AM52/A16-3/(C)/(?85)   Pearl Harbor, T.H.
December 10, 1941

From: The Commanding Officer.
To: The Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet.
Subject: Action taken by this vessel during Air Raid, 7 December, 1941 - Report of.
Reference: Cincpac disp. 102131 of December 1941.

  1. In accordance with reference (a) the following report of action taken is submitted.

  2. At about 0755 this vessel was moored inboard at the Coal Dock, bow to seaward, at the seaward end of the Coal Dock with the U.S.S. Turkey, U.S.S. Bobolink, and U.S.S. Rail moored outboard. This vessel was in upkeep status.

  3. About 0800 an explosion was heard. This was investigated. immediately planes bearing the Japanese insignia was seen. General Quarters was immediately sounded and at about 0815 a second group of enemy planes flew over toward Hickam Field. This vessel immediately opened fire and expended 22 rounds of 3" A.A. ammunition. About 0830 this vessel brought down one enemy plane flying forward of the bow, toward seaward, over Hickham Field, from left to right. The bursts of #2 A.A. gun of this vessel were definitely spotted in the path of this plane and the plane was seen to land in the vicinity of Hickham Field. 400 rounds of .30 calibre Machine Gun ammunition was expended. Battery consists of 2-30 calibre machine guns, and 2-3"/50 A.A. guns.

  4. There was no damage to this vessel nor loss of life. At 0830 there was one personnel casualty to the radioman, PRICE, Aubrey Evan, RM2c, USN, on watch at the telephone on dock astern of this vessel. he received a shrapnel wound in jawbone and neck. This casualty was immediately transferred to the hospital at Pearl Harbor and returned to duty this date.

  5. This vessel was immediately put into Condition ONE at General Quarters, engines put together and ship made ready for getting underway.

  6. During the action the conduct of all officers and the crew was commendable. Everyone did his job 100%. There was no hysteria but commendable coolness and control.

  7. At 1348 this vessel received orders to get underway and to report to Commander Base Force at Ten-ten dock. This vessel was ordered to West Loch to bring u 5", 3", and .50 cal. ammunition for the U.S.S. California which was badly in need of ammunition. At 1455 while waiting for ammunition to arrive at the Ammunition Depot, West Loch, hauled an ammunition lighter loaded with 14" powder away from Ammunition Depot dock, where it was a menace, and moored it alongside the old Navajo. Returned to Depot, picked up ammunition and delivered it to U.S.S. Argonne at 1730.

  8. At 2100 moored alongside U.S.S. California and commenced salvage work.

  9. At about 2110 anti-aircraft fire commenced and a plane was seen shot down and an aviator fell astern of this vessel. This vessel immediately rescued the aviator and identified him as an Enterprise aviator who had been shot down. A dispatch was immediately sent to assure control that planes in the air were Enterprise planes. The aviator was transferred to the U.S.S. California and then to the hospital.


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