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and the Office for Emergency Management. HyperWar: The Indian Mutiny of 1857

The Indian Mutiny of 1857

Colonel G.B. Malleson, C.S.I.

Author of 'The Decisive Battles of India,' 'History of the French in India,'
'Life of Lord Clive', 'The Battlefields of Germany,'
'Ambushes and Surprises,' etc., etc.


With Portraits and Plans

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Sir Colin Campbell afterwards Lord Clyde
Sir Colin Campbell afterwards Lord Clyde


I. Introductory 1
II. The Conspirators 21
III. The First Mutterings of the Storm 34
IV. The Spread of the Epidemic 43
V. Barrackpur, Calcutta, and the North-West to the 9th of May 51
VI. The Revolt at Mirath and the Seizure of Dehli 64
VII. The Effect, Throughout India, of the Seizure of Delhí 87
VIII. The Progress of the Insurrection in the North-West in May and June 99
IX. The March to Delhí 112
X. Kánhpur, Lakhnao, and Allahábád 128
XI. Calcutta in June and July 151
XII. The Leaguer of Kánhpur 159
XIII. Neill at Banáras and Allahábád--Havelock's Recovery of Kánhpur 178
XIV. The Residency of Lakhnao After Chinhat--Havelock's First Attempts to Relieve It 203
XV. Calcutta and Western Bihár in July and August 213
XVI. The First Relief of the Lakhnao Residency 231
XVII. The Leaguer of Agra 246
XVIII. Events in the Ságar and Narhadá Territories, Central India, Rájpútána, The Mírath Districts, Rohiklhand, and the Panjáb 254
XIX. The Siege of Storming of Delhí 278
XX. From Delhí, to Agra and Kánhpur--Sir Colin Campbell at Kánhpur 313
XXI. The Second Reilef of thew Lakhnao Residency--Windham and the Gwáliár Contingent 323
XXII. Sir Colin Campbell Recover the Duár 340
XXIII. Eastern Bengal, Eastern Bihár, &Aacugte;zamgarh, Allahábád, and Eastern Oudh 345
XXIV. The Storming of Lakhnao 355
XXV. Ázamgarh--Reconquest of Rohilkhand, or Oudh, of the Ázamgarh and Western Bihár Districts 370
XXVI. Western and Central India 381
XXVII. The Last Embers of the Revolt 398
XXVIII. Conclusion 403

List of Illustrations

Portrait of Sir Colin Campbell, Afterwards Lord Clyde Frontispiece
Portrait of Sir Henry Lawrence 60
Portrait of Sir Henry Havelock 188
Portrait of Sir James Outram 236
Plan to Illustrate the Operations of the British Army Before Delhí in 1857 278
Sketch of Operations for the Relief and Withdrawal of the Lakhnao Garrison 328
Plan to Illustrate the Operations Before Lakhnao in March 1858 358

The Portraits of Lord Clyde, Sir H. Lawrence and Sir H. Havelock are engraved by permission of Messrs Henry Graves & Co.

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