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RE: [Permaculture] African deserts

>I believe that the technical solutions
>to desertification, and very elegant yet large-scale ones, exist. Whether
>the appropriate cultural or political milieu for implementation exists is
>another question altogether, and that's one I don't know the answer to.

kimseed's revegetation programs are a rgeat example for this -
unfortunately their pretty lousy website
<http://www.iinet.net.au/~kimseed2/menu00.htm> doesnt show this, but i have
seen pictures in their seedcatalog of reveg jobs they have been doing in oz
and saudiarabia - they just run up and down the desert with
pitcher-seeders, and on next rain off it goes - squaremiles and squaremiles
of arid land fodder crops...

australia and arabia - both have very feudal landownder structures... might
tell us where such schemes are most easily implemented.



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