Chapter 3

Section I. Protection of Naval Units at a Base

300. Many of the suitable locations for naval bases within the continental limits of the United States and a few of the suitable locations in our outlying possessions have base facilities and permanent defenses that have been developed during peace. The protection of naval units while actually occupying a base requires the joint effort of these naval units, the naval local defense force, and the Army force stationed there. Insofar as practicable, the naval local defense force and the Army force are of sufficient strength to protect naval units while at a base, thus affording the naval units opportunity for refreshment, rest, repair, and preparation for further operations. The details of the joint plan for the defense of the base and for the protection of naval units while actually at a base depends upon the particular location and the situation existing. The joint plan follows the principles enunciated in Joint Action of the Army and the Navy, or as directed by proper authority.

301. A campaign may require the establishment of advanced bases. This is accomplished with or without opposition and requires all new facilities or mainly the repair of existing facilities. In any event, the facilities required and the base defense forces have to be transported overseas and established. If practicable, the defense forces follow the assault forces closely. Until such time as the Army can take over the defense of these bases, it devolves upon the Navy. The plans for the establishment of the advanced base designate the Base Commander, indicate when he assumes responsibility for the shore defenses of the base, state what forces are available to him for this purpose, and provide for the relief of Navy or Marine Corps Defense Forces (including air) by the Army if the latter does not originally provide such forces but does do so eventually.

302. When possible a base defense force is organized to man the shore defenses established and to operate the routine patrols and services required. The vessels and aircraft of naval units are organized to assist, if required, in the defense of the base, and plans are prepared to repel all probable forms of attack. If not practicable to organize a base defense force, the senior officer of the vessels occupying the base prescribes the measures to be taken for security while at the base.

303. In general, the measures taken for the protection of naval units at a base include the following:



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