Command History of USS LST-769

USS LST-769 was built by the American bridge company at Ambridge, Pennsylvania, and completed in September, 1944. It was placed in partial commissioning on September 28, 1944, and upon arrival at New Orleans, Louisiana, on October 9, it was placed in full commissioning with a complement of six officers and 113 enlisted men of the United States Coast Guard.

A fitting out period from October 9 to 17 was followed by shakedown and training at Panama City, Florida, from October 18 to 31. Vessel returned to New Orleans on November 1 for loading of LCT-1265 and final logistics. Departed, November 9, for Gulfport, Mississippi, for a cargo of heavy vehicles. Departed Gulfport, Mississippi, November 11. Arrived at Coco Sola Naval Base, Panama Canal Zone, November 17. Passed through the Panama Canal, November 19, with orders to proceed independently by shortest route directly to Pearl Harbor, Territory of Hawaii. Favored by fair weather, arrived at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1944, averaging 10.7 knots for the voyage of 4,625 miles and reported for duty to the Amphibious Forces, Pacific Fleet.

The period from December 7 to December 27 was utilized for logistics, loading of causeways and the 711th Tank Battalion. On December 27, in company with four LSTs, this vessel departed for Leyte, Philippine Islands via Eniwetok and Kossol Roads. Arrived at Leyte, February 1, 1945, and unloaded at Dulag, Leyte. Departed for Guadalcanal area on February 8 and arrived on February 19. Logistics, training, loading, and rehearsals for Okinawa operation occupied period from 19 of February to March 12. On March 12, departed Tulagi for Ulithi as part of Task Unit 53.3.1, under Commander, Amphibious Group Five of the Fifth Fleet. Arrived at Ulithi without incident and departed for Okinawa on March 25. On March 30, lost starboard causeway due to damage to securing gear by heavy beam seas. At dawn on April 1, convoy-approaching Okinawa came under attack by unidentified enemy bomber, which was shot down by escort. On April 1, vessel landed Headquarters and "I" Company, Third Battalion, Forth Marines, Sixth Marine Division and Ninth Amphibious Tractor Battalion, U.S. Marine Corps, in initial assault on Red Beach One, off the town of Hagushi, Okinawa. Remained off Hagushi's beaches discharging cargo until April 8. Port causeway and LCT-1265 were launched on April 2. Area was under enemy air attack on numerous occasions. On April 6, Japanese "Val" making approach on this unit was shot down by concerted fire of LSTs in vicinity. Departed Okinawa on April 8 and arrived in Leyte on April 14. Departed Leyte with elements of 96th Infantry Division for Okinawa on April 27. Arrived in Okinawa, May 2, and discharged cargo over coral reef. Departed Okinawa on May 11 and arrived in Saipan, May 18, to load for invasion of Iheya Shima. Departed Saipan on May 24, as part of Task Unit 51.25.14 with Shore Party "A", Second Marine Division, and 41st Replacement Draft, U.S. Marine Corps, for invasion of Iheya Shima via Okinawa. Arrived at Iheya Shima, June 6, "D" plus one. Unloaded vehicles and bulk cargo offshore and departed area without enemy opposition of any kind and without incident. Departed Okinawa, June 10, and arrived in Leyte, June 15. Assigned to Task Unit 72.10.6 under Commander, Service Force, Seventh Fleet, for purpose of lifting Fifth Air Force personnel and equipment from Philippine Islands to Okinawa. From this date until task unit was dissolved in the latter part of August, this vessel made two round trips to Okinawa from Subic Bay, Luzon, returning to Batangas Bay, the 728th Tank Battalion withdrawn from Okinawa. Photo Reconnaissance Force carried to Okinawa by this unit on first trip under Task Unit 72.10.6, subsequently took first pictures of atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. On September 17, departed Lingayen Gulf, Luzon, with Headquarters and Service Company, 27th Engineer Construction Battalion, as part of Task Unit 54.6.21, under Commander Amphibious Group Eight of the Fifth Fleet, for occupation of Wakayama, Island of Honshu, Japan. Arrived at Wakayama, September 25, discharged cargo and personnel without incident and departed for Lingayen Gulf on October 1, 1945. Rerouted to Manila, arriving at that port, October 9, 1945.

This vessel's history is, in general, similar to that of most LSTs. At Pearl Harbor, the LST-769 was initiated into the LST custom of shifting berth or anchorage several times each day. In later months this unit managed to escape disaster despite the best efforts of beach masters, whose orders would indicate that they considered the maneuvering characteristics of an LST to be similar to those of a "Jeep".

During the period of this report, no serious material or personnel casualties were suffered. A total of approximately fifteen days unrestricted availability was granted to this vessel, during which time the vessel was ordered to get underway approximately sixteen times.

Logistics and Cruising Data

Passengers carried2,325
Live stock carried16 Dogs
7 Monkeys
6 Parrots
1 Fox (Vulpes Filipinos)
Vehicles carried451
Total tonnage carried5,251
Total ton miles15,991,000
Nautical miles traveled31,000
Number of days at sea237

Officers and Enlisted Personnel

Attached as of Date of Commissioning
Lieutenant Edwin B. BertiniCommanding Officer 
Lieutenant (jg) Lycurgus A. LoumosExecutive Officer 
Lieutenant (jg) Herbert B. LavineGunnery OfficerTransferred 4-17-45
Lieutenant (jg) William J. O'ConnellCommunication Officer 
Ensign Edward CoatesStores Officer 
Ensign George W. WeatherbeeEngineering Officer 
Adams, William H. (617-157)S1c
Ale, John K. (562-763)MoMM3cTransferred, 9-29-45
Austin, Benjamin W. (7005-104)S2c
Barke, Dennis A. (512-137)MoMM2c
Baronich, Harold J. (7006-589)S2c
Beane, James D. (508-904)S2c
Bernitt, Walter G. (7001-390)F1c
Bourassa, Russell J. (224-786)BM2cTransferred, 12-24-44
Boyle, Manus F. (506-607)S1c
Brandenburg, Clayton H. (609-767)GM2cTransferred, 9-29-45
Brown, Darrah E. (572-428)S2c
Chambers, Vester K. (7016-541)S2c
Champlin, Ernest O. (7016-673)S2c
Chisari, Vincenzo (646-722)QM3c
Cordes, Raymond C. (540-580)PhM1cTransferred, 10-13-44
Cretin, Lowell M. (247-021)MoMM1c
Cutrer, George W. (7016-655)S2c
Davis, Robert F. (663-023)SM3c
Droddy, Kenneth A. (614-377)S1c
Eisler, John R. (563-186)S1cTransferred, 9-29-45
Elliot, Walter E. (618-537)S1c (RdM)Transferred, 9-29-45
Emerson, James T. (623-299)S2c
Enge, Robert J. (591-226)S1c
Erwin, Bernard J. (640-713)S1cTransferred, 9-29-45
Eubanks, Lenster D. (500-372)S1cTransferred, 8-31-45
Foderaro, Vincent C. (685-140)S2c
Fuller, Victor N. (524-829)S1cTransferred, 9-29-45
Fulton, John F. (562-518)MoMM3cTransferred, 9-29-45
Gallahan, Walter F. (598-486)S1c
Garland, James Jr. (573-187)S1c
Garofalo, Vito Jr. (648-705)F2c
Geriba, Robert A. (690-526)S1c
Girard, Robert J. (7007-609)F2c
Gold, Theodore (522-624)S1c (GM)
Goldberg, Bernard (598-877)MoMM2c
Good, Charles A. (201-907)SC1cTransferred, 11-1-44
Grecz, Stanley A. (547-447)BM1cTransferred, 10-16-44
Gross, Francis E. (598-812)SK1cTransferred, 6-26-45
Grover, Wayne F. (603-090)SC3cTransferred, 7-19-45
Heicken, Milton (577-907)S1c
Hobday, Charles A., Jr. (619-735)S2c
Hoff, Clarence H. (624-034)StM3c
Holderbaum, Carl M. (624-049)StM3c
Hollwedel, Henry F. (646-205)WT3c
Horsey, Daniel H. (599-636)StM3c
Huntington, Charles H. (244-027)MoMM1c
Ireland, Leland F. (590-850)FC3c
Johnson, Edwin W. T., Jr. (595-102)CM3c
Johnson, Ralph H. (593-168)F2c
Juhl, Frank (n) (231-040)BM2cTransferred, 11-5-44
Karr, Jack H. (7007-840)RM3c
Kaufman, William (564-600)S1c
Keene, Willis D. (7009-746)S1c
Keyser, William A. (690-224)S1c
Klocek, Joseph (231-091)S1c
Laverty, David J. (234-480)GM1c
Lavinder, Forrest G. (599-938)RM3c
Lewark, Julian A. (211-158)BM1cTransferred, 10-13-44
Loosvelt, Richard (517-481)EM3c
McCafferty, Wallace E. (520-564)S1c
McCarthy, Charles T., Jr. (621-900)S1c
McDonald, Elmer Q. (539-623)MoMM2c
Macicak, Edward (529-293)GM3c
Martz, Julius J. (670-058)MoMM3c
Mayo, Percy W. (210-009)CBM
Meinecke, Walter (n)(660-872)S1c
Meyer, Louis S. (7008-833)S1c (SM)
Midgett, Ara E. (107-251)CMoMMTransferred, 10-13-44
Misejka, Andrew (518-243)F1c
Monger, Paul H. (228-119)QM1c
Mordick, Leon (205-499)MoMM2cTransferred, 8-22-45
Mullins, James L. (639-228)S1c (GM)
Murphy, Edward L. (206-946)CGM (a)Transferred, 9-14-45
OíBrian, Joseph L. (618-881)Y1c
Oglesby, David L. (682-832)S1cTransferred 8-22-45
Patrick, Luther A. (507-543)Cox.Transferred, 4-17-45
Pazdro, Julius F. (544-899)S1c
Pescan, Alexander (518-055)RM3cTransferred, 11-6-44
Petcoff, George Jr. (518-333)GM3cTransferred, 9-29-45
Pinch, William J. (570-297)PhM3cTransferred, 9-29-45
Powell, "S" "C" Jr. (637-790)S2c
Price, Henry E., Jr. (7004-490)S2c
Prokrym, Frank L. (645-681)S1c
Puckett, Julius J. (599-950)S1c
Ragalevsky, Stanley G. (618-817)S1c (EM)
Richardson, Harvey E., Jr. (527-025)S1c
Rippert, Walton F. (645-104)S1c
Rodolph, Jack (635-001)PhM2c
Rudtner, Frank J. (239-752)S1cTransferred, 9-29-45
Rumple, Boyd A. (529-823)S2c
Ruppert, Henry (581-838)MoMM3c
Schaaf, Albert J. (529-609)MoMM2cTransferred, 9-29-45
Scheurell,James W. (609-444)S1c
Schmidt, Robert J. (609-858)S1c
Selph, Elmer C. (640-945)S2c (RT)
Shetler, Casper E. (524-832)S1cTransferred, 9-29-45
Shope, Robert B. (505-241)CMoMM
Sichko, Peter V. (569-328)F1c
Silverman, Leonard (n) (7015-777)S2cTransferred, 10-14-44
Spry, Jim W. (513-611)MoMM1c
Sistrunk, Chester C. (627-088)S1c
Stefanski, Richard W. (685-190)S2c (SoM)
Stephens, Ross A., Jr. (7018-631)S1c (EM)
Taylor, Gerald E. (573-430)S1c
Valentine, Joseph L., Jr. (683-184)F2c
Viola, Salvatore A. (662-988)S1c
West, Chandler M. (607-346)S1c
Wilkerson, Eugene C. (557-636)CM1cTransferred, 8-10-45
Wilson, Everett L. (559-593)S1cTransferred, 9-29-45
Wilson, Francis J. (620-905)F1c
Wooden, Harold H. (573-889)SC2c
Yoemans, Jack S. (228-360)MoMM2c
Zielinski, Walter J. (511-041)GM3c
"Hooligan"Sea dog first class
Lieutenant (jg) Marshall K. Vignes1st LieutenantReported, 10-23-44
Lieutenant (jg) Myron S. SquiresAsst. 1st LieutenantReported, 11-6-44
Ensign Robert H. MossAssistant Engineering OfficerReported, 11-8-44
Lieutenant (jg) Robert N. SmithGunnery OfficerReported, 8-23-45
Doing, Deforest J. (229-167)S1cReported, 10-14-44
Bouman, Ralph P. (573-080)S1cReported, 11-9-44
Cain, Joseph B. (578-135)Sp(PS)3cReported, 7-19-45
Campbell, Raymond W. (558-755)S2cReported, 11-8-44
Eynatten, Robert J. (590-594)F1cReported, 11-8-44
Horine, Albert L. (590-594)S2cReported, 11-9-44
Knowles, Henry R., Jr. (224-206)BM1cReported, 10-14-44
Littrell, Winfred (n) (603-935)S1cReported, 6-16-45
Locke, Adolph M. (565-431)S1cReported, 6-16-45
Mars, Earl R. (241-016)BM2cReported, 12-23-44
Morris, Joseph F. (220-825)SC1cReported, 7-20-45
Smith, Robert E. (576-284)MoMM1cReported, 8-23-45
Tauff, George M. (110-159)SC1cReported, 11-9-44
Thomassie, Roy P. (613-918)S2cReported, 11-8-44
Walls, John O., Jr. (635-246)RM3cReported, 11-8-44
"Bogey"Sea dog second classReported, 4-22-45

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