(In addition to, and entirely separate from, Insurance)

a. The dependents of any deceased veteran whose death resulted from injury of disease received in line of duty while the United States is engaged in war may be entitlred to pension at the rate set forth below:

[1] Widow $50.00 per month
[2] Widow with one child 65.00 " "
[3] For each additional child 15,00 " "
[4] No widow, but one child 25.00 " "
[5] No widow, but two children (equally divided) 38.00 " "
[6] For each additional child (total amount to be equally divided) 10.00 " "
(Total payable to widow and chiuldren cannot exceed $100.00)

b. Pension at the rate of $45.00 per month where there is only one dependent parent and $25.00 per month each if both mother and father are surviving and dependent, and the veteran's death is due to wartime service.

c. Dependents should secure necessary papers from the nearest American Red Cross Chapter, in the event of his death.

d. The 6 months' death gratuity benefits will be paid concurrently with the pension benefits mentions above.

--Public Law No. 144, 76th Congress, Effective August 1, 1943.

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Transcribed and formatted by Patrick Clancey, HyperWar Foundation