DD348/A16-3 U.S.S. Farragut (348)  
    Pearl Harbor, T.H.
December 13, 1941.

From: The Commanding Officer.
To: The Commander-in-Chief U.S. Pacific Fleet
Subject: Report on measures taken during raid on December 7, 1941.
Reference: (a) CincPac desp 102102 of December 1941.
(b) U.S.N.R., 1920 Art. 712.

  1. Pursuant to reference (a) the following is reported; Farragut moored at buoy X-14 in Pearl Harbor, T.H., with Desdiv TWO:

    0758 Attack commenced. Went to General Quarters.
    0812 Opened fire with main battery. Machine guns not employed at this time due to planes being out of range.
    0828 Monaghan left nest.
    0840 Dale left nest.
    0852 Farragut left nest. Maintained continuous fire with main battery and with machine guns when planes were within range.
    0921 Japanese plane attacked Farragut with machine gun. No casualties. Slight damage to topside, while proceeding through channel and abreast Hickam Field, BUSHE, Daniel, CMC(AA), according to witnesses, brought down a Japanese dive bomber with 50 Caliber Machine gun fire.
    0927 Cleared channel ceased firing planes out of range.

  2. The Farragut was commanded during the action described above by Lieutenant E.J. JONES, U.S.N., the regularly assigned engineer officer. [NOTE: actually Ensign M.M. COLEMAN -- Lt. Jones was not aboard. Lt. FAHEY was the engineering officer (not on board).] Lieut. Commander G.P. HUNTER, U.S.N., who was ashore on liberty took command of U.S.S. Hull by verbal orders of Comdesflot ONE and took her to sea without undue incident. he was accompanied in U.S.S. Hull by Lieutenant D.J. WAGNER, U.S.N. Other officers regularly assigned to Farragut went to sea in ships listed below:

  3. The following officers were in Farragut at time of attack and sortie:

  4. The conduct of all concerned was most commendable throughout.


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