1. Liaison Officer for Selective Service for the State of Louisiana.

Algiers, Louisiana

  1. Navy Cost Inspector, Todd-Johnson Dry Docks, Inc.
  2. Naval Training School (Fire Fighters Modified), Naval Station, Algiers, New Orleans, La.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

  1. Captain of the Port.
  2. Resident Inspector of Naval Material (Petroleum Products).
  3. Port Director, Naval Transportation Service.
  4. Resident Inspector of Naval Material.

Burrwood, Louisiana

  1. Degaussing Range (Southwest Pass).
  2. Commander Frontier Bases, 8th Naval District.
  3. Office of Inshore Patrol, 8th Naval District.

Gretna, Louisiana

  1. Maritime Commission Depot.

Houma, Louisiana

  1. Naval Air Station.
  2. Airship Headquarters Squadron Detachment 22, NAS.

Lafayette, Louisiana

  1. Armed Forces Induction Station.
  2. Navy V-12 Unit, Southwestern Louisiana Institute.
  3. Navy Recruiting Sub-Station.

Lake Charles, Louisiana

  1. Navy Recruiting Sub-Station.

Monroe, Louisiana

  1. Army Air Force Pre-Flight Navigation School.
  2. Naval Liaison Office.

Morgan City, Louisiana

  1. Officer in Charge of Construction Contract NOy-5463.
  2. Branch Intelligence Office.
  3. U.S. Naval Dry Docks.

Natchitoches, Louisiana

  1. Navy Academic Refresher Unit (V-5), Louisiana State Normal College.

New Orleans, Louisiana

  1. Naval Air Station.
  2. Section Base.
  3. Superintending Civil Engineer of Area No. 4.
  4. U.S. Coast Guard training Station.
  5. Officer in Charge of Construction, Contact NObs-ro, Todd-Johnson Dry Dock Co.
  6. Naval Supply Depot.
  7. Branch Hydrographic Office.
  8. Resident Inspector of Naval Material.
  9. Monitoring and Trucking Center.
  10. Regional Director, Maritime Commission.
  11. Navy Recruiting Station.
  12. Naval Reserve Educational Center.
  13. Fleet Post Office.
  14. Naval Hospital.
  15. Office of the Industrial Manager.
  16. Navy Cost Inspector, Boland Machine and Manufacturing Co.
  17. Navy Cost Inspector, Consolidated Aircraft Corp.
  18. Navy Cost Inspector, Nash-Kelvinator Corp.
  19. District Instructor, United States Merchant Marine Cadet Corps, 405 Union Bank Building.
  20. Port Director.
  21. Office of Naval Officer Procurement.
  22. Naval Advisor to the War Production Board.
  23. Naval Radio Station.
  24. District Security Office.
  25. Naval Medical Storehouse.
  26. Ship's Store Ashore, Naval Air Station.
  27. Assistant Supervisor of Shipbuilding, Higgins Industries, Inc.
  28. Navy Market Office.
  29. Armed Forces Induction Station.
  30. Base Service Unit, U.S.N.
  31. ECM Repair Facility, Naval Station.
  32. Naval Ammunition Depot.
  33. Tulane University of Louisiana.
  34. Naval Regimental Officers Training Corps, Tulane University of Louisiana.
  35. Sperry Marine Gyrocompass School.
  36. Primary Flight Instructors School, NAS.
  37. Naval Hydrographic Distributing Office.
  38. Navy V-12 Unit, Tulane University of Louisiana.
  39. Navy V-12 Unit, Louisiana State University of Medicine.
  40. Navy V-12 Unit, Loyola University School of Dentistry.
  41. Epidemiological Unit No. 46, Naval Hospital.
  42. U.S. Naval Barracks.
  43. Branch of Material Redistribution and Disposal Section, Stock Division, Bureau of Supplies and Accounts.
  44. Compass Compensation Station.
  45. Army Interceptor Command, 8th Naval District.
  46. Sub-Board of Inspection and Survey.
  47. District War Bond Office.
  48. Office of Issuing Agent & Certifying Officer, War Savings Bond.
  49. District Civilian Personnel Office.
  50. U.S. Coast Guard District Office, 8th Naval District.
  51. District Disbursing Office.
  52. Industry Cooperation Division, OPM.
  53. Inspection, 8th Naval District.
  54. District Cadet Midshipmen Supervisor, Training Organization, WSA.
  55. Zone Intelligence Office.
  56. Admiralty Net Defense Working Party, 8th Naval District.
  57. Cost Inspector, Pendleton Shipyards Co., Inc.
  58. Shore Patrol Headquarters.
  59. U.S. Fleet Post Office.
  60. Landing Craft Commissioning Detail.
  61. PF Pre-Commissioning Detail, Naval Section Base.
  62. District Public Works Office.
  63. District Public Relations Office.
  64. U.S. Maritime Service Graduate Station.
  65. U.S. Naval Monitoring Station.
  66. U.S. Maritime Service Graduate Station.
  67. District Training Office, 8th Naval District, Director of Training.
  68. District Accounting Office & Supply Office, Headquarters.
  69. District Welfare and Recreation Office.
  70. Primary Flight Instructors School, NAS.
  71. District Classification Control Officer, 8th Naval District.
  72. Registered Publications Issuing Office.
  73. Naval Training School (Loran).
  74. Bureau of Aeronautics representative, Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corp., New Orleans Division.
  75. Navy Cost Inspector, Gulf Engineering Co., Inc.
  76. Field Cable Censor.
  77. District Labor Relations Office.
  78. District Chaplains' Office.
  79. Navy Cost Inspector, Dixie Welding & Metal Works.
  80. Cost Inspector, Pendleton Shipyards Co., Inc.
  81. Degaussing Range (12 Mile Point).
  82. Deperming Station (9 Mile Point).
  83. Deperming Station (Industrial Canal).
  84. Office of District Director of Women's reserve.
  85. Position Classification Field Office.
  86. Officer in Charge, U.S. Marine Corps, District Headquarters Induction and Recruiting Station.
  87. Veterans Administration.
  88. Navy Cost Inspection Office, Calmes Engineering Co.
  89. Administration and Military Command, Naval Repair Base.
  90. Naval Repair Base.
  91. Industrial Command, Naval Repair Base.
  92. Assistant to Industrial manager, 8th Naval District, Naval Section Branch, Naval Repair Base.
  93. Personnel & Training Command, Naval Repair Base.
  94. Armed Guard Center, Naval Repair Base.
  95. Ship Repair Training Unit, U.S. Naval Repair Base.
  96. Navy Cost Inspector, Calmes Engineering Co.
  97. District Domestic Transportation Office, 8th Naval District.
  98. District Property Transportation Office.
  99. Gulf Coast Zone Shipbuilding Stabilization Officer.
  100. Assistant Industrial Manager, Central Area.
  101. Fire Fighters School - Modified, Naval Repair Base.
  102. Central Procuring Agency, Naval Lumber Coordinating Unit.
  103. Training Aids Section.
  104. Dispensary, Naval Repair Base.
  105. Wartime Merchant Ship Communication School.
  106. District Benefits and Insurance Office.
  107. Naval Training Center, Naval Repair Base.
  108. Receiving Station, Naval Repair Base.
  109. Naval Training School (Electronics), Naval Repair Base.
  110. Regional Director of Construction, Maritime Commission.
  111. Resident Industrial manager, Industrial Command, Naval repair Base.
  112. Naval Barracks, Naval Ammunition Depot.
  113. Naval Training School (Armed Guard Gunnery), Armed Guard Center, Naval Repair Base.
  114. Civil Works Engineer, New Orleans Civil Works District.
  115. Assistant Industrial Manager, Pendleton Shipyards.

Pilottown, Louisiana

  1. Convoy Control Center.
  2. U.S. Navy Routing Office.

Plaguemine, Louisiana

  1. Assistant to the Industrial Manager.
  2. Navy Cost Inspector, Kansas City Bridge Co.

Port Eads, Louisiana

  1. U.S. Navy Signal Station.

Ruston, Louisiana

  1. Navy V-12 Unit, Louisiana Polytechnic Institute.

Shell Beach, Louisiana

  1. Anti-Aircraft Training Center.

Shreveport, Louisiana

  1. Semi-Main Navy Recruiting Station.
  2. Resident Inspector of Naval Material, J.B. Beaird Foundry Co.
  3. Armed Forces Induction Station.
  4. Navy Ferry Control Liaison Officer, Barksdale Field.
  5. Veterans Administration.

Slidell, Louisiana

  1. Gulf Coast Towing Co., Inc.
  2. Navy Cost Inspector, Canulette Shipbuilding Co., Inc.
  3. Assistant Supervisor of Shipbuilding, Canulette Shipbuilding Co., Inc.

Twelve Mile Point, Louisiana

  1. Temporary Ammunition Depot (Gulf Coast Area).

[V-12 -- College Training Program (USNR classification)]

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