N4-4 Preparation buildings for food.
L4 Preparation of contracts and schedules.
S88-1 Preparation, damage control books.
A18-1 Preparation of, and hearings on, bills, legislation
F4 Preparation incident to building.
F6-1 Preparation, launching, docking, and mooring.
L6-2 Preparation of payments, disbursing and public bills.
S19-4 Preparation processes.
A10-1 Preparation of publications.
L8-2 Preparation of requisitions.
L21-3 Preparation of shipments.
S6 Preparation of way, launching.
A5-9 Preparedness, inspections, drills, gunner, ships and aircraft,
A16-1 Preparedness, preparations for war.
L22-3 Presents, rewards, gifts, to individuals.
L9 Preservation, care and storage.
F38-4 Preservation coatings, temporary.
A6-6 Preservation of records.
S19 Preservative coatings.
ASR8 Preserver.
F49-6 Preservers, life.
S33-6 Preservers, life.
S35 Press, bosom, laundry.
S91-2 Presses, drill.
AP38 President Adams.
AP39 President Hayes.
AP37 President Jackson.
EE1 President, The.
GJ1-1 President and President pro tempore, Senate.
A17-11 President, qualifications and duties of, courts-martial.
A2-8 Presidential decrees.
A7-1 Press, Navy radio.
EA5 Press service, Department of Agriculture,
S35 Press, universal laundry.
F21-1 Pressure bafflers.
F1-2 Pressure distribution.
F31-1 Pressure gauges.
S87 Pressure gauges.
S45-4 Pressure guns, lubricating.
S51-1 Pressure parts, boiler.
F27-2 Pressure regulators, fuel piping.
F37-2 Pressure system, auxiliary.
F18-2 Pressure tubes, nonrigid gas envelopes.
AMc97 Prestige.
DD327 Preston (stricken).
DD379 Preston (new).
ADV7 Preston, William B. (ex-DD344).
AM107 Prevail.
F32 Preventer lines, control system,
P2-3 Prevention and restriction of insects and diseases.
P2 Preventive medicine.
NX9 Prices Neck, R.I., radio direction-finder station.
L4-2 Prices and price lists; price fixing.
L11-3 Prices and price revisions of material in store.
DD561 Prichett.
S51-5 Pricker bars, boiler furnace.
P9-3 Primaries.
F24-5 Primer.
S78 Primer boxes, caps, gun-cotton, ammunition.
S72-4 Primer, firing lock, guides, seats, turret guns.
S73-1 Primer, firing lock, gauge, seats, broadside guns.
N6-65 Primer and fuse storehouse.
F38-2 Primer, paint.
N5-31 Primer shop.
S76-2 Primers, depth charge and mines.
S86-3 Primers, drill,
DD477 Pringle.
S85 Print washers and dryers, photography.
F33-1 Printator, I. C.
MA Printers, enlisted.
A10-1 Printing and binding.
N36-8 Printing and binding, machinery, shore.
F44-3 Printing and developing, photography.
S32 Printing machinery and office.
GP Printing Office, Government.
S85 Printing, photography and rooms.
N5-66 Prmtshop.
L4 Principles and regulations for Navy purchasing and cancelation of contracts.
L6-2 Priorities (payments) (disbursing).
EE9 Priorities, supply and allocations board.
L4-3 Priority orders (purchasing).
L21-3 Priority of shipments.
L9-3 Priority of work.
S71-8 Prisms and lenses, quartz for optical.
N4-15 Prison building.
EJ20 Prison Industries, Department of Justice.
L10-4 Prison system, cost of maintenance,
P13-10 Prisoners.
P6-1 Prisoners (casualties in action).
L16-9 Prisoners' gratuities.
A17-7 Prisoners, naval, wanted by military authority, or as witness in civil court.
L20-1 Prisoners, transportation of.
A16-2 Prisoners of war.
S33-5 Prisons and detention cells (brig),
NP Prisons, naval and state.
EJ4 Prisons, Superintendent of.
L11 Private concerns and parties, transfers, loans and work for or by.
A6-4 Private mail.
L21-3 Private parties, shipment of stores to.
P13-5 Private property, offenses against (misconduct and discipline) .
L19 Private property (personal effects).
L13-2 Private ships and operators, insuring.
N4-1 Privatelv owned quarters.
YP179 Privateer.
A17-13 Privileges, procedure before trial, court-martial.
P8-3 Privileges, social.
A17-3 Prize courts.
P10-1 Prize fighting.
L16-9 Prize money.
A5 Prizes, exercises, practices and competitions.
GX2 Probate courts, state.
P20-1 Probation after poor performance.
P14-2 Probational appointments.
A17 Procedure, court-martial.
L11-4 Proceeds of sales.
S72-4 Process, radial expansion, gun construction, turrets.
QP Processes.
F38-3 Processes, finishing.
S19 Processes, special preparation and.
L14-1 Processing taxes.
A14-6 Proclamation of peace, war.
A2 Proclamations.
L8 Procurement.
ET6-6 Procurement Division.
AG11 Procyon (stricken).
AK19 Procyon (new).
N6-56 Products, food, storehouses for,
EE4 Production Management, Office of,
L24 Production, resources and facilities.
P20-1 Productiveness.
L19 Professional books, personal effects.
L5 Professional service (civilian).
OP Professors of mathematics.
P20-1 Proficiency, performance.
P11-1 Proficiency at school.
L18 Profiteering.
L10-6 Profits (accounting).
L14-1 Profits, excess, tax.
L12-2 Profits, relation of, to investments.
P3-5 Prognosis.
S85-1 Program (film) motion picture.
A1-3 Programs, building.
AMc98 Progress.
P11-1 Progress and mental development in schools, examination of.
L9-3 Progress of repairs and alterations.
L6 Progress reports, ships, building, and payments.
S8-2 Progressive trials.
ET18 Prohibition Bureau, agents and inspectors.
L18 Prohibition of bumboating.
L8-3 Project orders.
H4-4 Projects, experimental and development, meteorology.
A1 Projects, plans, policies,
A5-9 Projectile, angle of fall.
S72 Projectile carriers, and trays, turret guns.
S73-1 Projectile extractors, seating and trays, broadside guns.
S78 Projectiles, ammunition and boxes.
S79-4 Projectiles, mortar, stokes.
S70-1 Projectiles, pyrotechnic signals.
N39-1 Projector lights, ceiling, air station.
S71-8 Projectors, course and range, fire control.
S76-2 Pro ectors, depth charge.
AR3 Prometheus.
P7 Promise, breach of.
P14-4 Promises to recruits.
P1-5 Promotion and enlistment, physical requirements.
P17 Promotion, precedence and rank.
F13-9 Promotion, suspension from, punishment.
L11-4 Promotions of sales.
L6-1 Prompt deliveries.
A17-2 Promulgation of laws.
A17-15 Proof, evidence, court-martial.
S73-1 Proof, guns and mounts, broadside guns.
N5-30 Proof shop.
S78-1 Proof-shot projectiles; ammunition.
A10-1 Proofs and proofreading (printing).
A7-1 Propaganda.
S17-1 Propeller booms and fittings.
S43-1 Propeller clutch and shaft.
S12-5 Propeller guards.
P48-3 Propeller hoists.
P22-1 Propeller hub transmission.
F21-1 Propeller hubs, engine group,
S43-1 Propeller shafts.
N5-39 Propeller shop.
F23-1 Propeller spinners.
S11-8 Propeller strut casting.
F23 Propellers.
S44 Propellers.
F48-2 Propellers anti-icing fluid.
F23-7 Propellers and balancing machines.
S76-1 Propellers, torpedo.
S72-1 Proper turret.
L10-5 Property, investment, assets (accounting).
L19 Property lost by individuals.
P13-5 Property, offense against.
A2-14 Property passes.
L5-3 Property, real, inspection of.
L11-2 Property returns.
L22-3 Property, rewards for recovery of.
A14-2 Property rights, international (not commercial).
L14-1 Property tax,
P2-3 Prophylaxis.
F1-2 Proportions, design.
L21-2 Proposals of new transportation lines and routes.
L4-2 Proposals, schedules, bids, and awards (purchasing).
L4-2 Proprietary articles, methods of purchase,
S19-6 Proprietary compound, tallow, linseed oil.
S14-2 Proprietary composition, deck coverings.
L8-2 Proprietary requisitions.
S41-4 Propulsion cables, electric drive,
F49-8 Propulsion sails, emergency.
P5-2 Prosthetic dentistry.
P13-6 Prostitution, houses of.
S43-1 Protecting rings, shafting.
N27 Protection from fire, shore.
N25-1 Protection from fire, storage of water for,
S11-5 Protection and flameproof casings.
N19-11 Protection from lightning, buildings.
S81 Protection, mine, torpedo, bomb and splinter (other than structural).
A16-1 Protection of seacoast.
L9-1 Protections, fire, of ships.
S81-8 Protective devices.
S76-1 Protective devices, electric, mine,
PE12 Protective force.
F41-13 Protective material and armor.
S16-3 Protective or splinter doors.
EP13-36 Protectorate, the British West Africa.
P2--3 Protectors, dust, ear and eye (preventive medicine).
S12-6 Protectors, hull.
P8-5 Protests, petitions, remonstrances and complaints (social relations).
AC9 Proteus (stricken).
AS19 Proteus (new).
A14-7 Protocols, international.
F49-7 Protractors.
S24-7 Protractors.
S71-8 Protractors, course, fire control appliances and apparatus.
CL82 Providence.
EN6-38 Providence, R.I., inspector of ordnance, American Oerliken Gazda Co.
EN9-100 Providence, R.I., navy cost inspector, Oerliken Gazda Co.
NL3 Providence, R.I., recruiting station.
NE4 Provincetown, Mass., trial course.
NP9 Proving ground, Dahlgren, Va.
S30-3 Provision stowage.
P14-2 Provisional appointments.
JJS6 Provisions, general mess and commissary stores.
EN9-21 Provisions, inspector of.
A17 Provost courts, law, justice.
P16-5 Provost guards.
DM22 Pruitt (ex-DD347).
P3-3 Psychiatry.
N9-1 Psychopathic (neuropsychiatry wards).
S24-7 Psychrometer.
L6-2 Public bills.
GD Public Buildings, District of Columbia, Office of Superintendent.
QO Public Buildings, Federal.
ET12 Public Health Service.
A7-1 Public opinion, press.
P13-5 Public property, offenses against and waste of.
A15-2 Public receptions.
EA20 Public Roads, Bureau of, Department of Agriculture.
A1-4 Pulbie Works building program.
A9-14 Public works data book.
ON9 Public-works officer.
N5-76 Public-works shops.
EL16 Publication Branch, Department of the Interior.
A10 Publications.
H1-3 Publications, charts and hydrographic,
L3 Publications, circular, etc., advertising.
A7-3 Publications, confidential, secret and registered.
EA17 Publications, Division of, Department of Agriculture.
EC4 Publications, Division of, Department of Commerce.
ES10 Publications, Division of, State Department.
P12-2 Publications, religious.
EL3 Publications and Supplies, Department of Labor.
P11-2 Publications that make up libraries (educational system).
KR4 Publicity Bureau, marine recruiting corps.
A7 Publicity and censorship,
CA7 Pueblo (stricken).
NR66 Puerto O'Baldio, Panama, radio-traffic station.
CB5 Puerto Rico.
EG55 Puerto Rico.
EW19 Puerto Rico Government, War Department.
EI31 Puerto Rico Reconstruction Administration.
SS268 Puffer.
AMc29 Puffin.
AV13 Puget Sound.
NTI-9 Puget Sound, Wash., ammunition depot.
KP91 Puget Sound, Wash. (Bremerton), ammunition depot, marine detachment.
KP92 Puget Sound, Wash. (Bremerton), marine barracks detach-ment.
KP93 Puget Sound, Wash. (Bremerton), marine guard company.
KP90 Puget Sound, WaBh., marine post.
NH14 Puget Sound, Wash. (Bremerton), naval hospital.
NM12 Puget Sound, Wash., naval receiving station.
NY8 Puget Sound, Wash. (Bremerton), navy yard.
NT4-37 Puget Sound, Wash, (Indian Island), naval net depot.
NR77 Puget Sound, Wash. (Keyport), radio-traffic station,
NE13 Puget Sound, Wash., trial course (Vashon Island),
F32-3 Pulleys, bearings, aileron control.
S54-3 Pulleys and brackets, coal and ash handling.
N31-10 Pulleys, hoists, triplex blocks, etc.
S91-2 Pulleys, shafting, belting, and hangers, workshops.
P11-1 Pulleys for surface control loads, wing.
S82 Pulling dories.
S65 Pulls and gongs, engine and anchor, interior communication.
S32-9 Pulpits, portable.
S47 Pulsometer.
S29-8 Pump, air testing.
S65-4 Pump alarm systems.
S24-9 Pump and dry air motor.
S47 Pump rooms.
N16-2 Pump wells, drydock.
YO56 Pumper.
S48-1 Pumping and drainage systems.
N23-7 Pumping plants.
N7 Pumping, power, and gas-generating plant structures.
S49 Pumps, air plant.
F48-2 Pumps, anti-icing equipment.
S46 Pumps, condensing.
S59-1 Pumps, contained, ice machine.
B58 Pumps, distillers.
N27-7 Pumps, fire protection,
N16 Pumps for floating and draining drydocks.
F21-1 Pumps, fuel, engine, main propelling machinery,
S55 Pumps, fuel oil.
F27 Pumps, fuel systems.
S45-1 Pumps, lubricating.
S75-1 Pumps, oil, torpedo.
F24-5 Pumps, primer.
S59 Pumps, refrigeration system.
S22 Pumps, steering gear.
S76-2 Pumps and hydraulic control, depth charges,
F28-3 Pumps, water and air, condensers.
S18-2 Punch mats.
S92 Punch and shear.
P13-9 Punishment.
S82-18 Punts.
JL Purchase account material, appropriation (A.P.A.),
P19-1 Purchase discharge.
EP4 Purchasing Agent, Post Office Department.
EN9 Purchasing Offices, general and disbursing.
L4 Purchasing, purchases abroad.
S38-1 Purifiers, air.
S56-3 Purifiers, feed-water.
S45-3 Purifiers and separators (lubricating oil).
N4-10 Purposes, athletic, and physical instructions, buildings for.
AM108 Pursuit.
S65-4 Push buttons.
F21-1 Push rods, engines.
N34-15 Pushcarts and wheelbarrows.
DD287 Putnam (stricken).
DD537 Putnam (new).
NC102 Puuloa (Pearl Harbor), T.H., fleet machine gun school.
F32 Pylons, control system.
AE1 Pyro.
S69 Pyrometers, electric.
S87 Pyrometers, nonelectric.
F36-9 Pyrotechnic signal lights.
A6-3 Pyrotechnic signaling, communications.
N6-72 Pyrotechnic storehouse.
F41-15 Pyrotechnics lights.
S70-1 Pyrotechnics (sight-signaling).


S22 Quadrants or yoke, crosshead rudder.
S71-8 Quadrants, gunners, fire-control.
AM15 Quail.
A5-9 Qualifications (gunnery exercises).
P14-2 Qualifications for appointment.
A17-11 Qualifications; duties (courts-martial procedure).
P1-4 Qualifications, naturalization.
P9-3 Qualifications to vote.
L2-1 Quality, specifications (logistic).
KV1 Quantico, aviation detachment, marine.
KP95 Quantico, Va., barracks detachment.
KA1 Quantico, Va., Fleet marine force.
KP94 Quantico, Va., marine post.
KH2 Quantico, Va., marine post exchange.
NH28 Quantico, Va., naval hospital.
NR31 Quantico, Va., radio-traffic station.
KP96 Quantico, Va., rifle-range detachment.
KP97 Quantico, Va., school detachment.
KP98 Quantico, Va., supply detachment.
F1-4 Quantity, contract.
P2-1 Quarantine.
N9-1 Quarantine barracks and quarters.
P13-2 Quarantine, offenses in connection with.
A2-7 Quarantine regulations.
QS8 Quarantine ships.
ET12-1 Quarantine stations.
P13-4 Quarreling (misconduct and discipline).
L1-2 Quarterly allotments to ships.
S3-1 Quarterly inspection.
P20-2 Quarterly marks, personnel records.
A9-3 Quarterly reports.
EN1-10 Quarterly survey office.
M5 Quartermaster, enlisted.
EW12 Quartermaster, general, Army.
KS9 Quartermaster, Marine Corps.
ML2 Quartermaster sergeant, Marine Corps.
N4-9 Quartermaster's school building.
N6-55 Quartermaster's storehouses.
N4-1 Quarters.
S33 Quarters.
P18-1 Quarters, absence from.
L16-7 Quarters, allowance for.
N4-16 Quarters, etc., outbuildings for.
L16-7 Quarters, Government, civilian employees occupying.
F15-4 Quarters, officers' and crew.
N9-1 Quarters, quarantine, and for sick officers.
S71-8 Quartz for optical instruments, fire-control.
N15-3 Quay walls.
EF13-45 Queensland (British).
DD490 Quick.
N6-29 Quilting shop.
EN9-85 Quimby Pump Co., Newark, N.J., navy cost inspector.
CA39 Quincy.
EN9-27 Quincy (Boston), Mass., navy cost inspector, Bethlehem Steel Co.
EN25-7 Quincy, Mass., supervisor of shipbuilding, Bethlehem Steel Co.
EN8-2 Quincy, Mass., inspector of machinery.
EN6-2 Quincy, Mass., inspector of ordnance.
EN7-4 Quincy, Mass., superintending constructor.
PG40 Quibos.
KP141 Quonset Point, R.I., marine barracks.
NA43 Quonset Point, R.I., naval air station.
A17-11 Quorum of members of officers of United States Naval Reserve Force or Coast Guard, etc. (courts-martial).
P14-4 Quota, recruiting.


SS78 R-1.
SS79 R-2.
SS80 R-3.
SS81 R-4.
SS82 R-5.
SS83 R-6.
SS84 R-7.
SS8B R-8. (stricken).
SS86 R-9.
SS87 R-10.
SS85 R-11.
SS89 R-12.
SS90 R-13.
SS91 R-14.
SS92 R-15.
SS93 R-16.
SS94 R-17.
SS95 R-18.
SS96 R-19.
SS97 R-20.
SS98 R-21 (stricken).
SS99 R-22 (stricken).
SS100 R-23 (stricken).
SS101 R-24 (stricken).
SS102 R-25 (stricken).
SS103 R-26 (stricken).
SS104 R-27 (stricken).
EN25-39 R. T. C. Ship Building Corp., Camden, N.J., supervisor of shipbuilding.
P1-4 Race, genealogy.
A6-14 Races, aircraft.
P10-1 Races, boat.
S78-3 Racks, bombs, cranes, and gear.
S82-12 Racing cutters.
S33-6 Racks, ditty boxes, table-leaf.
S93 Racks, fire hose.
S70-2 Racks, flags.
S37-2 Racks, glass and bottle.
S32-9 Racks, hooks, drawers, shelves, and office.
S30-3 Racks, oar.
S34-2 Racks, pan, kettle, plate, glass, and cup.
N32-3 Racks, plate, and balancing machines, research testing apparatus, ashore.
S36-5 Racks, and reels, wash deck hose.
F16-12 Racks, sand ballast system.
S92 Racks and shelves, tool.
F41-9 Racks, torpedoes, bombs.
S72-2 Racks, turret-turning.
NU Radar stations.
AG22 Radford (ex-DD120) (stricken).
DD446 Radford (new).
S72-4 Radial expansion process, turret guns.
AMc99 Radiant.
EB8 Radiation and organisms, Smithsonian.
S38-2 Radiator, heating, steam.
F26-2 Radiator, lubricating oil.
F25-1 Radiator, water-cooling system.
F42-1 Radio.
S67 Radio apparatus and booths.
H2-20 Radio beacons.
A6-2 Radio broadcasting.
L10-7 Radio, commercial and wire traffic accounts.
EC16 Radio commissioners, Bureau of Commerce.
A6 Radio communication.
NC74 Radio, communications, signal, yeomen, storekeepers, cooks and bakers, naval training schools.
N11-3 Radiocompass building.
A5-11 Radio competition.
S75-1 Radio-controlled torpedoes.
EN9-129 Radio Corp. of America, Camden, N.J., navy cost inspector.
NX Radio direction-finder station.
EC15 Radio Division, Department of Commerce.
OW17 Radio electrician.
OW16 Radio electrician, chief.
NC111 Radio engineering, naval training school (officers).
A6-2 Radio, international accounts and interference.
N8-6 Radio laboratories.
ON21 Radio material officer.
A6-2 Radiophone broadcasting.
S91-1 Radio repair shop.
N4-9 Radio school building.
F21-1 Radio shielding, engine.
NP22 Radio and sound laboratory, San Diego, Calif.
QV Radio stations other than Navy.
N6-23 Radio storehouses.
S30-1 Radio storeroom.
N11 Radio structures and equipment.
S67 Radio structures and equipment.
EP7 Radio, Superintendent, of Post Office Department.
A6-2 Radio, tests, television, tracking, and wave lengths.
NC75 Radio trade school, Jacksonville, Fla.
NR Radio traffic stations, naval.
KP99 Radio, Va., marine post.
MA Radioman.
JJ46-11 Radium.
F38-2 Radium luminous paints.
P3-3 Radium treatment.
A5-7 Radius, cruising (actual performance).
S82-20 Rafts, life.
H3-3 Rafts, obstructing navigation.
QT Rafts, target.
FE20 Raiding force.
A16-3 Raids (war).
AM26 Rail.
S12-2 Rail and awning stanchions and life rails.
L21-1 Rail shipments.
L20-1 Rail transportation.
EV Railroad Administration, United States.
EK Railroad Labor Board, United States.
L20-5 Railroad rates, land-grant.
N13-7 Railroad turntables.
S33-6 Rails, bag.
S73-2 Rails, depression, broadside guns.
S16-6 Rails, foot, turret and smokestack.
S12-2 Rails, guard and pin.
S54-1 Rails or tracks, coaling.
P45-5 Rails, trolleys, carriages, docking.
S72-3 Rails, turret.
EP7 Railway Mail Service, Post Office Department.
N17 Railways, marine.
AS7 Rainbow (stricken).
AE5 Rainier.
F41-10 Rakes.
S51-5 Rakes, boiler furnace.
AS-9 Rakes (gunnery exercises).
S71-8 Rakes, spotters, fire-control.
CL7 Raleigh.
NL16 Raleigh, N.C., recruiting station.
P9-1 Rallies, political.
DD390 Ralph Talbot.
S22 Ram, steering gear.
AO12 Ramapo.
S74-1 Rammers, antiaircraft guns.
S92 Rammers, bench.
S73-4 Rammers, broadside guns.
S72-11 Rammers, turret guns.
S22 Rams and cylinders, hydraulic (for operating rudders).
DM16 Ramsay (ex-DD124).
CV15 Randolph.
PG15 Randolph air group.
A5-9 Range (gunnery exercises).
S13-4 Range-finder hook.
P16-3 Range-finder operators, detail as.
H2-9 Range-finder signals and stations.
S34-2 Range, galley.
S71-1 Range and revolution converters (fire control).
CC4 Ranger (stricken).
CV4 Ranger.
PG4 Ranger air group.
N20-2 Ranges (structures).
H2-2 Ranges and beacons (other than radio and aerial) (navigation aids).
N12-2 Ranges and butts, rifle.
F34-3 Ranges, galley.
H2 Ranges, magnetic survey, target, torpedo, navigating.
S86-6 Ranges, rifle, on shipboard.
N37-6 Ranges and stoves, household.
N3S-6 Ranges and stoves, nonhousehold.
N20 Ranges, structures for navigational aids.
A5-9 Range tug, gunnery exercises.
S73-1 Ranging data, broadside gun.
A5-9 Ranging data, drills.
P72-4 Ranging data, turret gun.
P17 Rank, precedence and promotion.
P13-9 Rank reduction in, punishment.
AO18 Rapidan.
KP125 Rapidan, Va., Marine camp.
AF6 Rappahannock (stricken).
AOG2 Rappahannock (new).
EW27-9 Raritan Arsenal (Army).
NC59 Raritan Arsenal, N.J., aircraft instrument school.
SS269 Rasher.
S36-6 Rat protection.
F31-1 Rate of climb indicator.
L10-6 Rates, billing at average, expenses (accounting)
L21-2 Rates and charges, shipment.
L23 Rates of exchanges, foreign currency.
L13-2 Rates, insurance.
L16-4 Rates of pay.
A6-4 Rates, postage, United States radio service.
L20-5 Rates, travel.
DD113 Rathburne.
P17 Rating.
P13-9 Rating, reduction in, punishment.
L16-8 Rations and allowances.
S18-1 Ratlines and rods, rigging.
SS270 Raton.
S67 Rat-tail and tube, and hull casting (radio).
AM55 Raven.
SS271 Ray.
N25-4 Ray, violet, sterilizer.
F21-3 Reach rods, connections, and fittings, engine.
S48-24 Reach rods, valve.
S69 Reactive-factor meters.
DD526 Read, Abner.
L9-3 Readiness for sea, alterations.
S3-1 Readiness for war.
F3-1 Readiness for war, material.
S24-7 Reading glass, captain's.
P49-7 Reading glasses.
P13-7 Reading matter, obscene.
S33-4 Reading room, crew.
S78-3 Ready-service stowage, ammunition.
A5-2 Ready torpedoes, torpedo exercises.
L5-3 Real property, inspection of.
P29-1 Reamers, bearing.
P14-2 Reappointments.
OL3 Rear admirals.
P9-2 Rebellions.
L11 Receipts, custody (appreciation, depreciation and disposition) .
P13-3 Receipts, fraudulent.
L6 Receipts, payments, and deliveries.
L10-5 Receivable accounts, accounting.
L6-2 Receivable bills.
S41-2 Receiver, and receiver piping, engines.
F42-1 Receiver sets, radio.
S71-1 Receivers, main battery (fire-control).
N9-4 Receiving buildings, hospital.
N11-2 Receiving buildings, radio.
S67 Receiving cabinets in booths (radio).
P13-8 Receiving or entertaining a deserter.
S68 Receiving equipment, under water sound.
P13-5 Receiving merchandise on board without authority.
S30-1 Receiving room.
N4-2 Receiving ship ashore.
NM Receiving ships and barracks.
L21-6 Receiving and shipping facilities at navy yards.
S62-2 Receptacles, and plugs, water-tight, electrical distribution.
S33 Reception loom.
A15-2 Receptions, public.
P8-3 Receptions, social.
S24-7 Reckoning tracer equipment, dead.
P14-5 Recess appointments of commissions.
S50-3 Reciprocating engines, auxiliary.
S41-2 Reciprocating engines, main.
N5-70 Reclaiming (oil) plants.
EI17 Reclamation service.
L11-1 Reclamations and replacements, casualties and salvage.
P17-2 Reclassification.
L16-2 Reclassification of salaries.
F36-9 Recognition or identification, lights.
S64-5 Recognition lights, electric.
S70-1 Recognition sets, submarine.
S74-2 Recoil cylinders, antiaircraft-gun mounts.
S73-2 Recoil cylinders, broadside mounts.
S72-5 Recoil cylinders, liquid, turret gun slide.
P14 Recommendations for appointment.
P15 Recommendations for commendations.
P14-5 Recommissions.
S94 Recompression chamber, salvage.
H1-18 Reconnaissance, surveys.
A16-3 Reconnaissance, warfare operations.
EI31 Reconstruction Administration, Puerto Rico.
P4-4 Reconstruction of wounded and cripples.
EN1-11 Record division, secretary's office, Navy Department.
S1-7 Record of electrical appliances.
F44-3 Record, photography.
A17 Record of proceedings (law; justice).
A17-16 Recordation of findings, courts-martial.
F31-4 Recorder, air-speed.
S51-5 Recorder, boiler.
S24-7 Recorder, course.
S71 Recorder, depth, roll, and performance instruments. .
S29-5 Recorder, roll and pitch.
S65-5 Recorders, autographic (telautographic, etc.).
S85-1 Recording camera, AA, Photography.
S87 Recording guages.
P31-4 Recording tachometer.
P1-5 Records and charts, identification, criminal.
A6-6 Records, (files).
P3-5 Records, health.
P20-2 Records, personnel.
L10-3 Records, reports and work, cost of (accounting).
A12-1 Records, war.
S83-4 Recovering devices, airplane.
P6-3 Recovery of dead.
F13-3 Recovery hook, landing gear.
L22-3 Recovery of property, rewards for.
P10 Recreation.
NH24-1 Recreation health camp, Bagino, T.H.
S33-6 Recreation and rest benches, crew's.
N4-8 Recreational and amusement buildings.
P14-4 Recruiting.
NL0 Recruiting bureau, Navy.
P16-3 Recruiting duty.
KR Recruiting stations, Marine Corps.
NL Recruiting stations.
P19-1 Recruits, discharge of.
P14-4 Recruits, rejection of.
S73-2 Recuperator system, broadside mounts.
S72-5 Recuperator system, turret gun slides.
HJ Red Cross, American National.
N4-7 Red Cross Building.
S70-1 Red lights, signal.
SS272 Redfin.
N12-3 Redoubts (military structures).
S93 Reducers and couplings, fire hose.
P32-1 Reducing gearing, rudder control.
S48-24 Reducing valves.
S76-1 Reducing valves, torpedo.
P17-2 Reduction of employees.
P19-4 Reduction of force, demobilization.
P16-1 Reduction of force, personnel.
S42 Reduction gear, cruising and main turbines, main propelling.
S66-5 Reduction-gear indicators.
F24 Reduction-gear, starters.
A17-11 Reduction of membership below quorum, courts-martial.
P17-2 Reduction in rank.
P13-9 Reduction in rank or rating, punishment.
F22-1 Reduction and reversing gear's, engine transmission.
AM48 Redwing (stricken).
AR84 Redwing (new).
YN25 Redwood.
AMc30 Reedbird.
N9-1 Reeducational wards.
I11-10 Reefs, rocks, shoals, and bands.
F41-10 Reels.
S26-4 Reels, lines and ropes, mooring.
S81-1 Reels, mine protection.
S93 Reels and racks, fire hose.
S36-5 Reels, racks, wash deck hose.
P14-4 Reenlistment.
S18-2 Reentrant port, armor.
S73-2 Reentrant ports, broadside mounts.
P14-2 Reexamination for appointment.
P29-1 Refaeing and reseating equipment, valve, tools
JJ7-9 Refineries, oil.
N5-28 Reforming plant.
S59 Refrigerating plant.
S65-5 Refrigerating room, signals, temperature indicators.
N25 Refrigerating, water.
F34-3 Refrigerators.
N30-8 Refrigerator cars.
S34-2 Refrigerators, electric, commissary, messing.
N38-5 Refrigerators, ice boxes, and display cases, nonhousehold.
N37-5 Refrigerators, ice boxes, household.
P9-2 Refugees.
L6-2 Refunds (disbursing).
P14-2 Refusals of appointments.
JR Refuse materials, general.
P13-2 Refusing or failing to help; refusing obedience.
KB3 Regimental bands, marine.
N3-1 Regimental buildings.
N6-55 Regimental quartermaster's building.
EB7 Regional Bureau for the United States, Smithsonian.
A9 Register, American Bureau of Shipping; Lloyds.
P14-2 Register of eligibles.
ET6 Register of the Treasury.
A6-4 Registered mail.
EP5 Registered mail, Post Office Department.
A7-3 Registered publications, secret, confidential.
S55-4 Registeis, air and shutters, fuel oil.
P17-3 Registers, official.
P14-6 Registration, draft.
P17-2 Regrading.
AM109 Requisit.
L4.-1 Regular dealers (purchasing).
P17-1 Regulars and reserves, precedence between.
S29-1 Regulating.
S48 Regulating tanks and valves.
A5-9 i Regulation drills.
P6-8 Regulation headstones, and footstones.
L20-5 Regulation of rates, (passenger travel).
A2 Regulations, executive.
A6-4 Regulations, postal.
L4-2 Regulations and principles governing purchasing.
L21 Regulations of rates and routes (freight and cargo).
A5-6 Regulations, small arm firing.
S49 Regulators, air compressor.
S51-3 Regulators, dampers, draft and feed, boiler.
S48-23 Regulators and governors, pipe fittings, tank.
F26-2 Regulators, lubricating oil.
F49- I Regulators, oxygen.
F27-2 Regulators, pressure fuel piping.
S62-2 Regulators, voltage, electric distribution.
AK14 Regulus.
S80 Regunning, general.
S72-4 Regunning, turrets.
P4-4 Rehabilitation (personnel).
A5 Rehearsals, torpedo exercise.
S48-23 Reheaters (other than in boilers).
DD292 Reid (stricken).
DD369 Reid (new).
L6-2 Reimbursements.
L16-9 Reimbursements of allowances.
L1-1 Reimbursement of appropriations.
L19 Reimbursements for lost personal effects.
L11 Reimbursements, transfers, with and without.
IX25 Reina Mercedes.
YT115 Reindeer.
F15-1 Reinforcement over propellers.
F13-4 Reinforcements for catapulting.
P14 Reinstatement.
P6-4 Reinterment and removals.
P19-1 Rejected recruit, discharge.
P14-4 Rejection of applicants for enlistment.
L6-1 Rejection of deliveries.
P7 Relations, domestic.
P9 Relations, political.
P8 Relations, social.
P17-1 Relative rank.
S66-7 Relay stations, sound proof, I. C.
S48-23 Relay tanks.
S71-1 Relay voice-tube station, main battery.
P19-4 Release from active duty. Naval Reserve Force.
F17-2 Release gear, car suspension.
L11-3 Release of material.
A17-7 Released on bail.
L4-3 Releases, contract.
L6-1 Releases, deliveries.
S82-1 Releasing gear, boat.
F41 Releases and release controls, ordnance.
F27-1 Releasing devices, fuel tanks.
A17-15 Relevance of proof, courts-martial.
AMc100 Reliable.
A12-2 Relics, historical.
AH1 Relief.
P16-3 Relief from active duty.
L22-1 Relief of destitute.
F21-3 Relief gear, compression, engine.
S48-24 Relief valves.
S41 Relief valves, main propelling machinery.
P12 Religion, religious services.
N4-7 Religious buildings.
P18-2 Religious holidays.
S74-1 Relining, antiaircraft guns.
S73-1 Relining of broadside guns.
S80 Relining of guns, general.
S72-4 Relining of turret guns.
P6-3 Remains (personnel).
F24-6 Remote control, pull type, starter magneto.
P13-5 Removal of mark of desertion.
P6-4 Removals and reinterment of remains.
S71-8 Removed control, fire.
F38-2 Remover, paint and varnish.
S56-3 Removers, air, feed, water.
P8-5 Remonstrances, complaints, protests and petitions (social relations).
L10-5 Rendition of accounts and returns (accounting).
DD303 Reno (stricken).
CL96 Reno (new).
L9-3 Renovating.
DD176 Renshaw (stricken).
DD499 Renshaw (new).
L16-7 Rental allowance.
EN9-149 Renton, Wash., navy cost inspector, Boeing Aircraft Co.
L4-3 Rentals and lease, contracts.
A3-1 Reorganization.
S11-12 Repair and construction of auxiliaries, foundation for.
S31-2 Repair and construction spares.
F2-3 Repair, expense.
F41-8 Repair kits, bomb sights.
S71-8 Repair kits, optical instruments.
S92 Repair kits (portable tools). .
F29-2 Repair material.
A5-9 Repair party (gunnery exercises).
S88-2 Repair party station and equipment, damage control.
AR Repair ships.
ARV Repair ships, aircraft.
N5 Repair shops for ships and clothing factories.
L9-3 Repairs, alterations, and overhaul.
N19-3 Repairs, building.
L10-3 Repairs, extraordinary, industrial accounting.
S91-1 Repair shops and stations.
A14-7 Reparations, indemnities, international.
P1-4 Repatriation of citizenship.
S24-7 Repeater gyrocompass.
S71-8 Repeaters, lire control.
L11 Replacements, property damage.
P2-4 Report of accident.
P19-1 Report of discharge.
L10-4 Report of expenditures.
S6-2 Report of launching.
P16-3 Report and reporting for duty.
A17-13 Report before trial, procedure before trial, courts-martial.
A9-9 Reports of boards and commissions.
F3-1 Reports of board of inspection and survey.
S3-1 Reports of board of inspection and survey.
P6-1 Reports of captured in action.
L9-3 Reports, conference, arrival and departure.
P14-4 Reports of enlistment.
F3-1 Reports of factory or yard estimates, planning.
P20-2 Reports of fitness.
A5-9 Reports, gunnery exercises.
P11-1 Reports on instructions.
P8-1 Reports, labor board and trade board.
F41-9 Reports of launching, torpedoes.
P18-1 Reports of leave.
S88-3 Reports of practices, practice instruction, damage control.
A7-1 Reports, press, publicity, ships and aircraft.
L6-3 Reports of progress, shipbuilding.
L10-3 Reports, records and work, cost of (accounting).
L21-4 Reports (shipments).
A9 Reports and statistics.
A17-11 Reporter for Judge Advocate, courts-martial.
P14-2 Reporting of candidates for admissions as midshipmen.
L21-4 Reports of material shipped.
P3-1 Reports, statutory surveys.
GJ2 Representatives, House of, United States.
P13-9 Reprimand.
A16-2 Reprisals, war.
S85-4 Reproducers and photography, sound motion-pictures.
EW25 Reproduction plant, Army.
QI Reptiles.
AP33 Republic.
EN9-144 Republic Aircraft Products Division (Aviation Corp.) Detroit, Mich., navy cost inspector.
P14 Request for authority to appoint and certification of appointment, reinstatements.
P16-3 Requests for active duty.
H1-3 Requests for charts and hydrographic publications.
L4-3 Requests for copies of contracts.
A15-2 Requests for details, ceremonies, speakers.
ED1 Research council, national.
EN1-22 Research and development, coordinator of.
NP14 Research laboratory, Bellevue, D.C.
F29-1 Reseating equipment, valve refacing and, tools.
S92 Reseating machines, valve.
F41-6 Reserve aircraft bomb.
S78-1 Reserve ammunition.
NA Reserve aviation bases.
OB Reserve Corps officers.
KT Reserve detachments, marine.
S56-4 Reserve feed tanks, feed water.
S48-2 Reserve feed water piping.
P19-2 Reserve fleet, transfer to.
MP Reserve force.
JN Reserve material.
JP Reserve material (other than Navy).
P17-1 Reserves and regulars, precedence between.
L8-2 Reserve requisitions.
NC74 Reserve schools, radio and signal.
KW2 Reserves, aviation, Marine Corps.
KW1 Reserves, fleet, Marine Corps.
KT Reserve (marine detachment).
QR Reserves, naval general.
L6-2 Reservations, disbursing.
NZ Reservations (lands).
N24 Reservoirs, fuel.
N25-1 Reservoirs, water.
A17-15 Res gestae, courts-martial.
P19-1 Requests for discharge.
A10-3 Requests and exchanges, publications.
A13 Requests for patents.
L22-1 Requests for solicitation.
L9-3 Requests summaries, work.
L20-2 Requests for transportation.
P1 Requirements, design, general board.
P1-5 Requirements, physical, for enlistment and promotion.
L8-2 Requisitions.
P1-4 Requisitions.
L1-2 Requisitions for allotments.
H4-5 Requisitions for instruments, meteorological and aerological.
A10-1 Requisitions for printing and binding.
P17-2 Rerating.
S94 Rescue apparatus, submarine.
S93 Rescue breathing apparatus and equipment.
YRC Rescue chambers.
A5-9 Rescue drills.
N4-9 Rescue from fire, gas chambers, training for.
ASR Rescue ships, submarine.
H2-10 Rescue work, ships and personnel.
N32-3 Research apparatus, shore.
A11 Researches and investigations (scientific).
P1-2 Residence.
EN11 Resident inspector of naval aircraft and catapults.
P19-3 Resignations.
A2-10 Resolutions and ordnances (administrative).
A18-2 Resolutions (legislative).
L24 Resources and facilities.
P2-2 Respiration transmission.
P3-1 Respiratory diseases.
P1-6 Responsibilities, financial.
A3-1 Responsibilities.
S33-6 Rest and recreation benches, crew's.
P1-4 Restoration of citizenship.
P21 Restricted districts, quarantine.
P2-3 Restriction and prevention of insects.
P8-1 Restriction, trade and craft.
S73-1 Rests and bags, broadside guns.
N4-5 Restaurants.
P13-10 Restoration to duty after punishment.
P14-2 Restoration to eligible list, service.
P2 Restricted districts.
P14-4 Resumption of enlistment.
P3-2 Resuscitation.
L16-5 Retainer pay, Naval Reserve.
F21-1 Retainers, valves, valve spring, and engine.
A16-2 Retaliation war.
S51-2 Retarders, flame, boiler.
P14-2 Retention in employment.
MR Retired enlisted personnel.
OR Retired officers.
P19-2 Retirement.
A17 Retiring board (courts-martial procedure).
EN18 Retiring board, naval.
L16-4 Retirement pay, deductions.
S33-4 Retiring room, ladies'.
P13 Retracting mechanism, body group.
S82-11 Retriever boats, torpedo.
F13-5 Retrieving gear, arresting equipment.
P18-1 Retroactive leave.
L16-4 Retroactive pay.
P16-3 Return to duty.
S29-1 Returned finished weights.
P1 Returned-weight statement, contract and design.
EI26 Returns office, Department of Interior.
DD245 Reuben James.
EF28-8 Reunion (Prance).
L14-2 Revenue.
S11-3 Reverse frames.
F22-1 Reversing gears, reduction and, engine transmission.
S41 Reversing main propelling machinery.
F23-1 Reversing propeller.
A17-19 Reviewing authority, courts-martial.
A15-2 Reviews, ceremonies.
A10-1 Reviews and opinions (publications).
L1-1 Revision of appropriations.
L4-3 Revision of contracts.
A17-18 Revision, courts-martial findings.
S65-5 Revolution countergear, main engine.
S71 Revolution and range converters, transmitters (fire-control).
QW1 Revolutionary War.
P9-2 Revolutions, stragglers, criminals.
L22-3 Rewards, gifts, presents to individuals.
P14-4 Rewards to postmasters for enlistment applications.
S85-1 Rewind ers, motion picture.
S78-1 Reworking and sale of smokeless powder, disposition of remnants, ammunition.
EN9-48 Reynolds Metal Co., Macon, Ga., navy cost inspector.
AMc68 Rhea.
S11-4 Rheostat, electric drive.
F36-2 Rheostats.
S62-2 Rheostats, electric distribution.
S66 Rheostats and rheostat room (searchlight).
DD404 Rhind.
EG40 Rhode Island.
EF13-25 Rhodesia (British).
F12 Ribs, tail group.
F11 Ribs, wing group.
CV10 Richard, Bon Homme.
FG10 Richard, Bon Homme air group.
CL9 Richmond.
EN6-29 Richmond, Va., inspector of ordnance, Tredegar's.
NL17 Richmond, Va., recruiting station.
S92 Riddles.
S12-2 Ridge bars, ridge, stanchions, awning (hull fittings).
S78-1 Rifle and hand grenades.
A5-6 Rifle matches, field and boat gun and small-arm exercises.
N12-2 Rifle ranges and butts.
S70-1 Rifle lights, signal.
A5-6 Rifle matches and trophies.
S86-6 Rifle ranges on shipboard.
S79-4 Rifles, small arms and landing force equpiment.
S74-1 Rifling, antiaircraft guns.
S72-4 Rifling, broadside guns.
ARb1 Rigel (ex-AD13).
MV Riggers.
S67 Rigging (radio).
F18 Rigging, ballonets, gas cells and envelopes.
S18 Rigging, canvas, and rope.
N5-51 Rigging loft.
S81-2 Rigging, paravane.
N6-3 Rigging storehouse.
AM110 Right.
N1-13 Right-of-way, lands.
L22-3 Rights, homestead.
N1-13 Rights, riparian land.
ZR Rigid airships.
S12-4 Ring, pad eyes, and eye, bolts.
DD89 Ringgold (stricken).
DD500 Ringgold (new).
S73 Rings, broadside guns.
S72-4 Rings, gas check and locking, turret guns.
S44 Rings, joint and gland, propellers.
S41 Rings, pistons and rods, main propelling machinery.
S43-1 Rings, protecting, shafting.
S72-6 Rings, turrets.
AOG3 Rio Grande.
P13-2 Riot.
P16-3 Riot and Army duty (assignment and detail).
S79-4 Riot guns.
P8-1 Rioting, labor.
N1-13 Riparian rights, land.
H1-11 Rips and tide rips.
S33-5 Risons and detention cells (brig).
AK48 Rita Maersk.
PR River gunboats.
YFB685 Rivera.
H1-12 Rivers and canals.
QX6 Rivers, creeks and brooks (geographic divisions, water).
EW15 Rivers and Harbors, Board of Army Engineers.
F7 Riveting.
S29-10 Riveting and bolting.
S92 Riveting and scaling hammers, pneumatic.
S12-4 Rivets.
DM14 Rizal (stricken).
P2-3 Roaches, extermination of.
A2-1 Road, rules of.
AMc35 Road Runner.
N34 Road scrapers and rollers.
N2-1 Roads.
SS273 Robalo.
P13-5 Robbery.
AG27 Robert L. Barnes (ex-A014).
YX17 Robert Center (stricken).
DD324 Robert Smith (stricken).
EN11-28 Robertson, Mo., inspector of naval aircraft.
NA22 Robertson, St. Louis, Mo., naval reserve aviation base.
AM3 Robin.
EN9-163 Robins D.D. & Repair Co., Brooklyn, N.Y., navy cost inspector.
DD58 Robinson (stricken).
DD562 Robinson (new).
CA2 Rochester (stricken).
CA73 Rochester (new).
EN6-10 Rochester, N.Y., inspector of ordnance.
EN9-91 Rochester, N.Y., navy cost inspector, Bauseh and Lomb Optical Company.
SS274 Rock.
H5 Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway Commission.
EW27-7 Rock Island Arsenal (Army).
AVP29 Rockaway.
KP100 Rockaway Beach, N.Y., marine post (obsolete).
NA3 Rockaway, N.Y., naval air station.
F21-1 Rocker arms, engine.
YT22 Rocket (stricken).
AMc101 Rocket (new).
A6-3 Rocket signaling.
S70-1 Rockets, shower, smoke and star (sight-signaling).
NB82 Rockland, Maine, section base.
NE7 Rockland, Maine, trial course.
H1-10 Rocks, reefs, shoals, and banks, hydrography.
P2-3 Rodents, extermination of.
DD574 Rodgers, John.
DD254 Rodgers (stricken).
DD456 Rodman.
S33-6 Rods, clothes, hanger.
F21-3 Rods, connections, and fittings, reach, engine.
F32 Rods, control system.
F22-2 Rods, control, transmission.
S12-5 Rods, grab.
S41 Rods, pistons and rings, main propelling machinery.
S34-2 Rods, with portable hooks, messing.
S18-1 Rods, ratline.
S48-24 Rods, reach, valves.
S73-2 Rods, spring, counter-recoil, broadside guns.
S72-5 Rods, spring, counter-recoil, turret-gun slides.
S75-1 Rods, steering, torpedo.
F32 Rods, tubes, control system.
S92 Rods, welding.
DD24 Roe (stiieken).
DD418 Roe (new).
P3-3 Roentgenology.
A5-9 Roll and pitch (gunnery exercises).
S29-5 Roll and pitch recorder.
AMc52 Roller.
S73-2 Roller paths and bearings, broadside movements.
N34-5 Rollers, road.
S75-2 Rollers and roller paths, torpedo tubes.
S72 Rollers, turret.
N30 Rolling stock.
P15 Rolls of honor (citation).
P16-2 Rolls, muster.
EF59 Rome, Holy See.
S72-1 Roof girders, plates, and angles, turrets.
N19-4 Roofing and roofs, buildings.
S32-7 Room, band.
S59 Room, ice and refrigerating.
S30 Room, office and office equipment.
S26-6 Room, windlass.
S78-3 Rooms, ammunition.
S53 Rooms, blower.
S51-4 Rooms, boiler.
N4-5 Rooms, dining and lunch.
S58-1 Rooms, evaporator and distilling condenser.
S65-7 Rooms, Interior-Communication.
S33 Rooms, living and berthing.
S63-6 Rooms, motor.
S47 Rooms, pump.
S67 Rooms, radio.
S91 Rooms, ship upkeep shops and equipment.
S30-1 Rooms, store.
S24-5 Rooms on submarines, control.
S75-3 Rooms, torpedo.
NA26 Roosevelt Base, Terminal Island, San Pedro, Calif., naval air station.
NB49 Roosevelt Base, Terminal Island, Calif.
NB73 Roosevelt Roads, P.R., section base.
F21-1 Roots blower, supercharger.
S18-1 Rope, can, wood, cork, fenders (portable).
N6-5 Rope and cordage storages.
S26-4 Rope, dip.
N6-5 Rope storehouse.
N5-49 Rope walk.
DD147 Roper.
F45-2 Ropes, cables, line (handling, mooring, hauling).
S81-2 Ropes, chains, blocks, and fittings, rigging, paravanes.
P32-6 Ropes, control.
S79-2 Ropes, drag and check, field guns.
B26-4 Ropes, lines and reels.
S16-4 Ropes, man, ladder.
S22 Ropes, transmission and steering.
S76-2 Ropes, wire, mechanical control, mine depth charge.
YFB682 Rosal.
NTl-19 Rose Island (Newport), R.I., naval magazine.
F45-3 Rosendahl's method, mooring devices.
YN26 Rosewood.
DD563 Ross.
P16-2 Rosters.
S72-2 Rotary compensators, turret-turning.
S41-1 Rotors and blading, turbine.
N13-8 Roundhouses.
S16-4 Rounds, ladder.
YO53 Roustabout.
P13-2 Rout (misconduct and discipline).
H1-23 Routes, air.
L21 Routes and lines, proposal for new, trade routes.
H1-13 Routes, ocean.
A6-4 Routes, post, mail.
P11-2 Routine, library.
A4-3 Routine, ships and aircraft.
A6-5 Routing sheets, correspondence.
DD64 Rowan, (stricken).
DD405 Rowan (new).
DD564 Rowe.
P10-1 Rowing races.
N4-9 Rowing school building.
AMc102 Royal.
A10-1 Royalties, copyright.
A13-5 Royalties (patents)
F48-2 Rubber boots for wings and tail surfaces.
P18-6 Rubber latex.
F38-3 Rubberizing.
S11-4 Rubbing strakes.
F13 Rubbing strips and edgings, body group.
S72-5 Rubbing, whip of guns, turret gun slides.
PY21 Ruby.
S22 Rudder.
F13 Rudder and controls, water, body group.
F32-1 Rudder control.
S65-5 Rudder indicator systems, diving (mechanical) and tele-motors.
S11-8 Rudder-post and stern casting; forging and stern forging.
S22 Rudder steering and diving.
F12-4 Rudders.
F16 Rudders.
S75-1 Rudders, horizontal and vertical torpedo.
AMc59 Ruff.
A15-1 Ruffles and flourishes.
S33-6 Rugs.
N37-1 Rugs and carpets, household.
N38-1 Rugs and carpets, nonhousehold.
A12-2 Ruins, historical.
F49-7 Rulers, parallel.
S24-7 Rulers, parallel.
P10-1 Rules, athletic competitions.
L4-3 Rules in drawing up contracts.
A6-7 Rules, engineering and performance.
P14-6 Rules of exemption of employees for military service.
A2 Rules and laws, safety, international, road.
S71-8 Rules, slide, fire control.
F49-7 Rules, slide.
L4-3 Rulings, and decisions under contracts.
EF60 Rumania.
SS275 Runner.
F36-10 Running lights.
S64-5 Running lights, side, electric.
P17-1 Running mates.
S18-1 Running, rigging (wire, hemp, and manila) including thimble and other fittings.
A5-7 Runs, engineering performance.
S83-2 Runways and gear, launching devices, airplane.
N10-2 Runways and landing beaches.
EA34 Rural electrification administration.
A6-4 Rural mail.
EP9 Rural mails Post office department.
DD414 Russell.
EF61 Russia.
ES5 Russian affairs, division of, State Department.
KP101 Russian Island, Siberia, marine post.
F38-2 Rust preventive compound.
EN9-86 Rustless Iron & Steel Works, Baltimore, Md., navy cost inspector.


SS105 S-1.
SS106 S-2 (stricken).
SS107 S-3 (stricken).
SS109 S-4 (stricken).
SS110 S-5.
SS111 S-6 (stricken).
SS112 S-7 (stricken).
SS113 S-8 (stricken).
SS114 S-9 (stricken).
SS115 S-10 (stricken).
SS116 S-11.
SS117 S-12.
SS118 S-13.
SS119 S-14.
SS120 S-15.
SS121 S-16.
SS122 S-17.
SS123 S-18.
SS124 S-19.
SS125 S-20.
SS126 S-21.
SS127 S-22.
SS128 S-23.
SS129 S-24.
SS130 S-25.
SS131 S-26.
SS132 S-27.
SS133 S-28.
SS134 S-29.
SS135 S-30.
SS136 S-31.
SS137 S-32.
SS138 S-33.
SS139 S-34.
SS140 S-35.
SS141 S-36.
SS142 S-37.
SS143 S-38.
SS144 S-39.
SS145 S-40.
SS146 S-41.
SS163 S-42.
SS154 S-43.
SS155 S-44.
SS156 S-45.
SS157 S-46.
SS158 S-47.
SS159 S-48.
SS160 S-49 (stricken).
SS161 S-50 (stricken).
SS162 S-51 (stricken).
DD310 S. P. Lee (stricken).
P12-3 Sabbath, observance of.
AO25 Sabine.
NX31 Sabine Pass, Tex., radio direction-finder station.
NB38 Sabine Pass, Tex., section base.
P8-1 Sabotage by labor.
P13-5 Sabotage, property.
YT31 Saco (stricken).
PG19 Sacramento.
S46-5 Saddle plates, foundations and stiffeners, condensers.
S75-2 Saddles, torpedo, tubes.
S32-9 Safe cabinets, card index, filing stationery and plan.
A14-3 Safe conduct.
A7-3 Safeguarding of confidential publications.
L12-1 Safe-keeping, deposits for.
S32-9 Safes and lockers, confidential, secret code, and secret intelligence.
N36-14 Safes and lockers, shore.
S29-1 Safety.
F41-7 Safety and arming devices, bomb racks.
F49-5 Safety belts.
S16-5 Safety devices, elevator.
L9-7 Safety devices and precautions, not personnel.
S72-10 Safety doors, turret guns.
P2-4 Safety first (personnel).
S76-2 Safety forks, depth charge.
S81-1 Safety gear, kite and sweep, mine protection.
A2-13 Safety laws, aviation.
S14-4 Safety and nonslipping treads.
S48-1 Safety tank.
S51-3 Safety valves, boiler.
S48-24 Safety valves (except boiler).
AT20 Sagamore.
AM111 Sage.
S29-9 Sagging and hogging.
N5-50 Sail loft.
N6-4 Sail storehouse.
S18-2 Sail, wind canvas.
SS192 Sailfish (ex-Squalus).
S82-7 Sailing launches, motor, boats.
P10-1 Sailing races.
A4-3 Sailings, ship.
MA Sailmakers.
F49-8 Sails, emergency propulsion.
F43-1 Sails, parachute.
AP32 Saint Mihiel.
PG54 St. Augustine.
NR44 St. Augustine, Fla., radio traffic station.
NR17 St. Croix, Virgin Islands, radio traffic station.
KP110 St. Croix, Virgin Islands, marine post.
EL20 St. Elizabeths Hospital.
H4-2 St. Elmo's lights.
NR88 St. George, Alaska, radio traffic station.
EF13-21 St. Helena (British).
NB98 St. Helena, Va., repair base.
NT1-7 St. Juliens Creek, Va., ammunition depot.
KP111 St. Juliens Creek, Va., marine post.
NT5-4 St. Juliens Creek, Va., torpedo depot.
QX9 St. Lawrence Deep Waterway-Great Lakes.
CA18 St. Louis (stricken).
CL49 St. Louis (new).
NA22 St. Louis, Mo., naval reserve aviation base.
NL32 St. Louis, Mo., recruiting station.
EN8-25 St. Louis, Mo. (Robertson), inspector of machinery.
NH40 St. Lucia, naval dispensary.
KP153 St. Lucia, Windward Islands, marine detachment.
NA66 St. Lucia, Windward Islands, naval air station.
CA71 St. Paul.
NX59 St. Paul, Alaska, radio-direction finder station.
NR89 St. Paul, Alaska, radio traffic station.
NR41 St. Petersburg, Fla., radio traffic station.
LE1-4 St. Petersburg, Fla., U.S. Maritime Service training station.
EF28-22 St. Pierre (France).
KP113 St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, barracks detachment.
KV6 St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, landing field.
KP112 St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, marine post.
NT4-11 St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, naval net depot.
NS6 St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, naval station.
NR16 St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, radio traffic station.
NB91 St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, section base.
NB21 St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, submarine base.
EF37-4 Sakhalin (Japan).
AO26 Salamonee.
L16 Salaries.
S78-1 Sale of and reworking smokeless powder, disposition of remnants, ammunition.
CL3 Salem (stricken).
EN9-93 Salem, Mass., navy cost inspector, Atwood & Morrill Co.
L11-4 Sales.
EN9-22 Sales board, central, Washington, D.C.
L14-1 Sales tax.
AO19 Salinas.
S65-5 Salinity indicators.
S51-3 Salinometer pots.
S58-4 Salinometer pots, distilling plants.
S48-24 Salinometers, pots, valves.
SS182 Salmon.
CA26 Salt Lake City.
NL35 Salt Lake City, Utah, recruiting station.
F38-3 Salt spray testing.
N26-6 Salt water, distribution, shore.
S48-7 Salt water flushing system.
A15-1 Salutes and saluting stations.
S78-1 Saluting ammunition.
S73-1 Saluting guns, broadside guns.
EF62 Salvador.
S49-4 Salvage air system.
S47 Salvage, pump.
L11-22 Salvage services of United States ships and material.
AR5 Salvage ships.
S94 Salvaging.
N19-12 Salvaging and wrecking, buildings.
S71 Salvers, torpedo and fire control.
S71-8 Salvo firing system, fire-control.
S74-1 Salvo latches, antiaircraft guns.
S73-1 Salvo latches, broadside guns.
A5-9 Salvo pattern and signals, gunnery exercises.
S71-1 Salvo patterns, signals, and system, turrets (fire control).
CB6 Samoa.
EG53 Samoa (American).
NU5 Samoa, radar station.
YT5 Samoset.
L4-2 Samples on bids (purchasing).
S78-3 Samples of smokeless powder, cartons for.
S51-3 Sampling connection, feed-water, boiler.
DD63 Sampson (stricken).
DD394 Sampson (new).
NB18 San Clemente, Calif., fleet training base.
CL53 San Diego.
KP103 San Diego, Calif., air station (marine post).
KV4 San Diego, Calif., aviation detachment, marine.
NC93 San Diego, Calif., aviation machinist's mate school, naval air station.
NC89 San Diego, Calif., aviation ordnance school.
NC94 San Diego, Calif., aviation radioman's school, naval air station.
NC51 San Diego, Calif., aviation training school.
KP104 San Diego, Calif., barracks detachment (marine post).
NC71 San Diego, Calif., bomb target school.
NC48 San Diego, Calif., buglers and bugle master's school.
NC69 San Diego, Calif., Diesel school.
KP105 San Diego, Calif., destroyer base, marine post.
NC12 San Diego, Calif., electrical school.
NC99 San Diego, Calif., fleet fire control school.
KA2 San Diego, Calif., fleet marine force.
NC14 San Diego, Calif., fleet torpedo school.
NT2-4 San Diego, Calif., fuel depot (marine post).
NC57 San Diego, Calif., gyro compass school.
NC18 San Diego, Calif., hospital corps school.
EN11-23 San Diego (Chula Vista), Calif., inspector of naval aircraft.
KP150 San Diego (Fallbrook), Calif., marine barracks.
KP102 San Diego, Calif., marine post.
KH7 San Diego, Calif., marine post exchange.
NT7-3 San Diego, Calif., motion-picture exchange.
NC23 San Diego, Calif., musicians' school.
NC25 San Diego, Calif., naval academy preparatory school.
NA11 San Diego, Calif., naval air station (North Island).
NTl-20 San Diego, Calif (Fallbrook), naval ammunition depot.
NB12 San Diego, Calif., naval destroyer base.
NT2-4 San Diego, Calif., naval fuel depot.
NH16 San Diego, Calif., naval hospital.
NT4-25 San Diego, Calif., naval net depot.
NB1 San Diego, Calif., naval operating base.
NM17 San Diego, Calif., naval receiving ship.
KP106 San Diego, Calif., naval repair base (marine post).
NM5 San Diego, Calif., naval training station.
EN9-170 San Diego, Calif., navy cost inspector, Consolidated Aircraft Corp.
NC84 San Diego, Calif., parachute school.
NC35 San Diego, Calif., radio material school.
NC33 San Diego, Calif., radio school.
NP22 San Diego, Calif., radio and sound laboratory.
NE69 San Diego, Calif., radio traffic station.
NC45 San Diego, Calif., recruiters' school.
NL47 San Diego, Calif., recruiting station.
NB29 San Diego, Calif., section base.
NC37 San Diego, Calif., sound school.
NC83 San Diego, Calif., sound school, West Coast (obsolete, see NC37).
NC41 San Diego, Calif., stenographer's school.
NT4-4 San Diego, Calif., supply depot.
NT5-10 San Diego, Calif., torpedo depot.
NP6 San Diego, Calif., torpedo testing room.
NC88 San Diego, Calif., welder school.
NR18 San Domingo, Dominican Republic, radio traffic station.
YFB12 San Felipe.
CA38 San Francisco.
NR72 San Francisco Beach, Calif., radio traffic station.
EN9-17 San Francisco, Calif., area coordinator, Fourth Army Corps.
KS2 San Francisco, Calif., assistant adjutant and inspector, Marine Corps.
KS8 San Francisco, Calif., assistant paymaster, Marine Corps.
KS11 San Francisco, Calif., assistant quartermaster, Marine Corps.
EN22-17 San Francisco, Calif., branch hydrographic office.
EN8-22 San Francisco, Calif., inspector of engineering material.
EN8-23 San Francisco, Calif., inspector of machinery, Bethlehem Union Iron Works.
EN24-12 San Francisco, Calif., inspector of naval material.
EN6-22 San Francisco, Calif., inspector of ordnance.
NT6-2 San Francisco, Calif., Marine Corps supply depot.
NB16 San Francisco, Calif., naval operating base and naval reserve base.
NM13 San Francisco, Calif., naval receiving ship.
NM4 San Francisco, Calif., naval training station.
EN9-11 San Francisco, Calif., navy cost inspector.
EN9-28 San Francisco, Calif., navy cost inspector, Bethlehem Steel Co.
EN9-178 San Prancisco, Calif., navy cost inspector, Enterprise Engine & Fdry Co.
EN9-112 San Francisco, Calif., navy cost inspector, Union Iron Works.
EN9-119 San Francisco, Calif., navy cost inspector, United Engineering Co. (Treasure Island).
EN9-177 San Francisco, Calif., navy cost inspector, Western Pipe & Steel Co.
EN9-3 San Francisco, Calif., navy purchasing and disbursing office.
NR71 San Francisco, Calif., radio traffic station.
NL36 San Francisco, Calif., recruiting station.
EN7-11 San Francisco, Calif., superintending constructor.
EN27-17 San Francisco, Calif., supervisor of shipbuilding, Bethlehem Steel Co. (Union Plant).
NB36 San Francisco, Calif. (Treasure Island), section base.
LE3-3 San Francisco (Treasure Island), Calif., U.S. Maritime Commission cadet school (formerly Tiburon, Calif.).
NC74-6 San Francisco, Calif., U.S.N.R. radio school, U.S.S. Despatch.
CL54 San Juan.
EN22-20 San Juan, P.R., branch hydrographic office.
KP107 San Juan, P.R., marine post.
NA36 San Juan, P.R., naval air base.
NH35 San Juan, P.R., naval dispensary.
NT4-26 San Juan, P.R., naval net depot.
NS69 San Juan, P.R., naval radio compass station.
NR12 San Juan, P.R., radio traffic station.
NB27 San Juan, P.R., section base.
EF36-1 San Marino.
NR105 San Nicholas Island, Calif., naval radio traffic station.
AVP30 San Pablo.
EN9-41 San Pedro, Calif., navy cost inspector, Bethlehem Steel Co.
EN9-33 San Pedro, Calif., navy cost inspector, Los Angeles S.B. &D.D. Co.
EN25-24 San Pedro, Calif., supervisor of shipbuilding, Bethlehem Steel Co.
EN6-42 San Pedro, Calif., inspector of ordnance, Los Angeles S.B. & D.D. Co.
EN25-25 San Pedro, Calif., supervisor of shipbuilding, Los Angeles S.B. & D.D. Co.
EN22-22 San Pedro, Calif., branch hydrographic office.
NT7-5 San Pedro, Calif., motion-picture subexchange.
NA26 San Pedro, Calif., naval air station.
NH33 San Pedro, Calif., naval dispensary.
NT4-24 San Pedro, Calif., naval net depot.
NB66 San Pedro, Calif., naval operating base.
NB11 San Pedro, Calif., naval submarine base.
NR104 San Pedro, Calif., naval traffic station, Trona Field.
EN9-24 San Pedro, Calif., navy disbursing office.
NB30 San Pedro, Calif., section base.
NT5-9 San Pedro, Calif., torpedo depot.
NE10 San Pedro, Calif., trial course.
NH25-1 San Pedro and Long Beach Area, Calif., naval dispensary.
F32-6 Sand ballast, control.
F15-12 Sand ballast system.
F38-3 Sand blasting.
N5-6 Sand-blasting shops and foundries.
JJ59-6 Sand, building.
S14-2 Sand, deck.
N1-6 Sand pits.
NB-79 Sand Point, Alaska, section base.
N6-31 Sand storehouse.
S92 Sand troughs.
YP3 Sanda.
YN27 Sandalwood.
AM37 Sanderling (stricken).
AMc11 Sanderling.
AVP9 Sandpiper (ex-AM51).
DD243 Sands.
NX10 Sandy Hook, N.J., radio direction-finder station.
AO28 Sangamon.
NA76 Sangley Point, Cavite, P. L, naval air station.
NT2-9 Sangley Point, Cavite, P. I., naval fuel depot.
N9 Sanitarium structures.
GC Sanitary Bureau, international.
S47 Sanitary pumps.
N26-7 Sanitary sewers.
F34-4 Sanitation.
S36 Sanitation.
N19-7 Sanitation of buildings and grounds.
P3-4 Sanitation, place for employees, and inspections.
N9 Sanitation structures.
NB93 Santa Barbara, Calif., section base.
NE9 Santa Barbara, Calif., trial course.
CL60 Santa Fe.
EN11-14 Santa Monica (El Segundo), Calif., inspector of naval aircraft.
EN9-146 Santa Monica, Calif., navy cost inspector, Douglas Aircraft, Inc.
YFB681 Santa Rita.
AO29 Santee.
EF63 Santo Domingo.
AO11 Sapelo.
PYc2 Sapphire.
AO5 Sara Thompson (stricken).
CV3 Saratoga.
FG3 Saratoga air group.
EF13-8 Sarawak (British).
PYc12 Sardonyx.
SS188 Sargo.
NR86 Sarichef, Alaska, radio traffic station.
N19-9 Sashes, windows and skylights.
DD190 Satterlee (stricken).
DD626 Satterlee (new).
DD465 Saufley.
AN4 Saugus.
EN22-13 Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., branch hydrographic office.
SS189 Saury.
AS8 Savannah (stricken).
CL42 Savannah (new).
EN22-9 Savannah, Ga., branch hydrographic office.
EN9-97 Savannah, Ga., navy cost inspector, Savannah Machine & Foundry Co.
NR38 Savannah, Ga., radio traffic station.
NB87 Savannah, Ga., section base.
EN25-38 Savannah, Ga., supervisor of shipbuilding, Savannah Machine & Foundry Co. branch at Gibbs Gas Engine Co., Jacksonville, Fla.
EN25-38 Savannah Machine & Foundry Co., supervisor of shipbuilding, Savannah, Ga.
L12-1 Savings banks.
SS276 Sawfish.
N5-44 Sawmill.
S91-2 Saws, band and hack, and saw tables.
EF30 Saxony.
KP108 Sayville, N.Y., marine post.
NR10 Sayville, N.Y., radio traffic station.
S79-4 Scabbards.
F4-1 Scaffolding, building.
S4 Scaffolding.
N34-8 Scaffolds.
S37-2 Scales, medical.
S71-8 Scales, range-finder, optical and speed, fire control.
S73-3 Scales, sight, broadside guns.
S72-7 Scales, sight, turret guns.
N32 Scales, weighing and testing apparatus.
S92 Scaling and riveting hammers, pneumatic.
SS277 Scamp.
P13-2 Scandalous conduct.
P1-5 Scars.
S41 Scavenger and air compressor working cylinders, main propelling machinery.
S47 Scavenger pumps, submarine.
SS7 Scelerscopes.
EF30 Schaumburg-Lippe (Germany).
A4-3 Schedules of employment.
L21-2 Schedules, freight rates.
P11-1 Schedules of instruction.
P13-9 Schedule of offenses and limitation of punishment.
L9-3 Schedules, overhaul and docking.
L4-2 Schedules, proposals, bids, awards.
A6-2 Schedules, radio.
L20-5 Schedules of rates, passenger travel.
L16-1 Schedule of wages, civil employees.
DD159 Schenck.
EN9-51 Schenectady, N.Y., Navy cost inspector, General Electric Co.
EN8-14 Schenectady, N, Y., inspector of engineering material.
EN7-21 Schenectady, N.Y., inspector of hull material.
EN8-4 Schenectady, N.Y., inspector of machinery.
EN24-3 Schenectady, N.Y., inspector of naval material.
EN6-5 Schenectady, N.Y., inspector of ordnance.
P15 Schiff memorial trophy for flying.
DD103 Schley.
P11-1 Scholarships.
N4-9 School buildings and training structures.
P11 School, profiency and attendance.
QS16 School ships (State).
EW25 Schools, Army.
NC Schools, Navy.
NC1 Schools, other than Navy.
DD501 Schroeder.
QE Sciences and arts.
A3-2 Scientific management.
L5 Scientific service.
EA2 Scientific work, director of Department of Agriculture.
AT30 Sciota.
S81-1 Scissors, explosive mine protection.
F18-5 Scoops, air.
P32-6 Scoops, air, controls.
S12-3 Scoops, airport.
F25-2 Scoops, air temperature control.
F35-1 Scoops, air ventilating.
F15-12 Scoops, sand ballast system.
L10-3 Scope, general, theory and practice, industrial accounting.
A5 Scores, competitions, computing, gunnery exercises.
PY3 Scorpion (stricken).
SS278 Scorpion (new).
NE87 Scotch Cap, Alaska, radio traffic station.
EF13-1 Scotland.
V5 Scout planes.
VSN Scout training planes.
VSB Scouting bombing planes.
FF3 Scouting Fleet.
FE3 Scouting force.
FF12-7 Scouting Force, Pacific Fleet.
VSO Scouting observation planes.
A16-3 Scouting, war.
YHT Scows, heating.
YMO Scows, mud.
S92 Scrap metal bina.
J5 Scrap metals.
N6-16 Scrap yard and bins.
N34-4 Scrapers, road.
F38-3 Scrapping.
L11-3 Scrapping of material.
A14-7 Scrapping of ships.
S24-6 Screen, bridge.
QT Screen targets.
N19-16 Screening, buildings.
FE5 Screening force.
A16-3 Screening operations.
N23-8 Screens, circulating loops.
S71-8 Screens, clear vision, fire-control.
S54-1 Screens, coaling.
S38-1 Screens, insect and ventilator.
S16-4 Screens, ladder.
S12-4 Screens, lag.
S85-1 Screens, motion-picture.
S48-23 Screens, piping.
S72-3 Screens, port, turret.
S11-5 Screens, wire mesh or metal.
S73-1 Screw boxes, broadside guns.
S72-4 Screw boxes, turrets.
S92 Screw jacks.
S22 Screw steering gear.
HD Screw-Thread Commission-National.
N4-13 Scrub house.
S36-5 Scrubbing brushes.
S34-1 Scullery.
SS191 Scuplin.
S48-8 Scupper drains.
S36-3 Scuttle butts and accessories.
S78-2 Scuttles, powder, ammunition handling.
S72-10 Scuttles, powder passing, turrets.
S16 Scuttles, watertight and nonwatertight.
S48 Sea chests, connections, and valves, piping.
P16-3 Sea duty.
H3-7 Sea and gulf weed, obstructing navigation.
S33-6 Sea and land irons.
H1 Sea level, and sea water (tides).
S82-10 Sea sleds, boats.
S12-5 Sea steps.
N15-4 Sea walls.
A16-3 Sea warfare.
A16-1 Seacoast, protection of.
SS194 Seadragon.
N10-12 Seadromes.
AM30 Seagull.
SS183 Seal.
S32-9 Seal, ship's.
A5-9 Sealed instructions, gunnery exercises, ships-and-aircraft.
A4-3 Sealed orders, ship and aircraft.
S62-4 Sealing compound, storage battery.
F19 Sealing strips, cover.
SS195 Sealion.
L21-4 Seals, car.
S78-2 Seals, flame, handling ammunition.
A12-4 Seals, official.
S48-23 Seals, water, fittings.
H1-24 Seals and whales, observation of.
F38-2 Seam compound.
M5 Seaman branch.
H2-11 Seamanship.
N4-9 Seamanship school building.
S36-1 Seamen's or crew's head.
YV Seaplane barges.
N10-1 Seaplane hangars.
AV Seaplane tenders.
YSD Seaplane wrecking derrick.
SS196 Searaven.
A16-3 Search, war.
S73-1 Searchers, bore, broadside guns.
S72-4 Searchers, and bore lapping head, turret guns.
S71-6 Searchlight battery, control.
N39-1 Searchlight, landing-field.
S66 Searchlights.
QX1 Seas.
P3-1 Seasickness.
S73-1 Seating of projectiles, broadside guns.
P34-6 Seats (aircraft).
S73-2 Seats, pointer and trainer, broadside mounts.
S75-2 Seats, pointer and trainer, torpedo tubes.
S72-4 Seats, turret guns.
IX39 Seattle (ex-CA11).
EN9-90 Seattle-Tacoma S.B. Co., Tacoma, Wash., navy cost inspector.
NC104 Seattle, Wash., aviation ordnancemen's school.
EN22-19 Seattle, Wash., branch hydrographic office.
EN9-35 Seattle, Wash., Harbor Island, Todd Seattle D.D. Co., Navy cost inspector.
EN11-16 Seattle, Wash., inspector of naval aircraft (Boeing).
EN24-13 Seattle, Wash., inspector of naval material.
NA13 Seattle, Wash., naval air station.
NA45 Seattle, Wash., naval reserve aviation base.
EN9-150 Seattle, Wash., navy cost inspector, Boeing Aircraft Co.
EN9-45 Seattle, Wash., navy cost inspector, Lake Union D.D. & Mach. Works.
EN9-40 Seattle, Wash., navy cost inspector, Seattle-Tacoma S.B. Co.
NT4-38 Seattle, Wash., navy supply pier, Pier 41.
NR76 Seattle, Wash., radio traffic station.
NL37 Seattle, Wash., recruiting station.
NB52 Seattle, Wash., section base.
EN25-18 Seattle, Wash., supervisor of shipbuilding, Seattle-Tacoma S.B. Co.
IX51 Seattor No. 1.
IX53 Seattor No. 2.
H3-7 Seaweed.
SS197 Seawolf.
S29 Seaworthiness, weight, stability and integrity.
YT23 Sebago (stricken).
P9-2 Secessions.
KA2 Second advance base, marines.
EN9-15 Second Army Corps, New York, N.Y., area coordinator.
OA8 Second lieutenants, Marine Corps.
ND2 Second Naval District.
S71-2 Secondary battery fire control.
S24-4 Secondary control or battle station.
S65-5 Secondary recording counters.
P8-2 Secret associations.
A6 Secret codes.
A2-12 Secret instructions.
S32-9 Secret intelligence, secret code, and confidential safes and lockers.
A7 Secret matters, handling of
A4-5 Secret orders, ship and aircraft.
A8-4 Secret Service.
EA1 Secretary of Agriculture.
EC1 Secretary of Commerce.
EI1 Secretary of Interior.
EL1 Secretary of Labor.
EN1 Secretary of Navy.
EN1-19 Secretary of the Navy, advisory council.
EN1-20 Secretary of the Navy, special assistant to, New York, N.Y., (shipbuilding campaign).
ES1 Secretary of State.
ET1 Secretary of the Treasury.
EW1 Secretary of War.
P19-1 Secretary's order, discharge.
FA Sections (ships).
NB Section bases.
OF8 Section commander.
A5-1 Section, practices, gun exercise.
P12-1 Sects, religious.
S73-2 Securing gear, broadside mounts.
S72-3 Securing gear, turret.
S75-2 Securing-pad eyes, torpedo tubes and launching gear.
AMc103 Security.
L13-1 Security and surety bonds.
P13-2 Sedition, crime.
P9-2 Sedition, political relations.
N1-2 Seeding, grass, lawns, loams and sod.
AM112 Seer.
P2-1 Segregation and communicable diseases.
H1-5 Seismic disturbances.
L11-3 Seizure of material by enemy.
L8-3 Selection and adoption in procuring material.
A17 Selection boards, marine and naval.
P17-2 Selection for promotion.
P7 Self-maintenance.
DD320 Selfridge (stricken).
SS357 Selfridge (new).
L18 Selling agencies.
S71-8 Selsyns, fire control.
A6-3 Semaphore signaling.
S70-3 Semaphores, signal.
N9-1 Semiambulant wards.
A9-2 Semiannual reports.
S41-3 Semi-Diesel engines, motorboat.
AT65 Seminole.
AG24 Semmes (ex-DD189).
A18 Senate and House committees, bills, and investigations.
GJ1 Senate, United States.
F45-2 Send off poles, handling.
EP28-10 Senegal.
A17-11 Senior member, courts-martial
OF22 Senior officer present, afloat.
A17 Sentences, courts-martial.
P13-10 Sentences, reduction or suspension of, commutation.
AM113 Sentinel.
N3-2 Sentinel box.
P13-2 Sentinels, offenses against.
N3-2 Sentry building.
S29-1 Separating tank, oil and water.
P19 Separation (personal).
S49 Separators, air compressor.
P28-4 Separators, condenser.
S57-1 Separators, Diesel oil.
S55-2 Separators, fuel oil.
S15 Separators, gasoline.
S59-3 Separators, ice machine.
S48-23 Separators, piping.
S45-3 Separators and purifiers, lubricating oil.
S72-1 Separators, roller, turrets.
N26-7 Septic tanks, shore.
AO20 Sepulga.
AG23 Sequoia.
EF64 Serb, Croat, and Slovene State.
ML Sergeant, Marine Corps.
F39-3 Serial numbers.
P2-3 Serumtheraphy.
N4-1 Servants' and attendants' quarters.
P7 Servants of naval personnel.
P14 Service (appointment).
P16 Service (assignment and detail).
P20-2 Service, Certificate of.
P4-1 Service changes, work, air, light, electricity, etc.
S4 Service charges, air, light, electricity, water, etc.
L16-4 Service, constructive, pay.
P15 Service, distinguished.
S47 Service fuel oil pumps.
P27-1 Service or gravity tanks, fixed, fuel tanks.
A16-3 Service of information; skirmishing; aerial photography, warfare.
A6 Service, mail, telephone, radio, United States and foreign.
P1-1 Service numbers.
P20-2 Service records, personnel.
A8-4 Service, secret.
S55-1 Service, settling and gravity tanks, fuel oil stowage and equipment.
L5-2 Service tests, inspections and tests.
L8-3 Services or labor, orders for.
P12-2 Services, religious.
L22-3 Services, rewards for.
L8-4 Servicing aircraft on flights.
N4-5 Serving of food, buildings for.
F42-1 Sets, receiver and transmitter, radio.
S92 Sets, shackle tool.
S87 Sets, testing, general.
F35-1 Sets, ventilating.
S78-1 Setters, fuse, ammunition.
L10-5 Settlement of accounts (accounting).
L11 Settlement, property damages.
S55-1 Settling, service and gravity tanks, fuel oil stowage and equipment.
S45-3 Settling tanks, lubricating oil.
ND7 Seventh Naval District.
NT4-3 Sewall's Point (Norfolk-Hampton Roads), Va., naval supply depot.
NR83 Seward, Alaska, radio traffic station.
NB94 Seward, Alaska, section base.
N26-7 Sewers and sewage systems.
S33-6 Sewing machines.
P1-5 Sex.
P2-4 Sex hygiene.
F49-7 Sextants.
S71-8 Sextants, fire-control.
S24-7 Sextants, navigating.
F31-3 Sextants and octants, navigating.
P13-7 Sexual perversion.
EF13-23 Seychelles (British).
ARS9 Shackle.
S12-5 Shackle, lifting, towing.
S92 Shackle tool sets.
S26-3 Shackles, and shackling tools, anchor chains.
SS235 Shad.
N37-3 Shades, household.
N38-3 Shades, nonhousehold.
YFB2079 Shady Side (stricken).
S63 Shaft bearings, blowers.
F21-1 Shaft, cam, crank and engine.
S65-5 Shaft revolution counters, and indicators, signal system.
S11-5 Shaft tunnel.
F22 Shafting, aircraft transmission.
S43 Shafting and bearings.
S91-2 Shafting, belting, hangers, and pulleys.
S71-8 Shafting, flexible, fire control.
S41 Shafting, main propelling machinery.
S22 Shafting, steering gear.
S75-1 Shafting, torpedo.
F32 Shafting, transmission, control systems.
S43-1 Shafts and bearings.
F15-3 Shafts and platforms, climbing.
A4-3 Shake-down cruises.
JJ7-10 Shale oil.
NZ7 Shale oil reserves.
EN8-27 Shanghai, China, inspector of machinery.
NR97 Shanghai, China, radio traffic station.
S92 Shank, pouring.
S91-2 Sbapers and planers.
S28-4 Shapes, masthead.
S70-3 Shapes, signal.
H2-18 Shapes, time.
SS174 Shark.
DD281 Sharkey (stricken).
P15 Sharpshooter's medals.
AE6 Shasta.
DD68 Shaw (stricken).
DD373 Shaw (new).
S17-1 Shear legs.
N31-7 Shear legs, shore.
S92 Shears and punches.
S39 Sheathing.
S11-1 Sheathing outside plating.
F45-2 Sheaves, blocks, and fair-leads, handling, mooring, and towing gear.
S76-2 Sheaves and fair-leads, depth charges.
F32 Sheaves, fittings, fair-leads, pylons, control system.
F4-1 Shed and berthing expenses, building.
P'6-4 Shed, mooring.
N12-5 Sheds, gun.
N10-5 Sheds and houses, airplane engine testing, structures
N5 Sheds, shop structures.
N6 Sheds, storage structures.
N13 Sheds, transportation structures.
S12-5 Sheds, water.
S5 Sheer plan.
N5-3 Sheet-metal shops.
S91-1 Sheet-metal shop.
S51-1 Sheets, shell, head and tube, boilers.
S78-1 Sheets, test, powder, ammunition.
S58 Sheets, tube, condenser.
S56-1 Sheets, tube, feed-water heaters.
S46-5 Sheets, tubes and supporting plates, condensers.
AM62 Sheldrake.
S11-4 Shelf, armor.
S36-2 Shelf and cabinets, barber shop.
S72-1 Shelf plate, turrets.
JJ52-5 Shellacs.
S46-5 Shell and exhaust connection, condensers.
S51-1 Shell, head and tube sheets, boiler.
S72-10 Shell-hoists, brakes, electric motors, turret guns.
N6-62 Shell house and bomb stowage, magazines.
S58 Shells, distilling.
S11-1 Shells, hull, structural.
A5-9 Shells, painting of, gunnery exercises.
N12-7 Shelters, bombproof.
S36-2 Shelves, barber shop.
S34-2 Shelves and dressers, messing.
S37-2 Shelves, medical.
S32-9 Shelves, racks, hooks, and drawers, office equipment.
S92 Shelves and racks, tool.
ZR1 Shenandoah (stricken).
S72-5 Shield, turret gun slides.
F21-1 Shielding, radio engine.
DD596 Shields.
S73-2 Shields, gun and spray, broadside mounts.
S41-6 Shifting gear, engines.
S43-1 Shifting gear and propeller cluteh.
A4-3 Ship and aircraft movements.
S71 Ship-bearing systems, fire control.
S28 Ship, designation and nomenclature.
S24 Ship control.
S22 Ship-control gear, automatic and adjustable stops on.
S86-1 Ship-control instruction apparatus.
P11-2 Ship libraries.
L4-3 Ship and material cost-plus contracts.
S Ship material groups.
S1-1 Ship models.
F6-4 Ship, mooring to.
L11-4 Ship sales.
S30-1 Ship service room.
S65-1 Ship service telephone systems.
F5 Ship or ships.
A10-6 Ship and station papers (magazines).
JF Ship stores and canteens.
S91 Ship upkeep shops and equipment.
N15 Ship ways.
PS-1 Ship and yards, trades for.
S83 Ships, airplane handling and stowage on.
S8-2 Ship's canvas awnings.
L13-2 Ships, cargo and personnel insuring.
S36-5 Ship's cleaning equipment.
AS-11 Ship's data book, United States Navy.
S1 Ships, design of.
L11-1 Ships in distress.
L9-3 Ship's force, work to be performed by.
S16-4 Ship's gangway.
A12-1 Ship's machinery history.
S24 Ship's navigational instruments, foundations, and fittings.
A4 Ship's, operations of vessels or aircraft.
Q5 Ships, other than Navy.
S32-9 Ship's seal.
FF10 Ships on special duty.
N6-51 Ship's stores, storehouse.
S30-1 Ship's stores, storeroom, and service room.
S36-3 Ship's tanks, potable water.
IX Ships, unclassified.
L20-1 Shipboard quarters.
S86-6 Shipboard rifle ranges.
EN1-13 Shipbuilding, Coordinator of.
N31-2 Shipbuilding and fitting-out cranes.
EN25 Shipbuilding, supervisors of.
MA Shipfitters, enlisted.
N6-64 Shipfittor's shop.
L9-2 Shipkeepers, cost of.
L21 Shipment.
H4-5 Shipment notices, meteorological and aerological instruments.
L13-2 Shippers, private, insuring of.
EQ Shipping Board.
GK Shipping Bureau, American.
L21-7 Shipping Guide, naval.
N5-63 Shipwright's shed.
DD318 Shirk (stricken).
H1-10 Shoals, rocks, reefs, and banks, hydrography.
F13-11 Shock absorbers.
F13-2 Shoe, landing gear.
S33 Shoe-repair shop and outfits.
S43-2 Shoes, thrust bearings.
N4-9 Shooting gallery.
P13-4 Shooting (misconduct and discipline).
S36-2 Shop, barber.
P8-1 Shop committees, complaints of.
N33-17 Shop express systems.
L10-3 Shop, industrial accounting.
A3-2 Shop management.
N5 Shop structures.
N4 Shops, barber, butcher, and cobbler.
S91 Shops and equipment, ship upkeep.
S33-5 Shops, shoe-repair and tailor.
L10-3 Shops, title Z, accounting systems.
P16-3 Shore duty.
L5-4 Shore establishment inspections.
N Shore establishment materials.
L11-9 Shore establishment, naval bureaus and officers, transfers, loans, and work between.
A2-5 Shore establishment regulations.
NA-NZ Shore establishments.
N21 Shore establishments, designations.
QL Shore patrol.
A4 Shore stations, ships, and aircraft.
P16-1 Shortage of personnel.
P13 Shortage (misconduct and discipline).
L6-1 Shortages in deliveries.
L21-5 Shortages, shipments in transit.
H5 Short-range director and battle practices.
S94 Shot or throwing lines, salvage.
F41-11 Shotguns.
S79-4 Shotguns.
S73-1 Shoulders, broadside guns.
S72-4 Shoulders, turret guns.
S51-5 Shovels, boiler furnace.
N34-19 Shovels, steam.
S70-1 Shower, smoke and star rockets, sight-signaling.
S36-1 Showers.
S37-2 Showers, medical.
P10-2 Shows, motion picture and commercial films.
S78-1 Shrapnel, ammunition.
F41-6 Shrapnel, bombs.
N5-10 Shrinkage pits.
S73-1 Shrinkages, broadside guns.
S72-4 Shrinkages, turret guns.
S41-4 Shrouding, turbine.
S18-1 Shrouds.
N1-2 Shrubberv, plants and trees.
DD265 Shubrick (stricken).
DD639 Shubrick (new).
S72-10 Shutters, ammunition-hoist, turret.
S75-2 Shutters and bow cap, torpedo.
S55-4 Shutters, fuel-oil burners.
S73-2 Shutters, gun port, broadside mounts.
S53 Shutters, intake truck, blowers.
S13-5 Shutters, peepholes and sightholes, conning tower
S66 Shutters, signaling, searchlight.
F25-2 Shutters, temperature control.
F35-1 Shutters, ventilating.
S38-1 Shutters, ventilating and heating.
S14-1 Shutters, wood, deck covering.
EF65 Siam.
DM21 Sicard (ex-DD346).
S37-1 Sick bay.
N6-3 Sick bay, shore.
P3-2 Sick call.
P18-1 Sick leave.
N9-1 Sick officers' quarters.
S13 Side armor and plates.
A15-1 Side boys.
S18-2 Side curtains.
S11-4 Side keelson.
S64-5 Side lights, electric.
S12-2 Side nettings for life line.
EN9-120 Sidney, Ohio, navy cost inspector, Monarch Machine Tool Co.
A16-3 Sieges; blockades; bombardments, warfare operations.
AD18 Sierra.
EF13-35 Sierra Leone (British).
P16-5 Sight setters, assignment and detail.
N5-80 Sight shop.
S70 Sight signaling apparatus, intership.
S71-5 Sighting boards, fire control.
S74-3 Sights, antiaircraft guns.
S13 Sights, armor protection.
S73-3 Sights, broadside guns.
F31-3 Sights, drift.
S71-8 Sights, fire-control.
F41 Sights, ordnance.
S79 Sights and telescopes, field and machine guns, small arms and equipment.
S75-2 Sights, torpedo-tube.
S72 Sights, turret-gun.
A6-3 Signal books.
S24-6 Signal bridge or platform.
NC74 Signal, communications, radio, yeomen, storekeepers, cooks and bakers, naval training schools.
F36-9 Signal lights.
S64-3 Signal lights, electric (except searchlights).
P1-1 Signal numbers.
EW17 Signal officer, chief, War Department.
S65 Signal systems, interior-communication.
N28-6 Signal towers, shore.
A6 Signals, communications.
F42 Signals, radio.
S71-1 Signals, salvo, fire control.
S70 Signals, sight, intership apparatus.
S66 Signaling searchlights and shutters.
H2-13 Signaling station, submarine, navigational aids.
N20-8 Signaling stations, submarine (structures only).
A5-13 Signaling, visual competition.
M5 Signalman.
P1-1 Signature and official signature.
L12-1 Signing of checks.
A6-5 Signing of correspondence.
DD81 Sigourney (stricken).
DD643 Sigourney (new).
DD502 Sigsbee.
EF13-12 Sikkim (British).
H1-16 Silent areas, aberrations, hydrographic.
F43-1 Silk cloth and substitutes, cords, tapes, parachute.
S73-2 Sill plates, gun-port, broadside guns.
S33-6 Silver cabinets.
S19-3 Silver, copper, tin, nickel, etc., plating.
F38-3 Silver finish.
JJ46-15 Silver, metals.
S34 Silver service and cleaning outfit, messing.
L22-2 Silver services, presented.
SS236 Silversides.
EC19 Simplified practice, division of, Department of Commerce.
DD221 Simpson.
DD409 Sims.
L5-2 Simulative teste.
DD275 Sinclair (stricken).
P7 Single or married.
EF16 Sin-Kiang (China).
L18 Sinking fund.
S75-1 Sinking of torpedoes.
L11-1 Sinkings, casualties and salvage.
S37-2 Sinks, bathtubs, lavatories, medical.
S34-2 Sinks, commissary.
S85 Sinks, photography.
S36-1 Sinks, toilet.
QW17 Sino-Japanese War.
ATI 5 Sioux.
S75-1 Siphons, torpedo.
PY13 Siren.
S48-24 Sirens, whistles, installed fog horns.
AK15 Sirius.
KP133 Sitka, Alaska, marine detachment.
NA32 Sitka, Alaska, naval air station.
NR80 Sitka, Alaska, radio traffic station.
NB59 Sitka, Alaska, section base.
L21-4 Situations, car orders, shipments.
ND16 Sixteenth Naval District.
ND6 Sixth Naval District.
L2-1 Sizes, specifications.
S11-3 Skeg, lower.
S22 Skeg, steering gear.
F13-10 Ski landing gear.
F13-2 Skids, landing gear.
AM1 15 Skill.
S68 Skin and keel type oscillators, parts and spares, sound signalling under water.
AMc53 Skinner.
SS184 Skipjack.
AMc104 Skipper.
A16-3 Skirmishing, warfare operations.
AM63 Skylark.
S12-3 Skylights.
N19-9 Skylights, windows and sashes, buildings.
S92 Slabs, bending.
P13-2 Slackers and draft dodgers.
S32- 9 Slats for plan storage.
S92 Sledges.
S82-10 Sleds, sea, boats.
F34-1 Sleeping bags.
L20 Sleeping-car rates and service, travel.
S79-4 Sleeping and head nets, landing force.
P13-2 Sleeping on post.
S43 Sleeves, shafting and bearing.
F4-10 Sleeves, targets.
N33-8 Sleighs.
S73-1 Slewing devices, broadside guns.
S51-5 Slice bars, boiler furnace.
F49-7 Slide rules.
S71-8 Slide rules, fire control.
S74-2 Slides antiaircraft gun mounts.
S73-2 Slides, broadside mounts.
S85-1 Slides, lantern, photography.
S72-5 Slides, turret guns.
F45-4 Slings, hoisting (H/A).
S78-2 Slings, projectile, ammunition handling.
S79-4 Slings and straps, canteens.
S76-1 Slip hooks, mine.
S48-23 Slip joints and expansion, piping.
F27-1 Slip storage, fuel tanks.
S41-2 Slippers, crosshead, steam engine.
N15-8 Slips and basins, water front structures.
DD316 Sloat (stricken).
S36-4 Slop chutes.
S13-2 Sloping armor.
F11-6 Slots, wing group.
F32-5 Slotting wing, wing form control.
YSR Sludge-removal barge.
N23-8 Sluice and sluice gates.
S75-2 Sluice valves, torpedo tubes.
F38-4 Slushing compound, preservation coating.
F41-11 Small arms and equipment.
S79 Small arms and equipment, field and machine guns.
A5 Small arms competition.
NC65 Small arms firing school.
H3-3 Small boats, obstructing navigation.
N4-6 Small stores, buildings for issue of.
JJ55 Small stores (clothing, uniforms, etc.)
DD565 Smalley.
P2-1 Smallpox.
DD378 Smith.
NX56 Smith Island, Wash., radio direction nnderjstation.
DD324 Smith, Robert (stricken).
DD212 Smith, Thompson (stricken).
N5-11 Smitheries, shop structures.
S91-1 Smithery, blacksmith shop.
EB Smithsonian Institution.
S70-1 Smoke bombs and rockets, sight signaling.
F41-15 Smoke candles.
H3-4 Smoke and fog, obstructions to navigation.
P3-2 Smoke and gas, remedial apparatus and treatment.
F41-12 Smoke and gas warfare apparatus.
S77 Smoke and gas warfare apparatus.
S51-3 Smoke indicators, boiler.
S28-4 Smoke pipe figures, paint bonds, etc.
S34-2 Smoke pipes, galley.
S52 Smoke pipes and uptakes.
A5-7 Smoke-prevention runs, engineering performance.
S78-1 Smoke projectiles, ammunition.
A16-3 Smoke screens (war).
S65-5 Smoke telegraph systems.
S78-3 Smokeless-powder samples, cartons for.
P10-2 Smokers.
S16-6 Smokestack and turret foot rails.
P3-1 Smoking habit.
JJ56-4 Smoking tobacco.
S93 Smothering system, steam, fire extinguishing.
P13-5 Smuggling (drugs, narcotics, and liquors, etc.).
SS185 Snapper.
SS279 Snook.
N34-14 Snowplows.
S35 Soap tank.
NX57 Soapetone Point, Alaska, radio direction finder station.
GB Social Hygiene Board, interdepartmental.
P16-7 Social list.
P8 Social relations.
L14-1 Social Security tax.
P9-2 Socialists.
P9-1 Societies, political.
L12-1 Societies, thrift.
S92 Sockets and chucks, drill.
S17-2 Sockets, flagstaff.
A12-2 Sockets, rail, ridge, and awning stanchions.
N1-2 Sod, seeding, grass, lawns, and loam.
F20-1 Soda, caustic, inflation gas.
JJ59-1 Soda lime.
N6-68 Soda storehouse.
F38-3 Sodium silicate finishing process.
P13-7 Sodomy.
S33-6 Sofas.
N25-5 Softening and treating plants, water.
N1-5 Soil, test of.
S37-2 Soiled-linen boxes, medical.
EP13-6 Sokopra (British).
AH2 Solace (stricken).
AH5 Solace (new).
S92 Solder pots and soldering irons.
F7 Soldering.
HZ Soldiers' Home, United States.
S63-4 Solenoids, electric, power application.
S71 Solenoids, Are control and torpedo firing.
F41-14 Solenoids, machine-gun synchronizers.
L22-1 Solicitations for aid.
P9-1 Soliciting for political purposes.
EA3 Solicitor, Department of Agriculture.
EJ13 Solicitor for Department of Commerce.
EI30 Solicitor, Department of the Interior.
EJ14 Solicitor for Department of Labor.
EJ8 Solicitor for Department of State.
EJ2 Solicitor General.
EJ10 Solicitor of Internal Revenue.
EJ9 Solicitor for Treasury Department.
EP3 Solicitor's division, Post Office Department.
P13-9 Solitary confinement, punishment.
NE19 Solomon's Island, Md., magnetic proving ground.
F38-1 Solvent, dope, finish.
S71 Solver, fire and torpedo control.
EF28-9 Somali Coast (French).
EF36-3 Somaliland (Italy).
EF13-24 Somaliland, Protectorate (British).
DD301 Somers (stricken).
DD381 Somers (new).
P10-4 Songs and aire, patriotic.
S68 Sonic depth finders.
AT12 Sonoma.
S51-3 Soot blowers, boiler.
S32-9 Sorting table, post office.
YT9 Sotoyomo.
S17-1 Sound booms and fittings.
S85-4 Sound motion pictures and reproducers.
S71-5 Sound-proof booths, fire-control.
S65-7 Sound-proof booths and relay stations, interior communications.
S39-1 Sound-proof lagging or insulation.
S68 Sound signaling apparatus, underwater. See Bureau of Ships pamphlet RE-1A-107 for itemized list.
A6-3 Sound signaling, communications.
A5-11 Sound-signaling competition.
F42-2 Sound signals.
H1-16 Sound, waves and echoes.
NC83 Sound School, West Coast, San Diego, Calif.
SS7 Sound-timing device, torpedo.
S24 Sounding, ship control.
S48-9 Sounding tubes and air escapes (vents), piping.
H1-17 Soundings, deep-sea.
QX4 Sounds, straits, and channels (narrows).
A17-1 Sources of law, systems.
EF13-25 South Africa (British).
QG2-2 South America.
EF13-45 South Australia (British). -
EN6-17 South Bethlehem, Pa., inspector of ordnance.
NY2-1 South Boston, Mass., navy yard.
NM21 South Brooklyn, N.Y., (Old Armory) (Lend-Lease), navy receiving station.
BB26 South Carolina (stricken).
EG41 South Carolina.
KP109 South Charleston, W. Va., marine post.
NP5 South Charleston, W. Va., naval ordnance plant.
EN9-36 South Charleston, W. Va., navy cost inspector, Carnegie Steel Corporation.
FP6-2 South China Patrol, Asiatic Fleet.
BB49 South Dakota (stricken).
BB57 South Dakota (new).
EE42 South Dakota.
NX30 South Pass, La., radio direction-finder station.
EN8-8 South Philadelphia, Pa., inspector of machinery.
NB86 Southport, N.C., section base.
EF13-27 South West Africa (British).
NA80 South Weymouth, Mass., naval air station.
DMS10 Southard (ex-DD207).
EI29 Southern Appalachian National Park Commission.
EN24-10 Southern Area, inspector of naval material.
NG2 Southern Atlantic naval coastal frontier forces.
KR5 Southern Division, marine recruiting corps.
KT4 Southern Division, marine reserve detachment.
NG3 Southern Pacific naval coastal frontier forces.
NL43 Southern and Southeastern divisions, navy recruiting inspectors.
IX26 Southery.
L22-3 Souvenirs (gifts).
P9-2 Sovietism (political relations).
S83-1 Space for hangars, airplane.
EN1-23 Space Office, Secretary of the Navy
SS1-4 Spaces, boiler.
S30-1 Spaces, general cargo.
N1 Spaces, testing, erecting, parking, grounds.
EF66 Spain.
S13-1 Spalls, defective armor.
QW8 Spanish-American War.
S93 Spanners, nozzles, and stowage, fire fighting.
S72-10 Spanning trays, turret guns.
F29-2 Spare parts.
S54-2 Spare parts, ash ejector and expellers.
S53 Spare parts, blower.
S46-5 Spare parts, condensers.
S22 Spare parts, diving rudder and gear.
S61 Spare parts, electric-power generators.
SB6-1 Spare parts, feed-water heater.
S3 Spare parts, general.
F36-1 Spare parts, generators.
S41 Spare parts, main propelling machinery.
S47 Spare parts, pump.
S67 Spare parts, radio (pump).
S42 Spare parts, reduction gear.
S59 Spare parts, refrigerating machines.
S94 Spare parts, salvage.
S66 Spare parts, searchlights.
S25 Spare parts, towing motors and engine.
S65 Spares, C, K, MV tubes and parts, sound signaling.
S79 Spares and accessories, field and machine guns, small arms and equipment.
S81-1 Spares and gear, mine sweeping.
P21 Spark plugs and control levers, engine.
S41-3 Spark plugs, motorboat engines.
S67 Spark telegraph systems.
YN53 Sparrow (ex. AMc31 and YT172, now Marin).
S72-11 Spars, backing out, projectile, turret.
S17 Spars, towers, cranes, derricks and masts.
S24-12 Spars, towing.
GJ2-1 Speaker, House of Representatives.
A15-2 Speakers, requests for.
S8190 Spearfish.
S16-6 Special access.
EN1-20 Special assistant to the Secretary of the Navy, New York, N.Y. (shipbuilding campaign).
MY Special branch, enlisted.
A17-3 Special civil jurisdictions.
L4-3 Special contracts.
L11-5 Special deposits, general.
L12-1 Special deposits, investments and deposits.
P16 Special duties, assignment and detail.
L16 Special detail, pay for and expenses of.
P14-4 Special enlistment.
F5-1 Special forms, molds.
S12-5 Special hull fittings.
EN9-71 Special Inspectors Group.
A2-12 Special instructions.
S32-8 Special offices.
S48-22 Special piping systems.
S19-5 Special preservative processes.
S47 Special pumps.
L1-2 Special purposes, allotments of appropriations.
EN28-2 Special representative of Bureau of Ships, Gulf area, headquarters, New Orleans.
F1-4 Special requirements, contract.
FF8 Special service squadron.
S30 Special storage or stowage arrangements.
P4-1 Special surgery.
S92 Special tools and bridge gauges.
N9-2 Special treatment, buildings.
S82-3 Special type boats.
KU Special units, Marine Corps.
ML19 Specialists, Marine Corps.
P3-2 Specialists, treatment by.
P3-3 Specialities (medical).
L2 Specifications.
F1 Specifications for building designs.
S1 Specifications for building ships.
JJ Specifications, leaflet (see alphabetical list).
A7-1 Speech, freedom of.
A15-2 Speeches, ceremonies.
AM116 Speed.
A5-7 Speed, engineering performances.
N15-1 Speed-boat piers.
S70-3 Speed cones.
S65-5 Speed flag telegraphs, and indicators, visible signals.
S21 Speed gear, hydraulic.
S26-1 Speed gear, hydraulic, mooring machinery.
S22 Speed gear for rudder control, hydraulic.
S72-2 Speed gears, hydraulic, turrets.
N20-11 Speed'and trial courses, structures.
S8-2 Speed trials.
DD512 Spence.
AS12 Sperry.
EN6-8 Sperrv Gyro Co., Brooklyn, N.Y., inspector of ordnance.
AK16 Spica.
EF50-1 Spitsbergen (Norway).
IX49 Spindrift.
S41 Splash plates, main propelling machinery.
S85-1 Splicing stands, motion picture.
S11-5 Splinter bulkheads.
S81 Splinter, mine, torpedo, and bomb protection (other than structural).
CL97 Spokane.
S13-2 Sponson armor.
S73-2 Sponsons, broadside mounts.
F6-2 Sponsors, launching.
S6-2 Sponsors, launching.
L11-1 Spontaneous combustion.
S48-23 Spools, cast iron for piping.
S75-2 Spoons, torpedo tubes.
P10-1 Sports.
H1-15 Spots, oil.
A5-9 Spotters (gunnery exercises).
S71-1 Spotters, main battery fire control.
S86-2 Spotting boards and gear, instructions.
S71 Spotting devices, and instruments, fire control.
A5 Spotting practices.
S78-1 Spotting projectiles, ammunition.
N19-13 Spouts, down, and gutters, buildings.
YFB1059 Spray (stricken).
N23-9 Spray and cooling ponds.
S71-8 Spray device, optical instrument, fire control.
F38-3 Spray, metal coating, finish.
S73-2 Spray shields, broadside mounts.
N34-17 Sprayers, paint.
A16-3 Spraying and sprinkling liquids, aerial, warfare.
S75-1 Sprays, torpedo.
S12-2 Spreaders and ridge bars, awning.
S72-5 Spring compressor, turret-gun slides.
CL66 Springfield.
NL4 Springfield, Mass., recruiting station.
EN9-153 Springfield, Ohio, navy cost inspector, National Supply Co.
F32 Springs, balance, elevator and rudder controls.
S75-1 Springs, calibrating and test, torpedo.
S73-2 Springs, compressors, gun mount, broadside guns.
S72-5 Springs, counter recoil, turret gun slide.
N27 Sprinkler system, automatic.
N34-12 Sprinkling carts.
S48-3 Sprinkling and flooding system, fire mains, piping.
F32-4 Sprockets, stabilizer control.
DM13 Sproston (stricken).
DD577 Sproston (new).
S24-7 Spyglasses and binoculars, navigational.
S71-8 Spyglasses, fire-control.
OF6 Squadron commander.
FV Squadrons (aircraft).
FC Squadrons (vessels).
SS192 Squalus (now Sailfish).
NA67 Squantum, Mass., naval air station.
NB6 Squantum, Mass., naval operating base.
NA17 Squantum, Mass., naval reserve aviation base.
S72-6 Squares, cap, turret guns.
S71-1 Stable zenith instruments, main battery.
S29 Stability, integrity and weight (seaworthiness).
S71-8 Stabilized instruments, fire-control.
F32-4 Stabilizer controls.
F12-1 Stabilizers.
F41 Stabilizers, ordnance.
S29-4 Stabilizers and stabilizing devices.
S78-2 Stabilizing device, ammunition handling.
S87 Stabilograph.
N13-2 Stables.
DD406 Stack.
F21-2 Stacks, collector wings, on exhaust manifold, engine.
N7-9 Stacks, flues, and chimneys, power plants.
S24-9 Stadimeter, periscope.
S71-8 Stadimeters, fire control.
AM114 Staff.
P16-3 Staff, duty.
K5 Staff office, Marine Corps and unit.
P17-1 Staff officers, exercise of command.
OK Staff officers, general.
S16-6 Stages, cleaning and painting.
S94 Stages, decompression.
S4 Staging.
F4-1 Staging, building.
N19-10 Stairways, building.
S16-4 Stairways.
YT120 Stallion.
AMc105 Stalwart.
EN2B-4 Stamford, Conn., supervisor of shipbuilding, Luders Marine Construction Co.
EN7-27 Stamford, Conn., superintending constructor, Luders Co.
S32-9 Stamp table counter.
L11-1 Stamp tax.
EP5 Stamps, Post Office Department.
A6-4 Stamps, mail.
L12-2 Stamps, war-saving.
F13 Stanchions, body group.
S11-9 Stanchions, hull structural.
S12-2 Stanchions, rail and awning.
L10-5 Standard classification of expenditures (accounting).
EN9-115 Standard Machinery Co., Cranston, R.I., navy cost inspector.
F13 Standard parts, body group.
F10-2 Standard parts, nacelle.
F29-3 Standard parts, naval aircraft factory.
F12 Standard parts, tail group.
F11 Standard parts, wing group.
L4-2 Standard samples (purchasing).
L7-2 Standard stock and stock catalogue.
H7 Standard time.
L2-4 Standards, weights and measures.
EC8 Standards, Bureau of Department of Commerce.
N10-5 Stand houses, test, aircraft.
S32-9 Standing, flat-top and typewriter desks.
S18-1 Standing rigging.
N25-1 Standpipes, water.
S74-1 Stands, antiaircraft guns.
S93 Stands and buckets, fire fighting.
F29-1 Stands, engine overhaul.
F21-8 Stands, engine test.
S91-2 Stands, engine test.
S37-2 Stands for instruments, dressings.
S73-2 Stands, mounts, broadside guns.
S24 Stands, peloruses and ship's telescope.
N4 Stands, personnel structures.
S85-1 Stands, splicing, motion picture.
S22 Stands, steering.
F32 Stands, steering, elevator controls and rudder.
S75 Stands, torpedo handling, tubes and launching gear.
S8-2 Standardization trials.
A5-7 Standardization trials, engineering performance.
DD478 Stanly.
DMS8 Stansbury (ex-DD180).
S12-1 Staples, mooring.
S29-6 Stapling.
S73-1 Star-gauging, broadside guns.
S72-4 Star-gauging, turret guns.
S71-7 Star-shell battery control.
S70-1 Star, smoke and shower rockets, sight signaling.
A15-3 Star Spangled Banner.
S35 Starch cooker.
AM64 Starling.
F24 Starting apparatus and equipment.
S41 Starting apparatus, main propelling machinery.
S75-1 Starting gear and levers, torpedo.
YT120 Stallion.
F21-1 Starter drive and jaw.
GW State appellate courts.
GX State courts.
L14-1 State gasoline tax.
A12-3 State papers.
NF5 State prisons and naval prisons.
GV State supreme courts.
P13-1 State of war.
L10-3 Statements, expense.
A17-15 Statements of injured persons, competence of evidence, courts-martial.
ENS-33 Staten Island, N.Y., inspector of machinery.
EN7-17 Staten Island, N.Y., superintending constructor, United Dry Docks.
EN25-16 Staten Island, N.Y., supervisor of shipbuilding, Bethlehem Steel Co.
L20-5 Stateroom rates.
S33 Staterooms.
EA19 States relation service, Department of Agriculture.
EG States, territories, and dependencies.
A6-2 Static, radio.
H4-9 Static electricity.
F1-2 Static test.
S24-11 Station, airplane observation.
P16-3 Station billets, detail.
P13-8 Station and duty, absence from, over and without leave.
S37-1 Station, emergency dressing.
N39 Station equipment.
A10-6 Station magazines, papers.
S71-8 Station-plotting, (nonstructural).
N3 Stations, administration.
P16-3 Stations, battle.
N4-14 Stations, comfort.
S8S-2 Stations, damage control.
N27-5 Stations, fire, hose-reel houses.
S24-2 Stations, lookout (crow's nest).
N5 Stations, naval.
H2-9 Stations, range finder.
N20-8 Stations, submarine signaling.
S71-1 Stations, turret officer.
S91-2 Stationary equipment, workshop.
S93 Stationary fire extinguishers.
S32-9 Stationery and office supplies.
N36-5 Stationery and office supplies.
H4-10 Statistics and averages, weather, climatology.
A9 Statistics and reports.
L10-3 Statistical machine system, industrial accounting.
A3-4 Status of business, bureau, report of.
A14-6 Status of nations, war and peace.
P17-1 Status of rank.
A4 Status of ships, aircraft, and shore stations.
L9-3 Status of work.
A17 Statutes, law and justice.
P14-2 Statutory employment.
L10-3 Statutory limit of repair work (accounting).
S3-1 Statutory surveys.
F3-1 Statutory surveys, reports of planning.
S92 Staves, cleaner.
S54-1 Stays, coaling.
S51-1 Stays and tube sheets.
AM118 Steady.
S43-2 Steady bearings.
S51 Steam boiler parts and fittings.
S38-2 Steam coils, heating.
F21 Steam engines and turbines.
S93 Steam fire extinguishers, bunkers, fuel-oil tanks, grate, with piping and valves.
S87 Steam gauges.
N34 Steam hammers and shovels.
SS8-1 Steam heads, evaporator.
N26-2 Steam, hot-water systems.
S34-2 Steam-jacketed kettles and urns, tables.
S48-10 Steam piping.
P2-3 Steam sterilization, prevention of disease.
S41 Steam systems and equipment, main propelling machinery.
N26-3 Steam systems.
EC13 Steamboat Inspection Service, Department of Commerce.
S82-4 Steamers.
A5-7 Steaming data, engineering performance.
JJ46-1 Steel, metals.
S381 Steel sheathing.
N6-35 Steel storehouses.
S24-7 Steel tapes.
SS280 Steelhead.
JE4 Steerage mess.
S75-1 Steering and bevel gear and rods, torpedoes.
F32 Steering, control system.
F48-1 Steering devices, beaching gear.
S22 Steering and diving.
S64-5 Steering lights, electric.
S65 Steering signal systems, audible and visible, communications.
DD644 Stembel.
S81-2 Stem extension, paravane.
S11-8 Stem forging.
S79-4 Stems, gun, landing force.
S77-1 Stench producers, gas and smoke warfare.
S32-9 Stencil-cutting machines.
YP4 Stephanotis (ex-Coast Guard Cutter 975).
DD538 Stephen Potter.
F13 Steps, wedge, body group.
S71-8 Stereoscope, fire control.
P2-3 Sterilization, chemical, prevention of disease.
N25-4 Sterilization plants.
S37-2 Sterilizers, medical.
N9-5 Sterilizing, disinfecting, and fumigating buildings.
S35 Sterilizing outfit for clothes and bedding (unless in medical spaces).
EN9-89 Sterling Engine Co., Buffalo, N.Y., navy cost inspector.
F14-3 Stern.
S12-6 Stern hull fittings.
S11 Stern, hull structural.
F19-3 Stern outer cover.
S43 Stern shafting & bearings.
DD27 Sterrett (stricken).
DD407 Sterrett (new).
A6-9 Sterrett, battleship fund awards.
L21-6 Stevedoring.
Y5 Stevedoring barges.
DD86 Stevens (stricken).
DD479 Stevens (new).
DD645 Stevenson.
MC Steward, commissary
MB Steward, officers.
DD224 Stewart.
F32-3 Stick, aiieron control.
S79-4 Stick bombs, landing force.
F18-2 Stiffeners and battens, nose, nonrigid gas envelopes.
F14-1 Stiffeners, bow.
S41-6 Stiffeners and brackets, main propelling machinery.
S11-5 Stiffeners, bulkhead.
S74-1 Stiffeners and foundations, antiaircraft guns.
S43-2 Stiffeners and foundations, bearings.
S53 Stiffeners and foundations, blowers.
S73-2 Stiffeners and foundations, broadside guns.
S54-3 Stiffeners and foundations, coal and ash handling.
S61 Sitffeners and foundations, dynamos.
S85-2 Stiffeners and foundations, photography.
S47 Stiffeners and foundations, pumps.
S42 Stiffeners and foundations, reduction gear.
S46-5 Stiffeners, foundations, saddle plates, condensers.
S91-2 Stiffeners and foundations, structural brackets.
S25 Stiffeners and foundations, towing engines and gear.
S11-1 Stiffening pads.
F44-1 Still photography.
S85-2 Still photography, aerial and ground.
A2-14 Still pictures, permits to take.
SS1S6 Stingray.
L11-2 Stock on hand.
F29-3 Stock materials and parts.
N30 Stock, rolling.
S22 Stock, rudder.
L7-2 Stock, standard.
N6-75 Stockrooms.
DD72 Stockton (stricken).
DD646 Stockton (new).
DD566 Stoddard.
AG18 Stoddert (stricken).
DD302 Stoddert (stricken).
S51-5 Stokers, hand and automatic, boiler furnaces.
S79-4 Stokes and mortar projectiles.
JJ59-5 Stone.
N34-10 Stone crushers.
S51-4 Stools, boiler.
S32-9 Stools, office.
S37-2 Stools, surgeon.
S75-2 Stop bolt, and valve spindles, torpedo.
S19-8 Stop compound, oil and water.
S51-3 Stop valves, boiler.
F31-3 Stop watch.
S71-8 Stop watch, fire control.
S24-7 Stop watches.
S74-2 Stops, antiaircraft, gun mounts.
S22 Stops, automatic and adjustable on ship-control gear.
S73-2 Stops, broadside mounts.
S29-5 Stops, oil and water.
S72-3 Stops, turret-turning machinery and fittings.
P14-4 Stoppage of enlistment.
L16-4 Stoppage of pay.
S26-5 Stoppers, chain and housing.
S29-8 Stoppers, leak.
F36-3 Storage batteries, boxes.
S62 Storage batteries, electric power distribution.
N5-56 Storage battery shop.
S69 Storage battery testing sets.
N9-7 Storage buildings for cans, disposal plants.
L11-8 Storageand care of commercial planes at government yards and stations.
L12-2 Storage charges on shipments.
F34-4 Storage and fixtures, fresh-water, sanitation.
F27-1 Storage, fuel tanks.
N24 Storage plants, fuel.
N25 Storage plants, refrigeration and water (including for fire control) (shore).
L9-6 Storage for preservation.
A6-6 Storage of records.
N6 Storage structures.
F24-4 Storage tank, air starter.
S45-4 Storage tanks, lubricating oil.
JF Stores and canteens.
JJ56-3 Stores, commissary.
L11-4 Stores, demobilization of, invoices.
L21-3 Stores to private parties, shipments of.
N4-6 Stores, small, buildings for issue of.
L10-3 Stores, Title Z, foundry and others (accounting).
N6 Storehouses, storage structures.
S30-1 Store-issuing rooms and storerooms.
MY Storekeeper, enlisted.
L11-2 Storekeeping, accounting under.
NC74 Storekeepers, cooks, bakers, communications, radio, signal, yeomen, naval training schools.
S30 Storerooms and miscellaneous storage.
AF Storeshtps.
H4-6 Storm warning towers and signals.
N26-7 Storm-water sewers.
N37-6 Stoves, ranges, household.
N38-6 Stoves, ranges, nonhousehold.
S72-3 Stowage, accessories, gun and mount, turrets.
S54 Stowage, ash and coal.
YO5 Stowage barges, oil.
YPK Stowage barges, pontoon.
S57 Stowage, and equipment, Diesel oil.
S79-1 Stowage, field and machine guns.
S93 Stowage, fire fighting.
S26-5 Stowage, foundations and accessories, mooring.
S15 Stowage, gasoline.
S33-6 Stowage, hammock.
S83 Stowage and handling airplanes on ships.
S84 Stowage and handling, airship, kite and balloon.
S78 Stowage and handling of ammunition (except turret).
S82-1 Stowage and handling boats.
S76-1 Stowage and handling, mines.
S75-3 Stowage, loading and handling of torpedoes and parts.
S71-8 Stowage and optical instruments, fire-control appliances and apparatus.
S94 Stowage, salvage.
S30 Stowage, storerooms and miscellaneous.
N26-4 Stowage and systems, gas distribution.
L20-1 Stowaways.
S65-5 Stowing and releasing arrangement, submarine marker buoys.
P13-8 Straggling.
SS7 Strain gauges and indicators.
S81-1 Strain indicators, mine protection.
S76-1 Strain insulators, mines.
S49-3 Strainers, air plant.
S55-2 Strainers and baskets, fuel oil.
F27-2 Strainers and filters, fuel piping.
S15 Strainers, gasoline.
F26-4 Strainers, lubricating oil.
S45-1 Strainers, oil, lubrication.
S48-23 Strainers, pipe fittings.
S75-1 Strainers, torpedo.
QX4 Straits, channels, and sounds (narrows).
EF13-13 Straits settlements.
S11-4 Strakes, rubbing.
S78-3 Straps, ammunition-box.
S79-4 Straps and slings, canteens.
S75-3 Straps, torpedo handling.
A16-3 Strategy, war.
AP41 Stratford (ex AK45 Catherine).
EN11-25 Stratford, Conn., inspector of naval aircraft.
L11-1 Stray and unclaimed material.
S78-1 Streamers, projectile ammunition.
S78-1 Streamline projectiles, ammunition.
S75-1 Streamline torpedoes.
S1-2 Streamlines.
N2-1 Streets.
N34-9 Street sweepe