Sustainable Soil Management Resources on the Web

General Soil Information:

The Pedosphere and Its Dynamics:  A Systems Approach to Soil Science
University of Alberta

Soil Biology Primers:

Soil Biological Communities – Life in Western Soils

Life in the Soil  Soils Lecture Notes:

Davey Jone’s “Plant-Soil-Microbial and Rhizosphere Interactions” Home Page

Soil Biology and Soil Health:

The Microbe Zoo - Dirtland

The Soil Makers Using Soil Fauna to Improve Soil Health
By Bonnie Witt New Tests of Soil Quality:  Evaluating the Health of Your Soil's Microbial Community
By Don Lotter The Soil Foodweb: It's Importance in Ecosystem Health
By Dr. Elaine Ingham Soil Foodweb Incorporated Especially see the following SFI notes on managing soil biology with agricultural inputs:

 Bacterial Food Resources

 Fungal Food Resources

 Protozoa Food Resources

 Nematode Food Resources

 Inocula of Bacteria and Fungi

NRCS Soil Quality Information Sheets

Soil Quality Resource Concerns
  Sediment Deposition on Cropland
  Soil Biodiversity
  Available Water Capacity

Indicators for Soil Quality Evaluation
  Organic Matter
  Soil Crusts
  Aggregate Stability
  Soil pH

Microbiology of Agricultural Soils

The Health of Our Soils:  Toward Sustainable Agriculture in Canada
Centre for Land and Biological Resources Research, Research Branch
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.  Publication 1906/E.  1995.
Selected NRCS Web Links:

Agronomy Technical Notes Series

Soil Quality Information Sheets

Soil Quality Introduction
Features on-line information sheets on soil quality topics:  Erosion; Sediment Deposition on Cropland; Compaction; Salinization; Soil Biodiversity; Available Water Capacity; Pesticides; Indicators for Soil Quality Evaluation; Organic Matter; Soil Crusts; Aggregate Stability; Infiltration; Soil pH

Soil Biodiversity -- NRCS Soil Quality Information Sheet

Recent Papers from NRCS


Earthworms and Crop Management
Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service.  Publication AY-279.
Frequently Asked Questions About Earthworms
By Dr. Alan D. Tomlin, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada Articles

Building Your Soil:  The Role of Earthworms in Healthy Soils

Nick Musurca's Earthworm Web Page!

Earthworms of North Dakota


Glossary of Soil Science
Canadian Soil Information System (CanSIS)
Eastern Cereal and Oilseed Research Centre Ottawa (Ontario)

Compiled by Steve Diver
ATTRA Technical Specialist
March 1999