U.S.S. RAMSAY.  
    Pearl Harbor, T.H.
December 13, 1941

From: Commanding Officer.
To: Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet.
Subject: Report of Offensive Measures During Air Raid Seven December 1941.
Reference: (a) CinCPac desptach 102102.

  1. The Ramsay was moored at berth D-3. A bomb was observed to land on the western end of Ford Island at 0755. Sounded General Quarters and opened fire with fifty caliber machine guns and 3"/23 caliber gun at 0805. Continued firing on enemy planes intermittently as they came within range.

  2. Ramsay liberty party returning in Montgomery boat was strafed by torpedo planes which were observed to fire three torpedoes into Utah and one into Raleigh.

  3. Ramsay got underway at 0855 and proceeded out of harbor. While proceeding down outer channel an enemy plane was taken under fire with fifty caliber machine guns, within effective range. Gun crews report, substantiated by several enlisted observers, the plane destroyed.

  4. Upon clearing entrance buoys assumed anti-submarine patrol.


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