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    Fleet Air Detachment,
U.S. Naval Air Station,
Kaneohe Bay, T.H.,
December 14, 1941.

From: The Commander Patrol Squadron TWELVE.
To: The Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Fleet.
Subject: Report of Raid of December 7, 1941.
Reference: CinCPac Des. 102102 of December, 1941.

  1. The information required in reference (a) is given in the following tabulation:

    Offensive measures taken:

    Two duty sections were present in the hangar at the beginning of the attack. Two planes were moored in Kaneohe Bay, two were in the hangar and the remaining eight were parked on the parking apron.

    Upon being attacked the two duty sections, augmented immediately by all other squadron personnel present on the station, manned machine guns in the planes, mounted machine guns in pits, and used rifles to fire against the enemy.

    Damage to the enemy: (Combined effort of all squadrons and the Naval Air Station).

    Two enemy planes were seen shot down.

    A number of enemy planes were seen to have fuel tanks punctured so that loss of fuel probably prevented their return to their carrier.

    The second wave of horizontal bombers did not release bombs, probably because the control bomber was incapacitated by bullets seen entering the leading plane.

    Own losses and damage:

    List of personnel casualties is submitted herewith as enclosure (A).

    Distinguished conduct of personnel.

    This commander being present during the attack personally witnessed the courageous conduct of all the officers and men of Patrol Squadron TWELVE in action against the enemy. No officer or man seemed concerned with his own personal safety but instead time and again exposed themselves to enemy machine gun fire while trying to conserve squadron material, caring for the wounded, and harassing the enemy. Some manned guns others supplied ammunition, all in the face of severe strafing attacks and bombing. The following personnel lost their lives or were maimed in courageous action against the enemy:

    Ensign Lee FOX, Jr., A-V(N), U.S.N.R., (Deceased).
    Ensign Robert W. UHLMANN, D-V(G), U.S.N.R. (Deceased)

    INGRAM, George Washington, 272 58 92, Sea2c., USN (Deceased).
    LAWRENCE, Charles (n), 393 33 98, AMM2c., USN (Deceased).
    OTTERSTETTER, Carl William, 376 11 77, Sea2c., USN (Deceased).
    PORTERFIELD, Robert Kirk, 250 49 63, AMM3c., USN (Deceased).
    WATSON, Raphael August, 274 14 40, AMM1c., USN (Deceased).
    BROWN, Walter Scott, 342 17 79, AMM2c, USN (Deceased).
    GRIFFIN, Daniel Thornburg, 371 79 13, AMM1c.(NAP), USN (Deceased).

    HELM, Thomas William, III, 265 94 49, RM1c, USN - Lost 4th and 4th fingers, left hand.
    LLEWELLYN, Fred Morgan, 381 30 45, RM2c., USN - Lost left eye, penis and both testicles.
    GRISHAM, Lester Alvin, 371 45 84, ACOM(PA), USN - Lost left leg.
    LYONS, Dale Shipe, 258 01 48, AMM1c(NAP), USN - Lost left foot.

    Other items of interest:

    It is believed by this command that the enemy concentrates his operational center and communications in his hangar. The reason for this is that the enemy made his first objective the grounded aircraft and second the hangars. he apparently made no effort to destroy the operations building or radio center. he probably figured that they were kept in the hangar spaces.


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