Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships

Office of the Chief of Naval Operations
Naval History Division • Washington

USS Medrick (PCS-1464/AMc-203)
Ship's Log
(John H. Burns, Medrick crew member)

Jan. 8, 1944: Ship commissioned in Astoria, Oregon as U.S.S. PCS-1464 with Lt.(jg) Shipley A. Bayless in command.

Mar. 1, 1944: Reported for duty at SCTC San Pedro, Calif. 1464 doing all right. Best in the outfit.

June 10, 1944: Ordered to Neah Bay, Washington for patrol duty in the Straits of Juan de Fuce, changeling all traffic in the straits. Frisco to Neah bay "Green water coming over the Flying Bridge." (Ha!). Lt. Sawyer relieved Lt. Bayless of command.

Nov. 24, 1944: Completed duty at Neah Bay and ordered to Pearl Harbor. Finally leaving the States from San Pedro on Dec. 19.

Jan. 19, 1945: Ship recommissioned as U.S.S. Medrick (AMc-203) and converted to an Underwater Location Ship in Pearl Harbor.

Apr. 9, 1945: Departed for Kauai, T.H. for a weeks "shakedown" cruise with new outfit. Swimming in the surf of Barking Sands!!

May 1, 1945: Departed Pearl Harbor with orders to proceed to Okinawa. Fifteen day trip to Eniwetok in a "tug with tow" convoy. Sunrise and sunset GQ for sport.

May 19, 1945: Departed from Eniwetok for Guam with two weeks of "duty at Guam." Left Guam completely rested for Saipan on 7 June. In LST convoy to Okinawa on 11th June.

June 18, 1945: Arrived Buckner Bay with cruiser and Destroyer Bombardment off port covering invasion forces. 19th departed for Kerma Retto (Suicide Bay;). Pretty hot! Battleships now! Hell breaking loose on southern island!

June 25, 1945: Suicide planes - GQ- no joke -LSM sunk APD Burns -AV with casualties from Meatballs.

July 1, 1945: Unten Ko - typhoons - 18 July Juneau operation - 100 ships. Largest sweep untertaken in war. East China Sea near Formosa Peaceful except for exploding mines - our job.

31 July 1945: Back to Buckner - crapped out mechanically and physically - typhoon warnings - limp back to Unten Ko. Some night - snafued.

July 7, 1945: August Bombing attacks - diving operations - salvage - typhoons and logistics kept us busy until 14 August. War supposedly over --- not for 3 other ships including Pennsylvania bombed and torpedoed in Buckner

Sept. 7, 1945: Departed in 52.6 in Wakayama Sweep Group for occupation forces and evacuation of war prisoners - fifth ships - air coverage - Hospital ships - YM's - AM's and Bad Weather. Searched for moored mine field in Kii Suido. Typhoon in Osaka Wan - 8 ships beached in September 17, 1945.

Sept 28, 1945: Nagoya Operation - More Pinging -Lt. E.M. Sayer relieved of command by Lt. J.J.Boehling on 20 October. Tied to dock in Yokkaichi Ko, Honshu, Japan. First since Pearl. What a life! Liberty in Tomida. November 11 to Nagoya, more liberty.

20 Dec. 1945: Back to Wakanoura for Kobe Sweep operaion. Underway as swell recorder Buoy Pointer Courier, Christmas - Good Chow -New Year's Eve Fireworks and Beer.

31 January 1946: Docked in Kobe for rest and Liberty. Lt. J.J.Boehling relieved by Lt. (jg) W.R. Runbeck as C.O. on 10 February

Feb. 20, 1946: Conducted underwater mine location at Crossroads, P.S. Gear Operated.

Mar. 7, 1946: Conducted underwater mine location at Crossroads. P. S. Gear Operated.

Mar 24, 1946: Departed for San Pedro, Calif. via Johnston and Pearl.

Apr 1, 1946: Tidal Wave - What Next - Underway from Johnston to ride it out at Sea - Wave missed us.

Apr.23 1946: Arrived San Pedro, Calif. After 6,965 miles from Kobe. 36 steaming days with orders to proceed to San Diego for Decommissioning.

Transcribed and formatted for HTML by Patrick Clancey