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  1. The actions in this war have shown that the events of battle move at a tremendous pace. In keeping with the pace, our every step must be positive and in the right direction. The minutes that are available in which to prepare our ships for fighting are precious. We must produce a maximum amount of combat information in a minimum of time.

  1. In order to utilize most of the information that is received in the Combat Information Center plots must be maintained. These plots must transpose a series of bearings, ranges, and other pertinent data into understandable pictures that portray graphically the events taking place in the area in sufficient time to be of use to the rest of the ship.

  1. In view of anticipated developments in CIC equipment which will reproduce these displays in other essential stations aboard ship, there are going to be increased demands upon plotting, plotting procedures, and plotting techniques.

  1. If the Information is to flow to the display smoothly and the plotter is to develop the required neatness, speed, and accuracy the plotter must know:

    1. What he is to do.
    2. How he is to do it.
  1. This manual is written to guide the training of surface plotters along lines that will satisfy the needs set forth in the preceding paragraphs by leading the plotter successively through all of the necessary elements and explaining the equipment to be used, the techniques to be employed, the symbols and abbreviations required, and the types of displays that will produce the desired accuracy in the portrayal of the sequence of events.

  1. Since it is the solution to the surface problems that is the ultimate objective, the aim of this manual is to this end: That the plotter will be taught the means of presenting information in such a manner as to make sound evaluation possible.


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