Aberdeen, Maryland

  1. Aberdeen Proving Ground.

Annapolis, Maryland

  1. Superintendent, United States Naval Academy.
  2. Captain of the Port for Annapolis, Maryland and Severn River Naval Command.
  3. Navy Cost Inspector, Annapolis Yacht Yard, Inc.
  4. Naval Hospital.
  5. Naval Radio Station.
  6. Commandant of the Severn River Naval Command.
  7. Supervisor of Shipbuilding, Annapolis Yacht Yard, Inc.
  8. Naval Engineering Experiment Station.
  9. Training Squadron Eight, 5th Naval District, United States Naval Academy.
  10. Naval Training School (Officers Cooks and Stewards), United States Naval Academy.
  11. Aviation Radio School.
  12. Staff, Post-Graduate School, United States Naval Academy.
  13. Curator of Naval Academy Museum, United States Naval Academy.
  14. USS Reina Mercedes-- Station Ship (under Naval Academy).
  15. United States Naval Academy.
  16. Naval Air Facility, United States Naval Academy.
  17. Bureau of Aeronautics Training Division, Navigation Training Section, 61 College Ave.

Bainbridge, Maryland

  1. Coast Guard School, Naval Training Station.
  2. Rockefeller Research Unit (Report to Naval Training Station).
  3. Stewards Mates' School Roll.
  4. Naval Academy Preparatory School.
  5. Naval Training Center.
  6. Service School Command, Naval Training Center.
  7. Administrative Command, Naval Training Center.
  8. Recruit Training Command, Naval Training Center.
  9. Naval Hospital, Naval Training Center.
  10. Hospital Corps School, Naval Training Center.
  11. Naval Training School (Radio), Naval Training Center.
  12. Naval Training School (Fire Controlmen), Naval Training Center.
  13. Fire Fighters School, Naval Training Center.
  14. Naval Training School (Electrical), Naval Training Center.
  15. Naval Training School (Physical Instructors), Naval Training Center.
  16. Naval Training School (Instructors), Naval Training Center.
  17. Naval Training School (Sound Motion Picture Technician), Naval Training Center.
  18. Naval Training Center.
  19. Fire Fighters Training Unit) Naval Training Center.
  20. Naval Training School (Motion Picture Operators), Naval Training Center.
  21. Naval Training School (Recruit Instructors - C), Naval Training Center.0

Baltimore, Maryland

  1. Army Market Center.
  2. Army-Navy Electronics Production Agency, Westinghouse Electric Manufacturing Co.
  3. Cable Censor.
  4. Field Office, Division of Contract Distribution, War Production Board.
  5. Naval Advisor to Division of Contract Distribution, War Production Board.
  6. Resident Officer in Charge of Contract NOy-3680, Sixth Floor, Standard Oil Building.
  7. Officer in Charge of Construction of "Civil Works" Contracts NObs-357 and NObs-72. NObs-357 at Maryland Dry Dock Co., NObs-72 at Bethlehem Steel Co.; also in Charge of Contracts NOy-5594, NOrds-1030, NOrd-1087, Headquarters at 103 South Gay Street.
  8. Naval Storehouse, Port Covington Terminal.
  9. Branch Hydrographic Office.
  10. Supervisory Cost Inspector, Branch Office, 5th Naval District.
  11. Assistant Industrial Manager.
  12. Navy Cost Inspector, Bethlehem Steel Co. (Shipbuilding Division).
  13. Navy Cost Inspector, Glenn L. Martin Co.
  14. Navy Cost Inspector, Maryland Dry Dock Co.
  15. Navy Cost Inspector, Rustless Iron and Steel Corp.
  16. Office of Resident Inspector of Naval Material.
  17. Housing Project, Glenn L. Martin Aircraft Factory.
  18. Office of the Adjutant General, State of Maryland.
  19. Baltimore Field Office, Naval Intelligence.
  20. Johns Hopkins Hospital.
  21. Johns Hopkins University.
  22. Naval Magazine, Hawkins Point.
  23. Navy Cost Inspector, Carey Machinery and Supply Co.
  24. Maritime Commission Depot.
  25. Mobile Unit No. 3 (Reports to Port Director).
  26. Field Office of Division of Contract Distribution, Office of Production Management.
  27. Naval Dispensary.
  28. Naval Advisor, War Production Board Office.
  29. Armed Forces Induction Station.
  30. Navy V-12 Unit, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.
  31. Officer in Charge of Construction of "Civil Works" Contracts.
  32. Navy V-12 Unit, University of Maryland, School of Dentistry.
  33. Inspector of Navy Recruiting and Induction, Third Joint Service Induction Area.
  34. Inspection of Petroleum Products.
  35. Navy Market Officer.
  36. Office of the Port Director.
  37. Navy Recruiting Station.
  38. Senior Officer Present, Baltimore (Ashore) Area.
  39. District Security Office.
  40. Captain of the Port, U.S. Coast Guard.
  41. Navy V-12 Unit, University of Maryland, School of Medicine.
  42. Navy Disbursing office.
  43. Officer in Charge of Cadet Midshipmen.
  44. Industry Cooperation Division.
  45. Officer in Charge of Cadet Midshipmen, Training Organization, WSA.
  46. Liaison Duty, Bethlehem Fairfield Shipyard, Inc.
  47. Baltimore Repair & Conversion Branch.
  48. U.S. Maritime Training Station, American Mariner.
  49. Bureau of Aeronautics Resident Representative, Koppers Co., Bartlett-Hayward Division.
  50. Bureau of Aeronautics Resident Representative, Eastern Aircraft Baltimore Division, General Motors Corp.
  51. Bureau of Aeronautics representative, Glenn L. Martin Co.
  52. War Shipping Administration, Division of Training, U.S. Maritime Service.
  53. Coast Guard Training Station, Ft. McHenry.
  54. Navy Routing Office.
  55. Naval Receiving Barracks, Ft. McHenry.
  56. Marine Hospital.
  57. Wartime Merchant Ship Communications School, 5th ND.
  58. Branch Office Supervisory Cost Inspector, 5th ND.
  59. Fleet Post Office.
  60. District Labor Relations Office.
  61. OinC, U.S. Marine Corps, District Headquarters Induction and Recruiting Station.
  62. Assistant to the District Civilian Personnel Officer.
  63. Assistant Radio Material Office, Assistant Industrial Manger.
  64. District Property Transportation Office.
  65. Resident Inspector of Naval Material, 401 Water St.
  66. Material Redistribution and Disposal Office.
  67. Veterans Administration Area Office #3, Adjudication Division.
  68. Resident Office of the Director of Termination, Western Electric Co., Point Breeze.
  69. Field Cable Censor, Coastal Marine Radio Station WMH.
  70. Field Disposal Officer, Western Electric Co.
  71. Assistant to the Navy Cost Inspector, Glenn L. Martin Co.
  72. Veterans Administration Area Office #3, Adjudication Division.
  73. Wartime Merchant Ship Communications School.
  74. Navy Cost Inspector, Western Electric Co., Point Breeze.

Bethany Beach, Maryland

  1. OQ2A Target Detachment School of Eastern Defense Command.

Bethesda, Maryland

  1. Red Cross Blood Donor Center.
  2. National Naval Medical Center.
  3. Naval Medical School, National Naval Medical Center.
  4. Naval Medical Research Institute, National Medical Center.
  5. United States Naval Hospital, National Naval Medical Center.
  6. United States Public Health Service.
  7. Naval Medical School, National Naval Medical Center.
  8. Naval Dental School, National Naval Medical Center.
  9. Supply Corps Naval Reserve Officers School, National Naval Medical Center.
  10. U.S. Naval Hospital, National Naval Medical Center.
  11. U.S. Naval Hospital Corps School (WR), U.S. Naval Hospital, National Naval Medical Center.

Camp Ritchie, Maryland

  1. Air Technical Document Research Unit.
  2. Naval Unit, Air Technical Document Research Unit.

Carderock, Maryland

  1. David W. Taylor Model Basin.

Cedar Point, Maryland

  1. Naval Flight Test Center.

Cheltenham, Maryland

  1. Naval Radio Station.

Curtis Bay, Maryland

  1. U.S. Coast Guard Yard.
  2. Naval Receiving Barracks, Coast Guard Training Station.
  3. U.S. Coast Guard Training Station.

Delaware, Maryland

  1. Direction Finder Station, Cape Henlopen Lewes.

Edgewood, Maryland

  1. Chemical Warfare School, Edgewood Arsenal.
  2. Naval Unit, Edgewood Arsenal.

Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland

  1. Bureau of Ordnance Unit.
  2. Chemical Warfare Service Committee on Meteorology.
  3. Technical Command, Chemical Warfare Service.

Elkton, Maryland

  1. Navy Inspector of Ordnance, Triumph Explosives, Inc.
  2. Navy Cost Inspector, Triumph Explosives, Inc.
  3. Officer in Charge of Construction of "Civil Works" Contracts, NOrd-(F)-1087, Triumph Explosive Co.

Emmitsburg, Maryland

  1. Navy V-12 Unit, Mt. St. Mary's College.

Frederick, Maryland

  1. Basic Naval Intelligence Training School, Francis Scott Key Hotel.
  2. Camp Detrick.
  3. Naval Unit, Special Projects Division, Chemical Warfare Service, Camp Detrick.

Indian Head, Maryland

  1. Navy Cost Inspector.
  2. Naval Powder Factory.
  3. Ordnance Battalion, Explosive Investigation Lab., Naval Powder Factory.
  4. Naval Barracks, Naval Powder Factory.
  5. Ordnance Investigation Laboratory, Naval Powder Factory.

Middle River, Maryland

  1. Naval Training Unit (Line Maintenance JM-1), AAF Base Unit 3530, Glenn L. Martin Co.
  2. Resident Officer in Charge of "Civil Works" Contract Noa 1030, Glenn L. Martin Plant.
  3. Naval Training School (Line Maintenance-JRM), Glenn L. Martin Co.
  4. Naval Air Facility.

Ocean City, Maryland

  1. North Beach Life Boat Station.

Oxford, Maryland

  1. Navy Cost Inspector, Oxford Boat Yard Co.

Patuxent River, Maryland

  1. Naval Air Station.
  2. Aircraft Armament Unit, Naval Air Station.

Piney Point, Maryland

  1. Torpedo Testing Range.
  2. Experimental Mine Development Unit.

Priest Point, Maryland

  1. Radio Control Flight Test Field.

Riverdale, Maryland

  1. Navy Cost Inspector, Engineering and Research Corp.
  2. Bureau of Aeronautics Resident Representative, Engineering and Research Corp.

Salisbury, Maryland

  1. Salisbury Intelligence Field Office.

Silver Spring, Maryland

  1. United States Naval Ordnance Laboratory.
  2. Naval Ordnance Laboratory Annex, White Oak.
  3. Navy Cost Inspector, Johns Hopkins University.

Solomons, Maryland

  1. Naval Mine Warfare Test Station.
  2. Naval Amphibious Training Base.
  3. Mine Warfare Experimental Station.
  4. Naval Dispensary, Naval Amphibious Training Base.

South River, Maryland

  1. Naval Ordnance Laboratory Experimental Facilities.

Sparrow Point, Maryland

  1. Navy Cost Inspector, Rheem Manufacturing Co.
  2. Resident Inspector fo Naval Material, Bethlehem Steel Co.

Stump Neck, Maryland

  1. Explosives Investigation Laboratory.

Suitland, Maryland

  1. Hydrographic Office.

Takoma Park, Maryland

  1. Naval Training School (Elementary Electricity and Radio Material), Bliss Electrical School.

Towson, Maryland

  1. Army-Navy Electronics Production Agency, Bendix Special Region Office, East Joffa Road.

[V-12 -- College Training Program (USNR classification)]

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