U.S.S BUNKER HILL (CV17) 10/dke
c/o Fleet Post Office,
San Francisco, Calif.,
10 November 1944


Subject: Repelling Enemy Air Attacks.

1. Commander Task Force THIRTY-EIGHT has recently issued an order that all guns be manned and that all exposed personnel wear flash proof clothing whenever bogies are on the screen. He also has ordered that all personnel not absolutely required to be exposed, take cover under these conditions.

2. These order have been issued because of high personnel casualties suffered recently on various ships caused by Jap suicide aircraft crashing into them.

3. All division officers will immediately take following action:

  1. Instruct all personnel in proper method of wearing flash proof clothing.

  2. Specifically instruct personnel on normally exposed stations as to whether or not they are to remain on exposed stations or to take cover when word to "take cover" is passed. The criterion for this is whether or not their services in an exposed position are required for the defense of the ship.

  3. Insure that all personnel have a complete set of flash proof clothing.

4. CIC will immediately notify the O.O.D. on the bridge as soon as bogies are detected. The O.O.D. will in turn notify the Captain and ask permission to sound Torpedo Defense or General QUarters. Immediately after sending the crew to Torpedo Defense or to General Quarters, the word will be passed as follows:

5. All heads of departments will take positive and effective action to insure that instructions contained in this order are carried out."



Transcribed and formatted by Patrick Clancey, HyperWar Foundation