Ships of the U.S. Navy, 1940-1945

Maritime Commission Types

Additional References


C1-A Type

C1-A Type

C1-B Type

C1-M-AV1 Type

C2-Cargo Type

C2-Cargo Type

C2-F Type

C2-S Type

C2-S-AJ1 Type

C2-S-AJ3 Type

C2-S-B1 Type

C2-S-E1 Type

C2-S1-A1 Type

C2-T Type

C3-Cargo Type

C3-Cargo Type

C3-A P. & C. Type

C3-E Type

C3-IN Type

C3-P Type

C3-S-A2 Type

C2-S-A3 Type

C3-S1-A3 Type

C3-S1-B1 Type

C3-S1-N2 Type

C3-Delta Type

C4-S-A1 Type

C4-S-B2 Type

EC2-S-C1 Type (Liberty Ships)

Additional References

N3-S-A1 Type

P1-S2-L2 Type

P2-S2-R2 Type

P2-SE3-R1 Type

R1-M-AV3 Type

S4-SE-2-BD1 Type

S4-SE2-BE1 Type

T1-M-A1 Type

T1-M-A2 Type

T1-M-BT1 Type

T2-SE-A1 Type

T2-SE-A2 Type

T3-S2-A1 Type

Tanker MC-N Type

Tanker MC-K Type

Tanker MS-O Type

VC2-S-AP2 Type (Victory Ships)

VC2-S-AP5 Type (Victory Ships)

Z-ET1-S-C3 Type (Liberty Tankers)

B7-D1 Barge Type (Concrete Barges)

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