Patrick W. Clancey


As of January 2006, I'm "retired" (laid off) as Sun Microsystems' Enterprise Webmaster), leaving me even more time to devote to this project.

Prior to joining Sun, I spent 16 years at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, where the first Web server this side of the Atlantic was brought up -- just a few short months after Tim Berners-Lee's demo at CERN (European Center for Nuclear Research) -- and I had the opporunity to become one of the first few webmasters on the planet. It was upon leaving SLAC that my need to help build the Web resulted in starting the HyperWar project.

Among many other things, the HyperWar project is intended to illustrate the power of hypertext by providing not just simply a large amount of text, but related text with appropriate hyperlinks and multi-media enhancements that result in something "greater than the sum of the parts." Realization of this goal has been somewhat slow in coming, as it is dependent on first entering a significant amount of the historical texts which will eventually be linked. After 12 years' working on this, the synergy is finally becoming apparent in a number of areas!

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