(Serial 066
U.S.S. MUGFORD (389)
    At Sea,
December 9, 1941.

From: The Commanding Officer.
To: Commander Destroyers, Battle Force.
Via: Commander Destroyer Division EIGHT.
Subject: Summary of action by the U.S.S. Mugford During Raid by Japanese Planes on Pearl Harbor, T.H.
Enclosure: (A) Extract of Log from 0758 to 1235, 7 December, 1941.

  1. The U.S.S. Mugford was moored port side to the U.S.S. Sacramento, in Berth No. 6, at the Navy Yard. U.S.S. Jarvis and action taken by the Mugford at the times indicated:

    0758 Attack started.
    0800 Commenced assembly of engineering plant which had been placed out of commission for Navy Yard overhaul. Connected fuel oil hose to Yard line, 8,000 gallons being total oil on board.
    0801 Sounded General Quarters.
    0804 Opened fire with .50 caliber machine guns.
    0807 Shot down Japanese plane bearing on starboard quarter, at altitude of approximately 800 feet. Torpedo had been released by this plane.
    0815 Shot down one plane bearing astern, approximate altitude 20 feet. Torpedo had not been launched from this plane.
    0820 Opened fire with 5"/38 caliber battery.
    0928 Shot down plane bearing on port bow, at approximate altitude 20 feet, with forward .50 caliber machine guns.
    0955 Commenced receiving fuel oil from Yard line.
    1005 Main engines and two boilers ready to get underway.
    1020 U.S.S. Jarvis cleared starboard side.
    1030 Fuel oil barge moored starboard quarter.
    1040 Commenced receiving fuel from oil barge in addition to oil from Yard line.
    1205 Discontinued fueling. 115,000 gallons on board.
    1209 Oil barge cleared starboard side.
    1214 Underway.

  2. Firing was maintained by both .50 caliber machine guns and 5"/38 caliber battery during the entire period from 08805 to 1159, whenever enemy planes came within range and bearing. No casualties other than minor bruises and burns were sustained by personnel of the Mugford, and no material damage occurred to the ship. A total of 280 rounds of 5"/38 caliber and 5,000 rounds of .50 caliber machine gun ammunition was expended.

  3. At the time of the air raid there were two cameras aboard the Mugford. One in the custody of a regularly designated Camera Officer and the second brought aboard by a member of the crew. This man normally kept the camera at the Y.M.C.A. On the Sunday in question he had been taking pictures in Honolulu and upon being directed to return to this ship inadvertently brought the camera with him. He reported this fact immediately to the Officer of the Deck. Both the Camera Officer and the member of the crew were given permission, by the Commanding Officer, to take pictures of Pearl harbor that morning. The film exposed is as follows: One 8 mm roll, part personal pictures except 80 feet Pearl Harbor scenes (Kodachrome): One 8 mm roll, all of Pearl Harbor (Kodachrome); Four rolls of 35 mm still negatives of Pearl Harbor. All exposed film in now in the custody of the Commanding Officer. Information is requested as to whether this film shall be delivered to Commander Destroyers, Battle Force, or destroyed.

[signed] E.W. YOUNG.

December 9, 1941.

Extract of Log from 0758 to 1235, 7 December, 1941.

On the morning of 7 December 1941, the U.S.S. Mugford was moored port side to U.S.S. Sacramento, in Berth No. 6, at the Navy Yard. U.S.S. Jarvis moored port side to U.S.S. Mugford.

The following are extracts from the rough log which was kept by the Quartermaster on watch. The times and descriptions of the planes shot down by this vessel were obtained from the men on the gun and surrounding witnesses.

Four .50 caliber machine guns and four 5"/38 caliber guns opened fire on Jap planes whenever opportunity presented itself, expending 5,000 rounds of machine gun ammunition and 280 rounds of 5"/38 caliber ammunition.

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