Ships of the U.S. Navy, 1940-1945

Yard and District Craft

NOTE: Published details on individual yard and district craft are virtually nonexistent. The classes are listed here for the sake of completeness. For whatever details may exist for an individual ship, write to:
    Naval Historical Center
    Ships History Branch
    805 Kidder Breese SE
    Washington Navy Yard
    Washington, DC 20374-5060

YA -- Ash Lighters

YAG -- District Auxiliary, Miscellaneous

YC -- Open Lighters

YCF-- Car Floats (Railroad)

YCK -- Open Cargo Lighters

YCV -- Aircraft Transportation Lighters

YD -- Floating Derricks

YDG -- Degaussing Vessels

YDT -- Diving Tenders

YE -- Ammunition Lighters

YF -- Covered Lighters

YF-512 (Stowage and issue of fleet freight)

YF-696 (Ammunition storage)

YFB -- Ferry Boats or Launches

No. Name                               Comm. Notes (: Lost)                                      
YFB-683 Camia 19-- : at Corregidor
YFB-684 Dap Dap 19-- : at Corregidor
YFB-12 San Felipe 19-- : at Corregidor

YFD -- Floating Dry Dock

Click on "YFD-##" for link to page with specifications, history, photographs (where available).

No. Name                               Comm. Notes (: Lost)                                      
YFD-1 Dewey   : 8 Apr 42; scuttled at Bataan

YFT -- Torpedo Transportation Lighters

YG -- Garbage Lighters


YH -- Ambulance Boats

YHB -- House Boats

YHT -- Heating Scows

YLA -- Open Landing Lighters

YM -- Dredges

YMS -- Motor Mine Sweepers

YN -- Net Tenders

YNg -- Gate Vessels

YNT -- Net Tenders (Tug Class)

Wapello (YNT-24)

YO -- Fuel Oil Barges


YOG -- Gasoline Barges

YOS -- Oil Storage Barges

YP -- District Patrol Vessels ("Yippies")

YPD -- Pile Drivers (Floating)

YPK -- Pontoon Storage Barges

YR -- Floating Workshops


YRD(H) -- Floating Workshops, Drydock (Hull)

YRD(M) -- Floating Workshops, Drydock (Machinery)

YS -- Stevadoring Barges

YSD -- Seaplane Wrecking Derricks


YSP -- Salvage Pontoons

YSR -- Sludge Removal Barges

YT -- Harbor Tugs

USSHoga (YT-146)

YTB -- Harbor Tugs, Big


YTL -- Harbor Tugs, Little

USS Nottoway (YTL-18)

YTM -- Harbor Tugs, Medium

USS Penacook (YTL-6)

YTT -- Torpedo Testing Barges

YW -- Water Barges


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