History of LCI(L) Flotilla 24 in World War II

Combat Operations Participation Dates
Mapia-Asia Islands Assault and capture Nov 1944
Leyte, P.I. Reinforcement and resupply
Anti-aircraft and security support
Rescue and salvage
Transport of casuals
Nov 1944-Jan 1945
Mindanao and Sulu Seas Battles of Kamikazes
Rescue and Salvage
Dec 1944
Mindoro, P.I. Reinforcement and capture
Anti-aircraft and security support
Rescue and Salvagge
Dec 1944-Jan 1945
Mariduque, P.I. Assault and capture Jan 1945
Luzon, P.I. Lingayan assault and capture
Subic Bay assault
Verde island assault and capture
Reinforcement and resupply
Diversionary operations
Mine search and clean-up
Jan-Mar 1945
Cebu and Masbate, P.I. Guerilla supply, transport, fi4e cover and assaults Feb-Mar 1945
Mindinao, P.I. Mindoro staging
Zamboango Assault and capture
Parang assault and capture
Mar 1945
Sulu Archipelago SangaSanga assault
Jolo assault and capture
Apr 1945
Borneo Morotai staging
Tarakan assault and capture
Rescue and salvage
Brunei Bay assault and capture
Balikpapan assault and capture
Rescue and salvage
Apr 1945
May 1945
June 1945
July 1945

Operational Record
U.S. New Zealand, Australian troops transported in forward and combat areas to 1 Aug 1945, with no loss of life at sea 131,909
Allied wounded ecacuated in combat operations 864
Allied ships salvaged from bombings, fire, or beaching 11
Allied plane pilots recovered 6
Allied Army and Navy personnel rescued from sinkings at sea 374
Enemy aircraft destroyed 18
Enemy troopcraft destroyed 16
Enemy mines destroyed (to 21 July 1945) 65
Total miles cruised--July 1944 thru July 1945 1,094,939

Transcribed and formatted for HTML by Patrick Clancey