In promulgating this publication,the Commander, Amphibious Forces, Pacific Fleet, desires to emphasize the fact that it is intended to be a BATTLE DOCTRINE.

Although the transports and other classes of vessels of the Amphibious Forces are auxiliary types, their operations take them into the Navy's front lines, and into action with the enemy, at least as often as other classes of vessels. Therefore, in the truest sense of the word, vessels of the Amphibious Forces are COMBAT SHIPS. TROOPS, instead of guns and torpedoes, are their PRINCIPAL WEAPONS.

It behooves all hands to keep this point in mind, and to keep their ships ready for battle, and efficient in providing service for the Landing Forces. Your motto:


Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy,
Commander Amphibious Forces,
U.S. Pacific Fleet.


  1. Purpose -- The Amphibious Forces, Pacific Fleet, TRANSPORT DOCTRINE is promulgated to the Amphibious Forces, Pacific Fleet:

    1. As a guide for the instruction of personnel.

    2. To provide a ready reference to pertinent matter contained in numerous letters and publications.


    1. To develop and prescribe uniform methods and procedures.

    2. To obviate the necessity for lengthy and detailed orders and instructions attending operations, and

    3. To make for mutual understanding, closer cooperation, and increase efficiency of the Force.

  1. Basis -- The TRANSPORT DOCTRINE, Amphibious Forces, U.S. Pacific Fleet, is based upon the basic principles laid down in the Landing Operations Doctrine, U.S. Navy, (FTP 167), the Ship to Shore Movement (FTP 211) and the cumulative development of thought and experience on the part of those engaged in Amphibious Warfare or Training.

  2. Scope -- The Landing Operations Doctrine, U.S. Navy, (FTP 167) is intended as a guide for forces of the Navy and Marine Corps Conducting a landing against opposition and considers primarily the tactics and technique of the Landing Operation and the necessary measures therefore. The Ship to Shore Movement (FTP 211) sets forth a standard procedure for the Ship to Shore Movement in the various Amphibious Forces of the Navy. The TRANSPORT DOCTRINE, Amphibious Forces, U.S. Pacific Fleet, covers all matters peculiar to the specialized mission of Amphibious Forces in Amphibious Landing Operations not covered in the above basic Landing Operations Doctrine and Ship to Shore Movement publications. It is intended that the TRANSPORT DOCTRINE will supplement the above basic instructions.

  3. Classification -- While much of the material contained in this publication is classified as confidential, the TRANSPORT DOCTRINE, Amphibious Forces, U.S. Pacific Fleet, will be used freely for the instruction of all personnel of the Force concerned.

  4. Changes -- Recommendations for the revision of, or addition to, any portion of this publication are solicited.


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