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Think Geek - Get Cool Crap
Posted on: 1/21/2004 by Shaggy

F***dCompany - The Dot Com Deadpool...
Posted on: 1/21/2004 by Scooby

Masturbation Techniques - Offering information dealing with masturbation.
Posted on: 9/26/2003 by Ronnie

Turd Twister - The Turd Twister is a complete kit for shaping your turd into amazing designs
Posted on: 5/20/2003 by anonymous

Confidential Male Sexuality Information - Contains a variety of articles, personal experiences, and FAQs on male sexuality and masturbation.
Posted on: 5/08/2003 by A. Patcher

Tests 'o Plenty - A fun site with lots of online tests.
Posted on: 10/19/2000 by Joe K

White House Transition Program - Right now, just a description of the project itself, but will soon have interviews from WH staff members from Nixon to Clinton. The project deals with transitions and institutional memory. Non-partisan project, based out of UNC.
Posted on: 8/30/2000 by K Jo Garner

The jack of all trades - Masturbation
Posted on: 6/27/2000 by withheld (no pun intended)

The Purity Test! - Great for your next party.
Posted on: 6/27/2000 by Joe K

Sexual Intimacy Quotient - you'll need bandwidth and a dose of courage
Posted on: 4/03/2000 by Todd Neal