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TuneTree hosts trading friendly bands in lossless SHN and FLAC format.

README - site notice :All shows are for non-commercial trading only.
Anyone may access files through anon. FTP or through Web access(http)
This site supports kind music trading and etree.org.
TuneTree's master archive show list (growing) can be found at
http://db.etree.org/tunetree  ,although new additions can be found here first!
*When removed shows are requested enough, they will rotate back on-site.

Shows which are going soon here.
(have to make space for new additions!)

Information on Shorten format, music trading, and free software for Linux/Windoze/MacOS can be found at wiki.etree.org

Setlists and song information can be found at Setlist.com
Another good source is DeadBase.com (also printed book)

Other tune resources:
GDlive.com -Grateful Dead shows 
philzone.org -Phil & Friends shows 
Mason's Children -trading vines & more 
Jamz -other bands, at Ibiblio also 

Grateful Dead (gd)
inc. Further Fest concerts 
more from members under Phil & Friends, RatDog, Others
Warren Haynes
Warren Haynes solo, jams, or Warren featured prominently. XMas Jams here of course
Jerry Garcia (jg or jgb) Phil Lesh & Friends (phil)
also mixed concerts under Others
Bob Weir and RatDog (rd)
Bob Weir and RatDog
Other friendly bands, may include multi-band concerts, Bela Fleck and more...

We have images of tickets from past concerts, & a signed etree shirt!, suitable for a CD cover, collage, or just fond thoughts!
TuneTree is trying to collect all of the NC shows of the Grateful Dead  and family. East Coast shows often get less attention, and as we are hosted in NC (at Ibiblio, in cooperation with UNC-CH) we would like to help regional music fans. Other music is being hosted, but I will be on the lookout for NC shows
We have been given a 50GB quota limit now, so we will be doing more rotation than before.  But if shows are requested, they will return!

Please email me suggestions or feedback at infoport_AT_metalab_D0T_unc_D0T_edu (change email before sending)
        InfoPort PGP key 0xAC7C14C5 (DH/DSS)
Hosted at Ibiblio.org with the help of UNC-CH

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Fancy pages often mean that someone will have viewing problems, and just are not high on the list of things to do.
Music gets updated first! These pages will probably improve though.
Sorry for having to make the email address tricky...getting too much SPAM & viruses.