(887) H
    U.S.S. Chew (106)
Pearl Harbor, T.H.,
December 10, 1941.

From: The Commanding Officer.
To: The Commandant, FOURTEENTH Naval District.
Via: (1) The Commander Destroyer Division Eighty.
(2) The Commander Inshore Patrol.
Subject: Air Raid Attack by Japanese -- Report on.

  1. It is reported that this ship, berthed at X-Ray 5 on Sunday morning, December 7, 1941, opened fire on attacking Japanese planes with one 3"/23 caliber 0803. At 0811 two 50 caliber machine guns were placed in action. Fire was maintained continuously until 0934, when the third wave of attacking planes left the area.

  2. One direct hit was scored by the 3" gun crew, disintegrating a plane in mid-air. The firing and the hit was observed by the Executive Officer, as well as a number of enlisted personnel. Two other hits were scored, one demolishing the tail assembly of a plane. no hits were observed from the 50 caliber fire.

  3. A total of 28 depth charges were dropped on eight different supersonic contacts in the area south-west of entrance buoy. Evidence indicated that two submarines were sunk.

  4. One casualty was suffered by this ship. Matthew J. Agola, S.2c., USNR, was killed during the action while engaged in rescue work on the U.S.S. Pennsylvania.

  5. One man is missing: Clarence A. Wise S.2c., USNR.


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