Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships

Office of the Chief of Naval Operations
Naval History Division • Washington

USS Tinian (CVE-123)

(CVE-123: 11,373; l. 557'1"; b. 75'; ew. 105'2"; dr. 32'; s. 19 k.; cpl. 1,066; a. 2 5", 36 40mm., ac. 34; cl. Commencement Bay)

Tinian (CVE-123) was laid down on 20 March 1945 at Tacoma, Wash., by the Todd-Pacific Shipyards, Inc.; launched on 5 September 1945; sponsored by Miss Grace L. Woods; and accepted by the Navy on 30 July 1946.

Never commissioned, the escort aircraft carrier was assigned to the Pacific Reserve Fleet, 19th Fleet, at Tacoma, Wash. On 12 June 1955, the ship was reclassified as an escort helicopter aircraft carrier and redesignated CVHE-123. On 9 June 1958, Tinian arrived at San Diego, under tow, and was berthed at South Tee Pier. In May 1959, she was again reclassified, this time as a cargo ship and aircraft ferry, AKV-23.

Tinian remained with the San Diego Group of the Reserve Fleet until 1 June 1970 when she was struck from the Navy list. Her hulk was sold to Levin Metals Co., San Jose, Calif., on 15 December 1971 for scrap.

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