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What's Here, and How to Find It


The content of this web site is made up, primarily, of "public domain" (non-copyright) materials in English:

  1. Official government histories (United States and British Commonwealth/Empire), including military, administrative, and civil topics;

  2. Source documents (diplomatic messages, Action Reports, logs, diaries, etc.); and

  3. Primary references published by the military services and government agencies (Field Manuals, training manuals, glossaries, reports, etc.)

    Wherever possible, hyperlinks between these histories and documents have been included.

  4. "Order of Battle" information compiled by the HyperWar authors. This currently includes pages for each of the ships in the U.S. Fleet; a start on pages for U.S. Army Divisions; and a smaller start on pages for U.S. Marine Corps Divisions.


The main sources of material for HyperWar are the U.S. Government and the Governments of the United Kingdom and the countries of the British Commonwealth (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and India-Pakistan).

The Commonwealth histories have been published as unified series, including various civil and military subseries. These are all filed and linked under the countries of origin.

The U.S. histories do not adhere to any central organization. Independent histories have originated from the various armed services and other departments and agencies of the Executive branch. They are filed and listed under the individual services (Army, Army Air Corps, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard) or under the U.S. Government (non-military agencies). These links are especially important for the reference materials, such as Field Manuals, which are not specific to a particular Theater or campaign.


In addition, individual histories and documents are linked from the topic pages for the various Theaters:

Work has also begun on an alphabetically arranged Topic Index for subjects which do fall into the standard categories shown above (eg, amphibious tactics, development of radar, geographic locations, etc.)


Last, but not least, resources may be found serendipitously thru hypertext links from other documents. Wherever the text, bibliography, or footnotes of one document reference another document, the link will open that other document in a new window. Where related documents exist, but are not specifically referenced by the text, HyperWar will insert parenthetic remarks linking to the related material.


Campaign Histories:

Reference Publications:


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